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          What is a centrifuge?

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          What is a centrifuge?
          The summary of centrifuge
          Centrifugal is strong centrifugal force generated from the centrifuge rotor high-speed rotation, speed up the settlement of particles in the liquid, the samples in different subsidence coefficient and buoyant density of the material.So need to strong centrifugal force generated by the centrifuge to force these particles sedimentation movement overcome diffusion. 
          Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force, the separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of each component in the machinery.Centrifuge is mainly used for the suspension of solid particles separated from the liquid or used in the emulsion two density is different, and each phase soluble liquid separated(Such as isolated from milk cream).Centrifuges can be used to eliminate wet solid in the liquid.Such as wet clothes with washing machine.Special speed tubular separator can separate different density of the gas mixture.Some settling centrifuge can also be of solid particles by density or size grading.
          Centrifuge used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipping departments.
          Choose centrifuge must be according to the size of the suspension (or emulsion) of solid particles and the concentration, the density difference between the solid and liquid (or both of them), liquid viscosity, the characteristics of residue (or sediment).
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