For the brand and the importance of creating a diversified market understanding

Bindley Zhang was born in Hong Kong in 1953, family generation watches and clocks, watches and clocks, accessories import and export and research and development, production. As a result of childhood by the family business atmosphere, so it is natural to like this industry. Bindley Zhang has experienced 37 spring and summer temperament, always to the quality of life, customer first business philosophy, the use of advanced watch manufacturing technology to the market’s keen grasp and excellent team to create a series of high-profile and respected Of the exquisite fashion watch.
Bindley Zhang Bindley watches
For the brand and the importance of creating a diversified market imitation Cartier love bracelet understanding, Bin Deli in 1975 founded their own brand – Bindley. Experienced 37 spring and summer temper, always to the quality of life, the customer for the first business philosophy, the grasp of the market and excellent team to create a series of watches.
Brand Culture
Bindley firmly believe that a corporate culture is both the soul of the enterprise is the life of the enterprise, the details of the dedication and emotional integration of innovative technology will be able to bring different feelings of human beauty, quality, from the details of the dedication, happiness In the definition of time. With the passage of time, technological progress, economic development, for people to bring material and spiritual prosperity. Today’s time is no longer just time, for Bindley, time is happiness.

Daily maintenance
The watch surface of the watch strap is made of many kinds, such as tungsten and titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., wear to avoid the same or more than the same hardness of the special friction, Regular cleaning of case straps.
It is also necessary, the other sea water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing chemicals such as watch gold-plated layer and metal surface has a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Bindley Zhang Bindley watches
Watch the basic mirror can be divided into synthetic crystal glue, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal rubber wear resistance slightly less than a scratch, but the impact resistance is strong; sapphire crystal glass engage in wear and tear, but the material is more brittle and violent impact; mineral glass between the two. Even anti-wear sapphire crystal glass should also pay attention to diamonds, grinding stone, sandpaper, nail file, flower net stone, concrete walls and other impurities contained in, so as not to scratch the surface.
The Royal Crown is a well-known watch brand in Italy, founded in 1972. Its product features Replica Cartier jewelry is its simple and bold design, fashion shining style is known. Each product is extremely focused on the details and the pursuit of quality perfect, fully demonstrated the Royal Crown combined with the desire to go beyond the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to respond to changing market demand characteristics.
Ruo Ya Kelang Royal Crown watch brand introduction
So far, Royal Crown has opened brand stores in 27 countries around the world, and all customers who have purchased Royal Crown are impressed by her craftsmanship and innovative design. She is practical and durable, forbidden to scrutinize, timeless, quietly showing the top fashionable transcendental quality, at any time can become a classic.

Ruo Yaqron with its unique concept of the complex and noble handmade diamond mosaic process applied to the fashion watch, make it into a grid, became a synonym for luxury and romantic, in the fashion watch industry, its hand mosaic The craft is unique.

Continuation of the Italian teacher’s design style – fashion, luxury, elegance and romance; in the European region, much favored by the consumer favorite. Its unique style on the pure hand mosaic and perfect cut eight heart eight arrows diamond soft, filling the unique charm of jewelry, will allow you to enjoy the value of the joy of value.
Langkun LACO watch is Germany’s famous watch brand, 1925, Lacher & co. By two young German watchmaker Frieda Lacher and ludwig Hummel in the German watch design and manufacture of the town of Pforzheim founded. Langkun LACO is derived from the first syllable of Lacher and co. The company established early, committed to the production of precision watch parts. From 1933 onwards, Long Kun began to produce a series of high-quality watch movement.
Long Kun LACO watch brand introduction
Since 1993, Langkun (LACO) began to produce mechanical watch core. Its products include a series of high-quality watch movement. All models are made of pallet anchor and with a clutch spring. This is much more complicated than the Cylinder Anchor & Pin Pallet movement. In 1940, Langkun (LACO) participated in the B-Uhr program. B-Uhr is the abbreviation of the German Beobachtungsuhr, meaning “observation table”, for the German Air Force production pilot table, its main features are: high precision, good reading. Because of the B-Uhr plan in the World War II during the reputation of Langkun, its original marked with Arabic numerals inside and outside the non-reflective sub-black surface, has become a modern pilot table logo design. From 1950 to 1959, Langkun (LACO) into the gold development period. Its movement brand DUROWE, from 1952 to a variety of watch manufacturers to supply a large number of reliable and high-quality movement products.
Hyundai Lang (LACO) by the Hera (LACHER) family of the sixth generation of successor Andreas Gounte officially took over. Has been committed to inheriting the family watchmaking process, carry forward the German watchmaking spirit Andreas, in today’s watchmaking industry in Switzerland, adhere to the German original manufacturing, its derived from the German line of superb craftsmanship and pure design, The United States, Japan and other overseas markets have a significant response.
Long Kun LACO watches recommended

New pilot series
The new launch of the new pilots table is definitely called Langkun (LACO) another sincerity masterpiece, it continues the LACO pilot table consistent style, for the details of the intimate adjustment. In order to be closer to the original 40s of last century, the original pilots table, the designer will watch the color of the overall deepening of the No. 1, dark gray stainless steel frosted case with dark brown strap,
Long Kun LACO watch brand introduction
Absolute Blues Series
Absolute is a typical Bauhaus industrial design works, modern full of simple, simple, practical function first, while the watch also followed the LACO has always been handsome military watch temperament. Matte appearance to maintain a consistent low-key and texture; soft rubber strap can be better fit the wrist. The second hand uses a special blue, not only the dazzling embellishment but also very effective to improve the time of identification. The whole system is automatic mechanical watch, power reserve up to 40 hours. This German simple and handsome watch more able to highlight the wearer’s temperament and style of work.

TW STEEL unique style is mainly built on the large size case it turns out that both male and female consumers

Ticcit watch brand is one of the domestic watch brand, the brand fame is not great, so I heard very few people. The following watch home to come to tell you about Tashi Ticcit watch brand, in order to understand!
Ticcit watch brand introduction
Ticcit was established in 1979 in Hong Kong, is a manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in the production of watches. Now has a group of professional management and business technical backbone, all using computerized network management, and has a dedicated e-commerce site. Ticcit Ticcit in the quality of development, relying on the credibility of the purpose of survival, “days of time (TINLES)” for the brand to launch automatic mechanical watches, quartz watches, couple watches, gift tables, souvenirs and other watches!
Ticcit respected “pragmatic, hard work, the spirit of responsibility, and in good faith, win-win situation, create business philosophy and create a good business environment to a new management model, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality The fundamental imitation Cartier love bracelet survival, and always adhere to the user first service to customers, adhere to use their own services to impress customers.
Tomonstein (TUNGSTEN) core business theory is “heart into”, the pursuit is to bring value to consumers experience, rather than the price of profits to jointly shape the city now “men and women” personality, fashion, Style for the cornerstone!
Tomster TUNGSTEN watch brand introduction
Tungsten is the most popular jewelery in the world, the texture is extremely strong, color black, Ze introverted, never fade, is a very valuable and valuable collection of rare non-ferrous metals, its unique gem-like mysterious color and light, distinguished And calm, elegant and simple, is the first choice for the royal family of decorative materials. The Townsendians combine the “tungsten” with the fashion trend, creating a diamond-like luster and hard, but not diamond expensive fashion jewelry – tungsten jewelry and tungsten watch.
Tomstown advocates simple visual enjoyment, independent design style, the continuation of Europe and the United States rugged lines of beauty, integration of international fashion and Chinese style and other elements, so that products and young people’s personal life perfect combination. The product line is divided into administrative, free, cutting-edge three design direction, each direction is Tom Town show wonderful self stage.
TW STEEL started in the Netherlands, under the age of 29-year-old chief executive Jody Cullenbisi under the leadership of the market in recent years to the most exciting and most innovative watch brand dominate.
TW STEEL watch brand introduction
TW STEEL unique style is mainly built on the large size case, it turns out that both male and female Replica Cartier jewelry consumers, large tables are unable to block the charm. TW STEEL largest watch up to 50 mm, in a hundred schools of thought contend TW STEEL undoubtedly sitting on a “brother” status. TW STEEL leadership and reflect the latest trends, the TW STEEL, the appearance of large tables is not only the focus of publicity, it is part of the core brand.
TW STEEL’s other exclusive feature is the use of stainless steel, after all, TW STEEL means the meaning of “The Watch in STEEL”, so the use of stainless steel clearly illustrates the value of the brand representative. TW STEEL watch case is made of high grade stainless steel, and 100% or part of the top gold, rose gold or black PVD plating made of.
Style is subjective! Therefore, TW STEEL offers a wide variety of straps to meet the variety of customer tastes. In addition, TW STEEL according to different watches designed different colors of the strap, leather and rubber strap to provide for consumers to choose. TW STEEL’s goal is to develop a luxury watch that can show luxury, style and high quality, and there is no doubt that we have done that.
TW STEEL is the “big list of the master”, which is definitely not just the company’s brand sub-standard Bale, the table is indeed a large size TW STEEL brand symbol, including the use of stainless steel, and all watches are in line with Swiss quality standards And so are exclusive to TW STEEL features.
U.SCEN brand from Hong Kong, is a international background and global design concept of cutting-edge fashion jewelry company, jewelry known for high-end fashion, Hong Kong Yao Xian family group is another fashion jewelry chain brand. Its core goal is to let every ideal woman can highlight the self-characteristics, showing fashion charm. Modern minimalist nature with high quality U.SCEN jewelery.
U.SCEN watch brand introduction
Adhering to the Hong Kong fashion style and global design concept, put forward the “YOUR STYLE CENTRAL” – your fashion center brand goal. Its triggering design inspiration on a global scale, to capture trends, and create a new elegant fashion jewelry concept. Hong Kong Yao Xian Group to more than 10 years of development process, once again created U.SCEN and innovative mode of operation and unique design concept debut Chinese fashion jewelry industry.
With the international background of the Yao Xian family group on its U.SCEN provides a high quality of the creation and fashion design. Its U.SCEN design team senior fashion industry conference site, they observe the Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong’s seasonal elements of the season, trained a unique set of commodity R & D and manufacturing technology.
Or pure, or romantic, or free and easy, or sexy, U.SCEN, so fashionable luxury come to your side, as your life in a simple simple things, fashion will bring every woman. In the simple and low-key jewelry design contains noble temperament, highlighting women with the unique charm without looking, looking for their own different!

From the United States if the clouds of Japan cherry cherry season to draw inspiration

Winston launches Ms. Pre-Basel – Fifth Avenue Avenue ™ Classic Series Cherry Blossom Watch
Harry Winston Haisi Winston presents the elegant and charming Avenue Avenue series Cherry Blossom watch, the cherry blossoms of the glory of the United States condensate on the dial above. This watch for the new diamond and pink corundum reproduction Cartier love bracelet replica  of the brilliant scenery, praise the beautiful gift of nature, and its into eternal, fixed in the profile of the simple case, and Hai Rui Winston New York Fifth Avenue flagship store construction line echoes.

From the United States if the clouds of Japan cherry cherry season to draw inspiration

Harry Winston Wales Winston Day Avenue Avenue Classic Series Cherry Blossom watch

Founder of the legendary brand – New York jeweler Mr. Harry Winston (Mr. Harry Winston) on the nature of the observation of nuanced, often flowing, natural natural charm into its high-level jewelry works. Marie Winston’s designers followed the idea of the founder of the brand, once again from the charming natural scenery to draw inspiration to a year and season full of cherry tree in full bloom as the theme, clever design Fifth Avenue Avenue Classic Series Cherry Blossom Fake Cartier love bracelet watch, timeless cut cherry blossom in full bloom.
In Japan, cherry blossoms are the cultural events of the country, so there is a “hanami” custom that holds a feast under the cherry tree. In the Japanese traditional culture and philosophy, or pink or white cherry blossoms symbolize the spring of the earth, all things recovery and positive and optimistic attitude. Beautiful Ruoyun shiny cherry blossoms, fleeting petals also make people feel the life of the short and precious.
Spend the moment, Fanghua eternal

Fifth Avenue Avenue Classic series Cherry Blossom watch with delicate artistic touch and talent, to reproduce the cherry blossom in full bloom, feast for the eyes of the beautiful scenery. Dial to light blue and green mother of pearl to build, by its natural iridescent luster, showing the spring with the wind flowing clouds. 39 round brilliant cut diamonds and 29 round brilliant cut corduroy carefully scattered on the dial, a symbol of cherry and petals: some flowers in the plum blossom material on the blooming, while others are the wind falling The These gems are carefully cut into the size of the size of the patchwork to create a picture of the deep sense and sense of sensitivity, so that cherry beauty in full bloom.
Careful design aesthetics

Mario Winston Fifth Avenue Avenue watch series from the brand’s long history of New York Fifth Cartier love ring replica Avenue flagship store to draw design inspiration, can be described as the extraordinary carrier of such extraordinary artistic creativity. 18K white gold case elegant style and Fifth Avenue flagship store solemn stone arch echoes, the case 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position exquisite arc outline to reproduce the classic three arches modeling. Case inlaid with 29 round brilliant cut diamonds, showing the works of the Swiss Rui Wenston highlights the essence of the edge of the diamond, the iconic brand logo also vividly on the dial above. The 12 o’clock position is set with an emerald-type “HW” nameplate inspired by Mr. Hermione Winston’s favorite emerald cut. This section exquisite watch with a new color contrast with the color of the blue and green crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold material clasp is inlaid 6 round bright cut diamond.

The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools

CASIO CASIO new solar watch new listing
CASIO solar watch new listing will be held, marking the first corresponding to a number of regional standards in the world of radio watches in China. Site, CASIO (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., chairman of Mr. Dan Min line and other acts of new products opened a mystery, and accepted a number of domestic media interviews.
New conference to “the world’s leading solar watch” as the theme, fully demonstrated the CASIO technology and design the perfect combination of product ideas. At the conference, the live media and guests watched the radio reception in Japan, the UK and China, and experienced the shock of high technology. In the product display area, the new CASIO radio table was designed to show the perfect design. CASIO is the world’s first launch of the 6 Bureau Cartier love bracelet replica of radio watches company, this time launched the wave table will be listed in the global market, CASIO through independent research and development of the “world’s leading solar watch”, the development of electronic technology to a new height, and Constantly refresh the watch industry standards, the CASIO advocated by the “creation of contribution” brand concept in China to promote out.
Radar table overview
The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools, from corona, water clock, hourglass, to mechanical watches, quartz watches and clocks, and now to the current wave table, people grasp every minute of the desire never stopped, the pursuit of smaller , The ideal of a more accurate timer has never changed. Before the mid-70s, mechanical watches accounted for more than 90% of the market share of watches and clocks, to the early 80s, quartz watches occupy a 2/3 of the market.
In 1995, CASIO in the German market launched the first radio table, followed by Japan, North America, Europe and other countries have begun to use CASIO radio table. Wave table with the previous timing tool is different, no manual operation, the watch built-in antenna can automatically receive the standard time radio signal, automatically decode and correct time and seconds, date and week and all other information, convenient and accurate. As the standard time radio is measured by the use of cesium atomic clock around and fired, the accuracy of 100,000 years before the error of one second, it can be said that the wave table is following the mechanical watch and quartz watch, the watch industry has a new standard. CASIO radio table, is an irreplaceable leader in this field. As of May 2007, CASIO became the first wave table sales of more than 10 million Cartier love ring replica manufacturers, while accounting for the world wave table market share of about 40%.
CASIO wave table three leading core technology
※ six innings to receive radio
CASIO in the world for the first time launched the original 6 Bureau of radio watches, high sensitivity to receive all the current six base stations of different frequency radio signals, including China, Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu 2 base stations), the United Kingdom, Germany, North America Standard radio waves, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. Even in different countries and regions, can also automatically receive radio waves, so that the watch and the local standard time to maintain a high degree of consistency.
※ Large capacity solar drive system
CASIO’s original high-capacity solar drive system, even in the weak fluorescent lamp, can also produce sufficient power, drive stopwatch, alarm, backlight, sensor and radio reception and other energy consumption of a huge function. For the convenience of the use of watches at the same time, also in line with CASIO has been advocating the concept of environmental protection, reduce the battery replacement on the impact of the Earth’s environment.
※ tough movement
Receive accurate time but also have a precise movement to ensure that the time to get the correct display. CASIO this time listed on the wave table also uses a new “tough movement”, effectively prevent the impact of external impact on the movement caused by the resulting time display error. Impact resistance – the new R & D use of the “tough movement”, CASIO found the most sophisticated combination of metal and resin materials, the use of lightweight resin and metal mixed assembly structure, a substantial increase in impact occurs when the watch machine The core is resistant to damage, anti-sag and resistance to deformation, to achieve an unprecedented impact resistance.
Pointer auto-correction function – at 55 minutes and 0 seconds per hour, the system automatically checks the error and automatically corrects the minute, minute pointer position. Make sure the time is displayed correctly.
Top watch logo sapphire mirror
How to determine whether a watch is classified as a top brand, you can see whether it is sapphire mirror and conclusive, sapphire high hardness, made with its watch, its shock resistance, sealing and strength than other materials, At the same time this is the top watch quality assurance is an important factor.
Nürnberger Ei invented the “Nuremberg Egg”
Glass appeared earlier than the time of the watch for thousands of years, but the earliest clock was above the glass. According to the literature, four thousand years ago, the Egyptians, already know the glass firing technology, and began to use glass containers to do containers. And pocket watch, but have to wait until the 16th century before the emergence.
The pocket watch is invented by a German called Nürnberger Ei. On his lineage, people have been quite controversial. Some people think he is Germanic, because he spent eight years to the then French king made a clock. But some people think he is a Jew, because he designed the clock every year there will be some time difference, the French king had to give him some gold each year, so he was responsible for the maintenance and proof of the clock. He designed the Cartier nail bracelet replica pocket watch with a goose so big, called “Nuremberg eggs”, can not be placed inside the shirt pocket, can only hang on the king’s neck, is now placed in the Nuremberg Museum for people to visit.
At that time the “egg” and no glass cover. Nürnberger Ei did not think, but the glass was not colorless and transparent. That glass contains iron compounds, people do not know how to remove the glass of iron elements. Since the color of the iron compound is green, the color of the glass is the same as the current beer bottle. Put this color of the glass in the pocket watch, can only get a result, that is, all people can not see where the pointer now point to. So, Nürnberger Ei did not use glass to give it a protective cover, but to this piece of pocket watch to add a “golden bell”.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, there are only movement of 401 parts
How many parts are there in the watch?
If it is a general, not too complicated watches, about dozens or even hundreds of parts. If it is a multi-functional watch, usually two hundred parts from, not discounted. Such as Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition large-scale traditional watch series Tourbillon calendar watch, just the movement, there are 401 parts. The watch inside, the most delicate parts of the movement is the fastest balance wheel, senior watch in the balance wheel journal, that is, a hair so fine. So fine wheel but to drive the diameter of about 10 mm wheel rotation. For example, it is like a pen so fine on the small iron bar hanging above a disc as precarious. We all know that the surface area of the object and the square of the size is proportional to, that is, the smaller the size, the relative contact with the air surface area is greater, the corrosion is also faster. For watches such a thing, if there are sewn can make dust and water vapor into the rust will be like the plague as in the internal spread, and finally let the watch a thorough strike.
Therefore, the seal protection, for the watch, is definitely a major event.
Vacheron Constantin introduced pocket watch called Patrimony Contemporaine, very valuable collection
Until a few hundred years later, with the birth of colorless transparent glass, glass was as a protective cover, appeared on the watch. Now pocket watch does not have practical value, but because of its body has a retro atmosphere, but it has become a legacy of small toys, so that the major brand manufacturers whom favored, such as Vacheron Constantin launched a few months ago called Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket watch, very valuable collection.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Model Mirror: Blue Crystal Face
However, it was soon found that although the glass can play a good role in hindering the role of water vapor and dust, but also has its own shortcomings: fragile, easy to liposuction, too expensive.
Fragile, so that a lot of pocket watch life than the super-year-old; easy liposuction, then you always want to take a piece of handkerchief in the above repeatedly rub to wipe, but because the glass hardness is low, you can easily let pocket watch The mirror becomes a misty one. Coupled with the price is expensive, before the advent of plexiglass, ordinary glass is still used as a mirror of the main material is widely used.

The military watch is one of the more popular topics between watches and hobbies

US military watch brand which is good
The military watch is one of the more popular topics between watches and hobbies. Especially the US military table, should be its powerful, superior quality so much loved. Today, watch home and you talk about what the US military watch brand which is okay!
Military watch, as the name implies, refers to the special use of military watches. Today to introduce the knowledge of the US military watch. In the military, the military watch has a clear and strict norms, more well-known standards related to military watches to the United States MIL-W-46374F series of military procurement standards. The standard was first promulgated on October 30, 1964, followed by the scientific and technological progress has been constantly modified, has been modified seven times, in order to facilitate the distinction between different versions of the standard, the US military with the English letter “A ~ G” The
Traser is one of the two US military standard military regulations, strict implementation of MIL-W-46374F standard, with anti-magnetic, waterproof, shock advantages. Different ordinary cheap table of plastic case, P5900 using polyester and stainless steel shell, light texture. Another high-hardness glass table Mongolia, tritium light source technology, Lang movement, giving its superior quality, but also to become the most cost-effective entry-level luminous table.
Luming Nuo Si table to meet the customer wearing suits or attend formal occasions to wear imitation Cartier love bracelet the military table requirements, in 2011 grand launch of the “Yinhai 3152” special commemorative models, and for the first time in our China starting, with a high collection value The
Using silver and black mainstream color with, to create a unique sense of noble, is nowadays world-class watches are used in the process and design aesthetics. When the military quality and fashion aesthetic perfect combination of the birth of a classic, that is, Luming Nuo Si.
The United States Chase Duo Jun military watch is the love of the film director Brandon and Marian Chase couple and Swiss watch businessman Stephen Dreyer created this famous military watch brand. Chase – Duri strict quality control, from design to parts production and then to the watch assembly are rigorously tested and tested to ensure that each production process to achieve accurate and perfect, which is the beginning of the company since the commitment of the table 2-year quality assurance reasons.
Mike Koles watches and Seiko watches that nice
Watch now is not a simple timing tool, its more important role is to highlight the wearer’s identity and taste. So what about Mike Carls watches and Seiko watches?
Brand comparison
Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors brings the luxury industry to a new stage and has succeeded in shaping the concept of self-expression and distinctive life and distinguishing the brand from the classic American luxury brands of the past. Michael Kors has become an American luxury Style of the representative. At present Michael Kors in the world 89 countries already have more than 500 stores, while distribution to the world’s top department stores and global stores.
Seiko (SEIKO), is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881. The company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko, Berliget table launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko and Japan Oriental table company co-founded a joint venture factory. Seiko homes or computer printer manufacturers – Epson (EPSON) the parent company.
Mike Koles watches and Seiko watches that nice
Mike Coles is a famous clothing brand, watch is just a sub-brand. And are fashionable table, the Replica Cartier jewelry appearance is more beautiful but the quality and workmanship and Seiko can not be compared! And Seiko is one of the best Japanese watch brand, the mechanical watch has beaten some of the Swiss watch! And have a high quality. So from the use of the point of view, Seiko is better than Mike Coles!
No watch of the watch Zero creative watch
This is the designer Robert Dabi brought a pointer without a scale, and has a minimalist style of the watch zero. There are two ring areas inside the dial, which circle on behalf of hours, outside the circle that represents minutes, these “pointer” will slowly move, read the time just to find the brightest head on it.
Plum watch and Tissot watch which is good
Many friends like to wear watches, if with a Swiss watch. It is more able to highlight the taste and character to wear. Then plum watch and Tissot watch which is good?
brand introduction
Titoni (Titoni) is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, since 1919 in Greenken, Switzerland since the plant, according to legend three generations, is now very few independent family watch business. Over the years it has been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches, the company is most proud of a feature is 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watch. All along, the plum table adhere to the “quality first” attitude, focus on the production of refined, reliable and durable mechanical watches, around the world, set a “symbol of the mechanical process”. Its company advertising slogan “mechanical art model”, clearly stressed its production of mechanical watches in the field of professional status. Plum table is stationed in China earlier Swiss brand, over the years to “precision, reliable, durable,” the stability of the quality of the consumer to win the unique support of the plum table, laid the grand status of plum table.
TISSOT (Tissot) products: watches, electronic equipment Tissot table (Tissot) was born in 1853 in the watch industry cradle of Switzerland. With 150 years of experience in the tradition, Tissot’s name has spread over more than 150 countries on five continents and has become one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the table altar and has repeatedly won international awards and Awards.
Plum watch and Tissot watch which is good
Plum and Tissot are both Swiss watch brands, also belong to the four types of tables. Quality and technology are not big gap! But Tissot’s reputation is higher than the plum, so Tissot is more popular in the market!

maintained a watch family of traditional business independence

What is the grade of Herb Berlin watches?
Herbelin, a watch brand from France. Its founder Michel Herbelin, a keen on the quality, excellence of the craftsmen, all in the superb craftsmanship to produce precision watches, and superior taste and taste to decorate his development of the watch. His years of painstaking research and development, making the mechanical watch at the time to perfection.
He Bo Lin table, always maintained a watch family of traditional business independence, and hand-made dedication, is unique watch industry gorgeous wonderful work. In the name of the industry’s geographical center of the Hebrin watch factory, independent control of each link in the production chain. Heberlin watch has always maintained excellent product and service quality.
What is the grade of Herb Berlin watches?
Hebring is good, but its ranking is not high Because the use of Swiss imitation Cartier love bracelet movement, ranking only than the Japanese table to the front. But the real Swiss watch there is not a small gap!
Laser watch can be launched! Laser Watch smart watch
Can you shoot a laser watch! Do you sound like a plot in a science fiction? Technology is like this, one can not become possible. And Laser Watch is such a technology product. Here we take a look at this Laser Watch laser watch it!
Laser watch can be launched! Laser Watch smart watch
LaserWatch has a metal shell and a small screen to show the time, but this is not its main function. Its body built a miniature laser launcher, can issue 1500 milliwatts of laser beam, lethality enough to pierce the balloon, cutting tape, ignite the match or even through the CD box. In fact, this player has long been exploited, has developed a laser launcher gloves, a really can launch rockets steel Man gloves.
LaserWatch obviously has some destructive power, people can not help but worry about its risk. In addition, a charge can meet about 10 minutes of laser launch, if it is rational use, perhaps a very convenient gadget. LaserWatch costs about $ 300 (about $ 1,840) and takes 40 hours, and Patrick Priebe is considering whether to find a partner to mass production.
Jia Ming watch and Song Tuo watch which is good? Ambit vs. Fenix
Chung Tuo Suunto and Jiaming Garmin with outdoor sports watch. We all know as an outdoor sports table, the first thing to look at is the quality of the watch, followed by the function of the watch. But with the top sports watch brand products Song Tuo Suunto Ambit and Jiaming Garmin Fenix that better?
Motto Ambit is one of the outdoor watch series products, belonging to the extension of wild products, the target group is mainly engaged in outdoor adventure users, including lightweight sports fitness users; and Garmin Fenix is its handheld and watch Product combination, in addition to the previously mentioned user groups, but also services in the professional mapping users.
As a functional watch, we have to test the performance of the product in addition to the performance, can not ignore the watch as a fashion accessories of this property. In terms of appearance, Garmin Fenix and Song Tuo Ambit show completely different from the two styles. If you are a visual control, then the selection of these two products should not be difficult.
These two products in general, Song Tuo years of major design and production of Replica Cartier jewelry watches, and Garmin is committed to the development of GPS navigation products. So Song Tuo watch products look more chic fashion, and Fenix in order to take into account the stability of the GPS signal to receive, the two dial material selection is different.
Using the metal material Ambit to GPS signal stability, and Forerunner series of similar product design, through the asymmetric dial design GPS antenna design outside the dial area, through the special design of the strap, can not affect the comfort of wearing, while Retains the streamlined shape, in the appearance of the part inherited the song has always been avant-garde design.
But Garmin Fenix did not like Forerunner this use “antenna external” design, but directly designed in the dial part, was semi-circular inlaid in the watch on the motherboard. Because of this, Fenix watch dial with a plastic material and not metal, reducing the metal material on the GPS signal reception interference. During the measurement process, we found that this design is indeed very effective. In the dial durability, the mysterious extension of the metal dial paint phenomenon, it is worth attention.
Ambit and Fenix in terms of the number of keys exactly the same, using five physical key design, but in the key definition is different, in some special features open, the two watches are used to redefine the key way. Overall, Garmin Fenix for the definition of relatively simple button, while borrowing the design of Forerunner, the default on the right side of the long press to start / pause, under the reset.
Two watches in the functional aspects of the hardware because the internal configuration is roughly the same, so the function should be consistent. But it is a pity that Alcatel-Lucent Ambit this watch may be in the GPS positioning related products in the lack of experience, resulting in the extension of Ambit in the GPS positioning related to the extension function to do as Garmin Fenix.
Why do you say this? First of all, some of the basic functions of these two products are roughly the same performance, GPS positioning and recording functions, barometric altitude data, electronic compass pointing data, and temperature data, and through the intervention ANT + accessories can also display the relevant external acquisition data.
And Ambit most of the features are stuck in the basic display, Fenix built a national city map as a positioning of the auxiliary judgment tool, while their own records and routes can be directly as a navigation path to find navigation. You can also, but must be saved from the site to be able to use the appropriate path.
Fenix because of the depth of the user, in the product design is also better, the recorded data can be copied directly from the watch out, or we can according to their own habits used to load gpx track files. And Song Tuo Ambit can only read the upload information through the management software, you want to save the contents of the site must be transferred to the local.
We have reason to believe that a willing to buy high-end GPS watch users, his understanding of the data and the use of the way with the ordinary users or different, although the client is very convenient to send very fool, but Fenix directly as Disk recognition is more direct.
In our comparison test 2 products, also see some of the users in the forum to reflect the problem. Which clearly pointed out that the Altuo Ambit height measurement is not accurate, and that Ambit height measurement is not corrected with the GPS positioning, resulting in a high altimeter measurement data have obvious errors.
We have field tests found that Fenix and Ambit really have a significant difference between the actual value, from the picture we can see, in the Miaofengshan Jinding charges at the door, Fenix elevation 1032 meters above sea level, and Ambit more than a hundred meters The
Then we looked at the same altitude at the same location on Google Earth, confirming that the altitude near the top of the Golden Summit charges was 1032 meters, confirming that Fenix was more accurate. Even if both have errors, or do not recognize Google Earth data, but with the Google Earth elevation Fenix significantly more reference value.
But we got the Ambit did not carry out firmware upgrades, according to users described in the firmware upgrade, the altitude error will be corrected. But we still think that this is the problem of Ambit own, if the new product users will have such a problem. As the two products are known to be able to achieve their own GPS power saving mode 50 hours of amazing numbers, while the GPS function in different environmental factors, we use the normal GPS mode to test, the endurance difference is very obvious , So we use the same environment to test.
As the two products are known to be able to achieve their own GPS power saving mode 50 hours of amazing numbers, while the GPS function in different environmental factors, we use the normal GPS mode to test, the endurance difference is very obvious , So we use the same environment to test.
Before we tested the same track content, using two functional modes, Fenix consumes 12% of electricity, while the Motto Ambit consumes 18%. The actual recording time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. This estimated Fenix battery life of 19.5 hours, while the Ambit was nearly 13 hours.
Through our more detailed comparison can be found after the two watches are very good high-end products. Mendo Ambit2.0 in the appearance of the design avant-garde, is a very Saoqi multi-function watch products, whether it is outdoor adventure or usually with clothing is a good choice; of course Garmin Fenix in appearance is not bad, The design orientation of the two have obvious differences, I believe that different users according to their own aesthetic can choose their favorite products. But it is worth the attention of consumers is that the beautiful metal dial because of the material relationship between the phenomenon of paint, it seems that the choice of plastic body or metal body, it is difficult to choose the problem.
In terms of function, the overall view or Garmin Fenix performance is more stable, it is not only more accurate barometric altimeter, but Garmin Fenix in the GPS positioning function on the scalability to do better, both with community clouds Service, this point of view are different, but in the GPS positioning related functions, because Garmin related products family is huge, its resources are more abundant.
Of course, we also take into account the price and related parts of the problem, you can see Garmin because the main GPS-related products, coupled with the GPS watch family is also very large, its accessories are very rich, the price of accessories than Song Tuo more kind The Product prices, whether it is the reference price or sea Amoy back to foreign products, Garmin Fenix advantage is also very obvious.
If you have to recommend to the user one of the products, we still want to be treated separately, Garmin Fenix overall more professional, for the GPS function and more stringent requirements of the user, and even Garmin handheld users, naturally should choose Garmin products; if Want to choose a very beautiful high-end watch, in fact, both are good, but the song extension of the product does look better in appearance.

Compared to the common now must be stuffed into the wallet

BYD Smart Watch Introduction
Recently, BYD will develop a watch, and use it in the new car above, it is learned that BYD’s watch key Keyless smart key can be implanted in quartz watches, the owner as long as the watch, not only normal viewing time, but also to achieve keyless entry, Key to start and other functions. Let us take it for you!
BYD Smart Watch Introduction
BYD developed the watch key, is the Keyless smart key implanted quartz watch, so that ordinary quartz watch with electromagnetic signal transmission and reception and data processing functions, the use of radio frequency and ID identification technology, the owner as long as the watch, not only normal view time , But also to achieve keyless entry, a key to start and other functions.
Compared to the common now must be stuffed into the wallet, hand bag Keyless card key, the watch was originally carry items, so watch the key to carry more convenient, can effectively reduce the car keys lost due to the theft of vehicles caused by the probability.
It is understood that, because the watch uses a metal shell, watch key Keyless signal transmission will encounter the metal shell to bring the interference. To solve the problem of interference, BYD application SBID technology, high-frequency antenna will be printed imitation Cartier love bracelet on the watch’s plastic bushing, so as to avoid the antenna is shielded block, can effectively enhance the signal.
According to the demand situation, BYD later may also launch personal custom business, according to the owner of the preferences made of exclusive watch keys, and even belt keys, cell phone keys.
It is reported that this watch key will be carried at the end of a high-end models. After the rapid launch of the remote drive function, BYD launched the remote control key is also very eye-catching. It can be said that the future car is infinitely possible, for consumers, the introduction of more innovative configuration is also a good thing.
What is the binge watch?
Swiss Bin table inherited the Swiss and the European royal nobility of the custom gene, each mechanical watch used to create hand-crafted, crafted and crafted. Focus on the design and development of mechanical watches, and gradually created the Swiss Bin table in the Swiss watch brand reputation. Since its inception, experienced continuous research and development, relying on tabulation process, as well as design style, by the global watch industry respected and loved. The world’s table fans have agreed that each piece of the Swiss baccarat watches are embodied in a different tabulation process standards, and it is worth circulating, so at the beginning of the beginning, the Swiss bass produced by each meter in the back cover With a separate number, a table on the 1st, pure hand polished, for collectors to determine its authenticity and origin, will prove the brand from generation to generation of manufacturing skills and effort.
Swiss binge Begeel table, is to commemorate Mr. Binjue century birthday and in recognition of its outstanding contribution in the field of watches, with its successor Switzerland Geneva launched chronograph watch. Has served as the famous Swiss watchmaker Mr. Bin Jue by the Breguet table, tabulation process also inherited its consistent production style.
How is the binge watch?
Swiss Bin table has a lot of craft, and the design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision movement, a taste of the charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like life beating as touching.
Swiss Bin table has a mature watchmaking technology, inheritance to improve the production Replica Cartier jewelry of functional mechanical watches, to achieve carved, transparent flywheel, flywheel double bridge, flywheel single bridge and other complex mechanical watch function. Bin table continued noble Swiss table configuration requirements, the surface of the diamonds are presented by the real diamond, the whole table presented by the gold parts are made of gold.
Bauhinia watches ranked first few
Some friends in the South may know the brand name of Bauhinia watch. BOSTO table is made in Shenzhen watch brand, a greater impact in the local market. BOSTO table products not only the quality of reassuring, the same price close to the people. So many people like Bauhinia watches. But many people want to know the number of Bauhinia watches the following let the watch true and false tell you now!
Bauhino table pursuit of life taste, passion and speed of the perfect combination. Simple, stylish, elegant, attractive, high-end. Carefully create every successful person’s free and easy personality and personality charm. And in the overall design style focus on the details of the design, each watch is derived from the inspiration of the uncompromising attention to the fine, watchmakers put all the effort and energy. So as to perfect show in front of people. Each of the Bauhinia watches have experienced heavy craft, flow curve at a glance, such as tailored fit your wrist. The above conditions are destined to the success of the BOSAKA table!
Although the shape of the package, details, craft for one, but because of its brand fame is not big, and failed to enter the well-known brands. Ranked in the 10 major domestic watch, the domestic table is more backward position!
Porsche watches how much money
Porsche watch is a subsidiary of the car brand Porsche. Porsche watch design inspiration and style from its car design. So stylish avant-garde, strong sense of lines. So also by the sports and leisure people of all ages. So how much is the Porsche watch price?
Porsche watches how much money
Porsche watches are characterized by a clear appearance, fine selection and the combination of traditional and modern technology manufacturing. From 2005 onwards, all product development and sales will be with Porsche Design brand identity.
Porsche watches genuine export models in China only P at the beginning of the M, L these two letters only Hong Kong and Macao have. The price will not be too high! Generally ranging from 7,000 yuan – 50000 yuan!

The above mentioned austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic

What is the watch?
Some friends will find the words on the watch with steel, many people will want to think will not be a brand name. And in fact this is the meaning of stainless steel.
What is the watch?
In the English dictionary, steel means stainless steel. In other words, if you buy the words in the watch with steel words, it represents the watch for the stainless steel watch.
How to distinguish is not a stainless steel watch
People often think that the magnet adsorption of stainless steel, verify its advantages and disadvantages and authenticity, do not smoke non-magnetic, that is good, genuine. Inhalation of magnetic, that is counterfeit fake. In fact, this is a very one-sided, unrealistic way to identify the wrong.
A variety of stainless steel, according to the organizational structure imitation Cartier love bracelet at room temperature can be divided into several categories: ① austenitic type: such as 304,321,316,310, etc. ② martensite or ferrite type: such as 430,420,410 and so on.
Austenitic type is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite or ferrite is magnetic. Most of the stainless steel commonly used as decorative tube sheet is austenitic 304 material, generally magnetic or weak magnetic, but due to smelting caused by chemical composition fluctuations or processing status may also appear magnetic, but this can not be considered Fake or unqualified, what is the reason for this?
The above mentioned austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic, due to smelting component segregation or improper heat treatment, will cause austenitic 304 stainless steel in a small amount of martensite or iron Body tissue. In this way, 304 stainless steel will be with a weak magnetic. In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold processing, the structure will be transformed into martensite, cold forming the greater the degree of deformation, the greater the transformation of martensite, steel, the greater the magnetic.
In fact, stainless steel watches in recent years is more and more, durable, easy to wear and many other features make people very popular. But there are some bad business good enough, the use of shoddy materials manufacturing watches, so know how to distinguish genuine and false stainless steel watch is very important.
Swatch Swatch introduces Touch Smart Watch
Swatch has confirmed that it will be in their own electronic watches to add some of the basic functions of smart watches. Although at the beginning Swatch is not optimistic about wearing equipment, but now the company official has confirmed the news. Swatch Touch series will add a series of fitness features in 2015, but it is not yet known whether these spreadsheets will connect to smartphones or tablets, or will they support cloud sync.
Swatch Swatch introduces Touch Smart Watch
According to the Wall Street Journal report, Swatch revealed that the new watch Replica Cartier jewelry will contain all the “common features” of a fitness watch. Swatch Touch may be a sports tracker similar to the Jawbone UP24 Smart Bracelet that can record daily activities and then transfer data to a smartphone application or website via wired or wireless means. However, Swatch’s approach may also be more conservative, only the number of recorded steps and calculate the burning calories, the equivalent of a smart meter pedometer.
If you believe the analyst’s opinion, then the wearable equipment market is accelerating, the wearable device will only become more competitive in the next few years, and Apple’s iWatch will be heavyweight players. Swatch began to disdain the wearable technology, in July denied the possibility of cooperation with Apple, but now the attitude seems not so tough.
Although there is no Omega or Breguet Swatch’s luxury brand smart watches, but more affordable models are to follow the trend of wearing equipment. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek insists that if Swatch’s luxury brand watches are upgraded to smart watches, their screens are too small to be useful.
Now the Swatch Touch series of each table is priced at about $ 140 (about 860 yuan). The watch is equipped with a touch screen that can be used to view different data and change settings.
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Years ruthless, the time will always slip away from our side, the couple watches will always be between the two on the romantic bit by bit to record, so that love people witness the eternal love. Here to follow the watch home to enjoy the three swath couple watch it!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Swatch jelly couple chronograph, jelly series watch into the latest fashion design after the new masterpiece. This couple watches keep watch watchmakers to lead the trend of the design style, fashionable avant-garde colors and rugged sports material iconic features!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
This Swatch Colorful couple on the table with bold avant-garde cool cool design, highlight the temperament of the infinite charm. And shine on your different mood! Slender pointer tick, as if we always want to be the most shining!
Three swath Swatch couple watch
Swatch touch digital series couple table, using high-tech touch electronic display, and provides a touch to set the date of the week and the calculator, alarm and other functions. All the functions can be controlled by the way the fingers slide!

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss
Marriage is the love of two people must go through the process, and the diamond ring is the most sincere witness of the two love, how to buy her beloved ring, buy diamond ring need to understand what precautions? Take you to find out.

Buy diamond ring Note: the quality of the diamond ring is worth its price

Nowadays, the purchasing power of Chinese aunt has become a recognized thing in the world, because they have to set off a shopping frenzy, but also high-end goods, in fact, behind the ridicule, we should calmly think, if Is how to do their own, for example, buy a diamond ring, if you just because this diamond ring is expensive enough, but did not seriously understand, I think you are hard to buy really suitable for their own. Before buying a Cartier love bracelet replica diamond ring, please carefully measure the quality of the diamond ring is worth the price, of course, diamond ring is from its most basic 4C to consider, but this method is indeed the most effective.

Buy diamond ring Note 2: diamond ring itself is the meaning of their own requirements

We choose a diamond ring, sometimes perhaps a momentary impulse, there was a friend in the purchase of diamond ring, life only to send one of the diamond ring, but I do not think this is an impulse, because sometimes an impression can move Your heart, and your choice is not wrong. Every diamond ring is its own unique meaning, in the purchase of diamond ring, if your heart has its own standards, then only need to pick like, if not, then when there is a diamond ring can impress you , Perhaps it is the best choice.
Buy diamond ring Note 3: buy for their own

We say to buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter there are to pay attention to buy their own, in fact, it has two meanings, the first means to buy their own size, because the ring size is not appropriate will cause a lot of problems, so buy diamond ring Before the best through some channels to know their own ring size, so that will save a lot and easy. The meaning of the second layer refers to the actual situation according to their own to buy diamond ring, do not follow the trend, do not follow the crowd, any follow the behavior of the general are irrational, you should take into account, want to know what they want in the end what kind of The

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the fact that in fact far more than three points, many well-known brands such as diamond ring will be introduced from time to time to teach you to buy some of the methods, I hope you can pass these selected to the favorite diamond ring.
Marriage is the desire of each girl is good, the wedding touched and romantic so that each other has a different happiness, the future every day there is not the same romantic. Wedding ring wear in which hands more warm and romantic, so love more sweet it? Let Levi’s Cartier love ring replica diamond ring to tell you the beauty of love, and time to witness the miracle of love.

The most warm touched

Experienced the temper of life we will understand the most precious things in life, not how much material you have, but there is a person who has been with you I think the best love, is quiet and happy to accompany, not early nor late, in the best time of life, it came, everything is so there is a chance, love just, life accompanied, I Go hand in hand to taste love. Ring of the ring finger choose Levi’s diamond ring, let it in my name, crown your fingers. This love must be beautiful, after experiencing those little hardships, together with the happiness and these beautiful to just a good meeting, the future of the day must be more warm.

The most romantic surprise

Love you think the best feelings are casual, but they care about each other, is comfortable, but still cherish each other. Although their own independent, but heart together, each breathing the air, but love is not separated. Some people will leave in the halfway, some people have been stubbornly persists, when you use a sincere to deal with a feeling, your share of good love will never betray. You will be in your middle finger on you to wear a diamond ring on behalf of love, together to enjoy the beauty of love, perhaps the imagination of love, but still able to feel the same kind of sweet.
Beware of happiness

A person even if there are many, many shortcomings, but he is still everywhere to endure your lack of willing to accompany you to the end of life, together to see life in the bloom, it is more than anything, is worth a Cherish the lover. Because of the test of time, we have to understand Cartier nail bracelet replica than in the unrest, how to go also go away, has been accompanied by the talent that is more worthy of their own treasure, that he is the best love. Hand in hand on the journey of life, with love to resolve those difficulties and not perfect, the left hand of the beautiful must be difficult to speak it

Wedding ring is a breathtaking word, it makes us feel the beauty of love, love is a witness, it is true love expression. When you solve the problem of choosing a wedding ring, you should consider the wedding ring to wear the hands of the more warm, with Levi’s diamond ring to give you the best of her love and the warmest surprise.

Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings
Tremella is the most common jewelry, like wearing a silver earrings may find that wearing a period of time, the silver earrings will be black, then the silver ear nail black is how is it? How does the silver ear nail black? Let’s take a look!
Why does the white fungus twist? Tremella nail black is due to silver Replica Cartier jewelry and the air in the sulfur chemical reaction into the black silver sulfide reason. Silver encountered the air will be oxidized black, the water also has oxygen, whether silver is water, are likely to oxidize black. Therefore, silver jewelry can not be with perfume, fragrant powder, balsam, sulfur soap and sweat and acid town of gas and other contacts.

How does the silver ear nail black? How does the silver ear nail black? We can restore the earrings of the earrings by the following aspects:

1. It is important to maintain proper maintenance.

2. Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect is very good.

3. Wipe with cotton dipped in white vinegar, black silver sulfide dissolved in the ester acid, silver jewelry again shiny.

4. Wash with ammonia, with toothpaste squeeze on the flannel wipe, the same can restore its original luster.

5. With tartaric acid 1, alum 1 and 10 copies of salt, the mixture heated to boiling, the jewelry immersed; 10 minutes after the removal, washed with water and then wipe dry.

6. Wash the surface with a detergent first, then with sodium thiosulfate solution (100 grams of water by adding 20 grams of sodium thiosulfate preparation) cleaning, and then washed with water can be.
Earrings like gaseous jewelry, belonging to the symbol of human culture system. It will clearly show a person’s social status, cultural level, aesthetics and attitude towards life. So, in modern life, choose the earrings of the style and material to be with their own face, eyes, ear type with a harmonious, but also consider the clothes style, season and the environment. Earrings are a kind of ornaments on the ear, smaller than the earrings, shaped like a nail-like, generally need to wear through the ear hole, earrings modeling ever-changing, but it can not change this feature, ear lips in front of earrings shape, Behind the ear is also (also known as the ear plug), earrings is a fashion, and now more and more popular among women.
Earrings style

1, diamond earrings: When you fiddle with ear hair, exposed white skin ears can cause the attention of men. If you wear a fine diamond earrings on the earrings is more extra points. Elegant ladies favorite is a simple slightly fashion sense of the diamond earrings, whether to attend the banquet or usually wear are very suitable.

2, pearl earrings “pearl jewelry has always been the ladies favorite accessories, to show women tenderness charm. Of course, the earrings of the earrings is the most favorite type of earrings. Two symmetrical earrings, the use of anti-allergic silver ear Needle, is the beginning of wearing earrings female recommended style!

3, zircon earrings: such as diamonds shining, the price is relatively cheap, everyday wear, style can often change.

4, white fungus studs: small silver earrings most able to raise ears, especially when playing the ear hole.

5, gold ear nails: precious metal earrings to wear it is not easy to allergies.
How to wear earrings

A, for the rectangular face of the female, the decoration should pay attention to the appropriate increase in the horizontal width of the horizontal line, such as the choice of slightly larger and eye-catching inlaid with jade earrings, or short pendant round earrings, after wearing Resulting in two ears become larger, widened face and show a rounded sense of visual effects. Do not choose to wear swing ring, due to swing ring shake, will make the entire lower half of the face wide, forming a small look on the small triangular face.

B, for the melon-shaped face of the female (this type of face is characterized by the next round under the cut, or the amount of large jaw tip), decorative face of the essentials is a little increase in the width of the jaw, resulting in thinner as full of visual effects The Therefore, you can wear a flower-like earrings, people seem quiet and elegant; can also wear a simple concise swing ring, people seem lively, chic.

C, for face-lift or face narrow women, suitable for wearing earrings, earrings should be their daily wear ornaments. Thin or narrow face, put on the appropriate earrings, you can play to compensate for the lack of face, add beautiful role.

D, for the already full of round face women, please note that can not wear that kind of large and round button earrings, because this earrings will make people feel full face fullness, making round and big face looks More round and more fat. This type of face women can choose to wear jewelry from the earrings, it will make people feel the face of the wearer’s growth. Or two ears should wear small and bright single diamond stud earrings, on the one hand because the ear nail small size, will not increase the width of the face; the other hand, diamond sparkling, easy to make people focus on the middle of the face, so that Face narrow, looks seem coordinated and decent

Who said flowers blossom fall, autumn and winter season, it is still with you around, tricks of the Love, fingertips time, the neck of youth, it is waiting for your tenderness and beauty, accompany you to spend the same year, The Each petal is so fine, every diamond earrings are shining and moving, every flower is so soft and realistic. Clear contours, perfect color, elegant temperament, so happy you bloom the most beautiful mood. Diamonds dazzling embellishment, to bring out the shape of the simple soft, delicate petal combination of modeling, light Smart, more sweet tenderness.