the audience confirms her passion for fashion

Just Cavalli there is famous for its “haggard”, the designer Roberto Cavalli is the 2016 autumn and winter haute couture series into a variety of animal skins wild joy of kind of the party. Black and white plover case, zebra, leopard, wild crocodile grain and gold sequins rank the scale effect, looks better than the traditional printing more fashionable avant-courier, wild animal design. It is the most ingenious and designers will be a variety of animal skin veins mixed Cartier nail bracelet replica together, forming a unique op visual effect, in the infinite change and gorgeous with a little humor. Roberto Cavalli a pattern has a special liking to animals, this time he is not only playing on clothing design patterns mix build, the animal is extended to show the arrangement, he used a leopard grain design packages around the perimeter of the whole of the U T stage, will run to an extreme.
Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis two designers for Suno 2016 autumn and winter series booked two goals: one is to arouse the child-like joy, another is to improve the durability of clothing. For designers the two went for the printing design, through a small animal motifs express tong qu side is their choice. On a dress, look carefully you will find that hidden under the branches of black and white alternate with many small animals. In another skirt, stylist seems to depict the forest Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica conference scene, elephants, monkeys, lions, kangaroos, and many other small animals all came. In addition, the designer will also rabbits and birds deformation pattern, and also create the visual effect of full of tong qu.
Designer Christopher Bailey will his Burberry 2016 autumn and winter haute couture fashion show named the title of “town and fields”, so you can see the designer put some rural common small animals, such as the sparrow, the owl and the patterns of the puppy with plain embroidered on the shirt, or print or seam on the oversized stripe T-shirt, so as to express the concept of “field” in addition, careful observation will also find that, in addition to the flat pattern, these small animals to 3 d image also appear in the Burberry belts, leather bags and umbrellas over these accessories, cleverly echoed with the animals on the clothing design. And these details, is reflected stylist Bailey, the illusion imitation cartier love bracelet of limitless reserve capacity.
Metallic simple sense, neon color and animal printing is Blumarine2016 autumn winter series of keywords, designer Anna Molinari make this season all the clothes are sending out the temperament of “positive flash”. At the same time, and always runs through Blumarine brand of style, is the animal print from head to foot. Designers and even never hesitates to use leopard grain design on all the six parts of the same set of modelling on the item. Embossed python grain texture with pink, blue and yellow light metallic fabrics, but also future feeling extremely. And some modelling of the season, such as vest, silver cap and turquoise bitter Cartier love bracelet replica fleabane bitter fleabane with sequins spell “jolie” and “wow” word pants dress still keep the designer’s consistent style, and further to the audience confirms her passion for fashion.
Paul & Joe autumn/winter 2016 shows, on the catwalk around every inch on the wall was covered with photos, pictures of golden leaves smell of autumn, let a person think of beautiful pastoral scenery. Designer Albou said the color is inspired by French boulogne park jungle. So on the processing of animal patterns, stylist adopted softer expression. Ochre tone of leopard grain more wild, a few minutes less elegant. Hidden in the flower warm and quiet little tiger in the grass. The birds in the Fake Cartier love bracelet trees seem to be stream water, fresh and pleasant scene. Sophie Albou design this season, in the elegant breeds infinite strength, more catered to the current popular trend, meet the aesthetic needs of the young girls.

it is not surprising

Autumn/winter 2016 animals
Animals in nature element is never out of fashion, and autumn/winter fashion week in 2016, in addition to leopard grain, zebras, pythons, lines and other animal skin patterns continue to be popular, elephant, owl, the tiger has also been a lot of brand image design such as designers use the haute couture and various accessories. Both contracted for the future of the wind and wind restoring ancient ways, and whether the goodness of the hustle and bustle of the city or rural, designers Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica can always decorating pattern will be all kinds of animals and they want to express the theme of the perfect fit. And the emergence of various animals, added a little for this year’s autumn/winter fashion vitality and tong qu.
Designer Barbara Bui this season autumn winter clothing is aimed at Chinese wind, and exotic animal patterns, design also shows clothing, mainly concentrated in the second half has both realistic and deformation. Maxi dress and slightly languid is lazy metal leopard nine minutes of pants trigger for gorgeous rock prosperous time of remembrance. Printing of colorful tiger image vivid, aggressive, like chang’s tiger regeneration. The dragon pattern of the embroidery and imitation cartier love bracelet showily, reminiscent of ever in Chinese history, leaving a manchu imperial aristocracy. Actually this season in the fusion of Chinese and western elements are designers as early as 30 years ago when I started out with.
In Proenza Schouler 2016 autumn and winter haute couture shows, designer Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough launched from the advance of the concept of “protection” series, their main source of design inspiration karate in the east. First half display clothing, its wide profile, sending out the soft and shiny leather material makes models look like karate, I come back from the future through the head. And then show the two piece quilted color butyl satin blazer, prostitutes in the chest position hand embroidery designs, all of a sudden again closer to people’s psychological distance. Fast by the end of the conference, festooned with birds quilting color butyl satin cocktail Cartier love bracelet replica dress (this is for Hernandez and McCollough historic 2010 spring series’s response) more caused a great audience response.
Jean – Charles DE Castelbajac 2016 autumn and winter haute couture shows full of magic and tribal style, with a comic effect of the raptor design be applied by clever ground costume design works. Conference to an elegant yellow synthetic rubber box top opening, vividly with the eagle wings feathers on its arc. Then the designer will be gradually extended to by the plane animal image performance of the stereo, a flawless senior charcoal gray tweed jacket, each side shoulder with a cartoon eagle head, let a person suddenly some unprepared. Attention in designing a Castelbajac people, however, I knew, change multiterminal, clever eccentric is Castelbajac stylist the most unique Fake Cartier love bracelet design style.
Anna Sui 2016 autumn and winter haute couture show, stylist still wandering in her magic world. As has been linked to Harry Potter magic pet the Hedwig was like peas and carrots, the owl is Sui magic partner. A velvet university team jacket’s left shoulder is studded with handmade applique owl pattern, like a loyal guardians. More owl image is used to the colorful hats and gloves, wear them as if they have the ability to control the magic. In addition to the owl, in an orange plaid skirt positive position of the chest, handmade applique ornament with a flapping wings little horse design, full of tong qu. Fashion in the hands of a few people, only by Sui’s passion for clothing and find the details of the replica Cartier love bracelet eyes, this theory is to show those tempting outfit.
Designer Humberto Leon and Carol Lim Kenzo comes autumn/winter 2016 shows color tone as the earth color, model of migration, meanwhile, relax a little, and it is easy to make people feel the autumn harvest joy. Last season, the designer has successfully moved the flyer design on the spring and summer haute couture. And the opening of this one season, maw steller’s design immediately attracted attention, herald a more menacing Kenzo comes this season. Leon will be this season’s concept in “girl before filled with all kinds of clothes closet and drag”. More style means more sales. A few months later, even if the tiger pattern of Kenzo comes a resurgent family sign – hit on street corners, it is not surprising.

Knitting cloak to your winter wardrobe

Knitting cloak to your winter wardrobe put a fake
Every day is not the bitter winter, occasionally there are so few days seems to be the day of the “small and pure and fresh”, such good weather must put away your thick winter clothing, choose a cloak of knitting coat, both sets of head or front opening, whether short or long and knee can be bold to try, for a long winter thick clothes take a vacation.
Evan Rachel in black tassel decoration inside the cloak a printed chiffon dress, wearing imitation cartier love bracelet a knitted hat, very sunshine and fresh.
Heidi Klum, wearing a rib knitting coat, long money below one hole in decorate jeans, with a blue wool felt hat, hat the whole look very leisure at home; Jenna Dewan wearing a tassel illuminative knitting coat stamped on the pair of knee high boots, brown shoulder tassel illuminative backpack, send out a full-bodied amorous feelings of Bohemia.
Kate Upton was wearing a rice white knit long coat appeared at the airport, cultivate one’s morality and the sleeve of loose body design is very suitable for such a long trip by plane, warm and comfortable.
Katie Holmes in a gray loose knitting dress with a tight jeans, street feels dye-in-the-wood. Olivia Palermo out walking the dog is wearing a denim shirt batwing coat with a thick line, the pencil pants, stamped on the ballet shoes, comfortable and fashionable.
Colour is a mystic knowledge, when it comes to the most basic color Cartier love bracelet replica theory “trichromatic color” you must know that we speak of is: red, yellow, blue. But in addition to the bright red lipstick and blue eyeliner, few people know how to use trichromatic color in the color makeup. Crimson red eye shadow? Lemon yellow lips? Is very strong, but not suitable for us.
Today we are going to tell you the three colors “red yellow blue” why so important and classic. Mastered the principle of them, you can through these three kinds of color mixing ratio concocted any beauty makeup colors, you want to let your old eye shadow, nail polish radiate new vitality!
Red – cover an heavy skin
Red itself as an eye shadow is very impressive, but mixed with sapphire blue can get bright purple! If your color of skin slants dark, mixed with a little in the foundation (really just a little) red or pink blush (such as the practice rouge water) can perfectly cover an heavy skin, uniform Fake Cartier love bracelet shape of natural color.
If you have these…
Red eye shadow or blush, only need a little mixed in the blue colour makeup product, can achieve mysterious and luxury of purple. And pleasure lies in the fact that this purple shades you can master yourself, have fun!
Blue – increasing cold tonal let more bright white teeth
Blue gives a person the visual effect of cool and refreshing, pure and fresh. So if you are in the pink lipstick slightly with a little gem is blue, can let a teeth appear more bright white. Of course, the same principles apply to eye shadow, you can use the blue to let any yellow eye shadow to increase replica Cartier love bracelet some cool color to move. Another blue tone segregation frost has been used to correct yellow skin.
If you have these…
Let you idle blue eye shadow and nail polish with renewed vigor! Oneself a new color oil has been not fresh, we introduced the CND experts will add a few drops of bright yellow nail oil to build low-key black mustard yellow (details). So you can in your pink polish in a few drops of blue shell oil, to become a new pink purple.
Yellow – make tonal warmth downy
Think of your bottom makeup too powder? Lip gloss color relative to the whole modeling slants cold? Add a little yellow to what makeup can make the skin looks soft warm colors, not only such, yellow can mediate any partial slant red or blue colour makeup to the right. Try to join in the bottom Cartier nail bracelet replica makeup or lip color a little bit of yellow, can bring you perfect soft tone!
If you have these…
Yellow eye in addition to the stacks and lipstick and eye shadow, also can be added to the bright yellow eye red or blue nail polish, concocted the color you want.

Classical outer totem

La Vie DE Boheme design concept:
Elegant rose the bottle
Around engraved with rose pattern, the elegant and has a matte effect of perfume bottles, now the filar silk bright lavender hue. Bottle lid for classical golden, a carved the “Anna Sui”, on the other side engraved with the words “La Vie DE Boheme”, the shape is like a bud, your on a symbol of the Fake Cartier love bracelet freedom of the butterfly, stay all day on the roses and melancholy breath; Remind us to enjoy life every day, make every dream incisively and vividly.
Classical outer totem
Inspired by Anna Sui fashion texture and pattern, La Vie DE Boheme perfume outer texture effect of brocade, as Anna Sui collection material, fine and elegant.
La Vie DE Boheme refined and curves of the outer design to salute the new artistic style, it reflects the end of the 20th century French Bohemian way of life, is full of creativity, freedom and beauty of the traditional sense of touch.
Dumb deep purple color like satin shining, lining on the pale lavender tones of embossment vortex pattern, brought rich in contrast. Vibrant red roses for the design, and butterfly is Anna Sui brand classic colors, and have distinctive Bohemian artistic breath. The main lines of every totem pendant replica Cartier love bracelet on classical gold, send out a pastel rainbow light.
The Bohemian incense
Is the result of bohemians vitality and creative inspiration, La Vie DE Boheme perfume beginning with Turkish pear scent of roses and glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, and with rich Burgundy berry and pitaya breath.
Aroma changes with temperature, pink floral facet to let a person feel surprise, creative and gentle and lovely woman flavour; Peony flowers bring lucky pleasure, symbolizes “good luck, female beauty, friendship”. All kinds of flowers and facet has nuances, corresponding to different is the combination Cartier nail bracelet replica of breath: pure vanilla, sandalwood, musk, black is nifty and dark and mysterious feeling.
All this is in the be fond of of Bohemian girl, friendship is very important for them, talk of tone and free breath, wonderful voice echoed in the air!
Flavouring division: from the global top 10, Germany 2 big essence, tak le is full flavor company (Drom)
Philippe Romano
La Vie DE Boheme advertising ideas:
By a professional photographer Steven Meisel, model Thairine Garcia perfectly shows the Bohemian girl on a sunny day is the temperament of the light wind gently brushed.
All flowers surrounded by her, and sometimes play with the butterfly, and sometimes play with Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica exceptionally large La Vie DE Boheme perfume bottles; What rang jingle on jewelry, wear long skirt, with a broad hat on his head, in a moment full of joy and freedom. Bohemian lifestyle gives every girl for the choice of the permeance, to become beautiful, every moment to enjoy freedom and happiness.
Let your life is full of passion and personal character!

Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic

Air conditioning room for thin suit
Summer often allow white-collars afflicting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and except knit silk suit is a good choice for the sedentary air-conditioned buildings. At the same time of bring you capable temperament, silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable.
Suit has always been a can do it “Cartier love bracelet replica” joker sheet is tasted, formfitting clipping and delicate fabrics, can improve your vitality in a flash, seem capable. And the thin silk fabrics suit is even in the summer, also still can play its role, bring you hard working temperament at the same time, the silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable. Especially the silk luster, can improve the quality of the integral collocation and stylish.
Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic, soft texture than woolen cloth or fabric suit for a grave and more than a points less. Splicing pattern the shawl collar and lining together, wind to show the lining design, can let people surprise you for more details on the pursuit of. Is the most suitable for collocation and spring and summer of pajamas pants, this type of pyjamas pants fabric smooth and comfortable, and hang down feeling is very strong, can effectively modified legs.
Silk and suiting the stitching is very special, simple and easy, the navy blue silk and flower skirt collocation. Red fish mouth high-heeled shoes militantly proclaim, match with classical replica Cartier love bracelet golden ring, although deserve to act the role of concise, has improved the quality of the whole body shape that’s just right. And crisp suiting is also very suitable for formal business party.
Olympic Games, when the world look to London, the roads, canals wear of the empire’s capital city, we see, in addition to the Olympic Games, and pioneer of fashion culture, the city as London fashion leader, female Alexa Chung is a high-profile fashion favorite, her dress has always been the inspiration behind numerous fashion followers, this we have chosen her 3 sets of different modelling, analytical one by one to you.
Alexa Cartier nail bracelet replica festival, modelling, look be like simple, but there are a lot of processing on detail we can draw lessons from. Such as the stripes shirt and shoes collocation of Rome.
Golden long dress very good family’s temperament, and ankle length is very suitable for shoe collocation, and point to spin crus lines, rivet hand bag is the sweet feeling, balance the skirt played a sweet and not greasy.
Tight dress is a match, at the time of don’t know how to match, a tight printed dresses can you all wear take a moment to solve the problem, only in small deserve to act the role of the fixed point on the state of mind, is a set of suitable for different occasions fashion dress up.