Watch Cartier good or Longines good?

Watch Cartier good or Longines good?
Card Cartier good or Longines good? Cartier and Longines are Swiss-made brand-name watches, in the market are occupying a large part. Then the two watches which is good? Let the watch home to answer your next!
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Cartier nail bracelet replica Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies. In 1904, he designed the world’s first wrist watch, the Cartier Santos, for the pilots Alto Tudson.
Longines (LONGINES) was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 183 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the field of sports also has a prominent tradition and excellent experience. To fly the wing as the symbol of the Longines known as elegant elegance, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.
Watch Cartier good or Longines good? From the watch grade, Cartier belongs to the top, and Longines are three types of tables. So the Cartier watch is better no doubt!
What is the grade of Casio watches?
Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. So what is the grade of Casio watches?
Casio watch is what grade
Casio will be high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, the appropriate use in the wrist on the meter, and constantly improve the level of development on the wrist time – Casio has always been advocated by the “wrist technology” spirit in China also Was able to follow and spread. Belonging to the mid-range watch brand.
What about Casio watches?
Casio watches with innovative development concept, continue to seek innovation in technology, will be more innovative ideas used in the watch. Developed the GPS + global 6 Bureau of radio reception, solar drive, strong movement and multi-motor drive to master the development of Replica Cartier jewelry advanced technology, to bring consumers with practical value of the six series of watch brands, including G-SHOCK , BABY-G, PROTREK, EDIFICE, SHEEN, OCEANUS.
How long can Casio quartz battery be used?
Casio quartz watch can be used for how long? Casio quartz watch is a modern young people like a watch, it is not only beautiful fashion, and the price of the people. The following watch home to introduce you to the Casio quartz watch battery can be used for how long it!
Casio watches battery life is generally only 2-3 years of life, when the watch battery power, you need to update the battery. The following is the Casio watch to replace the battery method: the application of bamboo or plastic tweezers to take the battery, take the battery remember to bring gloves to prevent the hands with static electricity, eliminating the short circuit caused by the battery. The battery should be put. Hand dish was put, remove the watch battery to remember the battery to put positive, negative straight position. Wipe the battery clean. Before installing a new battery, check the presence of the positive and negative contacts with the battery. If there is dirt, can be wiped with alcohol or gasoline.
When loading the battery, pay attention to the direction, install the battery, should pay attention to the battery positive and negative direction, do not put the positive and negative anti. Regardless of how long the Casio quartz battery can be used, when loading the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative direction of the battery, if the positive and negative charge, will damage the watch.
Oriental Shuang Lion is a famous Japanese watch brand, but hesitate to watch too much movement model, bad identification. The following watch home for everyone to introduce the double lion watch product movement number it!
1. Find the number by 10 numbers
Confirm the 10-digit model number provided on your watch warranty. You can also find numbers on the product label. The second and the third head of the number represents the movement of the watch number.
For example: If the model number is “DJ02002B”, the movement number is “DJ”.
2. Look through the case code
Watch the case cover engraved with the case code. The first two digits represent the movement number.
Because of the different characteristics of different watches, so the case code position uncertain, willing to text may also be smaller and difficult to view.

Cartier blue balloon watch how? Cartier blue balloon watch okay?

Cartier blue balloon watch how? Cartier blue balloon watch okay?
From the jewelry started the French luxury brand Cartier for royal celebrities to provide jewelry, in the industry known as the “emperor jewelry, jewelry in the emperor”, and then it involved in the watch plate, the same noble appearance. 2008 Geneva senior watch salon for the first time to push the new “blue balloon” series of watches.
Elegant and elegant, full of beautiful, unique design, solid craftsmanship in the perfect combination of the series, that is, continuation of the Cartier own brand of traditional DNA information, such as the ancient Roman numerals, chrysanthemum pattern dial, blue steel sword-shaped pointer , At the same time there is a new development, the most special than three points of the handle design.
It was said that the series was inspired by the first human Cartier nail bracelet replica aircraft, the Monte Carlo Blue Hot Air Balloon, where a pair of brothers engaged in the paper industry in Lyon, France, invented the “Monte Geoffer hot air balloon” named after them. This name contains the French culture at the same time as innovation, which is the essence of the Cartier blue balloon series.
The end of the handle inlaid with a large convex round blue gems, reminiscent of that to create a history of blue balloons; and its outer edge of the precious metal protection ring, as is the protection of the mysterious sapphire satellite metal harbor. The layout of the disk with the shape of the handle or the calendar window to avoid the corresponding avoidance, in the design to avoid the sense of congestion; streamlined three-dimensional case, front and back are rounded arc, wearing a floating wrist when the outer space Aircraft.
After several years of accumulation of blue balloon series has become an important member of the Cartier classic watch family, after the increase and strengthen the series, for example, increased the high-end Tourbillon movement configuration, in the high school low and men and women with the change also Get richer and more powerful.
How is the Cartier blue balloon?
User reviews
Comments: (blue balloon series W6900356 men’s automatic mechanical watch) watch is also good, although the needle button type, but wearing a very comfortable, little time error, more like the crown design, good!
Comments two: (blue balloon series W6920046 automatic mechanical neutral table) to buy when quite distressed to get the hand that does not matter, and really a penny and goods. Gold is particularly expensive to bring out the face. like.
Comments three: (blue balloon series W6920063 men’s mechanical watch () very strong sense of design. Iconic convex sapphire crown is very rounded, most like its dial layout, eclectic. Worthy of collection.
Comments four: (blue balloon series HPI00331 automatic mechanical watch) This is really very amazing, the United States to the extreme. Tabulation process is superb, every place can reflect the value of this watch. So luxurious watches, I would like to attend a more meaningful party to wear, usually to collect well.
Comments five: (blue balloon series W6920034 quartz female table) the whole table polished very smooth, delicate. The most unique is its lugs, sapphire, is fancy to buy this point.
Price range
Cartier blue balloon series price from 30,000 to more than 40 million range, the cheapest Cartier watch is undoubtedly Cartier blue balloon series W69010Z4 watch, this ladies stainless steel watch the domestic price of ¥ 34,300, the cheapest Cartier men watch is Cartier blue balloon series W69011Z4 watch, this men’s steel watch in the country offer: ¥ 40,600.
Cartier Quartz Watch the battery how much money?
Talking about Cartier watches, many people will praise its unique design style. Of course, the price of Cartier watches are also very expensive, compared to high-end mechanical watches, Cartier quartz watch will be cheaper. Relative to the use of more people, then the Cartier quartz watch for how much money? The following watch home to come for you to answer it!
General Cartier watch battery life in a year to ten years, more than ten years can be Replica Cartier jewelry achieved. Of course, this refers to the life of the Cartier quartz watch. In general, Cartier watches will be in 1-10 days before the “notice”, said that although the Cartier battery is dead, the watch will continue to go, but this alert reminds us to replace the battery as soon as possible.
In addition, the general pointer Cartier watch second hand once jump two cells, which means that the battery power quickly depleted. Digital display electronic form will be used to flash the way to show that the battery is running out.
Watch batteries are generally divided into two kinds: one produced in Switzerland, the other is Japan. And replace the Cartier watch battery price of about 300 yuan or more, of course, the specific price but also according to the movement model and battery model to know.
As for where you can change the Cartier watch battery, currently in China there are only two places where the Cadillac watch authorized to replace the battery. One is Shanghai and the other is Beijing.
Casio PRW-6000YT mountain climbing watch introduction
Casio PRO TRE climbing table in the 2014 Basel show on the heavy launch of the new PRW-6000YT reflects the combination of precision and sophistication, it is the first only the third generation of triple sensor mounted on the pointer digital double significant watch The Compared with the second generation of triple sensor, the third generation of the minimum measurement of the minimum precision unit from 5 meters to 1 meter, the shortest observation period from 5 seconds to 1 second, the height error, the air pressure error from 2% to 0.3% , The direction of measurement for a continuous time from only 20 seconds to up to 60 seconds, a variety of measurement accuracy fundamentally produced a qualitative change.
Casio PRW-6000YT mountain climbing watch introduction
Not only that, PRO TRE climbing table PRW-6000YT volume weight is also significantly reduced. It uses the reduced sensor and miniaturized motor, making the number of motors implanted in the movement from 2 to 4, to achieve the four motor independent control of four indicators. The table built a large capacity solar cells, the global 6 Bureau of radio timing, triple sensor, multi-motor independent drive, and the pointer LCD dual display, super LCD backlight and other functions, the overall table thickness is only 12.8mm, its precision can be seen A spot.
From the appearance point of view, the table uses the most high-end titanium alloy material to ensure light, anti-allergic and tough. The overall watch to black-based color, white pointer scale and titanium color dotted the meantime, three-dimensional large dial design is ideal for outdoor wear men wear.
Dial display consists of function indicator, time pointer and liquid crystal display three blocks. Relative to the pure pointer or pure digital display, pointer, LCD double display can make the data read more at a glance, and built-in tough movement to support the pointer auto-correction function, even if the pointer is violent impact deviation can be corrected. In order to ensure that in any case to see the watch reading, the time scale coated with light storage paint, in the dark can not open the case of the backlight can clearly read. Backlight with a super LED light as a backlight, both automatic backlight function, in the dark just turn the wrist, the backlight will automatically open. It is worth mentioning that the watch has a “pointer dodge” unique design to ensure that the LCD display to provide accurate data, not to be blocked by the pointer to improve the convenience of data read. Look at the side of the table, large buttons on the pattern of design to increase the friction, and enhance the table resistance. Strap is made of titanium alloy, compared with the resin with a table, strong and easy to wear and sweat erosion. Double the design of the buckle can ensure that the maximum wear is not easy to touch the buckle leaving the watch off, the design is quite humane.
PRW-6000YT has Casio PROTREK flagship unique function – triple sensor. Triple sensor mainly refers to the height, pressure / temperature, azimuth measurement. A high degree of measurement, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to know where they are located where the mountain location, according to personal physical conditions to adjust the height of alpine climbing; pressure size and changes in the observation can easily cope with the weather mutation, timely down or set up travel plans ; According to the level of temperature can be added clothing to prevent colds; wild terrain complex, easy to lose the direction of the existence of positioning function to avoid outdoor enthusiasts get lost, therefore, triple sensor is particularly important in the wild. The use of simple and convenient way: the side of the MODE key can be free to convert a variety of modes, such as time mode, sun / sunset mode, world time mode, stopwatch mode, countdown timer mode and alarm mode. PRO TRE climbing table PRW-6000YT followed the front paragraph of the simple operation, a button corresponds to a model. Just hold down the COMP key, the surface will show the direction of the angle, the second hand is the direction of the north direction.
Similarly, press the ALTI key to measure the height, the height of the measurement is automatically converted by the pressure changes. If you need to replace the time display mode and then press the MODE button on it. Press the MODE key until the function indicator pointer to BARO, the liquid crystal display will appear on the left side of the barometric pressure curve, barometric chart to help predict weather changes at any time, if the pressure line was a clear downward trend, then the weather is deteriorating, The upward trend indicates that the weather is getting better and the right shows the barometric pressure. And then press the MODE key, the function indicator pointer to the adjacent TEMP, the LCD will show the temperature of the value. Triple sensor can help you easily walk in the mountains and mountains, Fun outdoors.

Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand

Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand
Fossil what brand, what is the Chinese name?
Many friends in the mall or magazine to see the Fossil brand, but do not know what the Chinese name Fossil is what brand. Today let the watch home to tell you to!
Fossil what brand, what is the Chinese name?
Fossil is a global fashion brand from the United States, focusing on fashion accessories, the Chinese translation of “fossil”! Fossil was founded in 1984, is the first to watch the value and style of the perfect combination of the US brand, the 2014 brand The Cartier love bracelet replica 30th anniversary. Watch is no longer just a timing tool, but also become a manifestation of the individual style of the wrist between the necessities. Since then, Fossil has leaped into one of America’s most popular brands. Product lines include fashion watches, bags, jewelry and clothing. Head office Fossil Inc. (FOSL: NASDAQ) is one of the world’s largest fashion watch manufacturers.
Fossil is passionate about product design and is as passionate as a customer. Fossil’s design approach follows three principles, which are the core of all the long-standing things: eternal style, true inspiration and natural creativity, based on the perception of retro style.
Fossil fossils in the United States is a long history of well-known brands, locked young people, combined with the quality and popular fun to create consumer favorite goods, and at a reasonable price and value to the consumer
Miyota is called “Miyota Precision Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd.). Changed its name to Miyota Co., Ltd. in 1991 In 2005, through the equipment exchange, become a subsidiary of Citizen table table, to now the name.
Miyota watch movement introduced
Miyota (English: Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd.) is the Japanese star table under the blank movement manufacturers, one of the world’s largest blank watch factory. Was established in 1959, the real name of “Royal Day Precision Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd). 1991 changed its name to “Miyota Co., Ltd.” (Miyota Co., Ltd.). In 2005, through the equipment exchange, as a subsidiary of the stars table, to now the name, at the same time, it is also in the Japanese stock automatic quotation market in addition to the name.
OMEGA Omega new Seamaster Planet Ocean series watch introduction
OMEGA Omega in the 2011 Basel watch show in Switzerland, launched a new series of Seamaster Planet Ocean watch, but also the first 2005 Planet Ocean watch after the advent of the first full range of facelift. The Planet Ocean watch overall design, inspired by OMEGA in the late 1960s a Seamaster 300 diving table, this watch waterproof performance up to 300 meters, and has a thick case structure and a clear face plate Configuration. So Seamaster Planet Ocean series inherited the excellent performance of this watch, while the water depth to 600 meters, combined with manual row helium valve, become OMEGA diving watch backbone. In 2011, the new Seamaster Planet Ocean are equipped with homemade coaxial escapement movement, which watch the timing of the latest research and development of the Cal.9300 automatic chronograph movement, as the table show the most watched watches.
OMEGA Omega new Seamaster Planet Ocean series watch introduction
In the Planet Ocean series, the use of orange bezel style, has been the highest Cartier love ring replica recognition of the watch, the new section of the chronograph watch, also continued this design. And the table of the face plate configuration, but also because of the three o’clock position of the coaxial chronograph minute hand, clock structure, and nine o’clock position of the small seconds of the disc, the formation of two small dial design, the date window is also changed to six o’clock position. The integrated chronograph makes the chronograph read more intuitive and makes the design of the dial more concise and neat, which is the biggest feature of this new chronograph. In addition, the face plate on the rhodium-plated time scale, the production of texture than the previous generation is more delicate and three-dimensional, enhance the overall texture of the face plate.
The manual helium valve at the 10 o’clock position of the case is the standard for the Seamaster series of diving tables and is now one of the main features of the Seamaster range. As a result of professional diving table often in the state of high pressure, and helium molecules easily penetrate the case, in order to avoid the case of uneven pressure in the state, resulting in glass mirror rupture, so specially set this row of helium valve. At present, the use of orange bezel style, respectively, with stainless steel chain belt and rubber strap two styles, while the latter part of the overall weight of the chain with a lot of relief, for the wrist slim men, wear more comfortable. As the Planet Ocean series, are resistant to the strong pressure of the glass mirror, making the case becomes relatively thick; with a new watch series are harvesting clear cover design, making the overall thickness of the case more than 19mm, be a very weight of the movement Watches.
The new Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph, the biggest feature is the use of Cal.9300 chronograph movement, OMEGA is the latest development of self-made movement. The movement diameter of 32.5mm, the thickness is 7.6mm, with a double barrel structure and 54 ruby bearings, be relatively large size of the timing movement. From the appearance of view, Cal.9300 with Cal.8500, Cal.8520 (female) the same movement of the surface treatment, with a special Arabian Geneva ripple decorated the entire movement splint and automatic disk, in addition to the use of rare Red words, and black screws and balance wheel design, a new generation of OMEGA homemade movement of the standard specifications. This movement also uses a vertical clutch structure, with the column column with a new generation of chronograph movement used by the design. However, Cal.9300 used column column wheel, its shape and the previous shape is slightly different from the whole piece of stainless steel cut from the structure, more independent than the Cartier nail bracelet replica previous column sturdy.
Through the bottom cover, we can see the non-caliber hairspring balance wheel (by four screws fine-tuning speed), the new Nivachoc shock absorber with a special silicon material (Si14) gossamer, these three specifications, is the new Planet Ocean The standard on the watch; In addition, OMEGA proud of the coaxial escapement, is also an indispensable protagonist. But because of the movement of the escapement structure, closer to the balance wheel, it is not easy to see. The escape wheel with a new type of three-layer gear design, and the previous Cal.3313 used by the two gear design is different from the transmission efficiency is more excellent, while reducing friction; but Cal.9300 shock frequency of 28 per hour, 800 rpm, and Cal.8500 used by 25,200 per hour different. With the above specifications and design, the movement through the Swiss COSC Observatory certification, with accurate travel time stability and excellent resistance to temperature difference performance; the same time OMEGA also provides the new Planet Ocean watch for up to four years of global international warranty service, On behalf of the series of watches a high degree of confidence.
The new Planet Ocean series of watches, there is a small place to improve, that is the pointer with the scale of the fluorescent coating processing. Because of the professional diving table, in addition to have excellent waterproof performance, the high degree of recognition of the face plate and the pointer is also an indispensable design. The Planet Ocean series of watches, more for the watch in the deep sea diving, the required luminous instructions to improve the function. In the middle of the scale and face plate Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint, in the sun showing white, but in the dark environment, it will appear light blue light; As for the minute hand and bezel dot scale, it will show green light, For the professional diving required minutes of computing functions, it is very convenient and practical.