Boucheron Lierre de Paris series with platinum diamonds including necklaces rings and two secret watches

Po Le Long Lierre de Paris series tribute to ivy
When the Po Long for the first time in the Louvre opposite the royal palace shopping malls opened a jewelry store, he can not help but began to notice that ivy slowly over every inch of beautiful buildings. Although the road embodied in the Du Lili Garden Road is under the control of the natural pruning pruning hedge to create geometric forms, but Po poem dragon fascinated by the natural wild side.

Boucheron Lierre de Paris series
Boucheron Lierre de Paris series with platinum diamonds, including necklaces, rings and two secret watches
It is this comprehensive conquest, unparalleled nature, so that Po Po Long in the latest Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy jewelry series praise. The seven new designs were raised in the newer residence of the poem’s dragon, which the house has been called home since 1893. Historic Jewelery reminds us of the long-term obsession with the lack of natural constraints, including a necklace by free form of vines and a charming lily valley tiara, which dates back to 1893, where the jewels show Similar to freshly picked flowers.

Boucheron 26, indomitable tendrils and even invading chandeliers
In the poem dragon in the natural victory, as if finally conquered the Vendome Square, the walls filled with lush ivy, ferns buckle and replace the old wooden floor, indomitable tendrils or even invasion chandelier The

Boucheron Po Le Long Lierre de Paris series of highlights is the question mark necklace,
There are nine “tremblant” ivy leaves, each with a slight movement.
This hugging the natural design, the biggest highlight below the Lierre de Paris Replica Cartier jewelry necklace. From the reality of the spikes of the nine ivy leaves around the neck, as if it secretly climbed the wearer. The leaves of each diamond are set in the “tremblant”, this hidden miniature spring, allowing the stones to fluctuate slightly, just as the real ivy moves in the breeze.

Necklace using “ajourée” method, leaving room between the frame, so that light through
The necklace is an asymmetric question mark, and the open form allows a dramatic scan around the neck, whose physical structure is offset by the movement of the individual leaves.

Boucheron Lierre de Paris series necklace
The metal used in the jewelry is “ajourée” technical work, leaving space between the frames, so that light through. It is easy to test through the bright sunshine on the 26th floor of Vendome, overlooking the statue of Napoleon’s first floor floor to the ceiling French window.

Boucheron Lierre de Paris series necklace

The series also includes a smaller necklace, a ring, a larger bracelet, a brooch pendant and earrings, all of which are made with the same meticulous details. There are two secret watches, two of the larger, wrapped around the wrist three times.

Boucheron Lierre de Paris series watch
A more traditional platinum automatic watch, called Epure Lierre de Paris also joined the collection, with diamonds ivory detail in black or white mother of pearl dial. And for watch lovers, there is a tourbillon version, the dial with rough and polished diamonds.
Spring this season, jewelry free to wear in self-expression and personal style in the performance of freedom and disrespect for the intention.

The US luxury jewelry brand David Yurman hand fashion photographer Bruce Weber (Bruce Weber), for everyone to show this spring 2017 new products. David Yurman takes a wonderful life in the charming spring in the Florida Keys. The starter is the model Natalia Vodianova and the new brand of Cartier love bracelet replica Taylor Hill, making people shot out like a big summon for a carefree holiday.

Escapism is carefully portrayed in the photographs of Weber, which reflects a way of life that is the natural warmth and playful attraction of the movement in front of everyone. David Ullman respects American style and elegance, and the world’s top models and the most stunning location create an unforgettable iconic image.

“It’s not a jewel,” Sybil Yurman said. “This is a way of life that reflects in many ways David and my life, our artistic feel, our dedication and our beliefs, the images should be reflected in the beauty and authenticity of every day at every moment. Talia and Taylor represent the natural faith of David Yurman, while the lush environment depicts a relaxed informal spirit. The event launched a new series, such as Continuance, Pavéflex and Solari.
This month, David Yurman introduced the new DY Whispers series, a series of iconic cable bracelets wrapped in gold’s hidden love messages.

How much is the cost of a ring of cramps?

How much is the cost of a ring of cramps?
1 carat diamond ring at least tens of thousands of it, the better even more expensive. Buy a carat diamond ring to better understand the diamond 4C, do a good job budget, intends to buy how much money. Diamond ring brand is a lot of good, but the most cost-effective is Zoca friends, than the traditional brand discount of about 30% to 50%, and there are physical stores, quality after-sales are guaranteed, you can in the official website and the store Look at it.

How much is the diamond ring? Colorful diamonds, it is noble, beautiful Replica Cartier jewelry qualities, so that everyone loves it. Diamonds are noble luxury goods, in the market, we usually see the same carat diamond ring price is very different, the price from 40,000 to more than 100,000 have, this is because the diamond 4C is not the same, the purchase channel brand is not The same, the diamond ring style is not the same, which diamond 4C is a carat diamond ring on the price of the greatest impact.

How much is the diamond ring? Diamond ring a carat price in different brands to buy, the price will be different, such as the purchase in the Zoukai is about 50,000 yuan, but in Chow Tai Fook and other traditional brands, the price is about 65,000, while in Cartier and other large Brand, the price is about one hundred thousand are possible. Because the greater the brand, the higher the visibility, the price of diamond ring will be higher, but the value of diamond ring, but the difference is not.

How much is the diamond ring? Different styles of a carat diamond ring, the price will be different, such as a simple style of 1 carat diamond ring, the price of 40,000 or so, while the luxury has a small diamond style, the price may be about 40,000. Because the diamond ring style is not the same, the weight of the ring, as well as the weight of small drill, will be different, and the production process is also different, luxury models will be more complicated, so the price is also higher normal.
Life, their engagement ceremony also let the lover moved, in order to engage in the ceremony, men need to prepare a lot of things, which have the engagement ring to buy, for young people to send each other ring more representative of each other’s love , Engagement diamond ring is a romantic sense of faith, it is loved by young men and women, personally for the beloved she wear a diamond ring to express your love for her, every man most want to do, then the engagement ring price how What about it?

Engagement diamond ring price

What is the price of engagement Married diamond ring bright and subtle temperament, than platinum is also rare, more than gold is also eternal, is a symbol of elegance and elegance, but also the embodiment of pure love, so the diamond made the ring even more extraordinary, such a diamond ring whether you are marry , Engagement or marriage, give the beloved people will make love more romantic, more sincere. It’s the lowest price of more than 1,000 yuan, the general price of 1-3 million or so, if the diamond 4C are better, then the price will reach more than ten million or so Oh

How much is the price of an engagement diamond ring? How much money has been a no end of the problem, because the diamond ring according to the diamond 4C level to know the price, if it is engagement, you can buy a small diamond ring, and so on when you buy a carat, if the pursuit of high quality But also the pursuit of as low as possible, 30 points, for example, you can buy GI-level color, VVS2-VS1-level color, EX cut the diamond ring, this level of diamond ring is basically the price of 10,000 yuan can have.

Engagement diamond ring expensive expensive? Engagement ring price is not expensive is not the main, as long as the range can be within their own, engagement diamond ring in a certain sense there is the role of locking in love, men and women will have a guarantee between engagement, although the engagement is not like marriage Collar marriage certificate and have legal effect, but also a positive affirmation of both sides, a lot of time, engagement diamond ring is also regarded as a love of the contract, the woman if you accept the engagement ring, love will have a ripe taste, with the diamond ring price Compared to this is the most precious.
The industry recognized that more than one carat of diamonds have value added and hedge value, so a carat diamond ring how much money has always been the focus of attention of diamond investors, diamond color, clarity, cut and weight determine the price of diamond ring. Different brands, 4C the same carat diamond ring in the price there will be a lot of big differences, which is related to the brand premium.

How much more than 50 percent of the ring is the diamond’s 4C grade, the diamond’s 4C includes the amount of (CARAT), the CLARITY, the COLOR, and the CUT. Diamond 4C level more forward, the better the quality, the need for the higher the natural money, which is the most affected diamond base price is 4C in the weight, but also the world is not bad standard. The greater the more rare, the better the quality is more expensive.

How much is the cost of a carat? A carat diamond diamond ring than a carat K gold ring to be expensive, because the platinum tough and durable, in a variety of extreme environments can maintain a stable nature, platinum can be safely embedded in diamonds, diamonds to give permanent protection. The world’s most precious diamonds are almost all embedded in the platinum base. At the same time, platinum natural white luster can better bring out the diamond. And K gold ring to wear a long time to easily turn yellow, but the diamond ring is mainly reflected in the value of diamonds, plus K gold price is cheaper, so many people still willing to choose K gold inlaid with a carat diamond ring.

How much is the cost of the caravan? A weight: 1.00 carat, color: IJ, clarity: VS, cut: VG white 18K diamond ring reference price is 60,478 yuan, which contains the price of diamonds, the price of the ring and some processing fees, etc., If the other relatively large jewelry brand to buy the same 4C a carat diamond ring, the price will increase several times, the quality of diamonds and diamond brand has nothing to do, or that there is no brand of diamonds, only the operating company is different, only the diamond 4C related.

1 carat diamond ring

1 carat diamond ring
Carat (Ct) is the gem of the weight of the unit, now set 1 carat equal to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. A carat is divided into 100 points, such as 50 minutes that is 0.5 karats. Because the carat is just the weight, not the volume, so when the diamond drill on the hand, from the top of the ring looks, 2 carat diamond ring can not be 1 carat diamond ring twice as big as that. However, the price of 1 carat diamond ring and 2 kt diamond ring price is a geometric multiple growth.
1 carat diamond ring on behalf of the two people are common experience after the storm, together into the door to happiness. It is a happy meaning, but also the blessing of the wedding, but also a love of men and love and commitment! That is willing to spend a lot of money for you to buy a carat diamond ring of people, is worthy of love, and then only that will not do, marry diamond ring to buy a few diamond ring people, it is not willing to spend money for you Replica Cartier jewelry People, not worth to love. Of course, the price of the diamond ring to buy in the other can withstand the range.

Not all of the 1 carat diamond ring has a collection of value, those colors, clarity, cut level are very low 1 carat diamond ring, no collection value, only ornamental value. Such as K-L color, I clarity, F cut, such a diamond, there will be no collection value. And the higher the level of 1 carat diamond ring, the value of the collection will be higher, the color D color, clarity FL or IF, cut 3EX, fluorescent is no fluorescent top 1 carat diamond ring, the collection value is the highest!

Want to buy a carat diamond ring, it is recommended to buy bare diamond mosaic custom is better, the value will be higher, but also according to their own budget and preferences to pick their own bare diamond, ring care style can also be optional, unrestricted. The same level of style a carat diamond ring, round diamonds visual than other shapes to appear large, but also the most popular shape, the price is relatively expensive. “Fancy Cut” (flower ring cutting) refers to pear, olive, rectangular and other diamonds, because of its unique shape, cutting the shape of the diamond rough to cut, consumption less, the price is relatively low. Which in turn to the princess square diamond ring is the most drilling, but also the most prominent diamond drill style.

Affect the price of a carat diamond ring is very convenient, there are brand value, diamond 4C, ring care style material, purchase time, purchase channels, etc., as long as there is a difference, the price will be different. While the different brands of 1 carat diamond ring, the price difference is very large. Such as Cartier and Zoca with the level of 1 carat diamond ring compared to Zoacai’s cheaper to be more than doubled! Because the big brand to sell part of the brand, followed by the value of diamond ring.

1 carat diamond ring is a large diamond, the price is higher, after the purchase, maintenance is a big problem. In the purchase, it is best to choose 18K gold material, style selection simple and firm, it is best six claw style, to avoid wearing, accidentally lost drill, then the pit big. And select the brand, to choose a good quality brand, high reputation, usually wear, pay attention to regularly check the firmness of diamonds, pay attention to maintenance, there will be no drilled phenomenon.
Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, is the original stone of diamonds. Simply put, diamonds in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals. Is a symbol of love and loyalty. At present, most of the international diamond ring are used 18K diamond, the bigger the diamond should be used 18k gold to mosaic, so choose diamond ring, we must choose 18K gold diamond, and said to do diamond mosaic, nothing better than 18K gold , Because 18K gold hardness is high, so mosaic of the ring is not easy to deform the flower, inlaid diamonds are solid, then, 18k gold on the diamond what price?

18k gold on the diamond what price

18k gold on the diamond what price? 18K gold on the diamond price in addition to the ring, there is a diamond, compared to the relative fixed price, diamond price access is relatively large, the general salary of the selection of the diamond ring is mostly 30 points -50 size, Cost from thousands to tens of thousands, and a carat diamond will be tens of thousands to tens of thousands, mainly diamonds is in accordance with its 4C level to price, the greater the impact of the greater the 4C diamond, the value of the general high. When we pick 18K gold diamonds, we must refer to their own economic capacity to decide how much to buy, how the quality of the diamond.

18k gold on the diamond what price? Want to know how much money on the 18K gold diamond, can not just look at the level of diamond standards, but also need to consider the day 18K gold price and style, the price of the relative relative to the relatively fixed, and the arrangement is also more abundant Variety, the style of the complexity of the mosaic of the degree of difficulty is not the same, the price will be different Difficult process Diamond ring is relatively more expensive.

18k gold on the diamond what price

18k gold on the diamond what price? 18K gold diamond is actually inlaid with diamonds in 18K gold, for inlaid diamonds, 18K gold rarely use the hardness of small 24K gold, and the use of 18K gold as a common ring, the other had to mention is due to the addition The other metal, you can Cartier love ring replica make the ring has a different color and color, more bright and moving. Different brands of 18K gold diamond prices are different, and now there are many brands of rings, a little brand of 18K gold diamond ring is more expensive.

Diamond as a gem, must have beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, better than other gem varieties, since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as human power, dignity, status and wealth symbol.

Big style Fashion bridal jewelry

Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
In this year’s fashion runway is one of the most eye-catching scenery exaggeration and fantastically designed first act the role ofing is tasted, the designers must have abandoned the value of expensive diamond, and coral, turquoise, agate and other natural colored stones, with different material collocation gives in this year’s fashion runway the most eye-catching scenery.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Ancient peoples accessories
National wind so popular due to its connotation of freedom, and bother to keep improving on the detail. Extreme exaggeration of bright color and Bohemian has in the past, with reservation of of primitive simplicity design is a hot spot in this year’s national wind. On the Fake Cartier love bracelet choice of color, turquoise, blue, amber red follow fashion popular way of saving money. Inherited a long pull-type on modelling, mostly using timber shop-houses and matte color beads or combination of shells, in a more stable design style will be national GuPiaoGan gets shown incisively and vividly.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Stones jewelry restoring ancient ways
Always go exquisite luxurious luxury brands continue this year with the design of heavy and complicated and pure color gem ornament style, pattern taken from nature, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, the sea, water and other nature of things. Slightly exaggerated modelling, color gem is the most suitable for but, no matter with diamond, or pearl, gold, silver mix build, can create different effects. One is especially, Cartier LOVE series, the latest in a variety of high-quality colored gemstones bracelet and ring is arranged on the wrist or rainbow, fresh fruit is tonal it is hard to resist, permeated with green breath, relaxed and happy to compose beautiful melody melody, always preach the sweetness of LOVE.
Big style Fashion bridal jewelry
Colorful wide version of the bracelet
Jewelry for women, as a part of life, indispensable. Especially in active warm summer, no matter in the sleeve, 7 minutes of sleeve, or long sleeves, ragged frivolous, hao wrist as snow, it’s a good time for big show the wrist. A colorful bracelet will look every day brings a infinite lease of Cartier love ring replica life. Different colour bracelet and double loop, multiple color change, make the dress colour is more prominent.
Fashion opal element marriage act the role ofing is personality brides indispensable sheet is tasted, luxurious opal element of marriage act the role ofing will foil the bride the more feminine, each kind of opal element marriage act the role ofing unique just like wearing her bride, bride opal element marriage act the role of exotic flavor.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
The bride bracelet, with lively opal element has a unique design, will be the image of animals into the design of jewelry, will the whole bride bracelet has a strong exotic, red color of large area use and gold bracelet photograph collocation, make bracelet bride wrist a special scenery.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
Golden opal element bride bracelet, the widespread use of golden bracelet elements, deserve to go up of small particles, the diamonds to the whole bracelet the sense that gives a person is very costly, very high. The flowers design of link is also very good foil the fashion sense of this Cartier love ring replica bracelet.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
The bride necklace is the style that restore ancient ways, but it is the golden chain was simple but very have design feeling, emerald, round particle diamond pendant to the bride’s costly feeling perfect show, the necklace, the sense that gives a person is outstanding design and unique sense of luxury.
Opal elements shining bride wedding decoration
Orange red fire opal necklace to the bride’s collar also smell of charming, opal elements are widely used in the bride’s this necklace, colorful color diamonds and gold link photograph collocation, let the bride has a luxurious temperament, slowly in the collar.

The sham as the genuine crystal products market

The sham as the genuine crystal products market Experts remind sellers stunt carefully
Spend 10000 yuan to buy the crystal and necklace, was a pile of replicas made of glass and the synthesis of cubic zirconium oxide; Price crystal ornaments finally thousands of tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of yuan to clinch a deal… For many years engaged in professional research state of gold and silver products testing center such as peng xu recently expressed his “look not to understand”.
Crystal frequency discount is “fire”
“Now to merchants on crystal quality, the price is nonsense; on the one hand, crystal true and false let consumers is difficult to distinguish. Some non-standard jewelry counter, put a lot of tiny crystal beads into a necklace, bracelet and so on in special offer to sell, or in the beautiful replica Cartier love bracelet box, and the price is selling binding.” Crystal wholesale industry sources said, in fact, these called crystal products, many are made from small commodities wholesale glass and synthesis of cubic zirconium oxide etc.
In some style of craft gift shop, we can find many crystal bracelet price frequently thousands of yuan. Got a price of 1888 yuan of crystal bracelets, specials, the clerk said the store doing all crystal products in accordance with the price thirty percent sales. If the customer still not tempted, assistant will once again encourage said: “this bracelet is very bright, don’t give the fraction,? Now sell is” fire “.”
Comment on: xu as experts say, the real crystal products, price will never like this “jump”. Natural and synthetic crystal crystal is large in value. With big crystal ware compared with big glass products, the cost is about 10:1 between them.
Crystal was $one thousand, “peeling”
Recently, miss tang consumers spent 1080 yuan on a small commodity market to buy a crystal bracelet, the second day to attend a colleague wedding, accidentally touched the table, took off at night found bracelet “peeling”, revealing the kernel of glass quality.
After getting the result of testing department appraisal is: the crystal bracelet is imitated crystal products. She immediately to find businesses want to return, the businessman is to “sales did not say when the bracelet is a natural crystal” for its protector. Yesterday miss tang said to us, because Cartier love bracelet replica the shopping invoice didn’t find, now only from recognize unlucky.
Review: the sham as the genuine crystal products market, currently illegal businessmen true commonly used gimmick, fool and cheat customers don’t bargain. Xu, such as peng warns customer, one thousand yuan of above of choose and buy crystal products, preferably with the appraisal certificate issued by authoritative test department; Consumers should be more than RMB one thousand yuan to the businessman ask for the invoice with the products material.
Identify true and false crystals have tips
Impurities to the naked eye look there must be some impurities in the crystal. If too pure or there are air bubbles, will doubt is glass or synthetic cubic zirconium oxide.
With the hand ok the same volume of generic, such as glass, crystal, is much more than natural crystal light weight. In addition, the crystal necklace really contact with the skin, give a person with cool feeling, cool feeling lighter.
See the colour and lustre in the dark place, the colour and lustre of natural crystal, compared the colour and lustre of fakes will be darker. Put a real crystal necklace in the sun, and can send out the colorful luster, no matter from which point of view, all is such, is not false.
Mei-yu, because all previous dynasties come Kings and princes, etched on the noble splendor and supreme authority, at the same time, the preference of literati, the jade, and make the mei-yu much a few minutes pure and free and easy, PianPianRan outside of the secular spirit, an infinite recourse.
Xinjiang hotan suet white jade, jade, jasper, black jade, topaz, honey, serpentine jade jade, jade, jade-like stone Shi Yu, syringa JiLinChang white jade, jade, agate, jade, liaoning Tibet kernel cloth ivory white jade, jade, white onxy, amber stones, qinghai chaidamu dark green jade, jade, aquamarine, qilian Fake Cartier love bracelet mountain jade, jade yuanyang in gansu, sichuan turtle grain jade, jade Xia Zhuyu, blue stripes, peach jade, jade nephrite and stream, yunnan soft crystal grapes, dongling, jade, jade, turquoise, malachite, henan dushan jade, jade plum, dark green jade and XiXia jade, jade jade, agate, mount tai in shandong shaanxi green shade, the peach blossom jade, clove purple jade, jade, jade, kai shangluo jade… All sorts of mei-yu scattered over the vast land in our country, although the hide in the mountain valley of desolation, but sends out a mysterious power, to bury wait finally set foot on the land, people’s footprints for it.
Many of them, because is rich in jade and jade distribution center is famous, also because of beautiful not party jade, a quiet, unsophisticated land originally, also follow enchanting, much like a magic, attracting people to come here.
Let us set off on a search for jewels of strange journey, begin a associated with jade predestination.
Hetian jade, hetian pale
Xinjiang hetian jade is China’s most famous jade, dushan jade it and henan, liaoning xiuyan jade and the turquoise of hubei, and called China’s four big jade.
Data shows, fine jade, produced by xinjiang in southern xinjiang kunlun mountains area, east west to tashikuergan JuMo, a total of jade mines in more than 20, jade belt (1200 km). Xinjiang jade distribution center have yarkand, tashikuergan, hotan, suide and qiemo; Central manas and northern xinjiang tianshan area the altun, etc. Coincidentally, these places are rich in tourism resources, xinjiang unique desolate and magnificent scenery, is show incisively Cartier love ring replica and vividly. , at the same time, such as hotan region also has a long civilization, as the ancient silk road town, east and west cultural fusion here, formed a unique cultural phenomenon, raising the financial trade flourished.
To see how long and the history of the estate jade, see how it’s name, and is located in the southernmost tip of xinjiang, called khotan, Tibetan language means “jade”, since ancient times is the famous “hometown of jade”. Through the history of hetian jade, you will realize the recorded in ancient literature and folkloric one word – “valuable to do”, the meaning of what. According to historical records, the ancient hetian jade, produced by doing more offerings to the mainland, WenRunMing clean grease jade, glittering and translucent black mo, such as color of jadeite jade, is the carved jade precious material. Now in the Palace Museum, you can still find their traces.
At the same time, the silk road crossroads, ancient prosperous commercial trade brought hetian flourishing in other industries. There is “the hometown of silk”, of “carpet”, and “melon and fruit of the township” reputation. Hetian planting mulberry sericulture, silk reeling, weaving silk has a long history, is now in silk still enjoys a high reputation, modernization upgrade production of fine silk goods are exported to overseas. Hetian is well-known for apricot, grape, peach, pomegranate, figs, such as a wide variety of fruits, thin-skinned walnut is the high-quality goods. Ever been to a lot of hotan friends lauds the melon and fruit of hetian, the other many around the hotan jade market, arts and crafts market is also a trip to hotan absolutely not miss it.
As the famous “hometown of jade”, the tourism industry and the marriage of jade culture, has Cartier love ring replica become the inevitable trend. Xinjiang hetian jade is one of the leading producer of qiemo county has launched a theme of “explore the hotan jade culture tour of adventure travel, visitors will be able to experience from home and abroad to collect jade in the process.
According to head of the local tourism, travel destination in qiemo county, 150 kilometers of Tate, Su Yu mine, here for its big tonnage jade is famous at home and abroad, at the same time arrived here because of the difficulty is relatively small, more suitable for tourists travel. In addition, on the line, visitors can get a good view of the beautiful scenery to the kunlun mountains, visit the royal ancient jade ore has more than 7000 years history, but also in the Tate, Su He collecting hetian jade material, experience a mining YuGong suffering and joy.
Jade: stunning ruili
As we all know, myanmar is the only produce high quality jadeite jade country in the world, the ore deposit is located in the northern myanmar oolong river qin river tributaries, the main producing area has the risk, the main risk, risk and south nai pan. Because there is near our country yunnan border, tengchong in yunnan province, Dali became prosperous, jadeite jade collection and distribution center, today, has been replaced by ruili, become one of China’s four big jewelry collection and distribution center.
At present, ruili, a total of more than 2000 jewelry companies, shops, employees nearly ten thousand people, has become China’s jade wool’s largest distribution center. Ruili in the jadeite market is China’s jade market the most prosperous, the most representative of the market, high Cartier love ring replica school low-grade jade. Ruili customs a recent statistics show that at present, China’s annual consumption of about 6000 tons, emerald wool is two-thirds through ruili port imported.
In the industry, has “the jade, jade from ruili in yunnan province”, visible ruili in the jadeite market position, this with its advantageous geographical location are inseparable. Ruili is a famous frontier ports open city. The northwest, southwest and southeast on three sides and bordering myanmar, 169.8 km long borderline and WanDing, ruili two countries a port, is one of the largest port of border trade and border tourism in yunnan province, is China’s important gateway to southeast Asia, South Asia. And ruili is the government only allows jade land ports for export, throughout the country and even the United States, southeast Asia countries emerald ruili comes with the personage inside course of study also.
Ruili, according to local tourism department staff ruili with myanmar, are linked by mountains and rivers and, village together, forming the world’s rare “a bazi, two countries, three states (China’s yunnan province, myanmar zen state, kachin state) exchange center, five cities (China ruili, Muse WanDing and myanmar, nam can, nine valley)” and “a village between the two countries, a hospital, a well between the two countries, the two countries a street between the two countries, a bridge between the two countries’ unique landscape.
For travelers, is an unusually rich tourism resources in yunnan Cartier nail bracelet replica province, lijiang, Dali, xishuangbanna… Each place, and because of its unique beauty make people linger. Ruili, it because of well-known Chinese and foreign jade trade and made a party, but when you really set foot on the land, you will find that this is a clean and peaceful city.
Kai yu: real contribution
Kai is one of the xi ‘an suburban county, 22 kilometers from xi ‘an city, located in the north qinling, southeast of the guanzhong plain. Kai as the familiar way, there are two aspects of the most common, is a well-known Chinese and foreign “contribution”; Another, is one of the development and utilization of jade of the first in our country, so far has 4000 years history of kai yu. Kai for jewels and reputation, li shangyin “kai RiNuan jade smoke” in the sentence, make contribution to the hiding place of of primitive simplicity on the outskirts of xi ‘an, since ancient times more than the beautiful legend and unique elegance.
Kai jade colorful, commonly known as the “jade”, and its color has something to do in the majority with green, means the color of jade like cabbage leaves. In addition, due to the contribution to the jade containing silicon oxide, aluminum, magnesium, sodium, calcium, copper and other elements, so also will appear all sorts of beautiful color. Unearthed cultural relics, according to data show that in new Stone Age, the ancestors of kai yu already USES development, have polished jade, YuGe, etc. After the tang dynasty, kai development to reach peak, jade jade is one of the main tribute to court GongFeng kai, carved jade: jade jade ritual vessels, life and so on several major categories. Today, kai and jade handicraft has become one of the pillar of shaanxi local products.
Kai close to xi ‘an, in fact, it is also a profound rich local natural resources and human Cartier nail bracelet replica resources, especially before because few people pay attention to and the development, can actually make contribution to retain a copy of a rare quiet, as amazing as xanadu. Contribution to the site is located in the southeast of xi ‘an lantian county, about 50 kilometers away from downtown xi ‘an. Ape-man skull fossils found here in 1964, about 1 million years of history, ancient than Beijing zhoukoudian ape man, might as well a visit interested in archaeology.
Shuilu temple is located in lantian county 10 kilometers east of Roy at the foot of the mountain, famous for the six dynasties, is famous for its preserved ancient exquisite rare painted sculpture, is known as “China’s dunhuang” the second. Shuilu temple hall of colored clay sculpture is most striking, from the tang dynasty famous sculptor Yang Huizhi personally. The north and the south wall of clay sculpture in the most wonderful, and it takes the form of comics, deduce the life story of the Buddha sakyamuni, is very vivid. Stone soup valley is located in the far south mountain ridge east end, is a famous spa resort. Was built in the 1950 s soup valley spa base, hot spring water temperature as high as 61 degrees Celsius, containing sulfate, iron, molybdenum, iodine and other trace elements, can treat many diseases, spa 91.6% efficient. In addition to ge town, CAI wenji memorial hall, the mei-yu street, etc.
Nanyang dushan jade: ancient leisurely
Because of dushan jade comes from about 8 kilometers northeast of henan province nanyang wolong district garden township alone the mountain named after seven, also called “nanyang jade”. Dushan jade mining has a long history, “Yin ruins unearthed jade”, there are a number of dushan Cartier nail bracelet replica jade products. According to the nanyang county huangshan unearthed cultural relics “nanyang jade jade shovel” research, should belong to the neolithic age, about 6000 years ago. According to hanshu records that the sand hills of dushan feet shop village, han dynasty called “jade temple street”, is the place where the production and sales of jade, it has a history of more than two thousand years.
Nanyang is a famous historical and cultural city, during the warring states period, is the national famous iron smelting center, as one of the six metropolitan, when the western han dynasty “map” business all over the world, rich crown, as the eastern han dynasty GuangWuDi Liu Xiu’s place. Nanyang celebrity, “ShangSheng” fan li, “division st.” zhang heng, “the medical sage” zhang zhongjing, an outstanding statesman, strategist zhuge liang with nanyang.
Nanyang 4.5 million years “south called ape man” and the new Stone Age site, a China only the most intact ancient county government – NaXiang museum of county government, and numerous scenic spots and historical sites, including the wuhou temple, ancestral medical sage, nanyang city ruins, ShanShan hall, fu sheng temple, Confucian temple hall. The temple of marquis and medical sage temple was built in memory of zhuge liang and zhang zhongjing. Nanyang HanHuaGuan is currently the largest in China, building the earliest, largest reserve of a han dynasty portrait stone carving art galleries. There are masters of science in memory of generation, the world cultural celebrities built by zhang zhang heng museum.

the audience confirms her passion for fashion

Just Cavalli there is famous for its “haggard”, the designer Roberto Cavalli is the 2016 autumn and winter haute couture series into a variety of animal skins wild joy of kind of the party. Black and white plover case, zebra, leopard, wild crocodile grain and gold sequins rank the scale effect, looks better than the traditional printing more fashionable avant-courier, wild animal design. It is the most ingenious and designers will be a variety of animal skin veins mixed Cartier nail bracelet replica together, forming a unique op visual effect, in the infinite change and gorgeous with a little humor. Roberto Cavalli a pattern has a special liking to animals, this time he is not only playing on clothing design patterns mix build, the animal is extended to show the arrangement, he used a leopard grain design packages around the perimeter of the whole of the U T stage, will run to an extreme.
Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis two designers for Suno 2016 autumn and winter series booked two goals: one is to arouse the child-like joy, another is to improve the durability of clothing. For designers the two went for the printing design, through a small animal motifs express tong qu side is their choice. On a dress, look carefully you will find that hidden under the branches of black and white alternate with many small animals. In another skirt, stylist seems to depict the forest Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica conference scene, elephants, monkeys, lions, kangaroos, and many other small animals all came. In addition, the designer will also rabbits and birds deformation pattern, and also create the visual effect of full of tong qu.
Designer Christopher Bailey will his Burberry 2016 autumn and winter haute couture fashion show named the title of “town and fields”, so you can see the designer put some rural common small animals, such as the sparrow, the owl and the patterns of the puppy with plain embroidered on the shirt, or print or seam on the oversized stripe T-shirt, so as to express the concept of “field” in addition, careful observation will also find that, in addition to the flat pattern, these small animals to 3 d image also appear in the Burberry belts, leather bags and umbrellas over these accessories, cleverly echoed with the animals on the clothing design. And these details, is reflected stylist Bailey, the illusion imitation cartier love bracelet of limitless reserve capacity.
Metallic simple sense, neon color and animal printing is Blumarine2016 autumn winter series of keywords, designer Anna Molinari make this season all the clothes are sending out the temperament of “positive flash”. At the same time, and always runs through Blumarine brand of style, is the animal print from head to foot. Designers and even never hesitates to use leopard grain design on all the six parts of the same set of modelling on the item. Embossed python grain texture with pink, blue and yellow light metallic fabrics, but also future feeling extremely. And some modelling of the season, such as vest, silver cap and turquoise bitter Cartier love bracelet replica fleabane bitter fleabane with sequins spell “jolie” and “wow” word pants dress still keep the designer’s consistent style, and further to the audience confirms her passion for fashion.
Paul & Joe autumn/winter 2016 shows, on the catwalk around every inch on the wall was covered with photos, pictures of golden leaves smell of autumn, let a person think of beautiful pastoral scenery. Designer Albou said the color is inspired by French boulogne park jungle. So on the processing of animal patterns, stylist adopted softer expression. Ochre tone of leopard grain more wild, a few minutes less elegant. Hidden in the flower warm and quiet little tiger in the grass. The birds in the Fake Cartier love bracelet trees seem to be stream water, fresh and pleasant scene. Sophie Albou design this season, in the elegant breeds infinite strength, more catered to the current popular trend, meet the aesthetic needs of the young girls.

Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic

Air conditioning room for thin suit
Summer often allow white-collars afflicting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and except knit silk suit is a good choice for the sedentary air-conditioned buildings. At the same time of bring you capable temperament, silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable.
Suit has always been a can do it “Cartier love bracelet replica” joker sheet is tasted, formfitting clipping and delicate fabrics, can improve your vitality in a flash, seem capable. And the thin silk fabrics suit is even in the summer, also still can play its role, bring you hard working temperament at the same time, the silk is no compare other fabric breathable and comfortable. Especially the silk luster, can improve the quality of the integral collocation and stylish.
Cashew flower pattern silk with existing suit very exotic, soft texture than woolen cloth or fabric suit for a grave and more than a points less. Splicing pattern the shawl collar and lining together, wind to show the lining design, can let people surprise you for more details on the pursuit of. Is the most suitable for collocation and spring and summer of pajamas pants, this type of pyjamas pants fabric smooth and comfortable, and hang down feeling is very strong, can effectively modified legs.
Silk and suiting the stitching is very special, simple and easy, the navy blue silk and flower skirt collocation. Red fish mouth high-heeled shoes militantly proclaim, match with classical replica Cartier love bracelet golden ring, although deserve to act the role of concise, has improved the quality of the whole body shape that’s just right. And crisp suiting is also very suitable for formal business party.
Olympic Games, when the world look to London, the roads, canals wear of the empire’s capital city, we see, in addition to the Olympic Games, and pioneer of fashion culture, the city as London fashion leader, female Alexa Chung is a high-profile fashion favorite, her dress has always been the inspiration behind numerous fashion followers, this we have chosen her 3 sets of different modelling, analytical one by one to you.
Alexa Cartier nail bracelet replica festival, modelling, look be like simple, but there are a lot of processing on detail we can draw lessons from. Such as the stripes shirt and shoes collocation of Rome.
Golden long dress very good family’s temperament, and ankle length is very suitable for shoe collocation, and point to spin crus lines, rivet hand bag is the sweet feeling, balance the skirt played a sweet and not greasy.
Tight dress is a match, at the time of don’t know how to match, a tight printed dresses can you all wear take a moment to solve the problem, only in small deserve to act the role of the fixed point on the state of mind, is a set of suitable for different occasions fashion dress up.