What are the characteristics of jadeite What are the characteristics of jade

What are the characteristics of jadeite What are the characteristics of jade
In the appreciation of a jade often hear the rigid, from the plastic, from the line and other terms, which are some of the characteristics of jade, they are not unique, but very unique, and thus master, understand these characteristics is a deeper understanding of the key points of jade The

What are the basic characteristics of jade?

One, rigid

Emerald rigidity contains two layers of meaning, one, showing rigidity of the emerald hardness is extremely high, like steel some hard, which is not rigid compared to the conclusion of jade. Second, by the light to make the visual feel rigid. Jade is a very special Replica Cartier jewelry characteristics of the rigid, is that people know when a sense of emerald, not every piece of emerald can appear, there is no real analysis of the corresponding theoretical reasons, but can not be quantified with the definition of data.

Rigidity and fluorescence are closely related with the light, are the role of light under certain conditions, but the two are essentially different: from the fire is just a sense of light, the main point of rigidity is the sense of light to bring another feeling: Hard material, of course, the material inherently hard to be reflected in the appropriate conditions.
Second, the density and refractive index

Emerald density, rapid subsidence in the tribromromethane, and its similar to the soft jade, serpentine jade, grape, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, uneven color

Uneven color, green to extend; with strong grease glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.
What are the characteristics of jade identification?

First, see the texture and transparency of jade

In general, the quality of jade transparent or slightly transparent, the industry called the old species of jade, the value is the highest. Translucent jade is called new and old species, the value is relatively low. And those jade opaque, and even dry hair is called the new species of emerald, the value is low.

Second, look at the color of jade

Jade is very rich in color, green, red, purple, yellow and other colors, one of the most expensive natural green. According to the depth of shades of green, and broken down into apple green, bright green, emperor green and so on more than 10 kinds. Excellent emerald green gorgeous, transparent, oil and no impurities, with a hard hit when the sound crisp loud.

Three, look luster

Cui shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

Four, see stone flowers

Jade in the small lumps, the transparency of the white fiber-like crystals are intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.
What is the meaning of Hetian jade pattern. Hetian jade this precious jade can be excellent sculpture, can be carved into a variety of exquisite jewelry, and Hetian jade carving patterns have their own meaning.
In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, wearing jade ornaments has become our pursuit of fashion. But some people face jade on a variety of themes, but no choice. In fact, in the theme of Hetian jade, most of the themes are very clear, pendant on the rich pattern of more longevity, blessing meaning of the equation, there are generally people, plants, animals, text patterns, and they mean different.

First, the character pattern:

1, Buddha, Guanyin: pendant in the Buddha, often take Maitreya Buddha to belly, laughing image, there is a big capacity to tolerate the world, laughing the world of ridiculous people said, on behalf of the people yearning for tolerance, good The wish of happiness. And Goddess of Mercy is regarded as the god of salvation, is regarded as the embodiment of compassion, in the folk by the most popular, the most extensive admiration. People wear this kind of decorative pendant is to borrow Buddha, God’s power to bless themselves, pray for peace and happiness.

2, longevity: to Antarctic cents Weng Tao peach for the decoration, meaning happy longevity.

3, the boy: the ancient children for the decoration, wish the blessing of many children.
2. Animal pattern:

1. Dragon, Fenglong is China’s most representative auspicious animal, Phoenix is www.ourlovestore.com China’s most representative auspicious birds, meaning auspicious. Legend of the Phoenix in the Chinese folk on behalf of women, the dragon on behalf of men. They are together with the meaning of marriage auspicious.

Fish: fish and more than sound, that rich. Such as: more than every year (fish), Jiqing more than (fish) and so on.

3. bat: bat and bless homophonic, meaning happiness. Such as: blessing in front (bats with a string of coins) and so on.

4. Monkey: monkey and Hou homophonic. Horse and monkey together, meaning immediately sealed Hou, seal the official meaning of the Jazz, there are two monkeys together, referring to generation of Hou Hou.

5. Zodiac: Zodiac also known as phase pendant, as a talisman can bless peace and happiness.
Three. Plant pattern

Plant ornamentation is often combined with animal decoration, resulting in a wealth of patterns and implication, such as: more than a year later, Songhe Yannian and so on.

There are separate plant decoration, such as: bamboo, on behalf of the high; flowers, on behalf of the flowers and wealth; plum, blue, bamboo, chrysanthemum in the four gentlemen, on behalf of the integrity of character.
Are there any collection of blood

Chicken Bloodstone as a niche auction categories, with scarce resources and non-renewable, in recent years, with the buyers of chicken blood stone recognition gradually increased, the bloodstone market also continued to rise. Over the past 10 years, with the market recognition of the bloodstone and sought after, blood stone mining efforts are growing, can be mined out of chicken bloodstone year after year. Therefore, the price of bloodstone with the sharp decline in production and a substantial increase.
Chicken bloodstone of the rare, high-quality appreciation of the value and long-term preservation does not fade and other characteristics have determined the chicken bloodstone has a high collection value, it is learned that the bloodstone is China’s unique precious stones, which formed 70 million years ago volcanic activity, Nonrenewable resources. So the finest bloodstone is very valuable collection.
Chicken blood stone collection to pay attention to what?

One, look bloody

Chicken blood color to bright red for the top grade, followed by red, dark red the worst. Chicken blood clots can be divided into block blood, blood, cloud of blood and blood, such as blood-shaped unique, double the value. Changhua chicken blood stone is known for rich blood. Red more concentrated the more valuable collection, the color of the area to be large, bright to drop. Now one side of the thumb size, bloody stone surface area of 40% of the bloodstone seal, market conditions in the million or so.

Second, look at the texture

Texture is the stone of stone itself stone, stone to clean less impurities, feel fine, from the texture point of view, sheep fat is the most precious, Ukraine frozen second. Black and white and the color of both ‘Liu Guan Zhang’, also has a high collection value. Its merits by color, transparency, gloss and hardness of the four characteristics of the performance rating.

Third, look at hardness

As the vast majority of chicken blood stone is used for seal seal for use, so the hardness is very important. Under the same conditions, the lower the hardness of the more conducive to carving, the more delicate and moist stone, the higher the price.
What are the methods of blood collection?

First, to learn to distinguish between the origin of chicken bloodstone, blood stone of the two major producing areas, Bahrain chicken bloodstone color is not stable, blood scattered and not gathered, easy to oxidize the dark; and Changhua chicken blood stone color together and scattered, the same quality, Changhua chicken blood The market price is higher than that of Bahrain.

Second, to learn to identify the true and false bloodstone. Chicken blood stone hardness is low, true blood for the “blood”, and from the inside out of the three-dimensional distribution, a sense of hierarchy, the color gradient process also has a sense of hierarchy, and fake chicken bloodstone red lack.

Third, in addition to see the blood of blood stones, texture and hardness, but also depends on the carving stone carving process is clever, beautiful.

Fourth, we should pay attention to the way to buy and re-trade of bloodstone, many collectors to buy chicken blood is often the way the individual operators of the store, and even in the antique market and flea market stalls, the credibility of the goods, authenticity, price The transparency is questioned.

What is the meaning of a woman wearing a silver bracelet?

What is the meaning of a woman wearing a silver bracelet?
Q: want to buy a silver girlfriend bracelet, do not know what a good meaning, wearing any good?

The best girl with sterling silver bracelet has this saying: wearing a bracelet that innocent, but also expressed the desire for love at first sight, but has been in love in the girl wearing a bracelet that she wholeheartedly willing to spend the rest of his life The happy time. Girl in general love to wear two bracelets that are in love, enjoy the love of the sweet love of love, single girl wearing two bracelets also said at this time the mood is very happy, very satisfied Replica Cartier jewelry with their now Of life, around the girlfriend’s friendship and loved ones care, feel that they are the most happy people, but also revealed the content of contentment.

And silver sterling silver bracelet and these benefits: silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, the average antibiotic can only play a role in the six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria. Silver’s antioxidant and glossy persistence is related to the individual’s physique, and the physical person will wear more and more so, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body toxins discharged.
Q: Want to buy a bracelet to the baby, is to buy gold bracelet or silver bracelet good?

Answer: it is best to wear silver bracelet, because the silver bracelet on behalf of auspicious and auspicious meaning, and wear silver also has a lot of benefits to a silver bracelet can absorb some of the baby’s body of toxic substances, and second silver bracelet is also more hard not so Easy to break. Three to silver products in a certain range can produce magnetic field, the release of a large number of silver ions, to stimulate energy, the health of the human body with the effect. Finally, the legendary wear silver can be evil spirits, so since ancient times there are children to wear silver dress customs, both conducive to the exclusion of the body “fetal toxicity” and play the role of evil.

Other words: children with silver bracelet is auspicious meaning in the inside. In general, pure gold sterling silver jewelry will not cause any impact on the human body, but if it is not pure, it may be mixed with some sensitive metal, resulting in children skin allergies, so if you want to buy silver bracelet to the baby wear, must be sterling silver of. Children wearing silver bracelets, pay attention to the kind of not easy to scratch the child’s skin, not easy to swallow, and have to pay attention not to let the children casually put silver bracelet in his mouth.
Q: want to buy her husband a gold Buddha beads necklace, do not know men wear gold Buddha beads necklace good? What are the benefits?

Best answer: Buddha beads and necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry are common, but more different, gold and silver jewelry not only can not make people aware, can not let people abandon the pursuit of material desires, but increased people’s enjoyment of material and persistent The And Buddha beads and other legal objects, but can make us awakened to remind us to break the evil. So, for those who want to realize, want to get out of six reincarnation of people, wearing Buddha beads will be very meaningful. And for those who do not believe in the Buddha, although now no consciousness, wear will not play any role, but after all, is the law of Buddha, with a long time will be induction, people slowly consciousness, from the realization of some truth. And Buddha beads of different particles, have different meanings. So men wear gold Buddha beads necklace is very good, shape suitable, but also the meaning of consciousness. Whether it is believers or people who do not believe in Buddhism, wearing a gold Buddha beads necklace will be very good.
Q: some time ago to buy the silver necklace, wearing a period of time, and now found the silver necklace some black, how do? Can I fix it? How to clean?

Best answer: Silver jewelry to overcome the high price of other precious jewelry and artificial jewelry low value of the two major disadvantages, can really meet the fashion needs of consumers, the formation of a new fashion trend. But in the process of wearing silver may be discolored, there is yellow or black situation. There is no need to worry about this situation, we can clean it through the way to restore the past luster. There are mainly the following methods:

1, for the daily use of silverware, after use to be promptly cleaned, with warm water and detergent can be cleaned, and then dry with a soft cloth stored in the opaque drawer.

2, if the family has a larger volume of silver ornaments, need to prepare some rub www.ourlovestore.com silver cloth, rub silver cloth contains decontamination ingredients and polishing powder, regular wipes to ensure that silverware as bright as new.

3, if you find signs of yellowing silver jewelry, the easiest way is to use toothpaste plus water to wash the surface. Or with a small brush jewelry to clean silver jewelry slits, and then wipe the surface with rub silver cloth, immediately can be decorated to restore the original glory.

4, if the silver handle to wear dark, then the use of jewelry should be small brush clean jewelry slits, and then wiping silver drops drop in the paper, the silver surface of the black oxide wipe, and then wipe silver cloth recovery Jewelry original light.
Q: want to buy silver bracelet gave her daughter, but do not know which kind of silver the best? What are the types of silverware?

Best answer: silver according to the amount of silver can be divided into full silver, sterling silver:

Foot silver refers to the silver content of thousands of not less than 990. As the foot silver is too soft, it is not easy to cast into the favorite jewelry shape, and easy to wear and oxidation black;

Sterling silver refers to the silver content of thousands of not less than 925, also known as 925 silver. As the 925 silver mixed with copper, finished by the silver finished polished luster than the beautiful silver eyes, so often used as jewelry materials and silverware. So buy silver bracelets, then recommend the choice of sterling silver is better.

According to the origin is divided into Thai silver, Miao silver and possession of silver, etc.:

Thai silver, the standard is 925 silver content. Appearance of the lack of brightness, the pursuit of an old ancient silver effect;

Miao Yin, Miao silver is a long time Miao area important jewelry and wedding supplies. Not silver, silver is not high. Its main features are Miao area hand-made production, exquisite designs, full of moral;

Tibetan silver, generally does not contain silver ingredients, is the name of copper and silver, the traditional possession of silver for 30% silver plus 70% of the copper.
Q: want to send a friend to a platinum necklace to do a gift, but do not know how the quality of platinum necklace? How should good or bad to judge?

Best answer: platinum, PT, commonly referred to as platinum, but not all white metal is platinum. Buy platinum jewelry when you look for the PT logo. The color and gloss of platinum are natural and natural. Hardness of 4 to 4.5 degrees. Ductility is very strong, can be pulled into a very fine platinum wire; strength and toughness, but also much higher than other precious metals; thermal conductivity good performance; chemical properties are extremely stable, insoluble in strong acid and alkali, in the air is not oxidized. So the quality of the platinum necklace is really good, bright colors, chemical stability, not easy to fade.

If you buy platinum necklace when the fear of quality is not guaranteed, we can buy before their own identification: 1, to see the color: pure platinum for the white, shiny bright, white gold gold color white yellow rice, silver color is white ; 2, see mark: platinum jewelry has a standard. The international use of PT900 or PT950 words; 3, see the weight: platinum density of 21.45, the same volume of precious metals, platinum has a heavy feeling, it is heavier than gold (19.36), also heavier than K platinum.

What is the meaning of identification of emerald

What is the meaning of identification of emerald
Among the many jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has been able to occupy a large market and by many jade lovers love, it is because the emerald gourd itself to bring the beauty of the experience is different. Especially when it is compared with other themes of jade jewelry, the emerald gourd has formed its own culture, that is, jade gourd culture. This is because in our traditional fairy tale, the gourd is a very important carrier. For example, the universal travel of the universal wandering a wine gourd hanging pot of the world; epoch-making, the baby and Fu Xi gourd as a respect for the gods to worship. And gourd homophonic is Fulu, is a symbol of good fortune come; gourd ball is a symbol of family happiness.
No matter what kind of jade jewelry, it contains the cultural meaning is basically through homophonic, metaphor, comparison or symbol and other means to express. Jade cabbage is also true From the appearance point of view Jade cabbage, will feel the shape is very simple, but it contains the implication of the great meaning. Homophonic is one of the most important aspects of understanding the meaning of emerald cabbage. Cabbage represents Replica Cartier jewelry the white flawless, scattered green will appear cute and elegant; every leaf is very smooth lines, it seems patchwork. Wrapped up one by one, as if the fortune wrapped up the same. That swaying attitude of the wind, can be said to be a synonym for Lucky. Jade cabbage, with its beautiful style is realistic features, coupled with the beautiful meaning, popular favorite of the majority of jade lovers.
Understand the emerald people know that the more common jade Buddha pendant with Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Tathagata Buddha, Jigong live Buddha and so on. Among them, the Goddess of Mercy and Maitreya is our favorite jade wear jade Buddha. Because we generally think that these two kinds of jade Buddha pendant not only to the wearer to bring blessing, health, peace, joy, but also can be bad luck, disaster evacuation. Over time, jade-like jade pendant has gradually become the people’s spirit to rely on. In the ancient folk, the people are very fond of smiling, potbellied Maitreya Buddha, because every time you see Maitreya, you can make people’s mind to be relieved, so when people encounter unfair and unhappy things, Will seek spiritual comfort and support to the pendant.
Hetian jade seed material collection value?

Because the jade easy to collect, will not change the tide, not mildew, easy storage, especially Hetian jade seed material, there is a greater appreciation of space, and Tian Yuzhong produced in Xinjiang Hotan region Hetian jade seed material is the most superior, it Of the jade oil fine waxy, is the jade in the boutique.
Because of its harsh environment to form the requirements, making it very little reserves, coupled with over-exploitation in recent years, and today, and Tian Yu seed material is rare, rare, and Hetian jade material in short supply, the price will be Up and Hetian jade seed material investment appreciation we are optimistic. So Hetian jade seed for us is still very valuable collection.
What is the value of Hetian jade seed?

Hetian jade seed price is mainly determined by the price of raw materials and carving costs. Hetian jade seed material is now very scarce raw materials, mountain prices are generally calculated in kilograms, especially high-quality Hetian seed jade, a white, etc. by carat or grams of calculation, because the quality of Hetian jade material is extremely rare, The price can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.
After entering the jade factory, Hetian jade seed material for creative sculpture, through different levels of carving workers or artists, only the formation of jade pieces, which off greatly opened the same price of jade, according to experts, jade master design and Carved works, the general fee in grams, a small pendant of the fee on the casually on the million!

Hetian jade seed material collection of what pay attention to?

First, Hetian jade seed material has experienced a million years of infection and tempered, corrosion, and its unique characteristics determine its collection value is rising.

Second, Hetian jade is extremely stable, not easy to corrode the characteristics of it has a greater collection value.

Third, the rich historical and cultural connotation makes Hetian jade has a higher collection value.

Fourth, the impact of Hetian value of the factors are: quality, origin, output environment.
What is the meaning of jade. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of goodwill, auspicious class is expressed auspicious wish.
Jade carved into jade, as the theme of the carrier, jade theme to express a lot of meaning, sustenance of people’s wishes. Jade most of the subject matter is divided into wealth and auspicious class. Wealth of subjects occupy a large part of jade, to express the expectations of life for the well-being of life; auspicious class is expressed auspicious expectations.

What is the meaning of jade class

One, corn rat to give money. This is the traditional allusion, it is said that the mouse was the wealth of God’s wealthy boy, and later because of violating the day, was demoted to do the mouse, so there are corn rats to say. Jade also has this theme, the pattern is often one or a few mice, around the ingot or coins.

Second, the God of Wealth. God of Wealth is wealthy jade is not difficult to understand. Legend of the God of Wealth is to master the world of the gods of wealth, the image of the face for the kind of old man, fairy wind bone, wearing a hat, waist coins, wealth and auspicious.

Third, scattered money boy. From the Buddhist argument, scattered boy can also bring good luck, it is said that when it was born, the family filled with gold and gold treasures. Scattered money boy, children look like, innocent and lovely, often have the kind of coins ingot in its identity.

Four, brave. Legend of the Swiss beast, brave is one of the dragon, it is said that magic boundless, a evil spirits. It is very fond of devouring wealth, a certain day due to heaven drowning, was Jade a slap closed the anus, can only eat and can not vent. It is regarded as a symbol of Lucky wealth, wear in the body, or placed at home, not only evil spirits evil effect, but also increase wealth.
What is the meaning of auspicious jade?

First, the Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy: Buddha refers to Maitreya Buddha, that is, the Buddha of the future, its image is belly, laughing, barefoot, of course, there are Buddha Buddha, Buddhism and so on, Guanyin in China is Well known, its tendency to thousands of thousands of jade in the image of Goddess of Mercy is also changing, but the same is her auspicious meaning. As the saying goes: man wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha, that is, men like Guanyin as soft, and kind-hearted, women will be like Maitreya, tolerance generous.

Second, the birthday: jade in the image of the Antarctic Xianweng a peach, Antarctic www.ourlovestore.com cents Weng smile, white hair long to be, fairy wind bone, it means healthy and longevity.

Third, the boy: multi-table more blessed meaning.

Four, dragon and phoenix: are the legendary beast, which is the totem of the Chinese nation, can be said to be the first animal, dragon and phoenix on behalf of both sides of the yin and yang, dragon refers to men, phoenix is negative, they mean auspicious, Cheung is so.

Five, fish, bat, deer: often used homonyms to express the meaning of auspicious, for example, the fish through the table, the table more than a year; bat Tongfu, table happy meaning; deer pass Lu, express the meaning of affluence.

What are the benefits of wearing a Hetian bracelet?

What are the benefits of wearing a Hetian bracelet?
Question: I bought a Hetian jade bracelet, wear it there is nothing to pay attention to? It is suitable for what time to wear?

Best answer: Now bracelet by women’s favorite, especially Hetian jade bracelet, it is best to highlight the women’s gentle, generous, beautiful, noble, so by a lot of female friends love. Hetian jade bracelet as a dress with jewelry, should wear their own clothing to match to bring out your beauty. Everyone’s dress style is not the same, so wear bracelet style and color are different, then say Hetian jade bracelet and dress with some of the skills.

In daily life, most people will wear a relatively simple, casual, T-shirt plus cowboy, skirt, etc., casually with a Hetian jade bracelet, do not have some flavor. Arm slender women, wear long-sleeved clothes, matched with a Hetian jade bracelet, can bring out your exquisite Replica Cartier jewelry elegance, Buzhi Yu too thin. And in the exercise, cycling, playing badminton, swimming and other sports, it is best not to wear Hetian bracelet, it is cumbersome, but also easier to damage jade. In the work of the time, put on more formal clothing, you can choose a delicate bracelet, the color should not choose too elegant, although the elegant can make people look fresh and refined, but the workplace should show the feeling of doing things, jasper bracelet Is a good choice. In the traditional Chinese clothing with the shape of the Hetian jade bracelet, the integration of our Oriental female subtle beauty, the whole totally natural, eye-catching, the finishing touch of feeling. If you attend the dinner, Hetian jade bracelet is for you that elegant evening dress a lot of elegance.

In fact, the bracelet wear method is also very particular about, you can wear one, two in the left hand, or two were worn on the left and right wrist, can not only wear on the right hand. Wearing three words, should be worn on the left hand. Wearing more than three is too exaggerated, and does not recommend such a match, will destroy the beauty of the bracelet.
Question: I bought a Hetian jade brave pendant, wear it there is no meaning or benefit? What are the benefits or benefits?

Best answer: brave in the five elements of feng shui with fire, can attract a lot of money, so at home or the office placed Hetian jade brave jewelry, the effectiveness of Wang Cai. People of all ages are suitable for wearing Hetian jade Pi Xiu pendant, it can play a lot of role, the following points:

1, town house evil spirits. Brave is a kind of Swiss beast, has opened the brave placed at home, you can make the family have good luck, rid of evil, the role of town house, is the patron saint of the family, protect the whole family safe.

2, financial wealth. Is really doing partial line (such as stocks, horse racing, futures, etc.), then dedicated to brave will be a good luck magic. In addition to Wang Wang partial financial, but also help, so many businessmen will be at home or the office placed a brave.

3, in addition to disease, reminder of official transport. Brave also has a demon demon magic, the power of plague poisoning, so you can prevent and eliminate the role of human and animal plague. In addition it also symbolizes the official transport prosperous.

4, of the evil. Brave is a vicious animal, has a strong guardian of the heart, you can drive the clouds, ordered the Thunder, the rain opened the sun, mountains and rocks to capture the monster, the legend of evil spirits, block evil, the power of town house, you can resolve a variety of evil spirits.

Wearing brave pendant when the men and women all ages, but should pay attention to is more than 72 years old is not suitable for wearing. And if it is wearing their own Hetian jade brave pendant, do not let others casually touch. But they should always touch it, because brave www.ourlovestore.com with spirituality, so let it feel your presence.
Question: want to buy and Tian Yu Pi Xiu jewelry to wear, do not know fit for me? Which election and Hetian jade bracelet jewelry is better? What are the benefits of wearing Hetian jade bracelet?

Best answer: Hetian jade brave has a Lucky, exorcism, the meaning of the town house, but also has a strong spirituality, when wearing or have to pay attention to, and that Hetian jade bracelet jewelry to wear methods.

First, wear Hetian jade brave rings: usually and Tian Yu brave bracelet is brave for the ring face, ring ring gold and silver mosaic, or to rope as a ring. So when wearing, whether it is worn in the left hand or right hand, when wearing the brave front to the front, only the head toward the front to wear, the observer either standing on the opposite or side of the wearer, can See Hetian jade brave of the demeanor.

Second, wear Hetian jade brave bracelet: Wentian bracelet worn in the bracelet, the brave head is based on the direction of the bracelet to wear the direction. Wearing a left hand, the brave of the head to the right direction to wear; wear in the right hand, the brave of the head to the left to wear, so the way to wear is the most beautiful.

Third, wear Wada jade brave bracelet: Hetian jade bracelet bracelet is generally brave pattern carved on the bracelet, and Hetian bracelet wearing method is naturally a good part of jade forward, so when wearing bracelets do not have to pay attention Brave way to wear, naturally like.

Four, wearing Hetian jade brave pendant: Hetian jade brave pendant should be the most common way to brave carving one of the way, and pendants are naturally the most stressful. In the wearing Hetian jade brave pendant is usually the hole in the brave brains under the mouth, with the rope interspersed, at the time of wearing the head is the head down the state, so brave is not only beautiful and beautiful, and brave eyes On, can see the Quartet, to absorb the money. Must not be braved head down to wear, not only not beautiful, but also affect the spirituality of brave, so that the loss of the role of brave.

Anniversary send girlfriend what gift is good

Anniversary send girlfriend what gift is good
Anniversary of sending a girlfriend what gift is good, love the first anniversary of the year, you are not gradually from the warm toward the plain, she is not often ask you “you love me”, in the plains of the precipitation of love always make girls lack of safety Feeling, this time to send her an anniversary gift, both you love her expression, but also you give her the most delicious a reassurance.

General girls are very attention to detail, no matter whether your gift is precious, as long as you carefully, she will feel to, and will be touched by you. In the first anniversary together, she has any preferences, what interest, usually there is no small desire, there is no want to wait, and so you will certainly have a lot to understand, you send the gift to vote for it, even if What about it?
Send a girlfriend anniversary gift recommendation, in addition to usually Replica Cartier jewelry pay more attention to the preferences of girlfriends, interests, small wishes, in the anniversary of the preparation of roses and candlelight dinner, and then a romantic confession, believe that any girl can not refuse your mind.

If the feelings are very stable and relatively well funded circumstances, carefully planning a proposal is also a very good anniversary gift. Choose your first date for a restaurant or park, secretly prepare a bunch of red roses and a diamond ring – the diamond ring does not need much, just express your love for her as eternal as diamonds; red roses 11 best, on behalf of you I love her all my life.
Winter to send a girlfriend what gift, winter is all the sleeping season, but also love the season to wake up, send a girlfriend warm heart of the gift, even if the cold weather but also can see the flowers, it is from the heart blooming the most beautiful Of the flowers, is really shining its sunshine, the gift is to moisten its rain. So what is the winter gift girlfriend?

Winter to send a girlfriend gift is mainly to let his girlfriend in the cold weather feel your warmth, warm and cold items is probably the best gift to send his girlfriend in winter. Scarves, gloves, hats, etc. is the most practical warm gift, of course, plush toys, music boxes, etc. is also very suitable for winter gifts to send a girlfriend, sent out not only warm, but also a companion.
Winter to send a girlfriend gifts recommended, gifts to send their own mind, no matter what winter girlfriend gifts, as long as you carefully selected, full of your affection for her, girlfriend does not like it is difficult If you know what your girlfriend likes, go to carefully pick out a best expression of their own feelings of the gift, so the warmest girlfriend’s heart.

If the girlfriend for those scarves, gloves, plush bears and other gifts are not hobbies, it is better to send her a jewelry it, on behalf of the eternal diamond, but also expressed your heart for her never change. Zoakai jewelry network will have a variety of exquisite diamond jewelry, the price is not particularly expensive, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets are the best gift to send girlfriend in winter.
Christmas gifts to the best friends, Christmas is the Western Spring Festival, in recent years in China is very popular, Christmas gifts on the day of the festival is inevitable part of the inevitable, snowy Christmas night, around the decorate Colorful Christmas tree before the song dance, to each other to send a Christmas gift, accompanied by good wishes.

Christmas gifts to the girlfriend is only a chance to express love, a warm scarf, flying in the sky in the snow, melting her heart; a box of passionate chocolate, into a warm current, their own warm Love is also passed in the past; a set of exquisite cups, love is willing to protect your life www.ourlovestore.com forever. Christmas gifts to the girlfriend just pass a warm, you think the best is her favorite.
Christmas gift to send a friend recommended, the gift is the heart, but if the girlfriend can be better that the heart. So usually more care, love, to understand her, Christmas can find a suitable gift to her.

If your girlfriend likes to eat, send her chocolate it;

If your girlfriend is more like flowers, send her red roses it;

If your girlfriend likes plush toys, send her Santa Claus dolls;

If you have been in love for many years, then send her to drink her to marry it.
The first time to send a girlfriend what gift, just set up love relationship you first sent a girlfriend gift is not some nervous, some overwhelmed? The first time to send a girlfriend what gift is good? In fact, gifts to express their own feelings, with a gift like her to express is the best, so the first time to send a girlfriend gift before you can secretly inquire about what she likes for her to choose a suitable gift.

If the first time to send a girlfriend gift really do not know what the other like, then send her to spend it, although the flowers are more old-fashioned, but also classic, but the premise is that your girlfriend is not allergic to pollen. Or you can also send her some small jewelry, exquisite bracelets, pendants, hair cards and so are so that girls can not refuse. Otherwise, some creative, meaning the gift can also impress her heart.
The first time to send a girlfriend gift recommended, the first time to send a girlfriend gift does not seem to send too expensive, can vote for the best, do not know what the other like the case can show their affection. Send her a comb, both on behalf of Acacia, but also for the meaning of affection, to express your willingness to grow old with her old age Another comb on behalf of healthy, happy, the trouble swept away, the heart knot open.

In addition to the comb for the first time to give a girlfriend, cups, pillow and other gifts can also be used as a gift for the first time to his girlfriend, these gifts are clearly expressed in vain to express the gift, more to consolidate your love, to her A sense of security. If the other is more beautiful girl, send her a simple set of cosmetics is also very good oh.
Send a girlfriend what gift the most romantic, romantic gifts are generally with a unique meaning or carefully arranged for her to change a bunch of roses, feed her a chocolate, give her a love letter, send her a you Together with little bit of the album … … sometimes romantic does not need vigorous, in the ordinary life so that love inadvertently revealed that this is romantic.

In the usual process of getting along, pay attention to her preferences, in a commemorative day to send her to meet this monumental meaning and she is a gift, it is not romantic enough? Send a girlfriend What gift is the most romantic is not how good this gift is good, but that you love her deep and deep, love she will know how to give her the best and most romantic.
What gift to send a girlfriend the most romantic, the most romantic gifts are generally with the true appearance of the gift is just a means of passing love, can be straight to her heart is the most romantic gift. In fact, accompanied and waiting is also a most romantic gift.

If you think that any substantive gift can not express your love, it is better to come to an accident to marry it! Holding a rose, holding her hand, with her memories of your bit by bit, you may be a diamond ring, you may also be a rope rope, the ring wearing her ring finger, the fingers Closely, gently told her: “I love you!”

Tiffany on the ring

Tiffany on the ring
Tiffany, an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry for the business focus. Tiffany gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has developed a set of its own precious stones, platinum standards, and was adopted by the US US government as the official standard. Today, Tiffany is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies. Its Tiffany Blue Box (Tiffany Blue Box) has become a unique style of American fashion practice. Tiffany on how about it?
Tiffany’s new diamond ring series Tiffany Bezet, with a simple design to break the traditional model of engagement diamond ring, with its timeless design style, with the perfect color and clarity of the diamond highlights the brand’s supreme honor. In addition to as an engagement diamond ring, Tiffany Bezet can also be used as a fashion jewelry to wear. Bezet diamond ring also has a corresponding wedding ring, with each other to wear with each other.

Tiffany on the Tiffany on the price, in general, in the domestic Replica Cartier jewelry counters and stores to buy, then, than the United States to buy a lot of expensive, so you can choose the United States to buy more affordable. However, if it is the choice of purchasing, because Tiffany Tiffany on the ring is relatively high amount of products, so try to choose a large large-scale purchasing business to buy, quality is guaranteed.

Tiffany on the ring classic Victoria series using Meilenmei design, filling Tiffany diamonds dazzling. Platinum inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds with edged ridge cut diamond ring. Apex cut diamonds, total weight of 2.00 kt; round brilliant cut diamonds, total weight 0.34 karats. Tiffany lined diamond jewelry, elegant lines and elegant, behind it is a romantic story – the legend has a European king ordered people to create a sharp-shaped diamond, to remember the hearts of love smile. Today, Tiffany’s designers will be diamonds diamond diamonds inlaid, filling the modern fashion. Whether it is during the day or night, its dazzling color is always the same.
Tiffany on the ring code section SchlumbergerRope series using platinum wire twist into a rope-like chic design. Platinum inlaid round brilliant cut diamond ring. Total weight 0.32 karats. Rope series of classic interpretation of the Shi Long Bojie. Jinshao delicate winding into a ring, platinum mosaic of the main drill shine which, the perfect presentation of the Shi Longbojie for the texture and shape of the jewelry design talent. Many of his creations are integrated into the X elements, the Rope series also has Shi Longbojie’s signature tag. “For me, jewelry art is the first to express a pure, lasting beauty of the way, beyond the general fashion category.

Tiffany jewelry has always been sought after by many newcomers, especially in the Tiffany on the ring, whether it is a diamond ring or diamond ring, Tiffany classic all kinds of styles, always bring us the eternal feeling, but Tiffany’s Wedding ring series, how to choose it? In many Tiffany on the ring style, many people love lucida, milgrain and channel-set these three series of rings, because these three series of classic style generous, is simply on the ring in the wild models, and any other series The ring can make up a pair, a good reflection of the Tiffany style, and the price is acceptable to the public.

As the world’s top jewelry brand, Tiffany in addition to its rare and elegant jewelry, but also known for its classic fashion gifts. This time, Tiffany will be its iconic product line deduction to have the supreme quality of business gifts, as a gift colleagues, customers and employees of the fashion choice. Each gift is carried in the Tiffany classic blue gift box, even more distinguished.

Tiffany is a symbol of American design, it enjoys a high reputation in the world, in the world is very famous brand. Ring for women, is a very fashionable jewelry, but also love to express their love for a way; for men, this is his love to do the best commitment. So, whether it is lovers or husband and wife, Tiffany is very important to the ring.
Swarovski has already started working with legendary figures from global designers and fashioners, including Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Versace, Gucci and Prada. Based on the crystal products have been rising and development, CRYSTALLIZED? – Swarovski elements continue to lead the trend of the top designers to work closely with the global design community to support the new force spare no effort, Swarovski elements “CRYSTALLIZED? Swarovski Element Marker.
As part of Swarovski’s new dynamic brand, “CRYSTALLIZED? – using the Swarovski Elements” mark will be used by selected designers and brands. Used to identify those who really have a unique idea, uncompromising attention to the creation, and with CRYSTALLIZED? – Swarovski elements to match the works. The splendid Crystal Anniversary Series uses Swarovski elements inspired by JIMMY CHOO Founder and Creative Director Tamara Mellon, a rich collection of collectors who love antique jewelery, adding the ever-changing crystal elements to the new series Charming radiance.

Swarovski Elements is the top brand of the best crystal elements made by Swarovski, with countless colors, effects, shapes and sizes, which are huge for designers of fashion, jewelry, jewelry and interior furnishings The inspiration. In 1895, Swarovski elements have been www.ourlovestore.com the choice of designers. Whether it is self-confident women to show themselves wild design, or beautiful princess style, can enjoy the charming charm of the brand.

By the British wallpaper designer Karen? Bo Shang (Karen Beauchamp) and Swarovski element design team work together to create a new series, with a surprise way to break through the creative boundaries, but also the design concept into wallpaper products. Swarovski made of high-quality crystal elements – Swarovski elements, the perfect blend into the fine suede, reflective foil and imitation metal leather multi-layer ink stained substrate; in the light shadows, multi-faceted color crystal elements and round Arched pearls make Crystal Strata and wallpaper design perfect fusion, thrown waves of intoxicating light.

Swarovski Elements has become an indispensable material for international designers in the creation. Since its inception in 1895, Swarovski has been the focus of excellence and innovation as the cornerstone of this business, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of the company’s attention to the trend of research and attention, and successfully brought a series of close to the trend Of the crystal elements, as well as unprecedented color and effect.

Swarovski element stamps decorated with Swarovski elements of the product can be certified by Swarovski seal. We will provide the Swarovski seal to the official partner who has a Swarovski element and meets the stringent standards. Swarovski Seal uses a variety of the latest security features. In addition to holographic image effects, each stamp is printed with a unique 16-digit number, usually located on the front of the label or stamp sticker, just below the seal.

Pomillite 1 carat diamond ring price

Pomillite 1 carat diamond ring price
Pomillite 1 carat diamond ring on behalf of the romantic, and romance is the eternal theme of love, romantic relationship between the two is an endless tie, romantic like a poison poisoned the fatal temptation. What is the price of the Pomeranian 1-carat diamond ring?

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It is said that the name of the brand name “Pomi Leite” of the Pomeranian 1-carat Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica diamond ring is derived from a kind of spotted fur, which has been extinct for many years. It symbolizes simplicity and nobility. Initially, Pomirlet had only a small factory of 15 people. At the end of the 1990s, Pino LaBolini retreated from the company’s top manager, but he still dominated the company’s majority stake. He gave the management company’s responsibility to Francesco Minorry, the latter’s excellent business can quickly make Pomirrette become one of the world’s most eye-catching jewelry industry.
Pomerac 1 carat diamond ring how much money

Pomillite 1 carat diamond ring is a lot of young couples love the choice, but the Pomerac 1 carat diamond ring expensive price also let a lot of people who love it prohibitive.

The price of the Pomeranian 1-carat diamond ring is inseparable from the development of Bomrette, rooted in constant research and innovation. It is designed every year and is crafted by about 250 artisans, with new materials, colors and shapes shining. The designer of the wave of the introduction of high-level clothing into the jewelry industry, it completely abandoned the high-level jewelry can only use the old material of expensive materials, a large number of three-color K gold and colorful colored stones, such as romantic amethyst, Warm garnet, dignified lapis lazuli and clear yellow diamond, and the appearance of soft and mellow, easy with casual wear or dress with, flexible, practical and generous.
Compared to the price of the first diamond brand, Zuo Kayi has always been committed to lead the new diamond consumption trend. Zoukai white 18K gold 100 points / 1 carat men’s engagement diamond ring simple line with a single flash drill, and the face is more frosted, highlight your low-key and calm, refined atmosphere.

Product parameters

Brand: Zoakai Name: White 18K Gold 100 points / 1 Carat Men Engagement Diamond Ring Certificate: National Authorization Certificate Number: WR0983A-W-RD-1

Material: White 18K Gold Metal Weight: about 5.20 grams

Main drill information

Shape: Round Number: 1 piece Weight: 1.00 Carat Color: H Clarity: VVS Cut: VG

This section of the Kokai 1 carat diamond official website price: 95889.00 yuan
Pomi Leite 50 points diamond ring how much? Pomelite 50 points diamond ring from Italy jewelry Pomelite (Pomellato), swept the world, even the big stars who have to wear Pomeran’s jewelry, leaving a permanent shadows. And frequent participation and organization of international charity activities, but also expanded the reputation of the Pomeranet.

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Pomillite 50 minutes diamond ring completely abandoned the past fine jewelry only expensive old tradition, a large number of colorful colored stones, and stressed convex. Bright red garnet, crystal clear yellow diamond, calm lapis lazuli and lively amethyst, etc., with the changing three-color gold material, so that each jewelry are easy with leather or ribbon with a random combination can be casual Formal for modern people changing style of clothing.

Bomi Leite 50 points diamond ring how much money

So, what is the influencing factor of the Pomirlet’s 50-point diamond ring? It is understood that the price of Bomi Leite 50 diamond ring to a large extent associated with its brand value. Italy’s young jewelry brand Pomelite (Pomellato) was founded in 1967, headquartered in the jewelry industry in Milan.

The founder of Pomirlet is Pino La Bolini and Luigi Xi Nuo Li. Pino Lobolini from Milan, a jewelry production family, but he boldly decided to create a distinctive brand new, to abandon the past rigid rules of evening dress jewelery style, to create more personalized products.
Bomi Leite 50 points diamond ring should not be locked in the safe, but should be dissolved into life, so that it can be worn in various occasions. So, what is the price of the 50-point diamond ring in the Pomillite?

Zoecai white 18K gold 50 points / 0.5 carat top diamond product parameters

Brand: Zoakai Name: White 18K gold 50 points / 0.5 carat top diamond ladies ring

Certificate: National Authorization Certificate Number: W00775-W-RD-1 Material: White www.ourlovestore.com 18K Gold Metal Weight: about 2.30g

Main drill information

Shape: Round Number: 1 piece Weight: 0.50 Carat Color: D-E Clarity: VS Cut: VG

This section of the Zouka 50 cents diamond official website price: ¥ 15999.00

Bomi Leite 50 points diamond ring and Zoacai 50 points diamond ring Although the price and the brand is different, but as a witness of love, is the same.
Niessing started in 1837, by Mr. Hermann Niessing in the German town of Vreden established, is Germany 100 years pure jewelry brand. A century later, Niessing put her with the times of advanced design concepts fully applied to every product, including the classic wedding ring, jewelry and watches and so on. Commendable is that every day today, every piece of jewelry still insists on the design, production and processing of the town Vreden.
How much money you can get

Niessing Each piece of jewelry is made of high quality gold, platinum and stainless steel. And diamonds have the most top to Zhen quality. Niessing’s perfect flowing in every detail of the craft, whether it is morphological design, unique selection or superb processing. To the talent of the artisans of the hand, the perfect jewelry finally born!

Niessing jewelry set geometry and structure in one, with a simple round, triangle, square to express its design philosophy. Each jewelry design concept is a simple simple beauty, giving a simple shape of the United States.
Zuoqi jewelry has been the pursuit of excellence, the most beautiful use of gorgeous gems, so that every brand jewelry has become a unique and outstanding works. For the new year to celebrate the celebration at the same time, together to witness this series is both elegant and unique sense of the handed down jewelry!

Product parameters

Brand: Zoakai Name: 18K White Gold F-G Color 100 / A Carat Heart Diamond Ring Certificate: National Authorization Certificate No .: W03184-W-HS-1

Material: White 18K Gold Metal Weight: about 2.51g

Main drill information

Shape: Heart Number: 1 Weight: 1.00 Carat Color: F-G Clarity: VS

Vice drill information

Shape: Round Number: 39 Total weight: 0.16 Carat

This section of the Zouka 1 carat diamond ring price: ¥ 55999.00 yuan

Visual travel: Louis Vuitton top jewelry

Visual travel: Louis Vuitton top jewelry
Louis Vuitton this brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and bags, but to become involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, wine and other areas of the giant trend indicators. From the early LV suitcase to today’s Paris T stage on the changing LV fashion show, LV (Louis Vuitton) has been able to stand in the top position of the international fashion industry, proud of luxury brand list, lies in its own Unique brand of DNA.
When we travel, what will be used to solidify this moment of the mood, remember the eyes of the beauty of it?
Perhaps most people will be with me, with the hands of the camera to record what you see and hear, in the next years from time to time out of some memorable, remember the moment when the scene. However, for Louis Vuitton top jewelry designer Replica Cartier jewelry Lorenz Baumer, his way is – with jewelry to record those memories of travel, the scenery along the way into their own source of inspiration.
Escale a Paris Paris Walking Series
In the Escale a Paris Paris walk series, I seem to return to the bustling city that seems to never end, than the carousel music and lighting more demagogic. Champs Elysees on the road so in front of the left row of a row is the face of the snow headlights, and the right side of the row is the red rear lights. The end of the road, of course, is the Arc de Triomphe.
Hudson Fountain (Hitorff’s fountains) in the afternoon sunshine, Shuiguang glittering, reflecting the bright sunshine. So the diamond into the light band pouring down, and the deep sapphire Xiangyinghui.
This group of jewels finished with emerald, sketched out the beauty of the former Louvre garden, large fountain and French garden decorated with each other, with a green gem symbolizes the vitality of the garden, and diamonds out of the garden outline the path , The whole piece of jewelry as if from the air overlooking the scene of Du Le Li Garden, Louis XIV dynasty royal aesthetic concept unfolded.
The last stop in Paris, let us come to Vendome Square (also translated as Fontaine Square). Here is the location of the heart of the medieval Paris, but also has the Napoleon III era of Paris after the transformation of the broad road. So, this piece of work to show the beauty of Paris, the beauty of the building. Yellow diamond flashing, as if dawn when the morning light exposed that moment, the city gradually wake up, beautiful thrilling.
LV senior director of jewelry art Lorenz Baumer Character brief introduction

Everyone has a princess dream, but you do not often have the opportunity to do a real princess design, “” design jewelry needs passion. But the engineering background so that I am more rational in the promotion of jewelry “… … November 11 closing of the Shanghai International Fine Arts Exhibition (Shanghai Fine Jewelery and Art Fair), and Picasso, Renoir, Monet authentic as eye-catching , Is LV senior jewelry art director Lorenz Baumer design.

Lorenz Baumer (Lorenz Baumer) is a French independent jewelry designer, works in addition to jewelry, there are watches and furniture.

LV (Louis Vuitton) senior jewelry art director labor Lorenz Baumer LV is the rise of the new jewelry behind the scenes hero. Lorenz Baumer’s works have been the Paris Art Museum of the collection, but also by the French Ministry of Culture issued the “Art and Literature Knight Medal.” “There is nothing else in a jewelry work, just to bring happiness and happiness.”
Fashion industry design week just over, the jewelry industry in July and set off a design trend show. “Jade source design inspired by life, from nature, from the animals, from all the imagination of the power.”
Chinese people think that the horse is walking on the ground of the dragon, worthy of worship and love, Yang green old pit kind of jade warrior spirits, lift the forefoot like to lead a mighty force to meet the enemy, irresistible, composed of diamonds and knights Flag clear profile, three-dimensional sense of wealth.
And then the colorful season, if there is no butterfly, it lost the most vibrant dynamic, when the green jade emerald butterflies flying in your ears, spring always around you.

Shareholders Mr. Alan Tam’s favorite financial resources to roll the mobile phone chain, the design of the original inspiration from the magician’s magic wand, the mobile phone chain of silver pledge to come from inspiration from the turn, it will be in the process of rotation will be good luck To the people who wear. The top of the road through the meaning of all the way smooth, hanging below the peach, gourd, safe buckle and other full of good blessing of the colorful jade pendant, with it has the magic so that everything is going well.
The famous “Oriental Pearl” Hong Kong Victoria Harbor in addition to the modern minimalist style of buildings, but also retains a large number of Baroque architecture. They are free shape, the pursuit of dynamic, like the rich decorative and carving, strong colors, commonly used interspersed with the surface and oval space. Jade source of cutting-edge designers with the construction of a certain festival, so that Jade jewelry and some flavor in which charm, extraordinary charm, stirring people. Full of green on the emerald, the top of the 18K gold free to bend, in the embellishment of diamonds, so that the already eager to Jadeite drops of water pendant, more agile.
Every girl has a fairy tale dream, Andersen’s ugly ducklings after the www.ourlovestore.com experience after the transformation into a beautiful white swan. Wearing a jade source of swan emerald pendant, you find the dream from the original close to us.
Almost all the jewelry, not through the mirror is basically their own can not see, only the ring, as long as a hand can see, the ring is definitely the most people who have to wear the most happy jewelry, and such a happy It is a woman love jewelry to enjoy the reasons. The designer will be full of deep meaning of the emerald cut into a heart-shaped, a pure heart, highlight the thick girl mind, when the hand of the Cupid’s love arrow through the heart-shaped emerald ring, you harvest a perfect Of love, full of green jade, the skin against the background of the exceptionally beautiful.
Full of “knight spirit” concept of the Emerald saddle ring, in addition to the traditional meaning of the horse to the success of the emerald source added a new meaning, so that the wearer has a general optimistic and brave spirit.
Most customers love the full leopard flower green pendant. At the beginning of the design, in addition to others can not copy the mosaic of swing technology, but also because it originated from the rising balloon, a symbol of the girl’s dream. Wear it, the dream is about to become a reality.
The life of Hong Kong people who blend Chinese and Western cultures is like the “piano poet” Chopin’s melody, full of romance. 18K gold emerald ring like a note composed of a wonderful music, played the symphony of life.

About emerald source

JADELINK from China is the only international brand specializing in jade jewelery in China. It is a fashion leader in the design of natural jade jewelry. In the field of jade and the original stone auction is also one of the most prestigious manufacturers.

Jade source of origin, to the east of the rhyme of the design concept and talented jade “7C source technology”, the franchise produced the top Jade jewelry works, once launched, by many fashion artists and Hong Kong star respected, favorite.

Jade source to a complete industrial chain integration approach, from the auction source selected emerald original stone, and invited the international chief jewelry designer for ingenious design, sculpture master production and direct sales channels to ensure that each customer in its counter Buy are pure natural and other authentic at the same time, and enjoy the price advantage!

Gem ring what brand is good

Gem ring what brand is good
Gem ring what brand is good, in fact, the brand is a good style, is the process, just that the quality of precious stones, because it is natural gem, every quality is not the same, which specific to talk about the precious stones such as precious precious stones , Have to require a certificate issued by the business to illustrate the quality of this ruby ruby color is the biggest feature in different light sources will be under great changes. In the light will show a bright color, so that the actual pink, dark red ruby, showing rose red, rich red. So when you buy, you must also put the ruby away from the light of the natural light under observation, then the color is more realistic, but Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look.
Gem ring that brand is good, Zuo Kay as the establishment of the 2004 China Internet Diamond brand, Zuo Kayi has always been committed to lead the new diamond consumption trend of a variety of online sales business platform support, improve the organization system checks, professional sales And management team effort.
Platinum diamond ring what brand is good, the general wedding are custom is better, the diamond ring is generally 20 days up and down, diamonds and ring can pick their own. To send the wedding ring is the most important thing, I heard a brand called Darry Ring, a man with a single ID card can only be customized one, meaning the only true love of life. This ring makes me believe that there is a love of wood. Okay, I’m running. I think the general platinum diamond ring generally buy about 50 points on the six claws on the very good so small here in the recommended Zoacai to see you.
What brand is good for the ring, for those who want to buy a marriage or marry a diamond ring must do a good job before the purchase plan. It is recommended before the purchase should learn about diamond ring knowledge and understanding of the diamond ring industry; do a Replica Cartier jewelry reasonable budget budget to see how much to prepare to buy drilling and so on. There are many brands of diamond ring, brand and brand differences are relatively large, but the diamond is naturally formed, so the brand is not related.

Now look at the diamond ring are more emphasis on meaning and meaning, so this is also very important. Like the meaning of good diamond ring brand real name system made of Zuo Kayi diamond ring, meaning “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I go hand in hand,” holding this real name made custom diamond ring to their loved ones is the most Appropriate but it!
If you are young couples, it is best to send platinum rings a little better, because the general wearing a gold ring more elderly people, platinum, gold ring, and so on. The ring is more suitable for young people, but the price is different, but Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look at the price inside them.
Couples sterling silver ring what brand is good, silver is generally 925 silver, the price is not expensive chain between 29-59 in general, brand silver as appropriate doubled 2-4 times (for example, love and the holy silver era is very general price is very Reasonable), the price difference between the big fight fish inside the necklace is love to read the family of love fish series hanging.

It is said that the beginning of the design is the holy silver, imitation of the brand now as long as JAP, WACCA, TJK (Japan’s three silver brand) a new one will immediately imitate and the price is very low and Xiaobian recommend you to Zuoka Look at it.
Couples rings are good, couple rings have a lot of brands are good Oh, like Zoacai, Chow Sang Sang, Cartier, Darry Ring these, there are many good couple rings can buy, they are in quality and quality are cross, all can There is a guarantee, but it is recommended to look at Zoacai its after-sales service is very good.
Couple ring that brand is good, Zoca, famous jewelry brand. Focus on diamond jewelry and custom jewelry brands. To provide you with professional advice and sales services, including diamonds, diamond ring, ring, wedding ring, bare diamond, Cai Bao and other jewelry, and personalized custom.
Fashion ring what brand is good, and now there are many brands of fashion rings, and to buy a fashion wedding ring, then there are many places you can buy, but to say which brand is better it is difficult to say clearly, after all, everyone like the brand Are not like the same brand will not you like it.

So you want to buy a fashion wedding ring or according to personal budget to their favorite jewelry store selection custom bar. Then Xiaobian recommend you to Zuo Kayi look.
Gold ring what brand is good, the brand is very important drop Zhou Shengsheng, Lao Fengxiang is a golden brand to know the first two days to see China Gold, Chow Tai Fook gold is not up to the standard, mad – Bought it! 1000 the following, only recommended a week full of gold heart to heart ring 1.94 grams, the price is more than 800, 900 or so, style Ye Hao. The rest of the small series in the recommendation of a Zoacai for everyone to know the understanding can go and see look.

Online buy gold ring, then it is recommended to buy high credibility, high recognition of the brand, such as Zoca, Cartier, Bulgari, Darry Ring … … and Cartier, Bulgari is a foreign brand, the price will be relatively high. Moreover, buy a ring and is not the more expensive the better, and focus on the meaning of the www.ourlovestore.com ring.
The couple to buy a couple of jewelry stores can buy, but in the end what brand is good, it is difficult to say clearly, after all, everyone like the brand is not the same, so the If you want to buy a couple ring, then according to the budget to their favorite jewelry store selection custom bar.

In fact, the couple to buy what brand is not the most important, the most important thing is the meaning of the ring, Xiao Bian recommend you to Zuo Kayi, Chow Tai Fook, Lao Fengxiang and so on these well-known brand stores to see.
Election silver ring, then it is best to choose a well-known brand, and can not always think of cheap and then casually to buy a no-name, this is a commemorative value! Xiao Bian here recommended Zuo Kayi, Cartier Cartier, Chow Tai Fook , Tiffany (Tiffany & Co), Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, these brands are good ring these are all good!
Silver ring what brand is good, choose the silver ring, then it is best to use a well-known brand, and can not always think of cheap and then casually to buy a no-name, this is a commemorative value! Xiao Bian here recommended Zuoka Iraq, Cartier, Chow Tai Fook, Tiffany & Tiffany & Co, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, these brands are good ring these are all good! Specifically you can go to Zoacai brand online to see the latest ring brand ranking.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money. Zoca for your detailed answer Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money related content, to help you quickly understand the Van Cleef & Arpels Clover necklace how much money related information. More Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace How much money is done at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace how much money, very good to see a better pull, but really expensive Clover necklace in the store to buy, the price is also the difference.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels carefully selected the gemstone set off with a touch of full of Chinese plot of the dazzling red, to create a series of limited to the mainland of China for sale on the sale of the Chinese mainland. China limited edition jewelry collection price is cheap and expensive.
Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf style necklace how much money, Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf style necklace its style necklace to attract a lot of customers and the price a little expensive, then Xiaobian introduced several look:

Clover necklace sterling silver chain clavicle chain Korean simple accessories female fashion jewelry 925 silver crystal white chain ¥ 139.00

Heart shaped crystal pendant girls silver clavicle chain short paragraph accessories fashion jewelry 1068 fashion necklace ¥ 158.00

Silver Platinum Men’s Necklace Men’s Silver Jewelry Jewelry Gifts Men’s Gifts ZH102 About 2mm Bonus Chain Weight Approximately 8g ¥ 109.00
Van Cleef & Arpica Clover Ring price, ring ring is not full of 18K gold, there is a groove, but no hollow, from the back is not see the surface of the agate .2 ring inside engraved with text, quit Outside the circle also has a small diamond-shaped steel seal is now the ring high imitation has been done can be true, and if you do not take the original put more details are difficult to see. Or to the mall to the insurance.
In addition, the code of the certificate and the ring code must be consistent, and in the store can find out the code and purchase information, no matter where you buy a general Clover price is not very high, there will be a bit drilled price Higher, but personally feel that there is no need to go to the counter to buy such expensive jewelry, as long as the material is the same process is really no longer buy counter can also be more attractive price.
Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Ring official price, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Ring In the world of jewelry, you can not indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels, it represents definitely not the general sense of the jewels, but the lofty French temperament. It is a mixture of love and dreams, is a self-evident symbol then its price is cheap and expensive, then Xiaobian here briefly introduced several:

Van Cleef & Arpels (FEERIE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS) ALHAMBRA series of classic flowers rose gold Fritillaria Clover pendant VCARF69100 ¥ 10500.00

Van Cleef & Arpels (FEERIE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS) ALHAMBRA series of classic large single flower gold red chalcedony four clover pendant VCARD38500 ¥ 18800.00

White fox pendant picture

White fox pendant picture
White fox pendant picture, white fox pendant is a lot of consumers are very fond of a style, China has since ancient times the story of white fox, white fox has always been a synonym for love in people’s vision, beautiful and generous.

White fox has been popular since ancient times, to improve interpersonal relationships, get popular and heterosexual goodwill; on this basis, increase the feelings, increase the marriage, it can promote people to pursue true love, enhance self-confidence and promote the couple’s emotional development.
White fox pendant pictures and prices, white fox pendant to now also has a lot of style, each one is carefully produced by the designer, each one has its unique meaning, by many consumers love.

White fox pendant because there are many styles, each because of Replica Cartier jewelry its different materials, etc., in the price of natural are not uniform. There may be many consumers are very concerned about the price, the following Zuo Kay Xiaobian to tell you about it!
Agate fox pendant picture, agate fox is a lot of consumers are very fond of a jewelry, agate fox pendant in the market style is also a lot, each one has a profound meaning, and fox pendant since ancient times there is the role of family harmony.

Agate fox pendant selection of natural Need for green agate, as the head of a small fox. Green is the color of life, a symbol of small solitary spirit of the color, so that small lorries more lively, Smart. Green agate natural, healthy.
Agate fox pendant picture and price, agate fox development for some time in the market is also a lot of style, each one is the designer has been carefully designed, have a unique meaning, is the market selling extremely popular style.

Agate Fox Pendant Because there are many styles on the market, so the price is not the same, each because of its different materials and so on. The following Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring agate fox pendant pictures and prices it!
Silver fox pendant picture, silver fox pendant is a very classic jewelry style, representing its profound meaning. Is the modern men and women are very fond of wearing, which is to ensure that the couple between the couple an important guarantee.

Silver fox pendant has many styles, each one has its profound meaning, silver fox pendant general shape delicate, micro-diamond diamonds shine. Rao the United States of the tail tip, Smart jaw, ears of the curve, fiber cents finished, by many consumers love.
Silver Fox Pendant picture and price. Silver Fox Pendant has always been a lot of designers like to design the style, the fox has always been a beautiful synonymous, so the market is also a lot of silver fox pendant, have their own characteristics.

Each section has a unique shape and profound meaning, we may also very concerned about the price of silver fox pendant, the following Xiaobian for everyone to bring silver fox pendant pictures and prices, we hope to help. Price for reference.
Gold obsidian fox pendant picture, the obsidian big fox pendant baby selection of Mexican natural obsidian ore, pure hand cutting, carving, polished. Full of obsidian natural spirituality. Harsh gold eyes, distributed from the inside of the beads, very beautiful.

The meaning of the black fox is to avoid rotten peach, refused to rotten the mysterious magic of peach, so that your world from this quiet down. Black fox scare evil, anti-villain slander, can help smooth the expansion of interpersonal relationships. And the fox can also avoid husband and wife peach robbery, is the family harmony.
Jinyao big head fox pendant picture and price. Jinyao big fox in the market there are many styles, are designed by the designer, each with its own unique story, by many consumers love.

There are many styles of the feathers of the feathers, each of the prices are not the same, the following Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the obsidian big fox pendant pictures and prices, we hope to help.
Gold little fox pendant picture, gold little fox pendant is a very classic gold jewelry, many young girls are very much want to buy. Gold fox has a classic meaning, and thus by many consumers love.

Single person wearing a small fox pendant, will learn peach is the energy, as soon as possible to bring their own destiny. Married people can wear a strong love loyalty, a lifetime love long. It is in the interpretation of women born charming. No matter where, are a beautiful landscape. Is a kind of www.ourlovestore.com good prayer wish, from the life of a happy family, love happy, career smooth, popular.
Gold small fox pendant pictures and prices, gold small fox pendant with matte material, even more natural and realistic. Fox face convex, three-dimensional strong, stylish and vivid; tail character description of fine, delicate to micro.

The market is a small gold fox pendant is also a lot of style, are carefully built by the designer, each one has its unique meaning, the following by the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring hot gold fox pendant Price for your reference!
Hong Kong color gold necklace price, gold jewelry necklace has been a lot of consumers are very fond of the classic style, the birth of each piece of jewelry is a legendary start, he accompanied you through countless glorious years, feel your emotions, In different years, witness your growth.

Hong Kong gold and gold necklace has been the price of many consumers concerned about, because the gold and gold necklace style there are many, each of the prices are not the same, the following for everyone to introduce a Katie Qi a gold jewelry necklace, I hope to be helpful.
How much money, Hong Kong Choi Necklace because of its unique shape and exquisite design, by many consumers. Hong Kong gold and gold necklace with a variety of styles, are carefully produced by the designer.

As a result of many styles, so each of the gold and gold necklace price is not the same, each design of the meaning and the materials used are different, the following Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a Hong Kong gold jewelry necklace I hope everyone likes it.
Chow Tai Fook gold bullion necklace pendant picture, Chow Tai Fook has been a lot of consumers are very trust the brand, over the years has been insisting on integrity management, Chow Tai Fook gold necklace pendant I believe there are many girls are very fond of Chow Tai Fook gold necklace pendant you deserve.

Chow Tai Fook Choi Necklace Pendant This gold medal necklace pendant is to send the meaning of the exclusive letter to their own, show fashion really me; send an exclusive letter to the TA, each other intimate affair. Loved by many consumers.
Chow Tai Fook gold necklace pendant pictures and prices, Chow Tai Fook development is also accumulated a lot of excellent classic models, each one has its unique meaning, are designed by the designer, I believe not let you disappointed.

Chow Tai Fook gold necklace pendant because there are many styles, and each material is not the same meaning, which will let consumers do not know how carefully selected, the following Zuo Kay Xiaobian to tell you about Chow Tai Fook gold necklace pendant picture and price The