Carnival adhering to the Swiss manufacturing technology and design style

Carnival (JIANIANHUA) watch brand target consumer groups are mainly located in young groups and fashion people, for such groups busy work, study and fast-paced life of this feature, and such people on the fashion, young, free, leisure The pursuit of work and life attitude. To resonate with the consumer, the carnival to hope that people grasp the precious time and cherish every minute of life attitude, and create a fashion, leisure, classic watch image, the brand culture for a new interpretation The
Authentic Carnival male watch how much money
How is the carnival watch?
Carnival adhering to the Swiss manufacturing technology and design Cartier love bracelet replica style, breaking the traditional mature classic watches for the mainstream of the situation, open up a new classic style of young fashion to the international and domestic markets as the goal and make unremitting efforts.
Carnival watch with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, inside with multi-layer anti-reflective coating; case selection is the use of stainless steel or tungsten steel and other materials. In the waterproof performance, Carnival watches also have a 50m, 100m, 200m and other different levels of waterproof performance. Movement selection, Carnival watch movement are from the Swiss original movement.
Function, but also visible carnival watches date, week display and multi-function code table timing. Part of the watch also has up to 25 years of life of the super luminous function. Carnival watch quality? From the big country of Switzerland, I believe in quality, carnival brand watch quality or worthy of recognition.
Authentic Carnival Men’s hand offer
Genuine Carnival men’s watch prices ranging from 300-1000 yuan. Relatively hot selling several of the price between 300-500 yuan.
Gear S has become the first of many Samsung smart watches to support SIM card Fake Cartier love bracelet products, equipped with SIM card will undoubtedly increase the use of smart watches scene, the watch itself can be used alone from the phone, which meet the demands of some users.
Plug the SIM card with a smart watch
Support for SIM cards means that Gear S can make phone calls and send and receive text messages, but also means that smart watches have their own mobile network, and no longer limited to mobile phones.
And in the use of a few days time, I found more willing to only the data business SIM card into the Gear S, the reason is very simple, the phone has become the necessary equipment in life, even with the SIM card can be inserted , My cell phone can not be safely placed at home.
So let Gear S more play the role of WeChat participants, I got the WeChat to the watch, so that the WeChat collection and send only in the arm of a lift between the completion of a, relative to the phone, Gear S’s little and wear is its advantage, it can appear in more inconvenient to dig the phone scene.
At present, there are many companies to join the field of smart watches, smart watches are more and more perfect development. However, these smart watches generally lack the support of Windows Phone devices. Fortunately, however, a smart meter called Wellograph takes full account of the growing feelings of Windows Phone users. In addition to the mainstream iOS and Android system, it is also compatible with WP8, WP8.1 devices.
Support wp system of smart watches, Wellograph smart watch profile
Wellograph is a very elegant design of smart watches, has a very strong activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. At the same time it has a 1.26-inch display, the appearance of the atmosphere, carefully cut sapphire, stainless steel and aluminum body with a leather strap, looks a lot better than the traditional smart Cartier love ring replica watch, full of fashion sense of design.
It also has a good user interface, support 50 meters waterproof, low power LCD display not only allows users to capture all the useful information at a glance, but also to ensure continuous use of 2 weeks time. Also inside the Wellograph is full of mystery, it built a health tracker, you can monitor, record the wearer’s heart rate situation, but also play the role of pedometer, and can give health advice.
Users only need to connect the watch with the application on the smart phone via Bluetooth, can read the data stored in it, but also through the software comes with the function to view the health data in recent months, and the depth of the data analysis.
“We are excited to introduce Wellograph into the lives of millions of Windows Phone users,” said Nick Warnock, president of Wellograph. “Wellograph is the first fitness tracking device for Windows Phone users to attract more User.”
Wellograph is priced at $ 349 and will also offer more personalized configuration options.

What is the meaning of identification of emerald

What is the meaning of identification of emerald
Among the many jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has been able to occupy a large market and by many jade lovers love, it is because the emerald gourd itself to bring the beauty of the experience is different. Especially when it is compared with other themes of jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has formed its own culture, that is, jade gourd culture. This is because in our traditional fairy tale, the gourd is a very important carrier. For example, the universal travel of the universal wandering a wine gourd hanging pot of the world; epoch-making, the baby and Fu Xi gourd as a respect for the gods to worship. And gourd homophonic is Fulu, is a symbol of good fortune come; gourd ball is a symbol of family happiness.
No matter what kind of jade jewelry, it contains the cultural meaning is basically through homophonic, metaphor, comparison or symbol and other means to express. Jade cabbage is also true From the appearance point of view Jade cabbage, will feel the shape is very simple, but it contains the implication of the great meaning. Homophonic is one of the most important aspects of understanding the meaning of emerald cabbage. Cabbage represents Replica Cartier jewelry the white flawless, scattered green will appear cute and elegant; every leaf is very smooth lines, it seems patchwork. Wrapped up one by one, as if the fortune wrapped up the same. That swaying attitude of the wind, can be said to be a synonym for Lucky. Jade cabbage, with its beautiful style is realistic features, coupled with the beautiful meaning, popular favorite of the majority of jade lovers.
Understand the emerald people know that the more common jade Buddha pendant with Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Tathagata Buddha, Jigong live Buddha and so on. Among them, the Goddess of Mercy and Maitreya is our favorite jade wear jade Buddha. Because we generally think that these two kinds of jade Buddha pendant not only to the wearer to bring blessing, health, peace, joy, but also can be bad luck, disaster evacuation. Over time, jade-like jade pendant has gradually become the people’s spirit to rely on. In the ancient folk, the people are very fond of smiling, potbellied Maitreya Buddha, because every time you see Maitreya, you can make people’s mind to be relieved, so when people encounter unfair and unhappy things, Will seek spiritual comfort and support to the pendant.
Hetian jade seed material collection value?

Because the jade easy to collect, will not change the tide, not mildew, easy storage, especially Hetian jade seed material, there is a greater appreciation of space, and Tian Yuzhong produced in Xinjiang Hotan region Hetian jade seed material is the most superior, it Of the jade oil fine waxy, is the jade in the boutique.
Because of its harsh environment to form the requirements, making it very little reserves, coupled with over-exploitation in recent years, and today, and Tian Yu seed material is rare, rare, and Hetian jade material in short supply, the price will be Up and Hetian jade seed material investment appreciation we are optimistic. So Hetian jade seed for us is still very valuable collection.
What is the value of Hetian jade seed?

Hetian jade seed price is mainly determined by the price of raw materials and carving costs. Hetian jade seed material is now very scarce raw materials, mountain prices are generally calculated in kilograms, especially high-quality Hetian seed jade, a white, etc. by carat or grams of calculation, because the quality of Hetian jade material is extremely rare, The price can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.
After entering the jade factory, Hetian jade seed material for creative sculpture, through different levels of carving workers or artists, only the formation of jade pieces, which off greatly opened the same price of jade, according to experts, jade master design and Carved works, the general fee in grams, a small pendant of the fee on the casually on the million!

Hetian jade seed material collection of what pay attention to?

First, Hetian jade seed material has experienced a million years of infection and tempered, corrosion, and its unique characteristics determine its collection value is rising.

Second, Hetian jade is extremely stable, not easy to corrode the characteristics of it has a greater collection value.

Third, the rich historical and cultural connotation makes Hetian jade has a higher collection value.

Fourth, the impact of Hetian value of the factors are: quality, origin, output environment.
What is the meaning of jade. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of goodwill, auspicious class is expressed auspicious wish.
Jade carved into jade, as the theme of the carrier, jade theme to express a lot of meaning, sustenance of people’s wishes. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of life; auspicious class is expressed auspicious expectations.

What is the meaning of jade class

One, corn rat to give money. This is the traditional allusion, it is said that the mouse was the wealth of God’s wealthy boy, and later because of violating the day, was demoted to do the mouse, so there are corn rats to say. Jade also has this theme, the pattern is often one or a few mice, around the ingot or coins.

Second, the God of Wealth. God of Wealth is wealthy jade is not difficult to understand. Legend of the God of Wealth is to master the world of the gods of wealth, the image of the face for the kind of old man, fairy wind bone, wearing a hat, waist coins, wealth and auspicious.

Third, scattered money boy. From the Buddhist argument, scattered boy can also bring good luck, it is said that when it was born, the family filled with gold and gold treasures. Scattered money boy, children look like, innocent and lovely, often have the kind of coins ingot in its identity.

Four, brave. Legend of the Swiss beast, brave is one of the dragon, it is said that magic boundless, a evil spirits. It is very fond of devouring wealth, a certain day due to heaven drowning, was Jade a slap closed the anus, can only eat and can not vent. It is regarded as a symbol of Lucky wealth, wear in the body, or placed at home, not only evil spirits evil effect, but also increase wealth.
What is the meaning of auspicious jade?

First, the Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy: Buddha refers to Maitreya Buddha, that is, the Buddha of the future, its image is belly, laughing, barefoot, of course, there are Buddha Buddha, Buddhism and so on, Guanyin in China is Well known, its tendency to thousands of thousands of jade in the image of Goddess of Mercy is also changing, but the same is her auspicious meaning. As the saying goes: man wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha, that is, men like Guanyin as soft, and kind-hearted, women will be like Maitreya, tolerance generous.

Second, the birthday: jade in the image of the Antarctic Xianweng a peach, Antarctic cents Weng smile, white hair long to be, fairy wind bone, it means healthy and longevity.

Third, the boy: multi-table more blessed meaning.

Four, dragon and phoenix: are the legendary beast, which is the totem of the Chinese nation, can be said to be the first animal, dragon and phoenix on behalf of both sides of the yin and yang, dragon refers to men, phoenix is negative, they mean auspicious, Cheung is so.

Five, fish, bat, deer: often used homonyms to express the meaning of auspicious, for example, the fish through the table, the table more than a year; bat Tongfu, table happy meaning; deer pass Lu, express the meaning of affluence.

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet wearing a bracelet?

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet wearing a bracelet?
Bracelet meaning “lovers”, not just the sound of the homophonic, think about who will rack their brains for you to choose a favorite bracelet, and personally bring you, this role is none other than love. This little bracelet, tied with two beating heart, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm lies. So, what is the meaning of bracelet?
What is the meaning of bracelet?

The meaning of a bracelet has a good agreement, bracelet meaning “lovers”, not just the sound of the homophonic, think about who will rack their brains for you to choose a favorite bracelet, and personally bring you, this The role of non-loved people must go. This little bracelet, tied with two beating heart, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm lies.

Meaning two, natural pearl powder can play a role in the elimination of human blood oxygenated fat, play whitening skin care, delay the role of skin aging, which is well known things. So women in the wrist between the natural pearl bracelet can naturally make the wrist parts of the skin to get a good maintenance, so that the skin looks more moist and bright, flexible.

Meaning the third, because the wrist is the end of the human blood circulation, and the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica body back to the blood are to rely on the pressure of the heart to achieve, in the wrist to wear a bracelet, then, under constant grinding, can effectively promote the wrist Parts of the blood circulation, this physical role is also people like to wear bracelets is an important reason. But also now the reasons for the pursuit of women’s bracelet friends.
Wearing bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. Natural gems bright colors, good hardness, brightness, so it is unique, so this bracelet can make people feel comfortable, people are full of passion for life.

2. Wrist is the end of the body’s blood circulation, and the return of the blood depends on the pressure of the heart to achieve, if you wear bracelets, can effectively promote the blood circulation, which is a physical effect, so loved by the people.

3. Natural gemstones contain a variety of minerals necessary for the human body, because the bracelet is a direct contact with the skin, so the precious stones in the minerals may be absorbed by the body, which can complement the body needs a variety of minerals.

Ordinary girl with sterling silver bracelet What are the benefits and saying:

Wearing a bracelet that innocent, but also expressed the desire for love at first sight, but has been in love with a girl wearing a bracelet that she wholeheartedly willing to spend the rest of his life happy time. Girl in general love to wear two bracelets that are in love, enjoy the love of the sweet love of love, single girl wearing two bracelets also said at this time the mood is very happy, very satisfied with their now Of life, around the girlfriend’s friendship and loved ones care, feel that they are the most happy people, but also revealed the contentment of contentment.

And silver sterling silver bracelet and these benefits: silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, the average antibiotic can only play a role in the six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria. Silver’s antioxidant and glossy persistence is related to the individual’s physique, and the physical person will wear more and more so, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body toxins discharged.
108 is the most common number of Buddha beads, representing 108 kinds of trouble, wearing 108 Buddha beads is equivalent to breaking 108 kinds of trouble. So 108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good? 108 pieces of beads and bracelet material which? The following describes the most suitable for the 108 Buddha beads material, we can refer to!
108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – incense
Incense in the king, the first of all incense, one or two Shen one or two gold, is the world’s five major recognized religious treasures. With a clear God, fill the five internal organs, benefits Jing Yang, warm waist and knee, the effect of emergency treatment.

108 beads beads bracelet what material is good – longan Bodhi
Each grain has a triangular eye. Dragon in Buddhism has a special meaning, such as “dragon elephant” metaphor of the Buddha’s “instrument should be” that should be Guanyin Bodhisattva should be one of the three. Long Sanskrit transliteration for “Naga” has the ability to do anything they want, but also protect the Dharma law enforcement. Longan Bodhi, especially the Indian longan Bodhi, is a rare thing, that is, the necessary practitioners. But also exorcise the product of exorcism.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – sun child
For the tropical production of a reddish brown hard fruit, each grain has a small white point, looks like the sun in the sky, its own reddish-brown as the sun’s fire, hence the name of the sun child. Buddhism called the sun god for the gods. Buddhism Tantric Lord respect for the big day, he casually in the world, break through the dark, open Bodhi heart, light beings. Sun child, exorcism disaster, bring people ten luck, well-being.

108 beads beads bracelet what material is good – Xingyue Bodhi
Is a rare plant, hard texture, Xingyue Bodhi shape is milky yellow Bodhizi beads cloth with uniform black spots, the middle of a concave circle, like the stars on the month, named Xingyue Bodhi. Known as the world “four famous beads” one.

108 pieces of beads and beads bracelet what material is good – five eyes six pass string
Is an unusual fruit, pedicle behind the top of the five holes seemingly five small eyes, head and tail through the hole, made of Buddha beads, it is called “five eyes six links.” “Five eyes” refers to the naked eye, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes of the five kinds of ability “six links” refers to the God of the pass, days Tong Tong, day eye, his heart pass, fate, The first five pass all kinds of practice can be achieved, but let the way for the Buddha’s realm. Is the Bodhisattva according to the power of the six shown by the six useless magical effect.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – Xiantao hand string
Ancient Chinese legend can be exorcised peach, peach stems can be evil, peach character can avoid evil, and peach core, hard texture, but also with the above functions, carved after the Buddha made its extraordinary energy. Flat peach is the Queen Mother of the immortal peach planted, can be longevity. So peach also called Xiantao. Flat peach fruit shape oblate, the surface has many irregular irregular texture, without any carving, chic chic.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good? From the above description of the Buddha beads bracelet material can be seen, different beads and bracelet material has different effects and role, you want to play what role Buddha beads, what is the best Buddha beads bracelet material!

How much is a carat diamond?

How much is a carat diamond?
To know how much money a carat diamond, it is necessary to know how much the value of this carat diamond, diamond ring although the value of many factors, but the diamond diamond ring on the greatest impact, the value of diamonds is determined by the diamond 4C, diamonds 4C refers to the weight (CARAT WEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT).
Certificate identification

More than one of the diamond ring is recognized as a appreciation of the space, a carat diamond ring if the quality of the diamond top, not only can wear, but also can be passed as a family of treasure handed down, after all, time is easy, diamonds immortal, so guaranteed The quality of Replica Cartier jewelry a carat diamond is very important, the diamond 4C is to identify the quality of the diamond standard, formal diamond brand sold every one carat diamond ring should wear a certificate of identification, the above more accurately list the diamond ring 4C to ensure its value , A carat diamond to pay more money? Is also based on the identification certificate on the 4C parameters to assess.

Guarding influence

In addition, the material of the ring is also one of the main factors that consider how much of a carat diamond is paid. The price of the diamond ring includes the price of diamonds and the cost of mosaic. The mosaic cost includes the price of the ring and the labor price. The price of the ring depends on the choice of the material, If the ring is expensive platinum, then the carat diamond ring on the value of more money, if it is mixed metal then the price will drop one or two thousand dollars, while the labor costs are mainly reflected in the degree of difficulty in the mosaic.
Custom diamond ring

For a carat diamond how much money, the above conversion method is too simple, usually a mosaic good carat diamond ring will be superimposed on a variety of other costs, such as transit costs, brand costs, businesses need to obtain profits, etc., to the The cost of superposition, the price will naturally be expensive, in order to control the cost of a carat diamond ring, many people like to customize a carat diamond ring, diamond ring custom is the main charge of the cost of bare diamond prices and mosaic fees, diamond ringing how much money, consumers naturally Clearly in the chest.
Relative to the millions of pigeon eggs from the diamond ring, 50 points diamond ring is more popular diamond ring, 50 points of the diamond ring about how much money to take away one? 50 points of the diamond ring is not expensive, but there is no specific price, about the price range of 7,000 yuan -20000 yuan, which is related to a number of factors with the difference.

One of the factors that affect the 50th diamond ring: Diamond 4C

The price of the diamond ring is mainly determined by the diamond 4C standard, both the color, the clarity, the cut, the weight, the weight of the 50th diamond ring has been determined, but each C has a great influence on the price of the diamond ring, so To know the 50 points of the diamond ring about how much money, do not know the other 3C case, no way to a specific price.

The impact of 50 points diamond ring of the two factors: the material and style of the ring

The market is very common 50 points diamond ring are mostly platinum and K gold ring set inlaid, if two 50 points diamond ring 4C, platinum 50 points diamond ring price than K gold 50 points diamond ring price is more expensive , Because platinum gold than gold, platinum ringing is not easy to fade, K gold ring to wear a long time may have faded may. In addition to the style of the ring will also affect the price of diamond ring, simple and simple manual simple section 50 points diamond ring will be cheaper than the luxury style.

The impact of 50 points diamond ring of the three factors: brand value

A jewelry from the establishment of the mature stage of development will form their own jewelry Cartier love ring replica features: exquisite handmade art, mature sales model, each diamond ring covered by the meaning, etc., is different from other brands of the main factors, accumulated over a long time Will form a brand value, and through the price of each diamond ring reflected, but the value of the diamond itself has nothing to do, the reputation of a relatively large brand value is relatively high, so to estimate a 50 diamond ring about how much money, but also know that What is the brand of diamond ring?

It can be seen, to know 50 of the diamond ring about how much money, need to consider a wide range of factors, may wish to buy before, according to their own economic strength to develop a purchase budget, choose a focus, so choose it will be more convenient.

Longfeng bracelet old style can also be beautiful wild

Longfeng bracelet old style can also be beautiful wild
I do not know from when, she began to obsessed with gold, like the golden sun that dazzling color and luxury texture, first bought a ring and bracelet, can always feel less a bracelet, because do not like bracelet chain, just like flat Pull, selected for a long time finally bought this, with her words, although the style of a little soil, but the bracelet is not very wide, the feeling is still very delicate.
This dragon and phoenix bracelet is not as we usually see so generous, it is a small design, exquisite workmanship show the beautiful form of dragon and phoenix, the scene of the dragon and phoenix scenes depicting the lifelike, classical atmosphere in the Replica Cartier jewelry noble, Pull the design can automatically adjust the size of the shape of the bar so that it is more appropriate with the wrist, oval shape to wear very comfortable.
This is her first bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, do not know the same gold like your first bracelet is what kind of it?
Many flowers and plants have been given a good meaning, clover is no exception, it is the flower language is happy, the legend of it always implies the introduction of reverie poetic and mysterious, most of which is that it can bring good for people Yun, she recently did not feel good, stroll to Chow Tai Fook, a fancy to the ring, two-piece clover, two lucky.

This ring to the clover design inspiration, to convey the mood of happiness, two clover is a solid one is hollow, hollow design highlights the sense of layering clover, solid it makes it look more real, not too gorgeous design , Simple modeling classic and not boring.

Very delicate clover ring, she hopes it can bring her double lucky happy! Recommend to everyone to enjoy, but also everyone lucky with happiness often accompanied by
Butterfly and flowers are the symbols of beauty, although they are not the same performance of the United States, but they are using their own unique interpretation of the wonderful style of life, no matter where they are always happy and exciting, so when the butterfly Meet the flowers, it seems that everything is so perfect and harmonious.

This ring to Dielianhua romantic mood for the design inspiration, depicts the butterfly in the flowers in the linger scene, so elegant and flexible butterfly and tender and beautiful flowers in the fingers of a spectrum of allure, elegant bend of the lines, Giving a reluctant feeling, set fashion and retro in one.

This is her favorite ring, smart and delicate, but also to meet her romantic fantasy fantasy, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Rose has always been her favorite flower, its beautiful appearance, arrogant posture and hidden in the toughness of the peerless elegance are her fancy, but in the tender and beautiful flowers also have a faint day, so she began to collect on the rose Jewelry, even if it can only save one thousand of its beauty, which is her many rose theme jewelry in a.
This bracelet with roses as the main design elements, exquisite workmanship presents seven buds of three-dimensional rose buds, high and low levels of petals perfect reproduction of the rose in full bloom before the form, rounded and full of contours to strengthen the lines of beauty , Dripping fine showing the buddies girl shy demeanor, people can not help but look forward to its beautiful bloom, bracelet body with hollow bamboo shape, novel and unique.
Beautiful rose bracelet, exquisite workmanship as if it was injected into the fresh life, quietly stopped in the wrist, people want to see it blooming posture, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Ribbon is an indispensable part of the daily accessories of women, it is soft and delicate texture and the woman revealed the fragrance of the bones, worn on the body so that women are suddenly vibrant texture, we used to put it in the neck, Of course, the wrist is also a good choice.
This Chow Sang Sang’s ribbon bracelet with a soft ribbon for the design inspiration, elegant lines are full of Smart beauty and soft and delicate feeling, ribbon circle of lightly told the heart of the elegant move, matte and smooth combination of delicate In a slight trace of warmth, as if wearing the hand is no longer a hard metal but soft texture of the ribbon.
This is Valentine’s Day this year she received the gift, very delicate bracelet, with her gentle temperament is equipped with, worn on her slender jade hands are particularly feeling, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Pearl – royal exclusive jewelry

Pearl – royal exclusive jewelry
Before the Middle Ages, the royal jewels were often diamonds, red sapphires with pearls, and the crown’s important jewels were usually pearls. Pearl was gradually replaced by the status of the king of the diamond, began in the 17th century, the continued abuse of the world led to the lack of natural pearl resources, when the artificial breeding pearls have not yet begun, the European aristocracy began to use diamonds instead of pearls.

In the East, the summer of Dayu period, pearl is the emperor’s special Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry, the so-called ancient rare treasures “Sui Hou’s beads”, “and the Bi’s”, one of which refers to pearls. Ancient China, pearls in gold and silver, jade on top of the emperor for the crown of clothing, car ride, etc., are decorated with pearls. East Pearl, Dragon Ball, bead curtain and so on.
Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi, the famous love jewelry, had a large number of pearl jewelry, and also on time according to the amount of pearl powder, has been lifted longevity, youth forever, after her death in the funerary thing is tens of thousands Pearl jewelry and inlaid with pearl jewelry.
In the West, after 1530, Europe began the so-called pearl era, and many countries legislated how to use pearls. In 1612, the British royal family on the legislation: in addition to the royal family, the general aristocracy, experts, scholars, PhD and his wife shall not wear with pearl jewelry, jewelry. The year of Elizabeth I, buy pearls is a “basket” for the purchase of units, pearl earrings is its favorite, silk clothes are also studded with pearls … … In short, Elizabeth is the pearl of the peak of fashion, hat, earrings, items Decorated and decorated with clothing, are mainly pearls, and then use other jewelry to foil.
In the dark ages of Europe in the medieval-century century, pearls were exclusive to men, mainly decorated on the crown, the throne of the king, the Pope, the royal religious ornaments, and the hilt. After the 10th century, the European aristocratic women used to paped themselves on pearls on major occasions.
Ancient Roman period, only the emperor, dignitaries can wear pearls, other people are strictly prohibited, the early Republic of Rome, wearing pearls is absolutely fashionable, often from head to foot with pearls, emerald decoration. Ancient Roman scientists have mentioned in the “natural history”: “only a pearl, the ancient Roman Empire will need to pay 100 million silver coins per year to India, China, the Arab countries.” The Romans like to pearl embedded in gold.
French Lady Antonio de Ario, in the “elegant” a book said: “all the world jewelry jewelry, and all kinds of clothing the most match, every woman wardrobe indispensable accessories, is a String pearl necklace, which is the best jewelry, every woman should have a string of pearl necklace.
Pearl necklace made of pearls jewelry, that is, after drilling with a string of pearls together, wear between the items. People for the pearl necklace next such a rigid definition, it would be better to explain it as: let the woman admire the neck of the United States decorated.
Pearl necklace is the most wild of a jewelry, no matter what occasion to attend a very perfect match with your dress.
Pearl necklace is divided into several styles: single-layer beaded, pendant, multi-layer long section, multi-layer necklace, double pearl chain, long sweater chain and so on.
As the most everyday most wild jewelry, will often wear. Pearls are organic gemstones, low hardness, very fragile, need to be carefully maintained.
Wear the time to remember not to touch the cosmetics, perfume and so on. Summer sweat to keep the pearl surface dry, otherwise the sweat of the material will erode pearls.
Do not wear the pearl necklace when sleeping, one is easy to accidentally pull off, the second is easy to oppression of the skin particles of pearls, affecting blood circulation, adverse health.
Do not wear when wiping with a flannel, separate into the jewelry box, to avoid damage caused by collision with other jewelry.
In the ancient Chinese folk culture, the snake was once a good symbol, is the image of worship, because it is the earliest totem of the Chinese nation, a primitive religious god, later known as the ancestor of God. Want to transfer in the year of the snake, the essential opener is crystal, then the different constellations to what crystal to transport it?

Aquarius – fluorite
Fluorite has a strong protective effect, for the stability of people’s psychology is particularly effective, can help people against the outside world on the inner self of the impact, to avoid the mind controlled by others. It is said that fluorite also has a stable emotional function, can help people better debug the mind and the emotional impact on the body, so as to achieve physical balance and coordination.

Pisces – tea crystal
Tea crystal can make several people’s attention, inspire the spirit; effectively eliminate meaning, fear and worry; to promote inner peace to develop wisdom to help people absorb information, analyze the situation, and people oriented to the positive and correct direction. In the emotional, tea crystal can quell anger, eliminate negative quality, promote emotional harmony, improve the life of the desirable, will be the deepest interpretation of the release, but also help people to take responsibility for the fear of customer service.

Aries – tourmaline
Tourmaline can be used to clean the body gas field, remove obstacles, evacuate negative energy, and provide a solution to special problems. On the other hand, it can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, let the negative thinking mode change in a positive direction, adjust the spirit, theory and biological magnetic field. In the psychological, tourmaline allows you to understand others at the same time in-depth understanding of self, enhance self-confidence.

Taurus – blonde crystal
Gold hair can make the light of the universe in the best balance, is the soul of the lights, you can open the gas field and bring energy, is conducive to spirituality. Gold hair is a partial financial fortune are particularly strong energy crystal, can be used as a talisman, lucky characters, especially often at night work, or access to a variety of gas stricken gas crystal hair heavy place, such as medical Places, special business premises, etc., have evil spirits of evil, the effect of good luck, for some witchcraft or low-level spiritual interference also have to resolve the role.

Gemini – Topaz
Topaz can be used as a talisman to wear, can exorcise evil exorcism, people eliminate sorrow, enhance confidence. With topaz powder powder, you can treat asthma, insomnia, burns and bleeding embolism. China has a long history of understanding and use of topaz. Topaz is a charming, beautiful and cheap mid-range gem, loved by the people. Many countries in the world set Huang Yu as “November birth stone”, is a symbol of friendship, friendship and friendship.

Cancer – Moonlight stone
The biggest function of Moonstone is to stabilize emotions and to ease the overreactions of form and emotion – it is said to be related to the negative energy contained in it. It can coordinate yin and yang energy.

Leo – olivine
Olives help to bring lucky energy, easy to meet good friends, have to help and get better opportunities to help strengthen their own gas field, energy field, you can ward off evil, to prevent the evil attack malicious, is good Evil spirits. The olive green is also the light of wealth, helping to attract wealth of energy. Help to promote the maturity of character, properly face the challenges of life, and can arouse people’s ambitions, dare to risk a difficult situation, to create a new situation.

Virgo – Aquamarine
Aquamarine has a very strong body care, especially for seafarers, the sea sapphire is used as a guardian of stone to use, especially often need to sail friends, wearing a sea blue pendant will be able to protect you All the way to the peace Oh!

Libra – obsidian
Obsidian has evil spirits of evil function. Black magnetic stone field energy calm and steady, steady, help to enhance the body blood circulation, improve the symptoms of frail and qi. Obsidian not only can avoid the interference of negative energy, but also to remove bad luck and bad luck, whether close or put home, are the best guardian of life in the stone.

Scorpio – Garnet
Garnet helps to improve blood problems, promote circulation, enhance vitality, and then can play the beauty of beauty effect, is the ladies preferred love. Strengthen the regeneration capacity to help improve the reproductive system function, as well as to strengthen the body’s ability to regenerate, can accelerate the healing of the wound to help restore physical strength For often stay up late, overtime and day and night fatigue workers, can actively restore physical strength, can strengthen their vitality, charm And affinity.

Sagittarius – Pink Crystal
Pink crystal master interpersonal relationships, enhance popularity. Business places or personnel into and out of frequent places, furnish the powder crystal, can establish a good public relations, promote business edge. The pink crystal is distributed out of the gentle and attractive pink light, can make people around like their own, for the office of the harmony and personal relationship has its particularly important impact. Whether it is for customers, bosses, subordinates and colleagues between the powder can bring excellent auxiliary and improve the effect, so that more mellow relationships, popularity is more prosperous.

Capricorn – Tiger Eye
Tiger eye stone can make it easier to make a breakthrough in the cause, know how to self-discipline, to resolve the pressure to achieve the goal, live a happy life. The flow of the tiger’s eyes flashing wealth of light, with a strong vitality, there is the effect of mobilize evil spirits. Tiger eye corresponds to the body of the sun wheel, that is, the human body has a complementary role in the digestive system. Tiger Eye for those who are easy to cold, breathing is not smooth people have a therapeutic effect.

Cartier released “Love Series” interpretation of neutral jewelry

Cartier released “Love Series” interpretation of neutral jewelry
In early May, the top jewelry brand Cartier (Cartier) released the latest “love series” jewelry, platinum, rose gold or precious stones inlaid precious stones with a simple line design, neatly interpretation of the most representative of the most representative Neutral jewelry wave. The series of jewelry follows the 1969 Cartier classic “screw” pattern, the simple to the extreme of the logo was printed on the ring ring, and leather matching bracelet, can be put love Replica Cartier love bracelet letters necklace pendants and other jewelry, abstract lines and No complex sense of the curve to break the conventional sense of “women’s jewelry” concept. Throughout the centuries of Cartier jewelry design road, in addition to those for the imperial nobility or star celebrities ordered price collection of jewelry, in 1917 came out of the famous “tank” watch series, 1923 “tricyclic” series and The “Pasha” collection of snowflakes, launched in 2005, emphasizes a neutral style inspired by industrial design, or in the life of ordinary things.

Swiss classic veteran Omega (Omega) this year launched several jewelry series is more neat and generous. Platinum material, low-key mosaic of the diamond drill, the design of a simple ring, square and other geometric shapes, and the Greek letter W for the shape of inspiration. All due to material and neutral style to attract the eye, a little bit soft and small women can not find. Other domestic jewelry brands such as Justgold, Chow Tai Fook, Kgold or even some big fashion or men’s fashion items LV, Gucci, Montblanc’s jewelry design, also jump off the neutral trend of the general trend.
Crystal and fashion Aventure, from the simple appearance of natural crystal began to white crystal, amethyst, citrine, pink crystal string into the necklace, Shouzhu, is the most traditional crystal jewelry, when the crystal is not like make-up Girl, natural and not contrived, her mysterious magnetic field is more attractive than her beauty. Crystal really let a woman put it down, she cut into a small diamond-like, dressed in all kinds of refining fall, bracelets, brooches, earrings, especially in the summer crystal headdress, all kinds of hairpin, hairpin to color crystal mosaic Elegant and luxurious or pure and lovely flowers and insects butterfly, decorated in the hair shine, to meet the heart of a woman that love to collect jewelry, little girl desire.
From Paris, Milan, New York, London to Shanghai, the major fashion week Cartier love ring replica conference, the 2006 fashion T station are playing color visual wind, colorful colors, flashing light is the irresistible offensive dominated 2006 Spring and summer fashion trends.

The jewelry as an important fashion accessories have long been more and more attention by the city beauty. In addition to its inherent high value, style design and color matching has gradually become one of the important factors in the selection of high-end jewelry.

Spring and summer of this year, dazzling diamonds are still people love the mainstream jewelry, and colored spar, red, sapphire and rare color diamonds also changed with the fashion trend of the traditional face, with a slightly exaggerated design and color combinations frequently debut , Has become the new darling of fashion jewelry, but also confirmed the prediction of the fashion industry: the future will be a new era of colorful jewelry. For this sweeping world of diamonds, Cai Bao popular wave, as Shanghai’s hottest variety show “Dance Conference” jewelery sponsors of the City of God jewelry, its high-end brand Royal Diamond Palace also specifically chose a rare 1 carat D-color VVS bare drill as the “Dance of the General Assembly,” the championship prize. With bright diamonds and colorful color gems to the background of this stall visual effect gorgeous, elegant host dance competition can be described as complement each other. In addition, many new cutting, chic style of chic jewelry for a number of occasions to host the glory, which led to a new round of color gemstone jewelry fashion trends.
Now with the most IN programs

Fancy Color + Gold: Platinum fashion has been popular for several years, has long been to break the gold single tone dominate the market situation, and color diamonds is precious in nature, a rare masterpiece. Its exudes retro feel to meet the future fashion trends, and the color gold and diamond mix will be vintage and luxurious combination of vivid.

Choi Po + Diamond: sapphire, topaz, amethyst, agate and other natural color gem Cartier love ring replica and diamond combination will also be a major fashion highlights. The random combination will become a popular new trend in the future, the different colors of colored stones together, will give people a sense of elegance, full of beautiful personality.
Jewelery market, flowers blooming, decorated with the fashion market, but only the male market nobody cares, this is not only a waste of male jewelry market, the jewelry market is not mature.

Although the male jewelry market started late, but its growth rate will make the industry stare, experts predict that within five years of his growth rate will be the first in the industry, and in recent years the formation of men’s brand boom , Those who lay in the fight in the scattered pieces of male jewelry, will slowly boarded the Daya Hall, a fashion symbol of another expression.

Male jewelry from the unemployed characteristics, male jewelry attaches great importance to the consumer’s personality and cultural taste, which build a high brand; develop male market first, is to have their own brand of culture and honor, take the fine line, rather than The MAN MAN, will own brand positioning in the high-end market, for the fashion and very individual taste of the men, to provide absolute quality to enjoy, set off personal charm, highlight the distinguished taste of life attitude .

The essential characteristics of male jewelry, others can not reach the personality and culture, the brand is not a personality, for the new era of consumers, it lost the charm of value. So full of fashionable men to buy a product without the soul is undoubtedly daydreaming, if your brand is more lack of added value, it is not in vain from the fantasy, a laughable.
People do not dare to take the road, the creation of other people can not look to the future, TRUE MAN man suddenly sprung up in the jewelry industry to open the first of its kind, the development of men’s special jewelry, and the composition of fine series, although the hard road, but did not retreat , Until out of a male fashion boutique road. This is a no one can imitate the brand, for the product, there will be businessmen to imitate, but for such a unique brand, TRUE MAN man is undoubtedly unique. And his loyal male consumers, but also through the brand personality to reflect their own identity, it is TRUE MAN real personality characteristics of men, consumers impressed, to win more and more attention and love of fashionable men.

It is precisely because of the growing concern about the rate of competition in the market gap, so that the male jewelry market to “TRUE MAN real man” dominate the world “main marketing” era, the core value of his brand is extremely prominent, really men wear Of the fine, each man in the TRUE MAN true man three themes (successful man, elegant man, personality man), style, always find their own jewelry.

Only to identify their own consumer groups, your brand value can be fully embodied in their purchase motives, consumption patterns, consumer behavior, organic and brand culture combined to truly form a unique brand of imitation can not be competitive, so that Brand differentiation of the charm of interpretation of the wonderful wonderful.

reveal the top watch shortcomings

Hope that one’s LOGO, reveal the top watch shortcomings
Fashion brand integration of the resources of Swiss watch bulgari is one of the most obvious example. As early as in 1977, it launched Bvlgari – Bvlgari watch, in the early 1980 s, it was set up in Switzerland BvlgariTime company responsible for its design and production of the wrist watch, but at the time of Bvlgari watches also only stay in the design, is not done in the movement.
Until 2000, bulgari acquisition restructuring after top Swiss watch of wrist of high-end manufacturing brand new company, it began to pay attention to the development and production of movement. In 2005, bulgari acquire Swiss made dial CadransDesign company again, and in the production of steel bracelet and precious metal bracelet Prestiged “Or company, set up a complete watch the production line.
In 2007, acquired FingerS. A100 % shares after, finally makes the bulgari on the r&d Cartier love ring replica and production of high-end complex wrist to establish their own position. Hermes, at the same pace also gradually occupy senior watchmaking.
From tabulation workshop, established in 1978, to 1978 and Vaucher stopwatch factory cooperation issued assembly HermesH1928 Dressage wrist, spent 2006 Swiss francs in 2006 bought a 25% stake in Vaucher machine factory, and then to acquired last year more than 125 years history of the famous Swiss watch case production company JosephErard 32.5% stake, hermes eventually established himself in the senior position of watchmaking.
Chanel is slightly different. In 1987, its first entered the watch industry, launched the first Premiere series, but was still is given priority to with quartz movement, the main design styles, and by the Xia Defang Georges&FrancisChatelain tabulation factory for manufacturing.
Until 1993, chanel acquired G&FChatelain tabulation factory, and in 2000 launched J12 watch later, it began a minor celebrity in the field of clocks and watches. Eight years, chanel through cooperation with Abby table factory, officially launched Calibre3125 automatic chain movement.
The cross-border cooperation, not only in the beginning of Swiss watch, also let the chanel got Cartier love ring replica up on the movement of the weaknesses. In the 1990 s, fashion brands started to enter the watch industry, the collectivization of brand, it is not easy.
Such as LVMH group has real power, elegant and other professional TAB when brand, for the Dior, Fendi these fashion brands into watchmaking provides great convenience.
Dior is a good example, officially launched its 1975 watch series, has been the main design elements and haute couture is blended in among them. Until 2005, Dior launched ChiffreRougeIrreductible timing clock assembly on the true force ElPrimero Gao Zhenpin timing clock movement, started in the field of complex mechanical watches.
Lack of historical precipitation bulgari, Louis vuitton, dior brand is from the design of the wrist watch, great price, only into the mechanical manufacture field. Purchase them through large amount of money and the cooperation, and to rely on group strength, started from the design, production, to grasp of the complex technology, makes the watch one of its core industries.
The brand has the disadvantage of the clocks in the history of accumulation is not enough. In the field of professional tabulation, they are too young, lack of historical precipitation, it is a congenital deficiency.
On the exhibition, see whether both bulgari PapillonVoyageur wrist watch, Louis vuitton Cartier love ring replica TambourSpin time fly xuan wrist watch, watch of wrist of dior VIII, chanel Premiere floating the tourbillon watches, all shows these brands in advanced complex on the wrist.
The wrist watch brand frequently launch complex function, purpose is to prove himself a place in the field of professional TAB. Looks on the surface, they don’t sell brand, but in selling technology, in fact, in the end, they still sell brand.
Professional tabulation brand would not be so frequently and eager to tell people how complicated this year introduced a technique of wrist watch. Such as rolex, over the years it is precise and durable. Did you say it technology to produce complex wrist watch, this is, of course, no doubt. But every year in Basel jewellery clock, it is the lowest, is also the most sincere.
These luxury brands enter the wrist watch, or lack of history, the lack of typical products. The count, for example, mention it will think of its ultrathin sheet, inlaid jewelry will think of it technology, which requires historical precipitation.
Luxury brands in the TAB area of specialization, the lack of cultural level, even if they watch professional again, also cannot let a person feel they are major tabulation brand from the root. Have the history, and a strong life force is enough, just have a say in this industry.
These luxury brands have ability, but also is very young. They need the accumulation of Cartier nail bracelet replica experience; Need to representative works; Need validation by consumers, but also to prove by sales. To see from another Angle, it is the brand in the category of existing resources of innovation, to make watchmaking become more diversified.
In the 1970 s, quartz movement impact Swiss watch. Because the price is low, as accurate, easy to maintain, quartz movement in the market demand. Quartz movement without technical requirements, only need a good appearance can get very good sales, and design is fashion brand strengths, relying on the advantage of nature, the fashion brands enter the watch industry is a piece of cake, gain recognition in the market is just a matter of time.
It was also at this time, France, Italy’s top fashion, clocks and watches of jewelry brand began to develop their business. Way to trace their professional tabulation, mostly in the first buying a small Swiss watch factory set up their own TAB base, and cooperate with brand of top class TAB, launch autonomous movement of mechanical watch, after have a certain strength and began to develop the independent movement and wrist watch, complex function to senior watchmaking.

Five classic and innovative new classic minimalist

Five classic and innovative new classic minimalist wind item ten kinds of collocation
In dressing the gamble, want to be the winner of the eternal, with some classic winner item is necessary. But how can you do a classic but not boring, it is the focus of current fashion trends. 2016 designers use clever unique and rich vitality of fresh ideas for all kinds of classic item upgrades. The joining together of a variety of new fabrics, materials, bold and the details of the length of the truncated to a new classic item remain low-key fact wear at the same time, never go out of Cartier nail bracelet replica style. Now Vogue will teach you the five masters of minimalist fashion features, to help you choose creativity classic design sheet is tasted, elegant taste.
Brand style:
Celine French fashion brand, launched in 1945, the creative director, Phoebe Philo, led by leading the new fashion trends, and became synonymous with women’s fashionable index and minimalist. Philo’s creative design into the French elegance and powerful and unconstrained style, with traditional English perfectly cut foil a noble women, low-key, free and easy, and a strong character, the new cool classic style is deduced to get incisively and vividly.
Classic item: profile coat
Coat collocation 1: profile + wide-legged pants
Delicate clipping the profile of the coat and the hottest wide-legged pants collocation, present smooth, compact body lines, perfect reveal this season popular agitation of pure and fresh and free and easy. Recommend that women not being tall elegant collocation simple heels to adjust the body proportion, drawing lines.
Coat + printed pleated skirt collocation 2: profile
Will elegant printed pleated skirts and hale straight profile coat mix build, presents the firm with soft perfect combination of fashionable tide. Pleated skirt loose profile outline shape curve, coat is capable of luxury profile modelling added a few minutes handsome and natural and unrestrained.
Brand style:
German brand Jil Sander was founded in 1968, its excellent material, simple and agile clipping and full of intellectual design is deep, the world and it’s pure, low-key fashion series has become the benchmark of minimalist fashion. Jil Sander’s 2016 spring summer series Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica will be in the 1990 s minimalist aesthetics into modern elegant, showing a capable luxurious design style.
Classic item: short white jacket
Tie-in 1: white brief paragraph coat + high waist pants
Brief paragraph coat is 2016 summer style. Comfortable and elegant fabrics vented design let Jil Sander back it’s structure sheet is tasted, let a person see admire. Might as well the collocation of tall waist design of 7 minutes of pants and high heels, elongated body.
Tie-in 2: white brief paragraph coat + vented bust skirt of tall waist
Will short white jacket and the side vents of tall waist skirts mix is essential to a fashionable collocation this summer. Side vents of beautiful design to dress in traditional upgrade, send out an unprecedented wild enchanting temperament. Straight cut short the white coat on complementary with positive vents and a scoop-back design, small mind atmosphere, reveal fashionable avant-courier temperament easily.
Brand style:
Helmut Lang symbolized the minimalism in the 90 s, the brand in popular brand of jeans in 2007, Habitual founder Michael and Nicole Colovos steered out again. The couple combination halfback elegant style, in the tradition of brand and combining with leather, silk, knitting fabric, as well as the iconic imitation cartier love bracelet abstract printing, design and asymmetric hem, hang down to Helmut Lang gradually became fashionable wind direction indicator, leads the way.
Classic item: profile suit jacket
With 1: loose profile suit type jacket + straight dress pants
Loose type profile suit coat is not too tight and the outline of repeated details, simply of no use. Its smooth, flat and agile straight lines with the boys handsome and free and easy. Might as well match the pass-through suit pants, create classic suit.
With 2: loose type profile suit coat + light dress
Helmut Lang, the suit jacket and bold capable of strong profile asymmetry long dress also can be mixed. Soft knitting dress can foil the shape of the curve, also can neutralize too neutral integral modelling, add a few minutes of women’s gentle feeling. Exaggeration of shiny jewelry also can let you shining brightness.
Brand style:
American brand Calvin Klein is contracted wind is synonymous with fashion, it is in the form of coat series launched in 1968. Under the Brazilian designers Francisco Costa at the helm, minimalism and fine detail is the designer’s representative element. Francisco Costa on brand easy, simple, elegant Cartier love bracelet replica style, interpretation has been make fashionistas with famous people fondle admiringly. Master the modern aesthetics with proper strange ideas for classic design gives a new image, a new season model updating techniques.
Classic item: new classic trench coat
With 1: new classic trench coat + truncated pants + pointed flat shoes
Dust coat has always been everyone all appropriate fashion must-have. While only Francisco Costa craftsmanship to provided the ground to classic trench coat a little bit change, use new fabrics, bold details, the length of the truncated to classic designs look brand-new, creative. New classic leather, shortened trousers and pointy shoes mix build, reveals the streets along with the gender between the elegant, perfect deduce French elegance.
With 2: new classic trench coat + metal silk fabrics wide-legged pants
Fashionable avant-courier wide-legged pants new classic trench coat collocation, keep the body line is fluent, concise, avoid breaking balance modelling. Gleaming in the metal silk fabrics wide-legged pants to costly decadent metal feeling, its high waist and wide leg design can create a Fake Cartier love bracelet charming profile along with the gender, making it a replacement fine cut pants is marked. Suggest windbreaker tied on the belt, draw the outline of their girth.
Brand style:
British designer Stella McCartney fashion is not only comfortable, sexy and fashionable modern style at the same time. She works in a variety of elements, the design style of both the girl sweet romance, and a British rock and roll style. Perfect tailoring process makes her design highlights gentleman grace and female sex appeal, bring women feeling of strength and confidence.
Classic item: new classic little black dress
With 1: new classic black dress + gold heels
Little black dress is every modern women must have the ultimate classic sheet is tasted, and sooner or later all appropriate modelling. 2016 by clipping and Stella McCartney joining together to classic little black dress and highly disruptive lace, interprets the subtle implicit beauty. Detailed Cartier nail bracelet replica lace little black dress as a focal point of the whole body modelling Vogue advice only with simple high-heeled shoes and accessories for overall modelling the icing on the cake, show the style of understated elegance and feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
With 2: new classic black dress + small black coat
New season of classic black dress can not only single wear, also can and cool in the black coat or jacket to mix. Hale handsome black coat balance the bud silk beautiful and charming, bring you a fashionable and classic beauty.

2016 autumn winters case grain lines

2016 autumn winters case grain lines
Line and case grain, is a classic element, however these classical design elements in each year and from fellow designers inspiration bursts with creative ideas, this is why in the discovery of visual line has year after year, and never bored. Line can be multifarious, can be monotonous, so it is itself a ancestor elements of various kinds of creative inspiration. Sports, luxury, originality, feminine, none can’t handle, the outline of simple can change clothes, prominent figure, if add some other elements, and it is a series of unusual visual enjoyment. This we carefully for you picked out the ten creative and representative case grain series of 2016 autumn winters in the majority of the brand (the brand first letter order), take a look at these new ideas in the old elements, feel yourself less?
Lim, the inspiration of this season is a locomotive, or more specific points Cartier love bracelet replica and eccentric, locomotive’s girlfriend, and he put the subject abstract into a dangerous atmosphere. There are many direct reference of locomotive aesthetics – dominance of leather, patch tannins and biker jackets, vests, jumper, and even dress. The modelling in the face of retail, especially the motorcyclist vest and jacket has a smooth, the rhythm of feminine. But the show’s most interesting design can reflect Lim from literal interpretation own theme, with a shrug, to his attitude – right and wrong, don’t care to imagine. This series outstanding clothing is: the large size, deliberately do old shearing fur coats, lapel is contrasting colors; Lim, in a different colour combination shows this coat for several times, each time looks attractive and novel. Overall coat is the series of strengths, in fact, Lim trousers do good as well, to some extent with Celine shadow, this is the New York fashion week is hard to avoid.
Alberta Ferretti in today’s fashion show to prove that two things: she hope that clearly can see that this work is the style of her own, she hope that this can reflect reality. This could be a coin of two sides, because the end of the 19th century romantic mood is the default style of Ferretti, and this familiarity and authenticity is her new style. Similar to arbitrary oblique layer, for example, bud silk, silk and folds of colored dress. In a world, you will find that the Ferretti designed for dream tense countdown moment evening dress. In another world, and you’ll find beautiful widow’s weeds. Her works show there are two kinds of different style. A central European wife Fake Cartier love bracelet dressed in deep purple velvet fine elegant, like a confession princess serious expressions. Black velvet jackets garnet beads shine, also the image of a wife. The wife, the daughter of image by wasp waist jacket and skating dress show incisively and vividly. Ferretti said that her goal is to hope that the quality of the clothing can be exactly like a sculpture. The outline of clothing clear lines, of course.
Girls serious modelling (think of Jenny Shimizu, work on site) to design the deconstruction and lazy clothing, fabric design paper bags with techno technology – tall waist skirt and trousers. These have printing design modelling belt/reflective tape and plastic pockets can hold nails or screws. Flat-fell seam denim skirt looks like workers work for a long time, after the shift will be wearing clothes. Notable modelling including plover case grain with edging tassel orange shirt and a knee with cushions sequins overalls, and edging tassel like a blanket of robes. Hologram jumpsuit let fans screaming excitedly Shouting, only from the modelling of the theme of female is a luxuriant silk coat, for Ashish untidy girls too mature, especially the wind tunnel shape of bright yellow and orange hair is really shocking.
Made of cardboard splicing T stage. The fluffy texture reclined at the table. Even the invitation also USES the same material. Costumes, come with a cloud pattern, yarn, wool, and 15 th-century Flemish painting, portrait, statues and attractive men and women hip line… And so on, these elements are filled with thick woman flavour. And a variety of elements seem to be available as Phoebe Philo some clues of the latest series. Celine girl, Philo set for a series of imaginary characters, in these days we leave her Cartier nail bracelet replica, what the hell happened? These in fabrics choose to show incisively and vividly. Tactility first-class, plain and neat and refined, and sweet and comfortable, these advantages have been included. This makes people extremely yearned for fabrics, is the pen that Philo this new series. The show started is a creamy texture integument. Designers will design into knee-length skirt elegantly curved, coat appearance also is very refined.
Francisco Costa strong and provocative new series, inspiration is one of the most unexpected Russian film Ivan’s Childhood (Ivan ‘s Childhood), about the second world war when an orphan. The little boy standing in the birch forest as somehow made him think of the coat. “Calvin started with coat,” Costa said in the background, “so to be related, with emphasis on the coat.” Costa coat some of the fabrics is stubborn, don’t break the bondage of military uniform style belt. Like a presentiment of heavy pressure, Costa holes in it, please intentionally drop needle fabric weaving workshop. Hole location are in accordance with the grid is very accurate, because the process is essential for the designer, the grid will eventually plaid he leads. Most obviously, imitate the glen plaid v-neck blouse and collocation of pleated skirt, almost like glen really lines, as well as the napa leather dress, the top brass tube bead decoration for the word “well”.
Clements and Ribeiro recently met in Alabama in one trip gisborne Gees (Bend) town in a small wooden sewing quilts woman, inspiration to design the printing design. A different kind of printing is chita, this is in central Ribeiro native Brazil travel found flowers. Two designers is a combination Cartier love ring replica of two kinds of visual effects produced amazing culture shock. Then they add red lace, tartan, gold animal printing and gold brocade poppies. Black skirt buckle jacket, shades of the same color embroidery design texture, decorated with precious stones neckline and half of the belt. But even with a lot of adornment, the dress itself, or sweater and skirt style of movement. Both the designer’s signature some cashmere sweater and skirt length is too long, the new work looks like lazy feeling. Like too pay attention to the effect of some decadent rural family reunion, the girls dress up in the works of Mitford punk style, uniformly flat shoes punctuate the this kind of feeling, including pointed boots and golden pointy shoes buckle, even brilliant chiffon evening dress collocation of shoes.
This series seems to be not Marc by Marc Jacobs consistent style. For a long time, Marc maintained a low profile academic style, from this level, it is usually a perfect success. But this time the feeling of have a little different, he is a bit more concerned about the hair and makeup, also some more sexy clothes, makes models of Marc like Antonio models (as of late, great Lopez), but that right. Through the patterns of the printing and dyeing, plaid reverse restoring ancient ways, and the proportion of the elegant downy burnish, coupled with the paper’s music, as if we had back in the 1940 s. Those boys, as usual, become one of the best foil his female models.
Feel the city and movement, he chose a taxi from the New York streets warning orange, yellow and then tied with urban girls dedicated black together. Many suit design looks like designed for speed, with a curved shoulder line and aerodynamic duplex structure; Black patent leather piping and line decoration evoked memories of racing or scuba diving. Big goggles enhanced this kind of feeling. Mixed metaphor, Kors back to girls and boys with the camouflage, multicolor is the most replica Cartier love bracelet luxurious mink. It will make you stand out in the sidewalk. But, still, he played a low profile is good. There will be many cities “warriors” for his carbon grey wool melton coat and a jumpsuit and “fight”. The leather jacket and zipper open fork pencil skirt combination will let the girls are very popular. As well as the designer’s tight thread sweater.
Moschino fashion often feels it with sarcasm and vitality of the milan embodies popular things, this is the founder of the brand, Franco himself the characteristics of the work. So, big show has to show this time? Series inspired by socialite, equestrian, first-class skiing athletes at a suit, versatile legend Ann Bonfoey Taylor, for the expert, she is a special fashion icon in the 20th century, but almost not the name of a known by the general public. If the Taylor, who are not familiar with, what we see is a bizarre highland fling, introducing incongruous Annie Oakley and Japanese school uniform element. Not harmonious, in a sense is a unique symbol of Moschino, but today is tied for the contrast of no trace of irony. In fact, with golden badge plaid accumulated an unpleasant feeling. By the time the Moschino classic black and white model on the stage, is dizzy. It feels like Moschino classical humanism fluency, the proposition of rigid has become rigid formality.
Hilfiger largely by latticed to express the theme of savile row: this season works mainly through Cartier love ring replica the prince of wales latticed, plaid and plaid shawl. Designers are exaggerated repeatedly used in miniskirts, for example, double-breasted coat and heavily armed long coat. A set of powerful wine red, the prince of wales thick short coat cut very good; Can saying is very beautiful, the plaid pattern is frequently used in the coat of all details, such as a houndstooth detail design combined with red leather trim after the color of camel’s hair coat or a black and blue houndstooth plaid uniform coat. In addition to the plaid, Hilfiger also effectively use diamond and fine stripe. This season is the most interesting is the combination of its futuristic attempt – the combination of leather material and weaving technology, the prince of wales the processing of leather jacket grind arenaceous feeling become the new characteristics of Tommy aesthetics. To be fair, Hilfiger I am a nostalgic person, but the works reveal the home atmosphere of a modern vertigo.