18k rose gold to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant

As an early entry into China’s Japanese brand, Oriental Double Lion also brought Japan’s cost-effective and close to the people’s price. As one of the three giants of the Japanese mechanical watch, by virtue of innovative technology, the creation of different styles of watches, to meet the customer’s pursuit of the highest on the watch. Today introduced the East Shuang Lion is very close to a mechanical watch, the brand’s main product prices are not high, although in recent years it is also developing high-end products “RoyalOrient”. SDB08006W0 watch is a traditional series of watches in a watch, and the other two different Japanese brands, its style biased in the European design, this watch is also reflected.
Oriental Shuang Lion SDB08006W0 watch case is made of stainless steel, the surface coated with rose gold, delicate and soft color reflects the luxury watch texture. Table mirror for the arc sapphire crystal glass material, is a very wear and scratch resistance of the transparent imitation Cartier love bracelet material, is currently the mainstream mirror material. Case for the three-piece design, including the top part of the table mirror, bezel, the middle part of the box, the bottom of the table and so on. Table bottom for the stainless steel screw-in bottom cover, for the gold-plated treatment, is also cost savings, while not affecting the appearance.

People ‘s mechanical watch Oriental Double Lion SDB08006W0 watch
Strap for the cowhide material, the surface rolled with crocodile skin lines, the back supplemented with lined, so comfortable to wear, pin buckle design, random and convenient fixed strap, and can be adjusted according to the wrist diameter, than other clasp type To be more convenient.
Watch the dial to simple retro simple European design style, reflecting the elegant watch. White dial, the use of three-cut stainless steel as a time scale, the pointer for the classic Tai Fei-style pointer, elegant instructions time, pointer and scale are plated with rose gold, and the case color coordination. For the rich dial elements, watch the 9 o’clock position to open a window, you can enjoy the movement of the most critical and mysterious structure, filling the beauty of machinery.
Oriental Shuangshi brand mainstream watch prices are not high, generally in a few thousand dollars or so, this price is the current middle class is fully acceptable, at the same time, with the popularity of mechanical watch culture, people for time and watch The concept is becoming clearer, timepieces are becoming the favorite watch accessories.

Oriental Shuang Lishi brand has long been famous in the country has long been a certain degree of visibility, is the mechanical watch entry level of a good choice. SDB08006W0 watch is the use of automatic mechanical movement, automatic winding structure can often wear the case to the watch delivery a steady stream of power to ensure that the travel time is more accurate, 41 mm diameter, but also because of the narrow bezel , And make the dial is more huge, worn on the men’s wrist, no doubt can show a unique atmosphere.
Overall, this watch in the travel time to meet the daily wear needs of the travel time requirements, after all, mechanical watch can not be no error, while not high price will be able to get a mechanical watch, really is not a small temptation The
Classic craft show calm and self-confidence, the East Shuangshi sp series is a very prominent design under the brand one of the series, today for everyone is one of the SUNE1001B0 watch, the use of quartz movement, the price of the people, is office workers Good choice.

Watch with anti-wear spherical crystal glass table mirror, this ultra-wear-resistant mineral Replica Cartier jewelry crystal glass, colorless and transparent, wear resistance, toughness is good, not fragile. Like crystal as transparent, clear, like crafts, but also add personal charm. All steel strap for the 316L stainless steel case, is the use of medical surgery for steel, with good gloss, corrosion resistance, high temperature, solid solution state non-magnetic, anti-allergy and other characteristics, wear comfortable and beautiful.

Classic dial design, simple and stylish, large strip when the standard clear and striking, with a date display function, the pointer for the classic dagger design, the central second hand to add orange indicator arrows, highlighting the watch’s young vitality. Full steel watch with three fold clasp, easy to use, get started atmosphere, full texture. Lock the bottom cover using the unique technology of Oriental Double Lings, making the watch more waterproof and more durable.

Summary: Overall, the use of quartz watch watch, greatly reducing the common mechanical watch on the chain, you can also reduce the failure rate, improve the accuracy of travel time, is the ideal choice for entry-level watch. Watch the use of stainless steel production of case and bracelet, enhance the daily practical performance. In terms of price, less than a thousand dollars is a very attractive price advantage.
Breguet referred to the classic series of watches, and more will think of thin case with a simple Paris decorated nail pattern dial and blue steel Breguet needle, gentleman elegant and read at a glance, very suitable for men wearing a dress. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of men’s watches, the official model: 7727BR / 12 / 9WU.

Classique Chronométrie’s test results are an average of -1 / + 3 seconds per day error, compared to the COSC Swiss official Observatory standard -4 / + 6 seconds optimized a lot. More importantly, the 6-position detected a daily average error reduced to -2 / + 4 seconds (maximum power).

Case diameter is 41 mm
This watch case to 18k rose gold to create, the case diameter of 41 mm, thickness 9.65 mm. Its loaded Breguet Cal.574DR self-winding movement, equipped with a specially designed siliceous double hairspring balance wheel, silenous escapement fork, silvery escapement wheel, making this watch not only has a high vibration frequency , But also with excellent precision. Will be generally between 300 to 400 microwat the best time to adjust the power, increased to 830 microwatts.

18k rose gold to create the gear type crown
18k rose gold to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, so slim case more elegant www.ourlovestore.com, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

Side of the classic coin pattern modified
Slim case side using Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, fully demonstrated the brand in the details of the style of the watch grasp. Rounded bezel polished polished, exudes a unique white luster, noble and elegant.

18k rose gold folding clasp
18k rose gold folding clasp, hollow Breguet logo more elegant.

Welded fillet
Breguet is a classic style of welding rounded corners, small and exquisite, fine polished platinum material shiny exposed, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap.

Exquisite dial by the whole hand carved six different decoration
Exquisite dial by the hand-carved six different decoration, the central plate of the Geneva ripple, 12 o’clock small seconds of the Paris staples, one tenth of the small seconds of the sunshine decoration, 5 o’clock power reserve location Of the chevron-shaped ornaments, hour ring cut the classic stripes and the external edge of the carved grain ornaments grain With the classic Breguet blue steel pointer, together constitute the delicate and elegant appearance of this watch, like an art treasures. Designed for the protection of gossamer Breguet pare-chute shock absorber at 2 o’clock position clearly visible.

Cal.591A manual winding movement
Bottom cover with the whole sapphire crystal glass to create, beautiful movement at a glance. Equipped with Breguet’s latest research and development of the Cal.591A manual winding movement, the biggest breakthrough is the use of Magnetic Pivot magnetic system, so that in the mechanical watch in the magnetic service to enhance the balance wheel rotation, rotation and stability. The basic concept is the use of two precious stones bearing a combination of powerful micro-magnet (about 1.3T), and each with the balance wheel axis of the two ends connected to a ready to automatically adjust the adjustment of the dynamic balance system. When one side of the magnetic force stronger than the other side, the balance wheel at the end of the bearing and the bearing of the ruby bearing (stone) to maintain a stable contact, magnetization induced by the balance wheel axis to produce a magnetic fluctuations, and gradually developed into the balance wheel axis Rotational inertia force. As the axis between the axis and the gemstone bearing the magnetic connection between the strong earth gravity, so regardless of where the watch is located, the axis will continue to be affected by the gemstone bearing. This movement with excellent kinetic energy storage barrel technology, and the use of high-quality lightweight silicon material, making it has up to 60 hours of power reserve.

Summary: Will silicon and magnetic combination is the future of advanced tabulation of the road? We do not know But Breguet’s bold attempt to explore the spirit of innovation, beyond the traditional watchmaking field of mature technology to fundamentally improve the functionality of the timepiece is constantly bringing us surprises, the traditional production process and the new production Technical new material collision to wait and see.

This product requires the use of Sony Xperia supporting but also compatible

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The most cost-effective smart watch recommended
Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung Galaxy Gear is the most comprehensive configuration of the parameters in the model, less than built-in microphone and speakers, you can take pictures. Rh Console drafts.ither …… Avitherand Rh Find Results Rhithers. Rhues.s.ither wanted outcome exists, Operation to support a variety of gestures, or more convenient. In addition, the built-in microphone can achieve a good noise reduction call effect, 1.9 million pixel camera can also shoot 720P video, but also built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor to support the motion monitoring function.
Sony SmartWatch
This product requires the use of Sony Xperia supporting, but also compatible with 2.1 and above version of the Android system, most Android phones. This smart watch is equipped with a color touch screen, the original wrist strap for the black rubber wrist strap, the other imitation Cartier love bracelet can also choose 5 different shapes of wristbands. Because this smart watch needs to receive information from the smart phone, it can not be separated from the smart phone too far away. H.232 Refindings calling composition Results: Avophells.s.s.ither wanted composition composition outcome is Results Results Results Results Results Results Results Results Results Results Copyright Results Referss. Find ON calling calling ends draft outcome outcome outcome outcome outcome outcome: All rounds.lys. This smart watch no sound function, but equipped with a vibration reminder function, so consumers are not easy to miss the received short message. In addition, this smart watch does not enter the function, can only send some custom simple reply, such as “now busy” and so on. Finds.s.itherigmaitherit composition compositions.32323232323232etomenvers orientedianitheritherulates to rounds.itherued calling rounds. Rhithers. Rhitheronic calling drafts. SmartWatch requires two applications to set up, that is, LiveWare Manager and SmartWatch, both of which can be downloaded free from Google Play. Most Xperia phones come preloaded with LiveWare programs.
Apple Apple Watch
What is the smart phone, than the “Apple” brand more attractive? This watch is mainly to monitor and record the user’s physiological data, related health and fitness applications can track the user’s heart rate, walking mileage and so on. Apple watches with sapphire display, the user can operate the side of the watch is called a digital crown dial, scroll up and down the contents of the screen or focus, you can also touch the screen for such operations. This watch supports Apple’s siri voice command system, also supports Apple’s new mobile payment service.
Chopin table classic appearance noble, workmanship quality is also very good. In the watch market is also very popular. But also some friends asked: Chopin watch is the top ten watches? See the watch home below the answer!
Are Chopin watches a top watch?
Chopin table by Louis Ulysses Chopin single-handedly created a table, in the watch Replica Cartier jewelry industry famous, has always advertised the top unique taste of the Chopin table unique design and craft, to provide a unique taste of the table, become a high society People the most careful choice. In more than 50 countries, Chopin watches are regarded as simple and elegant, unique style of the table Need. Although the Chopin table is also the luxury table in the Swiss watch, but the world’s top ten watches did not Chopard table figure!
The world’s top ten watches are the world’s top ten watch brands: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Jaeger LeCoultre, BLANCPAIN, Breguet, Girard-Perregaux, Cartier, Rolex. names not listed in order.
We are not familiar with the electronic form, it is one of the most common watches in our lives. Today, the mechanical watch generally highlights the style and taste of those who wear. Quartz table is generally used for fashion with. While the electronic watch more for outdoor climbing and other activities. So what is the best electronic watch?
The best electronic watch, the best electronic watch brand
Introduction to electronic form
Electronic watch is equipped with electronic components inside the table can be divided into liquid crystal display digital electronic watch, pointer quartz electronic watch, automatic quartz watch and light kinetic energy watches, not only can display the time, but also shows the week and date, electronic watch Timing is accurate.
The best electronic watch recommended

CASIO Casio fashion trend circular resin electronic watch
Watch Movement: Electronic Digital Display: Pointer Case Material: Steel Case Color: Black Waterproof Depth: 100 meters

Seiko outdoor sports watch multifunction sports electronic watch
Brand name Seiko Seiko accessories S252 Power type Japan quartz www.ourlovestore.com waterproof depth of 100 meters
Electronic watch maintenance
Electronic watch timing accurate, with crystal display electronic form, in the sun exposure or long-term high temperature conditions easily aging; damp, the most prone to failure; by severe vibration, the crystal glass and quartz crystal easily damaged. Use a year or so, found the watch digital bounce, when the fuzzy or timing function is not normal, should replace the new battery, so as to avoid leakage of electronic components of the battery, in order to save the battery, should minimize the use of light and alarm device

The rapid development of the times technology continues to progress

Lukcom green piano watch brand in the early thirties, the Swiss watchmaker LukcomMotiorel Mr. uphold the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking family, creating a Swiss watch the first piano. For more than half a century, the Swiss green piano table with its unique and elegant design, combined with sophisticated mechanical operation, relying on superb craftsmanship, to create a section of a durable, excellent performance of the classic timepieces.
How much is the price of the green piano?
The rapid development of the times, technology continues to progress, the Swiss green piano table is closely followed by the trend of the times, to adapt to consumer needs. Into the late nineties, the Swiss green piano designer inherited the ancestors of the design concept, through continuous improvement and innovation, based on traditional watchmaking technology and the perfect combination of modern technology to create a higher quality, more reliable performance , Design more perfect multi-series products. Now the production of green piano quartz watch or mechanical watches are all easy to wear sapphire crystal glass mirror, part of the series using high hardness tungsten titanium alloy case strap, or use 316L stainless steel case strap.
How much is the lucky watch?
Green watch is the Swiss watch in the mid-range brand, the quality of Cartier love ring replica work is very good. The price from 1,000 yuan – 12000 yuan between. Popular watch more concentrated in the 2000 – 3000 yuan between.
Switzerland by virtue of advanced micro-mechanical technology and exquisite mechanical handicrafts renowned “watch kingdom” reputation. In 1876, the young Cuthbert Keynes in his hometown was also the “hometown of watches and clocks” La Chaux-de-Fonds created a manual winding movement of the production plant, that is, Manjaz (MG) watch factory predecessor, due to the exquisite craftsmanship and stability of the travel time has been much more well-known watch manufacturers use.
Manjaz watches how much money? Manjaz table offer
Grandpa Manjaz in the quality of the first, and actively create, and strive to perfect the spirit, as one to meet the hearts of consumers in the pursuit of success and noble taste of the demand, in the 133 spring and autumn has always been a classic, interpretation of professional Swiss watch culture, designed numerous Noble and eternal classic works. The so-called classic art and design can be tested through the times and enduring, Seiko secret agents to achieve the pursuit of the quality of the top, the real innovation than the trend of time to resist the migration of time. As many have a long history of the same watch company, engraved years, remember the Ambilight, MG is presented to the public.
Manjaz Swiss rookie “name” is affirmative, welcome, reflects the brand’s target consumer groups, “Jue” is a desire for all successful people want a state, is the taste, is the achievement, is the cultivation, reflecting the goal Market location. “Name” and “Jue” combination of the famous famous watch brand founder of the beginning of the connotation: Grand Prix Jazz election.
MG as a traditional Swiss brand, always maintained a Swiss watch industry has always been the quality of quality. The price is not very high, can be accepted by the average person. Usually rookie table from 1,200 yuan – 15000 per month. Most of the popular watches Cartier love bracelet replica concentrated in the 2000 – 3500 yuan and 5,000 yuan – 7,000 yuan between.
Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors The luxury industry into a new stage and successfully created the concept of respect for life and self-expression distinctive and distinguished past Michael Kors brand and classic American luxury brand has become a zone of American luxury living Style of the representative.
Michael Kors watch what movement?
Michael Kors Mike Carls watch movement
Michael Kors Mike Coors watches as a fashion watch brand, movement selected quartz movement. Movement to determine the watch price, usually relatively cheap watch movement for the Japanese quartz movement. Relative to the higher price of the watch using the Swiss quartz movement.
Michael Kors watch maintenance method
Quartz watch according to the use of the movement and the use of different battery life of 1-2 years. If you do not replace the battery in time, may cause the battery to leak and damage the internal parts of the watch corrosion movement, resulting in maintenance costs far more than the replacement of battery costs.
Waterproof Note:
30 meters water table is to prevent dust and moisture movement is damaged, not applicable to water immersion and swimming; 100 m above the water table or suitable for swimming and other water sports. All of the water table can not be used in severe hot bath, sauna or temperature changes in the environment, because of the influence of temperature waterproof apron will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction voids, and accelerate the aging effects of water Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica features, more than unfair The use of factors caused by the watch water will not be covered within the warranty.
Watches to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.
Leather Watch avoid contact with moisture and water, to prevent discoloration and deformation; avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading; as easily penetrates the cortex, avoid contact with greasy substances or cosmetics.

Oyster-style constant-motion submarine series has always been Rolex

Oyster-style constant-motion submarine series has always been Rolex waterproof performance and distinguished temperament of the classic, this person called “black and white water ghost” 16610 is the most popular family in the record entry. This watch uses a one-way rotating bezel to ensure a safe dive time. With Oyster discount strap and with adjustable length function, can be easily worn outside the diving suit. Sapphire crystal surface with a small imitation Cartier love bracelet window convex lens, three buckle crown for its full protection. Rolex’s submarine watch is in line with the development of marine development and exploration of the birth of the cause, and now, its seductive charm has long been away from the deep sea, but this exploration of the spirit of the ocean may be interpreted as the Rolex Oyster series Attractive value lies.
NO.7 Panerai luminor marina automatic watch, diving depth: 300 meters
A look is not very good but very useful diving table, take a look at its loyal fans on behalf of – Stallone will know that Panerai is attracting a group of pragmatic pursuit of inner strength, coupled with the source Since the royal navy’s imperial identity, making this table more and more worthy of trust. Every detail of the table design starting point all from the wearer himself, such as both vertical and horizontal are rounds without corner chain chain, the complex process is difficult to be recognized by one, but the wearer can feel unparalleled comfort degree. As for its waterproof and shockproof performance, in Stallone’s film “daylight hundreds of urgent” in the full interpretation, regardless of gas, landslides, sea water immersion or explosives, the luminor marina is only the breeze was blowing
Elderly to buy watches the standard
Watches are decorated and timed two functions, brand, category, format, because of this, the elderly in the choice of time there is a standard pay attention.
In the choice of time we have to consider the following several cases:
(1) the elderly should not pay attention to the watch brand, and nostalgic is possible, so the traditional style of the past like the next, the old memory is very bad, it is best not to bring the kind of high value of the watch, so as not to lose The
(2) it is best not to take a semi-automatic watch, and this small amount of daily activities Replica Cartier jewelry related to the elderly, if you wear semi-automatic watches will lead to regular stop table, there may often mistakes, and then need to often give the watch over the strings, so It is better to wear a winding watch.
(3) Quartz watch is a good pick, it is lucky to transport high, the most important thing is that you rarely take the time to take care of it, durable and convenient.
(4) the best to wear a simple and clear watch, such as those on the dial above the pointer is more, the table on the table or buttons more, because these functions on the basic use of the elderly, Qi thinking and action slow, and complex Strong watches are more troublesome in the operation, especially the quartz digital display type, even ordinary young people are difficult to understand or clear its use.
(5) watch diameter or dial to a little bigger, male watch the best in 35 mm or more, female table should also be more than 25 mm; additional, dial and pointer to contrast, such as silver or gold dial, scale needle is deep Color needle, or black dial, with gold or silver pointer, so the match is only surface and easy to carefully view.
(6) select a simple function of the watch, as long as the use and debugging on the convenient like, sometimes, minutes, seconds is enough, in fact, the two needle is also a few days, the calendar can not, the elderly eyes children are Very bad, watch the calendar function is basically invisible. And with a calendar function of the watch, to the end of the month also need proofreading day, this for the elderly, it is also a “difficult and heavy” as the work.
(7) watch not too thick and too heavy, it is best large and thin, heavy porcelain or tungsten steel case strap are not comfortable together.
(8) more personality, quality of the elderly, pick a mechanical watch with alarm clock comparison www.ourlovestore.com is good, because the alarm clock is very adapt to their function.
(9) watch strap to be easy to open and close, leather straps also have to use the kind of Hu Die buckle, a little old man doing things are not smooth down, watch the more convenient the better. Some watch in the bolt buckle almost, just one hand operation, you do not say that it is still some trouble, it is very bad to pay attention to the table to fall on the ground, this and the strap structure (style) Clasp can bring the watch together with the watch together into a ring, wearing it is convenient.
(10) to avoid wearing decorative watches, such as: Swatch, ancient relaxation, card, and so on, that are some fancy trendy format or a group of young people with, and even naive cartoon shape, The age of people to bring the surface does not meet the appropriate.

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss
Marriage is the love of two people must go through the process, and the diamond ring is the most sincere witness of the two love, how to buy her beloved ring, buy diamond ring need to understand what precautions? Take you to find out.

Buy diamond ring Note: the quality of the diamond ring is worth its price

Nowadays, the purchasing power of Chinese aunt has become a recognized thing in the world, because they have to set off a shopping frenzy, but also high-end goods, in fact, behind the ridicule, we should calmly think, if Is how to do their own, for example, buy a diamond ring, if you just because this diamond ring is expensive enough, but did not seriously understand, I think you are hard to buy really suitable for their own. Before buying a Cartier love bracelet replica diamond ring, please carefully measure the quality of the diamond ring is worth the price, of course, diamond ring is from its most basic 4C to consider, but this method is indeed the most effective.

Buy diamond ring Note 2: diamond ring itself is the meaning of their own requirements

We choose a diamond ring, sometimes perhaps a momentary impulse, there was a friend in the purchase of diamond ring, life only to send one of the diamond ring, but I do not think this is an impulse, because sometimes an impression can move Your heart, and your choice is not wrong. Every diamond ring is its own unique meaning, in the purchase of diamond ring, if your heart has its own standards, then only need to pick like, if not, then when there is a diamond ring can impress you , Perhaps it is the best choice.
Buy diamond ring Note 3: buy for their own

We say to buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter there are to pay attention to buy their own, in fact, it has two meanings, the first means to buy their own size, because the ring size is not appropriate will cause a lot of problems, so buy diamond ring Before the best through some channels to know their own ring size, so that will save a lot and easy. The meaning of the second layer refers to the actual situation according to their own to buy diamond ring, do not follow the trend, do not follow the crowd, any follow the behavior of the general are irrational, you should take into account, want to know what they want in the end what kind of The

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the fact that in fact far more than three points, many well-known brands such as diamond ring will be introduced from time to time to teach you to buy some of the methods, I hope you can pass these selected to the favorite diamond ring.
Marriage is the desire of each girl is good, the wedding touched and romantic so that each other has a different happiness, the future every day there is not the same romantic. Wedding ring wear in which hands more warm and romantic, so love more sweet it? Let Levi’s Cartier love ring replica diamond ring to tell you the beauty of love, and time to witness the miracle of love.

The most warm touched

Experienced the temper of life we will understand the most precious things in life, not how much material you have, but there is a person who has been with you I think the best love, is quiet and happy to accompany, not early nor late, in the best time of life, it came, everything is so there is a chance, love just, life accompanied, I Go hand in hand to taste love. Ring of the ring finger choose Levi’s diamond ring, let it in my name, crown your fingers. This love must be beautiful, after experiencing those little hardships, together with the happiness and these beautiful to just a good meeting, the future of the day must be more warm.

The most romantic surprise

Love you think the best feelings are casual, but they care about each other, is comfortable, but still cherish each other. Although their own independent, but heart together, each breathing the air, but love is not separated. Some people will leave in the halfway, some people have been stubbornly persists, when you use a sincere to deal with a feeling, your share of good love will never betray. You will be in your middle finger on you to wear a diamond ring on behalf of love, together to enjoy the beauty of love, perhaps the imagination of love, but still able to feel the same kind of sweet.
Beware of happiness

A person even if there are many, many shortcomings, but he is still everywhere to endure your lack of willing to accompany you to the end of life, together to see life in the bloom, it is more than anything, is worth a Cherish the lover. Because of the test of time, we have to understand Cartier nail bracelet replica than in the unrest, how to go also go away, has been accompanied by the talent that is more worthy of their own treasure, that he is the best love. Hand in hand on the journey of life, with love to resolve those difficulties and not perfect, the left hand of the beautiful must be difficult to speak it

Wedding ring is a breathtaking word, it makes us feel the beauty of love, love is a witness, it is true love expression. When you solve the problem of choosing a wedding ring, you should consider the wedding ring to wear the hands of the more warm, with Levi’s diamond ring to give you the best of her love and the warmest surprise.

Economic depression under designers away from expensive diamond

Economic depression under designers away from expensive diamond, choose cheap colored gems
In this year’s fashion runway is one of the most eye-catching scenery exaggeration and fantastically designed first act the role ofing is tasted, the designers must have abandoned the value of expensive diamond, and coral, turquoise, agate and other natural colored stones, and even some cheap, such as wood, beef bones and shells with different material collocation gives in this year’s fashion runway is one of the most eye-catching scenery exaggeration and fantastically designed first act the role ofing is tasted, the designers have abandoned the value of millions of expensive diamond, and choose the coral, turquoise, agate and other natural colored stones, and even some cheap replica Cartier love bracelet, such as wood, beef bones and shells with different material collocation gives exaggerated summer accessories. This summer, both amorous feelings of beach, and vitality of the streets, choose accessories must be exaggerated style, colorful joker.
Ancient peoples accessories
National wind so popular due to its connotation of freedom, and bother to keep improving on the detail. Extreme exaggeration of bright color and Bohemian has in the past, with reservation of of primitive simplicity design is a hot spot in this year’s national wind. On the choice of color, turquoise, blue, amber red follow fashion popular way of saving money. Inherited a long pull-type on modelling, mostly using timber shop-houses and matte color beads or combination of shells, in a more stable design style will be national GuPiaoGan gets shown incisively and vividly.
National wind necklace
Tie-in Tips: national wind necklace will match the style of simple jacket, the collar is too heavy and complicated and too much color clothes will only make people feel necklace is redundant.
Bouchern pattern colored stone ring
Stones jewelry restoring ancient ways
Always go exquisite luxurious luxury brands continue this year with the design of heavy and complicated and pure color gem ornament style, pattern taken from nature, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, the sea, water and other nature of things. Slightly exaggerated modelling, color gem is the most suitable for but, no matter with diamond, or pearl, gold, silver mix build, can create different effects. One is especially, Cartier LOVE series, the latest in a variety of high-quality Cartier love bracelet replica colored gemstones bracelet and ring is arranged on the wrist or rainbow, fresh fruit is tonal it is hard to resist, permeated with green breath, relaxed and happy to compose beautiful melody melody, always preach the sweetness of LOVE.
Tie-in Tips: need overall modelling delicate and decent, too casual dress doesn’t fit the necklace.
Jules Smith/Susan Hanover/Alexis Bittar/Miu Miu
Colorful wide version of the bracelet
Jewelry for women, as a part of life, indispensable. Especially in active warm summer, no matter in the sleeve, 7 minutes of sleeve, or long sleeves, ragged frivolous, hao wrist as snow, it’s a good time for big show the wrist. A colorful bracelet will look every day brings a infinite lease of life. Different colour bracelet and double loop, multiple color change, make the dress colour is more prominent.
Tie-in Tips: wide bracelet on the choice of material, light can tie-in and recreational lively clothes, while the metal material to tie-in dress.
Cartier Love bracelet chromatic gem
Hyperbole jewelry to wear the new idea
Exaggerated elegant act the role ofing new trend, bring some new ideas of everyone to hold good:
1, do not love “decked with gold” : the new material, under the advocacy of many top brands Fake Cartier love bracelet have rushed to use plastic, rubber (information), artificial stones, crystal, ceramic, flocking leather, wool hemp material, lace, fabric, etc. New materials. So, don’t be confined to the past of choice and quality standards, value of jewelry creative itself had exceeded the value of material itself.
2, free flexible: this year’s emphasis on functional and variability, such as brooches when this gird pendant, necklace chain, bracelet when arm ornaments and so on. Necklace this time length of the more popular, with a big or with fringe of a card, can also be mobile phone accesories, very creative. Kandy, triad, multi-function jewelry design direction.
3, reasonable collocation: although a lot of good, but for you is the best, the modelling of exaggeration and the good sense to match line to a season of clothing itself characteristics.

No matter from which point of view above

In Shanghai, van cleef, creative director and President of the United States global vice President Nicolas Bos confidently in the analysis of the story, “that’s because the jewelry industry does not have an authoritative industry association to motivate and to complete the legislation protection. Only rely on some real history of jewelry brand to help the public understand what is senior jewelry.”
Nicolas Bos thinks, from the three aspects to judge whether the jewelry brand “advanced”, first of all, the presence of history, is the real jewelry making history, rather than from other areas in recent years turned in jewelry; Second, have their own unique design style; Finally, technology achievement, have their own studio and production capacity.
To be the industry recognized “senior” van cleef, for example, have been published http://www.ourlovestore.com since 1906 since the establishment of the brand of jewelry design and production. Feathers, ballet, SIMS, zippers, etc has been designed for the people to memorize the image; In the haute couture in Paris studio alone has more than 40 craftsmen.
The personage inside course of study to think of, “has a rich history, and started with a custom jewelry, and custom business still accounted for a proportion, such as a third, up to senior jewelry title.”
No matter from which point of view above, well enough in the world today “fine jewelry” name brand, is definitely a digits.
“We’re now familiar the jewelry brand, has a high degree of commercialization, the real money makers are part of the series for the mass market, rather than custom business, from this perspective, is not in the traditional sense of the high-end jewelry. There are some real niche and advanced, and do not do the mass market jewelry brand, still into the Chinese market.” Ding to have such analysis.
“There are some brands, nearly five years to make jewelry, although some item also mark the day price, and also claimed to be a fine jewelry, but such as meaningless.” , “said Nicolas Bos for van cleef, senior custom jewelry is our core business, not to deliberately create the image, we are from there.”
For the proportion of senior custom business, as a member of the richemont van cleef has no right to, but Nicolas Bos said earnestly, “the proportion of haute couture business is quite stable, that is to say, the overall sales have been growing over the years, and custom business and other business http://www.ourlovestore.com growth together.”
To believe the brand is no brand
This year is senior jewelry brand break into the Chinese market the hottest year, bulgari, Cartier, chanel, Harry Winston, in the Chinese market in succession since spring van cleef cooperate with museum exhibition, invite the VIP dinner, please star to attend the new store opening ceremony, special new product launch the Chinese market.
It is worth mentioning, sea sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, topaz colored gems appeared on many big brands haute couture jewelry. Recently held in Beijing “1932” chanel fine jewelry exhibition, one of the most expensive pieces of haute couture, large pieces of yellow crystal becomes the main stone, carved into ms chanel’s favorite animal, the lion; And sea sapphire, tourmaline, etc in April Cartier Beijing unveiled a new exhibition also vocal role in high-end jewelry series, more than 300 worth more than RMB 2 billion in new products, the concept of “semi-precious stones” in Chinese traditional color gem emerald, ruby, etc with appearance.
“Color gem is the early years of semi-precious stones, colored gems why known as semi-precious stones, because of their hardness is not enough, so earlier known as semi-precious stones. But now the international jewelry industry has played down the whole concept, semi-precious stones are colored gems to say these gems.” Shao Wei said.
Van cleef global vice President Nicolas Bos in the interview, why colored gems and semi-precious stones have so much controversy, but still to return to the stage of senior jewelry central: as early as eighty to ninety years ago, colored gems and semi-precious stones have as an essential part of the high-end jewelry, because of its unique colour can bring unparalleled to jewelry design effect. About ten years ago, however, due to the heat treatment processing red sapphire, make consumers http://www.ourlovestore.com for colored gems once lost confidence. But want to rely on color diamonds to create is too limited, in the face of market demand is rich and improve consumer judgment, chromatic gem again over the years its market position.
In the jewelry world, there is no a set of complete system, while in terms of a single jewel, such as GIA institute of the American college of gems, IGI international gem different authorities, such as the appraisal certificate, but made up of many precious stones of each piece of fine jewelry item without a measure of authority system to determine its real value.
“Not only the brand said, finally judged only by their own eyes.” From dunhill (weibo), montblanc (weibo), Cartier, van cleef, Nicolas Bos in richemont work for more than 20 years, the story of the world for luxuries, in his heart.

Meet daily nursing methods of tourmaline and diamond

Meet daily nursing methods of tourmaline and diamond
Tourmaline is known as “woman flower” in the SPAR, perhaps you have been deeply attracted by it and the presents, so, how to choose the real tourmaline, how to maintain your love? You need to know the following method.
Identify main should evaluate the value of the tourmaline color, transparency, clarity, weight, cutters and other aspects to consider.
Kinds of color in the single color, such as bright red, rose, green and blue gorgeous Cartier love ring replica color tourmaline is the best, pink and yellow, colorless, most times. In addition, the single crystal color the more the better, such as double color tourmaline, three color tourmaline, etc.
transparency Glittering and translucent get rid of tourmaline requirements, more transparent quality more good, do not have obvious sense of fog or opaque. In some of the tourmaline crystals, there are a lot of needle-like inclusions in the cat’s eye effect, the effect in the majority with green color tourmaline. The tourmaline that appear this kind of cat’s eye effect, its value will increase significantly, but the evaluation of the key lies in its color brilliance, transparency and block size, and color changing effect. Color clear tourmaline is very scarce, and therefore its value is very high, is collectors collection targets.
Clarity, clarity is refers to the different levels of impurities and defects inside the tourmaline. Tourmaline impurities and defects inside is less, the higher the price, and tourmaline containing cracks and gas-liquid inclusions is usually used as a jade carving Cartier love ring replica materials.
Weight of the same quality of tourmaline, the bigger the weight the higher price.
Cut cut should be neat, proportion of symmetry, good polishing, otherwise will influence the value.
Maintain elaborate care, careful collection, will let you of the tourmaline even more luster.
Wear tourmaline with brittleness, wear should avoid collision force. Avoid contact with high temperature and hot water (fade), don’t wear while taking a bath.
Deposit when you don’t wear, should be single piece in the box, not pile up together, in order to avoid rubbing against each other.
Never in the ultrasonic vibration machine cleaning cleaning, can lead to rupture. Use warm water and neutral detergent (detergent) and soft brush to clean, can use alcohol to clean surface of precious stones. Perspiration, dust can make jewelry lose luster, need regular Cartier love ring replica cleaning.
Check for professional nursing, at least every three months to the professional jewelry store to do a thorough inspection and professional care.
Beautiful diamond ring will wear only on important occasions, not don’t like it, but that you don’t afraid of maintenance. Actually, want to learn some knowledge for maintenance of diamond, beautiful diamond ring can be carried out at any time.
Diamond nursing methods:
First, the diamond is not indestructible, collisions with other diamonds, are also likely to lead to damaged or loose. So, should be very careful when diamond jewellery. Also want to try to get you a diamond ring from chemicals, cosmetics and perfume, please don’t wear stored in the soft bag or a small jewelry box, should go to the jewelry store for regular cleaning and inspection.
Second, in the process of diamond of daily use, diamond is easily stained with grease, when touch will become Cartier nail bracelet replica dirty, so you should always use wireless cloth to wipe. Or with warm water and neutral soap and water and soft hair brush to clean. Can also be gems into ordinary cleaners clean gently, but do not recommend the use of ultrasonic and steam cleaners.
Diamonds are forever, forever. Hope that we can master some diamond maintenance of knowledge, let beauty go down!

Ordinary glass VS artificial crystal

The crystal of love
Crystal, pure, refined and elegant, has been covered with mysterious aura, is a darling of women jewelry box. Trendy girls also let crystal climbed, eyebrows, hair, teeth, household act the role ofing is tasted more from crystal crafts, with the change of life colorful crystal love.
Natural crystal color
The nature of the
A crystal crystal, natural crystal is natural, it is a kind of high purity quartz ore, the majority is white color, also have a small amount of purple, green, etc., this is because in the process of crystal formation, composition containing different metal oxide.
Main composition is natural crystal silicon dioxide (quartz), in other words, the crystal is pure and transparent quartz crystal, is a variation of quartz. Due to also contain other metal ions in the natural crystal, will present a variety of colors, common have white crystal, amethyst, citrine, tea-coloured crystal, hair crystal, crystal, crystal lotus communities, etc.
The characteristics of
Natural crystal hardness of mohs 7, quite general hard steel file, which makes the http://www.ourlovestore.com brittle and fragile, topaz, emerald, diamond, opal stone like gems in the shade. And the hardness of glass is 5. Natural crystal fracture is shells (fracture is also called the crevasse, it refers to the minerals produced by only after blow irregular fracture, fracture surface uneven called fracture).
Crystal authenticity
See natural crystal in the process of formation, is often affected by the environment always contains some impurities, observation of the sun, you can see the light evenly tiny horizontal stripes or catkin substance. And false crystal with defective crystal, glass melting slag, after polishing processing, coloring imitation, no catkin stripes, material.
feel Crystal beads in the palm of your hand rub back and forth, natural crystal texture smooth, artificial crystal feel is relatively dry. And in the same environment, artificial crystal more easily than natural crystal adhesion of dust.
The tongue lick Even in the hot summer dog days, natural crystal jewelry surface with his tongue, cold, cool feeling, too. Fake crystal act the role ofing is tasted,, no cool feeling.
Light natural crystal jewelry set under the sunlight, no matter from which point of view, it can let out a beautiful light. Fake crystal cannot do.
Natural crystal hardness hardness, gently with gravel on the accessories, don’t leave a trace; If leave streaks, is false crystal act the role ofing is tasted.
Crystal maintenance
With normal cleaning fluid after water place for cleaning items, with a soft brush or hand after cleaning, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, dry out control, stay half works with a soft towel to wipe clean can, leaving no water lines and fingerprints. Try to avoid using alkaline, acid and alcohol cleaning detergent, in order to avoid corrosion, additional ashtrays and other utensils should reduce the heating time, so as to avoid oxidation yellowing.
Don’t: don’t wait for dry after water, because water after dry leaves water lines, must be clean work partly. If you want to make products from http://www.ourlovestore.com more bright, crystal is placed in the sun after cleaning 2 ~ 3 hours, absorb sunlight after the product is more bright.
Bright is artificial crystal
Properties of artificial crystal is high lead glass, or lead crystal glass, namely the common glass (composition is sio2) adding 24% of lead oxide, get brightness and transparency with natural crystal similar artificial crystal.
Characteristics of lead oxide content of the international standard of 24%, the best chemical properties of artificial crystal, compared with common glass, mainly than major, feel is heavy; Refractive index is large, can transmission spectrum of multicoloured ten color; High hardness, wear resistance.
Purpose lead oxide containing 24% of lead glass through refining, impurities, manual blowing, fine polishing, fine carving, can be made into high quality lead glass art, light through the carved facet can reflects the colorful six color.
On the standard international has strict concept to the Glass, Glass, ordinary Glass product. Crystal: both lead glass or Crystal, lead oxide content of 24%. Therefore, lead oxide containing 24% quality guarantee of high lead glass.
Ordinary glass VS artificial crystal
Artificial crystal is containing lead oxide in the glass, the higher the composition of the lead oxide, refractive index and the higher the hardness, the finished product is the more the pure crystal, the harder it will be cut at the same time, finished products will be rare. High quality crystal ware with ordinary glass or low diopter of crystal value difference is very big.
Listen to the voice Hand recoiling vessels will sound different when, artificial crystal products, crisp like a metallic after will feel well fills the air, “dang dang” sound with a metal ring, the higher the hardness of crystal, the louder sound. And the voice of the glass is boring, no echo, “snapped” sound is more boring.
The luster Comparison in the sun, the high quality crystal reflects the seven colourful http://www.ourlovestore.com bright, transition and very rich natural and light, the color of the glass refraction is often incomplete and less bright. Transparency in the natural light to compare, the high quality crystal high transparency, show the glittering and translucent white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal will be yellow or blue.
Than the decorative pattern For the same colour of crystal, the pattern of manual into degree is higher, the decorative pattern on the small area forming the more meticulous heavy and complicated, the higher value. With the hand petting, manual pattern have holes in the hand the surface of the rough feeling, and the mechanism of pattern on the surface is smooth.
Than the hardness Due to crystal hardness is much higher than common glass, use for a long time also tend not to become dirty, repeated use for a long time, the glass is very easy to scratch and surface stains. Artificial crystal is bigger than the hardness of glass, and as a result, with artificial crystal would be left a mark to the surface of the glass, and glass crystal, no traces the appear.
Dian weight of two items of the same size, artificial crystal products than heavy glass, glass to light.
Recognize brand selected artificial crystal products depends on the brand, brand, because, only big international brand products of the large factory have a quality and technical assurance.
The secret of TIPS colored crystal
Due to the high lead glass melting to join different rare precious metals, crystal also presents a variety of colors. Such as manganese is added in the crystal material is purple crystal, adding cobalt blue crystal, adding chromium for the green crystal, add the selenium in red crystal, add the liquid gold is gold ruby crystal, add erbium rose crystals, adding cerium is yellow crystal, add neodymium is pale purple crystal. The gold ruby crystal for the color of the most rare and precious.
Health tip:
Radiation protection natural crystal from mineral mining and, if the ore radioactive elements, the exploitation of the crystal is radiation. But now sell crystal on the formal market, mostly by the relevant state departments of detection, there would be no high radioactive and Cartier love bracelet replica safer. Don’t have to worry about radiation problem.
Artificial crystal products won’t appear the radiation problem of heavy metals, but the process must add some heavy metals, therefore, will the residual heavy metal ions in the finished product. Lead oxide content in the products tend to be as high as 20% – 20%, use it to water, usually there won’t be ok, but if use crystal products sheng alcohol, acid beverage, fruit or heavy elements such as lead will be leaching from it, and then dissolved in food or liquid. If stored for a long time, the higher one of the lead content.
“Crystal class”
Crystal always with mysterious facies series. Some experts point out that the crystal, long-term wear natural crystal ornaments, have hairdressing, help regulate the body function and so on the many kinds of magic, “compendium of materia medica” account: crystal “XinHan non-toxic”, “fright heart hot”, to “set his mind at to bright eye, red eye”, etc.
White crystal is the most widely used, the function most gem is called the king of crystal. Have the function of storage memory, help to concentrate on, is a complex of all energy. Around the big crystal cluster itself, can purify the negative performance, commonly known as “ShaQi” eliminate electrical radiation.
Topaz is a birth stone in November, fortune, often can bring a windfall. Master sun nerve and liver, bravery, lienal, pancreatic and other internal organs, can calm mood emotion, eliminate fatigue, visceral weaker people should wear topaz.
A birth stone, amethyst is February represent purity and harmonious state of mind, contact amethyst can improve the intelligence of spiritual growth. Nearer the head for a period of time, are helpful to treat headaches, improve brain function and secretion. Sleep under the pillow, can inspire thinking, and the function of sleep. Put amethyst cluster, makes people happy and abstinent, etc., the ancients thought to ward off evil spirits, insulation, bring happiness and replica Cartier love bracelet longevity, and can detoxify and avoid injury, is like a talisman.
And development represent the resolute and decisive energy, courage, perseverance, can help the authority of the energy gem.
Tea-coloured crystal crystal (smoke) represents bravery, tenacity, restraint, easy to have faith career. Home, and amethyst under and organ function photograph echo.
Communities of crystal is the symbol of wisdom and love. Advocate spirit within and in the chest, help to improve thinking and open mind.
The crystal of the lotus Its color, warmth, can promote the emotion rich, help the pursuit of love, to grasp the love, enjoy love gem, help communication between people. The heart and lungs, helpful to the health of circulation and respiratory organs. Therefore appropriate for bethanath pendant hanging in your chest close to the position of the heart.

the world’s ten treasure ninth HuoKeSen COINS

The world’s ten treasure. 7: meteorite collection
Nothing is impossible, but drop down from the sky and gold valuable thing is possible, that is a lot of people think not meteorites.
Robert William Hague, 45 years old, he has a dual identity, on the one hand, is a professor at the university of California, Los Angeles, on the other hand is the world’s most authoritative meteorite collectors. From the age of 23, he started collecting meteorites, at that time no one realized that it is definitely a good thing. Up to now, Mr Hague has meteorites to become the world’s largest private meteorite collection. Although since 1990, there are others to enter the game, but from the strength and the collection size is also no one can compare and the Hague. First Hague meteorite collection is just out of interest, but later he found that the meteorite for rare Cartier nail bracelet replica and precious, also can sell price. Now in the market for professional meteorites, expensive price for more than $8 per gram, almost as well as the price of gold. Even the most common is about $30 per kilogram. If is meteorites containing rare metal, so it will be difficult to measure the price.
Mr Hague collect the experience of meteorites are like the plot of the movie raiders of the lost, is full of thrilling, exciting and legend. Fell from the sky in search of wealth, he travels on the earth all continents except Antarctica. In Chile, namibia, Australia, Mexico and Egypt, his experiences have been decimated in the wilderness. As long as NASA forecast when there will be a meteor shower, where he will be in the correct time to get there. No matter where, no matter use what means of transport. In addition to find their own meteorites, he also told the local people, as long as the locals find meteorites, regardless of size, Mr Hague will buy with cash. In 1992, the Hague in Argentina and bought a 37 tons of meteorites, that is seen in his life the biggest meteorite. But when the rock out of the customs, the Argentine government arrested him for crimes of smuggling charges, think this is a rare meteor owned by Argentina’s state. Later, the Hague is released, but meteorites are always stay in Argentina.
No meteor shower, Mr Hague will search meteorites. His main desert in Africa search, where the meteorite never picked it up. Hague driving glide down soft wings in height of 120 meters above the desert fly slowly, as long as see protrusions landing, then use metal detectors to search. Ordinary people think it is a search for a needle in a haystack, but Mr Hague in more than 20 years in the desert meteorites found quite a few of his private collection.
At present, the Hague meteorite collection (Cosmic Treasure) calculated at the market Cartier nail bracelet replica price is more than $30 million, as more and more people began to collect meteorites, value-added his collection will only be multiplied.
Due to the particularity of its source and future appreciation potential, Mr Hague meteorite collections in the world’s ten treasure. 7.
The world’s ten treasure eighth: west Pan Wang burial chamber
In Peru, South America ancient civilizations, sites of ancient culture. Great ruins found in Peru has a lot of, for example machu picchu. But the vast majority of sites are not treasure the legacy. On the one hand, because of the colonial power at that time in the Peruvian turned upside down in Spain, most treasures looted. Peru, on the other hand, the phenomenon of folk cultural relics theft is rampant, as long as the locals found immediately rush of cultural relics, and light.
West Pan Wang burial chamber was discovered by looters. Around 1987, the international cultural relics frequently appeared on the black market is obviously from Peru, but absolutely do not belong to the Inca civilization of cultural relics. Sensitive archaeologist Dr Alva to realize these unique cultural relics show that is likely to have an important relics stolen. He and assistant rushing to northern Peru, cora about nearby, while asking search, finally found the west Pan Wang rooms in 1988. West Pan Wang tomb to hide in a valley, the location is very secretive, without any significant signs around, almost can be said to be very humble, this became the reason it has not been disturbed. By looters tomb entrance has opened, the tomb is composed of dozens of chamber size, luxurious rooms and Dr Rich interred let Alva was dumbfounded.
In order to continue to protect the cultural relics stolen, Dr Alva stubbornly insist on living in the tomb, guard the entrance until arrive Peru officials from the state administration of cultural heritage. Local farmers hate Alva was broken, their fortunes in the mouth of the cave threatened to kill him. Fortunately, the protection of cultural relics were eventually. In after excavation, Dr Alva unearthed seal, has never been into the west Pan Wang main grave, he also became the Cartier nail bracelet replica world’s the star of the excavation history.
West Pan Wang is an emperor of ancient moche people. Moche people live in AD 100 to 100, then was conquered by the incas. Has always been the incan civilization is the center of the ancient civilization of Peru, it is hard to imagine in moche sites found the Inca relics in the shade of the baby.
West Pan Wang interred in the tomb filled up with full of beautiful things in eyes, Pan Wang bones in the tomb of the middle west, his hands clutching a weighed 0.5 kg, small shovel made of pure gold. His head and chest covered with gold mask, his arms hang on the bones of fine jewelry, even around his body is filled with countless jewelry and crafts. West Pan Wang seems to want to collect all the wealth of to the world for the afterlife. This is not all, is the most exaggerated, west Pan Wang around dozens of those buried bodies, among them there are young women, guards, servants, and these people’s body notting have is not filled with gold and silver jewelry is made of. The tomb, the bones of the dead just white stars in a heap of gold and silver jewelry. Alva, says Dr Before see things on the black market of cultural relics could hardly and west Pan Wang tomb found that, compared to if tomb raiders first find the main chamber, the consequence is unimaginable.
West Pan Wang the discovery of the tomb is one of the most brilliant burial relics found throughout the western hemisphere, known as the new world of “tut’s tomb”. Now all the gold and silver jewelry and crafts are the local museum.
West Pan Wang chamber (Lord of Sipan ‘s Tomb) to the risk of large gold and silver grave goods and close call fate in the world’s ten treasure 8.
: the world’s ten treasure ninth HuoKeSen COINS
Suffolk in England there is a small village called HuoKeSen. People in the village by farming, their life peaceful and insipid. But on November 16, 1992, the peace and light is broken. HuoKeSen, the most important day in the history of the village as a treasure discovered by accident and restaurants all over the world.
Eric lawes is HuoKeSen an ordinary farmers. In November 1992, he set about to his own house, so friends and neighbors came to help. On November 15, the house renovation is over, but a friend is told to rouse his hammer is missing. Rouse, never willing to take advantage of others, so looking for a whole day in the yard, but found nothing. He guessed the hammer may be buried in the ground, then 16, early in the morning, he bought a metal detector, continue to find in the yard.
By noon, a metal detector alarm burst out, rouse, thought that found a hammer, started to dig imitation Cartier love bracelet in the yard, to dig up to 50 cm deep place is nothing. Lawes didn’t intend to give up, as the hole deeper and deeper the voice of the detector is bigger and bigger. In digging to almost 1.5 m deep place, suddenly jumped out one coin. A look carefully, this is a silver pieces of ancient Rome, although metal has been badly discolored, but the Roman emperor’s face on relief is still clearly visible. Rous continue digging, the next scene let he forget the rest of my life — – present in front of his eyes is a pile of ancient Roman COINS, intermediate mixed with a lot of shiny gold, occasional silver spoon and small art objects, he unearthed a buried treasure.
Rouse, immediately stop digging, and reported to the Suffolk county cultural relics management committee. Cultural relics management committee members get to rouse home at fastest speed. One day after professionals of digging, all the treasures. There are 14191 pieces of silver, 565 pieces of gold, 24 coin, some arts and crafts, jewelry, and gold.
All COINS are purity more than 99% of the nine points seven COINS (a kind of ancient Roman COINS), casting between AD 394 to AD 394. All COINS from 13 different mint, from factory to buried less than 50 years of circulation time, so it exceptionally well preserved. In the general cultural relics market, this kind of gold is very rare, even if have, the price also insanely high. And suddenly found that 565 of these COINS was the first time in history.
In addition to the ancient Roman COINS, hawk, semper hidden in more than 79 silver spoons, more than 20 silver candlesticks, and some small silver statue and 29 pieces made of pure gold jewelry, fine workmanship.
These jewelry inlaid gems before being buried have broken down, maybe the owner of the treasure think gem high value and easy to carry. Also treasure and stunning weighed about 250 kilograms of pure gold.
In the third day, after the discovery of hawk semper hidden were shipped to the UK national museum, top archaeological experts in many professional eye look at it still brilliant. According to archaeological experts research, this is a discovery in the history of the ancient Roman coin the most concentrated, is also in the history of England found that one of the most important cultural relics. The owner of the treasure buried them in case of an emergency, hope after a period of time to get back, at that time about 440 a.d. Don’t know is what reason, perhaps is the master accidental death, perhaps he can’t find the position of the buried treasure, hawk semper has been Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica buried so far. Archaeologists analysis treasure certain prominent master living status, may be a sudden change. But so far, his identity is still a mystery.
Hawk semper hidden now be collection at the national museum, paying 1.25 million pounds for the museum to treasure the discoverer of the laws. Although these, compared to the value of money and treasures cannot but rouse, very satisfied, he said that even if a penny all have no, he won’t regret. The discovery of the treasure also bring a windfall for small village, a lot of people poured into the village treasure hunt, metal detectors become the best-selling goods.
Hawk semper hidden (Hoxne Hoard) because of their mysterious master and honest discoverer ranks ninth in the world’s ten treasure.
The world’s ten treasure tenth: Russian diamond library
The ancient emperors always hope their rule will stretch to forever, like a diamond strong and lasting. This is probably the Russian czar Peter the great began to collect diamonds and jewels.
The early 18th century, Peter the great enacted a protection treasures special command, calling for not allowed to sell chamber of precious jewels and jewelry, above a certain weight of diamond and jewelry must be acquired by the royal. Peter also search diamond jewelry in the world scope, many small learned that he had good heart to offer their best jewelry personally, hope so sheltered and well-being.
Peter the great in their own living in st. Petersburg east built a mysterious buildings, all jewelry are collected in the inside, the world is called diamond library. After Peter the great, the obsession with collecting jewelry is queen Catherine ii. If every woman love diamonds in the world, then love diamond woman is Catherine ii. Her obsession with degree of diamond, wear a priceless diamond every day, and the pattern renovates frequently. Her process requirement of diamond cutting and Mosaic is extremely high, the most excellent diamond cutting expert in Russian history is in Catherine ii period. There used to be a palace guard muster up courage to praise the queen’s imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond is beautiful, he was a promotion to guard. The size of officials and have put pressed diamond as the most direct way to promotion. A queen’s birthday, the results in the tens of thousands of birthday gift received more than half is diamond. The queen of diamonds inlaid jewelry, not only even she everyday with all the things will be studded with diamond. She has a book in the 17th century, the bible is on the cover of the silver inlaid with 3017 diamonds.
Under the generations of the royal family kept collecting, Russia to the largest concentration of libraries become precious diamonds, the light of the world’s top ten big diamond has three.
One of the most famous is “aoerluofu” the diamond, this is currently the world’s third largest diamond, weighing 189.62 carats. At the beginning of the 17th century, gore kangda diamond placer in India were found in a grain of original rock of the 309 – carat diamond, according to the Indian king will, a diamond machining experts to transform it into a rose, but without success, make weight loss a lot (from 189.62 carat only). This beautiful diamond celine ng temple in India brahmin was done the eyeballs of the god.
After the invasion in 1739, India was the king of Persia, the diamond was decorated in the Persian king. Diamonds stolen, after falling into an Armenian. In 1767, an Armenian diamond deposited in a bank in Amsterdam. In 1772 diamond re-gifted sold to Russia command jeweler Ivan. Ivan for the price of 400000 rubles in 1773 and sold diamonds to count orlov. In the same year, the count orlov named “aoerluofu” the diamond, and dedicate it to Catherine ii in her name day as a gift. Then “aoerluofu” were welded into a silver city of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, set at the top of the wand of Russia. A saga of wand of diamond to the majesty of a shock, “aoerluofu” the diamond is one of the most important item in the repository.
Except “aoerluofu” the diamond world-class diamond still has a lot of libraries. “Paul I weigh 130.35 carat, the purple beauty once set in India in the middle of the crown, was later Peter the great. “Persian czar” weighs 99.52 carat, had set in the crown of the Persian king, was later for the tsar wen DE. “Shah” although only weighs 88.7 carat, but it is only an engraving of the world’s big diamond. Diamond is initially discovered in India, has been the king has two India, then travels to the hands of the king of Persia. On three of the diamond crystal respectively inscribed with the name of the three Kings, each sold into the hands of the new owner, will be engraved on the new owner’s name. To know the diamond is very hard, want to engraving on the above difficulty. From the diamond gem craftsman ground under some very fine powder, with a sharp dip in with fine Replica Cartier jewelry rod take the powder to the diamond lettering. After 3 times lettering, “shah” in weight from 95 carats into found 88.7 carats. In 1829, the Russian ambassador to Persia, was stabbed to death, the czar threatened revenge. The tsar in order to pacify the anger, the prince of Persia hoss leif mill rate delegation to st Petersburg to malaysians. The prince sent the tsar a treasure, it is of the vicissitudes, “shah”. Its value at the time seems to be equivalent to a war between two countries. Since then, “shah” kept in Russia.
Single huge diamond has been impressive, and by thousands of diamond set. Gleaming big crown is a diamond. It is in 1762 by the royal jeweler for Catherine ii’s coronation specially made, top ten most important diamond respectively from the Europe tear open come down to the king’s crown. Craftsmen set with 4936 diamonds on the crown, a total of 2858 carat, the crown weighs 1907 grams. The top of the crown is one of the world’s heaviest spinel, weighing 398.72 carats. Long gem experts agree that this is a ruby, it was discovered later rare spinel. At present the spinel is Russia “one of the seven gem” must be protected, it is worth mentioning that it was in 2672 the Russian gold rubles from Beijing to buy?
Diamond library treasure has now cannot be measured by the market price, it has become the symbol of Russian national wealth, but even the royal treasure, also has from the rough time. After the first world war broke out in 1914, the czar ordered immediately transfer the treasures from the east to the kremlin in Moscow. On the transfer, due to the leakage loss of a large part of jewelry. According to one theory, about 75% of the scattered diamonds and jewels into the folk.
During the second world war, Russia also lost a significant number of treasures, including so-called “first day word, jewelry box” amber hall. In 1711, the Prussian king Frederick I ordered built a HuPoShi. HuPoShi shows square, cover an area of about 200 square meters, Shared the 6 tons of amber, decorated with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. The value of it is not only displays in the amazing concentration of wealth, but also a masterpiece of baroque art. Five years later, the emperor imitation cartier love bracelet Frederick I son William had to celebrate the Prussian alliance with Russia, send HuPoShi to Peter, Peter diamond library will HuPoShi income. The middle of the 18th century, Catherine ii ordered the craftsmen to decorate the hall HuPoShi become a palatial hall, became the amber room. Modify finished in 1770, the hall luxuriant have to make a person dazzling, 565 candles to illuminate the whole hall, candlelight sprinkled on the jewelry world, stunning proceed accordingly… . In the autumn of 1941, the invasion of the Soviet union occupied the original Catherine ii of the palace. Hitler ordered the amber hall apart, put them into 27 crates back to Germany, put crow levy, a city (now kaliningrad). In 1943, the war plummet. Hall to fall into the hand of the Soviet, the amber room and remove the packing by the germans, hidden in the Teutonic knights castle and air-raid shelters nearby. In August 1944, the allied bombing of crow city, leveled the Teutonic knights castle. From then on, amber room unaccounted for. Now countless treasure hunter in search of amber hall, but still no news.
Preserved diamond library in the basement of the kremlin for 8 years. National committee for the treasures in the Soviet union in 1922 made the appraisal, and it was decided that the national pride, now by the Russian national precious metals gem management committee. Although lost a lot of treasures, but there are still more than 25300 carats of diamonds in the garage, large particles sapphire 1700 carats, 1700 carats diamond granule, 2600 carats ruby and sapphire many big and round high quality fine pearls.
Symbol of the nation’s wealth concentrated in Russia, the Russian Diamond library (the Russian Diamond Resource) in the world’s top ten treasure the tenth.