To buy affordable diamond ornaments

To buy affordable diamond ornaments, there is a trick, is to buy naked to mosaic. Now most of the diamond is in the sale of the brand value, and if you buy a diamond to inlaid diamonds can avoid the brand’s price difference, because the value of single diamond is the weight and quality, the price of transparent, straightforward, Easier to compare, and the brand difference is very small.
Buy bare drill to mosaic, there is a benefit, that is, in terms of clarity, color and weight, you can ensure that the “drill gold enough”, value for money.
For example, clarity, the international sub-10, even in the VS level, there VS1 and VS2 difference. This bare diamond in the certificate are clearly marked. But to buy jewelry is different, the state allows 0.47 karats of the following ornaments, can be divided into small. So you buy imitation Cartier love bracelet VS-level diamond ornaments, it is likely to spend VS1 level of money to buy a VS2-level drill. But nowadays, VS1 is about 10% higher than VS2.
Followed by color. International from “D” to “N” is divided into 11 levels, each level has a spread. But in fact, color level is not absolute. Such as from the “H” to “I” level, there are intermediate between the two. Under normal circumstances, the silver floor will be made after the diamond ornaments on the front level, but also because of platinum in virtually on the color of the diamond produced a virtual effect, for consumers, it is difficult to distinguish.
In addition, the diamond inlaid into jewelry, can not be removed to call you, consumers can only pay according to the business standard component, even if the business in the weight of the disease but also had no choice but to accept. Buy bare diamond can be requested on the spot real business, “seeing is believing” to let you rest assured. Diamonds are precious commodities, clarity, color and weight no matter where a short one cent, into the yuan may be hundreds of thousands of losses. More importantly, in the shopping malls to buy naked diamond generally have hundreds of accessories such as rings to supply, to fully meet the individual requirements of consumers, compared to buy finished diamond, the choice is undoubtedly greater.
2014 Shanghai Jewelry Show has been over a period of time, and 2014 Beijing Summer Jewelery Show also yesterday (11) day ended the exhibition. Exhibition attracted the attention of many media, jewelry brand development, especially the development of domestic jewelry brands to become the topic of concern in the industry. At the same time, with the jewelry industry continues to heat, jewelry investment and collection once again become the focus of attention.
In recent years, the domestic market for jewelry strong demand, the domestic diamond market maintained a good growth, not only for well-known jewelry brand aimed at the domestic market for jewelry investors eager. But many people on jewelry investment and collection of concept still blurred, think start rare treasures is in jewelry investment. In fact, jewelry investment and collection is completely different from the two concepts, only the clear distinction between investment and collection to clear objectives, to achieve maximum benefits.
Jewelry investment and jewelry collection of the watershed
First of all, to determine the jewelry investment is a certain investment to buy jewelry and will be in a certain period of time to gain income behavior. While the collection did not get the proceeds of the subjective motive, more is a sense of ownership and heritage, of course, the collection of jewelry will increase with the passage of time, but the ultimate goal is not profitable. Only to determine the concept in order to more accurately complete the appropriate behavior, jewelry investment and collection.
3 steps 5 words to help you “stone into gold”
Jewelry investment to do a good job in 3 steps, set the target, select the project and channels. Successful jewelry investment behavior to meet the “5 Script”, “buy” “sell” “true” “Xing” “Long.” “Buy” that is adequate supply, “sell” that channel flow, “true” that the assessment criteria recognized by the accurate, “Xing” that has a good record of appreciation, “Long” that has a good market.
Can be a lot of jewelry investment projects, diamonds, gold, jade, precious stones and jade, etc., but suitable for investment objectives are not many. The current price of gold in the doldrums, the future is uncertain, as investment projects need to be cautious. The current hot investment projects in the industry are diamonds. From 3 ~ 5ct white diamond to pink diamond, IP rising to the highest IP powder drill. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, jade market began to hot jadeite jade has become the goal of many people to invest, but pay attention to jade and jade and there is no international certification assessment standards, jade “water” “species” “color” Judgments vary, the origin of jade variety, hardness and density of different judgments, which to the “buy” increased the risk to the “sell” also increased the difficulty.
The importance of the evaluation criteria directly reflected in the income, the spring of 2009, Hong Kong Sotheby’s “Jewelery Watch special” total turnover of about 326 million, while Hong Kong Christie’s “magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry special” total turnover of up to about 2.26 Billion. Compared to the Hong Kong market, hot jewelry auction scene, the mainland jewelry auction market has not shown a tough upward trend, and always in a tepid embarrassment. Faced with this phenomenon, China University of Geosciences, vice president of Jewelry Institute, Yue Wang Jewelry Design Director Ren Jin said: “The domestic jewelry auction system assessment system is not perfect, compared to Hong Kong Sotheby’s, Christie’s jewelry auction history has been Long, won numerous accolades in the international jewelry auction, which can also be seen in Hong Kong jewelry auction evaluation system integrity, inland assessment system is a two-day level can be achieved.
Buy one to sell, complete the profit, usually diamond can be purchased through the market, jewelry exhibition, diamond auction, auction house. Selling can be done through overseas banks, auction houses, financial institutions and diamond markets. Jewelry investment in the final analysis is an investment behavior is directly linked with the interests of the jewelry collection is not so strong interest-driven.
Jewelry collection in rare and delicate
Jewelry collection is not distributed by the profits of jewelry to attract but by its beauty to conquer, so the jewelry collection is relatively critical of the target. For the jewelry collection, China jewelry jade jewelry industry association, deputy secretary-general ShiHongYue once said: “collection of jewelry must first understand what jewelry has a collection value, distinguish between collectible and non-collectible goods.Jewellery, artwork, handicrafts. With the material, cutting very good large particles of diamonds is art rather than handicrafts. Crafts on the market is very common, a lot of reproduction, not to mention the goods, but works of art can not be copied, therefore, works of art with high Secondly, the high – end jewelry (such as large particles of diamonds, high – grade diamonds) and resource – based (such as jade, gold) jewelry in the future development of the collection, the value of the Space is very big.
Francis Curiel, president of Christie’s Asia, has also read the collection of jewelry in his interview. He believes that the master’s works are well adapted to the pursuit of the true and lasting value of the jewelry market after the 2008 economic crisis, the pursuit of detail. A market change, and he predicted that this trend will continue on a global scale. He said, “the value added by the master is mainly reflected in their creativity and the perfect process on the industry in assessing the value of a jewelry will be to observe whether the negative of its fine, and a masterpiece works from any angle Appreciation has a stunning beauty, which is always to follow the criteria of collectors.
Indeed, for all collections, stunning beauty and scarcity are important factors affecting the value of rare things, the more unique things can reflect the value of collections, and this value is not money can be measured. (Yang Yingying)
Investment in new directions: buy jewelry introductory lecture
In the current economic situation is grim, both dress up, but also has the function of the jewelry is a rare choice, whether it is traditional gold, jade, or the recent continued hot diamonds, Choi Po market, jewelry become more and more people Concerned about the new direction of investment. How to choose worth investing and buying jewelry?
No substitute for “gold”
Investment starting point: gold (Article) minimum of 5 grams, the market value of gold, 2000 to 3000 yuan can be.
During the Spring Festival, the snake has won the first consumer season, the economy stabilized recovery, once again aroused investor investment in precious metals investment, investment boom.
Diamond investment: 3 carat threshold
Chinese consumers affected by the adverb “diamond forever, a permanent spread” deep. Most people buy a diamond ring when they get married, but this may be the only time in their life to buy diamonds, and most people buy is less than 1 carat diamond. Such diamonds, whether there is no value and appreciation of the collection space?
We often say “rare”, this sentence also applies to diamond investment. Data show that from 25 years ago to today, 30 minutes -50 minutes of diamonds rose only 40% more than 5 carats rose as high as 258%, nearly 3 times. Between 1970 and 1978, US fund investors began investing in diamonds, with diamonds rising by an average of 5 per cent a year. After 1978, prices began to fall drastically as a result of the massive accumulation of diamonds. But it has been on the upswing since the early 1990s. In fact, as long as the diamond, it has a certain appreciation of space, while the 3 carat is a boundary: 3 carat or more gains. So if the financial equivalent, it should consider investing more than 3 kt.
Investment diamond, the auction house is a good place
In early June, under the global diamond authority De Beers Group’s first diamond brand Forevermark eternal mark, opened in Beijing, “master diamonds class.” In two vivid explanations from the London master, with the help of on-site professional tools, all the students have a quick grasp of the basic knowledge of diamonds. In the discussion after the class, we are most concerned about the issue focused on one point: “a stay forever,” the diamonds, whether it really has investment value?
Global diamond minerals less and less
The price will rise as the stock will fall
Good to buy a good diamond to sell

Diamond culture and legend

Diamond culture and legend
Since ancient times, diamonds for everyone is a dream, an ideal and an image. However, because diamonds from different regions, times and cultural background, it has a certain meaning for each person. For some people, diamonds represent power, wealth, status, achievement and serenity, but for some people it is love, eternal, pure and faithful, brave, strong symbol of faith. These different images are intertwined with religious mythology, ancient scientific speculation, the legend of the diamond driller and the fiction of businessmen. Although intricate, but not inconsistent. These images are for the love of diamonds, at the battle for whom, and even the people who die shape. In history, the bright and bright diamonds, has illuminated the eyes of the lover, into the murder of the razor; it was the conqueror’s torch, is the dismal despot of the candlestick.

1. The magic of myth
The ancient Greeks believe that the diamond is falling to the stars on the planet imitation Cartier love bracelet fragments, and even some people think that the diamond is the gods dripping tears; people once thought that the diamond is from the Tianshui or the sky exposed. In Sanskrit the word diamond is the meaning of lightning, in order to express the diamond by lightning born of faith. Until today, the development of modern science to tell people that diamonds are not falling from the sky, on the contrary it is breaking ground. The ancients also believe that diamonds will be small diamonds, even the famous scientist Boyle (R.Boyle, 1627-1691) believe that this argument. In the 17th century, Portuguese explorers believe that “the growth of diamonds close to the surface 2-3 years can grow into” and to why the miners after a few years and then returned to the old mining area can still be diamonds as an example to confirm this view.

2. Feeding birds by meat, by taking the bird said the drill
The protagonist of the one thousand and one night story Sinbad had lived a happy fairy life. One day he competed to read the world, want to see the world, so he drifted into the sea by boat, let the storm sent him to a beautiful lush island. Step on the beach of Sinbad said:
“I summon the courage to walk the brook, found everywhere in the diamond, the valley guarding the group of giant Mang, one can swallow the whole elephant .Road narrow, difficult, dangerous .A sudden, in front of a block was slaughtered I remember a long time ago, from businessmen and travelers that heard a story. Diamond Valley surrounded by high mountains, birds difficult to cross, but mining people own recipe … … … … … … They slaughtered the sheep and slaughtered it, and left the bottom of the mountain, and the bloody lamb was covered with diamonds, and at noon the bald eagle flew into the valleys, clawed the diamonds, At the top of the hill, the drillers at the top of the hill shouted loudly and whisked away the vultures, and after they had made the diamonds, they left the meat pieces to the hawks.
Thus, Sinbad learned the story of the method, will be wrapped in pieces of meat among the bald eagle will be wrapped with his pieces grabbed, fly to the top of the hill, the driller will save him. The story also illustrates the lipophilicity of diamonds.

3. Snake Valley story
In Greece, there is such a legend, the diamond over the city in the valley, guarded by the python, mortal eyes as long as watching the python will die in its eyes. Only witty people can get rid of their guardian to obtain diamonds. In the ancient Rome P1iny diamonds Valley wrote in the article, Alexander 350 BC in India, when in the diamond valley to obtain diamonds. He wisely ordered the soldiers to mirror the snake’s eyes to the snake itself, killing the snake. And then throw the mutton block to the valley of diamonds, followed by tracking the meat of the bald eagle, to kill and get diamonds.

4. Diamond – a symbol of Taurus
1278 Spanish scholars through the study of ancient Babylonian culture found that the ancient Babylonians believe that diamonds for the third face of the Gemini, also regarded as the first symbol of Taurus. Wearing diamonds are good hunting, superb skills, respected. When Saturn goes to this position, it rises in time, with the moon as 60. Or 120. , The wearer wearing a helmet, shoulder bows and arrows, divine power doubled.

5. Religion and diamonds
At the end of the Middle Ages, in some books on religion, the description of the breastplate of the high priest Aaron and the cornerstone of the new Jerusalem was divine in the presence of diamonds. Legend, in this divine protection, can make people competitive victory, access to strength, courage, power, wealth, eternal life, youth forever, a dream come true, happiness and friendship and so on. And even that diamonds can invisible, so that the dead resurrection.

6. Ring finger wear diamond ring said
According to Christian custom, the diamond ring should be worn on the ring finger, is said to be because the priest ring finger touch new left hand three fingers, and said “in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit”, and finally fell on the ring finger.

Another more romantic legend is that the Egyptians believe that the ring finger is the direct introduction of the heart of the love of the pulse of the heart, a symbol of love eternal change.

7. The medical effect of diamonds
In addition to all myths and legends, diamonds are also believed to have medical effects, especially for leprosy, neurological disorders, cystitis and plague have a medical effect. Some people wrote in the book: “The medical efficacy of diamonds can be easily infected by the plague of the poor, while the rich are immune to have to prove such as diamonds. Other claims are that diamonds can be detoxified, while others say diamonds are highly toxic. Frederic II (1194-1250) is said to be poisoned by eating dietary powder from his son.

8. Diamond origin of the name
Diamond, the English name of the diamond, from the Greek King Kong – adams, meaning “no conquest”, but at the time, the term used to refer to iron and other hard metal, and later refers to much greater hardness than the sapphire iron. As people continue to understand the gem, only diamond specifically refers to the diamond.

9. Diamond magic and the weakening of religious legends
To 17-18 century, with the human science, the continuous development of natural science and the growing popularity of diamonds, diamond plague and witchcraft on the fading legend, people worship of divine power gradually from the legendary sensibility to a symbol of rationality And psychological associations, which are closely related to the nature of diamonds.

Clarity: the ancients regarded diamonds as the most pure thing, many civilized think that only the naked eye can not see the contents of diamonds, have value, with “flaws” who, on behalf of bad luck.
Color: colorless transparent diamonds represent purity.
Shape: intact octahedral rough stone is the most complete object in nature, it symbolizes order, harmony.
Brightness and fire color: colorless, transparent, well-crystallized octahedral diamond, even without cutting mill can also show a good brightness and fire color, so the diamond is regarded as a symbol of bright.
Hardness: Warriors and magicians believe that the hardness of diamonds can not be conquered a symbol of philosophers that it means that the mysteries of human life unfathomable.

natural moisturizing balance

High-tech extraction of rare jewelry ingredients, the top skin care beauty Appreciation
When more and more cosmetic brand to sights on the top jewelry, the use of high-tech achievements extracted one of the rare ingredients, developed a series of skin care, makeup products, let us in another way to enjoy the natural gift, let us learn to use Wisdom, dress up their own beauty, together to meet, such as the top-level luxury jewelry and unprecedented supreme superior skin care experience.

Beauty Pearl: mild anti-aging Run white skin

Pearls, round heavy, dazzling, since ancient times is the beauty of beauty Baowen St. goods. Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica,” wrote: “pearl coated surface, it is moist color.” “Six Palaces Prostitute no color,” Yang Gui-li, sixty-year-old still keep the skin of the Cartier love ring replica Empress Dowager Cixi, Mei Lanfang plays a young girl, insist on using pearl powder to keep the skin smooth and soft. Today, we have successfully obtained nanometer pearl powder, fine particles can make the skin better absorption, and extraction of precious pearl skin care products is its refined sense of delicate to ensure the best absorption, while also able to Instantly capture light, bright skin, make skin state instantly improved, pearl particles through the light refraction instantly dark circles.

Natural pearl powder to calm the eye skin, improve swelling. Pearl Fritillaria particles such as pearl-like to create a pure white skin color.

Diamond King Diamond: natural moisturizing balance

Crystal clear, indestructible, has been priceless top jewelry, it seems bright light belongs to the red carpet star and high society ladies. Today, we can use high-tech grinding into a very small powder, as exfoliating particles to join the formula, thus forming an unprecedented gentle exfoliating holy products, is to improve the skin, the skin to restore silky, white must Good choice. The platinum ring as the preferred metal wedding, it is love and eternal representative, when the nano-platinum particles and colloidal effect, can bring moisture to the skin the ideal state. If you are still immersed in pure diamonds and platinum light, try adding their powder skin care products, feel they bring you a different kind of luxury.

Pure diamonds as exfoliating particles rejuvenation holy products, natural diamond micro-crystals to moderate, thoroughly remove the old dead skin cells. Platinum and silver 2 kinds of nano-colloidal ingredients work together to bring moisture to the skin the ideal state. Platinum anti-spot enzymes can reduce spots and blemishes.

K-gold Gold Ring & Necklace

Amy women worship “gold”, the wisdom of women love “gold.” Of course, this is not gold, we say is not wearing gold and silver material girl, but know how to use gold to maintain the skin of the woman. Ancient medical books have long documented the gold to adjust the energy, longevity effect, and modern production process broke through the metal form of obstacles, so that the magical energy of pure gold can be transformed into the skin can absorb and transform the use of form, developed to skin weight Is soft and elastic, translucent white skin care products and efficient, and create a bright complexion, showing the flashing lip gloss makeup products. Brilliant gold will bring the ultimate pursuit of the perfect woman the most gentle care and the most touching face.

Gold particles make lips more noble, so that gold particles and skin fusion, instant glow unparalleled health look.

The use of nano-micro-activated gold, and skin contact immediately after the melt into the liquid, so that the skin can absorb, so that the skin feels very fresh.
From the cold northern hemisphere to the arrogant South African resort is undoubtedly imitation Cartier love bracelet a very creative tourism program. South Africa is not only all kinds of rare birds and animals happy home, but also the famed diamond village, as the world’s fourth largest diamond producer, the tourists can not stop the temptation. During the Spring Festival holiday, go to South Africa to explore the past life and life of diamonds, experience the colorful African style, and then pick a heartbeat of diamonds, you will spend a unique holiday perfect.

Kimberley, the capital of South Africa’s Northern Cape Province, is located in the vicinity of the world’s largest artificial cave, dug in from 1870 to 1914. Kimberley is also known as the diamond capital. The cave depth of 1097 meters, the entrance diameter of about 500 meters, covers an area of 17 hectares, a total of nearly 3 tons of dedication of the diamond mine. Today, the mine has long been closed, has become a famous tourist destination in South Africa, as the world famous diamond hometown, where natural and ultimately, Diamond Museum, Kimberley Diamond Museum, not only a collection of diamonds, but also shows the mining history of South Africa.

In addition to the diamond capital of Kimberley, there is a famous diamond village of Cullinan, so far, the world’s largest diamond found on Pretoria, South Africa, outside the town of the first diamond mining area, this Cullinan diamonds weighing 3106 karats, to its discoverer Thomas Carinan name, the diamond was cut into a 530 carat South African star and several other small diamonds, including “the first Cullinan “For the pear-shaped, weighing 530.2 kt, after the scepter set in the king, this is known as the” African Star “giant drill a total of 74 facets. The first diamond mine is still in operation, can still produce gem-quality diamonds. Cuninan town is a charming old mining village, diamond village tour guides are diamond mine retired workers, they are well aware of the mines and diamonds, to introduce visitors to the familiar, endless.

South Africa, the size distribution of various types of diamond mining areas. The larger mines include the first mining area in Gauteng, the Kimberley drill area in the Northern Cape, the Bakken drill area on the south bank of the Orange River, the oak drill area in Venepia and the Venetia diamond deposit in Lingbopo, Venetia diamond mining area which is currently the world’s diamond-rich mines, one of the most abundant, more than 40% of the world’s gem-quality diamonds from the mining area. In 2006, South Africa’s annual diamond production reached 15,371,804 carats, making it the world’s fourth largest diamond producer.

Diamond tour of course, and ultimately, careful procurement, although South Africa is the main diamond producing countries, but almost all produced diamonds are shipped to Belgium, Israel, India cutting processing, cutting their domestic processing technology behind. Therefore, the hometown of diamond gold diamond jewelry in South Africa to buy, do not impulse and follow suit, satisfied with the shopping must be value for money with the necessary things. Shopping masters to remind you to buy diamonds in South Africa to note the following four points:

1. To have a diamond sales qualification of the company or store to buy.

2. Purchase of diamonds should have international accreditation bodies (mainly HRD, GIA, IGI and EGL, etc.) issued by the certificate.

3. buy diamonds must not forget to ask for an official receipt, so as not to encounter immigration check unnecessary trouble.

4. For most goods and services in South Africa, VAT is included in the price. Visitors are required to pay VAT for the goods purchased. In South Africa, the purchase of goods worth more than 250 Rand and need to bring out the South African border, the tourists pay the value-added tax can be in the airport, port, customs get the return.

Van Cleef & Arpels: 30 craftsmen to order the top elegant

Van Cleef & Arpels: 30 craftsmen to order the top elegant
To a piece of fabric, you can put it into the highest realm of the clothing industry – “custom clothing HAUTECOUTURE”. If that gives you a bunch of the world’s best diamonds and precious stones it? Of course, there may be, but in this world, only a handful of 30 French craftsmen to do such a “tailor live.” This is the owner of the 30 craftsmen – Van Cleef & Arpels!
“Noeud” necklace to yellow and white gold with yellow and white diamond K-color design, refining the bow can be demolished separately

This year, Van Cleef & Arpels is the hundred birthday. Last year, it traveled 99 years after the world finally came to China, Beijing International Trade out its first boutique in mainland China, its luxury, Futie, gorgeous and exclusive honor, to this piece of the world Top luxury Cartier nail bracelet replica goods are focused in the hot land.

VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels since its inception has been the world’s nobility and celebrities Ascot special favorite top jewelry brand. Legendary historical figures and celebrities are all selected VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to show their incomparable noble temperament and style.

VanCleef & Arpels had a lot of Wang Sun nobles, social celebrities produced high-level jewelry, each one is extremely luxurious treasures: 1937 “do not love country beauty” Duke of Windsor’s wedding design pectoral; 1939 Queen Nazli (Queen Nazli), the Princess and many other members of the royal family Fa Xiya crown, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on. In 1957, the Prince of Monaco Prince Rainier (PrinceRainier) appointed Van Cleef & Arpels for the royal jewelry shop. In 1978, Princess Grace in her daughter Caroline princess’s wedding, also wearing a special by the Van Cleef & Arpels gorgeous crown. The Princess Grace is a large and small, there is no special crown of the Van Cleef & Arpels top 10. Today, popular movie star Zhang Ziyi is also very obsessed with VanCleef & Arpels, in many occasions can see her wearing VanCleef & Arpels graceful posture. Last year, she chose the VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels romantic and elegant series of FRIVOLEPAVE jewelry debut “film HuaBiao” award ceremony, a show after the film style.

Van Cleef & Arpels to win the favor of a woman in the world, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Odai Li Hepburn, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, including the dead Diana, etc., are its Loyal customers.

The beginning of jewelry, it implies a beautiful love. Its story stems from a Kuang Shi marriage. The end of the 19th century, EstelleArpels and AlfredVanCleef, two also from the Netherlands jeweler tied knot. After marriage, they created the name of the two sides as a jewelry store jewelry business. The two jewelry family combines their own expertise, tireless pursuit of the ultimate art of jewelry. 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (VanCleef & Arpels) boutiques at the time the most international celebrities linger in the Paris Fontaine Square debut, a century of legendary jewelry from the open.

Custom, from the beginning of the birth of Van Cleef & Arpels, is its biggest selling point. Usually, the celebrities, the stars will Van Cleef & Arpels, said: “I want to participate in an activity, want to wear your necklace or ring … …” no more specific requirements, they are very confident craftsmen know craftsmen know their ideal Look. Artisans to design the effect map, and other customer satisfaction, the start selection, production. Sometimes, they will receive some special Replica Cartier jewelry requirements, such as Mariah Carey want to make her a reputation as the butterfly style ornaments. Because she sang with a microphone when the fingers are very compelling, craftsmen have designed a can be worn in a number of fingers ring. Now this has become a popular classic style.

In 1930, Van Cleef & Arpels invented the treasure box filled with female tenderness. This is the ancestor of modern cosmetics case, in particular, is registered as a patent trademark, which can display a variety of portable small pieces, mosaic inside the landscape, flowers or Chinese art of playing patterns, exquisite workmanship comparable to 18th century Dianli furniture.

Van Cleef & Arpels, another famous masterpiece is the 1933 invention of the “mystery mosaic law.” This set of gemstones closely arranged together, without any metal or claw claw, but the use of track the general way, the gem cut into the same size, and then a set into it. This method is very time-consuming, but the results presented, you can make gem Futie skin, with the limbs showing a multi-angle different gloss. This technology does not have any naked eye claws, inlaid effect simple and pleasing to the eye, can be used for bracelets, flowers or butterfly brooches, rings and other jewelry. At present, the world can use the “mysterious mosaic method,” the culmination of the craftsmanship of the culmination of no more than 6, specifically Van Cleef & Arpels. Van Cleef & Arpels has this “inlay method” 50-year patent.

In 2004, VanCleef & Arpels once again show not stick to the positive attitude, will be a hundred years of high-level custom jewelry fine blood, into a new wave of jewelry fashion, “put the fabric into jewelry, jewelry into cloth” good idea.

VanCleef & Arpels new jewelry series “CoutureCollection”, changed the way the jewelry to wear, but also changed the woman to appreciate jewelry line of sight. Advanced custom jewelry series (CoutureCollection), put out eight kinds of jewelry design of different new ideas, worth more than 1 billion worth. Bow decorative details, of course, is to discuss women’s high order can not be ignored focus. This is VanCleef & Arpels in the very classic design elements. It is said that this inspired by the French Queen Anne advocated by the simple doctrine.

In many jewelry classic, to spend as the design of the spindle “Broderie” series, echoes the most essential fine embroidery embroidery embroidery law, and into the Vancleef & Arpels to take inspiration from the tradition of nature to diamond, sapphire for the flower-shaped Material, the crystal through the green garnet (also known as Shafu Lai stone) for the leaves, sometimes budding, sometimes bloom, to show the vitality of the world to spend. “Petillante” series, as literal presentation is a sparkling visual effects, with different cutting diamonds fight group, is a major feature; diamonds, such as wearing embroidery methods connected to the precious metal wire, inspired by a woman bras Lace on the bandage. “Boutonniere” (button) and “Zip” (zipper) series, the more realistic point out to the idea of clothing for the spindle. In fact, the zipper as a jewelry imitation cartier love bracelet design, Vancleef & Arpels as early as the Duke of Windsor, had accepted his personal order. Like a true zipper slidable design, the difficulty is how to make diamonds to avoid friction; the same time in the design to replace the precious metal of the set of leather, the princess cut diamonds embedded in the belt zipper bracelet, very 20 years of the 20th century Women uninhibited style.

In 2006, Van Cleef & Arpels Envol jewelry series is a beautiful extension of the butterfly design, including rings and bracelets to yellow gold or white K inlaid butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly to capture the delicate gesture of the past, with innovative techniques presented in world.

In 2006, in order to open the first in Paris, where Van Donatelli Square 22 Van Cleef & Arpels boutique to pay tribute to Van Cleef & Arpels – Tourbillon watch special limited edition of 22 worldwide, valuable.

In 2006, Van Cleef & Arpels continue to use bright jewelry interpretation of the gorgeous nature of life. Cosmos means cosmos, its four petals are symbolic care, eternal, harmonious, unlimited. Tenacious Cosmos and Smart butterflies in the jewelry world VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels re-interpretation, given the incomparable bright jewelry vitality. Cosmos jewelry series by the white gold or yellow K gold and flashing circular cut diamonds exquisite mosaic, showing lifelike noble and gorgeous temperament.

The four themes of Swarovski’s autumn and winter

With the temperature drop, people also feel the arrival of the winter, but the world’s leading manufacturer of crystal-cutting imitation Swarovski in the upcoming winter, the winter in Beijing has brought a touch of warmth.
In this case,
The four themes of Swarovski’s autumn and winter of 2002/2003 are “The Fantasy of Light”, “The Abundance of Treasures”, “The Vigor of Life” and “Romance.” This season’s fashion is full of strong contrasts and contradictions: rational design and emotional poetic, industrial taste and Baroque style, hidden mystery in the stunning revealed.
In this case,
“Yingcai magic”, contains all kinds of contradictory elements, just show the unique trend of the season: poetic, gentle, mysterious romantic, but full of modern, full use of technology and abstract aesthetics, reflecting the new school of minimalism. “Firefly Magic” also fully explore the imitation of crystal and light interaction, reflecting the “empty” the concept of the mysterious, showing the existence of imitation crystal light state. Precious stones in the series was Cartier love bracelet replica highlighted, opal, Moonstone and cat’s eye stone of the rainbow of light and shadow refraction, making the “Huicai Magic” showing a glorious overall style, but without losing the delicate and gentle.
In this case,
“Abundant treasures” inspired by the wild nature of the original power. The theme is the combination of strength and gentleness, wildness and harmony, and the combination of male and female styles, creating the balance and perfection of nature. “Abundant Treasure” series has an unconscious irregular shape, as well as sophisticated surface area texture, reflecting the real Park, rough style features, but at the same time creating a line of abundance, angular image.
In this case,
“Energetic” is the more unrestrained and seasonable style, with a very wild and luxurious style. Those vibrant, challenging and explosive destruction of the elements is still the mainstream of this season. In this series, the baroque darkness and urban industrial taste wonderful fusion, and through a series of contrast between red and blue colors to performance.
In this case,
“Romance” is the focus of sincere and emotional disclosure. This is a gentle and sensitive style, full of many legendary story. Oriental dinette, ancient dowry and other fragments of the past are cleverly integrated into the present, and through the rich color of the narrative and symbolic way to connect the future trend. Rich emotions, poetic details. “Romance” will nostalgic taste mixed with simple simplicity.
In this case,
Swarovski and Swarovski Crystals have been inseparable for more than 100 years. Swarovski, headquartered in Teledyne, Austria, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting crystal for fashion, jewelry, crystal and cosmetic packaging And other industries to provide a replica Cartier love bracelet large number of high-quality crystal stone. From the 1970s onwards, in order to imitate the crystal created boutique, furnishings, fashion jewelry, small gifts and accessories, has become a member of the Swarovski product line, in addition, Swarovski also introduced man-made gemstones and natural stones.
Diamond is unparalleled in its beauty, it is transparent, is suitable for the current era of style; it is colorless, but there can be a sea of “means”, in the light of the call, the drill will always be colorful as rich. Diamond simple? Yes! Diamond rich? sure! Diamond content is too much too much.

Women are beautiful, you can say they are as beautiful as diamonds, based on carbon, but each individual is beyond the value of the basic elements. Really, you will talk about a woman which is beautiful, which ugly, but the United States, ugly is a character, also like a diamond reflects a variety of light, and at different times, different occasions, the color can be interchangeable, This is an innate character. The brilliance of diamonds is reflected by the light, the elegance of women is due to the human spirit and luminous.

A woman is quite broad, “free, comfortable, confident, natural,” like a woman’s diamonds, but also Cartier love bracelet replica with a woman’s character, to convey a materialized brilliant, which you have me, I have you.

When the world’s most fascinating beauty of the two were a total of sympathy when a miracle occurred, the two “resonance” so that the most sultry nature of the United States issued the most dazzling light.

Modern woman natural diamond ornaments

Modern woman natural diamond ornaments
Modern woman
In this case,
Modern women pursuing freedom, publicity personality, for themselves, have enough understanding of life and confidence, they like a lotus, know how to a beautiful and natural way to express their own glory.
In this case,
At work, they are hardworking and flexible, after get off work they are keen to experience imitation Cartier love bracelet every new trend, feel the freedom of life. Weekend excursions, leaving them in front of nature to complete their own completely.
In this case,
The biggest feature of modern women is that they are good at bold and generous in the pursuit of fashionable dress to pride in fashion to the United States for the supremacy of the target, the most suitable fashion accessories, non-diamond must go.

Natural diamond ornaments
In this case,
Diamond on behalf of fashion, diamonds show taste. Diamond with its precious, unique, bright characteristics by the people’s favorite, and a modern style of design will be more closely integrated into the diamond modern women’s life.
In this case,
The newly released “natural” series of diamond ornaments, to “free, comfortable, natural, self-confidence,” the interpretation of the four major themes of modern urban women’s life advocates to lead women to release inner strength, so that women like diamonds, bright colors, doubly excellent.
In this case,
The design of the diamond ornaments break through the past, pure and gentle style of women, but also out of the simple straight lines of strong woman tough style, the integration of the two, forming a hardness of softness, both modern and beautiful, fully embody and embrace today’s classic style diamond ornaments The complete style.
In this case,
“Nature” – two curved lines like a different station to extend the trajectory in the intersection of non – intersection encountered sinking brilliant diamond, as it indulge, obsessed with it, to hold on to hold the share of light, And with it interesting life.
In this case,
Women’s voice: diamonds from the natural beauty of the inner so I wear a diamond ring to its calm and leisure.
In this case,
“Comfortable” – rounded silky lines as the sea and sky matched, light waves slightly Lan, during which a diamond sparkling, but also brilliant than the sun jumping, sunny, brighter, enjoy themselves.
In this case,
Woman’s voice: This diamond ring design novel and elegant, with it has a comfortable.
In this case,
“Freedom” – asymmetric, irregular design to break the boring atmosphere, free Smart pleasant pleasure flashed. Diamond is like a drop in the leaves on the crystal dew, like a Yao Ran across the night sky meteor, looked at, Yingying shiny, Guanghua thousands.
In this case,
Women’s voice: modern life multi-faceted, with such a unique diamond ornaments let me feel comfortable in any occasion.
In this case,
“Self – confidence” – Xilian Lang Jun ‘s shape and brilliant endoplasmic 100% confidence and strength of the performance of the distinctive square diamond angular, without too much modification has been the atmosphere Tiancheng.
In this case,
Women ‘s voice: the bright sparkling diamonds unparalleled in nature, its charm is obvious, it makes me have enough self – confidence to show the real self: modern, wise, taste full.
Computer Rings: a US computer company invented a personal computer lock. To turn on the computer, move the owner’s ring closer to the front panel. The original ring inlaid with a piece of microcomputer chip, which is stored in a computer-recognized password. Only the person wearing the relevant password ring can use the computer program and information.

Sleeping Ring: British invention of a sleep ring. It can continue to measure the body’s skin resistance, human fatigue when the epidermal layer resistance increases, wearing a finger on the ring began to work. When a person is sleepy, it will sound a wake-up call. Very suitable for drivers and night workers to use.
In this case,
Contraceptive ring: Japan successfully developed an electronic color contraceptive ring. Married women in the ring as long as the ring before wearing it on the finger, it can automatically measure and record body temperature, and to show women the day of the “rhythm” or “dangerous period”, showing that the blue contraceptive safety rate 70% to 100%; yellow for the 30% to 60%; rings show red is a “dangerous period.”
In this case,
Body temperature ring: the United States made a ring to measure body temperature. This ring has a crystal embedded, can sense the body’s temperature and the figures show. For the training of athletes, high-altitude pilots and small operators of water, the use of particularly high value.
In this case,
Music Necklace: Japan produced a music necklace, the pendant is a mini-tape recorders. It can receive and play music programs, but also trendy jewelry, by young people of all ages.
In this case,
Photographic necklace: France developed a necklace camera, from the plastic chassis, with a rotating hole cover and the diameter of 20 mm lens composition. Each color circular film can take six images. When you go out, hang it in the chest, just press the shutter button, you can take pictures of the scene you are interested in.
In this case,
Healing necklace: Japan produced a treatment of frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis of the magnetic necklace. It is based on the meridian theory of Chinese medicine, the use of magnetic field can be produced on the principle of human tissue production made. This necklace is like a metal necklace, it can promote the body’s new metabolism, the role of Shujinhuoxue.
In this case,
Time earrings: Germany invented this earrings earrings, there is a pea-sized removable alarm table. On the morning shift of women to sleep before the time, when the alarm will ring a non-stop, the people wake up from a dream.
In this case,
Flash earrings: the United States developed a flashing earrings, this novel earrings are made of electronic circuit boards. Earrings micro red, green light will keep shining, very nice.

Wrist jewelry colorful

Colorful “decoration” sector
There are a grid of modern jewelry, you can definitely make beautiful street, burning fashion eye.

Wrist jewelry colorful
Wrist jewelry this season is very compelling, all kinds of bracelets, bracelets, bracelets, hand rope with their own characteristics. Among them, plastic, wood, rattan and other craft bracelets, especially for the new new human cool feeling full. Made of plastic bracelet, a naive look, juvenile cute, the price is not expensive, but also with clothes and easy, a trend has become essential accessories for girls. With beads or glass beads into the pattern of the bracelet, chic imitation Cartier love bracelet and fashionable, the most fashionable girl’s favor.

Read a girl wearing a pair of extremely simple but very chic wooden bracelet, gives the feeling of gently Qiaoqiao, brown surface coated with a layer of thin bright oil, can clearly see the wood texture. This pair of silk with a trace of the forest breath of the bracelet, so that girls dressed in white cotton dress is simple and simple and elegant.

Keen to dream of girls, will not forget the child often play the knot rope game, now grown into My Fair Lady, still concerned about that period of childhood fairy tale. Popular style of the market a variety of knotted rope bracelet: red rope is a bring auspicious wrist rope, and some strings on a coin, simple and natural; some knot into a knot, it must be mutual Valentine’s gift (Or other flowers) string together a landscape, simple and Meaningful, both stylish and people never forget.

Chest scenery unlimited
Many of the original girls are the hands of accessories, such as mobile phones, watches, rings, etc., now boarded the neck of the girls.

Watch is decorated on the wrist, and a gift from the Avon watches, is also wrapped around the neck, the bracelet evolved into a necklace, watch the surface of the necklace became a pendant, seems a different kind of chic.

The ring as a necklace pendant to match, pattern more, jade ring with a necklace, a little more feminine tenderness. Many girls have jade rings with pendants for the necklace. While wearing a silver ring as a pendant necklace, let the girls reveal the dash of classical beauty. Many couples to the ring engraved with each other’s names, wearing a necklace worn on the neck, close to the heart of the location, meaning love forever in the “I” heart.
“Do you think gold jewelry is not fashionable? Are you fashionable enough?” The irony is not the argument from one occasion, but the slogan the World Gold Council uses to promote K-gold.

“You go to the Hongqiao market to spend one hundred dollars to buy suits and you spend thousands of dollars to spend on international trade to buy sets of suits are suits, what is the difference between it? Very different! We promote K-gold is to make people aware of To buy a fashion creative gold jewelry and buy gold itself is a difference. “March 17 afternoon, Beijing Kerry Center at the” Gold Fashion 2004 “press conference, Wang Lixin shaking his wrist just from Italy to buy To the K-gold bracelet told me that his identity is the World Gold Council of China.

For those who are keen on gold jewelry “money worshipers”, the gold fashion in 2004, the stage, more and more appeared in front of the “K-gold”. This is from the English “Karat gold” referred to is the gold and other metals melting together alloy, also known as “18K gold” (pure gold is defined as 24K, 1K gold content of 4.1667%, 18K gold = 1667% × 18 = 75%, that 18K gold is 75% of the gold content of the alloy). As 18K gold flexible moderate, easy to shape, so many complex and detailed gold jewelry made of 18K gold. In addition, the change in the composition and proportion of other metals will be able to show a platinum, rose gold, pink gold, blue gold, purple and other rich color characteristics also broke the gold single tone, for the K-gold adds infinite Changes and possibilities, but also to meet the people to pursue change and fashion tastes.

“Sweet Live” Sweet Hereafter “is the 2004 gold fashion trends of the big theme. Last year, the whole world is still full of turbulence and terrorist activities, so this year’s theme is to pass Joy happy message, I hope people wear K-gold jewelry every day like wearing New clothes Let the mood become Joy up. Yao Yongqi view, the annual fashion trends are related to people’s mental state, the evolution of the lifestyle has a great relationship. In 2004 the large gold ornaments. “Yao Jinqi, Trend, in Europe and the United States to absorb the latest jewelry design masters of the concept, designed to create consumers with gold, “sweet life experience.” Designers combined with lively colors, full of sense of humor imagination, flying vitality, to convey The sweet life of vision and praise. “Relax, enjoy the life and the good life! “This is the gold design this year, the most important creative spirit.As the core, this evolution of the three design themes are” Wonderland “,” leap “and” visual feast “.

“If you open a box filled with candy, grab a candy out, is the way this year’s jewelry.” Yao Yongqi metaphorically Road. And she brings another “intelligence” is also quite interesting, “‘childish’ cartoon image will continue to be popular this year, so this year’s most fashionable, the easiest way is that you pen to a little brother, little sister, And said to them, ‘I want to see what kind of flowers are in your eyes and what kind of butterflies are.

With the 2004 K-gold fashion from Europe swept Asia, gold designers this year to make more bold and innovative attempt to different colors of the K-gold match sections of the novel materials, such as gold, white gold, Rose gold or gold with semi-precious stones, enamel, color beads, shells, as well as beautiful color crocodile skin, for the era of women, such as candy-like exquisite beautiful romantic gold.

“Gold is the delivery of joy, happiness, love and protection of the best carrier, it can express the best feelings in life”, to introduce this year’s gold jewelry fashion trends, Wang Lixin also from time to time to elaborate “a new image of gold “. As the world’s largest gold promotion and non-profit institutions, the World Gold Council was established in 1987 in London. Its members come from the major gold mining companies in eight countries, and each member of the company sells an ounce of gold for a portion of its proceeds to promote gold for the association. Thus, an important task of the organization is to “stimulate and enhance the demand and holdings of gold by consumers, investors, industry and government”.

“Gold Fashion 2004” conference culminating in the models are performing gold show to achieve. When the models were wearing the latest gold jewelery provided by Vicenza, Italy and Hong Kong jewelers, the photographers and cameramen suddenly burst into a fish-baked excitement that made people confused. Is directed at those tall girls sexy or those who they “sweet life” of gold jewelry.


“Wonderland” design theme, is to capture the nostalgic innocence and innocence. The theme of the exquisite jewelry design exquisite, full of humorous ideas, a little surreal and magic taste, such as Alice in Wonderland fairy tale as sweet and light. Popular elements include butterflies, bows, heart-shaped, buttons, children’s brush strokes under the flowers, fairy tales or cartoons in the wizard of small animals for the modeling of gold. As the atmosphere filled with girls to color as beautiful as the rainbow-based design changes.

visual feast

Geometric patterns of visual aesthetics, has always been the mainstream of quarterly jewelry design. In 2004, designers from the 1960s popular Op Art (Op Art) drawing inspiration, coupled with 80 years of dramatic fashion performance style, bring out the new geometric pattern design effect. The essence of the design is a three-dimensional design of rich, square and round endless patchwork combination, solid / hollow, concave and convex material contrast effect, create avant-garde, with a neutral taste of jewelry modeling, the performance of new women independent independent Lost charming charm.

The most IN home is dressed in light and elegant chiffon skirt

The most IN home is dressed in light and elegant chiffon skirt, or fold, cascading wear method. Cool masculine style is over, this year the mainstream of platinum is sweet and graceful, smooth and elegant lines.

Cocktail style: overlapping pile of gorgeous dress, chiffon fabric plus fold details, with a Paris-style elegant style jewelry, such as streamer-like dancing, such as water-like waves, is fit the romantic impression on the reception.

Business modeling: the business has always been orthodox style to be with the New York style of simple and elegant jewelry style, with edges and corners, to create a geometric sense of the design is best to match the neutral trousers suit, one independent self-confidence, but inadvertently tick Around you to highlight the delicate thoughts and feminine.

Dating style: the tender girl next door trend of publicity has passed, this year is to create a graceful grace of England temperament. Classic butterfly shape is still enduring, both with pants and skirts are very out of color, women’s charming and graceful, do not say in words.

Holiday styling: heat waves, grass skirts, beach, the film that the neighboring Cartier love bracelet replica heart-shaped resort island charming tag, tandem into a string of heart-shaped ring, earrings and necklaces, cute style is very suitable for holiday naive, The performance of a new generation of female movement Safe, the pursuit of freedom of the new life of the heart of the Department.
Is the only member of International Amber Association (Member 077), operating 100% Poland processing, Poland imports of the Baltic amber products, all amber products through the International Association of Amber certification and awarded the “natural amber” Certification.
The company has long been with more than 20 top amber manufacturers in Poland have maintained good relations of cooperation, bringing together the company’s 10,000 kinds of classic style, is currently operating amber products the largest variety, the most complete style of the company. In 2002 the company set up offices in Poland in order to grasp the industry information and the latest design to ensure that the style with the international trend of synchronization.
Amoy has been leading the domestic consumption of Amber fashion, products throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Kunming and other major cities.
By the end of 2003 赛 Kyrgyzstan amber amber operating experience with many years of outstanding performance and good promotion of business reputation, has made Europe’s largest amber chain brand “S & A” natural amber of China’s exclusive agent.
“S & A” Amber has more than 1,000 chain stores in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Greece, the United States, Canada and other countries. “S & A” amber has excellent quality amber selection, exquisite silver inlay , Simple and stylish design, a leader in the amber industry. Saigi amber will be the direct introduction of foreign brands for China’s amber market will bring new vitality and a new look for the majority of amber amateurs to bring sync with the international trend of amber fashion. In this case,

Amber small knowledge:
Amber with its natural beauty of the ancient solemn, warm and revealing the classical Replica Cartier love bracelet atmosphere, and become a collection of dignitaries to secure the treasures and Buddhist holy objects.
Amber is a prehistoric pine tree fossils, formed in the 40 million to 60 million years ago. Amber is the main component of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a small amount of sulfur, hardness 2-3, specific gravity 1.05-1.10, the melting point of 150 ℃ -180 ℃, firing 250 ℃ -375 ℃.
Amber is an organic gem, can be used to make jewelry, handicrafts and so on. Amber has efficacy, can be used as medicine. In this case,
The source of amber 40 million years ago, there are large tracts of forest in northern Europe, when the climate is warm, there is no human, the resin from today’s ancestors plant Song Shan down. The virgin forests were not submerged, buried in mud sediments, and the resin was preserved for today. Many large areas of the Nordic into the bottom of the sea, which is why the world most of the amber produced in the Baltic coast of the reasons.
Amber mostly produced in Poland, Lithuania, Russia and other Baltic coast, the color of these countries amber transparent golden, crystal texture, good quality and yield. In addition, the Dominican Republic, China Fushun, Myanmar, also have a small number of distinctive amber production.

The Types and Characteristics of Amber
If divided by the transparency of amber can be divided into: transparent amber, opaque amber, and between the two between the flower amber. Opaque amber, traditionally known as the “secret wax”, we often encounter other names on the amber:
Old honey — pointed out that the age-old opaque amber, red and orange.
Blood amber — pointed out that the age of the transparent amber. The color is the same as that of the higher red wine.
Bone – refers to the white amber.
Amber’s low hardness, light texture, astringent, moist, gem-like luster and crystal degree, amber is another feature is particularly rich in inclusions, such as insects, plants, minerals and so on.

Amber charm
Its subtle color, texture, moist, with unparalleled affinity. To the people of a quiet and tranquil Cartier love ring replica spiritual experience, each one is unique amber, as if this million years ago, a masterpiece of nature, is to this wonderful one can make contact with your life, and you get married!

How to appreciate the beauty of amber
Amber, in addition to the gem of the style, the amber is more of its beauty is implicit, and wisdom. For thousands of years, ancient and modern literature in the praise of amber I do not know where a few. Amber is the only living “living fossil”. In the time of carving, its color will be more rosy, more crystal texture (Honey), with an amber, travel among them, you see is a vagaries of the world.

The legend of amber
Since ancient times in Europe, amber is regarded as a mascot, is part of European culture. Every Leo, Pisces and Scorpio people, are and wear amber, because these constellations and amber are interrelated, at the same time, amber is November’s “birthday stone.” Amber Room symbolizes happiness and longevity. Amber and gold, silver, pearls, coral, car canal, glass together as a Buddhist Qibao.

Treatment efficacy
Amber, contains an ether oil, can help the blood circulation through the skin, the treatment of muscle and joint pain in tension, can be refreshing, in addition to amber because amber particles with a smile, easy to contact with the skin to form a protective film is very good Beauty products.

Amber maintenance
Amber and pearls, coral, ivory belong to the organic gem, volatile, corrosive substances Cartier love ring replica against it, after use can be gently wipe with a damp cloth. Secondly, to avoid with the hard jewelry to save, so as not to friction damage. Normal wear and play will not cause damage.

Distinguish between true and false amber
Natural amber texture is very light, floating in saturated salt water, then burning or forced friction will be distributed to send fragrance, amber room is “astringent” material, no two amber is exactly the same. Advised consumers, not because of the problems of true and false and give up the opportunity to enjoy amber, may wish to strengthen the understanding of the knowledge of amber.

Fashion trends in spring jewelry

Fashion trends in spring jewelry
Early spring in February, we see the vitality, we feel is new, dragonfly flashing to fly, know has begun to sing … … jelly is not open, we use their own beauty of Primula … …
Beauty and the Beast

Although the origin of animal brooch is not now, but it is now the most popular. From the Duke of Windsor to the windsor lady’s leopard brooch began to today, it has been a brooch is a very special school, a variety of shapes of animal brooches not only intensified, but also growing in use is also very bold And eclectic. In this case,

Founder, the new watch popular

To Michelle Reis as the spokesperson of the product family watch IDEALE series of new, just released. Nowadays more popular small rectangular ladies table, table people have a variety of colors to choose from, ice blue, pearl powder or shell lines are fashionable choice. And send imitation cartier love bracelet the watch must also know how to express the meaning of the table, so no matter send the table are valuable or not are moving. If you send a watch to write a phrase like this: “give you my time.” Do not believe she does not move!
In this case,
Waist landscape

People say, any good figure, if not the waist is false. Shows the moving waist! There is a real good figure, we must know to show, and this is a good opportunity for modern.

Men’s belts are men’s essential accessories, a taste of the men will have more than 3 types of good belt, to suit dress, casual wear, and color considerations. In this case,

Pendants are popular love jewelry

Ring is easy to be mistaken for marriage proposal, bracelets may need to try on the spot, the lack of timely surprises, earrings, she in the end there is no pierced ears? … … American Gemological Society claimed that the platinum diamond pendant is the best gift to express love, will not give pressure, can be retracing
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) recently announced the results of the 6th Hong Kong Jewelery Design Contest. The three winners were Mr Kwan Kai-kwan (“Behind the Scenes”), Hu Tsui Luen (“Shining Scales”) and Zhu Hui- “Circle and Point”).

The Open Design Competition was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong Jewelery & Gemstone Gold and Silver Jewelery Association, the Hong Kong Jewelery and Jade Manufacturers’ Association, the Hong Kong Jewelery Manufacturers Association and the Hong Kong Diamond Association with the aim of discovering talent and enhancing product design , And promote Hong Kong jewelry brand.

Jewelry industry in recent years set off a mosaic jewelry boom, from different precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds, precious stones, jade, mother of pearl jewelry, welcomed by consumers. The jewelry design competition just to let designers have the opportunity to play creative, and reflect the costume of the Road, for the jewelry to give a new meaning.

The theme of this year is “Classical and New Convergence” and “Cultural Color”. The former encourages contestants to explore inspiration from classic works and create designs that integrate ancient and modern design. While the latter hope that designers from the “life” starting to different imitation Cartier love bracelet colors and shapes of gems, to show Hong Kong’s unique multicultural diversity.

Chairman of the TDC’s Jewelery Advisory Board, Mr Chan Shuk-tai, Managing Director of Yickley (Holdings) Limited, Mr Fred LIANG, Managing Director of Eternity Diamond Limited, Mr Pang Rut Ting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eternal Diamond Company Limited, Mr Peter Pang And the chairman of Dunzan Limited Liu Zixiu.

The winning entries were selected from 176 entries based on the criteria of creativity (60%), marketability (20%) and wearability (20%).

One of the winners is a six-year veteran of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, whose design is inspired by the “washboard”, ruby with 18K gold on behalf of the people of Hong Kong hard work, the spirit can flexion and resilience of the side of the diamond on behalf of Hong Kong’s prosperity. He hoped that the works would remind Hong Kong of its achievements today, but the sweat and sweat of the day were not forgotten. In particular, he said, rely on technicians to help die side, adjust the surface curvature, etc., in order to smooth the production of double-sided ring can be bent.

Last year, Merit Award winner Hu Cui-luan, this year to “sparkling scales” re-award. She designed the earrings to gold, platinum and rose gold wafers linked into a buckle, each piece of diamond studded wafers, wearers walking, the wafer can swing, as the fish in the sea when the same as the issue of glittering light.

Zhu Hui’an, who graduated from Li Huili Industrial College five years ago, has a wealth of award-winning experiences at a young age. Her winning designs last year have been brought to the retail market and welcomed by customers.

Zhu Hui’an said since childhood in love with jewelry design, fortunate enough to work in the entertainment. She said that in order to accommodate the needs of the market, the daily design of more commercial taste heavy jewelry, but through the design competition, can be abstract, as a diversified, bold attempt.

She designed this year’s “round and point” pendants will use the red plastic, black “Andes” stone, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold, 18K black gold, brown diamond, white diamond and other materials to reproduce the style Exaggerated, colorful, geometric patterns as the theme of the sixties style. Zhu Hui-an also believes that inspiration from life, if the study abroad to absorb foreign culture, will help to broaden creative thinking.

Brand jewelery fashionable style this season

Brand jewelery fashionable style this season
D & G Fruit Necklace

D & G in the season launched a series of fruit modeling and color accessories, the red currant, pineapple, red cherries and other summer fruit string in the neck, mouth-watering seductive temperament naturally distributed!
Louis Vuitton small cherry modeling pendant

In addition to the young ladies favorite cherry bag, the golden diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet adornment, it is LV fans can not miss the collection Oh.
Swarovski pink heart-shaped brooch

Chinese Valentine ‘s Day is approaching, to help your lover pick a brooch full of love it! Inlaid with pink pink diamond heart-shaped brooch, let him put your love do not decorated in the chest.
Chanel Mabai camellia ring

Like the texture of ceramic flowers, as well as fine inlay white camellia weak, is the 2005 spring and summer Chanel high-level set in the important jewelry, with a rugged neutral metal ring ring, showing a sense of conflict of uncoordinated beauty.
Versace Coral Red Necklace

Ocean wind is this season one of the most important fashion trends, deep-sea coral and starfish modeling gold dressed, with a beautiful red coral necklace, both stylish and brisk!
Mia Blue Meteor Ring

Sleek streamlined ring type, inlaid on the blue meteor, not only lovely, but also to bring out the fine white finger crystal clear color.
PlayBoy Rabbit shape navel ring

Has Xiaoman Yao girl, in the summer do not mean it will be exposed to the United States and the United States Oh! Wearing a eye-catching navel ring, sexy and alternative!
Christian Dior red candy pin

This section is the most fashionable Dior shape this season, for the little girl like candy, beautiful color, brand logo after the fall, transformed into cute and playful fashion accessories.
Bohemian fashion tropical from the revival of national accessories, with the nature of the logs, in this quarter has become a fashion designer around the Queen’s material, and a wide range of applications, handbags, shoes, jewelry, all decorated with small rounded Wooden beads, full of ethnic customs. The creation of wooden jewelry ideas more exciting, and semi-precious stones, flowers collage with each other, the former Shen real and the latter’s gorgeous, seemingly irrelevant, but improvise is abnormal coordination.
Artini sterling silver necklace by a series of wood leaves formed in series, the leaves on the crystal, such as dawn dew, full of nature angry.

Tracing the renaissance of the causes of wooden jewelry, but also look at fashion season set off the national trend. Famous fashion brands such as Lanvin, Marni, Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten, to create the Metropolitan Bohemian female image with embroidered clothes; Cacharel, Yves Saint Laurant Rive Gauche and Kenzo through flowers and dot pattern design, Tropical girl’s heroic sensibility. In this way, creating a strong atmosphere of the original wooden jewelry when the top of this season’s hot top.

The logos are paved with yellow opal, dark brown and white crystals with woven leather straps. The design incorporates the original taste and contemporary feel.

Logos with silver ring pendant necklace and earrings leather chain, simple design with a neutral; logs of the diamond-shaped pattern by the crystal stone and glass beads piled together, quaint flashing.

National dress match

Wood jewelry This is a folk arts and crafts, early in ancient times, popular in China’s ethnic minorities and Western tribes. A collection of European and American design concept jewelry brand Artini, by the National Heat launched “Midsummer” the series, using logs, pearls, shells and other natural materials with sterling silver, leather, semi-precious stones and Austrian crystal, Creation, highlighting the kind of primitive ethnic customs. The simple lines of the design, just with bright and eye-catching tropical clothing.

Material new patchwork

The traditional wooden jewelry, love the use of shades of solid wood manufacturing, mostly single-row bead chain design, always feel a little mean. Fortunately, this season’s popular wood ornaments, added the elements of the trend of clothing materials, such as woven cold and flower cloth, breaking the original Shenshi style of wood, accessories into the vitality.

The use of logs and crystal stone patchwork from the ring series, the bold and elegant style blend.

On Pedder wooden beads long necklace, decorated with three-dimensional decorated with rose flowers, hand-meticulous.