Watch House today for everyone to recommend three pure and elegant watches

Pedigree this matter, the more obvious in the traditional industries more and more obvious, in the watch industry is even more sensitive to descent, and some exaggerated brand is through the fabrication of history, looking forward to gain attention, for such a watch really Is not the slightest favor, such as watches and clocks, the traditional and conservative industries, pay attention to the descent of the European aristocracy. Watch House today for everyone to recommend imitation Cartier love bracelet three pure and elegant watches.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Series 81180 / 000R-9159 watch

Watch Comments: In 1755, Vacheron Constantin founder founded the studio, in 1819 established the prestigious Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. Today, we introduced this Vacheron Constantin watch series, with 40 mm diameter design, case made of 18K rose gold case, with a silver-white disk design, elegant and stylish, the watch is equipped with Cal.1400 manual winding Movement, full chain can provide 40 hours of power reserve.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 Series 5177BA / 29 / 9V6 watch

Watch Comments: Breguet has been the most important synonym for Swiss watch over the years, the brand history dates back to 1775. Created by Mr. A.-L. Breguet, Mr. Abreu has created countless great inventions throughout his life, with a profound impact on the watch industry. Inherited creativity and cleverness more timeless, today for everyone to introduce this classic Breguet watch, watch with 18K yellow gold case to create, silver-white disk design, with a brown crocodile leather strap, wrist The table is equipped with Breguet self-produced cal.777Q self-winding movement, frequency 28,800 times per hour, accurate and durable.

Lange 1815 Series 233.026 watch

Watch Comments: Langge can be said that the best embodiment of the German watch, with the pure descent of the German lineage. Today recommended this watch, white blue needle classic small three-pin design, platinum case with black crocodile leather strap is the first impression of this watch is the classic Replica Cartier jewelry low-key, only 8.9 mm thin case But can provide 55 hours of power reserve, have to say Cal.L051.1 is a strong performance of the movement, but this movement is only 30 meters waterproof have to say a little bit regrettable.

Summary: To be unique in the world of advanced watchmaking, creativity must be demonstrated. Those hundred-year-old top wrist watches, there are always a variety of distinguished celebrities as fans. This also became the pure source of watch pedigree.

Handsome 007 in each mission, in addition to awesome smile, vigorous skill, wise judgment, there is an important basic equipment, that is the Omega Seamaster watches. Professional diving table allows James Bond even in the water can accurately grasp the time, 007 in the movie over the years, James Bond are wearing the Omega Seamaster series, combines the power and elegance of the hippocampus series is 007 Perfect choice. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a series of hippocampus watch, Omega hornet!

“Poison” collar Tasting Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 meters watch

Omega since 1848, was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man, has been trying to adhere to the constant pursuit of the art of timepieces, the new Hippocampus Aqua Terra series is superior, not only the vertical texture design elements show a unique “teak concept” dial , Is reminiscent of the sumptuous texture of the yacht deck and has the advantages of a coaxial escapement and a cardless hairspring balance.

Stainless steel case

This watch is made of stainless steel, the table diameter size is 41.5 mm. Dial with a distinctive “teak concept” vertical texture, with Omega Aqua Terra series iconic. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal for this “poisonous” special dial to provide comprehensive protection. The back is also anti-wear sapphire crystal case back, the watch equipped with anti-magnetic Omega 8508 coaxial movement to the dew.

Screw-in gear crown

Screw-in gear crown to create steel, carved floating Omega brand Logo. Water resistance is 150 meters, higher than the daily life waterproof.

Three sections of the steel strap

Three sections of the steel strap is more suitable for the summer with a stainless steel folding clasp, buckle matte treatment, engraved Omega brand Logo.

Case side of the matte process

Case side of the matte technology, bezel polished smooth, natural arc.

“Poison” collar Tasting Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 meters watch

Lugs to connect the strap to matte, polished double decoration process to create moderate curvature, so that the body does not seem bulky.

The first complete anti-magnetic watch

Dial “yellow”> 15’000 GAUSS “on behalf of the 15,000 Gauss watch, highlighting this section watch amazing super anti-magnetic performance This is the world’s first completely anti-magnetic watch. 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, black and yellow bee tail seconds and the yellow circle on the perfect contrast. The back of the watch engraved 150M / 500ft words, in the high anti-magnetic function, taking into account the good waterproof function.

Bee tail pointer

The most unique is the Omega Hornet’s unique “bee tail pointer”, it looks “toxic” sex full, watch with a slightly yellow black lacquer dial and minute circle, “poisonous” leading the way.

Omega 8508 coaxial movement

Omega 8508 equipped with self-winding anti-magnetic coaxial movement escapement movement, to ensure a stable and lasting precision travel time. No card-degree balance wheel hairspring, two successive arrangement of the barrel, two-way automatic winding, reducing the winding time. Screws, barrel and balance wheel are blacked, put Tuo engraved red lacquer “> 15000 GAUSS” words. At the same time with 60 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The Hippocampus Aqua Terra series looks like a yacht-like elegance, laid-back atmosphere, while the inner is taking into account the activities required waterproof, shockproof solid features. And this watch, it is both internally and externally, not only with 15000 Gauss high magnetic, 150 meters waterproof and Omega 8500 Series movement also has a unique bee tail styling pointer, is the best choice for love table.

there are sunny rounds the watch will be the moon phase as the wrist

Beautiful moon people yearn for, the legendary “Chang’e to the moon” to “thousands of miles of a total of Juan” masterpiece, through the ages, people never cut off the pursuit of the moon. The moon makes people fascinated, and there is a watch to bring this fascinating side, that is, moon phase watch. Moon phase, the beautiful moon into the decoration of the wrist, to give people a beautiful and elegant watch. In the watch the earliest use of the moon phase is the function of more than 200 years of Breguet, and Breguet has a lot of classic moon phase watch money. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three Breguet moon phase imitation Cartier love bracelet watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 7137 Series 7137BB / 11 / 9V6 watch

This watch case diameter 39 mm, the thickness of 8.65 mm, built in 18k white gold, equipped with internal power reserve 45 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Round white dial on the use of Breguet traditional carving decoration, the use of Roman numerals time scale, but the location of the moon phase display, six o’clock position date display, ten o’clock position with power reserve display. Watch covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the table, with black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Breguet REINE DE NAPLES 8908 Series 8908BB / 52/864 D00D watch

This watch is equipped with Cal.537DRL1 automatic mechanical movement, the number of stones 22. watch table diameter 36.5 mm, 18k white gold diamond-studded oval dial mounted anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table, strap for the silk band. Clasp for needle buckle design, can adjust the size of their own. Watch for the tight design, waterproof depth of 30 meters. Watch also has a moon phase display and power reserve display.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 7787 Series 7787BR / 29 / 9V6 watch

This watch is equipped with internal models Cal.591DRL automatic mechanical Replica Cartier jewelry movement, the number of gems 25. 18k rose gold round case diameter of 39 mm, the device anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch with dark brown crocodile leather strap, noble and elegant. This watch has a moon phase display and power reserve display function, while this table for the back through the design, the use of sapphire glass bottom, water depth of 30 meters.

Summary: there are sunny rounds, the watch will be the moon phase as the wrist. Moon phase for the watch to fill a charm, watch for the owner by an elegant. This watch is the moon watch the watch among the popular watches, although each has a different characteristics, but have an elegant and charming qualities. This watch is a good selection of the wrist wrist.

Watch is a measure of time tools, the rotation of the pointer is the flow of time, a minute of beating like a long walk in the river, elegant and moving. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three Montblanc Time Walker series watch, together to enjoy their stroll time of the United States.

Montblanc Time Walker Series U0101551 watch

This design is simple, clear inside the watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement, power reserve about 42 hours. Watch steel case size is 41-43 mm, thickness 11.6 mm. Round black dial with rose gold on the Arabic numerals and scale, six o’clock position with date display, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Wrist watch black crocodile leather strap and needle clasp, water depth of 30 meters.

Montblanc Time Walker Series U0109135 watch

This black and white match, dignified and elegant watch inside equipped with power reserve about 42 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Watch case size is 41-43 mm, the thickness of 11 mm, black dial with rhodium-plated pointer and digital scale, the inner ring 12-hour scale to indicate the local time, the outer ring 24-hour scale indicates the second time zone and day and night instructions, Six o’clock position with date display, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Wrist watch chain steel strap and folding clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Montblanc Time Walker Series U0110465 watch

This tough atmosphere of the watch with stainless steel case case, table diameter 42 mm, thickness 11.2 mm, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, the number of gem 21, power reserve 42 hours. Black dial with rose gold pointer and digital scale, six o’clock position with the second time zone hours and minutes, 12 o’clock position with date display. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the use of black calfskin strap and pin clasp, water depth of 30 meters.

Summary: simple and smooth lines of the table body, full of dynamic and masculine temperament, large case and large scale, simple design is not a virtual ornament of the Montblanc Time Walker series watch, like a time in the Edifier. This three watch low profile revealed in the luxury, elegant and the atmosphere, is a good choice to wear.

Casio also published a related video to deepen everyone’s understanding of this watch

Swiss watchmaker celebrates the opening of the new boutique in Budapest in Hungary, the brand CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and regional director Marco Tedeschi attended the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, more than 200 Yu-ship collectors, VIP guests and media partners invited to visit New store, enjoy the selection time.
The new boutique in Budapest is located in the Hungarian “Champs Elysees” – 16 famous and elegant Andrássy Street. Store decoration luxury, different materials, fiber fabrics and lines clever role, so that history and the future, tradition and innovation meet here, show the brand Cartier love bracelet replica cherished the “fusion of art.” Boutiques are full of Yu-ship brand characteristics, warm welcome local and global customers to visit, will be able to make it feel the warmth of home away from home.
Ricardo Guadalupe said: “The opening of boutiques in Budapest to meet the needs of local customers has always been our eagerly awaited.” Hungarian history and culture and Yu-ship table of modern ideas blend, brand ‘fusion of art’ values in this resonance.”
Marco Tedeschi added: “We are very proud to open a new boutique, to further expand the brand market and retail network.We sincerely invite the Hungarian watch enthusiasts to visit the new boutique, to explore the world’s watch world, enjoy the selection of sales time ”
In 13 years the British designer Lou Dalton and Casio to Casio’s flight time chart GW-A1100 designed for the design of the Casio G-SHOCK GW-A1100 watch, black watch body deep and elegant, atmospheric and very dynamic.
For this watch, Casio also published a related video to deepen everyone’s understanding of this watch. This video is invited to Lou Dalton and GW-A1100 designer Nathan Jones personally explain the theme of cooperation design concept, how to inspire Lou Dalton to create her this spring and summer 2014 series of topics.
The GW-A1100 is also equipped with the TRIPLE-G RESIST unit to withstand the effects of impact, centrifugal and vibration, and is equipped with a 20-pressure waterproof function to further ensure that the watch is still operating in any extreme environment normal. In addition, GW-A1100 uses a solar charging system, the power reserve is sufficient for continuous use for 29 months.
Summary: cool design and super features installed, so that this watch inside and outside the repair, is a well-deserved high-performance watch, worn in the wrist elegant atmosphere, dynamic full.
The use of new printing technology will be full of romantic atmosphere of the “flower leopard” totem spread to the strap and the case, colorful flowers leopard pattern totem with shades of light from the combination of parts of the 3D three-dimensional dial, to create a girl’s unique fresh garden The Table selection of G-SHOCK hot-selling table GA-110 narrowed from the BA-110,55mm large diameter narrow to fit the girls wearing 46mm, a total of dream green, romantic Cartier love ring replica white and personality gray three options, and with resistance Impact structure, waterproof 100 meters, anti-magnetic, 1/100 yards table, countdown, world time, daily alarm … and many other features.
BABY-G in the girl’s wrist to create a dedicated fresh garden, launched BA-110FL Flower Leopard flower Leopard series, the use of comprehensive printing technology, so playful and romantic atmosphere of flowers Leopard elements spread to the details of the table section, with the By the combination of dark and light parts of the 3D dial, more three-dimensional level!
Casio G-SHOCK series, SHOCK is the blow to the meaning of the impact in medicine is shock in front of G on behalf of gravity gravity. As the trend of the powerful representative of the G-SHOCK continues to play cool image, the use of non-faded popular jungle camouflage pattern, launched GD-X6900MC Camouflage camouflage series, in addition to the surface, case and strap showing a perfect rich camouflage totem, Is extended to the dial, the ultimate show camouflage deep color blocks stacked out of the rich level.
53.9mm large diameter combination of jungle camouflage style, using the original comprehensive printing technology, surface, case and strap details of the rich camouflage level, the overall sense of full. The whole series of handsome black, earth brown, military green, reckless white four-color choice. Watches through the 12 military regulations test, with impact-resistant structure, waterproof 200 meters, 10 years of electricity, bright LED automatic backlighting, code table, countdown … and many other features.

This four by the camouflage into the watch, giving the watch a strong military style, very beautiful. Watch sports style full, both military style, very suitable for people who love sports and military.
Hong Kong Shibao Bao Group’s watch brand King table, the use of crown shape as a brand logo, after 20 years of development, has become the field of watches in the most well-known watch one of the brands. Today for everyone to introduce is the king Yashi series GS3674TP / 3D-A watch.
The watch case to stainless steel to create, bezel electric rose gold, equipped with invisible buttons to the bottom of the screw lock, water depth of 30 meters.

Dial white, the central side of the beautiful pattern decoration, with the Roman numerals Cartier nail bracelet replica and blue pointer, elegant and generous.

Equipped with precision quartz movement, with calendar (3 o’clock position), hour and minute seconds, 24 hours (6 o’clock position), and month (12 o’clock position) display function.
The watch has a brown leather strap, and with double open stainless steel buckle, stainless steel buckle Eagle mark electric rose gold.

Summary: Yashi who know the book ceremony, high literacy, and has its unique demeanor: courteous, treat people humble, dressed properly, elegant conversation, insightful. Yashi series masculine atmosphere in the style of graceful show elegant elegant gentry charm, in the classical flavor and blend of modern dynamic, with a unique elegance, wrote for the new era of Yashi perfect praise, no negative “Yashi” The name.

Sports watch is a small branch of the watch family

Sports watch is a small branch of the watch family. This watch relative to the general watch, with more powerful features and more solid quality. For some people engaged in outdoor activities or young people, sports watches as if they have a natural attraction. The following watch home to bring you the top ten sports watch brand.
Rolex Deepsea (King of Ghosts)
Rolex Deepsea is the ultimate Oyster watch, stand the test challenge. Its 44mm Oyster Case comes with a patented Ringlock system that produces a durable, rugged, and affordable watch. Is a true professional marine divers support options.
Omega hippocampus ocean universe
Ocean universe is also a diving watch, from the Omega hippocampus Cartier love bracelet replica series. May have seen the submarine and fifty years later, do not think what is special about the ocean universe. But in fact, in the domestic market, the ocean universe has played a universal role in the role of diving table.
Rolex Passer (Water Ghost)
From the perspective of the mechanical watch, Rolex, who is commonly known as the water ghost is one of the most respected people. Because of its long history and classic shape to win people’s favorite. Rolex pioneers launched in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet) watch. Brand patented three buckle lock on the crown, so that its water depth further increased to 300 meters (1,000 feet). Exposure to the ocean, it is an indispensable tool for divers; living on land, it is widely supported and show elegant style sports watch. Rolex’s dive outer ring, Mercedes-Benz pointer and magnifying glass blisters make it a classic.
Blancpain fifty
The Blancpain Fifty is a dive watch with the Rolex Diver, and is earlier than the Rolex Submariner. Both in the style design is also relatively similar. The difference is that the wearer’s imitator is much higher than fifty, which also makes the fifty become a very rare, unique style of the diving watch.
New World 2014 new ocean
The ocean series of the world is also a classic in the diving table, since its introduction in 1967, repeated success. Equipped with innovative design of the rotating inner ring. More in 1982 launched to reach 200 bar water depth of the series of marine watch, launched in 1999 to test the water depth of the GST Deep One. In 2014, the company has launched a new ocean with both internal and external whirlpools.
Omega hippocampus AT high anti-magnetic
Also from the Omega hippocampus> 15000 Gaussian magnetic watch, is one of the most Fake Cartier love bracelet watched watches in 2013. This table is the challenge of other brands can not match the anti-magnetic height, the value of more than 15000 gauss. Prior to this, the classic Rolex Milgauss only had 1000 gauss.
Audemars Piguet oaks offshore type
If the Audemars Piguet oak just looking strong, that royal oak offshore type is the real sports watch. Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore Series is a branch of the Royal Oak Series, a classic luxury sports watch a bold breakthrough.
Longines Comcast
Longines Kang Kasi is the mid-range watches in the field of the most popular sports style watches, but also Longines movement elegant essence of the embodiment. Unique beauty of the bezel, convex crown and chain are ceramic material, exquisite and unique. Kang Kasi series made of stainless steel and ceramics together, the perfect embodiment of the powerful features and elegant temperament of the incomparable integration of its superb technical characteristics, but also to meet the needs of discerning sports people.
Snow tina turtle
Snow iron waterproof table is particularly famous, especially in just entering China, the status Cartier love ring replica of its diving table no less than Omega. And its table back on the unique “turtle” pattern, was also deeply remembered, and there is a slightly funny nickname – “little turtle”.
Whatever the reason, Casio G-SHOCK will be the most classic sports style watch. Although the quartz watch, but it is the most focus on sports watch series. Whether you go up the mountain, sea, or extreme sports, Casio G-SHOCK can meet all your needs. This is a sports series with the characteristics.

From the United States if the clouds of Japan cherry cherry season to draw inspiration

Winston launches Ms. Pre-Basel – Fifth Avenue Avenue ™ Classic Series Cherry Blossom Watch
Harry Winston Haisi Winston presents the elegant and charming Avenue Avenue series Cherry Blossom watch, the cherry blossoms of the glory of the United States condensate on the dial above. This watch for the new diamond and pink corundum reproduction Cartier love bracelet replica  of the brilliant scenery, praise the beautiful gift of nature, and its into eternal, fixed in the profile of the simple case, and Hai Rui Winston New York Fifth Avenue flagship store construction line echoes.

From the United States if the clouds of Japan cherry cherry season to draw inspiration

Harry Winston Wales Winston Day Avenue Avenue Classic Series Cherry Blossom watch

Founder of the legendary brand – New York jeweler Mr. Harry Winston (Mr. Harry Winston) on the nature of the observation of nuanced, often flowing, natural natural charm into its high-level jewelry works. Marie Winston’s designers followed the idea of the founder of the brand, once again from the charming natural scenery to draw inspiration to a year and season full of cherry tree in full bloom as the theme, clever design Fifth Avenue Avenue Classic Series Cherry Blossom Fake Cartier love bracelet watch, timeless cut cherry blossom in full bloom.
In Japan, cherry blossoms are the cultural events of the country, so there is a “hanami” custom that holds a feast under the cherry tree. In the Japanese traditional culture and philosophy, or pink or white cherry blossoms symbolize the spring of the earth, all things recovery and positive and optimistic attitude. Beautiful Ruoyun shiny cherry blossoms, fleeting petals also make people feel the life of the short and precious.
Spend the moment, Fanghua eternal

Fifth Avenue Avenue Classic series Cherry Blossom watch with delicate artistic touch and talent, to reproduce the cherry blossom in full bloom, feast for the eyes of the beautiful scenery. Dial to light blue and green mother of pearl to build, by its natural iridescent luster, showing the spring with the wind flowing clouds. 39 round brilliant cut diamonds and 29 round brilliant cut corduroy carefully scattered on the dial, a symbol of cherry and petals: some flowers in the plum blossom material on the blooming, while others are the wind falling The These gems are carefully cut into the size of the size of the patchwork to create a picture of the deep sense and sense of sensitivity, so that cherry beauty in full bloom.
Careful design aesthetics

Mario Winston Fifth Avenue Avenue watch series from the brand’s long history of New York Fifth Cartier love ring replica Avenue flagship store to draw design inspiration, can be described as the extraordinary carrier of such extraordinary artistic creativity. 18K white gold case elegant style and Fifth Avenue flagship store solemn stone arch echoes, the case 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position exquisite arc outline to reproduce the classic three arches modeling. Case inlaid with 29 round brilliant cut diamonds, showing the works of the Swiss Rui Wenston highlights the essence of the edge of the diamond, the iconic brand logo also vividly on the dial above. The 12 o’clock position is set with an emerald-type “HW” nameplate inspired by Mr. Hermione Winston’s favorite emerald cut. This section exquisite watch with a new color contrast with the color of the blue and green crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold material clasp is inlaid 6 round bright cut diamond.

What is the meaning of the ring pattern?

What is the meaning of the ring pattern?
China as the oldest cultural country, 56 ethnic groups have their own cultural customs. For our fashion jewelry often concerned, it itself has its own traditional habits and the so-called norms. For example, family members often say that the marriage of the ring to bring in the ring finger, not married can not band and so on. With the development of the times, the changes in the fashion world, making every period of the pattern on the ring will be consistent with this era of aesthetic concepts and aesthetic taste. So, what is the meaning of the ring pattern?
Wearing a ring pattern on behalf of the meaning

According to the ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring in this means to help you reach your wish, towards the road to success. To overcome difficulties, you can put your ring on your thumb. In the movie, we often see the bigwigs on the thumb will wear Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica a ring, in fact, this is not their patent, any pursuit of personality expression can be so wear. Is said to give people inspiration and wit.

According to the ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring in this means to help you reach your wish, towards the road to success. To overcome difficulties, you can put your ring on your thumb. In the movie, we often see the bigwigs on the thumb will wear a ring, in fact, this is not their patent, any pursuit of personality expression can be so wear.

At first, the ring is to express a love of jewelry, and gradually, began to appear all kinds of ring full of rings, people wear a ring is not just to show whether they have married or Engagement, but for fashion. Wedding rings to wear in the left hand ring finger, few people will wear the ring on the thumb, because the thumb on the ring is a symbol of right, a kind of oppression.

In addition to the ring finger for wearing a wedding ring, the middle finger on the ring will make you more attractive, it is the need to pass love, eager to love the mentality. Put the ring on the little finger is the most distinctive and interesting person. They will have a lot of endless flash inspiration, have their own small thoughts and small ideas.

Jewelry wear taboo

We often see some ladies wear too much jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even with a brooch, like a heavily armed soldier, the whole person looks both cumbersome and lack of taste. The role of wearing jewelry is not to show jewels, but to the overall clothing to play a prompt, enrich or expand the role to enhance a person’s external rhythm and sense of hierarchy. Like clothing, jewelry also has its own season, spring and summer can wear light and refined to match the dress and colorful season, autumn and winter can wear a solemn and elegant, can be set out of plush clothing warm and refined.

Must not wear a necklace spring and summer autumn and winter, no can not wear, otherwise it will appear monotonous and lack of rhythm. Do not use jewelry to highlight your body is not very beautiful parts. Such as the neck of the fat and folds of the ladies, it is not appropriate to wear too much personality color necklace, so as not to worry too much about others; fingers less profiteering, do not wear a large gem or pearl ring.

Wear jewelry must be your identity and temperament and clothing in harmony with the taste. Students do not wear too much jewelry. Temperament quiet woman do not wear too exaggerated and symbolic meaning too strong jewelry, otherwise it will make people have a sense of confusion. When wearing professional wear when the most suitable for wearing pearls or work fine gold and platinum jewelry, wear evening wear can wear gemstones or diamond jewelry, wear casual wear more suitable for wearing personalized or national style jewelry.
With the continuous development of the times, popular and fashion more and more occupy everyone’s life. Before the popular men and women are generally between the representatives of love, and now the ring has become a popular fashion single product. Many people wear a ring, not only because the ring is beautiful, can make themselves more fashionable, but also to better show themselves. However, for the ring to wear the meaning, in fact, we still have a lot of convention and the meaning of different fingers to wear a ring, the meaning is different to convey. So, what is the meaning of the ring wear?
Meaning a ring to wear the meaning of the index finger

Index finger wearing a ring is now a lot of young people like to wear a law, choose a stylish avant-garde design unique ring worn on this finger, not only can highlight their own personality, but also make young people in the cause of fast To find their own direction of life.

Meaning the second, the ring to wear the meaning of the middle finger

In fact, we often see in life some women will wear the ring on the middle finger, most people are to facilitate a map, but do not know this method of wearing is not correct, although the middle finger also has the meaning of marriage, but this marriage is Engagement or marriage, but not the meaning of marriage, so the middle finger is more suitable for people who have been engaged or to marry him.

Meaning three, the ring wearing the thumb of the meaning

Thumbs up the ring This method is more familiar to us, in some movies or TV series also often see this method, but in this finger to wear rings are mostly male-based, especially in the past, people in the This finger wearing a ring, in fact, is to express their current noble identity, which is a manifestation of social status.

Meaning the four ring to wear the meaning of ring finger

The ring finger is the most important finger, because the finger wearing a ring expresses a special meaning, usually in this finger to wear rings are married, according to Western culture understanding, this finger is connected with the heart of the channel, in the ring finger Wearing a ring can make the hearts of two people better together, always feel the other side of love at the same time, but also to allow each other after marriage more understanding, it can be said that the ring finger is a relatively holy fingers, so we wear a ring in the daily Be sure not to wear the ring on this finger.

Meaning five, ring to wear little finger meaning

There are a lot of fashionable men and women will be a fine tail ring wear on the little finger, which not only make your fingers look more beautiful, but also give us a fashion sexy information, little finger wearing a ring has two meanings, one is in the little finger Wearing a ring is to express their own are not married to the outside world, another layer of meaning is on behalf of their own divorce is a single message.
The ring wears the meaning of the delegate

One, the thumb: a symbol of rights and wealth

Most of them are some men thumb to wear rings, in fact, this method of wearing in ancient times has already begun, and this method of wearing only some dignitaries, they wear a ring in the thumb is a way to show wealth, especially in the Wearing a lot of people will choose some expensive rings, which is also a manifestation of the right. And now people in the thumb to wear the ring, its meaning is the same.

Second, the index finger: highlight your own personality

Rings A special kind of jewelry, it can not only show our fingers more perfect, but also to express some of our feelings inside. Usually the index finger wearing a ring, means that the heart will have the desire to marry, which is also in the opposite sex to convey a message, the other in the fingers to wear, or a character of the show, they have a very independent personality. Wearing a ring is also to highlight their own personality.

Third, the middle finger: to improve your personality charm

Middle finger wearing a ring are generally in love, they wear the ring is not only to show their own happiness, to express their emotions, but also want to tell others a state of their own, and thus to reject some of the suitors. Also in this finger wearing a ring of people, are generally more cheerful women, they can bring more joy to others, but also very care for people, and the middle finger to wear the ring can also improve your personality charm.

Fourth, ring finger: love the eternal hope of love

Generally in the ring finger to wear the ring most of the people are married lover, most of them are wearing a couple diamond ring-based, wearing a ring in the fingers also expressed their love for “in my name, ; Life accompanied, I follow the “good promise, because the legendary ring finger is the bridge between the heart and heart, when the two sides wear each other for the ring when, in fact, to the future a better start.

Five, little finger: show fashion and avant-garde

Little finger wearing the ring most of them are some women, many people like to wear a tail in the little finger, a small tail ring showing everyone’s fashion and avant-garde, then most of the women wearing the ring in this finger Are some single, they advocate single aristocratic life.

18k ring maintenance how to maintain

1. In the cleaning of household chores or other types of physical activity, Xiao Bian suggested that in order to prevent injury is best not to wear 18k ring.

2. In the summer, 18k ring maintenance should pay special attention. Such as sweating and timely cleaning, to avoid the ring contact with cosmetics, detergent, perfume, etc., or may cause the ring surface corrosion yellow. At the same time be careful not to wear a ring to the public swimming pool, because in addition to easy to lose, the pool of salt water and chlorine will damage k gold jewelry.

3. When wearing a 18k ring, do not touch some bleach or irritating chemicals. Although although they will not have too much damage to the ring, but it may make k gold discoloration.

4. At the same time in order to better maintain the luster of the 18k ring, Xiao Bian suggested that you best to your favorite ring regularly get a professional jewelry store for testing and cleaning. If you want to clean your own, a simple way is to dip the ring in warm soapy water with a soft brush to wipe the oil after rinsing with water and drying with a hair dryer. But for the diamond and other precious stones in the 18k ring, the need for professional cleaning every six months and regularly do professional care.

Brand jewelery fashionable style this season

Brand jewelery fashionable style this season
D & G Fruit Necklace

D & G in the season launched a series of fruit modeling and color accessories, the red currant, pineapple, red cherries and other summer fruit string in the neck, mouth-watering seductive temperament naturally distributed!
Louis Vuitton small cherry modeling pendant

In addition to the young ladies favorite cherry bag, the golden diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet adornment, it is LV fans can not miss the collection Oh.
Swarovski pink heart-shaped brooch

Chinese Valentine ‘s Day is approaching, to help your lover pick a brooch full of love it! Inlaid with pink pink diamond heart-shaped brooch, let him put your love do not decorated in the chest.
Chanel Mabai camellia ring

Like the texture of ceramic flowers, as well as fine inlay white camellia weak, is the 2005 spring and summer Chanel high-level set in the important jewelry, with a rugged neutral metal ring ring, showing a sense of conflict of uncoordinated beauty.
Versace Coral Red Necklace

Ocean wind is this season one of the most important fashion trends, deep-sea coral and starfish modeling gold dressed, with a beautiful red coral necklace, both stylish and brisk!
Mia Blue Meteor Ring

Sleek streamlined ring type, inlaid on the blue meteor, not only lovely, but also to bring out the fine white finger crystal clear color.
PlayBoy Rabbit shape navel ring

Has Xiaoman Yao girl, in the summer do not mean it will be exposed to the United States and the United States Oh! Wearing a eye-catching navel ring, sexy and alternative!
Christian Dior red candy pin

This section is the most fashionable Dior shape this season, for the little girl like candy, beautiful color, brand logo after the fall, transformed into cute and playful fashion accessories.
Bohemian fashion tropical from the revival of national accessories, with the nature of the logs, in this quarter has become a fashion designer around the Queen’s material, and a wide range of applications, handbags, shoes, jewelry, all decorated with small rounded Wooden beads, full of ethnic customs. The creation of wooden jewelry ideas more exciting, and semi-precious stones, flowers collage with each other, the former Shen real and the latter’s gorgeous, seemingly irrelevant, but improvise is abnormal coordination.
Artini sterling silver necklace by a series of wood leaves formed in series, the leaves on the crystal, such as dawn dew, full of nature angry.

Tracing the renaissance of the causes of wooden jewelry, but also look at fashion season set off the national trend. Famous fashion brands such as Lanvin, Marni, Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten, to create the Metropolitan Bohemian female image with embroidered clothes; Cacharel, Yves Saint Laurant Rive Gauche and Kenzo through flowers and dot pattern design, Tropical girl’s heroic sensibility. In this way, creating a strong atmosphere of the original wooden jewelry when the top of this season’s hot top.

The logos are paved with yellow opal, dark brown and white crystals with woven leather straps. The design incorporates the original taste and contemporary feel.

Logos with silver ring pendant necklace and earrings leather chain, simple design with a neutral; logs of the diamond-shaped pattern by the crystal stone and glass beads piled together, quaint flashing.

National dress match

Wood jewelry This is a folk arts and crafts, early in ancient times, popular in China’s ethnic minorities and Western tribes. A collection of European and American design concept jewelry brand Artini, by the National Heat launched “Midsummer” the series, using logs, pearls, shells and other natural materials with sterling silver, leather, semi-precious stones and Austrian crystal, Creation, highlighting the kind of primitive ethnic customs. The simple lines of the design, just with bright and eye-catching tropical clothing.

Material new patchwork

The traditional wooden jewelry, love the use of shades of solid wood manufacturing, mostly single-row bead chain design, always feel a little mean. Fortunately, this season’s popular wood ornaments, added the elements of the trend of clothing materials, such as woven cold and flower cloth, breaking the original Shenshi style of wood, accessories into the vitality.

The use of logs and crystal stone patchwork from the ring series, the bold and elegant style blend.

On Pedder wooden beads long necklace, decorated with three-dimensional decorated with rose flowers, hand-meticulous.

Cartier released “Love Series” interpretation of neutral jewelry

Cartier released “Love Series” interpretation of neutral jewelry
In early May, the top jewelry brand Cartier (Cartier) released the latest “love series” jewelry, platinum, rose gold or precious stones inlaid precious stones with a simple line design, neatly interpretation of the most representative of the most representative Neutral jewelry wave. The series of jewelry follows the 1969 Cartier classic “screw” pattern, the simple to the extreme of the logo was printed on the ring ring, and leather matching bracelet, can be put love Replica Cartier love bracelet letters necklace pendants and other jewelry, abstract lines and No complex sense of the curve to break the conventional sense of “women’s jewelry” concept. Throughout the centuries of Cartier jewelry design road, in addition to those for the imperial nobility or star celebrities ordered price collection of jewelry, in 1917 came out of the famous “tank” watch series, 1923 “tricyclic” series and The “Pasha” collection of snowflakes, launched in 2005, emphasizes a neutral style inspired by industrial design, or in the life of ordinary things.

Swiss classic veteran Omega (Omega) this year launched several jewelry series is more neat and generous. Platinum material, low-key mosaic of the diamond drill, the design of a simple ring, square and other geometric shapes, and the Greek letter W for the shape of inspiration. All due to material and neutral style to attract the eye, a little bit soft and small women can not find. Other domestic jewelry brands such as Justgold, Chow Tai Fook, Kgold or even some big fashion or men’s fashion items LV, Gucci, Montblanc’s jewelry design, also jump off the neutral trend of the general trend.
Crystal and fashion Aventure, from the simple appearance of natural crystal began to white crystal, amethyst, citrine, pink crystal string into the necklace, Shouzhu, is the most traditional crystal jewelry, when the crystal is not like make-up Girl, natural and not contrived, her mysterious magnetic field is more attractive than her beauty. Crystal really let a woman put it down, she cut into a small diamond-like, dressed in all kinds of refining fall, bracelets, brooches, earrings, especially in the summer crystal headdress, all kinds of hairpin, hairpin to color crystal mosaic Elegant and luxurious or pure and lovely flowers and insects butterfly, decorated in the hair shine, to meet the heart of a woman that love to collect jewelry, little girl desire.
From Paris, Milan, New York, London to Shanghai, the major fashion week Cartier love ring replica conference, the 2006 fashion T station are playing color visual wind, colorful colors, flashing light is the irresistible offensive dominated 2006 Spring and summer fashion trends.

The jewelry as an important fashion accessories have long been more and more attention by the city beauty. In addition to its inherent high value, style design and color matching has gradually become one of the important factors in the selection of high-end jewelry.

Spring and summer of this year, dazzling diamonds are still people love the mainstream jewelry, and colored spar, red, sapphire and rare color diamonds also changed with the fashion trend of the traditional face, with a slightly exaggerated design and color combinations frequently debut , Has become the new darling of fashion jewelry, but also confirmed the prediction of the fashion industry: the future will be a new era of colorful jewelry. For this sweeping world of diamonds, Cai Bao popular wave, as Shanghai’s hottest variety show “Dance Conference” jewelery sponsors of the City of God jewelry, its high-end brand Royal Diamond Palace also specifically chose a rare 1 carat D-color VVS bare drill as the “Dance of the General Assembly,” the championship prize. With bright diamonds and colorful color gems to the background of this stall visual effect gorgeous, elegant host dance competition can be described as complement each other. In addition, many new cutting, chic style of chic jewelry for a number of occasions to host the glory, which led to a new round of color gemstone jewelry fashion trends.
Now with the most IN programs

Fancy Color + Gold: Platinum fashion has been popular for several years, has long been to break the gold single tone dominate the market situation, and color diamonds is precious in nature, a rare masterpiece. Its exudes retro feel to meet the future fashion trends, and the color gold and diamond mix will be vintage and luxurious combination of vivid.

Choi Po + Diamond: sapphire, topaz, amethyst, agate and other natural color gem Cartier love ring replica and diamond combination will also be a major fashion highlights. The random combination will become a popular new trend in the future, the different colors of colored stones together, will give people a sense of elegance, full of beautiful personality.
Jewelery market, flowers blooming, decorated with the fashion market, but only the male market nobody cares, this is not only a waste of male jewelry market, the jewelry market is not mature.

Although the male jewelry market started late, but its growth rate will make the industry stare, experts predict that within five years of his growth rate will be the first in the industry, and in recent years the formation of men’s brand boom , Those who lay in the fight in the scattered pieces of male jewelry, will slowly boarded the Daya Hall, a fashion symbol of another expression.

Male jewelry from the unemployed characteristics, male jewelry attaches great importance to the consumer’s personality and cultural taste, which build a high brand; develop male market first, is to have their own brand of culture and honor, take the fine line, rather than The MAN MAN, will own brand positioning in the high-end market, for the fashion and very individual taste of the men, to provide absolute quality to enjoy, set off personal charm, highlight the distinguished taste of life attitude .

The essential characteristics of male jewelry, others can not reach the personality and culture, the brand is not a personality, for the new era of consumers, it lost the charm of value. So full of fashionable men to buy a product without the soul is undoubtedly daydreaming, if your brand is more lack of added value, it is not in vain from the fantasy, a laughable.
People do not dare to take the road, the creation of other people can not look to the future, TRUE MAN man suddenly sprung up in the jewelry industry to open the first of its kind, the development of men’s special jewelry, and the composition of fine series, although the hard road, but did not retreat , Until out of a male fashion boutique road. This is a no one can imitate the brand, for the product, there will be businessmen to imitate, but for such a unique brand, TRUE MAN man is undoubtedly unique. And his loyal male consumers, but also through the brand personality to reflect their own identity, it is TRUE MAN real personality characteristics of men, consumers impressed, to win more and more attention and love of fashionable men.

It is precisely because of the growing concern about the rate of competition in the market gap, so that the male jewelry market to “TRUE MAN real man” dominate the world “main marketing” era, the core value of his brand is extremely prominent, really men wear Of the fine, each man in the TRUE MAN true man three themes (successful man, elegant man, personality man), style, always find their own jewelry.

Only to identify their own consumer groups, your brand value can be fully embodied in their purchase motives, consumption patterns, consumer behavior, organic and brand culture combined to truly form a unique brand of imitation can not be competitive, so that Brand differentiation of the charm of interpretation of the wonderful wonderful.

Fashion human in the “wizard jewelry” 07 spiritual jewelry popular

Fashion human in the “wizard jewelry” 07 spiritual jewelry popular
“Gesanchaiwu to participate in a friend’s wedding, how to make people with bright jewelry it?”, “Usually wearing jewelry style is too old, there is no Shuiling some?” … … in the party, party, dinner sharp Increased the Spring Festival, many women standing in the trend of cutting-edge beauty has such trouble.

As we all know, a fine workmanship, chic style jewelry will be able to bring women shiny shiny. So in 2007, much favored by young women, “Wizard jewelry” dazzling debut. Flowers, pendants necklace, mellow water pearl earrings … …, the representative works of these wizard jewelry came into being.
Heart shape and then to

I learned from the major jewelry line in Hangzhou, the pig has just opened the curtain, a wide range of heart-shaped jewelry section has been the first to visit the market. Send friends, attend the reception, “Wizard Jewelry” once launched to win the sales of the opener. One of the imitation Cartier love bracelet earrings on the firm to attract the author’s eye: in the heart-shaped frame, with superb craftsmanship embedded color-rich Hao stone particles, pink hollow design with a perfect heart-shaped shape, is the most attended banquet Good choice.

In addition, peach-shaped pendant also continue to force. Sales staff told the author, peach heart pendant necklace by female consumers in particular attention. I carefully read this necklace, 3 peach heart arranged in a row, the middle is only a single metal in series, both people have ambiguous feelings, but also feel the full sense of depth.

Pink gold lead intoxicating popular

In addition, show the Royal Wizard and gorgeous freshwater pearls also turned out, especially for distinguished white-collar women wear. This year, the shrewd designer has given a different kind of pearl classic and meaning: in previous years, large pearls are small and fine pearl replaced, and are embedded in the nuances. White-collar women stroked the hair of the moment can make pearls shine.

Pink gold jewelry continue to lead the fashion jewelry. Two golden curves intertwined into a fashionable rainbow ring so that many women pleasantly surprised, and with the same necklace with a sense of luxury unspeakable. I feel that this gold series of products will certainly give the new people into the wedding hall enriched a lot.
Autumn and winter, high collar, long sleeves, solemn tone, did not stop the taste of women playing with Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry mood. On the contrary, we can use long-chain pendants to increase the sense of clothing layer, with a giant metal or smart diamond ring and long-sleeved echo ring, with bright colors of precious stones washed cold color … …

Simple, natural and decorative, platinum jewelry is the theme of this year’s style and development trends. This quarter, in the International Platinum Association (PGI) “Platinum joy eternal” under the call of the 15 well-known domestic brands to bring well-designed works to bring the first appearance, showing the domestic platinum jewelry industry Jiangxinduju the design and superb technology, This fall and winter of various popular elements.

Designers to take advantage of platinum white solid, pure and translucent qualities, in the shape of adding more dynamic elements, or combination of structure, or the use of patterns, or inlaid pieces of diamond to convey the material itself texture, but also bring out the wearer’s fashion temperament .


Retro romantic, in jewelry design especially in the autumn and winter jewelry is an eternal trend. Although the bold style of publicity has been drifting away, but the jewelry designer is still using exaggerated style to help the original appearance of natural white platinum upgrade “popularity” to avoid color monotony, but also to avoid the small shape of the humble. But in the season, designers in the pursuit of modeling with simple lines combined into a huge shape, in the details of the treatment respected exquisite, such as meticulous polishing and grinding treatment, the performance of platinum itself delicate metal texture, very noble character.
Design Click: Whether it is constructed with a straight line, or note-style lines wrapped around, or with a long chain of rings around the ring a few rhombus-shaped gadgets, and finally are combined into a large body of jewelry.

Natural rhythm

Nature brings the human hope and vitality, the theme of nature design, healthy living is a positive performance. In this season, the stars, leaves, flowers, platinum shape jewelry, metal materials with their own special water samples, full of natural law dynamic. Designers to pursue the imitation cartier love bracelet details of the carved, the overall shape is also used to mix and match styles such as overlapping, so ornaments look far from the atmosphere, near to see full of change and become romantic and fun.
Design Click: Classical elegance of the flower design, the new rain after the green leaves shape, Chun-chun flow of water lines, are the performance of pure platinum crystal designers inspiration.

Broken diamond fine set

In all jewelry, platinum and diamonds are recognized as the “best partner”, platinum shiny gloss, and diamonds can form a perfect light shine.
Designers will certainly not forget to join in the Platinum Series diamond pieces of light, highlighted in the diamond ring, accompanied by a rich diamond-studded way, better performance of platinum and diamonds, light, such as pawl inlay, with round the trend , A bit like a tree-shaped base to make the diamond more prominent eye-catching, but also make the material dazzling luster from any point of view looks radiant; there are quite romantic and design sense of the group set, the main drill is the smaller stone Surrounded by a number of small drill relative to the whole diamond drill even more wonderful.

Design click: or a little cute inlay set in the middle, or a row of small pieces of drilling in the curved outline of platinum above the platinum jewelry will be pure and delicate performance of exquisite, set off the wearer noble temperament.

Classic round section

Romantic wedding in China, when the time comes, platinum jewelry fashion jewelry back to the most classic round section, and give new look. This season, and the wedding of the new people’s passion honey coincides with the circular platinum jewelry has been given a good moral, beautiful shape, full of Chinese style.
Quiet, far-reaching stars, stars, such as flashing your rare my love; fragrant crystal grapes, together with the pure love together, into a intoxicating 人The sweet … … just these jewelry design annotations, has led to unlimited reverie. Smooth and gentle mellow, the vast Xingyu dazzling whirlpool, a large circle with a small circle geometric style, etc., can allow the circular to reveal their own characteristics, the design of virtual and real, sparse and dense contrast, the jewelry not only from the form Novel, more enhanced sense of quality.

Platinum jewelry fashion trends the icing on the cake

Platinum jewelry fashion trends the icing on the cake
Jewelry will be complemented the fashion trend. Jewelry lovers from all over the world through a different style, custom jewelry, show their unique taste. At the same time, style diversity, a more wear jewelry is also popular. And in the choice of gem, classic white diamond always walk in the tip of the popular, large colored stones began to emerge.
2007 jewelry design style will be “confident and bold style” to upsurge. At the same time, romantic flower design in this year the world’s largest jewelry show in everywhere. Symbol of purity, rare and eternal platinum, as always, become the inspiration for numerous jewelry boutique design, flash a wonderful light.
The international trend
Under the influence of the international fashion trend in recent years, China’s jewelry trend is also changing. Platinum because of its characteristics, pure natural, rare eternal popular with consumers, by more consumer acceptance and love. Platinum has is not only a symbol of taste, the expression Cartier nail bracelet replica of individuality, but also follow the international fashion arena this year white trend has become a popular indicators jewelry industry.
With the continuous development of China’s platinum jewelry market, European and American design trends have important influence on China’s platinum design. Platinum is natural white light, strong and durable, be the first choice of the collocation of gem, jade, ruby colour profusion, aquamarine, emerald and jade and so on are the choice of Chinese consumers like, however, platinum diamond series is still the dominant trend.
Contracted design permanent commitment of love
China’s economic development to make more luxurious wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Chic, classic, concise ring design is more and more get the favour of the new people – a timeless contracted design is an indispensable element.
In addition to the classic single diamond, many new people will also choose platinum buddhist monastic discipline. Platinum purity, rare and elegant perfect express their eternal commitment for each other.
Jewels are playing color piece visual wind in recent years, the colour of profusion, flashing light with unstoppable offensive dominated the popular trend of jewelry. Of course, you can’t miss the color feast. Colored stones bright luster, make it with diamond, or pearl, gold and silver are free to supplement, never bring different special effect. When choosing color treasure jewelry or with small grain is beautiful, tie-in appropriate clothing.
In the summer, act the role ofing is tasted pet clear up, in addition to gold and silver Cartier love ring replica ornaments, pearl become an alternative in accessories. Pearl jewelry price range is larger, ranging from a few yuan to thousands of yuan, as a choice for women wanting also have enough space. In addition to the traditional white pearl milk, there are many color rich natural pearl also by everyone’s favor, with gold, silver, pink, purple, black, etc., with the color of pearls to make adorn article highlights the different personality. Different style deductive amorous feelings, collocation is proper, whether in the office or on PARTY will let you send out the most elegant charm — –
Love for jewelry seems to be a woman a natural instinct, diamond although bright is very attractive, but they are beautiful too bossy, too cold, without the warmth of life. Pearl is not the same. Pearl is the oyster’s tears, because the eyewinker clam into bad, so it with tears, with the pain, and as time goes by foreign body was to hide, finally left is the beauty of the tears gathered pearls. Can say, pearl is alive. Perhaps that is why there are so many beauties noble reason want to wear the pearl.
The style of the pearl
Pearl don’t sparkling like diamonds, the luster is soft, show elegant and implicative, so rarely with larger particles gem pearl, with most small particles of diamonds, go out fully in the harmonious beauty.
Although fairly traditional round pearl has been the mainstream, but individual character make public in the fashion world is always changing, water pearl beauty and tooth shape of pearls, and more recently, with different pearls with semi-precious stones jewelry design, such as the Replica Cartier jewelry combination of crystal, agate, jade is unusually hot, so colorful decorations can adapt to different occasions the colour of the dress.
The color of the pearl
In the lamplight, from different angles to observe pearls, we will find that the pearl can coruscate gives mysterious color, and change as the change of perspective. The pearl itself color, color of the surrounding environment, coupled with the refraction of color, pearl become dream hazy, mysterious and clinking.
Look from the use of the pearl, white and pink has been occupying most of the pearl jewelry market, in the recent period of time, black pearl also gradually regression, and popular with light color pearl staggered arrangement, the black pearl of mystery and added some clever, won’t appear depressing.
Surrounding the pearl
Pearl can make all kinds of accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., however, a hotbed of pearl growth – shells also bring good adornment material. Shells, like pearls, contain rich calcium carbonate. Reporters in the urban jinhua hotel nearby, see a pearl institute with rich colour and lustre of mother-of-pearl comb care is also made of shells in style. Comb pairs of texture and color are the same, but there is only two combs, if again on the comb engrave name, as a gift will be refreshing. And made of shell ornaments, as have the personality of fashion color. This season, with pearls and shell company, will be more comfortable.
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Summer wear pearl matters needing attention
1. The pearl is unfavorable under high temperature and sunlight, it will affect the water of the pearl luster less.
2. Pearl unfavorable contact with cosmetics, not on the cosmetic box, more can’t put in sealed plastic bags, the best in the open air, in this way can we keep the pearl luster.
3. The pearl you ji lampblack, besmirch fat infiltration into pearl layer will become yellow, this is because the main composition of pearl is calcium carbonate, acidic and alkaline liquid contact pearl, will make it darkened.