The traditional culture of wedding rings

The traditional culture of wedding rings
There are a lot to say about the traditions and customs of weddings. For example: wedding rings and other jewelry, in different social and cultural implication of different meanings.
The legend of the ring
In ancient Greece, the ring is worn on the index finger. In ancient India, people put the ring on the thumb. Today we pass the “wear the ring on the ring finger” tradition began in the late Greeks, when the ancient Greeks think that there is a “love of blood” will ring finger and heart directly connected.
In early Rome, the ring had become a sign of eternal Cartier love bracelet replica love and a sign of engagement. In the ancient Rome wedding ring, engraved with two clenched hands, there are some wedding ring engraved with a key, a symbol: the bride can use this key, open her husband’s mind lock.
In 860 AD, the Pope “Nicholas I” promulgated the provisions of the provisions: marriage must be presented to the engagement ring procedures. He also insisted that the “engagement ring” must be made of gold, because it means: the groom for the bride at all costs. And “inlaid with the birth of the wedding ring” is said to bring good luck to the bride.
Although the men are now wearing a ring is something unusual, but before the 16th century, men are not fashionable to wear rings. After the Second World War, the United States began to rise the wedding ceremony of the exchange of wedding rings, a symbol of the bride and groom in the marriage of love and understanding.
Jewish “wedding ring”
From ancient times, the Jews have followed a tradition that either the engagement or the formal wedding, the bridegroom must give the bride a philanthropist, otherwise the engagement or the wedding is invalid. From the 7th century onwards, the Jews began to use the ring as an engagement token. The traditional “Jewish Ring” is made of gold, and there is no inscription or mosaic on the ring to symbolize the purity of men and women. Until today, the Jews also followed this tradition.
Russia “three ring ring”
The Russian wedding ring is composed of three rings of rings, each ring is made of different colors of gold, on behalf of the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son of the Trinity.
European “double ring”
In the 16th century in Europe, the first appeared a “double chain” engagement ring. Usually composed of two (sometimes three) splitable rings, each made of gold. When a couple is engaged, they wear one of their rings until a formal wedding is held, and both rings will wear on the bride’s finger. If there are three words, the third ring will be given to a special person to attend the wedding, such as the groom and the bride’s matchmaker or witness. At the end of the wedding, the man will return the ring to the bridegroom. Later, this traditional custom has evolved into today’s exchange of both sides of the ring.
Asian culture of emerald and pearls
In Asian culture, emerald is a symbol of luck, health and prosperity. However, the original people can never buy their own emerald, they think that will bring bad luck or even death. Therefore, jade jewelry can only be sent by others. There are some wealthy families will buy a whole piece of jade as a symbol of the family and blood continuation, the birth of the newborn, will be removed from the piece of jade to give the baby. At the wedding, the families of both men and women will exchange emerald to “welcome each other into their own family.” Usually to send a jade ring or necklace, to express the blessing and welcome to new people.
There are also some Asian traditional cultures that relate to pearls. The quasi-groom will give the prospective father a pearl (usually a pearl ring), but the quasi-groom can not give pearls directly to his girlfriend, because there will be disrespectful of each other’s family. The bride’s father will transfer the pearl ring to her daughter.
Put on the wedding of the moment, she became the world’s most beautiful and most moving spirit; his heart quietly praying, to use this life to give her happiness. And this happiness is gentle guardian, that is, with the nature of the fly, is the warm gift! With a wedding ring Cartier love ring replica stuck with happiness, together whispering “I want us together.”
Promise never fade
A commitment to the wedding, so that two people love life dedicated. A love of faith, in the palm of the hand and palms between the transmission of the temperature of love, the keepstenment to everlasting, long time does not fade, and only precious metals to complete this mission. Do not have a large diamond diamonds, do not have how the design of personality, as long as the simple ring with the “agreed you and me, spend a lifetime” commitment to it.
5 things about the wedding ring
Where is the wedding ring coming from?
The wedding ring was first called “husband and wife quit”, the ancient Roman men first sent a ring to the future wife for marriage purposes. This ring is made of iron, the pattern on the ring is a man and a woman’s right hand grip each other, and later, they use gold and middle and low gems, cast or carved into relief, and later some ring on the pattern is twisted Together with the cable, woven into braided or kneeling knot, which is a symbol of the marriage of solid.
According to some folklore studies, the ancient wedding ring, from the ankle and arm on the evolution of the ring. Wearing a ring, it means that the wearer has a tribe of a man all, forbidden other heterosexual intervention or cross knife wins love.
What is the best choice for wedding?
There is no fixed answer to this question. If you are an affordable school, that wedding ring is just a symbol of marriage, do not necessarily need to carry too much meaning, you can choose K white wedding ring, affordable price, a variety of styles are its advantages; if you focus on Quality and spiritual level of enjoyment, then none other than platinum wedding ring, it’s pure, rare, tough and durable never fade the characteristics of platinum carrying a profound meaning.
Why today’s wedding ring mostly white?
This is derived from Western culture. In the West, especially Europe and the United States, white is the main color when married, that the purity of love and faith, and some people say that God is the favorite color. From 2005 onwards, the wedding ring of white tide on the high Replica Cartier love bracelet popularity, today, both from the material or style, the new people have more choices.
What style wedding ring selling the best?
Wedding ring style should be durable and durable, can be equipped with daily dress-based, simple and elegant design is the best choice. Male models, female models if it is diamond-studded wedding ring, the diamond is mainly 8 to 10 points of small round stone, and lines and styles are more neutral ladder stone and princess stone has become a pair of pairs of new design focus.

Longfeng bracelet old style can also be beautiful wild

Longfeng bracelet old style can also be beautiful wild
I do not know from when, she began to obsessed with gold, like the golden sun that dazzling color and luxury texture, first bought a ring and bracelet, can always feel less a bracelet, because do not like bracelet chain, just like flat Pull, selected for a long time finally bought this, with her words, although the style of a little soil, but the bracelet is not very wide, the feeling is still very delicate.
This dragon and phoenix bracelet is not as we usually see so generous, it is a small design, exquisite workmanship show the beautiful form of dragon and phoenix, the scene of the dragon and phoenix scenes depicting the lifelike, classical atmosphere in the Replica Cartier jewelry noble, Pull the design can automatically adjust the size of the shape of the bar so that it is more appropriate with the wrist, oval shape to wear very comfortable.
This is her first bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, do not know the same gold like your first bracelet is what kind of it?
Many flowers and plants have been given a good meaning, clover is no exception, it is the flower language is happy, the legend of it always implies the introduction of reverie poetic and mysterious, most of which is that it can bring good for people Yun, she recently did not feel good, stroll to Chow Tai Fook, a fancy to the ring, two-piece clover, two lucky.

This ring to the clover design inspiration, to convey the mood of happiness, two clover is a solid one is hollow, hollow design highlights the sense of layering clover, solid it makes it look more real, not too gorgeous design , Simple modeling classic and not boring.

Very delicate clover ring, she hopes it can bring her double lucky happy! Recommend to everyone to enjoy, but also everyone lucky with happiness often accompanied by
Butterfly and flowers are the symbols of beauty, although they are not the same performance of the United States, but they are using their own unique interpretation of the wonderful style of life, no matter where they are always happy and exciting, so when the butterfly Meet the flowers, it seems that everything is so perfect and harmonious.

This ring to Dielianhua romantic mood for the design inspiration, depicts the butterfly in the flowers in the linger scene, so elegant and flexible butterfly and tender and beautiful flowers in the fingers of a spectrum of allure, elegant bend of the lines, Giving a reluctant feeling, set fashion and retro in one.

This is her favorite ring, smart and delicate, but also to meet her romantic fantasy fantasy, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Rose has always been her favorite flower, its beautiful appearance, arrogant posture and hidden in the toughness of the peerless elegance are her fancy, but in the tender and beautiful flowers also have a faint day, so she began to collect on the rose Jewelry, even if it can only save one thousand of its beauty, which is her many rose theme jewelry in a.
This bracelet with roses as the main design elements, exquisite workmanship presents seven buds of three-dimensional rose buds, high and low levels of petals perfect reproduction of the rose in full bloom before the form, rounded and full of contours to strengthen the lines of beauty , Dripping fine showing the buddies girl shy demeanor, people can not help but look forward to its beautiful bloom, bracelet body with hollow bamboo shape, novel and unique.
Beautiful rose bracelet, exquisite workmanship as if it was injected into the fresh life, quietly stopped in the wrist, people want to see it blooming posture, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Ribbon is an indispensable part of the daily accessories of women, it is soft and delicate texture and the woman revealed the fragrance of the bones, worn on the body so that women are suddenly vibrant texture, we used to put it in the neck, Of course, the wrist is also a good choice.
This Chow Sang Sang’s ribbon bracelet with a soft ribbon for the design inspiration, elegant lines are full of Smart beauty and soft and delicate feeling, ribbon circle of lightly told the heart of the elegant move, matte and smooth combination of delicate In a slight trace of warmth, as if wearing the hand is no longer a hard metal but soft texture of the ribbon.
This is Valentine’s Day this year she received the gift, very delicate bracelet, with her gentle temperament is equipped with, worn on her slender jade hands are particularly feeling, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Gold and dark green crystal interpretation of the charming night

Gold and dark green crystal interpretation of the charming night
A woman’s ring of perseverance and love is self-evident, emotional women even the ring as their epitome of beautiful life, because the slender jade refers to that touch full of affectionate, changing style is their portrayal of a happy life, which Is her recent love of a Replica Cartier jewelry ring, simple and generous shape very gas field.

This just gold night ring with a beautiful night for the design inspiration, thousands of gold wrapped in a multi-faceted dark green Shi Luohua Shiqi crystal, green faint color like a Wang covered with green algae lake, quiet and deep, irregular Shape and clear lines are all to give a clear and blurred atmosphere, just as strong as the night is so tempting and charming.
A beautiful ring, exaggerated shape and irregular shape of the full personality, virtually reveals a domineering, deep color introduction reverie, as if a rich life through the sun, shed the light of happiness, recommended For everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
For women, sometimes enjoy is not a luxury, exquisite can also be very simple, a set of beautiful jewelry can be, this is her favorite set of jewelry, whether it is chic style, the charm of purple crystal or retro Of the elements are in line with her delicate requirements.

This is just gold of the purple love to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, individual and unique colors as a source of inspiration, thousands of gold with a perfect cut Swarovski crystal design bright and generous gold, three-dimensional realistic gold tulip Flowers and hollow gold edge are all highlight the exquisite, stylish style full of modern while full of exotic.

Very unique set of jewelry, but not very exaggerated, symmetrical design solemn elegant, tassels and hollow to join, and added some of the classical atmosphere, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Sometimes jewelry is not just a beautiful tool, or a relaxed and casual way of life for a woman, which is a jewelry she loves, even though the slow snail is out of tune with the fast-paced city life now , The taste of the style is also a busy life in a beautiful landscape.

This is just gold snail Fritillaria to the nature of the common insect snail for the design inspiration, thousands of gold to build a soft body fitted with Fritillaria shellfish shell, small, three-dimensional modeling cute chic, white Fritillaria watery , Far from looks like the sky falling pearls, very beautiful, but also very artistic.

Very cute set of jewelry, fashion design plus chic modeling fun, in a way to make people feel relaxed, in the cumbersome life intoxicated and explore the dream, feel the magic of nature and beauty, recommend to everyone to appreciate, hope Everyone likes it.
Many women and earrings have untied love, because of its swing gesture perfect interpretation of the woman’s 10,000 kinds of customs, which is when she was wearing an earrings, she always felt that this earrings are earrings of the necessary Goods, fashion design than the low-key to a lot of gold, but more compelling.

This just gold crystal patty earrings made of thousands of gold and bright crystal made of exaggerated pure gold large circular ring fashion atmosphere, the ring on the hollow crescent design rough with a little romantic atmosphere, coupled with three tassels Like the crystal grain, the perfect cut three-dimensional crystal in the sun reflects the dazzling light, so you anytime, anywhere to enjoy the treatment of patty on the protagonist.

Very personalized earrings, long style has modified the effect of face, exaggerated and not publicity style elegant and mature, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Gold jewelry maintenance taboo

Gold jewelry maintenance taboo
Although gold has a strong metal stability, but consumers wear in the daily wear should also be careful care, attention to maintenance, so that gold to maintain a bright color. In general, gold jewelry should pay attention to the following matters:

1, wear should avoid gold jewelry contact with chemicals such as perfume, bleach Cartier love bracelet replica or cosmetics to avoid chemical action.

2, wear should avoid collision with sharp objects, so as not to cause wear on the goldsmith.

3, it is recommended that gold jewelry will be returned to a reliable store for professional cleaning. If you want to clean your home at home, consumers can put gold in pure water, with a soft brush light brush for a simple cleaning, to be dry, put back into the jewelry box to save.

4, because the gold texture is soft, wear should avoid pulling gold jewelry, so as to avoid the deformation and fracture of gold jewelry.
1, gold jewelry dust removal
The easiest way to clean the dust and fouling of gold jewelery is to gently scrub with a soft brush and dipped in hot water. It is best to dipped in soapy water with absorbent cotton balls and scrubbed with anhydrous alcohol, but it is not available. Abrasive particles (such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper or fine sand cloth, etc.) scrub, to avoid the weight of gold jewelry to reduce, causing losses.

2, gold jewelry washing

Wash gold jewelry, gold jewelry should be first placed in the container, and then add water to the container, then add a small amount of ammonia, then the mouth tight, back and forth hard shaking, and then remove the dry, wearing gold jewelry, Switch for maintenance.

3, gold jewelry white spot to remove

As the commercial cosmetics containing some trace of mercury (mercury), such as freckle cream often phenylethylglycidium and mercuric chloride and other ingredients, gold jewelry contact will appear white or white, this time, not available Knife or sandpaper polished, as long as the white Cartier love ring replica or white jewelry will be baked in the fire, and then wipe with a soft cloth, gold jewelry will restore the original luster.

4, gold jewelry surface dirt clean

Gold jewelry surface stained with dirt, will make the color bleak, this time, can be used to rinse the photo of the powder, against the 30-40-C warm water into the developer, plus doubled water dilution, the dirt gold jewelry Put them soak 4-6 minutes later, with soft hair brush to dirt, rinse with water several times can be, if the fine twist dipped in nail polish gently rub, gold jewelry will be more bright.
Now, the price of gold jewelry slowly down, perhaps already every family can have the daily necessities. But it is for each family, is still a valuables, certainly will always care about it. So, how do we usually keep it?

First of all, in the clean gold jewelry when the nature of mild soap and soft brush is the most simple and convenient tool. Alternatively, you can use other similar items instead, but remember that toothpaste containing abrasive is not allowed. Because this kind of thing and gold jewelry touch more, then the surface of gold jewelry will be corroded or scratched. After all, the hardness of gold is only 2.5, even the fingernail force, then the words will be on its surface scratches, let alone the other. After scratches in addition to unsightly, it is easier to hide dirt.

It is generally safe to clean gold jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning gold, but if there is a mosaic, it will not work. In addition, but also to avoid gold jewelry and cosmetics, protective clothing contact, gold content of the lower ornaments, such as 10k, and these substances may be chemical and discoloration.
As a popular wedding material of the two, gold ring and diamond ring in the end which is better? This time we compare the durability from the two aspects.
Gold ring: As we all know, gold is a relatively soft metal, it is easy to be affected by external forces in the case of deformation. Then, made of high purity gold gold ring is also easy to be affected by external forces under the deformation. In addition, there are gold and gold rings, gold ring is also relatively easy to be slightly sharpened his items scratched.
Diamond ring: diamond ring is generally used K gold and platinum ring ring, and inlaid Replica Cartier love bracelet diamonds in the above. K gold and platinum, these two materials are higher than the hardness of gold, corrosion resistance, and can also create a more complex style wedding ring, by the impact of external forces and scratches are also less likely.
Therefore, from the perspective of durability to compare, the durability of the gold ring is not as good as the diamond ring.

Platinum jewelry with how to look good

Platinum jewelry with how to look good
Earrings: There are two different types of popular earrings on the market: one is the type of insert, this is mainly used for people with ear holes; and the other a screw type, it is specifically for the absence of ear The design of the. Be sure to match your face when picking earrings. Round face of the girls should choose rectangular, leaf type, the font, tears and other hanging earrings; square face girls can wear curly lines or a variety of round earrings; sharp girl can wear that type can increase Wide earrings, such as triangular, big button type, large circle type and so slightly exaggerated style can make the face even more width.

Rings: If your fingers are hypertrophy, you should pick up angles and asymmetrical styles to attract the attention of others; if you have rich artistic temperament slender fingers, it is appropriate to wear a wide ring, for example, choose thick lines of style, like Square Replica Cartier jewelry ring, mourning ring, there are diamond ring like this, it will make your fingers more attractive. If the hand-shaped, and nail slender, then the weight of the ring should be relatively increased, otherwise it will appear very large palm, this case may consider the use of round, pear or heart-shaped ring.
Necklace: When choosing a necklace, consider the effect after wearing. If you want to highlight the necklace on the pendant, the necklace should not be too long too thick; if you only want to highlight the beautiful necklace, it should pay attention to its style, in general, flower necklace is more suitable for this demand. The size of the necklace should be depending on the person. Neck thick, size to be large, and vice versa neck is more slim, select the necklace size to be small. In addition, the choice of necklaces should also be with the clothing collar with. Neck neck short female, the collar can be opened into a V-shaped or vertical open shape, in order to strengthen the feeling of neck length, and then coupled with long and thin necklace and a small heart-shaped pendant, and V Shaped collar echo each other, exposed in the middle of the collar, so that will appear long and slim neck.
In general, platinum is more expensive than gold’s value. And platinum for the gray, with the silver color is almost, some novice in the purchase of platinum is easy to confuse with the silver. So consumers in the purchase of platinum rings should be properly identified platinum and silver, to prevent the silver ring as a platinum ring. There are several ways to identify:

1, look at the mark. Each ring will have its own mark, the above will appear their own material. If the word “Pt” or “Platnum” or “Plat” is found on the ring, it is white; if silver is found on the ring, “S” or “Silver” is found.

2, the appearance of comparative law. Platinum is gray, texture is hard; and silver is white, delicate and smooth texture, compared with platinum, relatively soft. So the two are compared with each other, found that the texture is a hard spot platinum ring.

3, weighing method. The proportion of platinum is 21.4, while the proportion of silver is only 10.49. Compared with the weight of the material, the weight of platinum is almost twice the weight of silver. Similarly, the same volume of platinum ring under the weight of silver ring is about twice the weight.

4, fire method. After the high temperature fire and cooling, the white gold ring color remains unchanged, still gray; and silver ring will be because of oxidation and become red, or black and red.

5, chemical identification method. The white gold mill on the touchstone, drop a few drops of nitric acid, and rinse with water, if the material disappears, that is, silver, the white wine on the touchstone, the use of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid drops on the touchstone, if the material exists, is platinum; This method is detrimental to testing, under normal circumstances is not recommended.
Body color identification method: the density of platinum than gold, from the weight can be more quickly to platinum and gold and other metal distinction. Under normal circumstances, the fineness of the relatively high platinum jewelry surface was green and white, shiny soft.

Platinum Ingredients: Platinum, Platinum, abbreviated as Pt or Plat, Pm. Today, in the jewelry industry, mainly with platinum that platinum. In the current market, Pt900 and Pt950 platinum jewelry is more common, like Pt900 on the purity of 90%. In general, manufacturers will be in their own production of jewelry on a clear logo.

Mercury identification method: mercury identification method means that the mercury Cartier love ring replica is applied to the jewelry, if found that mercury is not attached, then the jewelry is really white.

By fire to distinguish the truth: the use of alcohol lamps will be red gold jewelry, to be cool and found that the purity of platinum jewelry color is about 70%, gray purity of about 90%, the same color purity of platinum in more than 95% , Black is the counterfeit goods.

K platinum little common sense

K platinum little common sense
In the upcoming millennium, about 1997 – 1999, when the jewelry market, the rise of a pair of white metal jewelry to wear the frenzy. At that time, platinum in the processing of a great degree of difficulty, making it made of metal jewelry in the market is still very scarce. At this point, a new white metal ornaments – K platinum jewelry in the market, and appeared to immediately occupied the market.
K platinum jewelry is a silver craft with good craftsmanship, but it is not platinum, but belongs to the category of gold, and also with gold as gold content conversion K value. In the case of K White King, it consists of gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel and other metal combination. Due to the provisions of the state and in the process to make improvements, the current K platinum is more than the surface of the production of palladium gold platinum jewelry.
K white gold flash strong, and have a certain hardness. Just flow into the market, there is a large part of the white gold jewelry whitening agent for the nickel nickel. Later, people found that nickel is harmful to the human body, so in the country to develop new standards, strict Replica Cartier jewelry requirements to control the content of nickel metal 0.3% or less. But when the detection of K platinum jewelry found that there are many jewelry in the metal nickel up to 5%, and even some nickel content reached 12%.
Now, K platinum jewelry has been flooded the entire market, but it is a lot of names on the market, there is no uniform name. For example, 18K white gold, 18KK platinum, white 18K gold, these are the same kind of K platinum different name. K platinum can be processed into a variety of wear, bracelet, fall, chain, can also add a variety of style of the ring. K platinum chain is one of the main products produced with K Platinum. It is a lot of color, including water wave chain (single water wave chain, double water chain), box chain, drip chain, bamboo chain, blade chain, sky chain, ice chain, whip chain, snake chain.
Human understanding and use of platinum about 2000 years of history. According to archaeological evidence, in 700 BC, the ancient Egyptians have been able to handle platinum into a higher level of platinum jewelry. Living in Central America, the Indians, far before Columbus discovered the new continent, but also popular platinum ornaments. However, in addition to other areas of the people of platinum is ignorant. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the Spanish colonial empire gradually formed, a large number of Spanish adventurers flocked to Africa and the Americas to explore gold treasure hunt. At that time, the Spanish adventurer in the river of Ecuador gold rush, often found a white metal mixed in gold, in fact, this is precious platinum. But because of the scientific underdevelopment, people on the precious metal recognition ability is low, the face of silver shining platinum, those colonial rulers have called it “inferior broken silver” and abandoned.
In 1748, the famous Spanish scientist Anthony Loya, in the Pinto River gold found in the silver white natural platinum. In this regard, he conducted a careful study. Finally, Luoa found that the chemical properties of natural platinum is very stable, excellent ductility, melting point is also high, the relative density of great, and metal silver is significantly different. As a result, Anthony became the first scholar to study platinum in detail.
In 1780, a skilled craftsman in Paris, for the French Louis XVI king and queen created a platinum ring, brooch and platinum necklace. So, Louis XVI couple became the world’s first record since the owner of platinum jewelry. Since then, platinum reputation, jumped on top of the gold jewelry, as the royal family, dignitaries, wealthy Jia business favored metal jewelry.

Here are some of the most widely used applications of platinum:
1, platinum antioxidant strong, high melting point, so it can be used to make space suits. Platinum is also used as a catalyst, widely used in automotive exhaust cleaning equipment, play an important role in protecting the environment.
2, platinum can also be used to create diving depth of 200 meters waterproof watch.
3, any person’s skin on the platinum will not have allergies. By this feature, platinum can be made for the electrode for the electronic pulse regulator, directly into the human heart, the treatment of arrhythmia patients.
4, World War II platinum because of his good catalytic and its high melting point characteristics and has a very important military use. After that, the US government once banned the non-military use of platinum.
Precious metals include eight metal elements, which are gold (Au) silver (Ag) platinum (Pt) palladium (Pd) rhodium (Rh) iridium (Ir) osmium (Os) ruthenium (Ru). In addition to gold and silver outside the six elements, collectively referred to as platinum group metals. Platinum Group metals have a white metallic luster. These eight metals are known as precious metals because they are rarely contained in the crust and are quite difficult and complex in exploration, mining, and refining. And these metals are mostly associated with other non-ferrous metal ore, origin scarce, limited production, that is rare and expensive. At the same time because of their unique physical and chemical properties, in its field of application, any other metal materials can not match. In addition, these precious metals also play a decisive role in some applications, and can not be replaced by any other metal material. These precious metals are very rare, especially the six elements of platinum group metals in the world only a few countries have the resources. Once these countries and regions have abnormal conditions (such as political strikes, disturbances and other extraordinary events) supply will be shortages or interrupted. However, due to the development of modern science and technology, the application of precious metals is also being expanded. Now precious metals have become the modern industrial vitamins, the first high-tech metal. Precious metals have eternal weight and quality, do not pollute, do not rot, not mildew, no deliquescence, do not change color, easy storage, easy to carry transport.
In essence, the material is rare; from the use point of view it is none other than him. So investment (speculation) capital can not be suppressed in the precious metals in the field of speculation pull, so that the price of precious metals was fried higher and higher. We know that in the eight elements of the precious metal, in addition to silver (priced in kilograms), the rest are in grams for the calculation unit, and need to retain at least two decimal places; and their market price in addition to silver in million / Kg or less, the other as little as several million, as many as several hundred thousand dollars per kilogram, even as rhodium appeared over one million yuan per kilogram of the price. So expensive precious metals, is worthy of the name, no false
Precious metals in addition to being widely used in modern industry, it is also an important area of human social consumption. Because of its gorgeous eternal metallic luster, with these precious metals made of jewelry and decorations more people talked about. In addition, gold is also the function of financial money, is the most important area of social capital investment, is the best choice to resist inflation, but also investors preferred to Bordeaux to create an important channel of wealth.
As China’s long period of time in the national planned economic system, so the development of China’s precious metals industry is relatively slow. In particular, platinum group metal is due to the relatively late start of the process led to its relatively backward technology, domestic resources is scarce. Until after the reform and opening up to the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange as a symbol, in the next three decades, the precious metals have been the rapid development of the opportunity, there have been spot, futures, paper gold, paper, silver and so on trading model , For investors to open the door to the wealth of wealth, more open up the employment channels. At the same time, the production and processing enterprises of platinum group metals and enterprises in the field of circulation are also mushrooming and vigorous development, making China the world’s largest supplier and consumption of platinum group metals.

Flower rattan ring to stay in the fingers of the poetic

Flower rattan ring to stay in the fingers of the poetic
Elegant, beautiful things always people can not refuse, jewelry is so, for women, they have the magic of their fascination, whether it is the value of the jewelry itself or it was given on the beautiful, stylish Meaning is full of temptation.
This Chow Sang Sang’s vines are designed to be wrapped around Teng Man for exquisite workmanship. The exquisite workmanship will spread the flowers, spread, twists and turns of the graceful form of the most vividly, hollow shape of the ingenuity, elegant Replica Cartier jewelry classical charm exudes romantic feelings , Showing a poetic picture of the mysterious scene, charming temperament very feminine.
This is her favorite long time a ring, taking advantage of the recent decline in gold prices, and quickly to win, beautiful ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
This is one of her favorite rings, elegant bow and sweet heart-shaped hidden her heart on the beauty and love of longing, first saw it she felt it should belong to their own, the next day she used a The old gold in exchange for it, has been her favorite is the most you wear a gold ornaments.
This ring is a heart-shaped design inspiration, elegant and smooth lines outline a small and delicate heart-shaped, regular arrangement so that it looks like a bow, ring is composed of two fine twisted wire , The whole is a hollow shape, elegant style delicate and delicate.

Very beautiful ring, simple and delicate style, suitable for everyday wear, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She and many people have always thought that the red with green is a very vulgar match, but since she saw it completely changed the point of view, thought that this mix will be very uncoordinated, see the kind after the discovery of red agate and Green Dongling jade together was actually very soft and beautiful.
This just gold of China Life is a stylish elegant and nostalgic taste of the gold, with traditional elements Shouzi map and tassels for the design inspiration, beautiful lines, elegant fashion, coupled with red agate and green Dongling jade, for Goldsmith added tender and beautiful colors, exquisite design Smart and full of classical charm of the Chinese style, elegant and yet stylish charm.

This is her just received the bracelet, with her words, this is her most amazing gold, I do not know will not be willing to wear, very classical bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Many women can not refuse the temptation of roses, whether it is flowers or jewelry or worth mentioning that day she would have wanted to buy Chow Tai Fook’s lotus bracelet, the results accidentally met it, put it back home, back After the family more and more like, she recently intends to put this series of a set of received.
This week’s rose bracelet roses for the inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a tender and beautiful drops of roses, different levels of petals to enhance the three-dimensional, petal curling hollow design makes it look more charming and moving, and from The bracelet stretched out a branch of the leaves connected, looks like a whole full of roses, fresh and alive.
This is her last month received, very beautiful bracelet, vivid and refined, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Like each jewelry has a different inspiration and the same designer, for women, each jewelry also has it and her story, jewelry not only records the joy of every woman happy, but also because they join them Of life becomes more beautiful and colorful.

This just gold wild color pendant to shape the small small wildflowers for the design inspiration, high and low bouquet of the arrangement to increase the rich sense of hierarchy, gold texture through the spring sunshine warm, beautiful lines, generous decent style, fashion Elegant style, all exposed life and the distribution of youthful vitality, giving a feeling of spring land.
This is one of her favorite pendants, although not like flowers like gold and gorgeous gorgeous, but has a unique temperament, fashion sense of elegance does not lose any jewelry, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Every girl has a beautiful heart swan dream, where they are like a swan as noble and holy, although the love has been the age of fantasy, but in her heart has been to retain this beautiful fairy tale, so love gold love fairy tale How can she miss this swan bracelet!
This bracelet with a beautiful white swan for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a lifelike swan, swan head crown design makes it more noble and elegant, belly also fall with a small and lovely heart-shaped, swan And the chain of connecting the place with two small gold bars, looks like in the lake to play in general.
Beautiful bracelet, delicate style worn in her thin white wrist extravagant and moving, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Heart-shaped pendant after the vicissitudes of the mood story

Heart-shaped pendant after the vicissitudes of the mood story
Heart-shaped things seem to always be easy to cause people’s resonance, especially the woman of this emotional animals, although she is not a heart-shaped control, but the first time to see it when the heart of the weakest nerve was touched, Whether it is a small Replica Cartier jewelry Mo Mo or the vicissitudes of the feeling are so can not help but want to pity it.
This mood story to heart-shaped creation inspiration, smooth lines outline a small heart-shaped, exquisite work in the heart-shaped edge of the downward extension, enhanced three-dimensional, heart-shaped surface to do a similar scratches processing, The scarred visual effects not only give people a sense of vicissitudes, but also for its infinite vitality, like a fresh beating heart.
This is her recent collection of pendants, at first glance see it she felt this vicissitudes of the heart must have a lot of stories, so decided to take it home slowly goods, very taste of the pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope everyone like.
Have a glimpse of things can be more and more people aroused the interest, jewelry is no exception, a beautiful look at the natural fashion is able to attract the eye and attention, but the more the more taste of things but always more fascinating And fascinating.
This ring uses a streamlined design, smooth lines neat and neat, simple and casual style and generous, unlike our common ring quite satisfactory, with a slant line as a dividing line, while the other side of the smooth surface is Into a variety of irregular geometric patterns formed by the hollow pattern, not only to increase the three-dimensional, the overall distribution of lazy atmosphere is full of flavor.

This is her favorite ring, simple and generous, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Although the beautiful and delicate jewelry has always been a woman’s favorite, but not exactly the same, every woman has their own favorite style, from her jewelry is not difficult to see her favorite jewelry type, can not luxury but not Personality, can be no luxury but no obvious temperament.
This just gold condensate color double line by the three-dimensional cut crystal and thousands of gold to build, the entire bracelet with four gold bullion and a number of small thin chain, four gold bars placed in parallel, every two up and down between the With a thin chain to form a rectangular shape, then the rectangle of the two diagonal with a thin chain connection, and then the intersection of each two places inlaid with different colors of crystal, noble and elegant, bright and generous, very suitable for this colorful season.
This is her most received bracelet, very chic, wide version of the shape of a little exotic taste, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Butterflies dancing, the beauty of the flow of flowers is easy to let people forget, and beautiful things are always particularly easy to attract women’s attention, she has been like butterflies, so the butterfly-related things particularly preferred, so she often Will say that he is butterfly control.
This bracelet chain with butterfly as the design of the main pumping, simple and smooth lines outline two flying butterflies, passing the “butterflies both, Qingwu flying” mood, exquisite workmanship will be two butterflies depicting the lifelike, two Only the butterfly wings of the right and left were used matte process, so that the butterfly look Smart light, every detail is the interpretation of the noble and elegant women.
This is her favorite a bracelet, simple and elegant, gentle and beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Sometimes the ring is not only a woman in terms of a small jewelry, but also a way of passing, it quietly Zhang Yu in the slender fingers, silent telling a woman’s delicate thoughts, but also to the world declared her Sweet and happy status quo.
This ring is designed with a wavy line design, elegant and smooth lines outline two cross-winding wavy lines, soft curves beautiful romantic, wavy line with the ring body in the direction of the positive and negative extension to form a different Hollow shape, the combination of smooth and frosted to enhance the visual effects, the overall shape simple and generous yet delicate.
This is her wedding anniversary gift, very chic ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In love, jewelry is regarded as an important medium, men use it to pass emotions, women use it to decorate life, which he sent her first gift, a small gift declared his love confession, But also carried him on their future good expectations.

This Chow Sang Sang’s heart-shaped pendant to the cold scarf sketched out full of beauty, three-dimensional heart-shaped lines, like two people love to hug, heart-shaped junctions below the common as we just coincide, and Are respectively outward extension, the formation of a cross, that the mind of the same, pass the infinite sweet and warm.

Simple and generous shape, like love, no need to be fancy, it is important that two people love each other, beautiful pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Forever love gold bracelet lovers never betray the oath

Forever love gold bracelet lovers never betray the oath
“Forever love forever love I just want to use my life to love you, from now on, you will be all the reasons for happiness … …” how affectionate and romantic oath, everyone is waiting for the love of God, look forward to love Come, love can be a moment of love at first Cartier love bracelet replica sight, it can be a lifetime of silly waiting.

Sacred forever and love words represent lovers never betray the oath, only two beloved heart, in order to be intertwined with such happiness.

She has been very like this forever love bracelet, soft lines design, smooth and matte alternately, forever and love, beautiful simple, generous, elegant, handsome and modern, elegant and unconventional, so you feel eternal Of love, here recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
This pearl flower white pearl moist texture and gold frosted surface to form a strong contrast, gold to create the golden petals to pearl round Miaoman’s body exposed, simple and detailed shape makes it even more delicate texture. Exquisite swaying in your neck and fingertips, shiny fluorescent let you tender and beautiful, but not as general gold as arrogant, giving a gentle introverted beauty.

She has always felt that pearl jewelry is not good care, so it is rational not to buy pearl jewelry, but since it met, she can no longer rational, beautiful set of gold pearl jewelry, I wonder if you have also been graceful Temperament attracted
She will buy a year of the Lunar New Year, this year saw a lot are not satisfied, because they do not like cartoon version of the dragon, a few days ago did not intend to see this in this life, immediately by its fashion atmosphere temperament attract.

Gold and crystal combination, highlighting the golden character at the same time, more brilliant crystal out of the colorful. Its shape fashion chic, the use of the advantages of strong gold ductility, in the crystal to create a variety of patterns, so that gold is more style on the crystal.
This golden gold pendant, fine workmanship, different from the traditional Cartier love ring replica zodiac, fashionable and unique, simple lines without losing the atmosphere, a symbol of wealth of gold and pure, noble crystal into one, bright brilliance, shiny.
Chow Sang Sang’s love series, with beautiful lines outline two delicate and meticulous love, exudes a deep love atmosphere, as if with the most secretly love to grow the most long love, to convey a happy and happy feeling, bring You sensual and exquisite life, always blooming pleasant light.

It loves the shape, with a unique jewelry language to show a romantic classic love story, passing the message of love. Full of shape, and like a golden heart-shaped chocolate, people can not help but want to taste it sweet taste.
To see other sisters who wear, intended to just want to see the results of the trial after she was no longer willing to take down, so he bought down. Very cute gold, hope you like.
The most splendid season of life, we can not be refined in the world to find such a unforgettable people, to accompany themselves to see the world impermanence, listen to the wind and water; holding each other’s hands, walk the road of life, in the quiet The world, the memories of those beautiful life encounter and accompany.

This is a symbol of good love “unforgettable” bow bone pendant with small Replica Cartier love bracelet bone shape design, simple design, there is no lack of delicate and lovely, pink and tender meat bones, the love of the share of Smart and cute without cover , Frosted bones and polished bow tie echoes, highlighting the innocent temperament.

This is her unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, see it at first glance let her think of the bull of the song: I am your little puppy, you are my bones, gently put you in the mouth to forever

Marriage diamond ring three hundred years of romantic legend

Marriage diamond ring three hundred years of romantic legend
Wedding rings originate in ancient Egypt. Engagement and wedding rings were part of the contract. Wedding ring worn on the bride’s ring finger, said the bride’s husband’s devotion and obedience. Ancient Egypt once appeared hot ring. Modern popular in the wedding exchange ring. Wearing a right hand ring finger before marriage, wearing a left hand ring finger, meaning left hand to heart, you can look in harmony.
Fifteenth Century: 1477, Austria Maximilian and Princess Mary of France for the first time the diamond ring as a token of love. Arched diamonds, is the predecessor of today’s drill, was set to set into the Gothic M letter, the Department of Mary and Maxi even Yongji concentric symbol. Face easy to grow old, physical strength is also a long time failure, but the romance is like a diamond as always.
Sixteenth Century: in the wedding ceremony to exchange wedding ring custom to become mature. Diamonds far-reaching connotation and exquisitely carved appearance, making it an indispensable letter of love and marriage. The 16th century is the most Replica Cartier jewelry prosperous stage of the Renaissance, freedom, happiness, equality is to promote, bold pursuit of love is one of the important theme. Shakespeare in the Sonnet, in the sonnet will love the truth, goodness, beauty rendering done: “My eyes enjoy your appearance, my heart, possession of your inner love.” “As long as people can breathe, Eyes can see, my love will be circulating and give you life. “Love is the most fruitful theme of literature, but also love to create a wedding ring. About 1600 years, the meaning of a double ring ring and I have a layer of romantic symbol, is to clenched hands on behalf of confidence. The end of the ring is a hand, hands grip, the ring will be combined.
“Linked together, linked to each other, is our familiar mark.” This ring called “love honey”, this word from the British poet Weiz.
The seventeenth century: with the development of modern natural science, new ideologies have emerged, Milton’s poetry, Moliere’s drama reflects these new ideas. And the celebration of love has not been interrupted. The wedding ring here is also engraved with words, such as: “God-given, people can not be separated.” The seventeenth century ring is more elegant and simple, a large number of diamonds surrounded by black or blue sparkle enamel design, all have its gentle and Noble character. James II – Prince Stuart’s wedding, the prince to the parents of the wedding ring set in the bride’s Polish princess’s finger, when the 1719 years.
How does a different hand with a diamond ring?
Ring is not just to increase the beauty of the heart, the modification of the finger is its daily function.
Like glasses and round face to match the same, choose a ring is also a lot of stress, how to make the ring to the slender fiber set off more beautiful, you need a good study. Chinese women’s hand can be divided into three categories: slender, rounded, mixed type. Slender fingers because of thin and long, with inherent advantages, but refers to the joints are often more obvious, so choose a relatively high ring ring ring configuration, in the visual line (finger) and horizontal (ring) will be proportional, Seem harmonious. Rounded fingers of the structure of the joints is not obvious, the lines are soft and plump, so that the finger is not suitable for rough and complex models, if such models will make the fingers appear bloated, cumbersome; it is recommended to use the ring and narrow Or streamlined style, and the relative plump shape of the formation of contrast, finger lines will appear smooth and beautiful. Mixed type is between the slender and rounded fingers, so the choice of a larger, whether it is classical, traditional, or fashion, romantic and other styles are suitable.
The following one for example
Slender beautiful hands
Any style and cutting the shape of the diamonds can be used with the perfect match, if the ring, accompanied by large particles of diamonds, full and very good; if the fine ring, hold up the elegant single diamonds, Xiuya breath filling fingers.

Short hands

Simple and slender single grain pointed sharp diamond can visually show the slender fingers, so that it added a beautiful.
such as
Thin hands

Square, rectangular and round diamonds can help to increase the sense of realism, if the main drill next to some bright inlaid with a small diamond, can make your fingers colorful.
Thick hands

The rugged wide ring seems to be designed for this type of hand design, large grain of the hills, oval diamonds make its atmosphere yet delicate.