IUCTS CHRONOGRAPH chronograph series watch

Hot watch has not been the most expensive watch, suitable for the public watch can be a popular watch, but also easy to achieve classic. Today, the watch home for everyone to recommend three fifty yuan or so of the classic watches, fifty thousand or so watches than the average entry-level watch much higher, but compared to some high complex watch still Much lower, which is also a table to watch the table can accept a friend.

IUCTS CHRONOGRAPH chronograph series IW377701 watch
Watch Comments: This black man of the watchmaking case is a strong imitation Cartier love bracelet and lightweight high-tech ceramic production, operating equipment and the end of the table to dumb gray titanium metal manufacturing, black dial with luminous coating. The soft iron inner shell shoulder the responsibility of anti-magnetic, with zirconia powder and curing agent fired, with anti-magnetic, anti-acid, not afraid of the impact of the characteristics. I believe that such a full performance and design sense of gas leaky watch will become the first choice for flying sports.

Panerai LUMINOR series PAM 00111 watch
Watch Comments: With the large diameter of the popular, Panerai also from a single military table has become more and more accepted by everyone, and even a lot of women have their favorite plus. This 44 mm stainless steel Panerai single from the appearance is enough to distinguish between the other watches, nine o’clock position is a small second dial, while the black dial with a light brown strap is quite stylish design.

Rolex pioneer series 114060-97200 black disc watch
Watch Comments: Rolex calendar ghosts, hot a watch, is Rolex launched in 2012 watches. As a model of the diving watch, the new submarine type to re-design of the sophisticated case, Cerachrom outer ring and the new generation of band, write the extraordinary tradition. Black surface is also used to increase the hour mark and pointer, painted with blue light of the Chromalight luminous material, in the dark greatly improved the readability of the watch. 300 meters waterproof.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend these three watches both from the brand or style are more popular, each watch has a very many supporters, some watches are not so easy to buy , These watches from the above price is also a good choice.
The Van Fantau brand was founded by Achille Ditesheim in 1881, when he was 19 years old. From a hiring of six watchmaker’s workshop to the current watch industry’s big brand, “from the quality of beyond others” is its constant power forward, and sinking always shining Replica Cartier jewelry in the direction of the sun at twelve o’clock, Will continue to show the world its fashion charm. Today for everyone to recommend the three watches from the Movado, to meet the needs of the public.

Movado Terry Red Series 0606113 watch
Table Comments: The pursuit of modernity is the design of the pursuit of the concept of Van Fanto, and sinking is above the sun, indeed for this watch to add a lot of modern fashion atmosphere. 38 mm table diameter, case made of stainless steel to build. The crown is decorated with large gears around the gear. Simple black round dial, in the direction of twelve o’clock Buddha is the iconic sun sign, the dial is also equipped with prince pointer. The design of the simple sense of modern art and the simple temperament echoes, and the sun signs not only do not make people feel unexpected, but for the simple dial adds a touch of dynamic. Black lizard skin texture delicate, feel very good, with the watch with a very coordinated overall. The watch provides 30 meters of water depth.

Movado Terry 0606688 watch
Watch the watch: the watch table diameter of 40 mm, case material for the stainless steel, shell frame design is quite narrow, for the dial to provide a lot of space. Through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror, you can see the circular blue dial to the sun pattern as a decoration, and in the direction of twelve decorated with a symbol of the sun signs, cylindrical time scale and case design to echo, The pointer is hollowed out. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel, folding clasp. Dense design, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Movado Museum Series 0606792 watch
Watch the watch: 44 mm diameter watch from the museum sports series, stainless steel www.ourlovestore.com dial with a layer of PVD coated bezel, crown on the bottom of the timing button to illustrate the movement of the watch time function. Black round dial from outside to inside, respectively, sixty minutes chronological circle, twelve hours chronological circle, twelve o’clock direction is the iconic sun dots, four o’clock direction is the date display window, dial also has gray Black small dial, gray black minute reflection ring and orange lettering. Stainless steel strap with folding buckle, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: In the watch industry, most brands have their own iconic LOGO, such as the real star, Montblanc’s hexagonal star, Rolex’s crown, Kunlun’s key, etc., these signs have their specific meaning, in the The history of the forward line of accumulation of deep cultural connotation. And mofatso’s sinking at twelve o’clock in the direction of the sun, clear the “heyday” pursuit.

German watches are preferred three quarters of the plywood so pendulum plywood becomes the most prominent movement

Glashütte’s geese neck fine-tuning innovation is the combination of fast and non-calorie, and the adjustment is divided into detailed steps to avoid the inevitable deviation of the fast needle. And although the needle is fine-tuning, through the design of the gooseneck device, adjust the speed is slow through the screw rotation, to facilitate a lot.
Speed needle is the most commonly used fine-tuning device, by controlling the length of the balance wheel speed control frequency, the advantage is to adjust the wide range, a few minutes can be transferred back, but a long time, will be poor outrageous. No card through the weight of the screw, adjust the balance wheel center of gravity to control the vibration frequency, adjust the time range is very small, usually within a minute, at the factory when the alignment, the use of damage is not very small error, which is currently High-grade tables are used without card structure of the reasons.
Geese neck fine-tuning
Glaxi movement of the gooseneck fine-tuning
German watches are preferred three quarters of the plywood, so pendulum Cartier love bracelet replica plywood becomes the most prominent movement, the most able to move people’s parts. Balance wheel system itself is the focus of movement, and spinner is the focus of the focus. Walking fine-tuning device is the core components of the escapement, and now no card spread the prevalence of hairspring, making the traditional speed of the needle but become a low-end feeling, but the speed needle plus gooseneck fine-tuning situation is completely different.
Glashütte European Patent EP 1437634, inventor MATHIAS HINTZE HANS-GEORG SCHN, filed on December 19, 2002. This patent is subject to a patent examination, giving only two pieces of A background technology contrast literature, successfully obtained authorization.
Geese neck fine-tuning
Goose neck fine-tuning diagram

For the use of this fine-tuning device of the table to adjust the alignment, through 4 steps to complete:

1, positioning, loosening the screw 19 to open the claws secured to the half of the balance plate 10, and releasing the screw 9 through the speed needle 20 for a wide range of coarse adjustment. And then finely adjusted by the screw 7 on the fastening needle 20a. Tighten the screws 9 and tighten the screws.
2, the watch will wear a number of positions, high-end table have been adjusted by 5 directions, that is, isochronous adjustment, Glashütte’s gooseneck fine-tuning is also designed to adjust the timing of the way, loosen the screw 29 to open the fixed To the jaws on the jerk 20, and then loosen the screws 9. Then, by changing the fixing angle of the gossamer 4 by manipulating the trimming screw 7, the timing is optimized. Tighten the screw 9 after completion, then tighten the screw 29.
3. Adjust the travel time using the balance screws 2a and 2b that change the moment of inertia of the balance wheel.
4, Trim, Loosen the screws 29 Open the jaws fixed to the jerk 20 and release the screws 9. Use screw 7 for fine adjustment. It is advisable to tighten the screws 9 first and tighten the screws. The best step can be adjusted within a few seconds to go.
Mineral crystal glass table mirror is a kind of watch mirror material, usually ordinary Cartier love ring replica crystal glass polishing and then strengthen the hardness, but the hardness is still inferior to sapphire crystal mirror. Mineral crystal glass called artificial crystal, due to the rare crystal and not easy to mining, can not meet the needs of people, artificial crystal glass was born. As a result of high permeability, can be made of various crafts and greatly favored by the world. Mineral crystal glass is made of silicon (Silica) and lead oxide (follow-up lead-free crystal using other materials, such as potassium oxide, barium oxide, etc.) together, so that crystal is particularly shiny, clarity is from the grinding technology plus quality.

Mineral crystal glass table mirror

Mineral crystal glass table mirror plane view

Mineral crystal glass and synthetic glass

Mineral crystal glass and synthetic glass look very similar, but it is two completely different substances. The main difference is the following five aspects:
1. Material is different: mineral crystal glass is the crystallization of silica, synthetic glass is only a mixture of silica containing the mixture.
2. Different effects: synthetic glass only decorative role, mineral crystal glass in addition to decorative role, there are piezoelectric effect, a special health effects.
3. Price is different: mineral crystal glass unit price than synthetic glass several times or even several times higher.
4. Physical properties are different
(1) mineral crystal glass is a crystal, with a high hardness (Mohs 7), and synthetic glass hardness is low, (Mohs 5.5), mineral crystal glass can be drawn on the synthetic glass traces, and vice versa Can not.
(2) mineral crystal glass is a crystal, thermal conductivity is better, with a tongue licking touch the feeling of cold, synthetic glass is warm.
(3) with a polarizer, mineral crystal glass can light, synthetic glass can not.
(4) high-quality mineral crystal glass facing the light to see, clear and translucent, there is no small Cartier nail bracelet replica bubbles, no water, so expensive. So that the quality of mineral glass grade and price is very relevant.
5. Different processing technology: synthetic glass can be hot cast molding, save the province of labor, low cost. Mineral crystal glass is a crystal, can not be reversed after heating and melting, so can not use hot casting method, can only be used for cutting and other cold processing.

The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools

CASIO CASIO new solar watch new listing
CASIO solar watch new listing will be held, marking the first corresponding to a number of regional standards in the world of radio watches in China. Site, CASIO (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., chairman of Mr. Dan Min line and other acts of new products opened a mystery, and accepted a number of domestic media interviews.
New conference to “the world’s leading solar watch” as the theme, fully demonstrated the CASIO technology and design the perfect combination of product ideas. At the conference, the live media and guests watched the radio reception in Japan, the UK and China, and experienced the shock of high technology. In the product display area, the new CASIO radio table was designed to show the perfect design. CASIO is the world’s first launch of the 6 Bureau Cartier love bracelet replica of radio watches company, this time launched the wave table will be listed in the global market, CASIO through independent research and development of the “world’s leading solar watch”, the development of electronic technology to a new height, and Constantly refresh the watch industry standards, the CASIO advocated by the “creation of contribution” brand concept in China to promote out.
Radar table overview
The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools, from corona, water clock, hourglass, to mechanical watches, quartz watches and clocks, and now to the current wave table, people grasp every minute of the desire never stopped, the pursuit of smaller , The ideal of a more accurate timer has never changed. Before the mid-70s, mechanical watches accounted for more than 90% of the market share of watches and clocks, to the early 80s, quartz watches occupy a 2/3 of the market.
In 1995, CASIO in the German market launched the first radio table, followed by Japan, North America, Europe and other countries have begun to use CASIO radio table. Wave table with the previous timing tool is different, no manual operation, the watch built-in antenna can automatically receive the standard time radio signal, automatically decode and correct time and seconds, date and week and all other information, convenient and accurate. As the standard time radio is measured by the use of cesium atomic clock around and fired, the accuracy of 100,000 years before the error of one second, it can be said that the wave table is following the mechanical watch and quartz watch, the watch industry has a new standard. CASIO radio table, is an irreplaceable leader in this field. As of May 2007, CASIO became the first wave table sales of more than 10 million Cartier love ring replica manufacturers, while accounting for the world wave table market share of about 40%.
CASIO wave table three leading core technology
※ six innings to receive radio
CASIO in the world for the first time launched the original 6 Bureau of radio watches, high sensitivity to receive all the current six base stations of different frequency radio signals, including China, Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu 2 base stations), the United Kingdom, Germany, North America Standard radio waves, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. Even in different countries and regions, can also automatically receive radio waves, so that the watch and the local standard time to maintain a high degree of consistency.
※ Large capacity solar drive system
CASIO’s original high-capacity solar drive system, even in the weak fluorescent lamp, can also produce sufficient power, drive stopwatch, alarm, backlight, sensor and radio reception and other energy consumption of a huge function. For the convenience of the use of watches at the same time, also in line with CASIO has been advocating the concept of environmental protection, reduce the battery replacement on the impact of the Earth’s environment.
※ tough movement
Receive accurate time but also have a precise movement to ensure that the time to get the correct display. CASIO this time listed on the wave table also uses a new “tough movement”, effectively prevent the impact of external impact on the movement caused by the resulting time display error. Impact resistance – the new R & D use of the “tough movement”, CASIO found the most sophisticated combination of metal and resin materials, the use of lightweight resin and metal mixed assembly structure, a substantial increase in impact occurs when the watch machine The core is resistant to damage, anti-sag and resistance to deformation, to achieve an unprecedented impact resistance.
Pointer auto-correction function – at 55 minutes and 0 seconds per hour, the system automatically checks the error and automatically corrects the minute, minute pointer position. Make sure the time is displayed correctly.
Top watch logo sapphire mirror
How to determine whether a watch is classified as a top brand, you can see whether it is sapphire mirror and conclusive, sapphire high hardness, made with its watch, its shock resistance, sealing and strength than other materials, At the same time this is the top watch quality assurance is an important factor.
Nürnberger Ei invented the “Nuremberg Egg”
Glass appeared earlier than the time of the watch for thousands of years, but the earliest clock was above the glass. According to the literature, four thousand years ago, the Egyptians, already know the glass firing technology, and began to use glass containers to do containers. And pocket watch, but have to wait until the 16th century before the emergence.
The pocket watch is invented by a German called Nürnberger Ei. On his lineage, people have been quite controversial. Some people think he is Germanic, because he spent eight years to the then French king made a clock. But some people think he is a Jew, because he designed the clock every year there will be some time difference, the French king had to give him some gold each year, so he was responsible for the maintenance and proof of the clock. He designed the Cartier nail bracelet replica pocket watch with a goose so big, called “Nuremberg eggs”, can not be placed inside the shirt pocket, can only hang on the king’s neck, is now placed in the Nuremberg Museum for people to visit.
At that time the “egg” and no glass cover. Nürnberger Ei did not think, but the glass was not colorless and transparent. That glass contains iron compounds, people do not know how to remove the glass of iron elements. Since the color of the iron compound is green, the color of the glass is the same as the current beer bottle. Put this color of the glass in the pocket watch, can only get a result, that is, all people can not see where the pointer now point to. So, Nürnberger Ei did not use glass to give it a protective cover, but to this piece of pocket watch to add a “golden bell”.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, there are only movement of 401 parts
How many parts are there in the watch?
If it is a general, not too complicated watches, about dozens or even hundreds of parts. If it is a multi-functional watch, usually two hundred parts from, not discounted. Such as Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, just the movement, there are 401 parts. The watch inside, the most delicate parts of the movement is the fastest balance wheel, senior watch in the balance wheel journal, that is, a hair so fine. So fine wheel but to drive the diameter of about 10 mm wheel rotation. For example, it is like a pen so fine on the small iron bar hanging above a disc as precarious. We all know that the surface area of the object and the square of the size is proportional to, that is, the smaller the size, the relative contact with the air surface area is greater, the corrosion is also faster. For watches such a thing, if there are sewn can make dust and water vapor into the rust will be like the plague as in the internal spread, and finally let the watch a thorough strike.
Therefore, the seal protection, for the watch, is definitely a major event.
Vacheron Constantin introduced pocket watch called Patrimony Contemporaine, very valuable collection
Until a few hundred years later, with the birth of colorless transparent glass, glass was as a protective cover, appeared on the watch. Now pocket watch does not have practical value, but because of its body has a retro atmosphere, but it has become a legacy of small toys, so that the major brand manufacturers whom favored, such as Vacheron Constantin launched a few months ago called Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket watch, very valuable collection.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Model Mirror: Blue Crystal Face
However, it was soon found that although the glass can play a good role in hindering the role of water vapor and dust, but also has its own shortcomings: fragile, easy to liposuction, too expensive.
Fragile, so that a lot of pocket watch life than the super-year-old; easy liposuction, then you always want to take a piece of handkerchief in the above repeatedly rub to wipe, but because the glass hardness is low, you can easily let pocket watch The mirror becomes a misty one. Coupled with the price is expensive, before the advent of plexiglass, ordinary glass is still used as a mirror of the main material is widely used.

The military watch is one of the more popular topics between watches and hobbies

US military watch brand which is good
The military watch is one of the more popular topics between watches and hobbies. Especially the US military table, should be its powerful, superior quality so much loved. Today, watch home and you talk about what the US military watch brand which is okay!
Military watch, as the name implies, refers to the special use of military watches. Today to introduce the knowledge of the US military watch. In the military, the military watch has a clear and strict norms, more well-known standards related to military watches to the United States MIL-W-46374F series of military procurement standards. The standard was first promulgated on October 30, 1964, followed by the scientific and technological progress has been constantly modified, has been modified seven times, in order to facilitate the distinction between different versions of the standard, the US military with the English letter “A ~ G” The
Traser is one of the two US military standard military regulations, strict implementation of MIL-W-46374F standard, with anti-magnetic, waterproof, shock advantages. Different ordinary cheap table of plastic case, P5900 using polyester and stainless steel shell, light texture. Another high-hardness glass table Mongolia, tritium light source technology, Lang movement, giving its superior quality, but also to become the most cost-effective entry-level luminous table.
Luming Nuo Si table to meet the customer wearing suits or attend formal occasions to wear imitation Cartier love bracelet the military table requirements, in 2011 grand launch of the “Yinhai 3152” special commemorative models, and for the first time in our China starting, with a high collection value The
Using silver and black mainstream color with, to create a unique sense of noble, is nowadays world-class watches are used in the process and design aesthetics. When the military quality and fashion aesthetic perfect combination of the birth of a classic, that is, Luming Nuo Si.
The United States Chase Duo Jun military watch is the love of the film director Brandon and Marian Chase couple and Swiss watch businessman Stephen Dreyer created this famous military watch brand. Chase – Duri strict quality control, from design to parts production and then to the watch assembly are rigorously tested and tested to ensure that each production process to achieve accurate and perfect, which is the beginning of the company since the commitment of the table 2-year quality assurance reasons.
Mike Koles watches and Seiko watches that nice
Watch now is not a simple timing tool, its more important role is to highlight the wearer’s identity and taste. So what about Mike Carls watches and Seiko watches?
Brand comparison
Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors brings the luxury industry to a new stage and has succeeded in shaping the concept of self-expression and distinctive life and distinguishing the brand from the classic American luxury brands of the past. Michael Kors has become an American luxury Style of the representative. At present Michael Kors in the world 89 countries already have more than 500 stores, while distribution to the world’s top department stores and global stores.
Seiko (SEIKO), is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881. The company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko, Berliget table launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko and Japan Oriental table company co-founded a joint venture factory. Seiko homes or computer printer manufacturers – Epson (EPSON) the parent company.
Mike Koles watches and Seiko watches that nice
Mike Coles is a famous clothing brand, watch is just a sub-brand. And are fashionable table, the Replica Cartier jewelry appearance is more beautiful but the quality and workmanship and Seiko can not be compared! And Seiko is one of the best Japanese watch brand, the mechanical watch has beaten some of the Swiss watch! And have a high quality. So from the use of the point of view, Seiko is better than Mike Coles!
No watch of the watch Zero creative watch
This is the designer Robert Dabi brought a pointer without a scale, and has a minimalist style of the watch zero. There are two ring areas inside the dial, which circle on behalf of hours, outside the circle that represents minutes, these “pointer” will slowly move, read the time just to find the brightest head on it.
Plum watch and Tissot watch which is good
Many friends like to wear watches, if with a Swiss watch. It is more able to highlight the taste and character to wear. Then plum watch and Tissot watch which is good?
brand introduction
Titoni (Titoni) is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, since 1919 in Greenken, Switzerland since the plant, according to legend three generations, is now very few independent family watch business. Over the years it has been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches, the company is most proud of a feature is 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watch. All along, the plum table adhere to the “quality first” attitude, focus on the production of refined, reliable and durable mechanical watches, around the world, set a “symbol of the mechanical process”. Its company advertising slogan “mechanical art model”, clearly stressed its production of mechanical watches in the field of professional status. Plum table is stationed in China earlier Swiss brand, over the years to “precision, reliable, durable,” the stability of the quality of the consumer to win the unique www.ourlovestore.com support of the plum table, laid the grand status of plum table.
TISSOT (Tissot) products: watches, electronic equipment Tissot table (Tissot) was born in 1853 in the watch industry cradle of Switzerland. With 150 years of experience in the tradition, Tissot’s name has spread over more than 150 countries on five continents and has become one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the table altar and has repeatedly won international awards and Awards.
Plum watch and Tissot watch which is good
Plum and Tissot are both Swiss watch brands, also belong to the four types of tables. Quality and technology are not big gap! But Tissot’s reputation is higher than the plum, so Tissot is more popular in the market!

maintained a watch family of traditional business independence

What is the grade of Herb Berlin watches?
Herbelin, a watch brand from France. Its founder Michel Herbelin, a keen on the quality, excellence of the craftsmen, all in the superb craftsmanship to produce precision watches, and superior taste and taste to decorate his development of the watch. His years of painstaking research and development, making the mechanical watch at the time to perfection.
He Bo Lin table, always maintained a watch family of traditional business independence, and hand-made dedication, is unique watch industry gorgeous wonderful work. In the name of the industry’s geographical center of the Hebrin watch factory, independent control of each link in the production chain. Heberlin watch has always maintained excellent product and service quality.
What is the grade of Herb Berlin watches?
Hebring is good, but its ranking is not high Because the use of Swiss imitation Cartier love bracelet movement, ranking only than the Japanese table to the front. But the real Swiss watch there is not a small gap!
Laser watch can be launched! Laser Watch smart watch
Can you shoot a laser watch! Do you sound like a plot in a science fiction? Technology is like this, one can not become possible. And Laser Watch is such a technology product. Here we take a look at this Laser Watch laser watch it!
Laser watch can be launched! Laser Watch smart watch
LaserWatch has a metal shell and a small screen to show the time, but this is not its main function. Its body built a miniature laser launcher, can issue 1500 milliwatts of laser beam, lethality enough to pierce the balloon, cutting tape, ignite the match or even through the CD box. In fact, this player has long been exploited, has developed a laser launcher gloves, a really can launch rockets steel Man gloves.
LaserWatch obviously has some destructive power, people can not help but worry about its risk. In addition, a charge can meet about 10 minutes of laser launch, if it is rational use, perhaps a very convenient gadget. LaserWatch costs about $ 300 (about $ 1,840) and takes 40 hours, and Patrick Priebe is considering whether to find a partner to mass production.
Jia Ming watch and Song Tuo watch which is good? Ambit vs. Fenix
Chung Tuo Suunto and Jiaming Garmin with outdoor sports watch. We all know as an outdoor sports table, the first thing to look at is the quality of the watch, followed by the function of the watch. But with the top sports watch brand products Song Tuo Suunto Ambit and Jiaming Garmin Fenix that better?
Motto Ambit is one of the outdoor watch series products, belonging to the extension of wild products, the target group is mainly engaged in outdoor adventure users, including lightweight sports fitness users; and Garmin Fenix is its handheld and watch Product combination, in addition to the previously mentioned user groups, but also services in the professional mapping users.
As a functional watch, we have to test the performance of the product in addition to the performance, can not ignore the watch as a fashion accessories of this property. In terms of appearance, Garmin Fenix and Song Tuo Ambit show completely different from the two styles. If you are a visual control, then the selection of these two products should not be difficult.
These two products in general, Song Tuo years of major design and production of Replica Cartier jewelry watches, and Garmin is committed to the development of GPS navigation products. So Song Tuo watch products look more chic fashion, and Fenix in order to take into account the stability of the GPS signal to receive, the two dial material selection is different.
Using the metal material Ambit to GPS signal stability, and Forerunner series of similar product design, through the asymmetric dial design GPS antenna design outside the dial area, through the special design of the strap, can not affect the comfort of wearing, while Retains the streamlined shape, in the appearance of the part inherited the song has always been avant-garde design.
But Garmin Fenix did not like Forerunner this use “antenna external” design, but directly designed in the dial part, was semi-circular inlaid in the watch on the motherboard. Because of this, Fenix watch dial with a plastic material and not metal, reducing the metal material on the GPS signal reception interference. During the measurement process, we found that this design is indeed very effective. In the dial durability, the mysterious extension of the metal dial paint phenomenon, it is worth attention.
Ambit and Fenix in terms of the number of keys exactly the same, using five physical key design, but in the key definition is different, in some special features open, the two watches are used to redefine the key way. Overall, Garmin Fenix for the definition of relatively simple button, while borrowing the design of Forerunner, the default on the right side of the long press to start / pause, under the reset.
Two watches in the functional aspects of the hardware because the internal configuration is roughly the same, so the function should be consistent. But it is a pity that Alcatel-Lucent Ambit this watch may be in the GPS positioning related products in the lack of experience, resulting in the extension of Ambit in the GPS positioning related to the extension function to do as Garmin Fenix.
Why do you say this? First of all, some of the basic functions of these two products are roughly the same performance, GPS positioning and recording functions, barometric altitude data, electronic compass pointing data, and temperature data, and through the intervention ANT + accessories can also display the relevant external acquisition data.
And Ambit most of the features are stuck in the basic display, Fenix built a national city map as a positioning of the auxiliary judgment tool, while their own records and routes can be directly as a navigation path to find navigation. You can also, but must be saved from the site to be able to use the appropriate path.
Fenix because of the depth of the user, in the product design is also better, the recorded data can be copied directly from the watch out, or we can according to their own habits used to load gpx track files. And Song Tuo Ambit can only read the upload information through the management software, you want to save the contents of the site must be transferred to the local.
We have reason to believe that a willing to buy high-end GPS watch users, his understanding of the data and the use of the way with the ordinary users or different, although the client is very convenient to send very fool, but Fenix directly as Disk recognition is more direct.
In our comparison test 2 products, also see some of the users in the forum to reflect the problem. Which clearly pointed out that the Altuo Ambit height measurement is not accurate, and that Ambit height measurement is not corrected with the GPS positioning, resulting in a high altimeter measurement data have obvious errors.
We have field tests found that Fenix and Ambit really have a significant difference between the actual value, from the picture we can see, in the Miaofengshan Jinding charges at the door, Fenix elevation 1032 meters above sea level, and Ambit more than a hundred meters The
Then we looked at the same altitude at the same location on Google Earth, confirming that the altitude near the top of the Golden Summit charges was 1032 meters, confirming that Fenix was more accurate. Even if both have errors, or do not recognize Google Earth data, but with the Google Earth elevation Fenix significantly more reference value.
But we got the Ambit did not carry out firmware upgrades, according to users described in the firmware upgrade, the altitude error will be corrected. But we still think that this is the problem of Ambit own, if the new product users will have such a problem. As the two products are known to be able to achieve their own GPS power saving mode 50 hours of amazing numbers, while the GPS function in different environmental factors, we use the normal GPS mode to test, the endurance www.ourlovestore.com difference is very obvious , So we use the same environment to test.
As the two products are known to be able to achieve their own GPS power saving mode 50 hours of amazing numbers, while the GPS function in different environmental factors, we use the normal GPS mode to test, the endurance difference is very obvious , So we use the same environment to test.
Before we tested the same track content, using two functional modes, Fenix consumes 12% of electricity, while the Motto Ambit consumes 18%. The actual recording time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. This estimated Fenix battery life of 19.5 hours, while the Ambit was nearly 13 hours.
Through our more detailed comparison can be found after the two watches are very good high-end products. Mendo Ambit2.0 in the appearance of the design avant-garde, is a very Saoqi multi-function watch products, whether it is outdoor adventure or usually with clothing is a good choice; of course Garmin Fenix in appearance is not bad, The design orientation of the two have obvious differences, I believe that different users according to their own aesthetic can choose their favorite products. But it is worth the attention of consumers is that the beautiful metal dial because of the material relationship between the phenomenon of paint, it seems that the choice of plastic body or metal body, it is difficult to choose the problem.
In terms of function, the overall view or Garmin Fenix performance is more stable, it is not only more accurate barometric altimeter, but Garmin Fenix in the GPS positioning function on the scalability to do better, both with community clouds Service, this point of view are different, but in the GPS positioning related functions, because Garmin related products family is huge, its resources are more abundant.
Of course, we also take into account the price and related parts of the problem, you can see Garmin because the main GPS-related products, coupled with the GPS watch family is also very large, its accessories are very rich, the price of accessories than Song Tuo more kind The Product prices, whether it is the reference price or sea Amoy back to foreign products, Garmin Fenix advantage is also very obvious.
If you have to recommend to the user one of the products, we still want to be treated separately, Garmin Fenix overall more professional, for the GPS function and more stringent requirements of the user, and even Garmin handheld users, naturally should choose Garmin products; if Want to choose a very beautiful high-end watch, in fact, both are good, but the song extension of the product does look better in appearance.

Detailed 50 points to marry diamond ring how much money

Detailed 50 points to marry diamond ring how much money
Love is sweet and romantic in the world. And love flowers bear the fruit is the marriage. A romantic marriage ceremony and ultimately to marry him, and a romantic ceremony to marry, and ultimately, the diamond ring. The size of the wedding ring is divided into a lot of species, 50 points diamond ring, small and exquisite, a carat diamond ring, generous simple, ten carat diamond ring Yongrong luxurious. Different diamond ring size highlights the different charm of the diamond ring. So today we look at 50 points marry diamond ring how much money?
50 points diamond ring, moderate people

For the work of the workers who have just work, 50 points diamond ring is the most Replica Cartier jewelry appropriate choice. 30 points diamond ring, the particles are too small, not only let your love has not been fully expressed, leaving the appreciation of the diamond ring is greatly reduced. A carat diamond ring dazzling beauty, but as a salaried family of you, and why not prohibitive. Let love expression, not a price, then 50 points diamond ring is your best choice. 50 points marriage proposal, the price of 5,000 yuan to 1 million range. According to the quality of the diamond ring, brand, 50 points diamond ring prices will fluctuate up and down. Do the best, in the eyes of love is the most precious. According to your salary situation to choose a suitable for your 50 points marriage proposal ring. Give her a perfect marriage proposal!
50 points diamond ring, style changeable

The size of the 50-point diamond ring, relative to the huge carat diamond ring, and a small 30-point diamond ring, the more easy to shape. A carat diamond ring, the atmosphere is simple, but it is too straightforward. 30 points diamond ring small and fine, but he is too subtle. And 50 points diamond ring, you can multi-cut bare diamond, with exquisite ring to highlight its exquisite gorgeous, the price is generally 8000 ~ 1 million or so. Can also be a single diamonds, with a streamlined ring ring to reveal its simple and elegant, mostly to 5000 to 10,000 or so. Or has a single diamonds with a curl circle ring to show its enchanting luxury, the price of more than ten thousand yuan. In a lot of fifty diamond ring style, you will be able to pick out one of the most suitable for her that one. This one, perhaps not the biggest she ever saw, but it must be her favorite. Because the well-intentioned, best effort, in the eyes of love, that is, the daughter does not change the treasures.
50 points diamond ring, meaning far reaching

Everyone has their own love ideal. Each pair of lovers, have their own love www.ourlovestore.com memories. Just like a different wedding ring brand, has a different brand meaning and grade prices. 50 points diamond ring according to the meaning and style, also has a different price. Full of vitality and romance Levi’s diamond ring brand, a simple style of 50 points diamond ring in 15,000 or so, full of Chinese classical beauty of the old Fengxiang 50 points diamond ring, the price fluctuates in the 13,000 up and down. Different brands, with a separate brand culture and aesthetic style, naturally in the price also has a certain difference. When you see a new style of unique chic, may also be confused. Choose a suitable price, style favorite diamond ring, it will be gently into the red velvet box, in a romantic, sunny day, give your fiancee it!

50 points diamond ring about how much money, the answer to this question is not certain. But a man of his love of the heart, I hope the best to her hope, really eternal! So the purchase of the diamond ring, not the price, but focus on the mind. When you gently open the box, that a dazzling diamond ring into his fiancee’s fingers, her eyes in tears, is definitely more than diamonds eternal!
Nowadays, due to the development of the advertising industry, we have a lot of products for some of the leading brands have to understand. Television, network and other media to spread these brands have entered the homes of ordinary people. Marriage ring is a man will only buy a lifetime of a ring, is a woman will only receive a gift in his life, then, how exactly in the fish market in the market to buy their own diamond ring? Where do you buy a diamond ring?
Entity store to buy diamond ring the most assured

Today’s shopping in a variety of ways, but the store is still as popular as ever, why? Because people have a point of view, that is, seeing is believing. So, even if there is a cheaper price, there is a more concise path, people still willing to go to the physical store to see, compare comparison, and then buy, even if expensive. Buy diamond ring is also need to get started to see, the right words on the very good, or buy a big or small are not very good. So that the most assured to the store, but it is not very convenient. There is nothing wrong with it.
Online shopping is simple and convenient

With the development of online media, new shopping methods also came into being, that is online shopping. Although sometimes because of geographical problems. Online shopping goods a bit slow to, but have to say, the region is also an advantage, because the Internet you can buy Cartier love bracelet replica different regions of the brand, different goods, buy diamond ring is the case. Many foreign brands, there is no real store in the country, so you want to buy may also go abroad to buy, but in order to buy a diamond ring to go abroad, there may be inconvenient, so you can buy online, it may be said that online shopping is not Fly, it is because you are small and cheap, will not fly. If you go to the flagship store to buy, how can not fly, so online shopping is a good choice.
Check the security simple

Checked that white is the purchasing, because for some reason, they need the goods in their own areas can not buy, just in another place to sell their own acquaintances and there, so you can trust people purchasing. Sometimes this method and online shopping almost, but not the same, because you are the equivalent of people in the physical store to buy, and acquaintances to buy you, of course, there are professional purchasing, but to find a really professional purchasing, but it is A bit difficult, because now too many liars, people no longer believe that strangers. Which trustee purchasing this method is very useful, buy a ring even more on it. Because many international brands in many places there is no physical store, so some people need to purchasing.

Where do you buy a diamond ring? No matter which way you choose, for their own convenience can. Because buy diamond ring, buy is the heart. Seeking is true love, as long as the happiness comes, buy the diamond ring naturally useful, and their own way to buy diamond ring do not need to be investigated, the effect is achieved, is really good!

K gold on the characteristics of jewelry knowledge

K gold on the characteristics of jewelry knowledge
K gold in our lives are basically very common, most of the women for their jewelry are more concerned about, because you choose what kind of clothes, with what kind of jewelry show out of the gas field and job temperament will exist Difference, a lot of people with their own clothes and jewelry looks like a goddess, but some people come out like a goddess, so their own taste and their own understanding and understanding of jewelry knowledge are related.

Each person because of the growth environment and the background is not the same, so the character and personality will be different, so for the same kind of clothes and jewelry different people wear out to give people feel is not the same, each of us want to own In the clothes or their own jewelry is a pair of solo, want to match with a stunning effect on the need to know more about their own and jewelry knowledge.

Jewelry knowledge of gold and platinum is a lot of girls will use the Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry, so for a variety of K gold is the need to learn more, so whether it is not easy to purchase when the time, but also with the time will have their own advantages, K gold Are used for their own characteristics. For K gold, not only high hardness, and toughness is small, the brightness is relatively high, not easy to deformation and wear, the price is relatively low relative to platinum, many people can afford, and we should know that the gold is too soft , Some of the more complex design can not do, but relatively speaking K gold labor costs are high, but the collection value is not platinum and gold high, then because the gold recovery of gold after gold, gold content inside the general only reached 55 %, And then after the loss back and forth, but only 50%, so a lot of K gold recycling prices will be very low, but the production costs are many, many finished products are imported, in addition, due to the hardness of K gold And wear resistance are very good, so it can be better inlaid diamonds.
A lot of jewelry knowledge K gold in the process of the requirements, but even higher than the full gold, and some more complex, but to go through more than a dozen processes, such as briquetting, drawing, heat treatment, plating, etc., so therefore work fine , The appearance of fresh, smooth surface, strong sense of light inside. But relatively gold processing will be relatively simple, and K gold processing is much more difficult, often also need a lot of large machinery and precision instruments, re-processing process required by the processing staff should be very professional, so that K gold called Processing costs and management costs also increased a lot, and enough gold is generally a simple raw material, but K gold in general is the need for a variety of metal in accordance with the proportion of the proportion of the formation, to complete the formation of the desired K gold difficulty is going to be much larger, so different metals will not only different prices, other features and processes are also different, which in the purchase when there will be differences, so more knowledge of K gold jewelry is good.
Many people in the purchase of gold jewelry will always be confused when the difference between K gold and gold, especially platinum and K gold, basically the difference is small, but because of the small differences, so you need to know more about their Jewelry knowledge, only when you write this information are all clear, after the purchase or investment will be a great grasp, then the gold and gold on the difference between the gold jewelry, what are the main?
On the whole, K gold and platinum between the different knowledge of jewelry is very much, the first is the style, whether gold or platinum, many models will be limited by enough gold, not a lot, but K gold is not the same, for the The adaptability of the process is also very strong, so a lot of style, we all know that some of the platinum can do the basic style of the K gold can do, but a lot of K gold can do a lot of platinum models can not do, because K gold in strength And flexibility are better, low melting point, it is easier to shape some of the more creative style. A lot of gold and platinum style, but also the formation of jewelry wear after most of the wear and tear faster, and enough gold popular range, most of the traditional style, without too many designers. But K gold because it can wear a long time so more emphasis on its art, the design needs of professionals.

The second is the difference between the color, a little understanding of the knowledge of K gold jewelry people know that the gold because of the rich gold, not in a hurry to create a variety of different works of art, and because of the different ratio of formation is not www.ourlovestore.com The same color to meet people’s needs, but the color of gold and platinum are very simple.
The third difference is in the price, because the content of K gold is not very high, so compared with platinum, the price will appear more affordable, so relatively speaking, K gold not only in the price advantage, and K gold because of color comparison Beautiful and elegant, full of change, many fashion people are more like K gold, such jewelry in the sway of their own personality has a lot of space.

The fourth is the operation, K gold on the weight is less than platinum and gold, but the process, style and design of platinum and gold but not as K gold, and a lot of gold jewelry can bring K Feel the feeling of pleasure.

The fourth is the maintenance: Although a lot of jewelry knowledge K gold will feel more soft, but in fact are very fragile, in the maintenance process should prevent rubbing, pulling, folding caused by weaving loose, or even broken. So in normal life is also need to pay attention, especially in the bath, sleep, do housework, should remove the K gold jewelry, to avoid scratches, but also need to prevent and cosmetics, perfume, mercury, acid and other chemicals contact, Discoloration, and the best is to regularly jewelry jewelry store cleaning, keep clean.

What is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?

What is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?
As the Western gemstone jewelry culture and the integration of oriental jade culture, jade jade inlaid jade jewelry more and more, and even jade carved gourd, Guanyin, Buddha, also with 18k gold inlay. The benefits of doing so is set off the golden green jade gourd green, but also on the jade itself has also played a protective role. Currently there are many small and medium-sized small and medium-sized ornaments on the market, such as Jade security buckle, jade Replica Cartier jewelry beads, etc. are also used to do gold inlay jade, and even the national gifts are often used in the form of gold inlay jade. So, what is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?
Gold ornaments gourd pendant what meaning

The meaning of a: Jin Xiang Yu beautifully produced, both the atmosphere is elegant, is our unique technology, has a long history, in the jade culture occupies an important position. Jin Xiangyu jade is set in gold on the production of gold, jade symbolizes the purity and elegance, almost symbolizes the wealth, gold inlaid jade from the combination of the two, with “Jinyu Liangyuan” good meaning.

Meaning two: gold inlay products both to promote fashion, but also carry forward the traditional, with a happy and happy people flourishing happy meaning, his advent, so that jade with Chinese characteristics, called the Chinese symbol of special items, all of a sudden by the ” Warm “become dazzling, become the focus of world attention. People wear gold inlay jade jewelry, including the disaster avoidance, good luck, remove the disease, extend the life of the good will. In addition, the gift and wear jade to do the gold inlaid jade ornaments, but also indicates the loyalty of love.

Meaning three: gourd many children, meaning the descendants of prosperity. Ancient often “send melon beggar child” custom, that sent to the husband and wife, especially those who are eager to seek children or long time to breed, can bring good luck for them, can be more blessed, flourishing prosperity.

Meaning four: gourd is the Taoist and Buddhist holy things, it is big mouth small, can absorb the essence of all natural savings, extremely spiritual. In the tower or the temple outside the hanging hoist, can protect one side safe. In ancient times, newly married couples get together (gourd) and drink, meaning the joys and sorrows, mutual respect and mutual love, Yongjie concentric.
Wearing a gold jeweled gourd pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, to resolve the beam pressure top

The top of the beam is also one of the most common evil spirits in the room. The so-called beam is the top of the beam on the roof of the interior. It is just in the bed of the bed, sofa, card, table, desk and so on. This is not good in the feng shui, easy to make people in the subconscious feeling of oppression, sleep is not practical, easy to do nightmares. On the human mental system have some adverse effects, serious will lead to personality deviation, resulting in orphans. And the occupants have a long time to rest or work there, will cause the beam pressure top of the Board, causing physical pain. Resolve the method: in the beam or between the two beams hanging a gourd, you can solve the disadvantages of the beam pressure.

2, to resolve the bathroom turbidity

We all know that the bathroom is a place to produce turbidity, which in itself is not good, if the bathroom at home in several important positions it is even worse. The most important position of the home is the northwest, this position is the direction of the host and the cause, the bathroom in this position of course the home of the male host and the cause of the negative. Southwest is the hostess of the position, the bathroom in this position of course in the hostess’s physical health and the cause of the negative. Northeast of the home is the next two decades of Wang gas side, the main one of the family Wang gas fortune, this position of the bathroom will certainly affect the future of the fortune of the future.

3, to resolve the fleeting evil spirits

The so-called fleeting evil spirits, that is, every year on our adverse gas field. That is, three yuan nine fleeting fleeting five yellow and two black bit of these two positions. Jiugong Feixing in the five stars and two black stars and so have a great relationship with the disease, which is www.ourlovestore.com sick gas field, this year’s five yellow and two black position is in the southwest and northeast of the two positions. And the gourd is a symbol of the medical stars, is filled with panacea instruments, specifically to absorb the evil of evil gas, in the solution of the “five yellow big evil”, “two black disease character” the two fierce stars have miraculous, so it can To resolve the five yellow and two black evil spirits.

4, to resolve the owner of the body is not good

Feng shui affect the situation is a variety of people, the specific refinement to the number of so far no one can statistics out. Can not say which piece of adverse will have an impact on the owner, feng shui bad is a direct impact on the owner’s health. As we look at the feng shui to the customer, a look at where adverse to the body is not good, directly told the owner, the owner will know the body is not a good feng shui caused by the trouble. If you really can not find out which piece of feng shui is a problem, and his body is not good, you just in their own bed on both sides of the hanging of a light plant gourd can be resolved. Gourd can be sucked on the sick body of the patient, so that it quickly get better.

Why do children wear gold inlaid jade pendant?

This is blessing the children, and some small Buddha, small Guanyin, meaning can bless the child safe and healthy grow up. And Jin Xiang Yu this product is also more expensive, I hope the baby can be longevity, good luck often accompanied! Bi star jewelry zodiac baby lock, is the meaning of the baby’s mascot to a safe and healthy! And the general gold inlaid jade pendants are baby lock, peace lock, cute little zodiac these are to design, are able to bless the children in peace, healthy growth.

Gem ring what brand is good

Gem ring what brand is good
Gem ring what brand is good, in fact, the brand is a good style, is the process, just that the quality of precious stones, because it is natural gem, every quality is not the same, which specific to talk about the precious stones such as precious precious stones , Have to require a certificate issued by the business to illustrate the quality of this ruby ruby color is the biggest feature in different light sources will be under great changes. In the light will show a bright color, so that the actual pink, dark red ruby, showing rose red, rich red. So when you buy, you must also put the ruby away from the light of the natural light under observation, then the color is more realistic, but Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look.
Gem ring that brand is good, Zuo Kay as the establishment of the 2004 China Internet Diamond brand, Zuo Kayi has always been committed to lead the new diamond consumption trend of a variety of online sales business platform support, improve the organization system checks, professional sales And management team effort.
Platinum diamond ring what brand is good, the general wedding are custom is better, the diamond ring is generally 20 days up and down, diamonds and ring can pick their own. To send the wedding ring is the most important thing, I heard a brand called Darry Ring, a man with a single ID card can only be customized one, meaning the only true love of life. This ring makes me believe that there is a love of wood. Okay, I’m running. I think the general platinum diamond ring generally buy about 50 points on the six claws on the very good so small here in the recommended Zoacai to see you.
What brand is good for the ring, for those who want to buy a marriage or marry a diamond ring must do a good job before the purchase plan. It is recommended before the purchase should learn about diamond ring knowledge and understanding of the diamond ring industry; do a Replica Cartier jewelry reasonable budget budget to see how much to prepare to buy drilling and so on. There are many brands of diamond ring, brand and brand differences are relatively large, but the diamond is naturally formed, so the brand is not related.

Now look at the diamond ring are more emphasis on meaning and meaning, so this is also very important. Like the meaning of good diamond ring brand real name system made of Zuo Kayi diamond ring, meaning “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I go hand in hand,” holding this real name made custom diamond ring to their loved ones is the most Appropriate but it!
If you are young couples, it is best to send platinum rings a little better, because the general wearing a gold ring more elderly people, platinum, gold ring, and so on. The ring is more suitable for young people, but the price is different, but Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look at the price inside them.
Couples sterling silver ring what brand is good, silver is generally 925 silver, the price is not expensive chain between 29-59 in general, brand silver as appropriate doubled 2-4 times (for example, love and the holy silver era is very general price is very Reasonable), the price difference between the big fight fish inside the necklace is love to read the family of love fish series hanging.

It is said that the beginning of the design is the holy silver, imitation of the brand now as long as JAP, WACCA, TJK (Japan’s three silver brand) a new one will immediately imitate and the price is very low and Xiaobian recommend you to Zuoka Look at it.
Couples rings are good, couple rings have a lot of brands are good Oh, like Zoacai, Chow Sang Sang, Cartier, Darry Ring these, there are many good couple rings can buy, they are in quality and quality are cross, all can There is a guarantee, but it is recommended to look at Zoacai its after-sales service is very good.
Couple ring that brand is good, Zoca, famous jewelry brand. Focus on diamond jewelry and custom jewelry brands. To provide you with professional advice and sales services, including diamonds, diamond ring, ring, wedding ring, bare diamond, Cai Bao and other jewelry, and personalized custom.
Fashion ring what brand is good, and now there are many brands of fashion rings, and to buy a fashion wedding ring, then there are many places you can buy, but to say which brand is better it is difficult to say clearly, after all, everyone like the brand Are not like the same brand will not you like it.

So you want to buy a fashion wedding ring or according to personal budget to their favorite jewelry store selection custom bar. Then Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look.
Gold ring what brand is good, the brand is very important drop Zhou Shengsheng, Lao Fengxiang is a golden brand to know the first two days to see China Gold, Chow Tai Fook gold is not up to the standard, mad – Bought it! 1000 the following, only recommended a week full of gold heart to heart ring 1.94 grams, the price is more than 800, 900 or so, style Ye Hao. The rest of the small series in the recommendation of a Zoacai for everyone to know the understanding can go and see look.

Online buy gold ring, then it is recommended to buy high credibility, high recognition of the brand, such as Zoca, Cartier, Bulgari, Darry Ring … … and Cartier, Bulgari is a foreign brand, the price will be relatively high. Moreover, buy a ring and is not the more expensive the better, and focus on the meaning of the www.ourlovestore.com ring.
The couple to buy a couple of jewelry stores can buy, but in the end what brand is good, it is difficult to say clearly, after all, everyone like the brand is not the same, so the If you want to buy a couple ring, then according to the budget to their favorite jewelry store selection custom bar.

In fact, the couple to buy what brand is not the most important, the most important thing is the meaning of the ring, Xiao Bian recommend you to Zuo Kayi, Chow Tai Fook, Lao Fengxiang and so on these well-known brand stores to see.
Election silver ring, then it is best to choose a well-known brand, and can not always think of cheap and then casually to buy a no-name, this is a commemorative value! Xiao Bian here recommended Zuo Kayi, Cartier Cartier, Chow Tai Fook , Tiffany (Tiffany & Co), Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, these brands are good ring these are all good!
Silver ring what brand is good, choose the silver ring, then it is best to use a well-known brand, and can not always think of cheap and then casually to buy a no-name, this is a commemorative value! Xiao Bian here recommended Zuoka Iraq, Cartier, Chow Tai Fook, Tiffany & Tiffany & Co, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, these brands are good ring these are all good! Specifically you can go to Zoacai brand online to see the latest ring brand ranking.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money. Zoca for your detailed answer Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money related content, to help you quickly understand the Van Cleef & Arpels Clover necklace how much money related information. More Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace How much money is done at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money, very good to see a better pull, but really expensive Clover necklace in the store to buy, the price is also the difference.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels carefully selected the gemstone set off with a touch of full of Chinese plot of the dazzling red, to create a series of limited to the mainland of China for sale on the sale of the Chinese mainland. China limited edition jewelry collection price is cheap and expensive.
Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf style necklace how much money, Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf style necklace its style necklace to attract a lot of customers and the price a little expensive, then Xiaobian introduced several look:

Clover necklace sterling silver chain clavicle chain Korean simple accessories female fashion jewelry 925 silver crystal white chain ¥ 139.00

Heart shaped crystal pendant girls silver clavicle chain short paragraph accessories fashion jewelry 1068 fashion necklace ¥ 158.00

Silver Platinum Men’s Necklace Men’s Silver Jewelry Jewelry Gifts Men’s Gifts ZH102 About 2mm Bonus Chain Weight Approximately 8g ¥ 109.00
Van Cleef & Arpica Clover Ring price, ring ring is not full of 18K gold, there is a groove, but no hollow, from the back is not see the surface of the agate .2 ring inside engraved with text, quit Outside the circle also has a small diamond-shaped steel seal is now the ring high imitation has been done can be true, and if you do not take the original put more details are difficult to see. Or to the mall to the insurance.
In addition, the code of the certificate and the ring code must be consistent, and in the store can find out the code and purchase information, no matter where you buy a general Clover price is not very high, there will be a bit drilled price Higher, but personally feel that there is no need to go to the counter to buy such expensive jewelry, as long as the material is the same process is really no longer buy counter can also be more attractive price.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Ring official price, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Ring In the world of jewelry, you can not indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels, it represents definitely not the general sense of the jewels, but the lofty French temperament. It is a mixture of love and dreams, is a self-evident symbol then its price is cheap and expensive, then Xiaobian here briefly introduced several:

Van Cleef & Arpels (FEERIE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS) ALHAMBRA series of classic flowers rose gold Fritillaria Clover pendant VCARF69100 ¥ 10500.00

Van Cleef & Arpels (FEERIE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS) ALHAMBRA series of classic large single flower gold red chalcedony four clover pendant VCARD38500 ¥ 18800.00

What is the diamond ringing material?

What is the diamond ringing material?
We know the price of diamond ring often referred to the ring material, then the diamond ring material which is good? What is the diamond ringing material? Here to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of different diamond ringing material, we can refer to!
What is the material of the diamond ring?
At present, there are 18K gold, pt950, followed by gold ringing. In recent years, very popular 18K and pt950, with its high hardness and easy to match the diamond, jewelry, precious stones to win. Scrub and semi-matte design is more taste, by the young people welcome. Between the two .18K gold for mosaic or more mainstream choice.

Diamond ring what material is good – platinum ring
Platinum as a more expensive than the gold ring material meteoric rise, the market generally by three: PT990 (99% gold) PT950 (gold content 95%) PT900 (gold content 90%). Platinum diamond ring gives new people holy and beautiful meaning, many people want to choose Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica platinum to interpret the “love than Jin Jian”, and platinum hardness is higher than gold, diamonds set in the above is not easy to fall.

Diamond ring what material is good – 18K gold
As the hardness of 18K is much better than platinum, so the embedded more stable. 18K is 75% gold and 25% other precious metals, hardness is hard, PT diamond in general with 950 and 900,950 has reached the diamond standard, purity is also high, sought after by the domestic people, the price is higher than the 18K some.

Diamond ring what material is good – ring platinum is good or 18K gold good
In general, the material is mainly platinum and 18K gold two, 18K is AU750, which is 75% of the gold and 25% of other precious metals, and PT950 is platinum gold content is 95%, the latter due to purity High, so it is softer. But 18K gold easy to fade, pt950 stability is 18K gold is never more than the same time, pt950 hardness is quite high.Not too complex or large particles of diamonds, hardness is not 18K gold. Platinum is relatively expensive, so the Most people will choose 18K gold as a diamond inlaid material
In today’s wedding ceremony, new people have to exchange diamond wedding ring, but many people do not understand why marriage wear a diamond ring? In fact, it is because the diamond in the minds of people have a good meaning, the diamond is pure love on behalf of the diamond pure and transparent and lasting, and diamond ring is like a lover eyes bright eyes of you, said the eternal pursuit of love and loyalty. But many people on the wedding ring in the meaning of diamonds do not understand, so today Zuo Kay Xiaobian to introduce the meaning and significance of diamond ring.
What is the meaning of the diamond ring style

Meaning one, Zoukai, the famous jewelry brand. The name of Zoakai from Belgium famous jewelery design master Dirks ZOCAI, incorporated in 2004, specializing in diamonds, jewelry e-commerce business. Zuoqi Yi set of diamond wholesalers, jewelry processors, jewelry design room, jewelry retailers in four, the entire diamond, jewelry industry chain depth penetration, to maximize the maximization of the interests of customers. Zuo Kayi can provide customers with absolute value for money diamonds, on the other hand, Zuo Ka Yi can provide customers with many rare high-quality collection.

You can gain a lot, wisdom, wealth, love ~ wisdom and wealth so that our people become broad and true love is the life of life, love is the life of life, In the most shining crown, so that our heart, fearless, no panic, full of happiness and pleasure.

Meaning two, a touch of robin blue is still female heart color. Tiffany to provide quality services to customers, but also with a simple and natural design style, heritage of many classic legendary works. Among them, Tiffany’s yellow diamond series elegant, is also a symbol of Tiffany diamond craftsmanship. For many romantic people, Tiffany’s marriage proposal is always filled with endless beauty, they are a glory, it is a work of art.

Meaning three, Cartier originated in France, has a strong aristocratic romantic atmosphere. To the concept of continuous innovation and talent design, writing the romantic history of the world jewelry, by a lot of royal aristocratic respected and loved. Among them, Cartier TRINITY RUBAN series is its classic masterpiece, three rings intertwined in harmony, respectively, on behalf of love, friendship, affection. Become the eternal jewelry series. Uncompromising attention to the work, so many couples intoxicated.

Meaning four, Bulgari for the Italian brand, has been 130 years of history, but also many lovers www.ourlovestore.com must marry the diamond ring brand. Bulgari’s symbol for the snake, with a wise, wild, personality symbol. Snake’s beauty and ductility, in the eyes of designers, is simply the best stage to show the beauty of jewelry. Also this, Bulgari designer many works are snakes as elements, with different characteristics of women to start, respect for personality, to retain the personality of the unique shop, giving a refreshing, but also a unique personality romantic style.

Meaning five, Van Cleef & Arpels from VanCleef and Arpels sincere and moving love story. Two family romantic combination, but also the achievements of a legendary story. Van Cleef & Arpels adhere to the selection of top gemstones, inherited proud of the world of craft, originality of the concept of design. Among them, Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, flowers or butterfly brooch, marry ring and other jewelry, the use of a variety of diamonds and precious stones inlay, especially its high-level custom jewelry series, noble and gorgeous, reflecting the Van Cleef & Arpels designer The extraordinary creativity.
Wear diamond ring style on behalf of the meaning

1. diamond ring on the shape of the diamond will also represent the different character, often wearing a round diamond ring lady ladies, wearing a pear-shaped diamond ring lady lively and cheerful, wearing a square diamond ring prudent princess, wearing a peach heart diamond ring Rich, like the romantic … we can according to a woman’s favorite and wear the diamond ring to guess her inner world.

2. Wear a diamond ring, not just new people will wear in the hands of simple ornaments, it is a new love and marriage symbol and future life bit by bit witness. Zuoqi Yi jewelry welcome new people to buy their own unique wedding ring, Zuo Kay Xiaobian blessing all the lovers: white together with a total of flowers and flowers, the case of Qi Mei Qi Yun Yun Yun Shu.

3. Round diamond ring is the most popular wedding ring a style, it is also known as the bright cut, because this cutting method can make diamonds reflect more light, fully demonstrated the glamor of the charm of diamonds. Representative meaning: round diamond ring symbolizes the family has a strong sense of responsibility, is to pay attention to the feelings of people who rely on, suitable for good, easy-going bride wear.

4. Square cut was rectangular ladder, facade than other shapes less. If the bride wants to buy a square diamond ring for the wedding, then be sure to look for the most brilliant that one Representative meaning: square diamond ring simple and stable appearance represents a simple and generous temperament, this diamond ring suitable for open-minded and stable men wear, and women wear more able to highlight the self-confidence, capable temperament.

5. Heart-shaped is the representative of love, so choose a diamond ring, can reflect the strong love between new people. And heart-shaped cutting can show the light of the diamond just right, it seems both sexy and dream. Representative meaning: heart-shaped cutting is the most romantic of all diamonds in a kind, suitable for imaginative, believe intuition, advocating romantic bride wear.

6. Pear-shaped cut diamond ring, both to retain the diamond gorgeous gorgeous, while in the form of design and even more unique. Its shape is like a drop of crystal water droplets like a compassionate, worn in the fingers to make your fingers look more slender. Representative meaning: pear-shaped diamond ring on behalf of a kind of longing for a comfortable and natural way of life, more suitable for elegant and calm personality of the bride to wear.