For the brand and the importance of creating a diversified market understanding

Bindley Zhang was born in Hong Kong in 1953, family generation watches and clocks, watches and clocks, accessories import and export and research and development, production. As a result of childhood by the family business atmosphere, so it is natural to like this industry. Bindley Zhang has experienced 37 spring and summer temperament, always to the quality of life, customer first business philosophy, the use of advanced watch manufacturing technology to the market’s keen grasp and excellent team to create a series of high-profile and respected Of the exquisite fashion watch.
Bindley Zhang Bindley watches
For the brand and the importance of creating a diversified market imitation Cartier love bracelet understanding, Bin Deli in 1975 founded their own brand – Bindley. Experienced 37 spring and summer temper, always to the quality of life, the customer for the first business philosophy, the grasp of the market and excellent team to create a series of watches.
Brand Culture
Bindley firmly believe that a corporate culture is both the soul of the enterprise is the life of the enterprise, the details of the dedication and emotional integration of innovative technology will be able to bring different feelings of human beauty, quality, from the details of the dedication, happiness In the definition of time. With the passage of time, technological progress, economic development, for people to bring material and spiritual prosperity. Today’s time is no longer just time, for Bindley, time is happiness.

Daily maintenance
The watch surface of the watch strap is made of many kinds, such as tungsten and titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., wear to avoid the same or more than the same hardness of the special friction, Regular cleaning of case straps.
It is also necessary, the other sea water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing chemicals such as watch gold-plated layer and metal surface has a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Bindley Zhang Bindley watches
Watch the basic mirror can be divided into synthetic crystal glue, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal rubber wear resistance slightly less than a scratch, but the impact resistance is strong; sapphire crystal glass engage in wear and tear, but the material is more brittle and violent impact; mineral glass between the two. Even anti-wear sapphire crystal glass should also pay attention to diamonds, grinding stone, sandpaper, nail file, flower net stone, concrete walls and other impurities contained in, so as not to scratch the surface.
The Royal Crown is a well-known watch brand in Italy, founded in 1972. Its product features Replica Cartier jewelry is its simple and bold design, fashion shining style is known. Each product is extremely focused on the details and the pursuit of quality perfect, fully demonstrated the Royal Crown combined with the desire to go beyond the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to respond to changing market demand characteristics.
Ruo Ya Kelang Royal Crown watch brand introduction
So far, Royal Crown has opened brand stores in 27 countries around the world, and all customers who have purchased Royal Crown are impressed by her craftsmanship and innovative design. She is practical and durable, forbidden to scrutinize, timeless, quietly showing the top fashionable transcendental quality, at any time can become a classic.

Ruo Yaqron with its unique concept of the complex and noble handmade diamond mosaic process applied to the fashion watch, make it into a grid, became a synonym for luxury and romantic, in the fashion watch industry, its hand mosaic The craft is unique.

Continuation of the Italian teacher’s design style – fashion, luxury, elegance and romance; in the European region, much favored by the consumer favorite. Its unique style on the pure hand mosaic and perfect cut eight heart eight arrows diamond soft, filling the unique charm of jewelry, will allow you to enjoy the value of the joy of value.
Langkun LACO watch is Germany’s famous watch brand, 1925, Lacher & co. By two young German watchmaker Frieda Lacher and ludwig Hummel in the German watch design and manufacture of the town of Pforzheim founded. Langkun LACO is derived from the first syllable of Lacher and co. The company established early, committed to the production of precision watch parts. From 1933 onwards, Long Kun began to produce a series of high-quality watch movement.
Long Kun LACO watch brand introduction
Since 1993, Langkun (LACO) began to produce mechanical watch core. Its products include a series of high-quality watch movement. All models are made of pallet anchor and with a clutch spring. This is much more complicated than the Cylinder Anchor & Pin Pallet movement. In 1940, Langkun (LACO) participated in the B-Uhr program. B-Uhr is the abbreviation of the German Beobachtungsuhr, meaning “observation table”, for the German Air Force production pilot table, its main features are: high precision, good reading. Because of the B-Uhr plan in the World War II during the reputation of Langkun, its original marked with Arabic numerals inside and outside the non-reflective sub-black surface, has become a modern pilot table logo design. From 1950 to 1959, Langkun (LACO) into the gold development period. Its movement brand DUROWE, from 1952 to a variety of watch manufacturers to supply a large number of reliable and high-quality movement products.
Hyundai Lang (LACO) by the Hera (LACHER) family of the sixth generation of successor Andreas Gounte officially took over. Has been committed to inheriting the family watchmaking process, carry forward the German watchmaking spirit Andreas, in today’s watchmaking industry in Switzerland, adhere to the German original manufacturing, its derived from the German line of superb craftsmanship and pure design, The United States, Japan and other overseas markets have a significant response.
Long Kun LACO watches recommended

New pilot series
The new launch of the new pilots table is definitely called Langkun (LACO) another sincerity masterpiece, it continues the LACO pilot table consistent style, for the details of the intimate adjustment. In order to be closer to the original 40s of last century, the original pilots table, the designer will watch the color of the overall deepening of the No. 1, dark gray stainless steel frosted case with dark brown strap,
Long Kun LACO watch brand introduction
Absolute Blues Series
Absolute is a typical Bauhaus industrial design works, modern full of simple, simple, practical function first, while the watch also followed the LACO has always been handsome military watch temperament. Matte appearance to maintain a consistent low-key and texture; soft rubber strap can be better fit the wrist. The second hand uses a special blue, not only the dazzling embellishment but also very effective to improve the time of identification. The whole system is automatic mechanical watch, power reserve up to 40 hours. This German simple and handsome watch more able to highlight the wearer’s temperament and style of work.

The rapid development of the times technology continues to progress

Lukcom green piano watch brand in the early thirties, the Swiss watchmaker LukcomMotiorel Mr. uphold the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking family, creating a Swiss watch the first piano. For more than half a century, the Swiss green piano table with its unique and elegant design, combined with sophisticated mechanical operation, relying on superb craftsmanship, to create a section of a durable, excellent performance of the classic timepieces.
How much is the price of the green piano?
The rapid development of the times, technology continues to progress, the Swiss green piano table is closely followed by the trend of the times, to adapt to consumer needs. Into the late nineties, the Swiss green piano designer inherited the ancestors of the design concept, through continuous improvement and innovation, based on traditional watchmaking technology and the perfect combination of modern technology to create a higher quality, more reliable performance , Design more perfect multi-series products. Now the production of green piano quartz watch or mechanical watches are all easy to wear sapphire crystal glass mirror, part of the series using high hardness tungsten titanium alloy case strap, or use 316L stainless steel case strap.
How much is the lucky watch?
Green watch is the Swiss watch in the mid-range brand, the quality of Cartier love ring replica work is very good. The price from 1,000 yuan – 12000 yuan between. Popular watch more concentrated in the 2000 – 3000 yuan between.
Switzerland by virtue of advanced micro-mechanical technology and exquisite mechanical handicrafts renowned “watch kingdom” reputation. In 1876, the young Cuthbert Keynes in his hometown was also the “hometown of watches and clocks” La Chaux-de-Fonds created a manual winding movement of the production plant, that is, Manjaz (MG) watch factory predecessor, due to the exquisite craftsmanship and stability of the travel time has been much more well-known watch manufacturers use.
Manjaz watches how much money? Manjaz table offer
Grandpa Manjaz in the quality of the first, and actively create, and strive to perfect the spirit, as one to meet the hearts of consumers in the pursuit of success and noble taste of the demand, in the 133 spring and autumn has always been a classic, interpretation of professional Swiss watch culture, designed numerous Noble and eternal classic works. The so-called classic art and design can be tested through the times and enduring, Seiko secret agents to achieve the pursuit of the quality of the top, the real innovation than the trend of time to resist the migration of time. As many have a long history of the same watch company, engraved years, remember the Ambilight, MG is presented to the public.
Manjaz Swiss rookie “name” is affirmative, welcome, reflects the brand’s target consumer groups, “Jue” is a desire for all successful people want a state, is the taste, is the achievement, is the cultivation, reflecting the goal Market location. “Name” and “Jue” combination of the famous famous watch brand founder of the beginning of the connotation: Grand Prix Jazz election.
MG as a traditional Swiss brand, always maintained a Swiss watch industry has always been the quality of quality. The price is not very high, can be accepted by the average person. Usually rookie table from 1,200 yuan – 15000 per month. Most of the popular watches Cartier love bracelet replica concentrated in the 2000 – 3500 yuan and 5,000 yuan – 7,000 yuan between.
Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors The luxury industry into a new stage and successfully created the concept of respect for life and self-expression distinctive and distinguished past Michael Kors brand and classic American luxury brand has become a zone of American luxury living Style of the representative.
Michael Kors watch what movement?
Michael Kors Mike Carls watch movement
Michael Kors Mike Coors watches as a fashion watch brand, movement selected quartz movement. Movement to determine the watch price, usually relatively cheap watch movement for the Japanese quartz movement. Relative to the higher price of the watch using the Swiss quartz movement.
Michael Kors watch maintenance method
Quartz watch according to the use of the movement and the use of different battery life of 1-2 years. If you do not replace the battery in time, may cause the battery to leak and damage the internal parts of the watch corrosion movement, resulting in maintenance costs far more than the replacement of battery costs.
Waterproof Note:
30 meters water table is to prevent dust and moisture movement is damaged, not applicable to water immersion and swimming; 100 m above the water table or suitable for swimming and other water sports. All of the water table can not be used in severe hot bath, sauna or temperature changes in the environment, because of the influence of temperature waterproof apron will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction voids, and accelerate the aging effects of water Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica features, more than unfair The use of factors caused by the watch water will not be covered within the warranty.
Watches to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.
Leather Watch avoid contact with moisture and water, to prevent discoloration and deformation; avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading; as easily penetrates the cortex, avoid contact with greasy substances or cosmetics.

citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission

Japan Seiko wall clock is no longer monotonous
Japan Seiko wall clock by the designer’s careful design and manufacturing staff carefully processed from When the production of finished Japanese Seiko wall clock again in front of us, always could not help but surprised. Japan Seiko wall clock in the traditional wall clock on the basis of more decorative repair, breaking the traditional wall clocks and old-fashioned, in the decoration or live more of an elegant and visual enjoyment.

Japan Seiko wall clock out of the unique style of exquisite, of course, there are other unique Replica Cartier jewelry . Japan Seiko wall clock design is also very particular about. Wooden Japanese Seiko wall clock, made of original wood carved, simple and natural, the overall color are wood color, more natural close to life. Furnishings at home will add a touch of natural and honest atmosphere.

European-style Japanese Seiko wall clock, with exquisite decorative carved. Beautiful and more elegant, will give a sense of aristocracy. The overall feeling smooth and smooth, style suddenly feel high, placed in the living room, study, bedroom or office will give you to add cultural atmosphere, this style of Japanese Seiko wall clocks and Europe and the United States.

Japan Seiko wall clock style, of course, ultimately, the elements of fashion creative. Such as convex digital creative Japanese Seiko wall clock, the use of metal material production, more three-dimensional, more fashionable. Put such a Japanese Seiko clock at home, suddenly let the home more lively and fashionable, why not?

Japan Seiko wall clock, there are certainly elements of fashion can not be less art range children. In Japan the world of Seiko wall clock, art elements can be seen everywhere, such as cello creative shenzhen wall clock. Stylish and artistic atmosphere of the cello wall clock, unique Cartier love bracelet replica personality, the needle every time walking like artists in the pulling strings. Such a Japanese Seiko wall clock, furnishings at home, will highlight your art atmosphere Oh
CITIZEN Citizen is the country, how?
CITIZEN Citizen is a world-renowned Japanese watch brand, that all citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission, hope that through the “public favorite, for the public close” products for the whole of mankind Make a contribution to life. As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the future of the brand concept, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.

Citizen’s predecessor for the Japanese Institute of Japan, was established in 1918. CITIZEN brand timing products began in 1924, is a pocket watch. At that time, the mayor of Tokyo, Goto Hirohito expected this painstakingly developed Japanese-made pocket watch to become “CITIZEN, that is, all the citizens of the world close to the favorite” products, so named “CITIZEN”. With such a good wish, “Citizen City Co., Ltd.” was established in 1930. All along, Citizen to “for the public favorite, for the public to contribute” as a corporate philosophy.

Citizen Technology
Citizen’s radio watches all use light kinetic energy technology, using any visible light source as energy-driven. As long as there is light energy, as long as you can receive optical waves will never have errors. For the wearer to provide a full range of convenience. Citizen is Japan’s first company dedicated to the development of radio watches, and is always the leader in this field.
How about the Citizen
Technology and the integration of the United States: watch in the right time, but also show the fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet and personality, reflecting the wearer’s life grade, values and character. For the different needs of consumers, Citizen companies use advanced technology and the traditional elegance of the East elegant and elegant combination of the United States to “the integration of technology and beauty” to provide consumers with a variety of watches, add color for people’s lives The In the style design, from the uninhibited sports section to the elegant dress is everything, suitable for all ages, all types of consumer demand.

What is the Swiss military watch? What is the Swiss military watch?

What is the Swiss military watch? What is the Swiss military watch?
What is the Swiss military watch?
Currently on the market, “Swiss Army Table” mainly has three brands: WENGER, Victorinox, SWISS ARMY.
WENGER is a Swiss military procurement supplier of military watches and sabers.
Victorinox is a supplier of Swiss Army Soldiers, but has not purchased military watches from Victorinox. Because Victorinox itself also sell watches, so many people mistakenly think that the military table, and many domestic friends to Victorinox sales of watches called the Swiss military table.
SWISS ARMY itself is the name of “Swiss army”, in fact, the Swiss army did not buy Replica Cartier jewelry SWISS ARMY military watch, SWISS ARMY itself does not produce sabers. Is actually a commercial means of publicity.
Swiss military stores can buy only WENGER military table
Swiss Army Table – Wigg Wenger how?
Weige brand profile
At the end of the 19th century, the Swiss watch industry was in a period of thriving, and on this industrial basis, the Swiss craftsmen began to invent the common tool, in a knife on some of the commonly used tools together, such as opener, Pull cork drill, toothpick, cone and so on. This multi-functional knife soon came out of the world’s favorite, and by the Swiss army procurement as soldiers and officers will bring one of the tools. After the Second World War the US military purchased a large number of use, and because of the wide distribution of the US military, so that the Swiss Army knife to the world, and this name has been used so far.
As the world famous knife brand, Wenger’s products are known as the world’s tool industry, “the only application of watches and clocks produced by high-quality tool products.” Switzerland Weiguo knife was so popular welcome, the important reason lies in its impeccable character. Wenger brand bags also with its deep brand culture, rich connotation of the design and excellent technology in the international enjoy a high reputation.
Switzerland Weige brand long, founded in 1893. Wenger Weiguo Swiss Army Knife is the world recognized the best knife brand, its mark is a cross in the middle of a square. In addition to the military knife, Wenger there are many products are also well known, including watches and backpacks. Wenger represents the peak of the world’s luggage, so every computer bag is in line with international standards, selling in many countries around the world, the global trust much Cartier love bracelet replica loved. As the Wenger backpack on the character request is relatively high, so the price is not low, suitable for backpack request fashion, the main and reliability of friends to buy.
Wenger Weiguo backpack to take the world famous buckle-NIFCO, strong twists and turns and low temperature, said the wonderful, the appearance of compact and generous, reasonable efficiency, a variety of fields clear, storage space, easy to carry. Swiss Army knife Wenger computer bag to take 1680D waterproof fabric, and has become the world’s first computer bag sales brand. 2011 wenger shoes into China, and sold on wengermall.
User rating
Comment one: okay. Very elegant fashion. Hurry to buy it Now money worthless, only spent to protect the value, is their own.
Comments II: Switzerland Weige is an old brand in Switzerland, mainly to do knives, backpacks, watches and so on. The The Wige table also line, are leisure, the price in 1000 or so. The
Comments three: very good, I have two, are good, Weiguo military table do not have to buy too expensive, 1000-2000 is better
What time is the watch? What time is it?
Asia and the beginning of the brand profile
Is a company with more than 20 years of production of watches, production of various types of machinery, quartz watches, its unique style products, innovative ideas, ideas and strive to perfect combination of time and wear, wear the Feelings of the perfect pride, is the Chinese consumers highly acclaimed to the best-selling brand-name products, which are exported to the country among major cities and Southeast Asia.
Asia and the table to high-quality materials processing molding, the appearance of the use of vacuum ion plating, matching Japan, Switzerland, high-quality movement, its elegant, stylish design, kneading and traditional tabulation technology not only reflects the contemporary spirit, Style, to achieve the perfect combination of modern and classical.
Modern management, sophisticated technology equipment, strict quality inspection system created a good time for the quality of watches, perfect after-sales service system, by the vast number of consumers of all ages.
Yashida table won the “second sector of China International New Technology Brand Fake Cartier love bracelet Name Gold Award”.
Asia Times table by the Shenzhen City of Lux watches Co., Ltd. honor produced
Asia when the watch how, User rating
Comments 1: This table is not a good form of homemade table you buy more than 800 do not know expensive or cheap because I do not know which ah, this brand of watches are generally uniform prices, Shenzhen production, which The table is not good price is not high
Comments 2: Asia is a very low-end watch brand, strictly speaking, not inflow. Do not say brand name, and certainly not in the watch sector can be considered brand name, the basic is the worst brand. Tell you the truth, the brand is Shenzhen, with the Citizen movement of their own assembly, is a small business private workshop.
Comments three: the price down line, mechanical watches are very expensive, slightly better mechanical watches are more than 2w, mid-range products in the 6W-20W between the district 860 can not say expensive, will enter the brand with Is the movement of Citizen, you go to see the Citizen’s mechanical watch to sell how much money to know, not a disadvantage.
Asia time watches offer
Asia when the watch price from 150-1500 yuan or so, the most popular watches priced at 500 yuan.

Compared to the common now must be stuffed into the wallet

BYD Smart Watch Introduction
Recently, BYD will develop a watch, and use it in the new car above, it is learned that BYD’s watch key Keyless smart key can be implanted in quartz watches, the owner as long as the watch, not only normal viewing time, but also to achieve keyless entry, Key to start and other functions. Let us take it for you!
BYD Smart Watch Introduction
BYD developed the watch key, is the Keyless smart key implanted quartz watch, so that ordinary quartz watch with electromagnetic signal transmission and reception and data processing functions, the use of radio frequency and ID identification technology, the owner as long as the watch, not only normal view time , But also to achieve keyless entry, a key to start and other functions.
Compared to the common now must be stuffed into the wallet, hand bag Keyless card key, the watch was originally carry items, so watch the key to carry more convenient, can effectively reduce the car keys lost due to the theft of vehicles caused by the probability.
It is understood that, because the watch uses a metal shell, watch key Keyless signal transmission will encounter the metal shell to bring the interference. To solve the problem of interference, BYD application SBID technology, high-frequency antenna will be printed imitation Cartier love bracelet on the watch’s plastic bushing, so as to avoid the antenna is shielded block, can effectively enhance the signal.
According to the demand situation, BYD later may also launch personal custom business, according to the owner of the preferences made of exclusive watch keys, and even belt keys, cell phone keys.
It is reported that this watch key will be carried at the end of a high-end models. After the rapid launch of the remote drive function, BYD launched the remote control key is also very eye-catching. It can be said that the future car is infinitely possible, for consumers, the introduction of more innovative configuration is also a good thing.
What is the binge watch?
Swiss Bin table inherited the Swiss and the European royal nobility of the custom gene, each mechanical watch used to create hand-crafted, crafted and crafted. Focus on the design and development of mechanical watches, and gradually created the Swiss Bin table in the Swiss watch brand reputation. Since its inception, experienced continuous research and development, relying on tabulation process, as well as design style, by the global watch industry respected and loved. The world’s table fans have agreed that each piece of the Swiss baccarat watches are embodied in a different tabulation process standards, and it is worth circulating, so at the beginning of the beginning, the Swiss bass produced by each meter in the back cover With a separate number, a table on the 1st, pure hand polished, for collectors to determine its authenticity and origin, will prove the brand from generation to generation of manufacturing skills and effort.
Swiss binge Begeel table, is to commemorate Mr. Binjue century birthday and in recognition of its outstanding contribution in the field of watches, with its successor Switzerland Geneva launched chronograph watch. Has served as the famous Swiss watchmaker Mr. Bin Jue by the Breguet table, tabulation process also inherited its consistent production style.
How is the binge watch?
Swiss Bin table has a lot of craft, and the design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision movement, a taste of the charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like life beating as touching.
Swiss Bin table has a mature watchmaking technology, inheritance to improve the production Replica Cartier jewelry of functional mechanical watches, to achieve carved, transparent flywheel, flywheel double bridge, flywheel single bridge and other complex mechanical watch function. Bin table continued noble Swiss table configuration requirements, the surface of the diamonds are presented by the real diamond, the whole table presented by the gold parts are made of gold.
Bauhinia watches ranked first few
Some friends in the South may know the brand name of Bauhinia watch. BOSTO table is made in Shenzhen watch brand, a greater impact in the local market. BOSTO table products not only the quality of reassuring, the same price close to the people. So many people like Bauhinia watches. But many people want to know the number of Bauhinia watches the following let the watch true and false tell you now!
Bauhino table pursuit of life taste, passion and speed of the perfect combination. Simple, stylish, elegant, attractive, high-end. Carefully create every successful person’s free and easy personality and personality charm. And in the overall design style focus on the details of the design, each watch is derived from the inspiration of the uncompromising attention to the fine, watchmakers put all the effort and energy. So as to perfect show in front of people. Each of the Bauhinia watches have experienced heavy craft, flow curve at a glance, such as tailored fit your wrist. The above conditions are destined to the success of the BOSAKA table!
Although the shape of the package, details, craft for one, but because of its brand fame is not big, and failed to enter the well-known brands. Ranked in the 10 major domestic watch, the domestic table is more backward position!
Porsche watches how much money
Porsche watch is a subsidiary of the car brand Porsche. Porsche watch design inspiration and style from its car design. So stylish avant-garde, strong sense of lines. So also by the sports and leisure people of all ages. So how much is the Porsche watch price?
Porsche watches how much money
Porsche watches are characterized by a clear appearance, fine selection and the combination of traditional and modern technology manufacturing. From 2005 onwards, all product development and sales will be with Porsche Design brand identity.
Porsche watches genuine export models in China only P at the beginning of the M, L these two letters only Hong Kong and Macao have. The price will not be too high! Generally ranging from 7,000 yuan – 50000 yuan!

Cartier blue balloon watch how? Cartier blue balloon watch okay?

Cartier blue balloon watch how? Cartier blue balloon watch okay?
From the jewelry started the French luxury brand Cartier for royal celebrities to provide jewelry, in the industry known as the “emperor jewelry, jewelry in the emperor”, and then it involved in the watch plate, the same noble appearance. 2008 Geneva senior watch salon for the first time to push the new “blue balloon” series of watches.
Elegant and elegant, full of beautiful, unique design, solid craftsmanship in the perfect combination of the series, that is, continuation of the Cartier own brand of traditional DNA information, such as the ancient Roman numerals, chrysanthemum pattern dial, blue steel sword-shaped pointer , At the same time there is a new development, the most special than three points of the handle design.
It was said that the series was inspired by the first human Cartier nail bracelet replica aircraft, the Monte Carlo Blue Hot Air Balloon, where a pair of brothers engaged in the paper industry in Lyon, France, invented the “Monte Geoffer hot air balloon” named after them. This name contains the French culture at the same time as innovation, which is the essence of the Cartier blue balloon series.
The end of the handle inlaid with a large convex round blue gems, reminiscent of that to create a history of blue balloons; and its outer edge of the precious metal protection ring, as is the protection of the mysterious sapphire satellite metal harbor. The layout of the disk with the shape of the handle or the calendar window to avoid the corresponding avoidance, in the design to avoid the sense of congestion; streamlined three-dimensional case, front and back are rounded arc, wearing a floating wrist when the outer space Aircraft.
After several years of accumulation of blue balloon series has become an important member of the Cartier classic watch family, after the increase and strengthen the series, for example, increased the high-end Tourbillon movement configuration, in the high school low and men and women with the change also Get richer and more powerful.
How is the Cartier blue balloon?
User reviews
Comments: (blue balloon series W6900356 men’s automatic mechanical watch) watch is also good, although the needle button type, but wearing a very comfortable, little time error, more like the crown design, good!
Comments two: (blue balloon series W6920046 automatic mechanical neutral table) to buy when quite distressed to get the hand that does not matter, and really a penny and goods. Gold is particularly expensive to bring out the face. like.
Comments three: (blue balloon series W6920063 men’s mechanical watch () very strong sense of design. Iconic convex sapphire crown is very rounded, most like its dial layout, eclectic. Worthy of collection.
Comments four: (blue balloon series HPI00331 automatic mechanical watch) This is really very amazing, the United States to the extreme. Tabulation process is superb, every place can reflect the value of this watch. So luxurious watches, I would like to attend a more meaningful party to wear, usually to collect well.
Comments five: (blue balloon series W6920034 quartz female table) the whole table polished very smooth, delicate. The most unique is its lugs, sapphire, is fancy to buy this point.
Price range
Cartier blue balloon series price from 30,000 to more than 40 million range, the cheapest Cartier watch is undoubtedly Cartier blue balloon series W69010Z4 watch, this ladies stainless steel watch the domestic price of ¥ 34,300, the cheapest Cartier men watch is Cartier blue balloon series W69011Z4 watch, this men’s steel watch in the country offer: ¥ 40,600.
Cartier Quartz Watch the battery how much money?
Talking about Cartier watches, many people will praise its unique design style. Of course, the price of Cartier watches are also very expensive, compared to high-end mechanical watches, Cartier quartz watch will be cheaper. Relative to the use of more people, then the Cartier quartz watch for how much money? The following watch home to come for you to answer it!
General Cartier watch battery life in a year to ten years, more than ten years can be Replica Cartier jewelry achieved. Of course, this refers to the life of the Cartier quartz watch. In general, Cartier watches will be in 1-10 days before the “notice”, said that although the Cartier battery is dead, the watch will continue to go, but this alert reminds us to replace the battery as soon as possible.
In addition, the general pointer Cartier watch second hand once jump two cells, which means that the battery power quickly depleted. Digital display electronic form will be used to flash the way to show that the battery is running out.
Watch batteries are generally divided into two kinds: one produced in Switzerland, the other is Japan. And replace the Cartier watch battery price of about 300 yuan or more, of course, the specific price but also according to the movement model and battery model to know.
As for where you can change the Cartier watch battery, currently in China there are only two places where the Cadillac watch authorized to replace the battery. One is Shanghai and the other is Beijing.
Casio PRW-6000YT mountain climbing watch introduction
Casio PRO TRE climbing table in the 2014 Basel show on the heavy launch of the new PRW-6000YT reflects the combination of precision and sophistication, it is the first only the third generation of triple sensor mounted on the pointer digital double significant watch The Compared with the second generation of triple sensor, the third generation of the minimum measurement of the minimum precision unit from 5 meters to 1 meter, the shortest observation period from 5 seconds to 1 second, the height error, the air pressure error from 2% to 0.3% , The direction of measurement for a continuous time from only 20 seconds to up to 60 seconds, a variety of measurement accuracy fundamentally produced a qualitative change.
Casio PRW-6000YT mountain climbing watch introduction
Not only that, PRO TRE climbing table PRW-6000YT volume weight is also significantly reduced. It uses the reduced sensor and miniaturized motor, making the number of motors implanted in the movement from 2 to 4, to achieve the four motor independent control of four indicators. The table built a large capacity solar cells, the global 6 Bureau of radio timing, triple sensor, multi-motor independent drive, and the pointer LCD dual display, super LCD backlight and other functions, the overall table thickness is only 12.8mm, its precision can be seen A spot.
From the appearance point of view, the table uses the most high-end titanium alloy material to ensure light, anti-allergic and tough. The overall watch to black-based color, white pointer scale and titanium color dotted the meantime, three-dimensional large dial design is ideal for outdoor wear men wear.
Dial display consists of function indicator, time pointer and liquid crystal display three blocks. Relative to the pure pointer or pure digital display, pointer, LCD double display can make the data read more at a glance, and built-in tough movement to support the pointer auto-correction function, even if the pointer is violent impact deviation can be corrected. In order to ensure that in any case to see the watch reading, the time scale coated with light storage paint, in the dark can not open the case of the backlight can clearly read. Backlight with a super LED light as a backlight, both automatic backlight function, in the dark just turn the wrist, the backlight will automatically open. It is worth mentioning that the watch has a “pointer dodge” unique design to ensure that the LCD display to provide accurate data, not to be blocked by the pointer to improve the convenience of data read. Look at the side of the table, large buttons on the pattern of design to increase the friction, and enhance the table resistance. Strap is made of titanium alloy, compared with the resin with a table, strong and easy to wear and sweat erosion. Double the design of the buckle can ensure that the maximum wear is not easy to touch the buckle leaving the watch off, the design is quite humane.
PRW-6000YT has Casio PROTREK flagship unique function – triple sensor. Triple sensor mainly refers to the height, pressure / temperature, azimuth measurement. A high degree of measurement, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to know where they are located where the mountain location, according to personal physical conditions to adjust the height of alpine climbing; pressure size and changes in the observation can easily cope with the weather mutation, timely down or set up travel plans ; According to the level of temperature can be added clothing to prevent colds; wild terrain complex, easy to lose the direction of the existence of positioning function to avoid outdoor enthusiasts get lost, therefore, triple sensor is particularly important in the wild. The use of simple and convenient way: the side of the MODE key can be free to convert a variety of modes, such as time mode, sun / sunset mode, world time mode, stopwatch mode, countdown timer mode and alarm mode. PRO TRE climbing table PRW-6000YT followed the front paragraph of the simple operation, a button corresponds to a model. Just hold down the COMP key, the surface will show the direction of the angle, the second hand is the direction of the north direction.
Similarly, press the ALTI key to measure the height, the height of the measurement is automatically converted by the pressure changes. If you need to replace the time display mode and then press the MODE button on it. Press the MODE key until the function indicator pointer to BARO, the liquid crystal display will appear on the left side of the barometric pressure curve, barometric chart to help predict weather changes at any time, if the pressure line was a clear downward trend, then the weather is deteriorating, The upward trend indicates that the weather is getting better and the right shows the barometric pressure. And then press the MODE key, the function indicator pointer to the adjacent TEMP, the LCD will show the temperature of the value. Triple sensor can help you easily walk in the mountains and mountains, Fun outdoors.

What are the benefits of wearing a Hetian bracelet?

What are the benefits of wearing a Hetian bracelet?
Question: I bought a Hetian jade bracelet, wear it there is nothing to pay attention to? It is suitable for what time to wear?

Best answer: Now bracelet by women’s favorite, especially Hetian jade bracelet, it is best to highlight the women’s gentle, generous, beautiful, noble, so by a lot of female friends love. Hetian jade bracelet as a dress with jewelry, should wear their own clothing to match to bring out your beauty. Everyone’s dress style is not the same, so wear bracelet style and color are different, then say Hetian jade bracelet and dress with some of the skills.

In daily life, most people will wear a relatively simple, casual, T-shirt plus cowboy, skirt, etc., casually with a Hetian jade bracelet, do not have some flavor. Arm slender women, wear long-sleeved clothes, matched with a Hetian jade bracelet, can bring out your exquisite Replica Cartier jewelry elegance, Buzhi Yu too thin. And in the exercise, cycling, playing badminton, swimming and other sports, it is best not to wear Hetian bracelet, it is cumbersome, but also easier to damage jade. In the work of the time, put on more formal clothing, you can choose a delicate bracelet, the color should not choose too elegant, although the elegant can make people look fresh and refined, but the workplace should show the feeling of doing things, jasper bracelet Is a good choice. In the traditional Chinese clothing with the shape of the Hetian jade bracelet, the integration of our Oriental female subtle beauty, the whole totally natural, eye-catching, the finishing touch of feeling. If you attend the dinner, Hetian jade bracelet is for you that elegant evening dress a lot of elegance.

In fact, the bracelet wear method is also very particular about, you can wear one, two in the left hand, or two were worn on the left and right wrist, can not only wear on the right hand. Wearing three words, should be worn on the left hand. Wearing more than three is too exaggerated, and does not recommend such a match, will destroy the beauty of the bracelet.
Question: I bought a Hetian jade brave pendant, wear it there is no meaning or benefit? What are the benefits or benefits?

Best answer: brave in the five elements of feng shui with fire, can attract a lot of money, so at home or the office placed Hetian jade brave jewelry, the effectiveness of Wang Cai. People of all ages are suitable for wearing Hetian jade Pi Xiu pendant, it can play a lot of role, the following points:

1, town house evil spirits. Brave is a kind of Swiss beast, has opened the brave placed at home, you can make the family have good luck, rid of evil, the role of town house, is the patron saint of the family, protect the whole family safe.

2, financial wealth. Is really doing partial line (such as stocks, horse racing, futures, etc.), then dedicated to brave will be a good luck magic. In addition to Wang Wang partial financial, but also help, so many businessmen will be at home or the office placed a brave.

3, in addition to disease, reminder of official transport. Brave also has a demon demon magic, the power of plague poisoning, so you can prevent and eliminate the role of human and animal plague. In addition it also symbolizes the official transport prosperous.

4, of the evil. Brave is a vicious animal, has a strong guardian of the heart, you can drive the clouds, ordered the Thunder, the rain opened the sun, mountains and rocks to capture the monster, the legend of evil spirits, block evil, the power of town house, you can resolve a variety of evil spirits.

Wearing brave pendant when the men and women all ages, but should pay attention to is more than 72 years old is not suitable for wearing. And if it is wearing their own Hetian jade brave pendant, do not let others casually touch. But they should always touch it, because brave with spirituality, so let it feel your presence.
Question: want to buy and Tian Yu Pi Xiu jewelry to wear, do not know fit for me? Which election and Hetian jade bracelet jewelry is better? What are the benefits of wearing Hetian jade bracelet?

Best answer: Hetian jade brave has a Lucky, exorcism, the meaning of the town house, but also has a strong spirituality, when wearing or have to pay attention to, and that Hetian jade bracelet jewelry to wear methods.

First, wear Hetian jade brave rings: usually and Tian Yu brave bracelet is brave for the ring face, ring ring gold and silver mosaic, or to rope as a ring. So when wearing, whether it is worn in the left hand or right hand, when wearing the brave front to the front, only the head toward the front to wear, the observer either standing on the opposite or side of the wearer, can See Hetian jade brave of the demeanor.

Second, wear Hetian jade brave bracelet: Wentian bracelet worn in the bracelet, the brave head is based on the direction of the bracelet to wear the direction. Wearing a left hand, the brave of the head to the right direction to wear; wear in the right hand, the brave of the head to the left to wear, so the way to wear is the most beautiful.

Third, wear Wada jade brave bracelet: Hetian jade bracelet bracelet is generally brave pattern carved on the bracelet, and Hetian bracelet wearing method is naturally a good part of jade forward, so when wearing bracelets do not have to pay attention Brave way to wear, naturally like.

Four, wearing Hetian jade brave pendant: Hetian jade brave pendant should be the most common way to brave carving one of the way, and pendants are naturally the most stressful. In the wearing Hetian jade brave pendant is usually the hole in the brave brains under the mouth, with the rope interspersed, at the time of wearing the head is the head down the state, so brave is not only beautiful and beautiful, and brave eyes On, can see the Quartet, to absorb the money. Must not be braved head down to wear, not only not beautiful, but also affect the spirituality of brave, so that the loss of the role of brave.

Britain’s five famous jewelery brands

Britain’s five famous jewelery brands
Britain is one of the famous jewelery brands, which has a close relationship with the British royal culture. When the British Empire was strong, the wealthy British royal family had a lot of demand for jewelery, which attracted excellent jewelers and jewelers around the world. Although the current world bag fashion center has been turned to Paris, France or the United States, New York, but now in the UK jewelry brand still retains its own unique British culture. Here to introduce five well-known British local jewelry brand.

Asprey has always been a fashionable exquisite taste, superb craftsmanship, excellent quality and strong flavor of the British elegant style in the jewelry industry is popular, the famous Queen of England, Beckham’s wife is its loyal fans.
Kiki McDonough has always been known for the beautiful color Replica Cartier jewelry of precious stones, their jewelry that retains the British style of rigorous, addition of a trace of youth, playful colors.
Boodles soon in the UK have a high reputation, and now they are preparing to expand the Asian market, I believe that soon we will be able to see the British jewelry in China style.
Garrard is the royal family of royal jewelry brand, for the British royal family customized a lot of jewelry, which includes Diana’s sapphire ring.
Solange Azagury-Partridge is also very traditional British color, he launched to celebrate the Queen’s 60th anniversary of the series of diamond jewelry Regalia series popular.
25 years of age young people: you can choose the characteristics of new trends, and even exaggerated some of the diamond jewelry, should not be too expensive. Some nice diamond pendants and diamond earrings can meet your needs. Wearing a taboo is not forced to do mature dress, because the young is the talent of the capital.
25-40 year olds: is the largest crowd of choice. Whether it is mature, capable, or charming, sexy, as long as consistent with their temperament like. You can choose expensive diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, color jewelry and so on. At this time the diamond jewelry should choose diamond ring, diamond necklace or diamond watch.
40 years old or older: should reflect the maturity of women’s stable, dignified, should choose the design tradition, the classic style. Some precious diamond necklaces or diamond rings are a good choice. Hollywood a lot of actresses are worth learning from your jewelry experience. Although you may not have those limited edition diamond jewelry in the world, but you must reflect the dignified and dignified temperament, should not wear the color is too bright, modeling too special jewelry.
This piece of jewelry works called “old” the word is the ancient Chinese two girls vowed to become friends of the old saying. Designer Ivan Ka Trump from the 2011 film “Snow and secret fan” was inspired, and designed this set of beautiful high-level jewelry. The movie “Snowflake and Mystery” mainly tells the story of a pair of very good feelings of the sister separated by the war, it had to use silk fan frame to tell the story of the state of mind. Inspired by this story, the designer celebrates the friendship between women through the symbolic meaning of the fan of the Colombian emerald green.
In the general impression of the people, the gemstones are beautiful, precious, shining, but also rigid, no vitality, five rhythm, this contradiction is also a big jewelry designer and the major jewelers not only to explore and strive for a field. How to show the gem of the dynamic, which is undoubtedly with the help of jewelry designers, many big brands of jewelry designers have made a good achievement, such as today for everyone to show the following feather as the theme of jewelry, They use the elegant curves and beautiful shape of the gem color and glory cleverly into them, creating this series of beautiful masterpiece. Let’s take a look at the following.
British famous jeweler brand Graf is the world’s most powerful senior custom jeweler, its founder Lawrence Graff in 1960 founded the Graff masonry brand, but Lawrence Graff himself has 60 years of diamond industry practitioners Experience, in order to commemorate their own experiences, he will be worth nearly 500 million US dollars (about 3 billion yuan) of the precious jewelry decorated in the model Dary Guther body. The hair is inlaid with 22 rare stones provided by the Kraff London head office. Hair in addition to the dazzling diamond, there are a pair of diamond couple earrings, were embedded in 51.53 karats and 50.76 karats of heart-shaped diamonds. In addition, a 10.47 karats of oval-shaped blue diamond pendant in the model white neck and neck shine. Which undoubtedly set off a burst of luxury hurricanes, swept and shocked the entire jewelry industry. Let’s take a look at it.

Gold jewelry maintenance taboo

Gold jewelry maintenance taboo
Although gold has a strong metal stability, but consumers wear in the daily wear should also be careful care, attention to maintenance, so that gold to maintain a bright color. In general, gold jewelry should pay attention to the following matters:

1, wear should avoid gold jewelry contact with chemicals such as perfume, bleach Cartier love bracelet replica or cosmetics to avoid chemical action.

2, wear should avoid collision with sharp objects, so as not to cause wear on the goldsmith.

3, it is recommended that gold jewelry will be returned to a reliable store for professional cleaning. If you want to clean your home at home, consumers can put gold in pure water, with a soft brush light brush for a simple cleaning, to be dry, put back into the jewelry box to save.

4, because the gold texture is soft, wear should avoid pulling gold jewelry, so as to avoid the deformation and fracture of gold jewelry.
1, gold jewelry dust removal
The easiest way to clean the dust and fouling of gold jewelery is to gently scrub with a soft brush and dipped in hot water. It is best to dipped in soapy water with absorbent cotton balls and scrubbed with anhydrous alcohol, but it is not available. Abrasive particles (such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper or fine sand cloth, etc.) scrub, to avoid the weight of gold jewelry to reduce, causing losses.

2, gold jewelry washing

Wash gold jewelry, gold jewelry should be first placed in the container, and then add water to the container, then add a small amount of ammonia, then the mouth tight, back and forth hard shaking, and then remove the dry, wearing gold jewelry, Switch for maintenance.

3, gold jewelry white spot to remove

As the commercial cosmetics containing some trace of mercury (mercury), such as freckle cream often phenylethylglycidium and mercuric chloride and other ingredients, gold jewelry contact will appear white or white, this time, not available Knife or sandpaper polished, as long as the white Cartier love ring replica or white jewelry will be baked in the fire, and then wipe with a soft cloth, gold jewelry will restore the original luster.

4, gold jewelry surface dirt clean

Gold jewelry surface stained with dirt, will make the color bleak, this time, can be used to rinse the photo of the powder, against the 30-40-C warm water into the developer, plus doubled water dilution, the dirt gold jewelry Put them soak 4-6 minutes later, with soft hair brush to dirt, rinse with water several times can be, if the fine twist dipped in nail polish gently rub, gold jewelry will be more bright.
Now, the price of gold jewelry slowly down, perhaps already every family can have the daily necessities. But it is for each family, is still a valuables, certainly will always care about it. So, how do we usually keep it?

First of all, in the clean gold jewelry when the nature of mild soap and soft brush is the most simple and convenient tool. Alternatively, you can use other similar items instead, but remember that toothpaste containing abrasive is not allowed. Because this kind of thing and gold jewelry touch more, then the surface of gold jewelry will be corroded or scratched. After all, the hardness of gold is only 2.5, even the fingernail force, then the words will be on its surface scratches, let alone the other. After scratches in addition to unsightly, it is easier to hide dirt.

It is generally safe to clean gold jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning gold, but if there is a mosaic, it will not work. In addition, but also to avoid gold jewelry and cosmetics, protective clothing contact, gold content of the lower ornaments, such as 10k, and these substances may be chemical and discoloration.
As a popular wedding material of the two, gold ring and diamond ring in the end which is better? This time we compare the durability from the two aspects.
Gold ring: As we all know, gold is a relatively soft metal, it is easy to be affected by external forces in the case of deformation. Then, made of high purity gold gold ring is also easy to be affected by external forces under the deformation. In addition, there are gold and gold rings, gold ring is also relatively easy to be slightly sharpened his items scratched.
Diamond ring: diamond ring is generally used K gold and platinum ring ring, and inlaid Replica Cartier love bracelet diamonds in the above. K gold and platinum, these two materials are higher than the hardness of gold, corrosion resistance, and can also create a more complex style wedding ring, by the impact of external forces and scratches are also less likely.
Therefore, from the perspective of durability to compare, the durability of the gold ring is not as good as the diamond ring.

Diamond culture and legend

Diamond culture and legend
Since ancient times, diamonds for everyone is a dream, an ideal and an image. However, because diamonds from different regions, times and cultural background, it has a certain meaning for each person. For some people, diamonds represent power, wealth, status, achievement and serenity, but for some people it is love, eternal, pure and faithful, brave, strong symbol of faith. These different images are intertwined with religious mythology, ancient scientific speculation, the legend of the diamond driller and the fiction of businessmen. Although intricate, but not inconsistent. These images are for the love of diamonds, at the battle for whom, and even the people who die shape. In history, the bright and bright diamonds, has illuminated the eyes of the lover, into the murder of the razor; it was the conqueror’s torch, is the dismal despot of the candlestick.

1. The magic of myth
The ancient Greeks believe that the diamond is falling to the stars on the planet imitation Cartier love bracelet fragments, and even some people think that the diamond is the gods dripping tears; people once thought that the diamond is from the Tianshui or the sky exposed. In Sanskrit the word diamond is the meaning of lightning, in order to express the diamond by lightning born of faith. Until today, the development of modern science to tell people that diamonds are not falling from the sky, on the contrary it is breaking ground. The ancients also believe that diamonds will be small diamonds, even the famous scientist Boyle (R.Boyle, 1627-1691) believe that this argument. In the 17th century, Portuguese explorers believe that “the growth of diamonds close to the surface 2-3 years can grow into” and to why the miners after a few years and then returned to the old mining area can still be diamonds as an example to confirm this view.

2. Feeding birds by meat, by taking the bird said the drill
The protagonist of the one thousand and one night story Sinbad had lived a happy fairy life. One day he competed to read the world, want to see the world, so he drifted into the sea by boat, let the storm sent him to a beautiful lush island. Step on the beach of Sinbad said:
“I summon the courage to walk the brook, found everywhere in the diamond, the valley guarding the group of giant Mang, one can swallow the whole elephant .Road narrow, difficult, dangerous .A sudden, in front of a block was slaughtered I remember a long time ago, from businessmen and travelers that heard a story. Diamond Valley surrounded by high mountains, birds difficult to cross, but mining people own recipe … … … … … … They slaughtered the sheep and slaughtered it, and left the bottom of the mountain, and the bloody lamb was covered with diamonds, and at noon the bald eagle flew into the valleys, clawed the diamonds, At the top of the hill, the drillers at the top of the hill shouted loudly and whisked away the vultures, and after they had made the diamonds, they left the meat pieces to the hawks.
Thus, Sinbad learned the story of the method, will be wrapped in pieces of meat among the bald eagle will be wrapped with his pieces grabbed, fly to the top of the hill, the driller will save him. The story also illustrates the lipophilicity of diamonds.

3. Snake Valley story
In Greece, there is such a legend, the diamond over the city in the valley, guarded by the python, mortal eyes as long as watching the python will die in its eyes. Only witty people can get rid of their guardian to obtain diamonds. In the ancient Rome P1iny diamonds Valley wrote in the article, Alexander 350 BC in India, when in the diamond valley to obtain diamonds. He wisely ordered the soldiers to mirror the snake’s eyes to the snake itself, killing the snake. And then throw the mutton block to the valley of diamonds, followed by tracking the meat of the bald eagle, to kill and get diamonds.

4. Diamond – a symbol of Taurus
1278 Spanish scholars through the study of ancient Babylonian culture found that the ancient Babylonians believe that diamonds for the third face of the Gemini, also regarded as the first symbol of Taurus. Wearing diamonds are good hunting, superb skills, respected. When Saturn goes to this position, it rises in time, with the moon as 60. Or 120. , The wearer wearing a helmet, shoulder bows and arrows, divine power doubled.

5. Religion and diamonds
At the end of the Middle Ages, in some books on religion, the description of the breastplate of the high priest Aaron and the cornerstone of the new Jerusalem was divine in the presence of diamonds. Legend, in this divine protection, can make people competitive victory, access to strength, courage, power, wealth, eternal life, youth forever, a dream come true, happiness and friendship and so on. And even that diamonds can invisible, so that the dead resurrection.

6. Ring finger wear diamond ring said
According to Christian custom, the diamond ring should be worn on the ring finger, is said to be because the priest ring finger touch new left hand three fingers, and said “in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit”, and finally fell on the ring finger.

Another more romantic legend is that the Egyptians believe that the ring finger is the direct introduction of the heart of the love of the pulse of the heart, a symbol of love eternal change.

7. The medical effect of diamonds
In addition to all myths and legends, diamonds are also believed to have medical effects, especially for leprosy, neurological disorders, cystitis and plague have a medical effect. Some people wrote in the book: “The medical efficacy of diamonds can be easily infected by the plague of the poor, while the rich are immune to have to prove such as diamonds. Other claims are that diamonds can be detoxified, while others say diamonds are highly toxic. Frederic II (1194-1250) is said to be poisoned by eating dietary powder from his son.

8. Diamond origin of the name
Diamond, the English name of the diamond, from the Greek King Kong – adams, meaning “no conquest”, but at the time, the term used to refer to iron and other hard metal, and later refers to much greater hardness than the sapphire iron. As people continue to understand the gem, only diamond specifically refers to the diamond.

9. Diamond magic and the weakening of religious legends
To 17-18 century, with the human science, the continuous development of natural science and the growing popularity of diamonds, diamond plague and witchcraft on the fading legend, people worship of divine power gradually from the legendary sensibility to a symbol of rationality And psychological associations, which are closely related to the nature of diamonds.

Clarity: the ancients regarded diamonds as the most pure thing, many civilized think that only the naked eye can not see the contents of diamonds, have value, with “flaws” who, on behalf of bad luck.
Color: colorless transparent diamonds represent purity.
Shape: intact octahedral rough stone is the most complete object in nature, it symbolizes order, harmony.
Brightness and fire color: colorless, transparent, well-crystallized octahedral diamond, even without cutting mill can also show a good brightness and fire color, so the diamond is regarded as a symbol of bright.
Hardness: Warriors and magicians believe that the hardness of diamonds can not be conquered a symbol of philosophers that it means that the mysteries of human life unfathomable.