80 after the little money to create exquisite small wedding selection unforgettable wedding venue

80 after the little money to create exquisite small wedding selection unforgettable wedding venue

Compared to large-scale wedding, the focus of small-scale wedding layout is reflected in the fine, fine, so the best choice of the site is also more details. Small gardens, courtyards, villas, bars, yachts, etc. are very good choice, do not worry, regardless of indoor or outdoor as long as the layout properly, can be held as a small wedding venue.
It should be noted that if you choose a piece of outdoor green space, this site is relatively complete relatively complete, in the banquet activity area is relatively open, in order to facilitate the guests activities. Simply said, in this piece of land can not have too many trees, that would hinder the guests line of sight, shoot photos will not look good enough. Similarly, if it is held indoors, it is necessary to avoid too many pillars and twists and turns of the corridor.
Concocted a warm atmosphere
Because the venue is relatively small, you and the guests are close contact, so the audience will be able to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the program. So that everyone together toast to stay Zhang photo, everyone together to repeat your wedding vows, rhythmic Replica Cartier jewelry applause, and even chorus, are not too much space to move the initiative can not move the good game.
Accessories are more important
In general, in the small wedding, all printed products should have a more unified design, that is to do sets, otherwise it will make the scene even more chaotic. A cordial invitation may be more suitable for a small wedding banquet, it reveals the intimate relationship between you and the guests, you can write on your top of his nickname, as well as colloquial invitation; welcome card can choose you both Comic picture or some simple, generous design; sign the same best is small and exquisite, so as to more in line with the temperament of the wedding. And a large wedding there is a more obvious difference is that small wedding needs clear, simple signs signs, intuitively tell the guests where the toilet, where to receive the ceremony, etc., so to avoid unnecessary confusion.
Caution with color
1 If you are in the indoor banquet, due to the size of the restaurant and the height of the limit, the use of strong colors will cause a certain degree of visual pressure, the best and planners to discuss the use of large areas of relatively light color, table flowers, decorations And other accessories with bright colors.
2 If there is a banquet in an open outdoor green space, there are not so many restrictions, sometimes with bright colors but can bring vitality and tension, so that the banquet is more out of color.
Because the venue is relatively small, you and the guests are close contact, so the audience will be able to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the program. So that everyone together toast to stay Zhang photo, everyone together to repeat your wedding vows, rhythmic applause, and even chorus, are not too much space to move the initiative can not move the good game.
Small wedding dress
You think the small wedding guests are the closest people, you can show in front of them “real” side. But do not forget that this day is the wedding, is the most important ritual of life.
You need to wear a grand, to show you all the happiness and beauty. This is not only determined by the traditional factors, but also the importance of the guests and respect. Here to tell you some dress for small weddings, these valuable experiences will help you keep a lot of trouble while keeping beautiful.
1 If the wedding is in the clear summer, the wedding is held in the outdoors, then you should choose light breathable wedding dress, veil is the best simple, or simply save, so that people do not feel stifled and hot pressing, But also allows you to perform well at the wedding.
2 if held in the room, the space is not great, it is best to choose a little skirt wedding dress, otherwise it is easy to be a chair legs and feet. Of course, there are many aspects of the problem to be solved, including hand flowers, hats and so on with.
At the same time wedding dress can buy their own, many new people often think that wedding can only wear once, bought an uneconomical. But the current market rental price is generally 400 yuan to 800 yuan range. Reporters in some online mall to see, many sites have to sell wedding, the same price in the hundreds of dollars, not only clean, but also a special save value.
Honeymoon can also save money
Off-season marriage can save honeymoon travel money. Off-season travel will not only avoid the Golden Week crowded scenes, but also save at least 30% of the off-season air tickets, attractions ticket discount costs, if the early to determine travel time, early booking can enjoy more substantial discounts.
How to save money wedding
Cleverly wedding photographs, in fact, you can save a lot of money. Some enlarged photos, you can find their own late to find a professional color shop flushing, light this one, you can save three or four hundred dollars.
Banquet to save money
Many new people will think: a sub-price goods, expensive and certainly more weight and delicious. In fact, it is easy to think about how many times to participate in the wedding back do not need to make up a supper? The reason is simple: wedding banquet with the amount of food is mostly calculated in accordance with ten copies, but often appear in the wedding banquet People plus the situation, and most of the wedding does not belong to the staple food, how can let the guests eat it? Moreover, the hotel wedding banquet prices are often more than to entertain friends to eat the price of a lot more expensive.
Save money
1. If you think the hotel to provide the number of dishes is not enough, and the total price has been high, may wish to replace the menu of a more expensive dish into a more expensive two dishes, in order to ensure the overall grade of dishes, Demolition of a few dishes can also be able to basically not meet the increase in the requirements of the increase.
2. Many hotels will have free drinks to provide, and allow their own aquatic products www.ourlovestore.com only receive processing fees, in advance to ask, especially with their own raw materials, absolutely allow guests to eat and full of good.
3. After the traditional dishes on the table, may wish to arrange the waiter for the guests sub-meal, and some suitable for food system can also let the chef in the cooking when the sub-dishes, so as not to desktop dishes stacked, the guests enjoy Less than the first few dishes.
Dishes to save money
In recent years, there are more unwritten rules, each table to be with the appropriate number of seafood side of the wedding side of the grade, such as Australian lobster, scallops, abalone, etc., from the fancy, six to eight cold dishes, ten More than hot dishes, as well as soup soup, snacks, fruit is indispensable. Therefore, the new people in the menu when the first number of these basic conditions are met, followed by personal preferences with other dishes.
Save money
1. After confirming the menu, you can ask the hotel to re-adjust the name of the dishes according to the new dishes to ensure that each dish can make the guests enjoy the visual taste of the double enjoyment.
2. Please pay attention to the local custom dishes, to avoid taboo. For example, in some minority areas, need to consider whether it is suitable for pigs, sheep and other dishes.
3. Respect the habit of each guest, providing the most intimate dishes. Guests in the vegetarian, physical reasons to be special dishes of the guests, in advance to ask the taboo, arrange the hotel to provide special side dishes.

Detailed 50 points to marry diamond ring how much money

Detailed 50 points to marry diamond ring how much money
Love is sweet and romantic in the world. And love flowers bear the fruit is the marriage. A romantic marriage ceremony and ultimately to marry him, and a romantic ceremony to marry, and ultimately, the diamond ring. The size of the wedding ring is divided into a lot of species, 50 points diamond ring, small and exquisite, a carat diamond ring, generous simple, ten carat diamond ring Yongrong luxurious. Different diamond ring size highlights the different charm of the diamond ring. So today we look at 50 points marry diamond ring how much money?
50 points diamond ring, moderate people

For the work of the workers who have just work, 50 points diamond ring is the most Replica Cartier jewelry appropriate choice. 30 points diamond ring, the particles are too small, not only let your love has not been fully expressed, leaving the appreciation of the diamond ring is greatly reduced. A carat diamond ring dazzling beauty, but as a salaried family of you, and why not prohibitive. Let love expression, not a price, then 50 points diamond ring is your best choice. 50 points marriage proposal, the price of 5,000 yuan to 1 million range. According to the quality of the diamond ring, brand, 50 points diamond ring prices will fluctuate up and down. Do the best, in the eyes of love is the most precious. According to your salary situation to choose a suitable for your 50 points marriage proposal ring. Give her a perfect marriage proposal!
50 points diamond ring, style changeable

The size of the 50-point diamond ring, relative to the huge carat diamond ring, and a small 30-point diamond ring, the more easy to shape. A carat diamond ring, the atmosphere is simple, but it is too straightforward. 30 points diamond ring small and fine, but he is too subtle. And 50 points diamond ring, you can multi-cut bare diamond, with exquisite ring to highlight its exquisite gorgeous, the price is generally 8000 ~ 1 million or so. Can also be a single diamonds, with a streamlined ring ring to reveal its simple and elegant, mostly to 5000 to 10,000 or so. Or has a single diamonds with a curl circle ring to show its enchanting luxury, the price of more than ten thousand yuan. In a lot of fifty diamond ring style, you will be able to pick out one of the most suitable for her that one. This one, perhaps not the biggest she ever saw, but it must be her favorite. Because the well-intentioned, best effort, in the eyes of love, that is, the daughter does not change the treasures.
50 points diamond ring, meaning far reaching

Everyone has their own love ideal. Each pair of lovers, have their own love www.ourlovestore.com memories. Just like a different wedding ring brand, has a different brand meaning and grade prices. 50 points diamond ring according to the meaning and style, also has a different price. Full of vitality and romance Levi’s diamond ring brand, a simple style of 50 points diamond ring in 15,000 or so, full of Chinese classical beauty of the old Fengxiang 50 points diamond ring, the price fluctuates in the 13,000 up and down. Different brands, with a separate brand culture and aesthetic style, naturally in the price also has a certain difference. When you see a new style of unique chic, may also be confused. Choose a suitable price, style favorite diamond ring, it will be gently into the red velvet box, in a romantic, sunny day, give your fiancee it!

50 points diamond ring about how much money, the answer to this question is not certain. But a man of his love of the heart, I hope the best to her hope, really eternal! So the purchase of the diamond ring, not the price, but focus on the mind. When you gently open the box, that a dazzling diamond ring into his fiancee’s fingers, her eyes in tears, is definitely more than diamonds eternal!
Nowadays, due to the development of the advertising industry, we have a lot of products for some of the leading brands have to understand. Television, network and other media to spread these brands have entered the homes of ordinary people. Marriage ring is a man will only buy a lifetime of a ring, is a woman will only receive a gift in his life, then, how exactly in the fish market in the market to buy their own diamond ring? Where do you buy a diamond ring?
Entity store to buy diamond ring the most assured

Today’s shopping in a variety of ways, but the store is still as popular as ever, why? Because people have a point of view, that is, seeing is believing. So, even if there is a cheaper price, there is a more concise path, people still willing to go to the physical store to see, compare comparison, and then buy, even if expensive. Buy diamond ring is also need to get started to see, the right words on the very good, or buy a big or small are not very good. So that the most assured to the store, but it is not very convenient. There is nothing wrong with it.
Online shopping is simple and convenient

With the development of online media, new shopping methods also came into being, that is online shopping. Although sometimes because of geographical problems. Online shopping goods a bit slow to, but have to say, the region is also an advantage, because the Internet you can buy Cartier love bracelet replica different regions of the brand, different goods, buy diamond ring is the case. Many foreign brands, there is no real store in the country, so you want to buy may also go abroad to buy, but in order to buy a diamond ring to go abroad, there may be inconvenient, so you can buy online, it may be said that online shopping is not Fly, it is because you are small and cheap, will not fly. If you go to the flagship store to buy, how can not fly, so online shopping is a good choice.
Check the security simple

Checked that white is the purchasing, because for some reason, they need the goods in their own areas can not buy, just in another place to sell their own acquaintances and there, so you can trust people purchasing. Sometimes this method and online shopping almost, but not the same, because you are the equivalent of people in the physical store to buy, and acquaintances to buy you, of course, there are professional purchasing, but to find a really professional purchasing, but it is A bit difficult, because now too many liars, people no longer believe that strangers. Which trustee purchasing this method is very useful, buy a ring even more on it. Because many international brands in many places there is no physical store, so some people need to purchasing.

Where do you buy a diamond ring? No matter which way you choose, for their own convenience can. Because buy diamond ring, buy is the heart. Seeking is true love, as long as the happiness comes, buy the diamond ring naturally useful, and their own way to buy diamond ring do not need to be investigated, the effect is achieved, is really good!

K gold on the characteristics of jewelry knowledge

K gold on the characteristics of jewelry knowledge
K gold in our lives are basically very common, most of the women for their jewelry are more concerned about, because you choose what kind of clothes, with what kind of jewelry show out of the gas field and job temperament will exist Difference, a lot of people with their own clothes and jewelry looks like a goddess, but some people come out like a goddess, so their own taste and their own understanding and understanding of jewelry knowledge are related.

Each person because of the growth environment and the background is not the same, so the character and personality will be different, so for the same kind of clothes and jewelry different people wear out to give people feel is not the same, each of us want to own In the clothes or their own jewelry is a pair of solo, want to match with a stunning effect on the need to know more about their own and jewelry knowledge.

Jewelry knowledge of gold and platinum is a lot of girls will use the Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry, so for a variety of K gold is the need to learn more, so whether it is not easy to purchase when the time, but also with the time will have their own advantages, K gold Are used for their own characteristics. For K gold, not only high hardness, and toughness is small, the brightness is relatively high, not easy to deformation and wear, the price is relatively low relative to platinum, many people can afford, and we should know that the gold is too soft , Some of the more complex design can not do, but relatively speaking K gold labor costs are high, but the collection value is not platinum and gold high, then because the gold recovery of gold after gold, gold content inside the general only reached 55 %, And then after the loss back and forth, but only 50%, so a lot of K gold recycling prices will be very low, but the production costs are many, many finished products are imported, in addition, due to the hardness of K gold And wear resistance are very good, so it can be better inlaid diamonds.
A lot of jewelry knowledge K gold in the process of the requirements, but even higher than the full gold, and some more complex, but to go through more than a dozen processes, such as briquetting, drawing, heat treatment, plating, etc., so therefore work fine , The appearance of fresh, smooth surface, strong sense of light inside. But relatively gold processing will be relatively simple, and K gold processing is much more difficult, often also need a lot of large machinery and precision instruments, re-processing process required by the processing staff should be very professional, so that K gold called Processing costs and management costs also increased a lot, and enough gold is generally a simple raw material, but K gold in general is the need for a variety of metal in accordance with the proportion of the proportion of the formation, to complete the formation of the desired K gold difficulty is going to be much larger, so different metals will not only different prices, other features and processes are also different, which in the purchase when there will be differences, so more knowledge of K gold jewelry is good.
Many people in the purchase of gold jewelry will always be confused when the difference between K gold and gold, especially platinum and K gold, basically the difference is small, but because of the small differences, so you need to know more about their Jewelry knowledge, only when you write this information are all clear, after the purchase or investment will be a great grasp, then the gold and gold on the difference between the gold jewelry, what are the main?
On the whole, K gold and platinum between the different knowledge of jewelry is very much, the first is the style, whether gold or platinum, many models will be limited by enough gold, not a lot, but K gold is not the same, for the The adaptability of the process is also very strong, so a lot of style, we all know that some of the platinum can do the basic style of the K gold can do, but a lot of K gold can do a lot of platinum models can not do, because K gold in strength And flexibility are better, low melting point, it is easier to shape some of the more creative style. A lot of gold and platinum style, but also the formation of jewelry wear after most of the wear and tear faster, and enough gold popular range, most of the traditional style, without too many designers. But K gold because it can wear a long time so more emphasis on its art, the design needs of professionals.

The second is the difference between the color, a little understanding of the knowledge of K gold jewelry people know that the gold because of the rich gold, not in a hurry to create a variety of different works of art, and because of the different ratio of formation is not www.ourlovestore.com The same color to meet people’s needs, but the color of gold and platinum are very simple.
The third difference is in the price, because the content of K gold is not very high, so compared with platinum, the price will appear more affordable, so relatively speaking, K gold not only in the price advantage, and K gold because of color comparison Beautiful and elegant, full of change, many fashion people are more like K gold, such jewelry in the sway of their own personality has a lot of space.

The fourth is the operation, K gold on the weight is less than platinum and gold, but the process, style and design of platinum and gold but not as K gold, and a lot of gold jewelry can bring K Feel the feeling of pleasure.

The fourth is the maintenance: Although a lot of jewelry knowledge K gold will feel more soft, but in fact are very fragile, in the maintenance process should prevent rubbing, pulling, folding caused by weaving loose, or even broken. So in normal life is also need to pay attention, especially in the bath, sleep, do housework, should remove the K gold jewelry, to avoid scratches, but also need to prevent and cosmetics, perfume, mercury, acid and other chemicals contact, Discoloration, and the best is to regularly jewelry jewelry store cleaning, keep clean.

About girls how to choose jewelery

About girls how to choose jewelery
Fashion, beauty is the pursuit of each girl, but also a young pronoun, so the girls will pay attention to their every day out of all aspects of dress, especially in the dress and their own image, each time changing clothes will give the girl with To a lot of trouble, will worry about what to wear the next day, how to mix better, and so on, in fact, a person’s taste from her daily dress can be seen, the following to talk about girls how to choose jewelery.

The choice of headdress
China has thousands of years of traditional culture, deep cultural impact, deep into the hearts of every people, so in some ways, the Chinese people still pay more attention to the traditional etiquette culture, wearing dress is no Westerners The kind of bold and Replica Cartier jewelry free, so people know that according to age and change their own attire, nowadays some traditional ideas have been abandoned, girls are more open, free choice of their own preferences, in terms of head decoration is flourishing, such as the recent popular The “head of a grass”.

Necklace and earrings

In the young season of the rainy season, the girls all know to make good use of their own good age, so every day with the best mental appearance in front of everyone, to mention the spirit of the motherland and temperament, so in the necklace and ear jewelry Wear is essential, because they will not let go to add any part of their beauty, in such a beautiful year, the girls are best to choose silver jewelry, better able to bring out the youth, but also for their own aspects condition.
Hand jewelry

A girl’s youth is not wasted any moment, whether it is out of a good life for the yearning, or for the youth of the yearning for love, in short, are to make themselves more happy. Girls generally like to wear bracelets, rings, etc., whether it is their own purchase, or her boyfriend to send, first of all must be in their respective economic capacity to accept the range, so that everyone is good, followed by the choice of public brand jewelry, Perhaps choose platinum, platinum or silver will be more beautiful.

Clothing Accessories

People often say that less than a certain age do not do something, that is to say do not do more than their own age to do things, one is too early unfounded, and second, and their age is really not match, When the girls in the choice of their own clothing with jewelry, we must choose the right fitted with the appropriate jewelry accessories, the general choice of the best atmosphere and fashion jewelry accessories, more can show as the motherland of the various fine gods The

There is no beauty in the world, only the more beautiful people. No ugly people, only lazy people. Did not choose not suitable for jewelry, only do not understand fashion and perfect people. So girls want to learn to make themselves into a stylish and perfect people, do not wait until the sunset when the next to regret, understand the girls how to pick jewelry, love yourself
Diamond ring is now popular wedding ring, because it is beautiful to attract a lot of consumers. But diamonds are beautiful, wearing a long time there will be some small problems. For example, diamonds in the daily wear will inevitably suffer some wear and tear, then the problem comes, diamond maintenance diamond wear how to do, of course, after the wear and tear of the diamond is the first way to remedy the remedy is also very much.

Maintenance department for professional repair

Because each person wearing diamond habits are not the same, and living habits are not the same, so the degree of wear and tear diamonds are not the same, there are serious wear and tear are also slightly worn. But the only thing is the same regardless of whether the degree of wear is large or small, the most professional treatment should be taken to the professional maintenance department for professional maintenance, so as to avoid the second diamond damage. Maintenance of the professional department can not only repair the diamond ring wear, but also can make their own diamond ring for a good maintenance. The general city there are on-site service of this project, for the maintenance of diamonds to provide a lot of convenience, and the purchase of the ring jeweler will provide a certain period of time free maintenance services, these are very convenient.

According to the situation to repair

If you have been the date of repair of the jeweler, or is not convenient to take a professional www.ourlovestore.com repair shop for maintenance, feel that the professional repair shop is too much trouble, then you can wear according to their own diamond wear their own maintenance. General diamond jewelry is relatively superior quality, not a special situation is generally not particularly bad wear. So you can find their own home at some relatively simple way to repair, online such a way is a lot, you can try to repair it, if it is not going to take a professional repair shop is not how much loss.
Identify the key to the problem

General diamond wear is not particularly serious, and the naked eye is not able to observe the addition, must use high power microscope to observe. So sometimes your diamond is not really worn out, there may be just due to improper wearing problems. For example, sometimes only need to be cleaned, and feel that their diamonds should be worn after the beginning of the use of cleaning fluid to see if their diamond is really worn, or just because of daily wear and contaminated, and identify the real cause of the problem Thus for themselves to reduce some unnecessary trouble.

Diamond wear how to do it may be a troubled problem, but with the progress of life and science and technology, all problems can be resolved, but also not so much trouble, maintenance methods are varied.

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter you can not miss
Marriage is the love of two people must go through the process, and the diamond ring is the most sincere witness of the two love, how to buy her beloved ring, buy diamond ring need to understand what precautions? Take you to find out.

Buy diamond ring Note: the quality of the diamond ring is worth its price

Nowadays, the purchasing power of Chinese aunt has become a recognized thing in the world, because they have to set off a shopping frenzy, but also high-end goods, in fact, behind the ridicule, we should calmly think, if Is how to do their own, for example, buy a diamond ring, if you just because this diamond ring is expensive enough, but did not seriously understand, I think you are hard to buy really suitable for their own. Before buying a Cartier love bracelet replica diamond ring, please carefully measure the quality of the diamond ring is worth the price, of course, diamond ring is from its most basic 4C to consider, but this method is indeed the most effective.

Buy diamond ring Note 2: diamond ring itself is the meaning of their own requirements

We choose a diamond ring, sometimes perhaps a momentary impulse, there was a friend in the purchase of diamond ring, life only to send one of the diamond ring, but I do not think this is an impulse, because sometimes an impression can move Your heart, and your choice is not wrong. Every diamond ring is its own unique meaning, in the purchase of diamond ring, if your heart has its own standards, then only need to pick like, if not, then when there is a diamond ring can impress you , Perhaps it is the best choice.
Buy diamond ring Note 3: buy for their own

We say to buy diamond ring should pay attention to the matter there are to pay attention to buy their own, in fact, it has two meanings, the first means to buy their own size, because the ring size is not appropriate will cause a lot of problems, so buy diamond ring Before the best through some channels to know their own ring size, so that will save a lot and easy. The meaning of the second layer refers to the actual situation according to their own to buy diamond ring, do not follow the trend, do not follow the crowd, any follow the behavior of the general are irrational, you should take into account, want to know what they want in the end what kind of The

Buy diamond ring should pay attention to the fact that in fact far more than three points, many well-known brands such as diamond ring will be introduced from time to time to teach you to buy some of the methods, I hope you can pass these selected to the favorite diamond ring.
Marriage is the desire of each girl is good, the wedding touched and romantic so that each other has a different happiness, the future every day there is not the same romantic. Wedding ring wear in which hands more warm and romantic, so love more sweet it? Let Levi’s Cartier love ring replica diamond ring to tell you the beauty of love, and time to witness the miracle of love.

The most warm touched

Experienced the temper of life we will understand the most precious things in life, not how much material you have, but there is a person who has been with you I think the best love, is quiet and happy to accompany, not early nor late, in the best time of life, it came, everything is so there is a chance, love just, life accompanied, I Go hand in hand to taste love. Ring of the ring finger choose Levi’s diamond ring, let it in my name, crown your fingers. This love must be beautiful, after experiencing those little hardships, together with the happiness and these beautiful to just a good meeting, the future of the day must be more warm.

The most romantic surprise

Love you think the best feelings are casual, but they care about each other, is comfortable, but still cherish each other. Although their own independent, but heart together, each breathing the air, but love is not separated. Some people will leave in the halfway, some people have been stubbornly persists, when you use a sincere to deal with a feeling, your share of good love will never betray. You will be in your middle finger on you to wear a diamond ring on behalf of love, together to enjoy the beauty of love, perhaps the imagination of love, but still able to feel the same kind of sweet.
Beware of happiness

A person even if there are many, many shortcomings, but he is still everywhere to endure your lack of willing to accompany you to the end of life, together to see life in the bloom, it is more than anything, is worth a Cherish the lover. Because of the test of time, we have to understand Cartier nail bracelet replica than in the unrest, how to go also go away, has been accompanied by the talent that is more worthy of their own treasure, that he is the best love. Hand in hand on the journey of life, with love to resolve those difficulties and not perfect, the left hand of the beautiful must be difficult to speak it

Wedding ring is a breathtaking word, it makes us feel the beauty of love, love is a witness, it is true love expression. When you solve the problem of choosing a wedding ring, you should consider the wedding ring to wear the hands of the more warm, with Levi’s diamond ring to give you the best of her love and the warmest surprise.

Jade and jade is the same? What is the difference between jade and jade

Jade and jade is the same? What is the difference between jade and jade
Jade and Jade are the same? What is the difference between jade and jade? People have been on the jade jewelry are inexplicable love. In the early Qing Dynasty emerald into China, after several hundred years, jade jewelry has become the first choice for Oriental women. Now people for jade and jade culture is always a vague perception, many people do not know jade and jade, like jade and jade is the same? This problem is often troubled everyone. Xiaobian today to tell you about jade and jade.
In fact, jade is a jade, jade is more precious, generally known as jade jade, but no jade jade. Jade is a collectively, it has a lot of types, one of the most famous is the soft jade and jade, jade is jade jade category, it can be said that jade is jade, but jade is not jade. Because jadeite and nephrite chemical composition and density and refractive index and hardness and other aspects of the difference, resulting in a difference between jade and nephrite, people through these areas to distinguish between jade and similar jade.

What is the difference between jade and jade?

What is the difference between jade and jade? Many people do not understand Replica Cartier jewelry the concept of jade and jade, mistakenly think that jade and jade are two completely different concepts, but I do not know, jade is actually a kind of jade.

In the jewelry discipline, “jade” is a large category of concepts, including: jade, soft jade, water foam jade, jade, Dushan jade, Huang Longyu, Malay jade, agate, etc., and “jade” Of a kind – emerald. The concept of jade and jade is like “tea” and “Tieguanyin”, “tea” is a large range, and “Tieguanyin” refers only to Tieguanyin this kind of tea. So it can be said that jade is really jade, it is “jade” in this family of a member, but jade is not necessarily jade. Need to pay special attention to is that in the jade industry chain, operators often “emerald” referred to as “jade”, such as: buy, sell jade, do jade business, Burmese jade, jade bracelet. Jade operators between the hint, in their thinking: “Emerald” is equal to “jade”.

Jade is the king of jade, is the only internationally recognized gem-level jade, she has many other jade varieties incomparable features and advantages. Specifically, the emerald has six significant features: rich color, physical stability, strong luster, high refractive index, the proportion of high hardness, in addition, gem-level jade is only produced in Myanmar specific veins, the origin of the uniqueness is also doomed The quality of her noble – “things rare”.
Jade bracelet wear law, jade bracelet wear law what stress? Bracelets since ancient times are women’s favorite accessories, jade bracelet warmth to bring out the women’s gentle, kind, noble, elegant, for the promotion of personal temperament has an indispensable role.

Jade bracelet wear method

Jade bracelet wear method. Wear jade bracelet a lot of benefits, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people beautify themselves, beautify the desire to live more strongly. Jade bracelet wear, it seems very simple, but there are a lot of skills, jade bracelet in the purchase time to try to choose the right jade bracelet, bracelet big enough in the wrist up and down, bracelet tight will affect the comfort, so size To be just right.
For those who have no experience or do not understand the bracelet maintenance, the bracelet is very difficult to wear, if it is easy to wear, then the circle is certainly great, ring appropriate, then wear is also some twists and turns. So please ask experienced people to help wear, such as business or often wear bracelet friends; if you wear, it may scratch the skin tissue, and even break the bracelet, or accidentally broke the bracelet. So before wearing should learn the appropriate way to wear, reduce unnecessary trouble.

Before wearing jade bracelets, you can prepare some of the lubricant, detergent, plastic bags, etc., to strengthen the hand of the lubrication, so wear more easily. In addition, jade bracelet is a little stress Oh, like jade bracelet people should be a lot of understanding.

Jade bracelet wear method to pay attention to what
Jade bracelet wear method to pay attention to what? Wearing bracelets are also quite stress, not how to wear on how to wear, in violation of the rules of the rules will make people laughing generous.

Usually wearing a jade bracelet is wearing a left hand, if wearing two words, you can wear www.ourlovestore.com one hand each two, or both are worn on the left hand, with three words, all to wear on the left hand, not One hand wearing an emerald bracelet, the other hand wearing two jade bracelets. Do not recommend wearing more than three jade bracelets, it is too unconventional, will give people the feeling of uncoordinated, destroyed the bracelet with the harmony.

Buddhism culture mentioned “left into the right”, the left hand is pure hand, right hand is dirty hands, so choose jade bracelet worn on the left hand, to absorb the power of clean to purify our hearts. From the medical point of view, emerald contains a lot of trace elements, great health benefits, long-term wear a soothe the nerves to help the effect, you can balance the heart rate, so wear away from the heart near the left wrist.

What kind of jade is the kind of jade water is what it means

What kind of jade is the kind of jade water is what it means
Jade line has a line of words called “layman to see the water, the line to see the kind of” here that “kind of” refers to the emerald species of water. So what is the kind of jade? What is the meaning of jade water? What are the kinds of emerald water? Let’s take a look!
What is the meaning of Jade’s water?

In the understanding of the emerald line, “Jade of the water” including the emerald of the head and jade head, the two together referred to as “jade of water.” Jadeite’s seed is the jadeite crystal grain thickness or crystal combination of the dense way (degree of jade industry known as the thickness of jade meat), and the emerald’s head refers to the emerald transparency.

What are the kinds of emerald water?

Emerald seed water, should be divided into jade head and emerald head two aspects, in the industry, people will emerald seed according to the size of jadeite particles into glass, ice, glass, ice, egg , Waxy species, Ma teeth species, beans; another emerald industry also according to the emerald Replica Cartier jewelry within the crystal and the density between the crystal will be divided into the old emerald jade emerald, new and old species of jade and new species of jade. The emerald of the head, that emerald transparency.

Emerald water level

Jade industry insiders based on the length of light in the light through the light of the emerald raw materials to the emerald’s head is divided into ten, strong light can transmit a few centimeters of emerald, said Jade is a bit water
Jadeite is the kind of jadeite crystal grain size and transparency combined with the name, used to evaluate and measure the quality and value of jade. Jade in the water, the head and the head of the relationship between the interaction, but there is no necessarily between the two relationship. For example, the general case, the kind of good head of jade, the head will be good, bad kind of emerald, the head is generally not very good, but some emerald seed is not good, but the head is very good.
For the emerald, there is a saying is so to say “layman to see the line to see kind of”, jade species for the quality of jade or have a great impact. Glass species of jade and ice species of jade are old pit species, the two are very similar, but also slightly different. What kind of glass and ice? Here from the difference between glass and ice species to introduce, we can understand!
Glass and ice species which is good

Ice is very transparent texture of jade, but only slightly worse than the glass species to some. Glassy Jade is pure like glass, the internal if there are fine impurities are no doubt, while the ice is the emerald transparency is second only to stay, although it is also very transparent, but slightly more impurities.

As the old pit glass species jade rare, there are many ice species of jade is also raised the “identity”, called “glass species of jade” to raise the price of goods, and itself is only ice species floating jade emerald was ” Into the glass species drift jade to “raise” its price.

It can be seen that the glass species of jade because of the rare and expensive, naturally better than ice.

The difference between glass and ice

1, the overall difference

Glassy Jade: completely transparent, with fluorescent, clean internal, like glass as pure, delicate structure, toughness, can be colored or colorless.

Ice kind of jade: transparent water, the head is very like ice, but no strong fluorescence, may have a small amount of cracks or other impure substances, the internal generally have a clear white cotton, cotton and structure clear.

2, the difference between water

Glass of jade species of jade water is better than ice, crystal mineral particles are very delicate and uniform, the naked eye can not observe any grainy and Cuiche, the density between the crystal is quite good, high hardness, long water, good light , No white cotton meat like a glass block as transparent and bright.

Ice crystal emerald crystal particles slightly thicker than the glass kind of jade, the naked eye observation under the vague grain and orange peel effect, the combination between the crystal is not very good, there are some small white gap, leading to its short head, through Poor light, similar to the ice in the refrigerator.

3, the difference between transparency and white cotton clarity
Because the kind of water is good, so the same thickness of the glass kind of jade will be much higher than the ice species of jade emerald, good glass kind of jade placed on paper can be seen through the meat below the text. Ice algae transparency between the transparent and translucent, there is a sense of ambiguity.

Good transparency makes the glass species of jade within the cotton or impurities www.ourlovestore.com can be clearly visible, although the ice will be white jade, but the visibility is low, looming.

4, the difference between the strength of fluorescence

Glass species of jade species of water is very good, so there will be fluorescent effect, and generally strong fluorescence, a small part of the glass species of jade fluorescence is weak, even no fluorescent effect. Ice is also showing a fluorescent effect, but the fluorescence is generally weak, no fluorescence effect.

Although most of the glass species of jade will show the fluorescent effect, but not all produce fluorescent are glass species of jade, some jade processing business in the back of the emerald out of the concave arc, artificial production of fluorescent effects, or in the back of the emerald set off Reflector to form a fluorescent effect, consumers should be careful to buy!

What is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?

What is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?
As the Western gemstone jewelry culture and the integration of oriental jade culture, jade jade inlaid jade jewelry more and more, and even jade carved gourd, Guanyin, Buddha, also with 18k gold inlay. The benefits of doing so is set off the golden green jade gourd green, but also on the jade itself has also played a protective role. Currently there are many small and medium-sized small and medium-sized ornaments on the market, such as Jade security buckle, jade Replica Cartier jewelry beads, etc. are also used to do gold inlay jade, and even the national gifts are often used in the form of gold inlay jade. So, what is the meaning of the gold-inlaid gourd pendant?
Gold ornaments gourd pendant what meaning

The meaning of a: Jin Xiang Yu beautifully produced, both the atmosphere is elegant, is our unique technology, has a long history, in the jade culture occupies an important position. Jin Xiangyu jade is set in gold on the production of gold, jade symbolizes the purity and elegance, almost symbolizes the wealth, gold inlaid jade from the combination of the two, with “Jinyu Liangyuan” good meaning.

Meaning two: gold inlay products both to promote fashion, but also carry forward the traditional, with a happy and happy people flourishing happy meaning, his advent, so that jade with Chinese characteristics, called the Chinese symbol of special items, all of a sudden by the ” Warm “become dazzling, become the focus of world attention. People wear gold inlay jade jewelry, including the disaster avoidance, good luck, remove the disease, extend the life of the good will. In addition, the gift and wear jade to do the gold inlaid jade ornaments, but also indicates the loyalty of love.

Meaning three: gourd many children, meaning the descendants of prosperity. Ancient often “send melon beggar child” custom, that sent to the husband and wife, especially those who are eager to seek children or long time to breed, can bring good luck for them, can be more blessed, flourishing prosperity.

Meaning four: gourd is the Taoist and Buddhist holy things, it is big mouth small, can absorb the essence of all natural savings, extremely spiritual. In the tower or the temple outside the hanging hoist, can protect one side safe. In ancient times, newly married couples get together (gourd) and drink, meaning the joys and sorrows, mutual respect and mutual love, Yongjie concentric.
Wearing a gold jeweled gourd pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, to resolve the beam pressure top

The top of the beam is also one of the most common evil spirits in the room. The so-called beam is the top of the beam on the roof of the interior. It is just in the bed of the bed, sofa, card, table, desk and so on. This is not good in the feng shui, easy to make people in the subconscious feeling of oppression, sleep is not practical, easy to do nightmares. On the human mental system have some adverse effects, serious will lead to personality deviation, resulting in orphans. And the occupants have a long time to rest or work there, will cause the beam pressure top of the Board, causing physical pain. Resolve the method: in the beam or between the two beams hanging a gourd, you can solve the disadvantages of the beam pressure.

2, to resolve the bathroom turbidity

We all know that the bathroom is a place to produce turbidity, which in itself is not good, if the bathroom at home in several important positions it is even worse. The most important position of the home is the northwest, this position is the direction of the host and the cause, the bathroom in this position of course the home of the male host and the cause of the negative. Southwest is the hostess of the position, the bathroom in this position of course in the hostess’s physical health and the cause of the negative. Northeast of the home is the next two decades of Wang gas side, the main one of the family Wang gas fortune, this position of the bathroom will certainly affect the future of the fortune of the future.

3, to resolve the fleeting evil spirits

The so-called fleeting evil spirits, that is, every year on our adverse gas field. That is, three yuan nine fleeting fleeting five yellow and two black bit of these two positions. Jiugong Feixing in the five stars and two black stars and so have a great relationship with the disease, which is www.ourlovestore.com sick gas field, this year’s five yellow and two black position is in the southwest and northeast of the two positions. And the gourd is a symbol of the medical stars, is filled with panacea instruments, specifically to absorb the evil of evil gas, in the solution of the “five yellow big evil”, “two black disease character” the two fierce stars have miraculous, so it can To resolve the five yellow and two black evil spirits.

4, to resolve the owner of the body is not good

Feng shui affect the situation is a variety of people, the specific refinement to the number of so far no one can statistics out. Can not say which piece of adverse will have an impact on the owner, feng shui bad is a direct impact on the owner’s health. As we look at the feng shui to the customer, a look at where adverse to the body is not good, directly told the owner, the owner will know the body is not a good feng shui caused by the trouble. If you really can not find out which piece of feng shui is a problem, and his body is not good, you just in their own bed on both sides of the hanging of a light plant gourd can be resolved. Gourd can be sucked on the sick body of the patient, so that it quickly get better.

Why do children wear gold inlaid jade pendant?

This is blessing the children, and some small Buddha, small Guanyin, meaning can bless the child safe and healthy grow up. And Jin Xiang Yu this product is also more expensive, I hope the baby can be longevity, good luck often accompanied! Bi star jewelry zodiac baby lock, is the meaning of the baby’s mascot to a safe and healthy! And the general gold inlaid jade pendants are baby lock, peace lock, cute little zodiac these are to design, are able to bless the children in peace, healthy growth.

Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings
Tremella is the most common jewelry, like wearing a silver earrings may find that wearing a period of time, the silver earrings will be black, then the silver ear nail black is how is it? How does the silver ear nail black? Let’s take a look!
Why does the white fungus twist? Tremella nail black is due to silver Replica Cartier jewelry and the air in the sulfur chemical reaction into the black silver sulfide reason. Silver encountered the air will be oxidized black, the water also has oxygen, whether silver is water, are likely to oxidize black. Therefore, silver jewelry can not be with perfume, fragrant powder, balsam, sulfur soap and sweat and acid town of gas and other contacts.

How does the silver ear nail black? How does the silver ear nail black? We can restore the earrings of the earrings by the following aspects:

1. It is important to maintain proper maintenance.

2. Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect is very good.

3. Wipe with cotton dipped in white vinegar, black silver sulfide dissolved in the ester acid, silver jewelry again shiny.

4. Wash with ammonia, with toothpaste squeeze on the flannel wipe, the same can restore its original luster.

5. With tartaric acid 1, alum 1 and 10 copies of salt, the mixture heated to boiling, the jewelry immersed; 10 minutes after the removal, washed with water and then wipe dry.

6. Wash the surface with a detergent first, then with sodium thiosulfate solution (100 grams of water by adding 20 grams of sodium thiosulfate preparation) cleaning, and then washed with water can be.
Earrings like gaseous jewelry, belonging to the symbol of human culture system. It will clearly show a person’s social status, cultural level, aesthetics and attitude towards life. So, in modern life, choose the earrings of the style and material to be with their own face, eyes, ear type with a harmonious, but also consider the clothes style, season and the environment. Earrings are a kind of ornaments on the ear, smaller than the earrings, shaped like a nail-like, generally need to wear through the ear hole, earrings modeling ever-changing, but it can not change this feature, ear lips in front of earrings shape, Behind the ear is also (also known as the ear plug), earrings is a fashion, and now more and more popular among women.
Earrings style

1, diamond earrings: When you fiddle with ear hair, exposed white skin ears can cause the attention of men. If you wear a fine diamond earrings on the earrings is more extra points. Elegant ladies favorite is a simple slightly fashion sense of the diamond earrings, whether to attend the banquet or usually wear are very suitable.

2, pearl earrings “pearl jewelry has always been the ladies favorite accessories, to show women tenderness charm. Of course, the earrings of the earrings is the most favorite type of earrings. Two symmetrical earrings, the use of anti-allergic silver ear Needle, is the beginning of wearing earrings female recommended style!

3, zircon earrings: such as diamonds shining, the price is relatively cheap, everyday wear, style can often change.

4, white fungus studs: small silver earrings most able to raise ears, especially when playing the ear hole.

5, gold ear nails: precious metal earrings to wear it is not easy to allergies.
How to wear earrings

A, for the rectangular face of the female, the decoration should pay attention to the appropriate increase in the horizontal width of the horizontal line, such as the choice of slightly larger and eye-catching inlaid with jade earrings, or short pendant round earrings, after wearing Resulting in two ears become larger, widened face and show a rounded sense of visual effects. Do not choose to wear swing ring, due to swing ring shake, will make the entire lower half of the www.ourlovestore.com face wide, forming a small look on the small triangular face.

B, for the melon-shaped face of the female (this type of face is characterized by the next round under the cut, or the amount of large jaw tip), decorative face of the essentials is a little increase in the width of the jaw, resulting in thinner as full of visual effects The Therefore, you can wear a flower-like earrings, people seem quiet and elegant; can also wear a simple concise swing ring, people seem lively, chic.

C, for face-lift or face narrow women, suitable for wearing earrings, earrings should be their daily wear ornaments. Thin or narrow face, put on the appropriate earrings, you can play to compensate for the lack of face, add beautiful role.

D, for the already full of round face women, please note that can not wear that kind of large and round button earrings, because this earrings will make people feel full face fullness, making round and big face looks More round and more fat. This type of face women can choose to wear jewelry from the earrings, it will make people feel the face of the wearer’s growth. Or two ears should wear small and bright single diamond stud earrings, on the one hand because the ear nail small size, will not increase the width of the face; the other hand, diamond sparkling, easy to make people focus on the middle of the face, so that Face narrow, looks seem coordinated and decent

Who said flowers blossom fall, autumn and winter season, it is still with you around, tricks of the Love, fingertips time, the neck of youth, it is waiting for your tenderness and beauty, accompany you to spend the same year, The Each petal is so fine, every diamond earrings are shining and moving, every flower is so soft and realistic. Clear contours, perfect color, elegant temperament, so happy you bloom the most beautiful mood. Diamonds dazzling embellishment, to bring out the shape of the simple soft, delicate petal combination of modeling, light Smart, more sweet tenderness.