Meet daily nursing methods of tourmaline and diamond

Meet daily nursing methods of tourmaline and diamond
Tourmaline is known as “woman flower” in the SPAR, perhaps you have been deeply attracted by it and the presents, so, how to choose the real tourmaline, how to maintain your love? You need to know the following method.
Identify main should evaluate the value of the tourmaline color, transparency, clarity, weight, cutters and other aspects to consider.
Kinds of color in the single color, such as bright red, rose, green and blue gorgeous Cartier love ring replica color tourmaline is the best, pink and yellow, colorless, most times. In addition, the single crystal color the more the better, such as double color tourmaline, three color tourmaline, etc.
transparency Glittering and translucent get rid of tourmaline requirements, more transparent quality more good, do not have obvious sense of fog or opaque. In some of the tourmaline crystals, there are a lot of needle-like inclusions in the cat’s eye effect, the effect in the majority with green color tourmaline. The tourmaline that appear this kind of cat’s eye effect, its value will increase significantly, but the evaluation of the key lies in its color brilliance, transparency and block size, and color changing effect. Color clear tourmaline is very scarce, and therefore its value is very high, is collectors collection targets.
Clarity, clarity is refers to the different levels of impurities and defects inside the tourmaline. Tourmaline impurities and defects inside is less, the higher the price, and tourmaline containing cracks and gas-liquid inclusions is usually used as a jade carving Cartier love ring replica materials.
Weight of the same quality of tourmaline, the bigger the weight the higher price.
Cut cut should be neat, proportion of symmetry, good polishing, otherwise will influence the value.
Maintain elaborate care, careful collection, will let you of the tourmaline even more luster.
Wear tourmaline with brittleness, wear should avoid collision force. Avoid contact with high temperature and hot water (fade), don’t wear while taking a bath.
Deposit when you don’t wear, should be single piece in the box, not pile up together, in order to avoid rubbing against each other.
Never in the ultrasonic vibration machine cleaning cleaning, can lead to rupture. Use warm water and neutral detergent (detergent) and soft brush to clean, can use alcohol to clean surface of precious stones. Perspiration, dust can make jewelry lose luster, need regular Cartier love ring replica cleaning.
Check for professional nursing, at least every three months to the professional jewelry store to do a thorough inspection and professional care.
Beautiful diamond ring will wear only on important occasions, not don’t like it, but that you don’t afraid of maintenance. Actually, want to learn some knowledge for maintenance of diamond, beautiful diamond ring can be carried out at any time.
Diamond nursing methods:
First, the diamond is not indestructible, collisions with other diamonds, are also likely to lead to damaged or loose. So, should be very careful when diamond jewellery. Also want to try to get you a diamond ring from chemicals, cosmetics and perfume, please don’t wear stored in the soft bag or a small jewelry box, should go to the jewelry store for regular cleaning and inspection.
Second, in the process of diamond of daily use, diamond is easily stained with grease, when touch will become Cartier nail bracelet replica dirty, so you should always use wireless cloth to wipe. Or with warm water and neutral soap and water and soft hair brush to clean. Can also be gems into ordinary cleaners clean gently, but do not recommend the use of ultrasonic and steam cleaners.
Diamonds are forever, forever. Hope that we can master some diamond maintenance of knowledge, let beauty go down!

Introduction to diamond investment and collection

Introduction to diamond investment and collection
Saturation distribution of each level of tonal include nine color, respectively is: Light (abbreviation), Very Light, Very Light), bright (Light), the color bright (Fancy Light), color (Fancy), Dark color (Fancy Dark), Deep color (Fancy Deep), strong color (Fancy Intense) and fresh colour (Fancy Vivid). Even if two diamond clarity, cut, and weight are the same, but have no difference on the level of color, the price will be sent out a few times.
Natural red diamond is rare. The world’s largest diamond – red light triangle cut jose thayer, weigh 5.11 carat red (dark). According to the report, it is made by a Brazilian farmers found in the mid – 1990 – s. Globally so far only four true red, there are more than a dozen purple hue of red star, including “Hank red” mentioned in the article. This diamond studs are not high, there are two small cleft, but set a diamond carat unit price is $926000 in the world auction record, and keep the record for 20 years, the reason lies in its close to smoky rare color.
Almost no pure natural diamonds are rare, orange orange diamond. Orange drill tonal Cartier love bracelet replica range is larger, the price is not only related to the degree of saturation, also is associated with specific color, red orange than slant yellow orange price is higher. The world’s largest natural orange drill is 5.54 carat “Pumpkin” (Pumpkin) diamond, cut shapes for the nearly round cushion, fresh color orange color, the original stone produced in South Africa. The diamond in 1997 by Winston jewelry line for $1.3 million at sotheby’s (weibo) field of won the bid for and its current valuation has more than $3 million. This year sotheby’s Hong Kong autumn rendered in fresh colour orange 4.19 carat sold for $2900000 m and refresh the “pumpkin” diamond world auction record of $238718 per carat, $705587 per carat. In just 14 years, fresh color orange diamond carat unit price tripled, it serves to show its precious.
Yellow diamond accounted for the vast majority of natural diamonds in the so-called colorless diamond, only a few are truly colorless, the rest is with different degree of yellow. However only saturation reaches a certain degree of yellow diamond can jump out from the colorless diamond grade, promotion to the colored diamonds. Although yellow diamonds mined a relatively more, more than 100 carats of gigantic auger is very rare. One of the most famous is the “tiffany jewelry shop treasure company, in 1897, purchased a 128.54 -carat canary, it is classical type, a total of 90 plane, can produce a strong light flicker effect. The grand opera in Geneva this year sotheby’s jewelry autumn is also a giant canary, it weighs 110.03 carat is currently the world’s largest pear-shaped fancy canary, valuation of $1100 to $15 million, the original stone mining in South Africa in 2010.
Natural green diamonds and red as rarely appears in the auction, is very rare. German “dresdner” diamond is one of the most famous in the world today green auger, 41 carat it, a pear-shaped cut, it is the only big particles have been discovered pure green natural diamond. Appeared and the auction is the biggest green auger sotheby’s autumn sales in Geneva in 2009 was 2.5 Carla pillow type on the fresh colour green auger, sold for $3078916, a very high unit carat price replica Cartier love bracelet enough to witness its precious rare. Natural blue diamond, by contrast, is also rare, is a regular at the auction, its four consecutive years since 2007 in sotheby’s auction, and refresh every year auction record last year. Sotheby’s jewelry auction in Hong Kong this year, fresh color blue diamond with a 6.01 carat pink diamond ring sold for $10000000, unit kara price from $2007 in 1320000, climbed to $1686505, up more than 25% four years.
According to the theory of color pink as having high brightness and low saturation of red, orange and purple, pink diamond is no exception. So to play a very delicate pink diamond colour, low saturation through after inlaid on the jewelry can not display its moving nature, high saturation and beyond the world of romantic and warm pink on the color psychology of default. However, from the point of price and output, high saturation of pink diamonds is relatively better choice. India’s ancient gore kangda (Golconda) output by the pale pink pink diamonds are homogeneously, due to its ore has been discontinued, so all the more precious. And the pink diamond come mainly from the argyle ore of Australia.
“The South African diamond” so famous, just because in the country’s first discovered the large diamond original mineral. Although most of the country of origin of the diamond is South Africa, but where is the origin and cannot determine the selected must be a good diamond, because buy diamond is to look at the 4 c standard, rather than only look at the origin of a product, origin of a myth. South Africa is the country with the largest diamond production, and can’t say South Africa diamond is the best, any output of diamond mining area has good, medium and poor. All over the world are all in diamond production and has more than 30 countries with diamond Cartier love bracelet replica resources, annual production of about one hundred million carats. Production of the top five countries are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, South Africa. Diamond production in the five countries account for around 90% of the world’s diamond production.
Measure of a diamond quality mainly include four, namely the weight (CARAT), CLARITY (CLARITY), color (see COLOUR and CUT (CUT), known as the “4 c standard”. This standard by the GIA (the American college of gem), is currently the most mainstream in the world including China diamond evaluation standard.
Diamond shall be conducted by the international recognition of gemologists appraisal and issue a third party independent opinion, based on the 4 c standard, then decided to diamond prices.
Diamonds are elements of pure elemental carbon, its chemical composition is not stable, rarely contain other impurities element. So whether it’s produced in South Africa, or from Russia, Australia, boz ravana, namibia, even China wafangdian, its structure is the same. Diamond when the choose and buy, should focus on the diamond on the “4 c” quality classification of diamond to find contentment.
Two same size weight as diamond, their value is to look at their clarity and measure, and cut and color of the diamond light the exploration degree depend on its cut, so cut quality will directly affect the value of a diamond. Diamond after pondering, it is difficult to distinguish its origin, single to cut, the current four big diamond processing center is recognized as the best, the American New York, Antwerp, Belgium, mumbai, India, tel aviv, Israel. Above many of original rock of Fake Cartier love bracelet South African diamond has a level of gem, but after the original stone figured out of diamonds, the element is a pure elemental carbon, the chemical composition of it is very stable, very few elements of other impurities, the quality has nothing to do with the origin.
In fact, in a nutshell, the larger the diamond, the pure, colour and lustre is transparent, and the more precise the cut diamond, the more valuable, and its origin is not too big relations. Follow strict 4 c standard diamond grade, weight, color, clarity and cut. Some businesses by identifying the South African diamond “” diamond” in Belgium, etc., in order to improve diamond worth, misdirect consumer. If companies have prided himself in the diamond is “South African diamond” can ask its issue the relevant certificates, to protect the legitimate interests of the consumers.

Silver jewelry identification tips

Silver jewelry identification tips
(1) color differentiation method. Observe with the eye, looks white, luster, fine workmanship, and in the number printed on the jewelry store, for assaying the high silver jewelry; Look a yellowish color, coarsely for assaying the low silver jewelry; Colour and lustre is poor, matte more false silver jewelry.
(2) the bending method. Use of versatile silver jewellery, soft waxy, easy bending is not easy to break the color-forming high; Stiff, or barely moving, some even can’t fold with finger move looks very low; By bending or with a hammer to knock a few times will be split to wrap large jewelry; Light and doesn’t bend and easy break for fakes.
(3) the identification method of nitrate. Will drop in nitrate silver jewelry with a glass rod file mouth, brown colour, high steady green or badge green colour; In dark green, black, even no foam or file mouth foam looks very bottom.
(4) casting method. Throw silver jewelry from the top Cartier love bracelet replica down on the counter, bounce is not high, and has a “poof” voices for real, or color-forming high silver jewelry; Behind the counter jump higher, and the voice sharp bright, false or colour low silver jewellery.
Gold to know how much knowledge
Gold is a precious metal, gold has a price, and value content is higher, “magnificent”, “true gold fears not the fire”, “the book has its own gold room” and other words of praise all express gold lofty position in the eyes of people. To participate in future gold investment, investment in gold market value, value, must be in gold properties, characteristics and its role in the monetary and financial.
Gold as a precious metal, has the good physical properties, are: high melting point, l064.43 degrees Celsius, “true gold fears not the fire” is refers to under general flame melt gold isn’t easy. Density is big, 19.31 g/cm3 (18 ℃), feel ChenDian. Good toughness and ductility, good conductivity. Has the bright yellow gold, but color change is bigger, after mixed with other metals such as gold copper alloy are dark red, silver alloy is pale yellow or gray. Gold is easy to be ground into powder, which is also the cause of gold are dispersed in the nature, the pure gold jewelry is easy to wear and reduce weight.
Because gold mining is not easy, high cost and physical properties is good wait for a characteristic, therefore in the long-term social and historical development of gold is not only the human used for decoration, but also the function of monetary value assigned to them. Until the 1970 s, gold separated from the direct monetary effect, namely the nonmonetary gold. But as precious metals, gold is still the world’s major international reserve at present. According to gold reserves, published in 2000, the current gold list of the top 10 countries in the world and international institutions are: the United States (8137 tons), Germany (3469 tons), the international monetary fund (3217 tons), France (3025 tons), Switzerland (2494 tons), Italy (2452 tons), Netherlands (912 tons), Japan (764 tons), European Banks (747 tons) and Poland (607 tons), the UK and China ranked 11th (538 tons) and 14 (395 tons).
Gold, according to the nature of the points can be divided into “gold” and “practice” two replica Cartier love bracelet kinds big. Raw gold is also called “the gold”, “natural” or “waste”, is people from mine mined or river bed, unrefined gold. All who pass by refining of gold known as the “gold”. Due to join the other elements in cooked gold and make the changes to appear on the golden in colour and lustre, people usually place is added to the familiar gold metallic silver and have no other metal itself is called “clear color gold”, and the mixed with gold silver and other metals are called “mixed color gold”. K gold is mixed color in assaying the fineness of gold, a representation, 4.1666% for lK gold component. Assaying the fineness of gold by K gold, high and low can be expressed as 24 K, 18 K and 22 K, 20 K, 24 K gold the gold content of 99.998%, basic as pure gold, 22 K gold content is 91.665%. Golden can also be expressed in percentage content directly, is usually divided into 1000 gold weight representation, such as 9999 gold pieces on the labeling of was 99.99%, and in 586 to 58.6%.
In the current collection and precious jewelry, gold weakness, making jewels worth the watershed, as one of “the four precious stones” sapphire, it to symbolize love sincere and is referred to as “born September stone”, and become the world millions of people pursue the rarities of the collection.
Sapphire is transparent or translucent crystal, hardness of mohs magnitude 9, specific gravity 3.9 4.1. Sapphire color is very rich, difference for different shades and the sky blue, blue, ocean blue, light blue, blue, dark blue, blue ash, etc., with the clear the “blue” like after a storm comes a calm and transparent water drops of blue “is the best, is extremely rare. Sapphire, grinding disc, light body with light body, a star line is the blue star gem, no star line strip and grinding disc, crystal clear, flawless conditions being the same, as grinding disc for the best. Sapphire has a light, cut it into curved surface, the surface article 6 or 12 star ray, clear, clear to line, ray is short of, good gloss, have stereo feeling after taste.
On the Chinese market at present the real natural Cartier love bracelet replica sapphire for Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, myanmar, Cambodia and China and the eastern coastal area in shandong from sapphire, producing area different, the market prices are often large difference. For investment collectors, shoulds not be too much emphasis on the origin of a product, can according to international practice in accordance with the color depth, quality characteristics, internal purchase and hide. In today’s international market, 2 carat sapphire sells for $3000 – $6000, more than 5 carat quality, have been very precious stones.
According to records: the engagement, Britain’s prince Charles had gift Diana a sapphire ring, the ring at the beginning of the year for 900000 pounds. The American museum of natural history a treasure in the 27327 – carat princess “Brazil” sapphire; As for the world’s largest known sapphire, produced in Sri Lanka, 19 kg. The fair in the fall of 1988, a grain of nickel large oval sapphire, is a Japanese collectors to the high price of $200000 on the spot. Unique love, the author of sapphire, in Bangkok, Thailand to spend $13800 for a sapphire ring, male 10.538 carat sapphire, and the gold and diamond inlays, quality of a material is transparent colour is gorgeous, very elegant, make the author fondle admiringly.
Sapphire rare and precious, so fake very much. Particularly is, a handful of illegal profit generation with inferior quality cheap blue tourmaline, blue lapis lazuli, crystal and aquamarine blue tip as first-class natural sapphire to traps raise money. Although in aspects such as Fake Cartier love bracelet hardness, refraction, dichroism for instrument identification, but difficult to master. Common method to identify three see: a look at the endoplasmic reticulum, fake color is not bright, and too much net; 2 see appearance, fake hardness is low; Three see light body, poor fake ray symmetry. The synthetic sapphire have listed, the price is only 1% of similar quality natural sapphire, for the working class people, put on a synthetic sapphire jewelry, cheap and fine, can also experience a worth special mood.

Selected principles of red sapphire

Selected principles of red sapphire
1. Color: select the first condition of red, blue color. Color should be deep enough, delicate and charming enough. Is the most beautiful colour “pigeon blood” smoky, “cornflower blue” sapphire.
2. Flaw: red, sapphire flaws that standard is commonly by the naked eye, especially the smoky always contains many impurities. Can be ten times as much as a magnifying glass to watch.
3. The transparency: generally very clean gem transparency, the higher the value.
4. Cut: red, sapphire crystal is hexagonal system, so the most common -cutting shape is oval, cut good red, blue, the flashing bright beautiful. At the bottom of the watch will be subject to face up, sometimes may be missing Angle or is not neat.
Fine quality jadeite called jade, the shape and color, transparent, well, is the average person reward or evaluation method of jade, jade is divided into: glass, dark and old, old pit, the pit gold, oil, pea green, flower blue, green, etc. One kind of glass jadeite is top grade, and “water” high, good transparency and was called “ice”, is “glass” of treasures. Most consumers buy jade bracelet may have such experience, is that businesses will knock when you in front of the jade bracelet, listen to see if the sound is ringing contains no turbidity, and is better to clear echo is rising. To do this is to prove that the jade crystal tightly quality of a material is good and no crack.
1. Jo green value.
2. Transparency: jadeite internal crystal structure better close texture, transparency too high, what we call the “glass” is the transparent hard jade, jade itself as a result of chromium has formed rich ice jade, expensive and is hard to find.
3. The color uniform: in addition to the charming green color, high transparency, must also be uniform color is the top grade.
4. Faults: attention should be paid to crack, spots, etc., these defects will affect the quality of jadeite.
5. Shape: most of the jade ring face is oval egg noodle form, and the shape of the other will have a variety of, the stand or fall of shape and beauty to the price of jade is also influential.
6. Carver or grinder, carved pieces of the stand or fall of the accessories of the time and the meaning of the symbol have impact on prices.
7. The size, thickness, the same quality of the jade, of course, is big and thick high prices.
8. The luster: in addition to the above conditions, luster and bright, not dark.
Also known as pearls, pearl mussel bead, has long been regarded as rare treasures. 
Pearl has three purposes. First is medicinal, it is always valuable medicinal herbs, sex cold taste salty, non-toxic, into two by heart, to the town of mind, Yin extinguish wind, clear the potential drop phlegm, go to “bright eye, detoxification, the production of clinical treatment can be used for a variety of diseases. The second is used as decorations, can make all kinds of jewelry and cap the head, behind the beautiful is very beautiful. The third role is used for beauty to raise colour. 
The Chinese have long known that pearl can raise colour beauty. Li shizhen in the compendium of materia medica wrote: “pearl coating, a moist good color.” “Chinese medicine dictionary, pearl can” town heart bright eye, the coating is moist, good color “. In the qing dynasty of the dowager empress dowager is to use the pearls to yan calls. According to the record, she will every 10 days time take one silver spoon of pearl powder, uninterrupted and decades. She also used in the ordinary time sweet been mixed into the pearl powder, also used for casing makeup. So she live to the old, still looks in good, bright and smooth skin, don’t look old. 
Foreigners also know pearl beauty-care effect. Ancient Egyptian noblewoman in order to beautify the skin, commonly used very fine pearl powder mixed milk before sleep midway to wipe the body, so that the skin is light. From analysis of modern pharmacology, milk nutrition is rich, it is mainly to provide organic nutrients; And the main composition of pearl is keratin, a variety of amino acids, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium silicate, and silver, selenium, manganese, zinc, copper and other trace elements. In these elements, there are many elements has the function of body care. 
Our country many famous people have named raise colour with a pearl records, such as Shanghai famous shaoxing opera performing artist yu-lan xu, Jane wang, after taking a period of time will definitely feel refreshed after pearl Lou, radiant: process of film performance artists, Peking Opera actor zhang jinlai etc, also often take pearl powder, so long, pleasant voice lubrication, smooth skin ruddy, energetic. Foreign celebrities taking pearl powder is also a lot of the film and television. 
Pearl oral or after grind powder mixed directly onto the skin, also can be made into bath to wash bath, especially the pearl powder as main ingredient of beauty cosmetics, made such as ginseng pearl mask, pearl hairdressing frost, cream cosmetics, use very convenient, good reputation among people, especially young women.

Ordinary glass VS artificial crystal

The crystal of love
Crystal, pure, refined and elegant, has been covered with mysterious aura, is a darling of women jewelry box. Trendy girls also let crystal climbed, eyebrows, hair, teeth, household act the role ofing is tasted more from crystal crafts, with the change of life colorful crystal love.
Natural crystal color
The nature of the
A crystal crystal, natural crystal is natural, it is a kind of high purity quartz ore, the majority is white color, also have a small amount of purple, green, etc., this is because in the process of crystal formation, composition containing different metal oxide.
Main composition is natural crystal silicon dioxide (quartz), in other words, the crystal is pure and transparent quartz crystal, is a variation of quartz. Due to also contain other metal ions in the natural crystal, will present a variety of colors, common have white crystal, amethyst, citrine, tea-coloured crystal, hair crystal, crystal, crystal lotus communities, etc.
The characteristics of
Natural crystal hardness of mohs 7, quite general hard steel file, which makes the brittle and fragile, topaz, emerald, diamond, opal stone like gems in the shade. And the hardness of glass is 5. Natural crystal fracture is shells (fracture is also called the crevasse, it refers to the minerals produced by only after blow irregular fracture, fracture surface uneven called fracture).
Crystal authenticity
See natural crystal in the process of formation, is often affected by the environment always contains some impurities, observation of the sun, you can see the light evenly tiny horizontal stripes or catkin substance. And false crystal with defective crystal, glass melting slag, after polishing processing, coloring imitation, no catkin stripes, material.
feel Crystal beads in the palm of your hand rub back and forth, natural crystal texture smooth, artificial crystal feel is relatively dry. And in the same environment, artificial crystal more easily than natural crystal adhesion of dust.
The tongue lick Even in the hot summer dog days, natural crystal jewelry surface with his tongue, cold, cool feeling, too. Fake crystal act the role ofing is tasted,, no cool feeling.
Light natural crystal jewelry set under the sunlight, no matter from which point of view, it can let out a beautiful light. Fake crystal cannot do.
Natural crystal hardness hardness, gently with gravel on the accessories, don’t leave a trace; If leave streaks, is false crystal act the role ofing is tasted.
Crystal maintenance
With normal cleaning fluid after water place for cleaning items, with a soft brush or hand after cleaning, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, dry out control, stay half works with a soft towel to wipe clean can, leaving no water lines and fingerprints. Try to avoid using alkaline, acid and alcohol cleaning detergent, in order to avoid corrosion, additional ashtrays and other utensils should reduce the heating time, so as to avoid oxidation yellowing.
Don’t: don’t wait for dry after water, because water after dry leaves water lines, must be clean work partly. If you want to make products from more bright, crystal is placed in the sun after cleaning 2 ~ 3 hours, absorb sunlight after the product is more bright.
Bright is artificial crystal
Properties of artificial crystal is high lead glass, or lead crystal glass, namely the common glass (composition is sio2) adding 24% of lead oxide, get brightness and transparency with natural crystal similar artificial crystal.
Characteristics of lead oxide content of the international standard of 24%, the best chemical properties of artificial crystal, compared with common glass, mainly than major, feel is heavy; Refractive index is large, can transmission spectrum of multicoloured ten color; High hardness, wear resistance.
Purpose lead oxide containing 24% of lead glass through refining, impurities, manual blowing, fine polishing, fine carving, can be made into high quality lead glass art, light through the carved facet can reflects the colorful six color.
On the standard international has strict concept to the Glass, Glass, ordinary Glass product. Crystal: both lead glass or Crystal, lead oxide content of 24%. Therefore, lead oxide containing 24% quality guarantee of high lead glass.
Ordinary glass VS artificial crystal
Artificial crystal is containing lead oxide in the glass, the higher the composition of the lead oxide, refractive index and the higher the hardness, the finished product is the more the pure crystal, the harder it will be cut at the same time, finished products will be rare. High quality crystal ware with ordinary glass or low diopter of crystal value difference is very big.
Listen to the voice Hand recoiling vessels will sound different when, artificial crystal products, crisp like a metallic after will feel well fills the air, “dang dang” sound with a metal ring, the higher the hardness of crystal, the louder sound. And the voice of the glass is boring, no echo, “snapped” sound is more boring.
The luster Comparison in the sun, the high quality crystal reflects the seven colourful bright, transition and very rich natural and light, the color of the glass refraction is often incomplete and less bright. Transparency in the natural light to compare, the high quality crystal high transparency, show the glittering and translucent white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal will be yellow or blue.
Than the decorative pattern For the same colour of crystal, the pattern of manual into degree is higher, the decorative pattern on the small area forming the more meticulous heavy and complicated, the higher value. With the hand petting, manual pattern have holes in the hand the surface of the rough feeling, and the mechanism of pattern on the surface is smooth.
Than the hardness Due to crystal hardness is much higher than common glass, use for a long time also tend not to become dirty, repeated use for a long time, the glass is very easy to scratch and surface stains. Artificial crystal is bigger than the hardness of glass, and as a result, with artificial crystal would be left a mark to the surface of the glass, and glass crystal, no traces the appear.
Dian weight of two items of the same size, artificial crystal products than heavy glass, glass to light.
Recognize brand selected artificial crystal products depends on the brand, brand, because, only big international brand products of the large factory have a quality and technical assurance.
The secret of TIPS colored crystal
Due to the high lead glass melting to join different rare precious metals, crystal also presents a variety of colors. Such as manganese is added in the crystal material is purple crystal, adding cobalt blue crystal, adding chromium for the green crystal, add the selenium in red crystal, add the liquid gold is gold ruby crystal, add erbium rose crystals, adding cerium is yellow crystal, add neodymium is pale purple crystal. The gold ruby crystal for the color of the most rare and precious.
Health tip:
Radiation protection natural crystal from mineral mining and, if the ore radioactive elements, the exploitation of the crystal is radiation. But now sell crystal on the formal market, mostly by the relevant state departments of detection, there would be no high radioactive and Cartier love bracelet replica safer. Don’t have to worry about radiation problem.
Artificial crystal products won’t appear the radiation problem of heavy metals, but the process must add some heavy metals, therefore, will the residual heavy metal ions in the finished product. Lead oxide content in the products tend to be as high as 20% – 20%, use it to water, usually there won’t be ok, but if use crystal products sheng alcohol, acid beverage, fruit or heavy elements such as lead will be leaching from it, and then dissolved in food or liquid. If stored for a long time, the higher one of the lead content.
“Crystal class”
Crystal always with mysterious facies series. Some experts point out that the crystal, long-term wear natural crystal ornaments, have hairdressing, help regulate the body function and so on the many kinds of magic, “compendium of materia medica” account: crystal “XinHan non-toxic”, “fright heart hot”, to “set his mind at to bright eye, red eye”, etc.
White crystal is the most widely used, the function most gem is called the king of crystal. Have the function of storage memory, help to concentrate on, is a complex of all energy. Around the big crystal cluster itself, can purify the negative performance, commonly known as “ShaQi” eliminate electrical radiation.
Topaz is a birth stone in November, fortune, often can bring a windfall. Master sun nerve and liver, bravery, lienal, pancreatic and other internal organs, can calm mood emotion, eliminate fatigue, visceral weaker people should wear topaz.
A birth stone, amethyst is February represent purity and harmonious state of mind, contact amethyst can improve the intelligence of spiritual growth. Nearer the head for a period of time, are helpful to treat headaches, improve brain function and secretion. Sleep under the pillow, can inspire thinking, and the function of sleep. Put amethyst cluster, makes people happy and abstinent, etc., the ancients thought to ward off evil spirits, insulation, bring happiness and replica Cartier love bracelet longevity, and can detoxify and avoid injury, is like a talisman.
And development represent the resolute and decisive energy, courage, perseverance, can help the authority of the energy gem.
Tea-coloured crystal crystal (smoke) represents bravery, tenacity, restraint, easy to have faith career. Home, and amethyst under and organ function photograph echo.
Communities of crystal is the symbol of wisdom and love. Advocate spirit within and in the chest, help to improve thinking and open mind.
The crystal of the lotus Its color, warmth, can promote the emotion rich, help the pursuit of love, to grasp the love, enjoy love gem, help communication between people. The heart and lungs, helpful to the health of circulation and respiratory organs. Therefore appropriate for bethanath pendant hanging in your chest close to the position of the heart.

the world’s ten treasure ninth HuoKeSen COINS

The world’s ten treasure. 7: meteorite collection
Nothing is impossible, but drop down from the sky and gold valuable thing is possible, that is a lot of people think not meteorites.
Robert William Hague, 45 years old, he has a dual identity, on the one hand, is a professor at the university of California, Los Angeles, on the other hand is the world’s most authoritative meteorite collectors. From the age of 23, he started collecting meteorites, at that time no one realized that it is definitely a good thing. Up to now, Mr Hague has meteorites to become the world’s largest private meteorite collection. Although since 1990, there are others to enter the game, but from the strength and the collection size is also no one can compare and the Hague. First Hague meteorite collection is just out of interest, but later he found that the meteorite for rare Cartier nail bracelet replica and precious, also can sell price. Now in the market for professional meteorites, expensive price for more than $8 per gram, almost as well as the price of gold. Even the most common is about $30 per kilogram. If is meteorites containing rare metal, so it will be difficult to measure the price.
Mr Hague collect the experience of meteorites are like the plot of the movie raiders of the lost, is full of thrilling, exciting and legend. Fell from the sky in search of wealth, he travels on the earth all continents except Antarctica. In Chile, namibia, Australia, Mexico and Egypt, his experiences have been decimated in the wilderness. As long as NASA forecast when there will be a meteor shower, where he will be in the correct time to get there. No matter where, no matter use what means of transport. In addition to find their own meteorites, he also told the local people, as long as the locals find meteorites, regardless of size, Mr Hague will buy with cash. In 1992, the Hague in Argentina and bought a 37 tons of meteorites, that is seen in his life the biggest meteorite. But when the rock out of the customs, the Argentine government arrested him for crimes of smuggling charges, think this is a rare meteor owned by Argentina’s state. Later, the Hague is released, but meteorites are always stay in Argentina.
No meteor shower, Mr Hague will search meteorites. His main desert in Africa search, where the meteorite never picked it up. Hague driving glide down soft wings in height of 120 meters above the desert fly slowly, as long as see protrusions landing, then use metal detectors to search. Ordinary people think it is a search for a needle in a haystack, but Mr Hague in more than 20 years in the desert meteorites found quite a few of his private collection.
At present, the Hague meteorite collection (Cosmic Treasure) calculated at the market Cartier nail bracelet replica price is more than $30 million, as more and more people began to collect meteorites, value-added his collection will only be multiplied.
Due to the particularity of its source and future appreciation potential, Mr Hague meteorite collections in the world’s ten treasure. 7.
The world’s ten treasure eighth: west Pan Wang burial chamber
In Peru, South America ancient civilizations, sites of ancient culture. Great ruins found in Peru has a lot of, for example machu picchu. But the vast majority of sites are not treasure the legacy. On the one hand, because of the colonial power at that time in the Peruvian turned upside down in Spain, most treasures looted. Peru, on the other hand, the phenomenon of folk cultural relics theft is rampant, as long as the locals found immediately rush of cultural relics, and light.
West Pan Wang burial chamber was discovered by looters. Around 1987, the international cultural relics frequently appeared on the black market is obviously from Peru, but absolutely do not belong to the Inca civilization of cultural relics. Sensitive archaeologist Dr Alva to realize these unique cultural relics show that is likely to have an important relics stolen. He and assistant rushing to northern Peru, cora about nearby, while asking search, finally found the west Pan Wang rooms in 1988. West Pan Wang tomb to hide in a valley, the location is very secretive, without any significant signs around, almost can be said to be very humble, this became the reason it has not been disturbed. By looters tomb entrance has opened, the tomb is composed of dozens of chamber size, luxurious rooms and Dr Rich interred let Alva was dumbfounded.
In order to continue to protect the cultural relics stolen, Dr Alva stubbornly insist on living in the tomb, guard the entrance until arrive Peru officials from the state administration of cultural heritage. Local farmers hate Alva was broken, their fortunes in the mouth of the cave threatened to kill him. Fortunately, the protection of cultural relics were eventually. In after excavation, Dr Alva unearthed seal, has never been into the west Pan Wang main grave, he also became the Cartier nail bracelet replica world’s the star of the excavation history.
West Pan Wang is an emperor of ancient moche people. Moche people live in AD 100 to 100, then was conquered by the incas. Has always been the incan civilization is the center of the ancient civilization of Peru, it is hard to imagine in moche sites found the Inca relics in the shade of the baby.
West Pan Wang interred in the tomb filled up with full of beautiful things in eyes, Pan Wang bones in the tomb of the middle west, his hands clutching a weighed 0.5 kg, small shovel made of pure gold. His head and chest covered with gold mask, his arms hang on the bones of fine jewelry, even around his body is filled with countless jewelry and crafts. West Pan Wang seems to want to collect all the wealth of to the world for the afterlife. This is not all, is the most exaggerated, west Pan Wang around dozens of those buried bodies, among them there are young women, guards, servants, and these people’s body notting have is not filled with gold and silver jewelry is made of. The tomb, the bones of the dead just white stars in a heap of gold and silver jewelry. Alva, says Dr Before see things on the black market of cultural relics could hardly and west Pan Wang tomb found that, compared to if tomb raiders first find the main chamber, the consequence is unimaginable.
West Pan Wang the discovery of the tomb is one of the most brilliant burial relics found throughout the western hemisphere, known as the new world of “tut’s tomb”. Now all the gold and silver jewelry and crafts are the local museum.
West Pan Wang chamber (Lord of Sipan ‘s Tomb) to the risk of large gold and silver grave goods and close call fate in the world’s ten treasure 8.
: the world’s ten treasure ninth HuoKeSen COINS
Suffolk in England there is a small village called HuoKeSen. People in the village by farming, their life peaceful and insipid. But on November 16, 1992, the peace and light is broken. HuoKeSen, the most important day in the history of the village as a treasure discovered by accident and restaurants all over the world.
Eric lawes is HuoKeSen an ordinary farmers. In November 1992, he set about to his own house, so friends and neighbors came to help. On November 15, the house renovation is over, but a friend is told to rouse his hammer is missing. Rouse, never willing to take advantage of others, so looking for a whole day in the yard, but found nothing. He guessed the hammer may be buried in the ground, then 16, early in the morning, he bought a metal detector, continue to find in the yard.
By noon, a metal detector alarm burst out, rouse, thought that found a hammer, started to dig imitation Cartier love bracelet in the yard, to dig up to 50 cm deep place is nothing. Lawes didn’t intend to give up, as the hole deeper and deeper the voice of the detector is bigger and bigger. In digging to almost 1.5 m deep place, suddenly jumped out one coin. A look carefully, this is a silver pieces of ancient Rome, although metal has been badly discolored, but the Roman emperor’s face on relief is still clearly visible. Rous continue digging, the next scene let he forget the rest of my life — – present in front of his eyes is a pile of ancient Roman COINS, intermediate mixed with a lot of shiny gold, occasional silver spoon and small art objects, he unearthed a buried treasure.
Rouse, immediately stop digging, and reported to the Suffolk county cultural relics management committee. Cultural relics management committee members get to rouse home at fastest speed. One day after professionals of digging, all the treasures. There are 14191 pieces of silver, 565 pieces of gold, 24 coin, some arts and crafts, jewelry, and gold.
All COINS are purity more than 99% of the nine points seven COINS (a kind of ancient Roman COINS), casting between AD 394 to AD 394. All COINS from 13 different mint, from factory to buried less than 50 years of circulation time, so it exceptionally well preserved. In the general cultural relics market, this kind of gold is very rare, even if have, the price also insanely high. And suddenly found that 565 of these COINS was the first time in history.
In addition to the ancient Roman COINS, hawk, semper hidden in more than 79 silver spoons, more than 20 silver candlesticks, and some small silver statue and 29 pieces made of pure gold jewelry, fine workmanship.
These jewelry inlaid gems before being buried have broken down, maybe the owner of the treasure think gem high value and easy to carry. Also treasure and stunning weighed about 250 kilograms of pure gold.
In the third day, after the discovery of hawk semper hidden were shipped to the UK national museum, top archaeological experts in many professional eye look at it still brilliant. According to archaeological experts research, this is a discovery in the history of the ancient Roman coin the most concentrated, is also in the history of England found that one of the most important cultural relics. The owner of the treasure buried them in case of an emergency, hope after a period of time to get back, at that time about 440 a.d. Don’t know is what reason, perhaps is the master accidental death, perhaps he can’t find the position of the buried treasure, hawk semper has been Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica buried so far. Archaeologists analysis treasure certain prominent master living status, may be a sudden change. But so far, his identity is still a mystery.
Hawk semper hidden now be collection at the national museum, paying 1.25 million pounds for the museum to treasure the discoverer of the laws. Although these, compared to the value of money and treasures cannot but rouse, very satisfied, he said that even if a penny all have no, he won’t regret. The discovery of the treasure also bring a windfall for small village, a lot of people poured into the village treasure hunt, metal detectors become the best-selling goods.
Hawk semper hidden (Hoxne Hoard) because of their mysterious master and honest discoverer ranks ninth in the world’s ten treasure.
The world’s ten treasure tenth: Russian diamond library
The ancient emperors always hope their rule will stretch to forever, like a diamond strong and lasting. This is probably the Russian czar Peter the great began to collect diamonds and jewels.
The early 18th century, Peter the great enacted a protection treasures special command, calling for not allowed to sell chamber of precious jewels and jewelry, above a certain weight of diamond and jewelry must be acquired by the royal. Peter also search diamond jewelry in the world scope, many small learned that he had good heart to offer their best jewelry personally, hope so sheltered and well-being.
Peter the great in their own living in st. Petersburg east built a mysterious buildings, all jewelry are collected in the inside, the world is called diamond library. After Peter the great, the obsession with collecting jewelry is queen Catherine ii. If every woman love diamonds in the world, then love diamond woman is Catherine ii. Her obsession with degree of diamond, wear a priceless diamond every day, and the pattern renovates frequently. Her process requirement of diamond cutting and Mosaic is extremely high, the most excellent diamond cutting expert in Russian history is in Catherine ii period. There used to be a palace guard muster up courage to praise the queen’s imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond is beautiful, he was a promotion to guard. The size of officials and have put pressed diamond as the most direct way to promotion. A queen’s birthday, the results in the tens of thousands of birthday gift received more than half is diamond. The queen of diamonds inlaid jewelry, not only even she everyday with all the things will be studded with diamond. She has a book in the 17th century, the bible is on the cover of the silver inlaid with 3017 diamonds.
Under the generations of the royal family kept collecting, Russia to the largest concentration of libraries become precious diamonds, the light of the world’s top ten big diamond has three.
One of the most famous is “aoerluofu” the diamond, this is currently the world’s third largest diamond, weighing 189.62 carats. At the beginning of the 17th century, gore kangda diamond placer in India were found in a grain of original rock of the 309 – carat diamond, according to the Indian king will, a diamond machining experts to transform it into a rose, but without success, make weight loss a lot (from 189.62 carat only). This beautiful diamond celine ng temple in India brahmin was done the eyeballs of the god.
After the invasion in 1739, India was the king of Persia, the diamond was decorated in the Persian king. Diamonds stolen, after falling into an Armenian. In 1767, an Armenian diamond deposited in a bank in Amsterdam. In 1772 diamond re-gifted sold to Russia command jeweler Ivan. Ivan for the price of 400000 rubles in 1773 and sold diamonds to count orlov. In the same year, the count orlov named “aoerluofu” the diamond, and dedicate it to Catherine ii in her name day as a gift. Then “aoerluofu” were welded into a silver city of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, set at the top of the wand of Russia. A saga of wand of diamond to the majesty of a shock, “aoerluofu” the diamond is one of the most important item in the repository.
Except “aoerluofu” the diamond world-class diamond still has a lot of libraries. “Paul I weigh 130.35 carat, the purple beauty once set in India in the middle of the crown, was later Peter the great. “Persian czar” weighs 99.52 carat, had set in the crown of the Persian king, was later for the tsar wen DE. “Shah” although only weighs 88.7 carat, but it is only an engraving of the world’s big diamond. Diamond is initially discovered in India, has been the king has two India, then travels to the hands of the king of Persia. On three of the diamond crystal respectively inscribed with the name of the three Kings, each sold into the hands of the new owner, will be engraved on the new owner’s name. To know the diamond is very hard, want to engraving on the above difficulty. From the diamond gem craftsman ground under some very fine powder, with a sharp dip in with fine Replica Cartier jewelry rod take the powder to the diamond lettering. After 3 times lettering, “shah” in weight from 95 carats into found 88.7 carats. In 1829, the Russian ambassador to Persia, was stabbed to death, the czar threatened revenge. The tsar in order to pacify the anger, the prince of Persia hoss leif mill rate delegation to st Petersburg to malaysians. The prince sent the tsar a treasure, it is of the vicissitudes, “shah”. Its value at the time seems to be equivalent to a war between two countries. Since then, “shah” kept in Russia.
Single huge diamond has been impressive, and by thousands of diamond set. Gleaming big crown is a diamond. It is in 1762 by the royal jeweler for Catherine ii’s coronation specially made, top ten most important diamond respectively from the Europe tear open come down to the king’s crown. Craftsmen set with 4936 diamonds on the crown, a total of 2858 carat, the crown weighs 1907 grams. The top of the crown is one of the world’s heaviest spinel, weighing 398.72 carats. Long gem experts agree that this is a ruby, it was discovered later rare spinel. At present the spinel is Russia “one of the seven gem” must be protected, it is worth mentioning that it was in 2672 the Russian gold rubles from Beijing to buy?
Diamond library treasure has now cannot be measured by the market price, it has become the symbol of Russian national wealth, but even the royal treasure, also has from the rough time. After the first world war broke out in 1914, the czar ordered immediately transfer the treasures from the east to the kremlin in Moscow. On the transfer, due to the leakage loss of a large part of jewelry. According to one theory, about 75% of the scattered diamonds and jewels into the folk.
During the second world war, Russia also lost a significant number of treasures, including so-called “first day word, jewelry box” amber hall. In 1711, the Prussian king Frederick I ordered built a HuPoShi. HuPoShi shows square, cover an area of about 200 square meters, Shared the 6 tons of amber, decorated with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. The value of it is not only displays in the amazing concentration of wealth, but also a masterpiece of baroque art. Five years later, the emperor imitation cartier love bracelet Frederick I son William had to celebrate the Prussian alliance with Russia, send HuPoShi to Peter, Peter diamond library will HuPoShi income. The middle of the 18th century, Catherine ii ordered the craftsmen to decorate the hall HuPoShi become a palatial hall, became the amber room. Modify finished in 1770, the hall luxuriant have to make a person dazzling, 565 candles to illuminate the whole hall, candlelight sprinkled on the jewelry world, stunning proceed accordingly… . In the autumn of 1941, the invasion of the Soviet union occupied the original Catherine ii of the palace. Hitler ordered the amber hall apart, put them into 27 crates back to Germany, put crow levy, a city (now kaliningrad). In 1943, the war plummet. Hall to fall into the hand of the Soviet, the amber room and remove the packing by the germans, hidden in the Teutonic knights castle and air-raid shelters nearby. In August 1944, the allied bombing of crow city, leveled the Teutonic knights castle. From then on, amber room unaccounted for. Now countless treasure hunter in search of amber hall, but still no news.
Preserved diamond library in the basement of the kremlin for 8 years. National committee for the treasures in the Soviet union in 1922 made the appraisal, and it was decided that the national pride, now by the Russian national precious metals gem management committee. Although lost a lot of treasures, but there are still more than 25300 carats of diamonds in the garage, large particles sapphire 1700 carats, 1700 carats diamond granule, 2600 carats ruby and sapphire many big and round high quality fine pearls.
Symbol of the nation’s wealth concentrated in Russia, the Russian Diamond library (the Russian Diamond Resource) in the world’s top ten treasure the tenth.

How to distinguish jadeite quality?

How to distinguish jadeite quality?
Jade for showily deep sedate character, indispensable for its advantages, has won the king of the jade reputation. The advantages and disadvantages of it should be a color and transparency, shape, and these four respects of impurities.
Colors – colors is one of the important link, to determine the value of color and more uniform, must be color.
Transparency – good jade good transparency, renew the texture, green and dark green have clear, like a clear spring water, and luster, good moisture.
Shape – emerald should be suitable for the shape, size, thickness, grinder even thickness.
Impurities, quality of a material is clean, whether or not containing impurities imitation Cartier love bracelet determines the quality of jade, jade in the should be no black spots, spots, no crack, no flowers.
Jade A, B, C
In the jade trade, jade the definition of A, B, C goods have achieved consensus: without filling and additive process natural jadeite jade pieces as A cargo. Such as after filling (such as packing polymer) said B cargo handling; B the goods of the composition of mineral composition is a natural jade, color is natural, but after filling rubber aging affects the degree of bright color, affect the transparency and gloss, etc. Such as the additive process called C goods; C cargo mineral composition is a natural jade. Such as both filling and additive process called B + C.
1. The color of jade
Emerald jade is regarded as treasures, and third-placed “color price is ten times as high,” the said. Therefore, jade additive technology innovation. In addition to red, purple, only add green varieties. The colorless dyed bright green jadeite jade as high-grade jade sales, make some consumers greater losses and mental burden. The past dyed jadeite, visible color agent to precipitate in the reticular crack, and now some of the dyed green jade (including part B + C adorn article or piece of material) has seen this kind of phenomenon, so can’t see the crack in the non-ferrous agent calm is not necessarily A cargo. In recent years, the common on the market a kind of uneven Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica dyeing light green jade bracelet and pendant, pretend to be natural jade sales. This kind of act the role ofing is tasted, the color is soft, has certain transparency (water), no note glue, tapping and jadeite jade are basically identical. The retail price of this bracelet is in commonly 500-1500 yuan, is popular with the general working-class and tourists. According to the test data for many times, is to use a dye pack in micro pore, due to the reflected light, make the dyeing part of the overall with light green jade. Dye dyeing some overall dye, some only part, sometimes with dyed purple (also known as the “spring”), a bracelet brings some light green some special varieties of lavender. With 10 times the magnifying glass (clear and even with the naked eye can see micro pore of dark green silk dyeing. And cleaned after dyeing, color lighter, but more like natural, have bigger fool; Not only the average consumer is difficult to identify, some has certain trading experience boss also did not see that suspects and into such accessories wholesale.
2. About the “green”
Some experts monograph in jadeite jade is different from the other jade (including jade cargo B) are the important features of jadeite jade has a “green” (commonly known as “the fly wing”), namely emerald crystal flash phenomenon which is within the mineral crystal flash. Micro crystalline jade generally can’t see the “green”, so the “green” cannot serve as characteristic symbol of jadeite jade.
3. The tapping
Tapping can not as A basis for determining emerald goods A and B. Some jade sellers often hit imitation Cartier love bracelet gently with the two bracelets issued the “steel” sound of ringing and shown it as a natural jade, filling clear jade cargo B sound a little dull. But a “steel” sound is not necessarily a natural jade, such as diopside (such as qinghai jade), sodium amphibole jade (such as “water cut” in Burma jade) is a “steel”. In some of the current market B goods can be issued the “steel” sound of ringing.
4. The checker
By the strong acid rinse jade usually have apparent porosity, net structure. Natural jade by stress and weathering can produce apparent porosity and reticulate structure, and the network of the acid corrosion cracking is often difficult to distinguish. “Observed net crack, pitting and pits must be B” opinions may be wrong. Therefore, the author suggested to remove the concept of “without glue B goods”. Jade natural pore can fill in the late of zeolite, clay mineral, etc.; In the process of cutting, grinding, polishing processing, also can fill mineral powder or polishing powder. Have these fillings not B goods, and easy to identify.
5. B goods
Some articles that B goods fillings is epoxy resin (epoxy resin). The expert points out, common to the jade cargo B fillings on the market is similar to light kang (an opticon) resin, other also saw a p phthalate compounds, etc. Organic polymer is a relatively complex system; Traditional imitation Replica Cartier jewelry wax processing generally think that does not belong to B goods, is still seen as A cargo. But Wu Shuntian think filling wax such as large should belong to B. This opinion should be in consideration, because some of the more pore jade, visual effect is the same as the glue filling and filling wax, has the same deceptive.
6. Jade the division of grades
In identification of jadeite jade pieces must be under the premise of natural jade, according to the five c2t standard: Composition (Composition), Color (Color), Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut), weight (Carat), Transparency (Transparency), structure (Texture)] differentiate grade and price class (grade B and C goods generally do not need to work division). Jade is jade crown, constantly create amazing high-grade jade in the auction, so fake jadeite jade B, C and other knockoffs emerge in endlessly, for real businesses, consumers and the testing personnel.

The sham as the genuine crystal products market

The sham as the genuine crystal products market Experts remind sellers stunt carefully
Spend 10000 yuan to buy the crystal and necklace, was a pile of replicas made of glass and the synthesis of cubic zirconium oxide; Price crystal ornaments finally thousands of tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of yuan to clinch a deal… For many years engaged in professional research state of gold and silver products testing center such as peng xu recently expressed his “look not to understand”.
Crystal frequency discount is “fire”
“Now to merchants on crystal quality, the price is nonsense; on the one hand, crystal true and false let consumers is difficult to distinguish. Some non-standard jewelry counter, put a lot of tiny crystal beads into a necklace, bracelet and so on in special offer to sell, or in the beautiful replica Cartier love bracelet box, and the price is selling binding.” Crystal wholesale industry sources said, in fact, these called crystal products, many are made from small commodities wholesale glass and synthesis of cubic zirconium oxide etc.
In some style of craft gift shop, we can find many crystal bracelet price frequently thousands of yuan. Got a price of 1888 yuan of crystal bracelets, specials, the clerk said the store doing all crystal products in accordance with the price thirty percent sales. If the customer still not tempted, assistant will once again encourage said: “this bracelet is very bright, don’t give the fraction,? Now sell is” fire “.”
Comment on: xu as experts say, the real crystal products, price will never like this “jump”. Natural and synthetic crystal crystal is large in value. With big crystal ware compared with big glass products, the cost is about 10:1 between them.
Crystal was $one thousand, “peeling”
Recently, miss tang consumers spent 1080 yuan on a small commodity market to buy a crystal bracelet, the second day to attend a colleague wedding, accidentally touched the table, took off at night found bracelet “peeling”, revealing the kernel of glass quality.
After getting the result of testing department appraisal is: the crystal bracelet is imitated crystal products. She immediately to find businesses want to return, the businessman is to “sales did not say when the bracelet is a natural crystal” for its protector. Yesterday miss tang said to us, because Cartier love bracelet replica the shopping invoice didn’t find, now only from recognize unlucky.
Review: the sham as the genuine crystal products market, currently illegal businessmen true commonly used gimmick, fool and cheat customers don’t bargain. Xu, such as peng warns customer, one thousand yuan of above of choose and buy crystal products, preferably with the appraisal certificate issued by authoritative test department; Consumers should be more than RMB one thousand yuan to the businessman ask for the invoice with the products material.
Identify true and false crystals have tips
Impurities to the naked eye look there must be some impurities in the crystal. If too pure or there are air bubbles, will doubt is glass or synthetic cubic zirconium oxide.
With the hand ok the same volume of generic, such as glass, crystal, is much more than natural crystal light weight. In addition, the crystal necklace really contact with the skin, give a person with cool feeling, cool feeling lighter.
See the colour and lustre in the dark place, the colour and lustre of natural crystal, compared the colour and lustre of fakes will be darker. Put a real crystal necklace in the sun, and can send out the colorful luster, no matter from which point of view, all is such, is not false.
Mei-yu, because all previous dynasties come Kings and princes, etched on the noble splendor and supreme authority, at the same time, the preference of literati, the jade, and make the mei-yu much a few minutes pure and free and easy, PianPianRan outside of the secular spirit, an infinite recourse.
Xinjiang hotan suet white jade, jade, jasper, black jade, topaz, honey, serpentine jade jade, jade, jade-like stone Shi Yu, syringa JiLinChang white jade, jade, agate, jade, liaoning Tibet kernel cloth ivory white jade, jade, white onxy, amber stones, qinghai chaidamu dark green jade, jade, aquamarine, qilian Fake Cartier love bracelet mountain jade, jade yuanyang in gansu, sichuan turtle grain jade, jade Xia Zhuyu, blue stripes, peach jade, jade nephrite and stream, yunnan soft crystal grapes, dongling, jade, jade, turquoise, malachite, henan dushan jade, jade plum, dark green jade and XiXia jade, jade jade, agate, mount tai in shandong shaanxi green shade, the peach blossom jade, clove purple jade, jade, jade, kai shangluo jade… All sorts of mei-yu scattered over the vast land in our country, although the hide in the mountain valley of desolation, but sends out a mysterious power, to bury wait finally set foot on the land, people’s footprints for it.
Many of them, because is rich in jade and jade distribution center is famous, also because of beautiful not party jade, a quiet, unsophisticated land originally, also follow enchanting, much like a magic, attracting people to come here.
Let us set off on a search for jewels of strange journey, begin a associated with jade predestination.
Hetian jade, hetian pale
Xinjiang hetian jade is China’s most famous jade, dushan jade it and henan, liaoning xiuyan jade and the turquoise of hubei, and called China’s four big jade.
Data shows, fine jade, produced by xinjiang in southern xinjiang kunlun mountains area, east west to tashikuergan JuMo, a total of jade mines in more than 20, jade belt (1200 km). Xinjiang jade distribution center have yarkand, tashikuergan, hotan, suide and qiemo; Central manas and northern xinjiang tianshan area the altun, etc. Coincidentally, these places are rich in tourism resources, xinjiang unique desolate and magnificent scenery, is show incisively Cartier love ring replica and vividly. , at the same time, such as hotan region also has a long civilization, as the ancient silk road town, east and west cultural fusion here, formed a unique cultural phenomenon, raising the financial trade flourished.
To see how long and the history of the estate jade, see how it’s name, and is located in the southernmost tip of xinjiang, called khotan, Tibetan language means “jade”, since ancient times is the famous “hometown of jade”. Through the history of hetian jade, you will realize the recorded in ancient literature and folkloric one word – “valuable to do”, the meaning of what. According to historical records, the ancient hetian jade, produced by doing more offerings to the mainland, WenRunMing clean grease jade, glittering and translucent black mo, such as color of jadeite jade, is the carved jade precious material. Now in the Palace Museum, you can still find their traces.
At the same time, the silk road crossroads, ancient prosperous commercial trade brought hetian flourishing in other industries. There is “the hometown of silk”, of “carpet”, and “melon and fruit of the township” reputation. Hetian planting mulberry sericulture, silk reeling, weaving silk has a long history, is now in silk still enjoys a high reputation, modernization upgrade production of fine silk goods are exported to overseas. Hetian is well-known for apricot, grape, peach, pomegranate, figs, such as a wide variety of fruits, thin-skinned walnut is the high-quality goods. Ever been to a lot of hotan friends lauds the melon and fruit of hetian, the other many around the hotan jade market, arts and crafts market is also a trip to hotan absolutely not miss it.
As the famous “hometown of jade”, the tourism industry and the marriage of jade culture, has Cartier love ring replica become the inevitable trend. Xinjiang hetian jade is one of the leading producer of qiemo county has launched a theme of “explore the hotan jade culture tour of adventure travel, visitors will be able to experience from home and abroad to collect jade in the process.
According to head of the local tourism, travel destination in qiemo county, 150 kilometers of Tate, Su Yu mine, here for its big tonnage jade is famous at home and abroad, at the same time arrived here because of the difficulty is relatively small, more suitable for tourists travel. In addition, on the line, visitors can get a good view of the beautiful scenery to the kunlun mountains, visit the royal ancient jade ore has more than 7000 years history, but also in the Tate, Su He collecting hetian jade material, experience a mining YuGong suffering and joy.
Jade: stunning ruili
As we all know, myanmar is the only produce high quality jadeite jade country in the world, the ore deposit is located in the northern myanmar oolong river qin river tributaries, the main producing area has the risk, the main risk, risk and south nai pan. Because there is near our country yunnan border, tengchong in yunnan province, Dali became prosperous, jadeite jade collection and distribution center, today, has been replaced by ruili, become one of China’s four big jewelry collection and distribution center.
At present, ruili, a total of more than 2000 jewelry companies, shops, employees nearly ten thousand people, has become China’s jade wool’s largest distribution center. Ruili in the jadeite market is China’s jade market the most prosperous, the most representative of the market, high Cartier love ring replica school low-grade jade. Ruili customs a recent statistics show that at present, China’s annual consumption of about 6000 tons, emerald wool is two-thirds through ruili port imported.
In the industry, has “the jade, jade from ruili in yunnan province”, visible ruili in the jadeite market position, this with its advantageous geographical location are inseparable. Ruili is a famous frontier ports open city. The northwest, southwest and southeast on three sides and bordering myanmar, 169.8 km long borderline and WanDing, ruili two countries a port, is one of the largest port of border trade and border tourism in yunnan province, is China’s important gateway to southeast Asia, South Asia. And ruili is the government only allows jade land ports for export, throughout the country and even the United States, southeast Asia countries emerald ruili comes with the personage inside course of study also.
Ruili, according to local tourism department staff ruili with myanmar, are linked by mountains and rivers and, village together, forming the world’s rare “a bazi, two countries, three states (China’s yunnan province, myanmar zen state, kachin state) exchange center, five cities (China ruili, Muse WanDing and myanmar, nam can, nine valley)” and “a village between the two countries, a hospital, a well between the two countries, the two countries a street between the two countries, a bridge between the two countries’ unique landscape.
For travelers, is an unusually rich tourism resources in yunnan Cartier nail bracelet replica province, lijiang, Dali, xishuangbanna… Each place, and because of its unique beauty make people linger. Ruili, it because of well-known Chinese and foreign jade trade and made a party, but when you really set foot on the land, you will find that this is a clean and peaceful city.
Kai yu: real contribution
Kai is one of the xi ‘an suburban county, 22 kilometers from xi ‘an city, located in the north qinling, southeast of the guanzhong plain. Kai as the familiar way, there are two aspects of the most common, is a well-known Chinese and foreign “contribution”; Another, is one of the development and utilization of jade of the first in our country, so far has 4000 years history of kai yu. Kai for jewels and reputation, li shangyin “kai RiNuan jade smoke” in the sentence, make contribution to the hiding place of of primitive simplicity on the outskirts of xi ‘an, since ancient times more than the beautiful legend and unique elegance.
Kai jade colorful, commonly known as the “jade”, and its color has something to do in the majority with green, means the color of jade like cabbage leaves. In addition, due to the contribution to the jade containing silicon oxide, aluminum, magnesium, sodium, calcium, copper and other elements, so also will appear all sorts of beautiful color. Unearthed cultural relics, according to data show that in new Stone Age, the ancestors of kai yu already USES development, have polished jade, YuGe, etc. After the tang dynasty, kai development to reach peak, jade jade is one of the main tribute to court GongFeng kai, carved jade: jade jade ritual vessels, life and so on several major categories. Today, kai and jade handicraft has become one of the pillar of shaanxi local products.
Kai close to xi ‘an, in fact, it is also a profound rich local natural resources and human Cartier nail bracelet replica resources, especially before because few people pay attention to and the development, can actually make contribution to retain a copy of a rare quiet, as amazing as xanadu. Contribution to the site is located in the southeast of xi ‘an lantian county, about 50 kilometers away from downtown xi ‘an. Ape-man skull fossils found here in 1964, about 1 million years of history, ancient than Beijing zhoukoudian ape man, might as well a visit interested in archaeology.
Shuilu temple is located in lantian county 10 kilometers east of Roy at the foot of the mountain, famous for the six dynasties, is famous for its preserved ancient exquisite rare painted sculpture, is known as “China’s dunhuang” the second. Shuilu temple hall of colored clay sculpture is most striking, from the tang dynasty famous sculptor Yang Huizhi personally. The north and the south wall of clay sculpture in the most wonderful, and it takes the form of comics, deduce the life story of the Buddha sakyamuni, is very vivid. Stone soup valley is located in the far south mountain ridge east end, is a famous spa resort. Was built in the 1950 s soup valley spa base, hot spring water temperature as high as 61 degrees Celsius, containing sulfate, iron, molybdenum, iodine and other trace elements, can treat many diseases, spa 91.6% efficient. In addition to ge town, CAI wenji memorial hall, the mei-yu street, etc.
Nanyang dushan jade: ancient leisurely
Because of dushan jade comes from about 8 kilometers northeast of henan province nanyang wolong district garden township alone the mountain named after seven, also called “nanyang jade”. Dushan jade mining has a long history, “Yin ruins unearthed jade”, there are a number of dushan Cartier nail bracelet replica jade products. According to the nanyang county huangshan unearthed cultural relics “nanyang jade jade shovel” research, should belong to the neolithic age, about 6000 years ago. According to hanshu records that the sand hills of dushan feet shop village, han dynasty called “jade temple street”, is the place where the production and sales of jade, it has a history of more than two thousand years.
Nanyang is a famous historical and cultural city, during the warring states period, is the national famous iron smelting center, as one of the six metropolitan, when the western han dynasty “map” business all over the world, rich crown, as the eastern han dynasty GuangWuDi Liu Xiu’s place. Nanyang celebrity, “ShangSheng” fan li, “division st.” zhang heng, “the medical sage” zhang zhongjing, an outstanding statesman, strategist zhuge liang with nanyang.
Nanyang 4.5 million years “south called ape man” and the new Stone Age site, a China only the most intact ancient county government – NaXiang museum of county government, and numerous scenic spots and historical sites, including the wuhou temple, ancestral medical sage, nanyang city ruins, ShanShan hall, fu sheng temple, Confucian temple hall. The temple of marquis and medical sage temple was built in memory of zhuge liang and zhang zhongjing. Nanyang HanHuaGuan is currently the largest in China, building the earliest, largest reserve of a han dynasty portrait stone carving art galleries. There are masters of science in memory of generation, the world cultural celebrities built by zhang zhang heng museum.

Keywords of diamond consumption can’t be ignored

Keywords of diamond consumption can’t be ignored
Keywords 1 wear taboo
Only 23% of consumers know diamond avoid intense collision, only 20% of consumers know diamond avoid contact with oil kind material, only 17% of consumers know diamond avoid contact with high temperature.
Expert evaluation: the statistical results show that due to the professionalism of the diamond is stronger, most consumers of diamond jewelry daily wear notice a lack of understanding, so the company sales of diamond jewelry when explanation and publicity Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica should be strengthened. Although the diamond is the hardest natural substance in the world, but the diamond of brittleness is very strong, if collisions with hard objects or accidentally fell on the concrete, diamond might rupture; Diamond has a strong adsorption, adsorption easily losing dazzling gloss oil dirt, and therefore should never be cooking, washing clothes, make up a diamond; The chemical and physical properties of diamond are extremely stable, but diamonds are a crystal of carbon (C), high temperature is easy to carbon black.
Key words 2 maintenance on a regular basis
22% of consumers know free professional cleaning services on a regular basis, 18% of consumers know free diamond strengthening service, 16% of consumers know free change ring ring size service, 17% of consumers know diamond with old change new service, only 5% of consumers enjoy a diamond with old change new services, and for laser engraving, naked drill set and custom service is poorly understood.
Expert evaluation: diamond is a precious, should be regular cleaning maintenance, many consumer often ignore the professional service, and even 27% of consumers think diamond jewelry unnecessarily by professional jeweler maintenance on a regular basis. For diamond itself should at least every six months by a professional jeweler check once, see whether loose diamonds, is there a shift, etc., make corresponding protection work, lest appear diamond falls off, lost imitation Cartier love bracelet phenomenon; Diamond itself has lipophilicity, should be cleaned once every three months, the best cleaning method is to use high power ultrasound to oil-water cleaning; As the change of season or the human body itself, some the size of the diamond jewelry to make some corresponding adjustments, such as the length of the ring, necklace, bracelet, hand inches and so on, this is a very high professional requirements as the work, and even asked to some process to do it again, need professional large equipment. Given that most consumers know very little about diamond service, therefore, the company sales of diamond jewelry when in addition to strengthening the interpretation of the after-sales service, should also provide after-sale tracking service, to establish a complete customer profiles, regular phone pays a return visit or SMS alerts.
Keywords 3 don’t believe it at a discount
55% of consumers think the discount diamond trustworthy, 8% of consumers the most pay attention to the clarity of diamonds, 32% of consumers think purchase diamond jewelry from abroad after the service quality guaranteed.
Expert evaluation: the results showed that consumers purchase diamond jewelry choose jeweler to in order of importance: reliable quality, good service, high visibility and new style, but the actual process of buying a diamond ring, many consumer often are at a discount, overemphasis Replica Cartier jewelry on prices, while ignoring the service. Diamond quality and price in the world is made up of 4 c (weight, clarity, color, cut), part of the diamond studs are too often notice when consumer is bought, in fact, when the clarity over SI, its flaws have been basically can not affect the beauty of a diamond. In addition, diamond after-sales service is very important, diamond should keep for a long time beautiful, must be professional cleaning and maintenance, and good service only professional brands can satisfy, buying diamonds from abroad can’t guarantee the quality of service.
4 since the childhood keywords
55% of consumers are not have diamond jewelry, 51% of consumers to buy diamond reason related to marriage, engagement or wedding anniversary, 22% of consumers with more than two pieces of diamond ornaments, 53% of consumers can withstand the psychological price is 2000 yuan – 5000 yuan, 26% of consumers can withstand the psychological price is RMB 5001-8000 yuan.
Expert evaluation: diamond is precious, with diamond consumer is not in the majority, and the price reflects the consumers to buy the diamond weight concentrated in 10-30 (1 carat = 100 points), than with the developed countries, the domestic consumption of diamond is also focused on imitation cartier love bracelet small drill (less than 1/2 carat), but as people living standard rise and income growing, diamond consumption will grow, buying diamonds will be bigger and bigger. Current provincial capital many professional jewelers are introduced the diamond to old change new services, new consumers can vary over time, can also with the improvement of economic conditions, make oneself of the diamond is bigger and bigger.
Water jade for liao yuan gu yu, common performance associated green swan and mountain Lin Hu deer subjects, different from traditional theme, liao yuan is the northern minority cadres, unique reflects the nomadic hunting life, is the so-called “akiyama feeling”.
This device into oval, positive arc convex. Shade is engraved with hollow out, a swan unseen in the lotus leaf, grass, there is a middle green swooped down, on the interception of associated green after a moment, the swan, dynamic, vivid and compact, carve technique learning song multilayer engraved look skill, extremely rich expression. And showed a broad life scenes of the ethnic minorities, is the vivid portrayal of their lives.
Yunnan collection auction co., LTD in 2001 fall meeting, a Ming dynasty valuable.such handiwork Cartier love bracelet replica feeling jaded clinch a deal valence is 72000 yuan RMB.
White jade, replicas for local have auburn jade of leather. Slightly close to the original shape, but there are obvious differences: 1. The decorative, real swan form nature, reasonable structure, lotus leaf half volume has the feature of yuan dynasty; Replicas swan form stiff, unreasonable structure, flat no time characteristics of the lotus leaf. 2. Cut workers, real simple and full, art of using saber is straightforward, the administrative levels; Replicas shape thin, art of using saber is fine, administrative levels feels less clear.

Buy diamond need to pay attention to what?

Buy diamond need to pay attention to what?
Color diamonds looks elegant and beautiful and colorful appearance is more easy to tie-in dress, the key is on the market most of the diamond is not more expensive than the pure colorless diamond, even much cheaper, so it became many women buy jewelry classification of choice.
But to buy diamond is relatively higher risk than buy pure colorless diamond may occur, because maybe you think to buy a bargain, it simply isn’t worth a few money probably, worse, of course, if you pay a high price to buy the “precious” colored diamonds, perhaps it is only broken glass processing and also into the general person. Therefore, diamond buying must learn to understand some basic knowledge.
Artificial radiation + post processing
Currently on the market many of the so-called “diamond” jewelry is Cartier nail bracelet replica actually “artificial radiation” late or processed products. People know about the diamond formation reasons, simulated natural environment to change color diamonds. The most common way is to use radiation way which changes the color of the diamond, through irradiation can make diamond into different depths and very stable blue or green, if under proper temperature reheating the irradiated diamonds, will be able to make the color pink, orange, yellow, brown, etc. Another way is the surface coating for diamond plating bright color film but looks very uncomfortable, if use microscopic magnifying glass observation, will find been plated film diamond with granular structure, natural diamond is single crystal surface, there is no such phenomenon.
Look for the authoritative appraisal institutions
The choose and buy color diamond is crucial for the choice of appraisal institutions, the most famous worldwide, the identification of colored diamonds today, authority or the American college of jewelry (GIA). Some other famous lab include European jewelry lab (EGL), the Belgian diamond high-level council (HRD), American gemological institute (AGS), the world institute of gem (IGI), the world nearly a third more diamonds are after these laboratory appraisal.
Be careful “noise” change “pure color”
Many unscrupulous businessmen in order to get maximum benefit, the use of most consumer understanding of colored diamonds, often shoddy, to all sorts of color level is very low, implied impurities yellowing white diamond as a canary sales, and these diamond wholesale price Cartier nail bracelet replica is much cheaper than white diamond at the same level. Canary with yellowish white diamonds are two concepts, completely false canary often show dark yellow color, and color is very shallow, if have if have no, and send out the real canary is bright yellow or close to the golden yellow.
Is agate crystal particles, thus have lumps, beside the translucent CHALCEDONY clan (CHALCEDONY) on mineralogy, its hardness is between 6.5 to 7, not fixed, the proportion of about 2.6 or so, the refractive index of 1.539 to 1.539.
Agate has different color and texture, is a kind of color is more uniform gray, one is have very clear lines. Have other minerals, such as manganese dioxide impurities is black agate, such as containing iron is red agate, containing chromium for green agate, but there are color agate is rare, in the majority with translucent pale. But in consumer habits have color agate is accepted, so would have agate dyeing, let again after above. To talk about the origin of the name of agate, ever since the dawn of humanity, it has long existed, all countries in the world have unearthed record. Its English name is (agate), found in the ancient stone of Sicily, Italy small river called (achate), so the extension for today’s English name (agate). But gem found in mainland China, which it mostly for the horse head shape, so we named ancestors, agate.
Agate from ancient times to be used as decorative accessories, household utensils, when the emperor of the serial friedel – white jade, agate stones for le, white light coloured glaze for a saddle. Clearance when it has also been brought as a robe, take the lead in using the modern imitation Cartier love bracelet Japanese kimono with agate as the lead, also with the monk’s robes. Agate itself condition is quite good, also used in industry, such as senior pigment grinding, the surface of the gold brightness processing in agate stones blow grind. Tantric Buddhism decorations – hand twist beads, beads, the day of bead, particularly Muslim twisting red agate beads prefer. Zhu agate carving and pendants, hand ring, ring, etc., has a considerable production and popular with people of different social classes.
Agate dyeing, the dyeing process in gem is recognised behavioural and other precious stones. But the artificial gem processing, need to pay attention to its permanent, stability, it must have high technology and experience. Agate dyeing shall is acidification metal or carbon inorganic dyes, such as to add to stability.
In early 1925, two town, west Germany, IDA auburn, Stan a mansion, with Japan probably also found that the various color staining of agate. Crystals, agate for particles in the crystal space some subtle gap, this is different from general single fine crystals, so in the space the crystallization of agate, drenched in metal salt solution has its feasibility and the main use of heating method, make the acidification, or with the second liquid penetration make its internal inorganic dye reaction, anyhow if cannot let colorant, enter the space of crystallization, cannot reach the purpose of dyeing.
Red agate staining method, some yao iron content is high, the original stone itself after heating will become red, but most have no this condition, a red or not, so want to use the second iron nitrate or salinization first iron solution, dipping a month later, again with sodium nitrate soaking Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica about two weeks later, and let it dry, then heated acidification treatment, can make it red. Often referred to as green agate staining method, using chromic acid solution or dichromate solution, the original stone drenched, let it dry before heat treatment, because of the effect of acidification of chromium, so agate green coloring effects.
Blue agate staining method has two kinds, one kind is with cobalt chloride solution dipping them again after acidification treatment. Another kind is to use agate red blood salt or yellow blood soaked in salt solution, the second will be soaked in the second dose of iron liquid, let its produce change, again by heat treatment, can have the effect of the blue.
Black agate staining method, first the rough stone to soak in the fluid of the sugar, then boil with concentrated sulfuric acid and the original stone at the same time, make its carbonized, so the organization will be presented by carbon black, if can completely do carbonization, and heat processing is complete, the color will be very stable and does not fade, the artificial dyeing with natural color agate, can get the same evaluation.
Agate production of origin, also varies from area to area, is currently the most use value imitation Cartier love bracelet and yield the most abundant in Brazil, followed by Uruguay, India, China, the United States, South Africa and other places.
Agate is before the sole ownership of the royal aristocrats, but for production today, the improved processing technology, the increase of the practitioners, agate products popular in markets, and Taiwan for the maximum output of agate products. But it is some high value added products for development, such as double color agate reliefs, Tibet, and Nepal day bead, twist of onyx beads, and other products, take its natural stripe with dyeing, creating artistic product. As long as you go more on modelling design, creation, agate can still become the darling of the gem market.