Cartier senior watch carrying a hundred years of the brand’s exquisite skills

Cartier senior watch carrying a hundred years of the brand’s exquisite skills, every time is the best witness. During the current watch and miracle show, Cartier is still live up to expectations, with a variety of new masterpiece debut in Hong Kong, these unique “craft” all show us Cartier in the field of watchmaking courage to explore and innovative spirit. Here, let us together to fine taste of these pieces of masterpiece it.

· Limited high-level complex function watch

Cartier in the 2015 watch and miracle Asia senior watch show launched a special gift box watch, the box presents Cartier three advanced features of the classic model, the global limited edition of five sets and with a separate number. Three wrist watches are round case design imitation Cartier love bracelet, blue enamel dial with different functions of the complex device, that is, floating tourbillon three asked, Astrocalendaire celestial body running calendar and double mysterious tourbillon. The following editor will show you these watches:

Floating Tourbillon three questions Rotonde De Cartier watch

Rotonde De Cartier watch case made of titanium material, table diameter 45 mm, blue enamel dial with “flame” Glyph decoration, with rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped pointer. At the same time, watch the most eye-catching design is the sound spring and hammer on the dial clearly visible, inertia flywheel from the bridge on the restrictions, so that it can really volley flying, it is full of complex timepieces Exquisite beauty.

· Celestial running calendar ROTONDE DE CARTIER watch

Cartier celestial bodies running calendar ROTONDE DE CARTIER watch, with a complex process to explain the revolutionary concept of tabulation. Watch dial set the perpetual calendar, accurate display twelve months, seven days a week, the date of peace leap year. Watch with three-dimensional multi-level concentric circle design, the calendar of the various functions presented layer by layer. The first layer for the week, the second layer for the month, the date is displayed in the top. Exquisite pane moves along different levels, as the last function of the calendar – flat leap year display, through the table back of a pointer clear instructions.

Double mysterious Tourbillon watch

This new watch equipped with double mysterious tourbillon movement, the continuation of Replica Cartier jewelry more than 100 years of the brand “mysterious” legend. This exquisite device is placed in the center of the watch, seems to get rid of the law of gravity, giving no support and suspended in the empty view. The tourbillon frame completes the rotation of every minute of the week and every 5 minutes in its space full rotation, hence the name “double mysterious” tourbillon.

Watch case made of platinum precious metal material, watch diameter 45 mm, blue enamel dial with exquisite “flame” Glyph, with rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped pointer, platinum bead-shaped crown, inlaid with a convex Round sapphire, while using a black crocodile leather strap, watch waterproof performance of 30 meters.

Clé de Cartier Floating Tourbillon watch

The biggest highlight of the Clé de Cartier watch is the 6-position floating tourbillon, the 18K white gold case with 478 bright cut diamonds, weighing 3.56 kt, 35 mm in diameter, 11.3 mm in thickness, silver Dial decorated with exquisite Glyph, with blue steel sword-shaped pointer, elegant and generous. Watch at the same time with a sea blue crocodile leather strap, together with 18K white gold folding clasp, inlaid 41 bright cut diamond, the total weight of 0.40 karats.

· Mysterious hour function rose gold watch

This watch case made of 18K rose gold material, table diameter 41 mm, unique dial design to bring a mysterious color. Dial with hollow decoration, set off the blue Roman numerals, and the crown on the crown of the sapphire echoes. Roman numerals, minutes track, sword-shaped pointer and other Cartier’s iconic design witnessed the brand of advanced watch series of superb craft, two pointers suspended on the dial, as if there is no connection. At the same time the watch also with a brown alligator strap, highlight the noble quality.

Mysterious hour function watch

After the Cartier watch workshop master of the ingenuity of the design, Clé de Cartier mysterious hour watch presents a unique and charming face, two pointers suspended on the dial, as if there is no connection. Dial the same unique, hollow decoration set off blue Roman numerals, and the crown on the crown of the sapphire echoes. Roman numerals, minutes track, sword-shaped pointer and other Cartier’s iconic design are all witnessed the brand of advanced watch series of superb craftsmanship.

Rotonde de Cartier advanced complex function watch

Rotonde de Cartier advanced complex function watch case made by the 18K gold, hollow dial design interpretation of the beauty of the three complex features are very harmonious, calendar display disk clearly marked date, week, month and year; 12 floating Tourbillon and three asked the time of the sound spring, hammer also makeup point dial space, exquisite design highlights the brand’s iconic style.

Reverse Tourbillon watch

This Rotonde de Cartier reversal Tourbillon watch is not only the charm of its appearance, but also its internal structure, Cartier successfully so complex movement concentrated in the table bridge square inch space, through the tourbillon reversal arrangement, Showing the perfect grasp of the dial space, interpretation of ingenuity of creative aesthetics.

Panerai perfect fusion of the 1940’s Italian design and exquisite contemporary watchmaking technology, echoing the brand continued to inspire new ideas in previous generations of tradition, in 2105 the third “watch and miracle” Asian senior watch show launched Radiomir 1940 series first Paragraph case diameter 42 mm automatic watch, the official model: PAM00620.

42 mm diameter case made of AISI 316L stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance, water depth of up to 100 meters. Wide bezel, integrated casting of the ear and engraved with the OP mark of the cylindrical crown are polished by polishing.

Black dial with sandwich structure, with a large rod-like time scale and digital display, 9 o’clock position set a small seconds. The dial adds a unique “Class A” Super-LumiNova ® luminous coating that is about 35% more readable than the usual luminous material and is legible in a dark environment.

Equipped with fully developed by Panerai P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), double barrel for the movement to provide three days of long-term power reserve.

With two-way swing tungsten metal eccentric pendulum Tuo, tungsten for the casting pendulum Tuo ideal material, its bright and high density of excellent features, is very suitable for the need for high proportion of the place, but also in the appearance of great beauty.

With a black crocodile leather strap, decorated with contrasting light brown suture, with a needle clasp.
Summary: PAM00620 Radiomir 1940 series is the first case of 42 mm diameter automatic watch, case size is more slim, but the design ratio is still carrying out the shape of the antique Panerai watch, both elegant sports style, with a strong personality captured Watch lovers.

Some friends use the watch you will find the watch water to produce steam and water

Some friends use the watch, you will find the watch water to produce steam and water. Seriously affect the viewing time! So many people are asked how to do the water inside the watch? The following watch home to give you to answer.    There are several conditions inside the watch glass, there are several conditions, (1) watch the water, (2) the air humidity inside the watch is relatively large, (3) watch and the external temperature difference is relatively large.    If you want to try to solve the phenomenon of watch fog, you can watch the table completely pulled out, in the case of 9 o’clock position, the watch heated to 50 degrees (can be roasted with incandescent), keep 2 hours, And then put the watch to continue to pull the table completely out of the state, with silica gel (or calcium chloride) such a desiccant imitation Cartier love bracelet package, placed in the box for more than 24 hours. But this is only suitable for mild fog of the watch, if the fog has been visible to the formation of water droplets, you should immediately sent to the table shop to do maintenance.How to clean the watch belt? Belt watch in the more and more people sought after at the same time, people began to care about some of its problems, take the belt watch cleaning, it needs to be carefully maintained by the consumer in order to make Strap gets the best care. The following watch home to take you to see how to clean the watch belt!    You can use a wet towel to the inside of the belt sweat stains first rub off, and then put the belt in ordinary white wine dip, dry with a dry towel, the inside of the wine is also inhaled out, dry on the line, there will be no taste The    But the inner layer of the belt has been moldy bacteria, and can not be handled, with wine for too long time the belt will be deformed open plastic. Be careful not to use a high degree of medical alcohol, will make the belt change color.    In addition to cleaning the cortex strap to comply with the principle of 3S! The so-called 3S principle, refers to the use of skin and skin (Skin) compatible lotion, soft (soft) wet cloth, fast (Soon) natural dry. Try to avoid the strap and water contact, accidentally wet, then, should be dry and then wear to avoid smelly; winter strap hardening degree, easy to have a curved appearance, then do not fold , So as not to hurt the cortex; sleep when the best place to put the breath in the place, so that cortical cells open breathing.    Belt is most afraid of water and sweat. But also consumables, to be replaced.    Regardless of what grade of the belt, if it is recommended to replace the ordinary belt every two years, because the belt with a long time after the toughness and tensile strength will drop very powerful, that is easy to “crisp”; if it is crocodile belt , Hope that every year to a professional cleaning shop to clean, do not deal with their own.The whole ceramic is a series of radar watches, it is called the name “high-tech ceramics”, still aerospace materials, light and hard, high temperature, corrosion and wear, is more afraid of falling touch, and now there are similar products , Is the use of ceramic quality is poor, more prone to fragmentation. So be careful in the use of the following watch a confidant A nine to introduce Replica Cartier jewelry what ah radar watch how to dismount it!    This type of strap in the demolition and festivals, pay attention to its characteristics, it is not like the usual strap, each strap section has a pin or bolt, but only in the two ends of the strap, So it is a set of sections that are closed at the end. Demolition to the festival, according to the direction of the arrow on the strap to indicate the direction of the steel with a little bit out of the bolt pin, it has no positioning in the band structure, it is easy to remove the pin, The thickness should be appropriate, the strap should stand on the special bracket to operate.    As long as the end of the pin out, the strap from the ring off, the rest is to the section, vary, usually the new table is a quarter of the case, if it is a double number, it needs Respectively, from the upper and lower paragraphs are cut off, otherwise the strap will be a long short, buckle is not centered.    In the whole ceramic radar watch strap up and down two, respectively, also have a narrow width of the section, can be counted as “half section” it, in the length of the band to do the fine adjustment, which can also be “half” Of the removed, so watch will be more comfortable to wear. Ceramic straps actually like a set, its inner core has a stainless steel connection plate, carefully observe the ceramic strap section has a flat side, while the other side of a little curvature, the surface of the arc should be outward, which during the installation Do not make a mistake.    And then wear the strap into the original should be no difficulty, but need to pay attention to the pinning pin into the direction of the pin itself, and the shape of the pin itself, it will have a rough or bulging, it should be regarded as its tail; With the arrows on the instructions, as well as the installation of the pin to be inserted in place, in the final smashing stage, be careful not to hurt the ceramic strap, if the feeling of the pin into a bit too loose, you can go to its head Point some 502 glue.Like the watch friends certainly know the Swiss Rolex! Although Rolex is not the best table, but his reputation was known to all. Rolex Rolex is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, after a century of development in the world’s major metropolis has 24 large-scale service center, with an annual output of about 450,000 watches, a market share of one of the famous brand The Rolex watches expensive, daily watch maintenance is necessary to do a good job. The following watch home for you to talk about how to maintain the Rolex watch!    Rolex mechanical watch in the maintenance, to watch parts all broken, wipe the movement with gasoline, and then by professional equipment cleaning other other instruments within the watch, and finally oil, assembled. In addition to the parts inside the watch, cleaning the watch but also polished polished shell. Because the watch on the technical parameters of the request is very high, so cleaning the watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng newA step and a method    1, wear normally while avoiding vibration. Only the appropriate amount of activity in order to make it continued on the article, under normal circumstances, when the wearer is less active, the watch may be slow when walking, this is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that consumers first use the rotation when the handle 20-30 times, to ensure that the string moves normally. In addition, although the watch shock, but when the impact of the outside world is easy to make the axis of the shaft or wheel shaft broken, but also can slow down the impact of vibration.    2, watch waterproof. Try not to go with a watch to swim or wash clothes, once the rain is wet or water, you can not pull out the table at this time to adjust the watch, and immediately dry. As the table head more prominent, try to avoid it by the bumps. But also pay attention to the head and the case of the gap, too small will affect the operation, and the impact of the General Assembly waterproof performance, will be beautiful.    3, to prevent magnetization. Although the watch is not easy to use the material made of magnetized, but when walking by the magnetic field, please stay away from the place where there is a magnetic field. Normal wear Rolex mechanical watch, try to stay away from the magnetic field, try not to water, although the automatic mechanical watch has put the magnetic field and waterproof performance, but usually try to note that wear time will be longer.

Automatic watch in the course of the process because of its winding can always maintain

Watches in the daily use of the process, often appear too fast or too slow to travel the situation. This is not accurate when the situation is really very annoying, no matter how the adjustment over a period of time or there will be such a situation. What is the reason why this travel is not allowed? The following watch home to tell you about.
Watch walking time are not allowed, the reasons for the speed of the watch
Mechanical watch travel time not allowed
Automatic watch in the course of the process, because of its winding can always maintain a certain degree of tightness, so it removed from the wrist, placed immobile, still able to maintain more than twenty-four hours of walking time; automatic table for many years After the automatic parts of the wear and tear, and its flexibility will be reduced, so every night before going to sleep should also swing the table for a certain time to make up for lack of power; automatic table automatic device failure, but also by hand tightening the clockwork, But not over. Hand winding feel more strenuous, because the automatic part of the gear and automatic hammer will rotate with the rotation of the big wheel.
Automatic watch, although the shock, but when the impact of the outside world is easy to make the axis of the shaft or wheel shaft broken, but also can slow down the impact of vibration; watch the impact of large by the magnetic field, such as TV, radio speakers next to , Backpack or bag on the magnetic buckle, are likely to cause the watch is not accurate when walking.
Automatic watch may be slow because of prolonged exposure to electronic equipment by the magnetic, need to watch repair shop degaussing. Or a long time to place the kinetic energy exhausted (normal wear one day can store to walk two days of kinetic energy, kinetic energy can also be manually winding the winding on the full automatic watch at room temperature, 24 hours error in ± 45 seconds for the normal error . Because the automatic watch must rely on the swing of the arm and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours to ensure that the timing is accurate.If the above method, do not work, should go to the professional watch repair center to detect this can be accurate Guide the watch to slow the reasons, and effective repair.
Stone table is not allowed to travel
With the aging of the quartz oscillator, will produce frequency drift, quality factor decreased. According to the standard requirements of the quartz wrench, the frequency of the quartz oscillator chosen by Liu Zhongzhong Baidu watches should not exceed 20 ppm. The intrusion within this frequency offset can be compensated by changing the capacity of the fine-tuning capacitor or by means of the logic frequency modulation method in the CMos integrated circuit. Such as the frequency offset beyond the standard requirements, the use of the above method can not meet the standard requirements of hand days difference, only the replacement of qualified quartz oscillator was able to solve the phenomenon of too much anxious.
Quartz oscillator leakage, but also cause the vibration frequency caused by thousands of table invasion. And with the severity of the leak, slow phenomenon is constantly changing. The more leaking the wind, the more slowly enough, until the quartz oscillator grams of the whole stop so far. To exclude this kind of go wrong to drop the history of the new stone must be tempered.
Battery voltage drop also caused sub-light slow. Watches in the use of new batteries, the timing of Replica Cartier jewelry the most accurate, with the battery voltage factory year by year to go to hospital. When the electric discharge voltage is less than 1.2-1.4V, the watch gradually slow down to stop. Replace the battery can be resolved.
Motorola Moto 360 smart watch since the release of concern, half of the reason is because it is equipped with Google’s Android Wear platform, but in fact Moto 360 smart watch’s own design and function is also very eye-catching, especially the exquisite metal round dial , Closer to the traditional watch, broke since the Samsung Gear smart watch since the quadrilateral pattern. Here we take a look at the evaluation of this watch!
Motorola Moto 360 smart watch function evaluation and price
See Moto 360 smart watch design, we suspect that Motorola hired a fashion designer. Yes, the fine polished metal case may not be as luxurious as IWC or Vacheron Constantin, but reveals a kind of cool temperament, it is not put it down. Compared to the plastic surface of the Pebble or strange Galaxy Gear are some no momentum. In addition, Moto 360 also supports waterproof function, although there is no specific parameters, but I believe that water splash is completely no problem.
In addition, the strap is to support the replacement, there are two kinds of metal and leather material optional, but it seems that Motorola has given up more free strap customization services.
Motorola Moto 360 smart watch function detailed and forecast
Personally, I prefer a circular dial, so the current smartphone on the market I can not accept. And Moto 360 on the use of a 1.8-inch circular screen, from the current promotional information on the display is also very good, of course, the actual effect remains to be verified. Motorola said that the circular body is to attract both sex users at the same time, get more potential consumers.
Motorola Moto 360 smart watch function evaluation and price
In the demo video, we also found that Moto 360 can be worn on the left hand or right hand, I believe the system will have a screen automatic rotation mechanism to determine the user’s wear position, so whether it is left and right are no obstacles.
Android 4.3 above fit
As for compatibility, iOS users may be disappointed, Moto 360 can only support Android 4.3 and above version of the smart device. Of course, this is very reasonable, after all, Android Wear is an important part of Google’s entire mobile system ecology, no reason to benefit competitors. In addition, because Android Wear need to work in the notification monitoring API environment, and only Android 4.3 and above to support, so the future of the platform’s smart watches are not compatible, Android 4.2 and the following users should pay attention.
No built-in camera
Unlike Samsung, Moto 360 pursues a simple and easy-to-use experience, and for the average person it is not necessary to take a picture with a watch, so it does not have a built-in camera.
Wireless charging
Relevant industry confirmed that the Moto 360 uses a wireless charging form, so the table does not have a micro USB interface, should be in a simple design considerations. But for the user, the wireless charging to increase the cost of carrying, obviously you can not carry a data cable for the phone, watch the charge. As for battery life, Motorola claims that the Moto 360’s work form is “giving priority to battery life”, so we want it to be used for at least three days.
Always show time
Moto 360 is a feature of it as ordinary watches, will always show the time, rather than need to press the button screen will light up. We have also discussed the current general problem of smart watches, is not enough “watch”. Obviously, Motorola takes this into account. Believe it will be through a more energy-saving form, to show the time.
Moto 360 price is currently around 2699 yuan. From the market point of view, the price is still relatively high. After all, smart watches are only mobile phone accessories, rather than necessities.

The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools

CASIO CASIO new solar watch new listing
CASIO solar watch new listing will be held, marking the first corresponding to a number of regional standards in the world of radio watches in China. Site, CASIO (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., chairman of Mr. Dan Min line and other acts of new products opened a mystery, and accepted a number of domestic media interviews.
New conference to “the world’s leading solar watch” as the theme, fully demonstrated the CASIO technology and design the perfect combination of product ideas. At the conference, the live media and guests watched the radio reception in Japan, the UK and China, and experienced the shock of high technology. In the product display area, the new CASIO radio table was designed to show the perfect design. CASIO is the world’s first launch of the 6 Bureau Cartier love bracelet replica of radio watches company, this time launched the wave table will be listed in the global market, CASIO through independent research and development of the “world’s leading solar watch”, the development of electronic technology to a new height, and Constantly refresh the watch industry standards, the CASIO advocated by the “creation of contribution” brand concept in China to promote out.
Radar table overview
The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools, from corona, water clock, hourglass, to mechanical watches, quartz watches and clocks, and now to the current wave table, people grasp every minute of the desire never stopped, the pursuit of smaller , The ideal of a more accurate timer has never changed. Before the mid-70s, mechanical watches accounted for more than 90% of the market share of watches and clocks, to the early 80s, quartz watches occupy a 2/3 of the market.
In 1995, CASIO in the German market launched the first radio table, followed by Japan, North America, Europe and other countries have begun to use CASIO radio table. Wave table with the previous timing tool is different, no manual operation, the watch built-in antenna can automatically receive the standard time radio signal, automatically decode and correct time and seconds, date and week and all other information, convenient and accurate. As the standard time radio is measured by the use of cesium atomic clock around and fired, the accuracy of 100,000 years before the error of one second, it can be said that the wave table is following the mechanical watch and quartz watch, the watch industry has a new standard. CASIO radio table, is an irreplaceable leader in this field. As of May 2007, CASIO became the first wave table sales of more than 10 million Cartier love ring replica manufacturers, while accounting for the world wave table market share of about 40%.
CASIO wave table three leading core technology
※ six innings to receive radio
CASIO in the world for the first time launched the original 6 Bureau of radio watches, high sensitivity to receive all the current six base stations of different frequency radio signals, including China, Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu 2 base stations), the United Kingdom, Germany, North America Standard radio waves, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. Even in different countries and regions, can also automatically receive radio waves, so that the watch and the local standard time to maintain a high degree of consistency.
※ Large capacity solar drive system
CASIO’s original high-capacity solar drive system, even in the weak fluorescent lamp, can also produce sufficient power, drive stopwatch, alarm, backlight, sensor and radio reception and other energy consumption of a huge function. For the convenience of the use of watches at the same time, also in line with CASIO has been advocating the concept of environmental protection, reduce the battery replacement on the impact of the Earth’s environment.
※ tough movement
Receive accurate time but also have a precise movement to ensure that the time to get the correct display. CASIO this time listed on the wave table also uses a new “tough movement”, effectively prevent the impact of external impact on the movement caused by the resulting time display error. Impact resistance – the new R & D use of the “tough movement”, CASIO found the most sophisticated combination of metal and resin materials, the use of lightweight resin and metal mixed assembly structure, a substantial increase in impact occurs when the watch machine The core is resistant to damage, anti-sag and resistance to deformation, to achieve an unprecedented impact resistance.
Pointer auto-correction function – at 55 minutes and 0 seconds per hour, the system automatically checks the error and automatically corrects the minute, minute pointer position. Make sure the time is displayed correctly.
Top watch logo sapphire mirror
How to determine whether a watch is classified as a top brand, you can see whether it is sapphire mirror and conclusive, sapphire high hardness, made with its watch, its shock resistance, sealing and strength than other materials, At the same time this is the top watch quality assurance is an important factor.
Nürnberger Ei invented the “Nuremberg Egg”
Glass appeared earlier than the time of the watch for thousands of years, but the earliest clock was above the glass. According to the literature, four thousand years ago, the Egyptians, already know the glass firing technology, and began to use glass containers to do containers. And pocket watch, but have to wait until the 16th century before the emergence.
The pocket watch is invented by a German called Nürnberger Ei. On his lineage, people have been quite controversial. Some people think he is Germanic, because he spent eight years to the then French king made a clock. But some people think he is a Jew, because he designed the clock every year there will be some time difference, the French king had to give him some gold each year, so he was responsible for the maintenance and proof of the clock. He designed the Cartier nail bracelet replica pocket watch with a goose so big, called “Nuremberg eggs”, can not be placed inside the shirt pocket, can only hang on the king’s neck, is now placed in the Nuremberg Museum for people to visit.
At that time the “egg” and no glass cover. Nürnberger Ei did not think, but the glass was not colorless and transparent. That glass contains iron compounds, people do not know how to remove the glass of iron elements. Since the color of the iron compound is green, the color of the glass is the same as the current beer bottle. Put this color of the glass in the pocket watch, can only get a result, that is, all people can not see where the pointer now point to. So, Nürnberger Ei did not use glass to give it a protective cover, but to this piece of pocket watch to add a “golden bell”.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, there are only movement of 401 parts
How many parts are there in the watch?
If it is a general, not too complicated watches, about dozens or even hundreds of parts. If it is a multi-functional watch, usually two hundred parts from, not discounted. Such as Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, just the movement, there are 401 parts. The watch inside, the most delicate parts of the movement is the fastest balance wheel, senior watch in the balance wheel journal, that is, a hair so fine. So fine wheel but to drive the diameter of about 10 mm wheel rotation. For example, it is like a pen so fine on the small iron bar hanging above a disc as precarious. We all know that the surface area of the object and the square of the size is proportional to, that is, the smaller the size, the relative contact with the air surface area is greater, the corrosion is also faster. For watches such a thing, if there are sewn can make dust and water vapor into the rust will be like the plague as in the internal spread, and finally let the watch a thorough strike.
Therefore, the seal protection, for the watch, is definitely a major event.
Vacheron Constantin introduced pocket watch called Patrimony Contemporaine, very valuable collection
Until a few hundred years later, with the birth of colorless transparent glass, glass was as a protective cover, appeared on the watch. Now pocket watch does not have practical value, but because of its body has a retro atmosphere, but it has become a legacy of small toys, so that the major brand manufacturers whom favored, such as Vacheron Constantin launched a few months ago called Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket watch, very valuable collection.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Model Mirror: Blue Crystal Face
However, it was soon found that although the glass can play a good role in hindering the role of water vapor and dust, but also has its own shortcomings: fragile, easy to liposuction, too expensive.
Fragile, so that a lot of pocket watch life than the super-year-old; easy liposuction, then you always want to take a piece of handkerchief in the above repeatedly rub to wipe, but because the glass hardness is low, you can easily let pocket watch The mirror becomes a misty one. Coupled with the price is expensive, before the advent of plexiglass, ordinary glass is still used as a mirror of the main material is widely used.

Jade and jade is the same? What is the difference between jade and jade

Jade and jade is the same? What is the difference between jade and jade
Jade and Jade are the same? What is the difference between jade and jade? People have been on the jade jewelry are inexplicable love. In the early Qing Dynasty emerald into China, after several hundred years, jade jewelry has become the first choice for Oriental women. Now people for jade and jade culture is always a vague perception, many people do not know jade and jade, like jade and jade is the same? This problem is often troubled everyone. Xiaobian today to tell you about jade and jade.
In fact, jade is a jade, jade is more precious, generally known as jade jade, but no jade jade. Jade is a collectively, it has a lot of types, one of the most famous is the soft jade and jade, jade is jade jade category, it can be said that jade is jade, but jade is not jade. Because jadeite and nephrite chemical composition and density and refractive index and hardness and other aspects of the difference, resulting in a difference between jade and nephrite, people through these areas to distinguish between jade and similar jade.

What is the difference between jade and jade?

What is the difference between jade and jade? Many people do not understand Replica Cartier jewelry the concept of jade and jade, mistakenly think that jade and jade are two completely different concepts, but I do not know, jade is actually a kind of jade.

In the jewelry discipline, “jade” is a large category of concepts, including: jade, soft jade, water foam jade, jade, Dushan jade, Huang Longyu, Malay jade, agate, etc., and “jade” Of a kind – emerald. The concept of jade and jade is like “tea” and “Tieguanyin”, “tea” is a large range, and “Tieguanyin” refers only to Tieguanyin this kind of tea. So it can be said that jade is really jade, it is “jade” in this family of a member, but jade is not necessarily jade. Need to pay special attention to is that in the jade industry chain, operators often “emerald” referred to as “jade”, such as: buy, sell jade, do jade business, Burmese jade, jade bracelet. Jade operators between the hint, in their thinking: “Emerald” is equal to “jade”.

Jade is the king of jade, is the only internationally recognized gem-level jade, she has many other jade varieties incomparable features and advantages. Specifically, the emerald has six significant features: rich color, physical stability, strong luster, high refractive index, the proportion of high hardness, in addition, gem-level jade is only produced in Myanmar specific veins, the origin of the uniqueness is also doomed The quality of her noble – “things rare”.
Jade bracelet wear law, jade bracelet wear law what stress? Bracelets since ancient times are women’s favorite accessories, jade bracelet warmth to bring out the women’s gentle, kind, noble, elegant, for the promotion of personal temperament has an indispensable role.

Jade bracelet wear method

Jade bracelet wear method. Wear jade bracelet a lot of benefits, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people beautify themselves, beautify the desire to live more strongly. Jade bracelet wear, it seems very simple, but there are a lot of skills, jade bracelet in the purchase time to try to choose the right jade bracelet, bracelet big enough in the wrist up and down, bracelet tight will affect the comfort, so size To be just right.
For those who have no experience or do not understand the bracelet maintenance, the bracelet is very difficult to wear, if it is easy to wear, then the circle is certainly great, ring appropriate, then wear is also some twists and turns. So please ask experienced people to help wear, such as business or often wear bracelet friends; if you wear, it may scratch the skin tissue, and even break the bracelet, or accidentally broke the bracelet. So before wearing should learn the appropriate way to wear, reduce unnecessary trouble.

Before wearing jade bracelets, you can prepare some of the lubricant, detergent, plastic bags, etc., to strengthen the hand of the lubrication, so wear more easily. In addition, jade bracelet is a little stress Oh, like jade bracelet people should be a lot of understanding.

Jade bracelet wear method to pay attention to what
Jade bracelet wear method to pay attention to what? Wearing bracelets are also quite stress, not how to wear on how to wear, in violation of the rules of the rules will make people laughing generous.

Usually wearing a jade bracelet is wearing a left hand, if wearing two words, you can wear one hand each two, or both are worn on the left hand, with three words, all to wear on the left hand, not One hand wearing an emerald bracelet, the other hand wearing two jade bracelets. Do not recommend wearing more than three jade bracelets, it is too unconventional, will give people the feeling of uncoordinated, destroyed the bracelet with the harmony.

Buddhism culture mentioned “left into the right”, the left hand is pure hand, right hand is dirty hands, so choose jade bracelet worn on the left hand, to absorb the power of clean to purify our hearts. From the medical point of view, emerald contains a lot of trace elements, great health benefits, long-term wear a soothe the nerves to help the effect, you can balance the heart rate, so wear away from the heart near the left wrist.

Anniversary send girlfriend what gift is good

Anniversary send girlfriend what gift is good
Anniversary of sending a girlfriend what gift is good, love the first anniversary of the year, you are not gradually from the warm toward the plain, she is not often ask you “you love me”, in the plains of the precipitation of love always make girls lack of safety Feeling, this time to send her an anniversary gift, both you love her expression, but also you give her the most delicious a reassurance.

General girls are very attention to detail, no matter whether your gift is precious, as long as you carefully, she will feel to, and will be touched by you. In the first anniversary together, she has any preferences, what interest, usually there is no small desire, there is no want to wait, and so you will certainly have a lot to understand, you send the gift to vote for it, even if What about it?
Send a girlfriend anniversary gift recommendation, in addition to usually Replica Cartier jewelry pay more attention to the preferences of girlfriends, interests, small wishes, in the anniversary of the preparation of roses and candlelight dinner, and then a romantic confession, believe that any girl can not refuse your mind.

If the feelings are very stable and relatively well funded circumstances, carefully planning a proposal is also a very good anniversary gift. Choose your first date for a restaurant or park, secretly prepare a bunch of red roses and a diamond ring – the diamond ring does not need much, just express your love for her as eternal as diamonds; red roses 11 best, on behalf of you I love her all my life.
Winter to send a girlfriend what gift, winter is all the sleeping season, but also love the season to wake up, send a girlfriend warm heart of the gift, even if the cold weather but also can see the flowers, it is from the heart blooming the most beautiful Of the flowers, is really shining its sunshine, the gift is to moisten its rain. So what is the winter gift girlfriend?

Winter to send a girlfriend gift is mainly to let his girlfriend in the cold weather feel your warmth, warm and cold items is probably the best gift to send his girlfriend in winter. Scarves, gloves, hats, etc. is the most practical warm gift, of course, plush toys, music boxes, etc. is also very suitable for winter gifts to send a girlfriend, sent out not only warm, but also a companion.
Winter to send a girlfriend gifts recommended, gifts to send their own mind, no matter what winter girlfriend gifts, as long as you carefully selected, full of your affection for her, girlfriend does not like it is difficult If you know what your girlfriend likes, go to carefully pick out a best expression of their own feelings of the gift, so the warmest girlfriend’s heart.

If the girlfriend for those scarves, gloves, plush bears and other gifts are not hobbies, it is better to send her a jewelry it, on behalf of the eternal diamond, but also expressed your heart for her never change. Zoakai jewelry network will have a variety of exquisite diamond jewelry, the price is not particularly expensive, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets are the best gift to send girlfriend in winter.
Christmas gifts to the best friends, Christmas is the Western Spring Festival, in recent years in China is very popular, Christmas gifts on the day of the festival is inevitable part of the inevitable, snowy Christmas night, around the decorate Colorful Christmas tree before the song dance, to each other to send a Christmas gift, accompanied by good wishes.

Christmas gifts to the girlfriend is only a chance to express love, a warm scarf, flying in the sky in the snow, melting her heart; a box of passionate chocolate, into a warm current, their own warm Love is also passed in the past; a set of exquisite cups, love is willing to protect your life forever. Christmas gifts to the girlfriend just pass a warm, you think the best is her favorite.
Christmas gift to send a friend recommended, the gift is the heart, but if the girlfriend can be better that the heart. So usually more care, love, to understand her, Christmas can find a suitable gift to her.

If your girlfriend likes to eat, send her chocolate it;

If your girlfriend is more like flowers, send her red roses it;

If your girlfriend likes plush toys, send her Santa Claus dolls;

If you have been in love for many years, then send her to drink her to marry it.
The first time to send a girlfriend what gift, just set up love relationship you first sent a girlfriend gift is not some nervous, some overwhelmed? The first time to send a girlfriend what gift is good? In fact, gifts to express their own feelings, with a gift like her to express is the best, so the first time to send a girlfriend gift before you can secretly inquire about what she likes for her to choose a suitable gift.

If the first time to send a girlfriend gift really do not know what the other like, then send her to spend it, although the flowers are more old-fashioned, but also classic, but the premise is that your girlfriend is not allergic to pollen. Or you can also send her some small jewelry, exquisite bracelets, pendants, hair cards and so are so that girls can not refuse. Otherwise, some creative, meaning the gift can also impress her heart.
The first time to send a girlfriend gift recommended, the first time to send a girlfriend gift does not seem to send too expensive, can vote for the best, do not know what the other like the case can show their affection. Send her a comb, both on behalf of Acacia, but also for the meaning of affection, to express your willingness to grow old with her old age Another comb on behalf of healthy, happy, the trouble swept away, the heart knot open.

In addition to the comb for the first time to give a girlfriend, cups, pillow and other gifts can also be used as a gift for the first time to his girlfriend, these gifts are clearly expressed in vain to express the gift, more to consolidate your love, to her A sense of security. If the other is more beautiful girl, send her a simple set of cosmetics is also very good oh.
Send a girlfriend what gift the most romantic, romantic gifts are generally with a unique meaning or carefully arranged for her to change a bunch of roses, feed her a chocolate, give her a love letter, send her a you Together with little bit of the album … … sometimes romantic does not need vigorous, in the ordinary life so that love inadvertently revealed that this is romantic.

In the usual process of getting along, pay attention to her preferences, in a commemorative day to send her to meet this monumental meaning and she is a gift, it is not romantic enough? Send a girlfriend What gift is the most romantic is not how good this gift is good, but that you love her deep and deep, love she will know how to give her the best and most romantic.
What gift to send a girlfriend the most romantic, the most romantic gifts are generally with the true appearance of the gift is just a means of passing love, can be straight to her heart is the most romantic gift. In fact, accompanied and waiting is also a most romantic gift.

If you think that any substantive gift can not express your love, it is better to come to an accident to marry it! Holding a rose, holding her hand, with her memories of your bit by bit, you may be a diamond ring, you may also be a rope rope, the ring wearing her ring finger, the fingers Closely, gently told her: “I love you!”

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring
Select the bare drill from the diamond 4C start: size, color, clarity, cut. If you choose a carat below the carat, then the proposed choice of high-color low-clarity, if it is more than a carat, better quality can also add value. In addition, diamond fluorescence should also look at. Ringing, then the general is 18k gold and platinum, the former hard, relatively cheap, the latter is softer, relatively expensive to see the individual like.

The value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C are very important, from the cost to consider it, we also need to focus on the selection of diamonds, in the case of the size of the first proposed from the cut of this C to consider the degree of cut Directly affect the diamond fire color, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, followed by the color of this C, the color from the DZ, the more close to the D color, diamonds more transparent, it is recommended to consider the final clarity of this C, VS Level and above as well, because the clarity of the diamond only cause a smaller impact.
Mosaic: the current diamond inlay method about a claw inlay, package Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica inlaid, half-package inlay, folder inlay, nail inlay, different mosaic way to the beauty of diamonds also have different show, the general wedding ring in order to highlight the value of diamonds usually use claws More and more recently more and more new choice of unarmed folder inlaid or semi-package inlay, more suitable for the usual wear, including inlay will have the effect of diamonds, pinning is used for small drill The mosaic. In the study of work or ring style is best to consider the usual wear habits.

Ring size: general K white gold ring size (refers to the Wai) are can be modified, because after marriage or the relationship between children, may become fat or thinner, the original ring becomes too tight or too loose, too tight affect the blood Circulation is not comfortable, too large is easy to lose. If there is no diamond or pattern on the rings of the ring, it is easier to zoom in and out, but there are some models that can not be modified or can not be modified at all because the pattern or circle is broken. Ask the store.

Identification: the domestic jewelry store on the use of gem identification books are different, can be divided into international certificates or general domestic identification of the two opened, the so-called international certificate should be GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI … and so on, other names A similar certificate is in fact similar to a certificate issued by a domestic certificate. It is important to the contents of the identification of the book please explain the details of the store, while most of the jewelry store will be accompanied by a store guarantee, on behalf of this ring is sold by the shop, some stores in the after-sales service will ask to see the guarantee, please And the certificate together with the good custody. So that after-sales service is required to have evidence.
How the diamond is formed

Diamond is formed in volcanic rocks, and mainly produced in kimberlite, another kind of diamond containing the original rock called potassium magnesium lamprophite (lamproite), it is a kind of alkaline magnesite volcanic rocks, mainly by the garnet, volcanic glass Formed, can be pyroxene, olivine and other minerals, the typical origin for the western Australian Argyle (Argyle).

Scientists have studied the diamonds from different diamonds and their native inclusions in the world. The formation of diamonds is generally at a pressure of 4.5-6.0Gpa (equivalent to a depth of 150-200km) and a temperature of 1100-1500 degrees Celsius. Although theoretically, diamonds can be formed in the various periods / stages of the earth’s history, and most of the mines currently mined are mainly formed between 3.3 billion years and 12 to 17 billion years.

Some of the diamonds in South Africa are about 4.5 billion, indicating that these diamonds have begun to crystallize deep in the earth soon after the birth of the earth, and diamonds are the oldest gem in the world.

The formation of diamonds requires a long historical process, which is mainly produced by diamonds on the earth’s ancient stable continental regions. In addition, the extraterrestrial impact on the earth, resulting in an instant high temperature, high pressure, can also form diamonds, such as 1988, the Soviet Academy of Sciences reported in the meteorite found diamonds, but the role of the formation of diamonds is not economic value.
What kind of geological conditions can be formed large particles of diamonds

In the depth of the earth about 150-200 km, pure carbon material in the pressure (4.5-6) × 109Pa, the temperature of 1100-1600 camera under the conditions of crystallization, the formation of natural diamonds. There are only a few places in the deep part of the earth that have the physical and chemical conditions of diamond formation. In theory, any time can be formed diamonds, as long as the diamond to achieve physical and chemical conditions. From the current mining of the diamond mine, most of the diamonds formed in 3.3 billion years and 12-17 billion years of these two periods.

In addition, the alien impact on the Earth, resulting in high temperature, high pressure can also form diamonds. But this way the formation of diamond particles small, poor quality, can not be used as jewelry gem.

When the earth’s shell to produce tension, solid rock began to move and rupture, then the earthquake, volcanic eruption. When the volcanic lava rises from the depths of the earth to the surface, the deeply formed diamonds are brought to the shallow and surface of the earth. After lava cooling we can find diamonds in the cooled rock. When the diamond is enriched and reaches a certain size, we call the diamond primary ore. Rocks containing diamonds are weathered under natural conditions, and diamonds remain on slopes, rivers, and rivers and are enriched to form deposits, called diamond secondary mines.

Diamonds are formed by geological effects, and geographical distribution, climate conditions are not necessarily linked.
Blue and white diamond: a pure as water-like colorless transparent diamonds, especially with light blue for the best. Such as “Centenary” and so on.

Red diamonds: a pink to bright red transparent diamonds, especially in bright and deep red for rare treasures. Australia is its main source. (In the red diamond grading only one level is Fancy Red, no Fancy Intense, Vivid, Light Red)

Blue Diamond: a sky blue, blue to dark blue transparent diamonds, of which the best for the dark blue. This diamond is different from all other colors of diamonds, it contains boron elements and conductive properties. Because of its particularly rare, it is rare treasures. Such as the world famous “Hope (The Hope)” and so on, South Africa’s Primermo mine is its main source.

Green diamond: a light green to green transparent diamonds, mostly due to deformation of the crystal structure, the color is usually only on the surface of the diamond, green diamonds are not easy to have grassland-like bright colors, of which the value of the most green The The Diamond “The Dresden” is the world’s largest green diamond.

Purple Diamond: A light purple to purple transparent diamonds, three times more expensive than colorless diamonds, especially in purple and purple for the rare treasures, the former Soviet Union is its main source.

A golden transparent diamond is a common variety of colored diamonds. If the color is golden and golden, such as The Tiffany, it is astonishing, and it was estimated in 1983. Has $ 12 million.
How to distinguish the types of diamonds

Orange drill: orange is a mixture of yellow and red, usually dark brown feeling of color, and pure orange in the natural color diamond is rare in rare. October 1977 New York Sotheby’s auction, 5.54ct Fancy Vivid Orange (Pumpkin Diamond) sold for more than 1.3 million US dollars high.

Black Diamond: Black Diamond is usually not as a gem-class diamonds, but the world famous “Black Oloff (The Black Orloff)” is reportedly printed in the Indian temple in the elephant on the diamond, also known as Brahma eyes.

Differentiated diamonds are mainly based on the color, flaws and origin of diamonds.

A diamond ring offer

A diamond ring offer

What is a diamond ring offer? A diamond ring is the cheapest few hundred to more than a thousand, and now the diamond ring is much cheaper than in the past, because the development of the Internet, diamond prices began to become more transparent, traditional brands and international brands expensive price, is less and less People to buy from the Internet to develop the jewelry brand, in order to better open up the market, has reduced the profit is very low, only ushered in the price now more and more affordable diamond ring market.

A diamond ring offer, the cost of each business, pricing Replica Cartier jewelry strategy and product positioning are different, the price will be different, but the most important part of the diamond ring itself, of course, the price of the material, that is, diamonds and ring. Also for the diamond’s international certificate and brand value is also an important factor affecting the price of diamond ring.

If the diamonds are 10 points or less, diamond ring price is mainly to see the material and weight, and if it is relatively large diamond diamond ring, the price will depend on the diamond 4C, and that is the color of diamonds, clarity, cut Work, weight In general, in other processes and materials are the same conditions, the greater the number of carats, the higher the price.

A diamond ring offer also depends on the clarity of diamonds. Diamond clarity from SI to FL prices are sequentially increased. That is, the lower the flaw, the better the clarity, the higher the price of diamond ring. The diamond cut, but also affect the diamond ring an important factor in the price of diamonds cut the better, the more the diamond will flash, the price will be higher, if the diamond has not been cut, it will be like a roadside stone, Not flashing.

A diamond ring offer also depends on the purchase path and the brand, and now online shopping is very popular, but also pay attention to purchase when looking for regular businessmen to buy, to avoid the purchase of false diamond ring or bad quality ring. It is best to find a store business to buy, such as Zuo Kayi, online official website, the channel has a flagship store, there are more than 100 physical stores, the price is very favorable, cost-effective. In short, when the purchase must shop around, choose the most affordable the most suitable for their own!
Now diamond ring is very rich price, what can be said that the price has. And buy a diamond ring, mainly to men, they are generally bought to send his girlfriend’s birthday or holiday gifts, or used to marry, marry, and so on. Of course, there are girls to buy their own reward their own.

How much is the diamond now?

Used as a gift of the diamond ring, the price is generally more than a thousand to more than 5000 or so, the price will be relatively low. And used to marry or marry the diamond ring, the price will be more expensive, usually in the 5 to 20,000 or so. Of course, if it is a star or rich, marry or marry diamond ring, in the hundreds of thousands of millions or even tens of millions of have.

Now the diamond ring price from a few hundred to several thousand to tens of thousands to tens of millions have, of course, if you determine the diamond 4C, then the price of the diamond ring will be able to determine. Diamond 4C is the color of diamonds, clarity, cut, weight, 4C as long as there is a parameter is not the same, the price will be different. The higher the level of 4C, diamond ring will be the higher the price.

Want to know the current diamond ring price, we must first understand the diamond 4C. Diamond color is like skin color, skin white more provoking love, natural white diamond, to H color above the diamond color is better, D color best white, the price is the most expensive. Diamond clarity is like a face, clean king. Diamond clarity to choose VS2 or above is better, just do not see the contents of the naked eye, and IF or FL the best clarity, the highest price.

Now diamond ring price depends on the cut of diamonds, cut like a face, the contours have to make the United States, diamond cut the best selection of VG above to 3EX perfect cut the most flash of diamonds, the highest price. In addition to cutting, diamond ring Cartier love ring replica prices, the greatest impact or the weight of diamonds. The weight of the diamond is like the beauty of the temperament, the better temperament, the more popular, and the heavier the diamond, the price is the more expensive.

Now diamond ring price is almost what the price, in the understanding of the diamond after 4C, according to their own budget, as well as the diamond 4C which fancy, to select the appropriate diamond ring in the budget, if the fancy of which diamond ring, But the price is high, you can not look at the diamond 4C level, slightly lower, you can buy their favorite diamond ring.

Gold and dark green crystal interpretation of the charming night

Gold and dark green crystal interpretation of the charming night
A woman’s ring of perseverance and love is self-evident, emotional women even the ring as their epitome of beautiful life, because the slender jade refers to that touch full of affectionate, changing style is their portrayal of a happy life, which Is her recent love of a Replica Cartier jewelry ring, simple and generous shape very gas field.

This just gold night ring with a beautiful night for the design inspiration, thousands of gold wrapped in a multi-faceted dark green Shi Luohua Shiqi crystal, green faint color like a Wang covered with green algae lake, quiet and deep, irregular Shape and clear lines are all to give a clear and blurred atmosphere, just as strong as the night is so tempting and charming.
A beautiful ring, exaggerated shape and irregular shape of the full personality, virtually reveals a domineering, deep color introduction reverie, as if a rich life through the sun, shed the light of happiness, recommended For everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
For women, sometimes enjoy is not a luxury, exquisite can also be very simple, a set of beautiful jewelry can be, this is her favorite set of jewelry, whether it is chic style, the charm of purple crystal or retro Of the elements are in line with her delicate requirements.

This is just gold of the purple love to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, individual and unique colors as a source of inspiration, thousands of gold with a perfect cut Swarovski crystal design bright and generous gold, three-dimensional realistic gold tulip Flowers and hollow gold edge are all highlight the exquisite, stylish style full of modern while full of exotic.

Very unique set of jewelry, but not very exaggerated, symmetrical design solemn elegant, tassels and hollow to join, and added some of the classical atmosphere, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Sometimes jewelry is not just a beautiful tool, or a relaxed and casual way of life for a woman, which is a jewelry she loves, even though the slow snail is out of tune with the fast-paced city life now , The taste of the style is also a busy life in a beautiful landscape.

This is just gold snail Fritillaria to the nature of the common insect snail for the design inspiration, thousands of gold to build a soft body fitted with Fritillaria shellfish shell, small, three-dimensional modeling cute chic, white Fritillaria watery , Far from looks like the sky falling pearls, very beautiful, but also very artistic.

Very cute set of jewelry, fashion design plus chic modeling fun, in a way to make people feel relaxed, in the cumbersome life intoxicated and explore the dream, feel the magic of nature and beauty, recommend to everyone to appreciate, hope Everyone likes it.
Many women and earrings have untied love, because of its swing gesture perfect interpretation of the woman’s 10,000 kinds of customs, which is when she was wearing an earrings, she always felt that this earrings are earrings of the necessary Goods, fashion design than the low-key to a lot of gold, but more compelling.

This just gold crystal patty earrings made of thousands of gold and bright crystal made of exaggerated pure gold large circular ring fashion atmosphere, the ring on the hollow crescent design rough with a little romantic atmosphere, coupled with three tassels Like the crystal grain, the perfect cut three-dimensional crystal in the sun reflects the dazzling light, so you anytime, anywhere to enjoy the treatment of patty on the protagonist.

Very personalized earrings, long style has modified the effect of face, exaggerated and not publicity style elegant and mature, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Big style Fashion bridal jewelry

Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
In this year’s fashion runway is one of the most eye-catching scenery exaggeration and fantastically designed first act the role ofing is tasted, the designers must have abandoned the value of expensive diamond, and coral, turquoise, agate and other natural colored stones, with different material collocation gives in this year’s fashion runway the most eye-catching scenery.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Ancient peoples accessories
National wind so popular due to its connotation of freedom, and bother to keep improving on the detail. Extreme exaggeration of bright color and Bohemian has in the past, with reservation of of primitive simplicity design is a hot spot in this year’s national wind. On the Fake Cartier love bracelet choice of color, turquoise, blue, amber red follow fashion popular way of saving money. Inherited a long pull-type on modelling, mostly using timber shop-houses and matte color beads or combination of shells, in a more stable design style will be national GuPiaoGan gets shown incisively and vividly.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Stones jewelry restoring ancient ways
Always go exquisite luxurious luxury brands continue this year with the design of heavy and complicated and pure color gem ornament style, pattern taken from nature, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, the sea, water and other nature of things. Slightly exaggerated modelling, color gem is the most suitable for but, no matter with diamond, or pearl, gold, silver mix build, can create different effects. One is especially, Cartier LOVE series, the latest in a variety of high-quality colored gemstones bracelet and ring is arranged on the wrist or rainbow, fresh fruit is tonal it is hard to resist, permeated with green breath, relaxed and happy to compose beautiful melody melody, always preach the sweetness of LOVE.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Colorful wide version of the bracelet
Jewelry for women, as a part of life, indispensable. Especially in active warm summer, no matter in the sleeve, 7 minutes of sleeve, or long sleeves, ragged frivolous, hao wrist as snow, it’s a good time for big show the wrist. A colorful bracelet will look every day brings a infinite lease of Cartier love ring replica life. Different colour bracelet and double loop, multiple color change, make the dress colour is more prominent.
Fashion opal element marriage act the role ofing is personality brides indispensable sheet is tasted, luxurious opal element of marriage act the role ofing will foil the bride the more feminine, each kind of opal element marriage act the role ofing unique just like wearing her bride, bride opal element marriage act the role of exotic flavor.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
The bride bracelet, with lively opal element has a unique design, will be the image of animals into the design of jewelry, will the whole bride bracelet has a strong exotic, red color of large area use and gold bracelet photograph collocation, make bracelet bride wrist a special scenery.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
Golden opal element bride bracelet, the widespread use of golden bracelet elements, deserve to go up of small particles, the diamonds to the whole bracelet the sense that gives a person is very costly, very high. The flowers design of link is also very good foil the fashion sense of this Cartier love ring replica bracelet.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
The bride necklace is the style that restore ancient ways, but it is the golden chain was simple but very have design feeling, emerald, round particle diamond pendant to the bride’s costly feeling perfect show, the necklace, the sense that gives a person is outstanding design and unique sense of luxury.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
Orange red fire opal necklace to the bride’s collar also smell of charming, opal elements are widely used in the bride’s this necklace, colorful color diamonds and gold link photograph collocation, let the bride has a luxurious temperament, slowly in the collar.