Pierre Dubois was the son of the third generation leader Gérald Dubois

Dubois Dépraz watch factory
Dubois Dépraz is located in the Leizhou town of Leizhou Jurassic, in the west of Switzerland, next to the lake, beautiful environment. Dubois Dépraz, formerly known as Dépraz & Cie, was renamed in 1968, and today, as well as many company names, it is also composed of the family name of the founder family. Dépraz & Cie was formed in 1947 by a merger of two companies, one of the founders Marcel Dépraz founded in 1901 in the personal studio, one is Marcel Dépraz to expand the business, and his Marius Guignard co-operation of the Dépraz & Guignard company In 1910, Marcel’s daughter Gabrielle and son Roger entered the second company to participate in the operation. In 1937, Marcel in order to strengthen the operation of the two companies, invited the son-in-law Reynold Dubois joined the company and became the second generation imitation Cartier love bracelet of leaders, in 1956, the founder’s grandson Gérald Dubois (now two head of the father, DD company Three generations of leaders), but also a young watchmaker, set up a technical department in the company, in 1967, the company successfully developed for the automatic movement of the timing module, 1969, Breitling TAG Heuer (responsible for the movement production and marketing ), Büren (self-winding structure study, belonging to Hamilton) and Dépraz & Cie (Chronograph Research) jointly released the world’s first automatic chronograph movement Caliber 11, marking the arrival of automatic timing.

Cal 11 automatic chronograph movement
Before the 1970s, the company had started the development of quartz movement, during the 1970s, designed and produced a quartz chronograph. Even if the pace of the quartz era, but it is still deeply affected, in 1979, the company’s two leaders disagreed, the relationship fell to freezing point, Gérald Dubois bought the plant to operate alone. In 1987, Jean-Philippe Dubois, son of Gérald Dubois, joined the company, five years later, his brother Pascal Dubois also joined the company, the former became the CEO today, the latter is the general manager. In 2006, Dubois Dépraz acquired a plant, the DPRM (gear manufacturer), a supplier of the factory in the area of the Berne, to expand its strength in the production of parts, and today’s company’s R & D production system.

DPRM watch factory
Pierre Dubois was the son of the third generation leader Gérald Dubois, who was influenced by family watchmaking, and liked mechanical watchtaking. Pierre Dubois worked for Audemars Piguet for 14 years and worked for CFO and COO. Service in the brand without creating a brand, Pierre would like to do their own watch company. In 2004, Pierre founded his own watchmaking brand, Pierre DeRoche (the founder explained that it was “stone, stone”), and DD company close with the Replica Cartier jewelry company’s experience in advanced watchmaking company and DD company’s technical support Cooperation, which launched a variety of exciting timepieces works.

Pierre DeRoche founder and TNT watch
It was not just a functional module manufacturer

Marcel Dépraz is the first generation leader of DD, thanks to his talent in the complex mechanical watchmaking, he founded his own studio, initially help other brands of production and debugging movement, he also designed timepieces, Founder of the company soon, he developed a function for the chronograph module, which won the “Vaushan Exhibition” Gold Award, his most proud of the work is to ask the table and chronograph. In 1907, Marcel Dépraz wanted to simplify the structure of the bell and watch, decided to give up the original idea of adding modules on the movement, want to produce their own chronograph. So Marcel decided to set up another company to achieve their own ideas, which was born Dépraz & Guignard.

In 1925, Marcel Dépraz hand made for the three asked the newspaper, the number of hammer control the number of horn gear, while by their own factory production of three asked the movement. In 1937, Marcel’s son Roger, son-in-law Reynold Dubois and grandson Gerald Dubois worked together to develop the Caliber 48 chronograph (13 3/4)! The movement was characterized by the abandonment of classical column wheel timing Structure, but the use of cam structure, the structure is more simple, easy production, and cheap, and thus popular, has been produced until the 1970s, the official data show that the production of more than 3.5 million of the movement.

Ask the table to use the critical parts of the time – the worm
In 1948, DD’s second-generation head, Reynold Dubois, developed a high-grade column wheel chronograph, model Caliber 74, which features a function that, in addition to timing, Sexual function – date jump. Traditional movement, the date jump often takes an hour, and he is through the structural improvement, to achieve the date of the jump function.

Buren automatic movement based on the DD timer module Cal 11 movement
In 1969, DD company third generation head Gérald Dubois, developed a chronograph history in the history of a landmark automatic chronograph movement, Caliber 11-12, which is the four companies together to develop the automatic chronograph movement Calbire 11 DD version. This movement is excellent modular design, making the movement in the demolition, testing and repair has great advantages, and popular, produced a total of 350,000, the supply to the prestigious brand.

DD 2000 series 2022 flyback chronograph movement
In 1983, DD company invented a world famous movement Caliber 2000, this movement of www.ourlovestore.com the functional module for mechanical movement, but also can be carried to the quartz movement, the module directly placed on the movement of the dial side , And this module has a corresponding hour, minute, second hand and timing pointer indicating the location, so you can directly indicate all the time, once installed on the movement, no need to correct and adjust the movement. This movement has become the founder of the DD timer module, DD is also the flagship product, so DD reputation in the industry more Sheng, established a timely leader in the field of research and development status.

5 minutes to ask the timekeeping module
Of course, in the whole development process, DD is not only focused on the timing and perpetual calendar module, it also moon phase, three asked, two places, dynamic display, large calendar, time equation and so on almost all the complex structure, But its timing and perpetual calendar module name of the first Sheng, making a lot of people did not notice its other aspects of development. At the same time, DD company has several of the most important business, independent research and development movement and functional modules for third-party companies assembled into a table for other brands foundry and custom products (70’s Logitech over the first computer mouse ).

Important models of Dubois Dépraz

Breitling uses the movement of the DD chronograph module
In the watch to achieve a complex function, there was only one way is to develop a new movement, and DD gives another answer, increase the module children. Compared to the development of new movement, increase the difficulty of the practice of the module did not decline, because the movement is not like a computer, according to a USB interface can be connected to all the equipment. Most of the movement, in terms of functional scalability is not good, but the ETA movement has this feature, many brands have been modified on the ETA movement, including nations, Omega, Longines, Breitling and so on. DD company commonly used approach is in the ETA 2824 and ETA 2892 and other basic name machine on the module superposition, it does not change the original movement of the layout, but in the movement of the front or negative (rarely) directly into the functional module, which is Was 1983, when Calibre 2000 classic routines.

Audemars Piguet 2326 back to chronograph movement
This advantage is obvious, cheap, easy to operate, so many brands to find DD or cooperation to develop such a movement. Richard Miller’s complex watch mainly by the APRP and Vaucher plus DD module to achieve, Montblanc 2014 large class transmission perpetual calendar watch is the use of Sellite + DD perpetual calendar combination of movement, Nivrel (Edox, celebrity Kerry Times watch ) 5 minutes two hours when using the ETA + DD two timekeeping combination, Audemars Piguet 2326/2847 automatic movement using Jaeger-LeCoultre 896 + DD2847 flyback timing module, Alexandre Meerson automatic dual time zone watch using Vaucher movement + DD Dual time zone module … DD itself, also provides assembled movement, mainly DD 312 (GMT), 2020/2021/2025/2045/2027 (timing and countdown), 4500 (large calendar time), 4900 (calendar Time), 9000 (calendar moon phase), 14400 (jump time), the brand can be purchased directly into the case into the case, these movements are ETA plus DD different functional modules.

If you have the opportunity to see some of the complex function of the movement, then just look at the back of its complex function of some of the components (such as column wheel, cam, hammer, etc.) can, and if there is, Or with the advanced complex movement research and development company products, if not, then there may be the basic movement plus DD module combination movement (except for the calendar class movement).

DD company for other brands to design the form of the module
DD watch industry from the development of the history of the movement, DD is undoubtedly a watch industry, a bright star, it helps many brands to achieve a complex function of the movement of the watch manufacturing, with a very high cost of rich In the high-end watch market category. Because the production of basic movement, DD companies are not subject to the core brand of core materials and technology monopoly pressure, and do not worry about the future market (most brands still need external technical support to launch complex watch), have to say DD may be present Live one of the easiest watch companies.

citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission

Japan Seiko wall clock is no longer monotonous
Japan Seiko wall clock by the designer’s careful design and manufacturing staff carefully processed from When the production of finished Japanese Seiko wall clock again in front of us, always could not help but surprised. Japan Seiko wall clock in the traditional wall clock on the basis of more decorative repair, breaking the traditional wall clocks and old-fashioned, in the decoration or live more of an elegant and visual enjoyment.

Japan Seiko wall clock out of the unique style of exquisite, of course, there are other unique Replica Cartier jewelry . Japan Seiko wall clock design is also very particular about. Wooden Japanese Seiko wall clock, made of original wood carved, simple and natural, the overall color are wood color, more natural close to life. Furnishings at home will add a touch of natural and honest atmosphere.

European-style Japanese Seiko wall clock, with exquisite decorative carved. Beautiful and more elegant, will give a sense of aristocracy. The overall feeling smooth and smooth, style suddenly feel high, placed in the living room, study, bedroom or office will give you to add cultural atmosphere, this style of Japanese Seiko wall clocks and Europe and the United States.

Japan Seiko wall clock style, of course, ultimately, the elements of fashion creative. Such as convex digital creative Japanese Seiko wall clock, the use of metal material production, more three-dimensional, more fashionable. Put such a Japanese Seiko clock at home, suddenly let the home more lively and fashionable, why not?

Japan Seiko wall clock, there are certainly elements of fashion can not be less art range children. In Japan the world of Seiko wall clock, art elements can be seen everywhere, such as cello creative shenzhen wall clock. Stylish and artistic atmosphere of the cello wall clock, unique Cartier love bracelet replica personality, the needle every time walking like artists in the pulling strings. Such a Japanese Seiko wall clock, furnishings at home, will highlight your art atmosphere Oh
CITIZEN Citizen is the country, how?
CITIZEN Citizen is a world-renowned Japanese watch brand, that all citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission, hope that through the “public favorite, for the public close” products for the whole of mankind Make a contribution to life. As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the future of the brand concept, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.

Citizen’s predecessor for the Japanese Institute of Japan, was established in 1918. CITIZEN brand timing products began in 1924, is a pocket watch. At that time, the mayor of Tokyo, Goto Hirohito expected this painstakingly developed Japanese-made pocket watch to become “CITIZEN, that is, all the citizens of the world close to the favorite” products, so named “CITIZEN”. With such a good wish, “Citizen City Co., Ltd.” was established in 1930. All along, Citizen to “for the public favorite, for the public to contribute” as a corporate philosophy.

Citizen Technology
Citizen’s radio watches all use light kinetic energy technology, using any visible light source as energy-driven. As long as there is light energy, as long as you can receive optical waves will never have errors. For the wearer to provide a full range of convenience. Citizen is Japan’s first company dedicated to the development of radio watches, and is always the leader in this field.
How about the Citizen
Technology and the integration of the United States: watch in the right time, but also show the fashion Fake Cartier love bracelet and personality, reflecting the wearer’s life grade, values and character. For the different needs of consumers, Citizen companies use advanced technology and the traditional elegance of the East elegant and elegant combination of the United States to “the integration of technology and beauty” to provide consumers with a variety of watches, add color for people’s lives The In the style design, from the uninhibited sports section to the elegant dress is everything, suitable for all ages, all types of consumer demand.

What about Swatch watches? Swatch is not only a new type of high-quality watches

What about Swatch watches? Swatch watches?
Swatch (Swatch) name “S” not only on behalf of its origin in Switzerland, and contains “second-watch” that is the meaning of the second table, that people can have the same fashion, while two or more The watch.
As Hayek advocates, Swatch is not only a new type of high-quality watches, but also will bring people a new concept; watch is no longer just an expensive luxury and simple timing tools, but One “worn on the wrist”.
Swatch (Swatch) as a model of the Swiss watch, with the world watch the youth force. Swatch watches with its fashionable colors, lively design and subversion of the traditional shape, ticking with the pace of modern life forward. Before Swatch, there was no popular brand to achieve this Cartier nail bracelet replica success: in a very short period of time, occupy the hearts of the global enthusiasts, standing upright; in addition to maintaining the existing territory, but also continued to other areas Extension development. Swatch (Swatch) The reason for success is not a secret: Swatch (Swatch) is not just a timekeeping watch.
SWATCH Swatch watches have been conveying high quality, low cost, fashion and commemorative information, so that every consumer can have their own watches. SWATCH Swatch represents the meaning of a precious souvenir, every period of historical memories, and even an emotional sustenance. SWATCH Swatch to create a world-class brand of myth, as consumers in the hearts of the logo, while continuing the Swiss watch industry hundred years of glory.
SWATCH metal series has a sports, healthy, handsome, traditional style, it is dynamic, and set innovation, new materials and amazing design in one.
Aluminum alloy metal series tend to functional and high-tech, stainless steel metal series feel casual casual and classical temperament. SWATCH network series watch is a high-tech digital watch, suitable for the pursuit of new things in the new generation, the network series using Swatch the first time unit – the international network time, network series using aluminum and translucent plastic as material, it has Digital, fun and easy to use. Ultra-thin series of watches is the world’s thinnest plastic watch, its biggest feature is the thickness of only 3.9 mm (has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records). Ultra-thin series of watch design thoughtful, light and comfortable to wear. Ultra-thin series of watches are cutting-edge, avant-garde and full of fashion. Ultra-thin series of design both sexy and chic, because the bit weight is very light, so wear on the wrist, as did not wear anything the same. As a fashion beach-goers, SWATCH shape interesting, unique design, the name of elegant (each watch has the English name). It is a vagaries of the trend, contains infinite artistic charm. SWATCH uses a unified pricing strategy, priced by the Swiss headquarters, and not discounted, regardless of the consumer in the world any SWATCH authorized special, can participate in SWATCH global UNPROFOR. This Swiss original watch, its cost-effective in all the Swiss watch occupies an absolute advantage, SWATCH enthusiasts can according to their different mood, preferences, dress, occasion, with multiple pieces of SWATCH watch to wear or collection. Trend constantly changing, SWATCH pursuit of “never change is always changing”, SWATCH and thus always in the fashion of Britain.
Swatch watch how, User rating
Comments one: middle and low fashion brand, young people with a good, more fashionable fashion, young people can be regarded as with the clothes shape quite appropriate, affordable. If it is business people with a little bit shabby. Just work young people or students with tape Cartier love bracelet replica is very good. Send a small boy little girl’s gift is very appropriate, can be regarded as the best brand of young people with fashion.
Comments 2: the cheapest Swiss original watch. Swatch with Omega is a company, is Switzerland’s largest watch group.
Suitable for young people, especially students (including large, medium and small, preschool) wear. Fashion, beautiful, hundreds of new models each year, buy Swatch must buy new ones. Swatch is never changed: it’s been changing. Price from 400 yuan to 1300 yuan or so. Swatch quartz watch because of the reasons for the process, can not repair (you can change the battery), repair within the bad new table, the warranty period can only throw out bad. But because it is Swiss original, the quality is very good. In particular, Swatch invented the plastic table, ban kicking and forbidden kick, ban pull and ban pull, but also waterproof, the most suitable for ordinary sloppy wear.
Comments 3: Overall is also good, many of my classmates are wearing. But the strap in general, but the Swiss imports than the domestic much better.
Comments four: SWATCH fashion is a personality as a selling point, and from time to time will introduce some limited edition so that people like SWATCH collection, the festival will be out of some special edition. But also the Swiss table in the cheaper table, so, in foreign countries, we are just bought to wear decoration. However, SWATCH is also able to open a service because of the inability to open a service: the SWATCH of the national franchise store (except online and duty-free shops) can have two years of Intuit non-human factors to stop or other problems can be replaced with the same Money or money for other models!
I personally like metal, super book and plastic table will be more easy to aging. Especially the strap is easy to yellow, and the strap is launched from time to time, not necessarily back to the original strap.
Comments 5: the cheapest Swiss watch ~ this thing no price at all say ~ like on the line ~ to the cost of the proposed election Casio ~ Casio features more ~
Comments six: my personal experience and talk, I bought five pieces of Swatch watches (three for personal use, two for people), are mechanical watches, which also have a thin. From the appearance of modeling point of view, are very attractive and very attractive, especially the ultra-thin www.ourlovestores.com style, very handsome. But the quality really did not flatter! I used the three tables in the two are out of the problem, and are the core of the problem, the problem of the time are also in the shelf life! But the business that the scope of the shelf does not include the table core, to be repaired, then have to re-match a watch core, it is basically equal to buy a new table!
Swatch watch price
General Swatch price from 400 yuan to 2,000 yuan or so. Limited amount and special section of the price is not necessarily

What is the quality of Omega watches? Omega watches how to maintain?

What is the quality of Omega watches? Omega watches how to maintain?
About Omega
In 1848, the birth of the Swiss Confederation, Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and La Chaux-de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) began to watch the work of the assembly. In 1880 Louis-Paul and Csar, the son of Louis Brandt, moved the plant to a man-friendly, resource-rich and easily accessible Bienne area. Since then, the use of mechanized production, uniform specifications of the parts, and the introduction of new division of labor system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of watches. World-famous Omega 19 movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become its excellent logo, the company also named “Omega”. Since then, Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, a watch industry pioneer for 150 years.
The world-renowned Omega Omega watch was born in Switzerland and has a long history of more than 150 years. Omega (W) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek word. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last. On behalf of the “perfect, extreme, excellence, success,” the extraordinary quality, interpretation of the Omega pursuit of “excellent quality” business philosophy and “advocating tradition, and the courage to innovate,” the spirit of style.
Omega Omega in the sailing, athletics, swimming and other world-class imitation Cartier love bracelet events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer as many as thirty times. Omega has the world famous four series of products: fashion and elegant appearance of the constellation series, designed for sports enthusiasts and design of the hippocampus professional diving series, as the space mission designated timing super series and elegant and elegant disc flying series. It is worth mentioning that in space, the super-professional series is not only the only watch worn on the moon, but also helped save the sun god 13 astronauts, the space agency issued the “Snoopy Award” (Snoopy Award.
In technology and design, Omega has not only countless accurate records, and excellent design, the first of a number of technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first only tourbillon watch.
Celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher and Martina Hingis are all selected for Omega. As the leader of the industry itself, they always reflect the essence of Omega. Whether it is their face, conversation or move, can reflect every Omega watch behind the elegant temperament, careful thought and brilliant achievements.
How is the Omega watch?
Evaluation 1: Omega watches are counted in Switzerland, a list of global sales probably ranked first look. The quality of the table did not have to say, is a little expensive, no money do not consider.
Evaluation II: Omega is now using the mechanical movement is a patent movement, self-produced, very good, and warranty for three years, one year longer than other brands. Silicon gossamer movement up to four years, we can see, the brand is also very confident of their own Oh!
Evaluation of three: big brands, high-end grade, suitable for people who have temperament wear, age twenty to fifty are appropriate, the specific age to wear a different series of models it
Evaluation four: of course, a good table, there are quartz, machinery also, 007 Tom Cruise endorsement of the table, a class of second-class table, suitable for office workers, or very rich people with. The most cheap more than 10,000. Omega watches are good, but not all of the Omega table has a collection value, not a drill table or a limited number of simply will not add value. Omega machinery is the lowest is 20000, one of the top ten big table, but too mature some.
Evaluation of five: good ah belongs to a class of second-class table, although the fame may not have Rolex, Patek Philippe, the count so big, but this is only in China, in fact, the history of Omega than the top ten watches are too early, work is also very of.
Evaluation of six: Hong Kong Omega table price cheaper than the mainland a lot (because the province of tax), but must go to the regular store to buy because there is the most fake, imitation was the best in addition to the mainland watch the price of the store In general, you can make a 8 to 8.5 fold to buy a pair of Omega on the table, the most common kind of style to more than twenty thousand.As for the good thing, it did not end, millions have ah
Evaluation 7: Omega’s most famous advantage is Omega watch coaxial escapement technology. Escapement system is the core of each mechanical watch the soul of the components, the basic manufacturing theory behind the 200 years has continued unchanged. And Omega Replica Cartier jewelry broken old, and watchmaking master George Daniels co-developed coaxial escapement system this new design. Coaxial escapement device is equipped with three gems of the escapement fork and balance wheel on the momentum of the gem and a non-caliber hairspring balance wheel. Coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem parts, so that the watch is still operating under long time to maintain precision and accuracy.
Omega watches how to maintain
Do not open the assembly: because the mechanical type of watch is composed of thousands of parts, can be considered fine instrument so it is recommended that everyone do not open the assembly in person, once the formation into the liquid into the gray parts will not need to wear. The need to protect on time to make your watch look more complete, in addition to daily life wear in addition to to prevent the same or beyond the hardness of the object friction collision, but also regularly cleaned to adhere to its superior decorative. Omega watches daily maintenance of small knowledge
Keep away from the magnetic field: Avoid placing your watch over a loudspeaker or refrigerator because they have a strong magnetic field.
Keep away from chemical solvents: Avoid direct contact with watches, cleaners, fragrances and cosmetics, as they will erode bracelets, case and washers.
Ensure that the temperature is appropriate: the watch (quartz watch only) at room temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C within the limits of accurate operation, the temperature exceeds 50 ° C will lead to battery leakage or shorten the battery life. Do not leave the deadline at a low temperature of -10 ° C, due to the cold gas will lead to work slow or go fast, when the watch back to normal temperature, operation reply normal;
Swimming in the sea: Keep your watch after cleaning with water
Avoid impact: avoid high temperatures or other impacts.
Check the crown: for the screw-in crown to carefully tighten the crown, to penetrate the water inside the watch; and for non-screw-in crown, the crown back to normal position, to penetrate the water inside the watch.
Timely cleaning: Use a toothbrush and soapy water to clean the metal bracelet and all waterproof case and dry with a soft cloth.
Keep the watch dry: loose the table the best place to place the desiccant
Waterproof: watch the waterproof performance is not guaranteed permanent, and may in particular be affected by the impact of gasket aging or accidental impact crown. As recommended in the maintenance instructions, we recommend that you send the watch to the Omega approved service center once a year to verify the waterproof performance. Watch the case of water into the scene (with air) should be immediately sent to repair point cleaning, so as to avoid movement rust;
Tear off the maintenance sheet: If the back of the table with a maintenance sheet or stickers, please put them before the use of, or sweat will penetrate the bottom of the paper, causing the table back rust;
Timing button: Do not operate the timer button in the water to prevent water from entering the watch.
Exception: hippocampus 300 meters and 600 meters waterproof watch can be operated underwater.
Focus on power storage (automatic): the movement will be with the wearer’s wrist swing www.ourlovestore.com automatically on the chain. The wrist swing of the wearer will directly affect the operation of the automatic winding mechanical system (10). Therefore, the watch should wear 10 to 12 hours a day (normal daily activities) and should continue to wear for several days. If the watch wears too long (time is not long enough or lack of wrist movement) or non-regular wear (not wearing every day), power storage will continue to consume, and the need for manual wrist watch. You must manually rotate the crown 15 to 20 times before sufficient power storage can be made to ensure the accuracy of the timepiece. Even if every new mechanical watch is required to carry out this simple procedure, it is also applicable to watches that are not regularly or routinely run or worn. Please note that a common misunderstanding is to shake the automatic watch can produce enough kinetic energy, so watch to maintain accurate timing. However, this step is not enough to the mains on the chain, it is difficult to generate power storage, and ultimately lead to the watch to stop the operation or can not accurately display the time.
Maintenance leather strap: Omega recommended you follow the following steps:
1. Avoid contact with water and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
2. Avoid prolonged sunshine to prevent fading.
3. Remember that leather is permeable! Avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetics. It is not advisable to use a leather cleaner to clean your strap.

Oyster-style constant-motion submarine series has always been Rolex

Oyster-style constant-motion submarine series has always been Rolex waterproof performance and distinguished temperament of the classic, this person called “black and white water ghost” 16610 is the most popular family in the record entry. This watch uses a one-way rotating bezel to ensure a safe dive time. With Oyster discount strap and with adjustable length function, can be easily worn outside the diving suit. Sapphire crystal surface with a small imitation Cartier love bracelet window convex lens, three buckle crown for its full protection. Rolex’s submarine watch is in line with the development of marine development and exploration of the birth of the cause, and now, its seductive charm has long been away from the deep sea, but this exploration of the spirit of the ocean may be interpreted as the Rolex Oyster series Attractive value lies.
NO.7 Panerai luminor marina automatic watch, diving depth: 300 meters
A look is not very good but very useful diving table, take a look at its loyal fans on behalf of – Stallone will know that Panerai is attracting a group of pragmatic pursuit of inner strength, coupled with the source Since the royal navy’s imperial identity, making this table more and more worthy of trust. Every detail of the table design starting point all from the wearer himself, such as both vertical and horizontal are rounds without corner chain chain, the complex process is difficult to be recognized by one, but the wearer can feel unparalleled comfort degree. As for its waterproof and shockproof performance, in Stallone’s film “daylight hundreds of urgent” in the full interpretation, regardless of gas, landslides, sea water immersion or explosives, the luminor marina is only the breeze was blowing
Elderly to buy watches the standard
Watches are decorated and timed two functions, brand, category, format, because of this, the elderly in the choice of time there is a standard pay attention.
In the choice of time we have to consider the following several cases:
(1) the elderly should not pay attention to the watch brand, and nostalgic is possible, so the traditional style of the past like the next, the old memory is very bad, it is best not to bring the kind of high value of the watch, so as not to lose The
(2) it is best not to take a semi-automatic watch, and this small amount of daily activities Replica Cartier jewelry related to the elderly, if you wear semi-automatic watches will lead to regular stop table, there may often mistakes, and then need to often give the watch over the strings, so It is better to wear a winding watch.
(3) Quartz watch is a good pick, it is lucky to transport high, the most important thing is that you rarely take the time to take care of it, durable and convenient.
(4) the best to wear a simple and clear watch, such as those on the dial above the pointer is more, the table on the table or buttons more, because these functions on the basic use of the elderly, Qi thinking and action slow, and complex Strong watches are more troublesome in the operation, especially the quartz digital display type, even ordinary young people are difficult to understand or clear its use.
(5) watch diameter or dial to a little bigger, male watch the best in 35 mm or more, female table should also be more than 25 mm; additional, dial and pointer to contrast, such as silver or gold dial, scale needle is deep Color needle, or black dial, with gold or silver pointer, so the match is only surface and easy to carefully view.
(6) select a simple function of the watch, as long as the use and debugging on the convenient like, sometimes, minutes, seconds is enough, in fact, the two needle is also a few days, the calendar can not, the elderly eyes children are Very bad, watch the calendar function is basically invisible. And with a calendar function of the watch, to the end of the month also need proofreading day, this for the elderly, it is also a “difficult and heavy” as the work.
(7) watch not too thick and too heavy, it is best large and thin, heavy porcelain or tungsten steel case strap are not comfortable together.
(8) more personality, quality of the elderly, pick a mechanical watch with alarm clock comparison www.ourlovestore.com is good, because the alarm clock is very adapt to their function.
(9) watch strap to be easy to open and close, leather straps also have to use the kind of Hu Die buckle, a little old man doing things are not smooth down, watch the more convenient the better. Some watch in the bolt buckle almost, just one hand operation, you do not say that it is still some trouble, it is very bad to pay attention to the table to fall on the ground, this and the strap structure (style) Clasp can bring the watch together with the watch together into a ring, wearing it is convenient.
(10) to avoid wearing decorative watches, such as: Swatch, ancient relaxation, card, and so on, that are some fancy trendy format or a group of young people with, and even naive cartoon shape, The age of people to bring the surface does not meet the appropriate.

Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand

Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand
Fossil what brand, what is the Chinese name?
Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand, but do not know what the Chinese name Fossil is what brand. Today let the watch home to tell you to!
Fossil what brand, what is the Chinese name?
Fossil is a global fashion brand from the United States, focusing on fashion accessories, the Chinese translation of “fossil”! Fossil was founded in 1984, is the first to watch the value and style of the perfect combination of the US brand, the 2014 brand The Cartier love bracelet replica 30th anniversary. Watch is no longer just a timing tool, but also become a manifestation of the individual style of the wrist between the necessities. Since then, Fossil has leaped into one of America’s most popular brands. Product lines include fashion watches, bags, jewelry and clothing. Head office Fossil Inc. (FOSL: NASDAQ) is one of the world’s largest fashion watch manufacturers.
Fossil is passionate about product design and is as passionate as a customer. Fossil’s design approach follows three principles, which are the core of all the long-standing things: eternal style, true inspiration and natural creativity, based on the perception of retro style.
Fossil fossils in the United States is a long history of well-known brands, locked young people, combined with the quality and popular fun to create consumer favorite goods, and at a reasonable price and value to the consumer
Miyota is called “Miyota Precision Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd.). Changed its name to Miyota Co., Ltd. in 1991 In 2005, through the equipment exchange, become a subsidiary of Citizen table table, to now the name.
Miyota watch movement introduced
Miyota (English: Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd.) is the Japanese star table under the blank movement manufacturers, one of the world’s largest blank watch factory. Was established in 1959, the real name of “Royal Day Precision Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd). 1991 changed its name to “Miyota Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Co., Ltd.). In 2005, through the equipment exchange, as a subsidiary of the stars table, to now the name, at the same time, it is also in the Japanese stock automatic quotation market in addition to the name.
OMEGA Omega new Seamaster Planet Ocean series watch introduction
OMEGA Omega in the 2011 Basel watch show in Switzerland, launched a new series of Seamaster Planet Ocean watch, but also the first 2005 Planet Ocean watch after the advent of the first full range of facelift. The Planet Ocean watch overall design, inspired by OMEGA in the late 1960s a Seamaster 300 diving table, this watch waterproof performance up to 300 meters, and has a thick case structure and a clear face plate Configuration. So Seamaster Planet Ocean series inherited the excellent performance of this watch, while the water depth to 600 meters, combined with manual row helium valve, become OMEGA diving watch backbone. In 2011, the new Seamaster Planet Ocean are equipped with homemade coaxial escapement movement, which watch the timing of the latest research and development of the Cal.9300 automatic chronograph movement, as the table show the most watched watches.
OMEGA Omega new Seamaster Planet Ocean series watch introduction
In the Planet Ocean series, the use of orange bezel style, has been the highest Cartier love ring replica recognition of the watch, the new section of the chronograph watch, also continued this design. And the table of the face plate configuration, but also because of the three o’clock position of the coaxial chronograph minute hand, clock structure, and nine o’clock position of the small seconds of the disc, the formation of two small dial design, the date window is also changed to six o’clock position. The integrated chronograph makes the chronograph read more intuitive and makes the design of the dial more concise and neat, which is the biggest feature of this new chronograph. In addition, the face plate on the rhodium-plated time scale, the production of texture than the previous generation is more delicate and three-dimensional, enhance the overall texture of the face plate.
The manual helium valve at the 10 o’clock position of the case is the standard for the Seamaster series of diving tables and is now one of the main features of the Seamaster range. As a result of professional diving table often in the state of high pressure, and helium molecules easily penetrate the case, in order to avoid the case of uneven pressure in the state, resulting in glass mirror rupture, so specially set this row of helium valve. At present, the use of orange bezel style, respectively, with stainless steel chain belt and rubber strap two styles, while the latter part of the overall weight of the chain with a lot of relief, for the wrist slim men, wear more comfortable. As the Planet Ocean series, are resistant to the strong pressure of the glass mirror, making the case becomes relatively thick; with a new watch series are harvesting clear cover design, making the overall thickness of the case more than 19mm, be a very weight of the movement Watches.
The new Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph, the biggest feature is the use of Cal.9300 chronograph movement, OMEGA is the latest development of self-made movement. The movement diameter of 32.5mm, the thickness is 7.6mm, with a double barrel structure and 54 ruby bearings, be relatively large size of the timing movement. From the appearance of view, Cal.9300 with Cal.8500, Cal.8520 (female) the same movement of the surface treatment, with a special Arabian Geneva ripple decorated the entire movement splint and automatic disk, in addition to the use of rare Red words, and black screws and balance wheel design, a new generation of OMEGA homemade movement of the standard specifications. This movement also uses a vertical clutch structure, with the column column with a new generation of chronograph movement used by the design. However, Cal.9300 used column column wheel, its shape and the previous shape is slightly different from the whole piece of stainless steel cut from the structure, more independent than the Cartier nail bracelet replica previous column sturdy.
Through the bottom cover, we can see the non-caliber hairspring balance wheel (by four screws fine-tuning speed), the new Nivachoc shock absorber with a special silicon material (Si14) gossamer, these three specifications, is the new Planet Ocean The standard on the watch; In addition, OMEGA proud of the coaxial escapement, is also an indispensable protagonist. But because of the movement of the escapement structure, closer to the balance wheel, it is not easy to see. The escape wheel with a new type of three-layer gear design, and the previous Cal.3313 used by the two gear design is different from the transmission efficiency is more excellent, while reducing friction; but Cal.9300 shock frequency of 28 per hour, 800 rpm, and Cal.8500 used by 25,200 per hour different. With the above specifications and design, the movement through the Swiss COSC Observatory certification, with accurate travel time stability and excellent resistance to temperature difference performance; the same time OMEGA also provides the new Planet Ocean watch for up to four years of global international warranty service, On behalf of the series of watches a high degree of confidence.
The new Planet Ocean series of watches, there is a small place to improve, that is the pointer with the scale of the fluorescent coating processing. Because of the professional diving table, in addition to have excellent waterproof performance, the high degree of recognition of the face plate and the pointer is also an indispensable design. The Planet Ocean series of watches, more for the watch in the deep sea diving, the required luminous instructions to improve the function. In the middle of the scale and face plate Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint, in the sun showing white, but in the dark environment, it will appear light blue light; As for the minute hand and bezel dot scale, it will show green light, For the professional diving required minutes of computing functions, it is very convenient and practical.

What are the characteristics of jadeite What are the characteristics of jade

What are the characteristics of jadeite What are the characteristics of jade
In the appreciation of a jade often hear the rigid, from the plastic, from the line and other terms, which are some of the characteristics of jade, they are not unique, but very unique, and thus master, understand these characteristics is a deeper understanding of the key points of jade The

What are the basic characteristics of jade?

One, rigid

Emerald rigidity contains two layers of meaning, one, showing rigidity of the emerald hardness is extremely high, like steel some hard, which is not rigid compared to the conclusion of jade. Second, by the light to make the visual feel rigid. Jade is a very special Replica Cartier jewelry characteristics of the rigid, is that people know when a sense of emerald, not every piece of emerald can appear, there is no real analysis of the corresponding theoretical reasons, but can not be quantified with the definition of data.

Rigidity and fluorescence are closely related with the light, are the role of light under certain conditions, but the two are essentially different: from the fire is just a sense of light, the main point of rigidity is the sense of light to bring another feeling: Hard material, of course, the material inherently hard to be reflected in the appropriate conditions.
Second, the density and refractive index

Emerald density, rapid subsidence in the tribromromethane, and its similar to the soft jade, serpentine jade, grape, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, uneven color

Uneven color, green to extend; with strong grease glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.
What are the characteristics of jade identification?

First, see the texture and transparency of jade

In general, the quality of jade transparent or slightly transparent, the industry called the old species of jade, the value is the highest. Translucent jade is called new and old species, the value is relatively low. And those jade opaque, and even dry hair is called the new species of emerald, the value is low.

Second, look at the color of jade

Jade is very rich in color, green, red, purple, yellow and other colors, one of the most expensive natural green. According to the depth of shades of green, and broken down into apple green, bright green, emperor green and so on more than 10 kinds. Excellent emerald green gorgeous, transparent, oil and no impurities, with a hard hit when the sound crisp loud.

Three, look luster

Cui shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

Four, see stone flowers

Jade in the small lumps, the transparency of the white fiber-like crystals are intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.
What is the meaning of Hetian jade pattern. Hetian jade this precious jade can be excellent sculpture, can be carved into a variety of exquisite jewelry, and Hetian jade carving patterns have their own meaning.
In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, wearing jade ornaments has become our pursuit of fashion. But some people face jade on a variety of themes, but no choice. In fact, in the theme of Hetian jade, most of the themes are very clear, pendant on the rich pattern of more longevity, blessing meaning of the equation, there are generally people, plants, animals, text patterns, and they mean different.

First, the character pattern:

1, Buddha, Guanyin: pendant in the Buddha, often take Maitreya Buddha to belly, laughing image, there is a big capacity to tolerate the world, laughing the world of ridiculous people said, on behalf of the people yearning for tolerance, good The wish of happiness. And Goddess of Mercy is regarded as the god of salvation, is regarded as the embodiment of compassion, in the folk by the most popular, the most extensive admiration. People wear this kind of decorative pendant is to borrow Buddha, God’s power to bless themselves, pray for peace and happiness.

2, longevity: to Antarctic cents Weng Tao peach for the decoration, meaning happy longevity.

3, the boy: the ancient children for the decoration, wish the blessing of many children.
2. Animal pattern:

1. Dragon, Fenglong is China’s most representative auspicious animal, Phoenix is www.ourlovestore.com China’s most representative auspicious birds, meaning auspicious. Legend of the Phoenix in the Chinese folk on behalf of women, the dragon on behalf of men. They are together with the meaning of marriage auspicious.

Fish: fish and more than sound, that rich. Such as: more than every year (fish), Jiqing more than (fish) and so on.

3. bat: bat and bless homophonic, meaning happiness. Such as: blessing in front (bats with a string of coins) and so on.

4. Monkey: monkey and Hou homophonic. Horse and monkey together, meaning immediately sealed Hou, seal the official meaning of the Jazz, there are two monkeys together, referring to generation of Hou Hou.

5. Zodiac: Zodiac also known as phase pendant, as a talisman can bless peace and happiness.
Three. Plant pattern

Plant ornamentation is often combined with animal decoration, resulting in a wealth of patterns and implication, such as: more than a year later, Songhe Yannian and so on.

There are separate plant decoration, such as: bamboo, on behalf of the high; flowers, on behalf of the flowers and wealth; plum, blue, bamboo, chrysanthemum in the four gentlemen, on behalf of the integrity of character.
Are there any collection of blood

Chicken Bloodstone as a niche auction categories, with scarce resources and non-renewable, in recent years, with the buyers of chicken blood stone recognition gradually increased, the bloodstone market also continued to rise. Over the past 10 years, with the market recognition of the bloodstone and sought after, blood stone mining efforts are growing, can be mined out of chicken bloodstone year after year. Therefore, the price of bloodstone with the sharp decline in production and a substantial increase.
Chicken bloodstone of the rare, high-quality appreciation of the value and long-term preservation does not fade and other characteristics have determined the chicken bloodstone has a high collection value, it is learned that the bloodstone is China’s unique precious stones, which formed 70 million years ago volcanic activity, Nonrenewable resources. So the finest bloodstone is very valuable collection.
Chicken blood stone collection to pay attention to what?

One, look bloody

Chicken blood color to bright red for the top grade, followed by red, dark red the worst. Chicken blood clots can be divided into block blood, blood, cloud of blood and blood, such as blood-shaped unique, double the value. Changhua chicken blood stone is known for rich blood. Red more concentrated the more valuable collection, the color of the area to be large, bright to drop. Now one side of the thumb size, bloody stone surface area of 40% of the bloodstone seal, market conditions in the million or so.

Second, look at the texture

Texture is the stone of stone itself stone, stone to clean less impurities, feel fine, from the texture point of view, sheep fat is the most precious, Ukraine frozen second. Black and white and the color of both ‘Liu Guan Zhang’, also has a high collection value. Its merits by color, transparency, gloss and hardness of the four characteristics of the performance rating.

Third, look at hardness

As the vast majority of chicken blood stone is used for seal seal for use, so the hardness is very important. Under the same conditions, the lower the hardness of the more conducive to carving, the more delicate and moist stone, the higher the price.
What are the methods of blood collection?

First, to learn to distinguish between the origin of chicken bloodstone, blood stone of the two major producing areas, Bahrain chicken bloodstone color is not stable, blood scattered and not gathered, easy to oxidize the dark; and Changhua chicken blood stone color together and scattered, the same quality, Changhua chicken blood The market price is higher than that of Bahrain.

Second, to learn to identify the true and false bloodstone. Chicken blood stone hardness is low, true blood for the “blood”, and from the inside out of the three-dimensional distribution, a sense of hierarchy, the color gradient process also has a sense of hierarchy, and fake chicken bloodstone red lack.

Third, in addition to see the blood of blood stones, texture and hardness, but also depends on the carving stone carving process is clever, beautiful.

Fourth, we should pay attention to the way to buy and re-trade of bloodstone, many collectors to buy chicken blood is often the way the individual operators of the store, and even in the antique market and flea market stalls, the credibility of the goods, authenticity, price The transparency is questioned.

What is the meaning of identification of emerald

What is the meaning of identification of emerald
Among the many jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has been able to occupy a large market and by many jade lovers love, it is because the emerald gourd itself to bring the beauty of the experience is different. Especially when it is compared with other themes of jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has formed its own culture, that is, jade gourd culture. This is because in our traditional fairy tale, the gourd is a very important carrier. For example, the universal travel of the universal wandering a wine gourd hanging pot of the world; epoch-making, the baby and Fu Xi gourd as a respect for the gods to worship. And gourd homophonic is Fulu, is a symbol of good fortune come; gourd ball is a symbol of family happiness.
No matter what kind of jade jewelry, it contains the cultural meaning is basically through homophonic, metaphor, comparison or symbol and other means to express. Jade cabbage is also true From the appearance point of view Jade cabbage, will feel the shape is very simple, but it contains the implication of the great meaning. Homophonic is one of the most important aspects of understanding the meaning of emerald cabbage. Cabbage represents Replica Cartier jewelry the white flawless, scattered green will appear cute and elegant; every leaf is very smooth lines, it seems patchwork. Wrapped up one by one, as if the fortune wrapped up the same. That swaying attitude of the wind, can be said to be a synonym for Lucky. Jade cabbage, with its beautiful style is realistic features, coupled with the beautiful meaning, popular favorite of the majority of jade lovers.
Understand the emerald people know that the more common jade Buddha pendant with Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Tathagata Buddha, Jigong live Buddha and so on. Among them, the Goddess of Mercy and Maitreya is our favorite jade wear jade Buddha. Because we generally think that these two kinds of jade Buddha pendant not only to the wearer to bring blessing, health, peace, joy, but also can be bad luck, disaster evacuation. Over time, jade-like jade pendant has gradually become the people’s spirit to rely on. In the ancient folk, the people are very fond of smiling, potbellied Maitreya Buddha, because every time you see Maitreya, you can make people’s mind to be relieved, so when people encounter unfair and unhappy things, Will seek spiritual comfort and support to the pendant.
Hetian jade seed material collection value?

Because the jade easy to collect, will not change the tide, not mildew, easy storage, especially Hetian jade seed material, there is a greater appreciation of space, and Tian Yuzhong produced in Xinjiang Hotan region Hetian jade seed material is the most superior, it Of the jade oil fine waxy, is the jade in the boutique.
Because of its harsh environment to form the requirements, making it very little reserves, coupled with over-exploitation in recent years, and today, and Tian Yu seed material is rare, rare, and Hetian jade material in short supply, the price will be Up and Hetian jade seed material investment appreciation we are optimistic. So Hetian jade seed for us is still very valuable collection.
What is the value of Hetian jade seed?

Hetian jade seed price is mainly determined by the price of raw materials and carving costs. Hetian jade seed material is now very scarce raw materials, mountain prices are generally calculated in kilograms, especially high-quality Hetian seed jade, a white, etc. by carat or grams of calculation, because the quality of Hetian jade material is extremely rare, The price can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.
After entering the jade factory, Hetian jade seed material for creative sculpture, through different levels of carving workers or artists, only the formation of jade pieces, which off greatly opened the same price of jade, according to experts, jade master design and Carved works, the general fee in grams, a small pendant of the fee on the casually on the million!

Hetian jade seed material collection of what pay attention to?

First, Hetian jade seed material has experienced a million years of infection and tempered, corrosion, and its unique characteristics determine its collection value is rising.

Second, Hetian jade is extremely stable, not easy to corrode the characteristics of it has a greater collection value.

Third, the rich historical and cultural connotation makes Hetian jade has a higher collection value.

Fourth, the impact of Hetian value of the factors are: quality, origin, output environment.
What is the meaning of jade. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of goodwill, auspicious class is expressed auspicious wish.
Jade carved into jade, as the theme of the carrier, jade theme to express a lot of meaning, sustenance of people’s wishes. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of life; auspicious class is expressed auspicious expectations.

What is the meaning of jade class

One, corn rat to give money. This is the traditional allusion, it is said that the mouse was the wealth of God’s wealthy boy, and later because of violating the day, was demoted to do the mouse, so there are corn rats to say. Jade also has this theme, the pattern is often one or a few mice, around the ingot or coins.

Second, the God of Wealth. God of Wealth is wealthy jade is not difficult to understand. Legend of the God of Wealth is to master the world of the gods of wealth, the image of the face for the kind of old man, fairy wind bone, wearing a hat, waist coins, wealth and auspicious.

Third, scattered money boy. From the Buddhist argument, scattered boy can also bring good luck, it is said that when it was born, the family filled with gold and gold treasures. Scattered money boy, children look like, innocent and lovely, often have the kind of coins ingot in its identity.

Four, brave. Legend of the Swiss beast, brave is one of the dragon, it is said that magic boundless, a evil spirits. It is very fond of devouring wealth, a certain day due to heaven drowning, was Jade a slap closed the anus, can only eat and can not vent. It is regarded as a symbol of Lucky wealth, wear in the body, or placed at home, not only evil spirits evil effect, but also increase wealth.
What is the meaning of auspicious jade?

First, the Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy: Buddha refers to Maitreya Buddha, that is, the Buddha of the future, its image is belly, laughing, barefoot, of course, there are Buddha Buddha, Buddhism and so on, Guanyin in China is Well known, its tendency to thousands of thousands of jade in the image of Goddess of Mercy is also changing, but the same is her auspicious meaning. As the saying goes: man wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha, that is, men like Guanyin as soft, and kind-hearted, women will be like Maitreya, tolerance generous.

Second, the birthday: jade in the image of the Antarctic Xianweng a peach, Antarctic www.ourlovestore.com cents Weng smile, white hair long to be, fairy wind bone, it means healthy and longevity.

Third, the boy: multi-table more blessed meaning.

Four, dragon and phoenix: are the legendary beast, which is the totem of the Chinese nation, can be said to be the first animal, dragon and phoenix on behalf of both sides of the yin and yang, dragon refers to men, phoenix is negative, they mean auspicious, Cheung is so.

Five, fish, bat, deer: often used homonyms to express the meaning of auspicious, for example, the fish through the table, the table more than a year; bat Tongfu, table happy meaning; deer pass Lu, express the meaning of affluence.

Diamond bracelet how much money

Diamond bracelet how much money
In addition to the diamond ring, diamond bracelet is also very popular with women, diamond ring for marriage, then the diamond bracelet is very suitable for confession, diamond bracelet how much money one? The price of the diamond bracelet is mainly affected by the price of Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica the diamond and the price of the chain. In Zoakai, a 66 points 18K gold diamond bracelet reference price is 8399 yuan.
Diamond bracelet cheaper than the diamond ring

And diamond ring, diamond bracelet how much money by the size of the diamond, but according to Diamond 4C standard diamond price theorem, the price of a carat diamond ring will be much higher than the price of a carat diamond bracelet, a carat diamond ring is usually means The main diamond weight of a carat diamond ring, and a carat diamond bracelet diamonds are mostly a few small diamonds made of mosaic.

Diamond 4C refers to the diamond color, clarity, cut and weight, which accounted for the largest weight of the price of diamonds, and two 1 carat diamond price than a 2 carat diamond price (diamonds other 3C parameters The same), a carat diamond bracelet how much money? A carat diamond bracelet price about a million or so, the price of a carat diamond ring to tens of thousands of dollars.

The purity of the chain of precious metals affects the price

In addition to the diamond price, the chain of precious metals on the diamond bracelet is also very large, because the bracelet diamonds to small diamond-based, diamonds in the proportion of the price of the bracelet is not a big ring, precious metals prices The higher the price, the higher the price, 18K gold is the gold content of 75% of the K gold, the price than the PT90 (purity of 90% of the platinum) is not cheap, the price of the same, less.
Style bracelet cost

Even the diamond 4C and the chain of precious metals the same purity of the two diamond bracelet, the price difference is very impressive, relative to the diamond ring style, bracelet style is varied, bracelet style is very sophisticated technology, a by Holding the price of diamond bracelet due to the supply and demand of the stimulus, the price will soar all the way. How much is the diamond bracelet? Freshly simple bracelet is cheaper than luxury bracelet.
Diamonds are always the favorite gems, never out of date, the diamond bracelet rendering the youthful atmosphere, the head of the flutter is the nature of the close, exquisite design, around the sweet lovers in the hands of happiness, youth charm, in this Unique design continues to spread. Diamond bracelet side with the round of the pretty match, stitching design worth pondering, giving a gorgeous feeling of exuberant, exquisite hollow symbol of delicate and exquisite mind, light flashing charming light, so that your slender hand into a perfect landscape , Then the price of diamond bracelet how?
What is the price of a diamond bracelet? This is mainly to see the diamond quality, bracelet style, brand and purchase channels, diamond bracelet prices are expensive, but no matter how the price, a good diamond bracelet can be perfectly carved sparkling diamonds, radiant, delicate and wonderful arrangement , Neat show gorgeous rhythm, as the stars in the night sky across the trajectory, it is put it down, wear it, impressive, the woman’s heart charm will be doubled show.
Diamond bracelet price is not expensive? In fact, buy a diamond bracelet with us to buy the same fruit, the quality of the decision price, a penny goods, in fact, quite a certain reason, choose what price diamond bracelet, on what kind of diamond level, and sometimes even Technology and design will be a clear gap. So purely free to say that the price of diamond bracelet is not expensive, is not very reference, different diamonds, bracelet quality is different, the price is high and low, but compared with the diamond ring, diamond bracelet price is still low.

How much is the price of a diamond bracelet? Diamond bracelet prices depend on the greatest impact on the quality of the diamond itself, like Zuo Kai “love life” series diamond bracelet price between 5000-6000 yuan, the main stone 13 points, color IJ, clarity SI, cut VG, love life Diamond bracelet meaning and you gently tell us the future, tightly hold you, listen to your past bit by bit, tolerance is a beautiful, forget last night waiting for the morning dawn, want to wash your lead dream, spend every one Dusk, let the air filled with true, sea and sky, intimate singing, no matter how the future days, sad or happy, and you spend life every moment, and you love life every moment.
Titanium germanium bracelet what role? In the 21st century, with the change of people’s ideas, the pursuit of the public continue to enhance, constantly seeking new items and materials to decorate life, titanium at this time, quietly into the former “space materials”, “space Metal “,” biological metal “just in line with the needs of people, titanium as a long-term implantation of the body of metal has been widely used in the medical profession.
Titanium germanium bracelet on the role of people can be mainly to restore fatigue, promote blood circulation and so on. In Japan, germanium is used in many places as medical aids, and in the jewelry industry as a healthy material to join the bracelet, necklace, ring sales, and the price is cheaper, generally about 50 to 200 yuan. Special attention is that inorganic germanium must not be taken.

Germanium for people, safe no side effects, can be long-term wear, permanent and www.ourlovestore.com effective, however, titanium germanium bracelet is just a fashion health care products, is not a substitute for drugs. You can bring, but only have a health effect only, if the body have any pain, or go to the hospital to see a doctor better.

Titanium germanium bracelet effect is what

Titanium germanium bracelet effect is what? Titanium germanium bracelet opponents, shoulder, waist discomfort, people engaged in sports, need to focus on people, often feel tired, headache, shoulder pain, with brain over the people, sleep quality, metabolic bad People who often use the phone, the pressure and oppression of people, and so can play a very good health effects, then, Titanium germanium bracelet specific effect is it?
1, to alleviate the effect of pain. Germanium free electrons (negative ions) through the skin through, and the formation of positive parts of the affected area, ease soreness or pain, adjust the biological current.

2, ease the effectiveness of fatigue. So that the affected area around the temperature rise 0.5 ℃ -1 ℃, the expansion of the affected area of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, can have a good impact on the nervous system.

3, ease the effect of stress. By pressing the affected area to stimulate acupuncture points, can remove the pain of the joints or muscles, the internal organs also have a mild effect. Acupressure press, relieve stress stability nerve.

Above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring what role Titanium germanium bracelet, titanium germanium bracelet is what the relevant content, we hope to help. Click on the collection, Xiaobian you enter the jewelry knowledge of the ocean!

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring
Select the bare drill from the diamond 4C start: size, color, clarity, cut. If you choose a carat below the carat, then the proposed choice of high-color low-clarity, if it is more than a carat, better quality can also add value. In addition, diamond fluorescence should also look at. Ringing, then the general is 18k gold and platinum, the former hard, relatively cheap, the latter is softer, relatively expensive to see the individual like.

The value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C are very important, from the cost to consider it, we also need to focus on the selection of diamonds, in the case of the size of the first proposed from the cut of this C to consider the degree of cut Directly affect the diamond fire color, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, followed by the color of this C, the color from the DZ, the more close to the D color, diamonds more transparent, it is recommended to consider the final clarity of this C, VS Level and above as well, because the clarity of the diamond only cause a smaller impact.
Mosaic: the current diamond inlay method about a claw inlay, package Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica inlaid, half-package inlay, folder inlay, nail inlay, different mosaic way to the beauty of diamonds also have different show, the general wedding ring in order to highlight the value of diamonds usually use claws More and more recently more and more new choice of unarmed folder inlaid or semi-package inlay, more suitable for the usual wear, including inlay will have the effect of diamonds, pinning is used for small drill The mosaic. In the study of work or ring style is best to consider the usual wear habits.

Ring size: general K white gold ring size (refers to the Wai) are can be modified, because after marriage or the relationship between children, may become fat or thinner, the original ring becomes too tight or too loose, too tight affect the blood Circulation is not comfortable, too large is easy to lose. If there is no diamond or pattern on the rings of the ring, it is easier to zoom in and out, but there are some models that can not be modified or can not be modified at all because the pattern or circle is broken. Ask the store.

Identification: the domestic jewelry store on the use of gem identification books are different, can be divided into international certificates or general domestic identification of the two opened, the so-called international certificate should be GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI … and so on, other names A similar certificate is in fact similar to a certificate issued by a domestic certificate. It is important to the contents of the identification of the book please explain the details of the store, while most of the jewelry store will be accompanied by a store guarantee, on behalf of this ring is sold by the shop, some stores in the after-sales service will ask to see the guarantee, please And the certificate together with the good custody. So that after-sales service is required to have evidence.
How the diamond is formed

Diamond is formed in volcanic rocks, and mainly produced in kimberlite, another kind of diamond containing the original rock called potassium magnesium lamprophite (lamproite), it is a kind of alkaline magnesite volcanic rocks, mainly by the garnet, volcanic glass Formed, can be pyroxene, olivine and other minerals, the typical origin for the western Australian Argyle (Argyle).

Scientists have studied the diamonds from different diamonds and their native inclusions in the world. The formation of diamonds is generally at a pressure of 4.5-6.0Gpa (equivalent to a depth of 150-200km) and a temperature of 1100-1500 degrees Celsius. Although theoretically, diamonds can be formed in the various periods / stages of the earth’s history, and most of the mines currently mined are mainly formed between 3.3 billion years and 12 to 17 billion years.

Some of the diamonds in South Africa are about 4.5 billion, indicating that these diamonds have begun to crystallize deep in the earth soon after the birth of the earth, and diamonds are the oldest gem in the world.

The formation of diamonds requires a long historical process, which is mainly produced by diamonds on the earth’s ancient stable continental regions. In addition, the extraterrestrial impact on the earth, resulting in an instant high temperature, high pressure, can also form diamonds, such as 1988, the Soviet Academy of Sciences reported in the meteorite found diamonds, but the role of the formation of diamonds is not economic value.
What kind of geological conditions can be formed large particles of diamonds

In the depth of the earth about 150-200 km, pure carbon material in the pressure (4.5-6) × 109Pa, the temperature of 1100-1600 camera under the conditions of crystallization, the formation of natural diamonds. There are only a few places in the deep part of the earth that have www.ourlovestore.com the physical and chemical conditions of diamond formation. In theory, any time can be formed diamonds, as long as the diamond to achieve physical and chemical conditions. From the current mining of the diamond mine, most of the diamonds formed in 3.3 billion years and 12-17 billion years of these two periods.

In addition, the alien impact on the Earth, resulting in high temperature, high pressure can also form diamonds. But this way the formation of diamond particles small, poor quality, can not be used as jewelry gem.

When the earth’s shell to produce tension, solid rock began to move and rupture, then the earthquake, volcanic eruption. When the volcanic lava rises from the depths of the earth to the surface, the deeply formed diamonds are brought to the shallow and surface of the earth. After lava cooling we can find diamonds in the cooled rock. When the diamond is enriched and reaches a certain size, we call the diamond primary ore. Rocks containing diamonds are weathered under natural conditions, and diamonds remain on slopes, rivers, and rivers and are enriched to form deposits, called diamond secondary mines.

Diamonds are formed by geological effects, and geographical distribution, climate conditions are not necessarily linked.
Blue and white diamond: a pure as water-like colorless transparent diamonds, especially with light blue for the best. Such as “Centenary” and so on.

Red diamonds: a pink to bright red transparent diamonds, especially in bright and deep red for rare treasures. Australia is its main source. (In the red diamond grading only one level is Fancy Red, no Fancy Intense, Vivid, Light Red)

Blue Diamond: a sky blue, blue to dark blue transparent diamonds, of which the best for the dark blue. This diamond is different from all other colors of diamonds, it contains boron elements and conductive properties. Because of its particularly rare, it is rare treasures. Such as the world famous “Hope (The Hope)” and so on, South Africa’s Primermo mine is its main source.

Green diamond: a light green to green transparent diamonds, mostly due to deformation of the crystal structure, the color is usually only on the surface of the diamond, green diamonds are not easy to have grassland-like bright colors, of which the value of the most green The The Diamond “The Dresden” is the world’s largest green diamond.

Purple Diamond: A light purple to purple transparent diamonds, three times more expensive than colorless diamonds, especially in purple and purple for the rare treasures, the former Soviet Union is its main source.

A golden transparent diamond is a common variety of colored diamonds. If the color is golden and golden, such as The Tiffany, it is astonishing, and it was estimated in 1983. Has $ 12 million.
How to distinguish the types of diamonds

Orange drill: orange is a mixture of yellow and red, usually dark brown feeling of color, and pure orange in the natural color diamond is rare in rare. October 1977 New York Sotheby’s auction, 5.54ct Fancy Vivid Orange (Pumpkin Diamond) sold for more than 1.3 million US dollars high.

Black Diamond: Black Diamond is usually not as a gem-class diamonds, but the world famous “Black Oloff (The Black Orloff)” is reportedly printed in the Indian temple in the elephant on the diamond, also known as Brahma eyes.

Differentiated diamonds are mainly based on the color, flaws and origin of diamonds.