This is the beauty of the three stars to the blue star without a watch

In my memory, a scene so far impressed me, a kid wrote in his composition: “Today’s sky is gray, I put the kite on the gray sky … …” I do not know why From the moment, people feel extravagant to see the true state that things themselves should have. Like our sky, blue is the normal color of the sky, but today, for the city where we live, sky blue has become the most beautiful and most beautiful scenery, so that in the early autumn of 2015, the circle of people in the circle of friends imitation Cartier love bracelet Most is not anything else, but everyone’s joy and excitement for seeing Beijing Blue.

Precisely because of this, let us have a different feeling of blue, it seems that compared to other colors, beautiful blue more attractive, more impress us. In fact, the most beautiful is not only the color of the sky, there is the bright blue world that watch, that touch of blue, and some deep, some pure, some fresh, that small square, always allow us to explore the time When a little more appreciation and nostalgia. Sky blue is not every day, but wear a blue watch, but you can always have their own side of the blue space.

Sky blue overlooking all beings

This is the beauty of the three stars to the blue star without a watch watch, many watch fans are not unfamiliar with it, or even remembered its positioning “Dream Love”, see if looking at the stars, a drunk .

Patek Philippe stars a lot of blue sky, this is only the most extravagant super complex function chronograph series 6104G watch, this cosmic star chart is the most fascinating in the blue sky, Sirius and the moon interlace transformation to achieve time display, calendar instructions Function and moon phase function. Appearance, white gold bezel inlaid 38 long trapezoidal diamonds more set off the bright sky picture. Internal with Cal.240 LU CL C automatic movement. This is not just a watch, but a mysterious universe.

Master MASTER GRANDE TRADITION Master Q5022580 is also a super complex watch, master Replica Cartier jewelry series this is a universe to explore the mysteries of the universe inspired by the watch series. This 18K rose gold is a new extension of this series in 2015, pocket watch design full of retro beauty. The background of the dial opens with a beautiful Northern Hemisphere sky map, while finely depicts the 12-house constellation. Functionally, this series of unique orbital tourbillon reading time, crisp loud and timely repeater function. This is a “sound” “love” and the magnificent sky picture.

Compared with the cosmic sky of Patek Philippe and the northern hemisphere sky of Jaeger-LeCoultre, VCARAN5HI00, Van Cleef & Arpels’ poetic complex watch, presents Parisian space at midnight. 18K white gold case, the dial is not too much modification, but quietly 365.25 days a week to achieve the four seasons function. Deep blue night sky, starry, Miao silence, always toward the spiritual home of Paris.

These three watches with their different functions and beautiful interpretation of the beauty of the sky, this is the ultimate in world watch world charm, amazing, out of reach.

Must have a simple blue

Some tables are used to explore and fascinate, some tables are used to accompany, if you must have a blue watch, in addition to those sky above the watch, but also can be a simple, clean blue timepiece. That touch of blue and transparent, very suitable for meticulous and tasteful people, no matter what kind of texture in the suit, a touch of blue, showing the inherent romance and distinctive, and then with a tie of the same color , More just right.

GP Girard Perregaux 1966 Series 49525-79-431-BK6A watch, 950 palladium case, with a self-made brand of mechanical movement, power storage 46 hours.

IWC AUTOMATIC automatic watch series IW356512 watch, 18K white gold case, with the production of self-made mechanical movement, power storage 42 hours.

Irresistible movement blue

For those who love sports, no matter sweat in the sunshine sky, or in the vast ocean in the wind and waves, a blue watch against the blue sky and the sea, how it all appears to be standard. Because of this, Hyun blue in the blue table is also more dazzling, but these three are absolutely classic classic. In addition to the sleek dazzling appearance, easy to read design, seismic anti-wear performance, for them, the depth of water is also very important.

Rolex submariner series 116613LB-97203 watch, 18K gold and stainless steel case and strap, with Rolex automatic mechanical movement, water resistant to 300 meters.

Omega diving watch series watch, stainless steel case, with automatic mechanical movement, water depth of 300 meters.

Longines CONQUEST CLASSIC Comcas series L3.695.4.03.6 watch, stainless steel, automatic mechanical movement, water resistant to 300 meters.

Mysterious charm of the gem blue

Here, “gem blue” refers to the dial is made of blue natural gemstones, natural gemstones color is any artificial color can not match the original and mysterious.

Earl’s ALTIPLANO Pocket Series G0A37200 watch with fine lapis lazuli dial, natural deep blue, scattered natural golden grain, starry visual sense, is the closest to the night sky color.

Dior La D de Dior series also use the usual natural gem dial, with a woman’s love of natural gems, can always impress a woman with a luxurious minimalist design. This La D de Dior CD040164A002 watch is a natural turquoise dial without variegated, bezel set in luxurious diamonds set in the middle of the turquoise blue dial more clear sky colors.

There’s a little fresh blue

In this dazzle-blue world, some are very strong, blue is not open; others because of the use of color on the control and ingenuity, making the watch a little blue because of that to become fresh and different. These three watches are in silver dial with blue time scale or pointer embellishment, natural breath of fresh breath.

Mido Belen Sai series M8600.4.21.4 watch with dark blue Roman numerals as the time scale display. Stainless steel case, automatic mechanical movement.

Amy Gimmick Series MP6807-SS001-110-1 watch, silver radial Niu Suo-dial with blue Roman numerals and hands, the overall sense of the concept of lively up. Stainless steel case, automatic mechanical movement.

Montblanc TimeWalker Series U0110338 watch, white dial with blue digital time-landed, simple, clean and fresh. Stainless steel case, automatic mechanical movement.

Summary: In this Hyun blue watch world, the blue form is simply too much, this area is simply take a slice of 13 drink. Since the blue table has been so popular, is not it necessary to add some blue to your life!

With the changes in the social environment and the independence of the independent

Titus when the Titus watches offer how much
Swiss watch brand Tita is by Solvil and Titus two names from the merger. Titus was a very talented Roman monarch in the first century, and Solvil was a village called Sonvilier in the Jura district of Switzerland. Over the years, Tita’s international reputation is growing, today the brand’s reputation, not a single worship of its founder’s creative talent, high-quality watch parts is contributed.
Titus when the Titus watches offer how much
The brand in 1975 by the Hong Kong consortium time gallery acquisition, origin for Hong Kong and mainland China.
Brand characteristics
With the changes in the social environment and the independence of the independent personality and ideas, and when the iron and tian of the brand and therefore make appropriate fine-tuning of its brand image, a series of “time by me” as the theme of advertising, The message is still inseparable from a “love” word, but the level of involvement than the old wide, enjoy the same time, family, friendship and personal feelings of the expression is equally important. And iron when the watch design is also full of fashion elements, to meet the taste requirements of young people. From “forever” to “time by me”, iron is still “love and romance” characterization.
Titus watches Titus watches offer how much?
Titus Titus and plum, British Nagar, etc. belong to four categories of watches. Most of the Japanese quartz movement, the quality can be. Priced from a few hundred to about 3000, the most popular watches priced at more than 2000 or so.
What is the meaning of the watch?
Every festivals, or friends birthday. Everyone will be carefully prepared for the gift. Many people will choose to give the watch to others, then what is the meaning of the table? The following watch home to introduce you to send the meaning of the watch it

Boys send the meaning of girls watch
Generally send girls watch the boys are relatively more stable, rather than the kind of Replica Cartier jewelry too much change of the heart of men, and has a certain quality of life. And watches on behalf of the time, a symbol of the law of life, but also implies that the hope of the future meet with a punctual fixed as sustenance, comprehensive view, to send girls watch the boys in life, taste is quite level. At the same time, through the boys to send girls watches, but also that the girls are a taste, there is a connotation of the woman, and he just like this type. Sometimes, when the same grade, fun, women’s everything in his eyes are so beautiful and sexy. If so, this boy should not let him easily flow away.

And for his intentions, you can be presented according to his watch brand grade to do reference, and generally have shown love for the purpose, will not send tens of thousands of watches, such as Omega watches, Longines watches and so on. But mainly to some fashion watches, such as Armani watches, Burberry watches and so on. The price is generally around 1000 to 6000. This price is not enough to scare you, but also with a certain sincerity, love to grasp the palm of the control quite perfect.
Girls send boys watch the meaning
When a girl to send boys watch, from the side to see, this is a considerable sense of control of the girls, and has their own inner feelings all pinned on a small watch, and get this intertwined girl inner world Of the media boys, should be aware of its implied. And her meaning has been quite clear, with the ticking of the ticking, after a minute, with the new master of the watch should always think of him, feel her always at your side.

And the couple have been in love, when the boys received a girlfriend to watch as a gift, indicating that girls in a particular area is that you are more mature and stable. Like a gentleman as elegant, full of charm.
In fact, no matter from which side, the watch is one of the more expensive jewelry, to watch as a gift, at least shows the sincerity has been, but we watch as a gift should not be too expensive to send the brand, the price to Moderate can be.

The above mentioned austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic

What is the watch?
Some friends will find the words on the watch with steel, many people will want to think will not be a brand name. And in fact this is the meaning of stainless steel.
What is the watch?
In the English dictionary, steel means stainless steel. In other words, if you buy the words in the watch with steel words, it represents the watch for the stainless steel watch.
How to distinguish is not a stainless steel watch
People often think that the magnet adsorption of stainless steel, verify its advantages and disadvantages and authenticity, do not smoke non-magnetic, that is good, genuine. Inhalation of magnetic, that is counterfeit fake. In fact, this is a very one-sided, unrealistic way to identify the wrong.
A variety of stainless steel, according to the organizational structure imitation Cartier love bracelet at room temperature can be divided into several categories: ① austenitic type: such as 304,321,316,310, etc. ② martensite or ferrite type: such as 430,420,410 and so on.
Austenitic type is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite or ferrite is magnetic. Most of the stainless steel commonly used as decorative tube sheet is austenitic 304 material, generally magnetic or weak magnetic, but due to smelting caused by chemical composition fluctuations or processing status may also appear magnetic, but this can not be considered Fake or unqualified, what is the reason for this?
The above mentioned austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic, due to smelting component segregation or improper heat treatment, will cause austenitic 304 stainless steel in a small amount of martensite or iron Body tissue. In this way, 304 stainless steel will be with a weak magnetic. In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold processing, the structure will be transformed into martensite, cold forming the greater the degree of deformation, the greater the transformation of martensite, steel, the greater the magnetic.
In fact, stainless steel watches in recent years is more and more, durable, easy to wear and many other features make people very popular. But there are some bad business good enough, the use of shoddy materials manufacturing watches, so know how to distinguish genuine and false stainless steel watch is very important.
Swatch Swatch introduces Touch Smart Watch
Swatch has confirmed that it will be in their own electronic watches to add some of the basic functions of smart watches. Although at the beginning Swatch is not optimistic about wearing equipment, but now the company official has confirmed the news. Swatch Touch series will add a series of fitness features in 2015, but it is not yet known whether these spreadsheets will connect to smartphones or tablets, or will they support cloud sync.
Swatch Swatch introduces Touch Smart Watch
According to the Wall Street Journal report, Swatch revealed that the new watch Replica Cartier jewelry will contain all the “common features” of a fitness watch. Swatch Touch may be a sports tracker similar to the Jawbone UP24 Smart Bracelet that can record daily activities and then transfer data to a smartphone application or website via wired or wireless means. However, Swatch’s approach may also be more conservative, only the number of recorded steps and calculate the burning calories, the equivalent of a smart meter pedometer.
If you believe the analyst’s opinion, then the wearable equipment market is accelerating, the wearable device will only become more competitive in the next few years, and Apple’s iWatch will be heavyweight players. Swatch began to disdain the wearable technology, in July denied the possibility of cooperation with Apple, but now the attitude seems not so tough.
Although there is no Omega or Breguet Swatch’s luxury brand smart watches, but more affordable models are to follow the trend of wearing equipment. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek insists that if Swatch’s luxury brand watches are upgraded to smart watches, their screens are too small to be useful.
Now the Swatch Touch series of each table is priced at about $ 140 (about 860 yuan). The watch is equipped with a touch screen that can be used to view different data and change settings.
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Years ruthless, the time will always slip away from our side, the couple watches will always be between the two on the romantic bit by bit to record, so that love people witness the eternal love. Here to follow the watch home to enjoy the three swath couple watch it!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Swatch jelly couple chronograph, jelly series watch into the latest fashion design after the new masterpiece. This couple watches keep watch watchmakers to lead the trend of the design style, fashionable avant-garde colors and rugged sports material iconic features!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
This Swatch Colorful couple on the table with bold avant-garde cool cool design, highlight the temperament of the infinite charm. And shine on your different mood! Slender pointer tick, as if we always want to be the most shining!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Swatch touch digital series couple table, using high-tech touch electronic display, and provides a touch to set the date of the week and the calculator, alarm and other functions. All the functions can be controlled by the way the fingers slide!

What kind of jade is the kind of jade water is what it means

What kind of jade is the kind of jade water is what it means
Jade line has a line of words called “layman to see the water, the line to see the kind of” here that “kind of” refers to the emerald species of water. So what is the kind of jade? What is the meaning of jade water? What are the kinds of emerald water? Let’s take a look!
What is the meaning of Jade’s water?

In the understanding of the emerald line, “Jade of the water” including the emerald of the head and jade head, the two together referred to as “jade of water.” Jadeite’s seed is the jadeite crystal grain thickness or crystal combination of the dense way (degree of jade industry known as the thickness of jade meat), and the emerald’s head refers to the emerald transparency.

What are the kinds of emerald water?

Emerald seed water, should be divided into jade head and emerald head two aspects, in the industry, people will emerald seed according to the size of jadeite particles into glass, ice, glass, ice, egg , Waxy species, Ma teeth species, beans; another emerald industry also according to the emerald Replica Cartier jewelry within the crystal and the density between the crystal will be divided into the old emerald jade emerald, new and old species of jade and new species of jade. The emerald of the head, that emerald transparency.

Emerald water level

Jade industry insiders based on the length of light in the light through the light of the emerald raw materials to the emerald’s head is divided into ten, strong light can transmit a few centimeters of emerald, said Jade is a bit water
Jadeite is the kind of jadeite crystal grain size and transparency combined with the name, used to evaluate and measure the quality and value of jade. Jade in the water, the head and the head of the relationship between the interaction, but there is no necessarily between the two relationship. For example, the general case, the kind of good head of jade, the head will be good, bad kind of emerald, the head is generally not very good, but some emerald seed is not good, but the head is very good.
For the emerald, there is a saying is so to say “layman to see the line to see kind of”, jade species for the quality of jade or have a great impact. Glass species of jade and ice species of jade are old pit species, the two are very similar, but also slightly different. What kind of glass and ice? Here from the difference between glass and ice species to introduce, we can understand!
Glass and ice species which is good

Ice is very transparent texture of jade, but only slightly worse than the glass species to some. Glassy Jade is pure like glass, the internal if there are fine impurities are no doubt, while the ice is the emerald transparency is second only to stay, although it is also very transparent, but slightly more impurities.

As the old pit glass species jade rare, there are many ice species of jade is also raised the “identity”, called “glass species of jade” to raise the price of goods, and itself is only ice species floating jade emerald was ” Into the glass species drift jade to “raise” its price.

It can be seen that the glass species of jade because of the rare and expensive, naturally better than ice.

The difference between glass and ice

1, the overall difference

Glassy Jade: completely transparent, with fluorescent, clean internal, like glass as pure, delicate structure, toughness, can be colored or colorless.

Ice kind of jade: transparent water, the head is very like ice, but no strong fluorescence, may have a small amount of cracks or other impure substances, the internal generally have a clear white cotton, cotton and structure clear.

2, the difference between water

Glass of jade species of jade water is better than ice, crystal mineral particles are very delicate and uniform, the naked eye can not observe any grainy and Cuiche, the density between the crystal is quite good, high hardness, long water, good light , No white cotton meat like a glass block as transparent and bright.

Ice crystal emerald crystal particles slightly thicker than the glass kind of jade, the naked eye observation under the vague grain and orange peel effect, the combination between the crystal is not very good, there are some small white gap, leading to its short head, through Poor light, similar to the ice in the refrigerator.

3, the difference between transparency and white cotton clarity
Because the kind of water is good, so the same thickness of the glass kind of jade will be much higher than the ice species of jade emerald, good glass kind of jade placed on paper can be seen through the meat below the text. Ice algae transparency between the transparent and translucent, there is a sense of ambiguity.

Good transparency makes the glass species of jade within the cotton or impurities can be clearly visible, although the ice will be white jade, but the visibility is low, looming.

4, the difference between the strength of fluorescence

Glass species of jade species of water is very good, so there will be fluorescent effect, and generally strong fluorescence, a small part of the glass species of jade fluorescence is weak, even no fluorescent effect. Ice is also showing a fluorescent effect, but the fluorescence is generally weak, no fluorescence effect.

Although most of the glass species of jade will show the fluorescent effect, but not all produce fluorescent are glass species of jade, some jade processing business in the back of the emerald out of the concave arc, artificial production of fluorescent effects, or in the back of the emerald set off Reflector to form a fluorescent effect, consumers should be careful to buy!

Ladies gold bracelet price lady gold bracelet how much money

Ladies gold bracelet price lady gold bracelet how much money
Gold bracelet can be preserved, can also be decorated. Now with the gold jewelry technology continues to improve, ladies gold bracelet styles and diverse, exquisite workmanship, by many ladies favorite.

Ms. gold bracelet price is based on the day the price of gold + process fee, and the gold price is calculated by grams, the current gold bracelet in the market generally between 10 grams -30 grams, gold jewelry prices at 290 yuan – 320 yuan / gram range, so the price of women’s gold bracelet in about three thousand or more than three thousand.

Ladies gold bracelet how much money

Ladies gold bracelet generally how much money in general, Ms. gold Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica bracelet in 20 grams -30 grams or so, for the best weight to wear, the weight will not be too light, it will not say too heavy. General ladies wear this number of grams of the majority. According to the latest understanding, the price of gold about 240 yuan a gram, gold jewelry prices about 300 yuan a gram, because each brand of different technology, so the price of women’s gold bracelet will be different.

In the purchase of women’s gold bracelet can be from the gold price, bracelet weight, bracelet style and different meaning to choose. Also need to pay attention to check the bracelet of the process, because the texture of gold itself is relatively soft, and gold and gold compared to gold and bracelet gold gold bracelet easier, so everyone on the gold bracelet process requirements should be more sophisticated, especially stays, If the process, however, the bracelet in the process of wearing a little attention may be broken.

Major brands of ladies gold bracelet prices

The brand of gold bracelet price of different brands, ladies gold bracelet prices will be different, in addition to the production process is different, but also because the brand’s reputation, brand value, site rental fees, etc., these are caused by Ms. gold bracelet price Different reason. Here, Zokai for you to understand the major brands of gold jewelry prices, hoping to give you the purchase of women’s gold bracelet to provide some help.
Solid gold bracelet generally multi-solid gold bracelet weight, and the general gold bracelet in the 20 grams or so, buy gold bracelet must be based on their hand and wear comfort to choose. If it is a young woman, then you can buy a little bit, more fashionable, you can buy k gold ah, solid some, if it is to buy a solid gold bracelet, then 20 grams is too light, if you want a little solid gold bracelet , Then 60 grams -80 grams or so, thick words to 100-120 or so, that will not appear too thin.

Gold bracelets are generally multiple

Gold bracelet generally gold bracelet can be hedge, you can also beautiful, with the gold jewelry technology continues to improve, gold bracelet styles and diverse, exquisite style. Wearing a gold bracelet, can make women look elegant, solemn, gentle, generous, female friends are the eternal fashion jewelry. As the texture of gold itself is relatively soft, compared with the gold and gold gold bracelet gold bracelet easier to deformation, so everyone on the gold bracelet process requirements should be more sophisticated, especially dalian, buckle wrist, if the process, but off, then bracelet The process may be a little attention may be broken. 20-30 grams or so on it. This weight will not be too light, it will not say too much, most women choose gold bracelet is the election of the grams of the number.

20 grams of solid gold bracelet easy deformation?

20 grams of solid gold bracelet easy to deformation easy deformation, gold hardness soft, 20 grams of bracelet is very thin, easy to deformation, at least 30 grams or more is not easy to deformation. Solid gold bracelet grams more words, it is not easy to deformation, whether it is soft gold or hard gold. If it is enough gold is easy to deformation, but K gold is not easy. But if the bracelet deformation, then it does not matter, you can take the store to the store to repair you.
Bracelet wear left hand or right hand bracelet is one of the most favorite jewelry. Bracelet style a lot, according to the different materials, is divided into many kinds, the current market common bracelets are jade bracelets, gold bracelets, silver bracelets, etc., then wear bracelets generally wear right or good right hand it?

Xiao Bian that the bracelet to wear the left hand or the right hand mainly to see the number of bracelets, if it is always bracelet, then it is best to wear a left hand; if two bracelets, you can take both hands, of course, if both are worn on the left Even more fashionable. But in this small series to remind everyone, bracelets should not wear too much, with more than both hands to bring a heavy sense, but also gives a strange feeling, so the number of bracelets to be appropriate. Another point is that if you wear jade bracelets, then you should not wear two, wearing a best, because the jade bracelet is more fragile, can not hit with hard objects, so wear jade bracelet to pay attention.

Bracelet wear which hands are good

Bracelet wear hands who wear bracelets are also stress, not how to wear on how to wear, if you wear well, it will make people laughing generous. Wearing bracelets, the number of bracelets is not strictly limited, you can wear one, you can wear two, three, or even more. If you wear only one, should wear on the left hand instead of the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear one or both left and right hand, or are worn on the left hand; if wearing three, should be worn on the left hand, Wearing one, the other hand wearing two. Wearing more than three bracelet is relatively rare, even if you want to wear should also be worn on the left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance, to achieve unconventional, extraordinary purpose. However, this small series to remind you that this imbalance should be worn with the clothing to match the harmony, otherwise it will be unconventional and destroyed the decorative bracelet beauty. If you wear bracelets and wear rings, you should consider the two in the style, material, color and other aspects of coordination and unity.

Jade bracelet wear which hands are good

Jade bracelet wear which hands are good Jade is a spiritual, so wear jade bracelet is pay attention to. Buddhism has a theory called “left into the right”, the left hand called the net hand, the right hand called the dirty hand, because in general, people do things with the right hand, including doing something to kill filthy things, so the right hand is To be purified, not suitable for wearing jade bracelets. And the left hand is not killing is not filthy, is pure hand, so wear jade bracelets should be worn on the left hand, can absorb the essence of jade essence. But there is one exception, that is used to do things with his left hand, then, in turn, “right into the left”, jade bracelet should be worn in the right hand.
Bracelet picture bracelet is a set of wrist ornaments on the wrist. According to the structure, generally can be divided into two types: First, closed ring, jade material for the more; Second, there are ports or a number of chain, mostly metal materials. According to the production of materials, can be divided into gold bracelets, silver bracelets, jade bracelets, precious stones bracelets and so on.

Wearing bracelets has three roles: one is to show identity, highlight the personality; the second is beautify the arm; third is the health care body, so from ancient times, bracelets are people’s favorite jewelry.

Wearing bracelets is also very particular about the general wear on the left hand, inlaid gemstone bracelets should be attached to the wrist, not inlaid with precious stones, can be loosely worn on the wrist, only pairs of bracelets can wrist at the same time wear.
Bracelet picture and price

Bracelet picture and price bracelet price and bracelet material, according to material points, can be divided into gold bracelets, silver bracelets, jade bracelets, precious stones bracelets, etc., which is currently on the market the most popular bracelet style. Gold bracelets, gold bracelets, the price of these bracelets mainly related to the day the price of gold, followed by hand costs, different brands, the price will be different, the current price of gold bracelet between thousand dollars, if the gold content, the price Will be lower Silver bracelet price is the cheapest of all the bracelets, and inlaid precious stones bracelet affordable, two or three thousand, this bracelet inlaid gem will not be great, most of them are broken diamond, broken gem, so the price is still very affordable of. In all bracelets, jade bracelet prices are the most expensive, jade and Hetian jade for the most common, its value and price are the most expensive jade bracelet, which depends on the quality of jade, but the jade bracelet prices in general are Is not low, so the quality of the general price of jade bracelets are in between thousand dollars, if the quality of some are on the million, or even one hundred thousand, one million have.

Here, Zuo Kayi for you to sort out several different styles of bracelet prices, hoping to give you to help.

【Chow Tai Fook】 simple and generous enough gold gold bracelet ¥ 4600.00

[Seven degrees silver] 9999 million silver bracelet silver silver silver silver bracelet fashion Korean sterling silver bracelet ¥ 416.00

[Swarovski] Swan Classic Swan Bracelet Pavé Design Noble Bracelet ¥ 1426.00

[Bold emerald] Myanmar jade bracelet floating jade bracelet bracelet jade bracelet A goods ¥ 6500.00
Raspberry agate, agate, also known as “tian agate, feather agate, moss agate, weed agate”, the natural formation of the texture is like a floating pond floating water, graceful, winding winding. There are green, purple and yellow. Aqua agate is not just jewelry, the best water turtle agate is a collection of artistic value. Aquatic agate bracelet, the internal landscape chic, natural formation of the texture is like a floating water in the pond, graceful, winding, its value and price for the highest, ranging from hundred to thousand dollars.

In recent years, with the agate market became popular, agate in the price of rickets agate is all the way soaring, rising space quickly, several times or even several times the rising, we can see that the price of aquatic agate bracelets will continue to rise , If you like or want to collect aquatic agate, it is better to take advantage of the current price is not very high start, then it is a good time.

Water grass agate bracelet how much money

At present, the market price of aquatic agate bracelet most of the hundred dollars, if the quality is better, in the thousand dollars, or even reach the million, which are determined by the quality of aquatic agate. Here, Zuo Kayi for you to sort out a few markets on the market turf agate bracelet prices, hoping to provide you with the help.
[Stone cents] natural boutique aquatic agate bracelet glass species chalcedony bracelet women variety of moss agate jade bracelet ¥ 650.00
【Tianguang Hui】 natural aquatic agate bracelet jade bracelet chalcedony bracelet female models ¥ 1580.00
【Biya】 aquatic agate bracelet genuine green figurine authentic ice kind agate moss agate female models ¥ 880.00
[Pride crystal] natural ice floating green smoke aquatic agate bracelet female models ¥ 798.00

Treasure ji will be exhibited in Basel new watch

Treasure ji will be exhibited in Basel new watch
229 such tabulation history treasure ji table (Breguet) has always been at the annual new watches can always fire makes sweet malt, just this year exhibited in Basel new watch money in this month formally has two big series, six new table arrived in Taiwan, is a classic series (Classique) respectively, and the Type XXI series, two series have their own three table all-new published in Taiwan. The new published several of the new time new technology is worth mentioning, including: simple quick adjustment knob, the minute hand of timing clock dial the central… , again confirm treasure ji on the clock timing skill achievement is second to none.
Breguet watch Taiwan brand manager CAI gm, points out that the new Cartier nail bracelet replica classic (Classique) and Type XXI two big series, the former is a classic indicators of breguet tabulation spirit and style, the latter is treasure ji in the history of the clock process can still actively suit the new representative of fashion, wearing the series in outdoor activities can always reveal personal uncommon taste.
Louis vuitton Speedy table family nostalgic glamour
As the saying goes: “expert at first, then know have.” To paraphrase this sentence in the Louis Vuitton, is apt! To tourism of Louis Vuitton, in addition to its clothing, leather goods, jewelry, first set foot in the field of wrist watch Tambour series, namely with excellent appearance and internal (Zenith machine) to win top, from to sell off the long list of goods to wait in line to see, if a presence. Listed on the Tambour years later, Louis Vuitton pursuit of victories, just published in the latest last week Speedy wrist watch, and was expected to set off a whirlwind.
As is known to all, Louis vuitton Speedy was a selling bags, but the latest Speedy wrist watch, but it has nothing to do with this kind of bag; Investigation of the literal, named as inspired by nostalgia new wave, from Louis Vuitton inspiration of antique cars, became the best source of creation. Stands in the square stainless steel watch body, the central is taken directly from the car speed on the dashboard display panel, a party a circular contrast, grace and sensibility Cartier nail bracelet replica concurrently, modern new image restoring ancient ways.
Louis Vuitton ideas not only hereat, classic, of course, is the most important element, the table back carve Damier plaid, plus ice blue dial with Damier canvas texture, laying out brand has always been delicate and exquisite workmanship, tie-in crocodile or stainless steel strap, as well as the yellow second hand, points out its fashion sense. Utility function also cannot little, in addition to the basic one hundred meters of waterproof functions and quartz watch, automatic timing clock, Speedy and schedule model, both the central of the double circular dial can not only operate at the same time, show time, both the gap with the least loss of time more to 15 minutes (15 minutes in the gap, it took two years to study), even in two, is still accurate and clearly show the Louis Vuitton unbelievable four detached charm.
It shows the sun time
50 global set limit to 40000 – year – old clock and watch brand bought (bao Po), has been to mix the most sophisticated technology in the wrist watch, but in the most simple and easy to use method. The latest wrist function, also surprised is nature and man. Swiss watch brand bought (bao Po), the latest Equation Marchante series wrist watch, only 50 in the world. Only two more in Hong Kong, one number is 28, happen to suit the Chinese take its’ prone auspicious number. The millions watch only the most special, is the wrist watch is equipped with two hands, stretch run by the surface of the center. Pieces of 1 minute hand is shown by the general plan, to the time of day when little 2 pieces made of gold in the shape of a minute hand, can point to true solar time. Because the sun is the most original clock, rail – is eight to walk, run clock is round, will have Cartier nail bracelet replica the time difference, this 2 minutes is symbol of the law of nature, showing the real time, and the tourbillon watches (note: can counteract gravity error) and calendar.
Proceed from the time function
Watch of wrist of another set of Villeret, need to order will only be made in advance. It has a Minute Repeater (table) moment three ask functions, used to be a special table, blind people have a function of time. This only watches produced by two different size table hammer percussion sound is ringing, can shake more, but the table column is very thin, watchmakers wear is required high dexterity and meticulous. The moon full gauge also is a masterpiece of brand watch, Le Brassu series wrist watch, global set limit to 100, in addition to the phases of the moon waxing gauge which can show the function of the months, weeks, and Flyback function, namely can reverse time. Another watch with series is radiation surface, set limit to 300, the most special protective covering.
And the other a series of Sonneur DE Diane wrist watch, there are two time, nostalgic ringing noise is equipped with unique treasure pearl 1241 original machine core, is great.

the audience confirms her passion for fashion

Just Cavalli there is famous for its “haggard”, the designer Roberto Cavalli is the 2016 autumn and winter haute couture series into a variety of animal skins wild joy of kind of the party. Black and white plover case, zebra, leopard, wild crocodile grain and gold sequins rank the scale effect, looks better than the traditional printing more fashionable avant-courier, wild animal design. It is the most ingenious and designers will be a variety of animal skin veins mixed Cartier nail bracelet replica together, forming a unique op visual effect, in the infinite change and gorgeous with a little humor. Roberto Cavalli a pattern has a special liking to animals, this time he is not only playing on clothing design patterns mix build, the animal is extended to show the arrangement, he used a leopard grain design packages around the perimeter of the whole of the U T stage, will run to an extreme.
Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis two designers for Suno 2016 autumn and winter series booked two goals: one is to arouse the child-like joy, another is to improve the durability of clothing. For designers the two went for the printing design, through a small animal motifs express tong qu side is their choice. On a dress, look carefully you will find that hidden under the branches of black and white alternate with many small animals. In another skirt, stylist seems to depict the forest Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica conference scene, elephants, monkeys, lions, kangaroos, and many other small animals all came. In addition, the designer will also rabbits and birds deformation pattern, and also create the visual effect of full of tong qu.
Designer Christopher Bailey will his Burberry 2016 autumn and winter haute couture fashion show named the title of “town and fields”, so you can see the designer put some rural common small animals, such as the sparrow, the owl and the patterns of the puppy with plain embroidered on the shirt, or print or seam on the oversized stripe T-shirt, so as to express the concept of “field” in addition, careful observation will also find that, in addition to the flat pattern, these small animals to 3 d image also appear in the Burberry belts, leather bags and umbrellas over these accessories, cleverly echoed with the animals on the clothing design. And these details, is reflected stylist Bailey, the illusion imitation cartier love bracelet of limitless reserve capacity.
Metallic simple sense, neon color and animal printing is Blumarine2016 autumn winter series of keywords, designer Anna Molinari make this season all the clothes are sending out the temperament of “positive flash”. At the same time, and always runs through Blumarine brand of style, is the animal print from head to foot. Designers and even never hesitates to use leopard grain design on all the six parts of the same set of modelling on the item. Embossed python grain texture with pink, blue and yellow light metallic fabrics, but also future feeling extremely. And some modelling of the season, such as vest, silver cap and turquoise bitter Cartier love bracelet replica fleabane bitter fleabane with sequins spell “jolie” and “wow” word pants dress still keep the designer’s consistent style, and further to the audience confirms her passion for fashion.
Paul & Joe autumn/winter 2016 shows, on the catwalk around every inch on the wall was covered with photos, pictures of golden leaves smell of autumn, let a person think of beautiful pastoral scenery. Designer Albou said the color is inspired by French boulogne park jungle. So on the processing of animal patterns, stylist adopted softer expression. Ochre tone of leopard grain more wild, a few minutes less elegant. Hidden in the flower warm and quiet little tiger in the grass. The birds in the Fake Cartier love bracelet trees seem to be stream water, fresh and pleasant scene. Sophie Albou design this season, in the elegant breeds infinite strength, more catered to the current popular trend, meet the aesthetic needs of the young girls.

Classical outer totem

La Vie DE Boheme design concept:
Elegant rose the bottle
Around engraved with rose pattern, the elegant and has a matte effect of perfume bottles, now the filar silk bright lavender hue. Bottle lid for classical golden, a carved the “Anna Sui”, on the other side engraved with the words “La Vie DE Boheme”, the shape is like a bud, your on a symbol of the Fake Cartier love bracelet freedom of the butterfly, stay all day on the roses and melancholy breath; Remind us to enjoy life every day, make every dream incisively and vividly.
Classical outer totem
Inspired by Anna Sui fashion texture and pattern, La Vie DE Boheme perfume outer texture effect of brocade, as Anna Sui collection material, fine and elegant.
La Vie DE Boheme refined and curves of the outer design to salute the new artistic style, it reflects the end of the 20th century French Bohemian way of life, is full of creativity, freedom and beauty of the traditional sense of touch.
Dumb deep purple color like satin shining, lining on the pale lavender tones of embossment vortex pattern, brought rich in contrast. Vibrant red roses for the design, and butterfly is Anna Sui brand classic colors, and have distinctive Bohemian artistic breath. The main lines of every totem pendant replica Cartier love bracelet on classical gold, send out a pastel rainbow light.
The Bohemian incense
Is the result of bohemians vitality and creative inspiration, La Vie DE Boheme perfume beginning with Turkish pear scent of roses and glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, and with rich Burgundy berry and pitaya breath.
Aroma changes with temperature, pink floral facet to let a person feel surprise, creative and gentle and lovely woman flavour; Peony flowers bring lucky pleasure, symbolizes “good luck, female beauty, friendship”. All kinds of flowers and facet has nuances, corresponding to different is the combination Cartier nail bracelet replica of breath: pure vanilla, sandalwood, musk, black is nifty and dark and mysterious feeling.
All this is in the be fond of of Bohemian girl, friendship is very important for them, talk of tone and free breath, wonderful voice echoed in the air!
Flavouring division: from the global top 10, Germany 2 big essence, tak le is full flavor company (Drom)
Philippe Romano
La Vie DE Boheme advertising ideas:
By a professional photographer Steven Meisel, model Thairine Garcia perfectly shows the Bohemian girl on a sunny day is the temperament of the light wind gently brushed.
All flowers surrounded by her, and sometimes play with the butterfly, and sometimes play with Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica exceptionally large La Vie DE Boheme perfume bottles; What rang jingle on jewelry, wear long skirt, with a broad hat on his head, in a moment full of joy and freedom. Bohemian lifestyle gives every girl for the choice of the permeance, to become beautiful, every moment to enjoy freedom and happiness.
Let your life is full of passion and personal character!

Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic

Air conditioning room for thin suit
Summer often allow white-collars afflicting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and except knit silk suit is a good choice for the sedentary air-conditioned buildings. At the same time of bring you capable temperament, silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable.
Suit has always been a can do it “Cartier love bracelet replica” joker sheet is tasted, formfitting clipping and delicate fabrics, can improve your vitality in a flash, seem capable. And the thin silk fabrics suit is even in the summer, also still can play its role, bring you hard working temperament at the same time, the silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable. Especially the silk luster, can improve the quality of the integral collocation and stylish.
Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic, soft texture than woolen cloth or fabric suit for a grave and more than a points less. Splicing pattern the shawl collar and lining together, wind to show the lining design, can let people surprise you for more details on the pursuit of. Is the most suitable for collocation and spring and summer of pajamas pants, this type of pyjamas pants fabric smooth and comfortable, and hang down feeling is very strong, can effectively modified legs.
Silk and suiting the stitching is very special, simple and easy, the navy blue silk and flower skirt collocation. Red fish mouth high-heeled shoes militantly proclaim, match with classical replica Cartier love bracelet golden ring, although deserve to act the role of concise, has improved the quality of the whole body shape that’s just right. And crisp suiting is also very suitable for formal business party.
Olympic Games, when the world look to London, the roads, canals wear of the empire’s capital city, we see, in addition to the Olympic Games, and pioneer of fashion culture, the city as London fashion leader, female Alexa Chung is a high-profile fashion favorite, her dress has always been the inspiration behind numerous fashion followers, this we have chosen her 3 sets of different modelling, analytical one by one to you.
Alexa Cartier nail bracelet replica festival, modelling, look be like simple, but there are a lot of processing on detail we can draw lessons from. Such as the stripes shirt and shoes collocation of Rome.
Golden long dress very good family’s temperament, and ankle length is very suitable for shoe collocation, and point to spin crus lines, rivet hand bag is the sweet feeling, balance the skirt played a sweet and not greasy.
Tight dress is a match, at the time of don’t know how to match, a tight printed dresses can you all wear take a moment to solve the problem, only in small deserve to act the role of the fixed point on the state of mind, is a set of suitable for different occasions fashion dress up.