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          DRY530 Disk Centrifuge

          Classification:DRY Disc Centrifugal Separator
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          It can realize liquid-liquid-solid separation,It can be operated manually. It has better separation.It is used for separation of broth and emulsion and separation of suspension which its solid content is 1-5%.

          DRY530 Disk Centrifuge Product overview:

          Main features:
          It can realize liquid-liquid-solid separation, It can be operated manually. It has better separation. separating factor at between 5000-9300, high production capacity. Reachable to 10 cubic meters/hour in maximum. Machinery &lsquo;s capability is stable. Easy operation and maintenance, especially for the separation of  light and heavy liquid separation which is not stable materials, can be adjusted online. you can  replace sub-liquid ring when it is working, extends the traditional oil-water separator on the applicability of the material.

          Main purpose:
          It is used for separation of  broth and emulsion and separation of suspension which its solid content is 1-5%.for example, the rebirth of oil and lube, purification of plant oil, chemical, the separation of nitroglycerin, benzoik asid( ammonia manufacturing) and emulsion,pharmaceutical, extraction of tetracycline,penicillin, roxithromycin. extraction of bacilli and alkaloid, separation of food and milk products, separation of beverage and flavoring.

          Structure and principle:
           The bowl driven by the motor through the fricition clutch spiral gear pair rotates around the mainshaft at a high speed. the disk rack in the bowl filled with disk increase the settling area of equivalent. stock liquid flows into the bottom of bowl&rsquo;s wall through the bottom edge of disk seats and their holes in it. solid material settled onto the inner surface wall of the bowl and forms into the residue by the centrifugal force field. then the residue will be discharged manually after the machine stops. light liquid flows along up the outer cone surfaces discs to the mainshaft center, passes through the light liquid centripetal pump and drains out of the light liquid outlet. heavy liquid flows along the inner tapered surface of disc down to the bowl&rsquo;s wall and then passes through the heavy liquid centripetal pump and drains out of the heavy liquid outlet.

                                          parameter(DRY)item             modelDRY400DRY500DRY530bowldiameter(mm)420530530speed(r/min)652541704150factor1000051005000throughput (m3/h)51010motor&rsquo;s power (kw)111515size(mm)1500&times;900&times;15001200&times;1100&times;17801200&times;1100&times;1680weight (kg)110015001500

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