Five classic and innovative new classic minimalist

Five classic and innovative new classic minimalist wind item ten kinds of collocation
In dressing the gamble, want to be the winner of the eternal, with some classic winner item is necessary. But how can you do a classic but not boring, it is the focus of current fashion trends. 2016 designers use clever unique and rich vitality of fresh ideas for all kinds of classic item upgrades. The joining together of a variety of new fabrics, materials, bold and the details of the length of the truncated to a new classic item remain low-key fact wear at the same time, never go out of Cartier nail bracelet replica style. Now Vogue will teach you the five masters of minimalist fashion features, to help you choose creativity classic design sheet is tasted, elegant taste.
Brand style:
Celine French fashion brand, launched in 1945, the creative director, Phoebe Philo, led by leading the new fashion trends, and became synonymous with women’s fashionable index and minimalist. Philo’s creative design into the French elegance and powerful and unconstrained style, with traditional English perfectly cut foil a noble women, low-key, free and easy, and a strong character, the new cool classic style is deduced to get incisively and vividly.
Classic item: profile coat
Coat collocation 1: profile + wide-legged pants
Delicate clipping the profile of the coat and the hottest wide-legged pants collocation, present smooth, compact body lines, perfect reveal this season popular agitation of pure and fresh and free and easy. Recommend that women not being tall elegant collocation simple heels to adjust the body proportion, drawing lines.
Coat + printed pleated skirt collocation 2: profile
Will elegant printed pleated skirts and hale straight profile coat mix build, presents the firm with soft perfect combination of fashionable tide. Pleated skirt loose profile outline shape curve, coat is capable of luxury profile modelling added a few minutes handsome and natural and unrestrained.
Brand style:
German brand Jil Sander was founded in 1968, its excellent material, simple and agile clipping and full of intellectual design is deep, the world and it’s pure, low-key fashion series has become the benchmark of minimalist fashion. Jil Sander’s 2016 spring summer series Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica will be in the 1990 s minimalist aesthetics into modern elegant, showing a capable luxurious design style.
Classic item: short white jacket
Tie-in 1: white brief paragraph coat + high waist pants
Brief paragraph coat is 2016 summer style. Comfortable and elegant fabrics vented design let Jil Sander back it’s structure sheet is tasted, let a person see admire. Might as well the collocation of tall waist design of 7 minutes of pants and high heels, elongated body.
Tie-in 2: white brief paragraph coat + vented bust skirt of tall waist
Will short white jacket and the side vents of tall waist skirts mix is essential to a fashionable collocation this summer. Side vents of beautiful design to dress in traditional upgrade, send out an unprecedented wild enchanting temperament. Straight cut short the white coat on complementary with positive vents and a scoop-back design, small mind atmosphere, reveal fashionable avant-courier temperament easily.
Brand style:
Helmut Lang symbolized the minimalism in the 90 s, the brand in popular brand of jeans in 2007, Habitual founder Michael and Nicole Colovos steered out again. The couple combination halfback elegant style, in the tradition of brand and combining with leather, silk, knitting fabric, as well as the iconic imitation cartier love bracelet abstract printing, design and asymmetric hem, hang down to Helmut Lang gradually became fashionable wind direction indicator, leads the way.
Classic item: profile suit jacket
With 1: loose profile suit type jacket + straight dress pants
Loose type profile suit coat is not too tight and the outline of repeated details, simply of no use. Its smooth, flat and agile straight lines with the boys handsome and free and easy. Might as well match the pass-through suit pants, create classic suit.
With 2: loose type profile suit coat + light dress
Helmut Lang, the suit jacket and bold capable of strong profile asymmetry long dress also can be mixed. Soft knitting dress can foil the shape of the curve, also can neutralize too neutral integral modelling, add a few minutes of women’s gentle feeling. Exaggeration of shiny jewelry also can let you shining brightness.
Brand style:
American brand Calvin Klein is contracted wind is synonymous with fashion, it is in the form of coat series launched in 1968. Under the Brazilian designers Francisco Costa at the helm, minimalism and fine detail is the designer’s representative element. Francisco Costa on brand easy, simple, elegant Cartier love bracelet replica style, interpretation has been make fashionistas with famous people fondle admiringly. Master the modern aesthetics with proper strange ideas for classic design gives a new image, a new season model updating techniques.
Classic item: new classic trench coat
With 1: new classic trench coat + truncated pants + pointed flat shoes
Dust coat has always been everyone all appropriate fashion must-have. While only Francisco Costa craftsmanship to provided the ground to classic trench coat a little bit change, use new fabrics, bold details, the length of the truncated to classic designs look brand-new, creative. New classic leather, shortened trousers and pointy shoes mix build, reveals the streets along with the gender between the elegant, perfect deduce French elegance.
With 2: new classic trench coat + metal silk fabrics wide-legged pants
Fashionable avant-courier wide-legged pants new classic trench coat collocation, keep the body line is fluent, concise, avoid breaking balance modelling. Gleaming in the metal silk fabrics wide-legged pants to costly decadent metal feeling, its high waist and wide leg design can create a Fake Cartier love bracelet charming profile along with the gender, making it a replacement fine cut pants is marked. Suggest windbreaker tied on the belt, draw the outline of their girth.
Brand style:
British designer Stella McCartney fashion is not only comfortable, sexy and fashionable modern style at the same time. She works in a variety of elements, the design style of both the girl sweet romance, and a British rock and roll style. Perfect tailoring process makes her design highlights gentleman grace and female sex appeal, bring women feeling of strength and confidence.
Classic item: new classic little black dress
With 1: new classic black dress + gold heels
Little black dress is every modern women must have the ultimate classic sheet is tasted, and sooner or later all appropriate modelling. 2016 by clipping and Stella McCartney joining together to classic little black dress and highly disruptive lace, interprets the subtle implicit beauty. Detailed Cartier nail bracelet replica lace little black dress as a focal point of the whole body modelling Vogue advice only with simple high-heeled shoes and accessories for overall modelling the icing on the cake, show the style of understated elegance and feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
With 2: new classic black dress + small black coat
New season of classic black dress can not only single wear, also can and cool in the black coat or jacket to mix. Hale handsome black coat balance the bud silk beautiful and charming, bring you a fashionable and classic beauty.

2016 autumn winters case grain lines

2016 autumn winters case grain lines
Line and case grain, is a classic element, however these classical design elements in each year and from fellow designers inspiration bursts with creative ideas, this is why in the discovery of visual line has year after year, and never bored. Line can be multifarious, can be monotonous, so it is itself a ancestor elements of various kinds of creative inspiration. Sports, luxury, originality, feminine, none can’t handle, the outline of simple can change clothes, prominent figure, if add some other elements, and it is a series of unusual visual enjoyment. This we carefully for you picked out the ten creative and representative case grain series of 2016 autumn winters in the majority of the brand (the brand first letter order), take a look at these new ideas in the old elements, feel yourself less?
Lim, the inspiration of this season is a locomotive, or more specific points Cartier love bracelet replica and eccentric, locomotive’s girlfriend, and he put the subject abstract into a dangerous atmosphere. There are many direct reference of locomotive aesthetics – dominance of leather, patch tannins and biker jackets, vests, jumper, and even dress. The modelling in the face of retail, especially the motorcyclist vest and jacket has a smooth, the rhythm of feminine. But the show’s most interesting design can reflect Lim from literal interpretation own theme, with a shrug, to his attitude – right and wrong, don’t care to imagine. This series outstanding clothing is: the large size, deliberately do old shearing fur coats, lapel is contrasting colors; Lim, in a different colour combination shows this coat for several times, each time looks attractive and novel. Overall coat is the series of strengths, in fact, Lim trousers do good as well, to some extent with Celine shadow, this is the New York fashion week is hard to avoid.
Alberta Ferretti in today’s fashion show to prove that two things: she hope that clearly can see that this work is the style of her own, she hope that this can reflect reality. This could be a coin of two sides, because the end of the 19th century romantic mood is the default style of Ferretti, and this familiarity and authenticity is her new style. Similar to arbitrary oblique layer, for example, bud silk, silk and folds of colored dress. In a world, you will find that the Ferretti designed for dream tense countdown moment evening dress. In another world, and you’ll find beautiful widow’s weeds. Her works show there are two kinds of different style. A central European wife Fake Cartier love bracelet dressed in deep purple velvet fine elegant, like a confession princess serious expressions. Black velvet jackets garnet beads shine, also the image of a wife. The wife, the daughter of image by wasp waist jacket and skating dress show incisively and vividly. Ferretti said that her goal is to hope that the quality of the clothing can be exactly like a sculpture. The outline of clothing clear lines, of course.
Girls serious modelling (think of Jenny Shimizu, work on site) to design the deconstruction and lazy clothing, fabric design paper bags with techno technology – tall waist skirt and trousers. These have printing design modelling belt/reflective tape and plastic pockets can hold nails or screws. Flat-fell seam denim skirt looks like workers work for a long time, after the shift will be wearing clothes. Notable modelling including plover case grain with edging tassel orange shirt and a knee with cushions sequins overalls, and edging tassel like a blanket of robes. Hologram jumpsuit let fans screaming excitedly Shouting, only from the modelling of the theme of female is a luxuriant silk coat, for Ashish untidy girls too mature, especially the wind tunnel shape of bright yellow and orange hair is really shocking.
Made of cardboard splicing T stage. The fluffy texture reclined at the table. Even the invitation also USES the same material. Costumes, come with a cloud pattern, yarn, wool, and 15 th-century Flemish painting, portrait, statues and attractive men and women hip line… And so on, these elements are filled with thick woman flavour. And a variety of elements seem to be available as Phoebe Philo some clues of the latest series. Celine girl, Philo set for a series of imaginary characters, in these days we leave her Cartier nail bracelet replica, what the hell happened? These in fabrics choose to show incisively and vividly. Tactility first-class, plain and neat and refined, and sweet and comfortable, these advantages have been included. This makes people extremely yearned for fabrics, is the pen that Philo this new series. The show started is a creamy texture integument. Designers will design into knee-length skirt elegantly curved, coat appearance also is very refined.
Francisco Costa strong and provocative new series, inspiration is one of the most unexpected Russian film Ivan’s Childhood (Ivan ‘s Childhood), about the second world war when an orphan. The little boy standing in the birch forest as somehow made him think of the coat. “Calvin started with coat,” Costa said in the background, “so to be related, with emphasis on the coat.” Costa coat some of the fabrics is stubborn, don’t break the bondage of military uniform style belt. Like a presentiment of heavy pressure, Costa holes in it, please intentionally drop needle fabric weaving workshop. Hole location are in accordance with the grid is very accurate, because the process is essential for the designer, the grid will eventually plaid he leads. Most obviously, imitate the glen plaid v-neck blouse and collocation of pleated skirt, almost like glen really lines, as well as the napa leather dress, the top brass tube bead decoration for the word “well”.
Clements and Ribeiro recently met in Alabama in one trip gisborne Gees (Bend) town in a small wooden sewing quilts woman, inspiration to design the printing design. A different kind of printing is chita, this is in central Ribeiro native Brazil travel found flowers. Two designers is a combination Cartier love ring replica of two kinds of visual effects produced amazing culture shock. Then they add red lace, tartan, gold animal printing and gold brocade poppies. Black skirt buckle jacket, shades of the same color embroidery design texture, decorated with precious stones neckline and half of the belt. But even with a lot of adornment, the dress itself, or sweater and skirt style of movement. Both the designer’s signature some cashmere sweater and skirt length is too long, the new work looks like lazy feeling. Like too pay attention to the effect of some decadent rural family reunion, the girls dress up in the works of Mitford punk style, uniformly flat shoes punctuate the this kind of feeling, including pointed boots and golden pointy shoes buckle, even brilliant chiffon evening dress collocation of shoes.
This series seems to be not Marc by Marc Jacobs consistent style. For a long time, Marc maintained a low profile academic style, from this level, it is usually a perfect success. But this time the feeling of have a little different, he is a bit more concerned about the hair and makeup, also some more sexy clothes, makes models of Marc like Antonio models (as of late, great Lopez), but that right. Through the patterns of the printing and dyeing, plaid reverse restoring ancient ways, and the proportion of the elegant downy burnish, coupled with the paper’s music, as if we had back in the 1940 s. Those boys, as usual, become one of the best foil his female models.
Feel the city and movement, he chose a taxi from the New York streets warning orange, yellow and then tied with urban girls dedicated black together. Many suit design looks like designed for speed, with a curved shoulder line and aerodynamic duplex structure; Black patent leather piping and line decoration evoked memories of racing or scuba diving. Big goggles enhanced this kind of feeling. Mixed metaphor, Kors back to girls and boys with the camouflage, multicolor is the most replica Cartier love bracelet luxurious mink. It will make you stand out in the sidewalk. But, still, he played a low profile is good. There will be many cities “warriors” for his carbon grey wool melton coat and a jumpsuit and “fight”. The leather jacket and zipper open fork pencil skirt combination will let the girls are very popular. As well as the designer’s tight thread sweater.
Moschino fashion often feels it with sarcasm and vitality of the milan embodies popular things, this is the founder of the brand, Franco himself the characteristics of the work. So, big show has to show this time? Series inspired by socialite, equestrian, first-class skiing athletes at a suit, versatile legend Ann Bonfoey Taylor, for the expert, she is a special fashion icon in the 20th century, but almost not the name of a known by the general public. If the Taylor, who are not familiar with, what we see is a bizarre highland fling, introducing incongruous Annie Oakley and Japanese school uniform element. Not harmonious, in a sense is a unique symbol of Moschino, but today is tied for the contrast of no trace of irony. In fact, with golden badge plaid accumulated an unpleasant feeling. By the time the Moschino classic black and white model on the stage, is dizzy. It feels like Moschino classical humanism fluency, the proposition of rigid has become rigid formality.
Hilfiger largely by latticed to express the theme of savile row: this season works mainly through Cartier love ring replica the prince of wales latticed, plaid and plaid shawl. Designers are exaggerated repeatedly used in miniskirts, for example, double-breasted coat and heavily armed long coat. A set of powerful wine red, the prince of wales thick short coat cut very good; Can saying is very beautiful, the plaid pattern is frequently used in the coat of all details, such as a houndstooth detail design combined with red leather trim after the color of camel’s hair coat or a black and blue houndstooth plaid uniform coat. In addition to the plaid, Hilfiger also effectively use diamond and fine stripe. This season is the most interesting is the combination of its futuristic attempt – the combination of leather material and weaving technology, the prince of wales the processing of leather jacket grind arenaceous feeling become the new characteristics of Tommy aesthetics. To be fair, Hilfiger I am a nostalgic person, but the works reveal the home atmosphere of a modern vertigo.

2016 autumn/winter cloak modelling

2016 autumn/winter cloak modelling
No matter how mundane, wear a poncho to add body, all became more powerful aura. 2016 autumn/winter fashion week show, cloak is cut a swath of the original, the exaggeration of drama, let a person too many things to see at the same time, also can not help but cheer for the designer’s ideas. More, still can obtain many cloak body collocation inspiration, exciting.
As more and more designers talk 3 d creation, has always been eccentric, always do exactly the opposite of Rei Kawakubo (sichuan long bao ling) this season with “advocating plane” as the theme of autumn and winter series. With hypertrophy hem cuff and expansion of oversize cape coat appearance Cartier nail bracelet replica rate is extremely high, starched tapestry fabric is outline, model costume dolls like card, really attract attention. At the same time, qiu dong series of abandoned the previous black and white, bold attempt the high saturation red, cobalt blue, pink, yellow colour. In addition, camouflage, leopard, polka dot design also become Comme des Garcons different from previous season calm, monotonous characteristic. Show guests after 10 minutes of applause once again shows that sichuan long bao ling can bring unexpected surprises people, look at her show doesn’t have to stick to the trend, in the concept of zero, innate in the mind clothing with empty brain and curious child appreciate, because you never know Rei Kawakubo what will bring you the next second.
Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) shows from a rectangle with fine scaffold material, and painted with bright red, secretly convey a kind of feeling. Dark purple lips, pale makeup look, brilliant color highlights the punk horsetail is the street movements into the wind a little dark gothic and punk rock and Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica roll wind. The conflict and coexistence and Yohji Yamamoto, 2016 autumn winter show a theme. Heavy milling wool cloak is satin teddy and cool silk condole belt, such collocation is reflected the cool and refreshing with massive conflict, conservative and sexy coexistence. Cloak to calf part mostly, irregular clipping and the processing of large collar or exaggerated hat, are Yohji Yamamoto hankers after sense of drama.
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for Dolce & Gabbana 2016 autumn winter show the colorful visual feast is still being relish, let a person remember cloak of these series. See a cloak of all season long and knee, although most of them adopt the unification of the whole series gold and black fabrics, let people can not help but think of cardinal cassock, after all, the whole show, passing the religious meaning of predisposed to penetrate into the brain. Cloak inside the collocation of nots allow to ignore, in the tight imitation cartier love bracelet bud silk skirt and sleeve to reveal the baroque funnel-shaped sleeves, let flavour restoring ancient ways is very cape coat more show luxuriant and mystery, seems to be an opera cloak concealed among the most compelling drama conflict, once took off his cloak, conspiracy and secret is also very obvious.
Stefano Pilati departure Yves Saint Laurent last show, on schedule and to extend his mood of qiu dong series in 2016. A large number of applications of leather fabrics, meticulous model steel and scarlet lips, these elements combination and become a strong image of the devil wears prada, hale and hearty. In addition to a relatively thin fabric with golden silk edge of brief paragraph cloak, the other three cape are wide size, wide shoulder, big collar, the collar with leather or short hairy fur, all is black, hale and hearty foil of the wide shoulder modelling of Pilati making the image of the amazons travel at night, that picture is charming and mysterious.
Anna Sui 2016 autumn winter series of inspiration, so that the surface style is not uniform, but is in such a wide variety, designer Anna Sui will spark to weave a beautiful web, and for her usual brilliant colors and psychedelic. Deep purple velvet cloak, back covered with colorful stone decoration, take in the magnificent national wind; Purple cloak of lamb skin small short skirt collocation fastens with color, length just flush, the massive of losing is nifty and lovely, The earth Cartier love bracelet replica color plaid cloak with a taste of England, and striped shirt and hollow out lace cuff and the collocation of blue silk stockings and give a lot of life to the whole look. Anna Sui always have a way to the fashionable bright express interesting of heavy and complicated, with the taste of national wind and retro, but from a youthful vitality.
Michael Kors series of 2016 autumn winters is the theme of the “Rustic – luxe” (country-style costly), today he conceived in the mind a winter forest with Rustic style and luxurious style hut, buffalo grid storage in skin and fox, etc., as usual, he will these elements by presenting his engaging and reality in his clothing. Ladies like their coat showed a tame one side, then showed the Kors plaid long coat and deep v-neck striped carpet cape coat. Red stripe with the hem of the cloak of tassel, then smartly swing between walking, and the echo is red stripe hat, the neck is red and black and white fur adornment, completely fit the theme of a rustic luxury.
Frida Giannini said she’s design Gucci autumn and winter haute couture show when the thought of the decadent in the 19th century, and to give qiu dong series set the tone for the dark, but at the same time romantic with confidence. Although cloak proportion in the whole series is not big, but very representative. Cloak that Fake Cartier love bracelet money flowing long cloak may restore the original appearance, the design of the neckline is smoke plait, and by the rope with tassel tie in his chest, tassels hung to the knee, hang down object elegant fabrics and tassel lace added romantic breath, collocation of crocodile leather boots and brocade pants, added a few minutes free and easy temperament. Another hem black cloak of irregular clipping contracted fashion, more fashionable.
Consuelo Castiglioni brought Marni 2016 autumn/winter fashion show in the 1960 s, the outline of white silk socks, clothes, low waist, like a metal disk and modification neck decorative element such as big rhinestone brooches strengthened this kind of feeling. Although the two pure black and pure red cloak coat itself has no representative in the 60’s geometry color piece, but the cuffs with light color sleeves, white stockings and neckline contrasting colors to decorate, the convey the shades of the overall impact on the vision, brilliant red, white and black are 60 s clothing masters, “the father of futurism” Andre Courreges favourite colour. Low waist belt design and pocket decoration are replica Cartier love bracelet added a few minutes handsome neat feeling.
Rossella Jardini was not involved in the trend of milan, dark blue, she brought a great time to Moschino. Bright-coloured colour and dashing knights style into the whole series, even wide cloak, because use the double-breasted metal and epaulettes, the burnish feels extremely strong fabric foil below, was full of vitality. Blue cloak the front part of the quilting processing, tie-in and same long black quilted leather gloves, a sharp wind immediate.
Valentino fashion show of 2016 autumn winters, black leather skirt, shirt, black leather cape white perspective in the opening of amazing, designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli tried to let the hale impression black leather present a softer feel, embossed details before collarband and bosom and bring some ethical gently beautiful impression, but overall modelling is still handsome, elegant, and superior. Another and trousers collocation of long black cloak, choose quality fabrics, contracted and fluent line, the same shirt with white perspective is tie-in, sleeves, collar and the front to show the appropriate proportion of white part, black and white contrast reveals classic.

Adornment creed skirt collocation

Adornment creed skirt collocation is 15 meter Wise to show off her
2016 spring summer, grandiose is used to describe women’s dress is not hyperbole. Crucified with beads, sequins, jewelry decoration skirt high-profile, frequently appeared on the runway and the red carpet, with simple jacket, high and low fusion is proper. Let us together with the star to learn how to cleverly show yourself!
Juno Temple choose one nail bead decorate flowers skirt collocation of black suit Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica and tight knit unlined upper garment, then use gold bracelets and necklaces with short skirt on the nail bead shining echo, costly and not too vulgar.
When choosing metallic beads short skirt is best black coat undertakes collocation, calm, won’t make you look too black to show off. OKA asymmetric black shirt type vest is tie-in a Vince nail bead decoration pencil skirt very elegant; Giulietta black round collar vest is tie-in, Anna Sui pearl nail short skirt, the lovely black coat will give you a whole look appears nifty and many.
Aly Michalka choice decorates a black sequined jacket with a geometric pattern of mini skirts, gorgeous and sexy.
Diane von Furstenberg fluorescent yellow perspective coat collocation Gucci tasseled black short skirt, bouncing colour with regular geometrical pattern match very fashion, avant-garde; ALICE by Temperley black bud silk dress with a L ‘wren Scott cream stripe embroidery pencil skirts, luxurious texture, delicate imitation cartier love bracelet embroidery, you can wear out your elegant temperament.
Sui tang in Louis Vuitton 2016 spring summer turtleneck sweater and stereoscopic petals decorated pencil skirts, then choose a pair of high heels, that ferrule systemic Louis Vuitton equipment perfect show his her fair maiden temperament.
Peter Pilotto Acne white shirt is tie-in a flower embroidery skirt, the bright flowers on the skirt to make the whole look look very young and energetic; Vanessa Bruno Athe white mesh vest is tie-in a Marc Jacobs solid pink flowers decorate the skirt, pink flowers, pink chiffon easily create your princess temperament.
Chrissie Teigen pink nail bead mini skirt collocation a nude deep V coat, and then out of a white one button suit, the color of the pink sweet temperament immediately wear her girl next door.
Gucci spell color sleeveless tops a nail bead decoration skirt fastens with color, sweet color can quickly improve your Cartier love bracelet replica lovely index; Dolce &gabbana falbala adornment sleeveless tops a Preen color paillette adornment skirt, ruffled shirt and skirt waist circumference of the falbala photograph echo, make you a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
Charlize Theron black knitting dress with a skirt of illuminative of sequins, silver paillette adornment be the highlight of the whole look, broke the large black depressing feeling. In addition, the whole look no redundant adornment, very elegant.
Sonia Rykiel silver sequins decoration black lines on the skirt subtly draws the outline of the outline of the body, with a black, black sleeveless Giulietta high-necked blouse, wear out your mature sexy side; DKNY gold sequins decoration skirt decorated with fastens with color in the behind of chiffon fabrics, hale skirt and soft skirt tail and j.crew nude lace tops together, soft in just.
Thin and vanity Build relaxed and fairy muscle
Summer bottom makeup to change numerous for brief, folds of sunscreen, isolation, foundation will smother the skin to deeply however up, how can not cause more skin problems! And keep the skin texture, send out transparent luster bottom makeup but will make you like a fairy light, is absolutely Fake Cartier love bracelet summer will draw the bottom makeup.
Moisture is contained in foundation, therefore block defect force and break degrees are better than the powdery cake, but also due to the water quality is good or bad will appear clogged pores or harm skin problems, so we’d better use less in the summer the number of times, the fluid foundation use segregation frost or breast before makeup with powdery cake to block defect, as long as with a thin layer of the powder, makeup will become natural and clear.
Good natural skin take color + prevent bask in segregation frost powder is OK
Good skin can minimize the complex bottom makeup, use segregation replica Cartier love bracelet frost with color to fade uneven tone, and then in a thin layer of powder is ok, when the makeup at noon, with absorption of oil absorption face first oil clean, fantasy moisturizing spray, then a layer of powder, sunscreen and thin.
The dark yellow skin choose purple segregation frost
Partial red, red blood silk skin color to choose green segregation frost
Too much white skin can use pink segregation frost to increase ruddy feeling
Have a little flaw to cover up milk + sunscreen before choose makeup powdery cake is OK
Makeup before the milk is not only the action of uniform color, you can also modify pore, make your skin look more smooth, and then superimposed with sunscreen value of powdery cake can be further conceal pores, fade melanin, blain mark. If you are oily skin, also can put the wet sponge powder coated with powdery cake, improve the foundation and the joint degree of skin.

Nine new pattern beauty makeup items make you fondle admiringly

Nine new pattern beauty makeup items make you fondle admiringly
Colour makeup is tasted the modified is not only the appearance, and spiritual pleasure, recalls a woman impulsive buying, these “flowers” beauty makeup is tasted, let you see the move.
Les Merveilleuses LADUREE petals red cheek, LADUREE brand is a very old French dessert, Marco longari is their strengths, and Albion is Japanese cosmetics skincare brand, year after year for Japanese COSME is great reward “healthy water”, is their brand treasure, they launch Cartier love bracelet replica Les Merveilleuses LADUREE brand is different from other packaging common colour makeup is tasted, make the petals of blush just good-looking but was a lot of beauty of candidate items for love.
Clinique Clinique Clinique use flower design pattern face rouge RMB 330/4 g as history can be traced back to the brand of product packaging was born in 1968, the total effectiveness rouge simple and convenient to use, can apply any part on the face, bring fully thin bright beautiful skin effect. Its biggest characteristic is the blossom, petals, background respectively three can be used alone, and three color rouge powder can be mixed use, make skin perfect coordination.
L ‘L ‘occitane peony soap RMB 95/125 g pleasant aroma of soap to the combined peony flowers bloom of gorgeous. Delicate and beautiful modelling is like a budding flower bud. The product contains the essence of the peony softening and pure foaming plant ingredients, add pleasant fragrance Fake Cartier love bracelet gently clean skin at the same time.
M.A.C. charm can highlight the printing blush unlisted (home) this series is the M.A.C. for surfers wonderful thing in the world, suitable for use in the sun, the health of the bronze color.
Guerlain Guerlain RMB 530 colorful meteor beauty honey powdery cake is like a Pandora’s box, hidden in a most precious flowers, this is the charm of colorful meteor beauty honey powdery cake. Incredibly light and delicate with mild bright flash makeup effect brighten skin, show the radiant of skin. With the power of light to achieve perfection perfect complexion, leave skin full of hard to the beauty of the royal splendor.
Shu Uemura Shu Uemura foam isolation bottom makeup of tender の cane (beige) RMB 390/65 g this year launched a limited edition “and says” series, is a contemporary young Japanese kimonos artist bean one thousand generations (Mamechiyo) lady with a crossover of Shu Uemura brand creation, separately coloured replica Cartier love bracelet drawing or pattern different flowers in the bottle to embody the language of poetry like the petals of the muscle to the extreme, show “の yan embellish, transparent, pink petals,” the beauty of the wind.
Aupres Aupres live beautiful and pleasing to the eye pearl powder, 20 g $200/8 powdery cake surface is pressed into pattern of loose powder, a total of 3 kinds of color, 20, can carry bright lighting effect for white skin, make skin look smooth texture and luster, full of water jade-like stone is dynamic and vitality of the skin.
Anna Sui Anna Sui and flawless honey powdery cake RMB 480/4 g the brand trademark design pattern of the middle honey powder is on the market the portable powder core may be substituted in the first paragraph of the powder and prevent bask in effect, it contains an RFP bask powder and powder, super light texture, tie-in powder puff calm makeup and makeup, skin instantly bright and can modify pore and grain. Absorb excess oil, keep fresh all day long Cartier nail bracelet replica pressed perfect makeup effect and silky touch.
Lancome Lancome cherish midnight rose $530/30 ml bottleneck section, a purple rose quietly bloomed in the elegant diamond cutting beneath the cap, this is the symbol of the fanatical love roses, let you from the beginning of the sweet fruit, gradually feel elegant fragrance of romantic and moving, until finally the mysterious combination of aftertaste long.

Today is very difficult in the world

DKNY more proved 2016 autumn winter series, fur and leather become 2016 autumn/winter in New York fashion week designers of the two big heart to love. DNKY series, the application of fur is fashionable guest most favored for New York City sample dress, designer Donna Karan d professionals provides do manual work is delicate, fine texture of fur coats, leather and fur mashup application even more highlighted the practical value of PI cao in cold winter, elegant, stylish and fashionable capable designers is to convey fashion sense.
Has a 80 – year – old designer Oscar De La Renta gentleman, doing design “good sword Cartier love bracelet replica sharp enough.” still, the smell of young chung came from all directions: most are short skirt; Baby powder and powder blue; Model in the hair of fruit hard camel crystal decoration and color ribbon. Although fur do not break large proportion in the whole series, but Oscar De La Renta will give the fur more younger, QingJian colors such as pink and blue fur becomes lightsome, evening, black fur coat and dress collocation, and fur luxurious role played a social situation.
Although the queen of chiffon is stylist Alberta Ferretti is the well-known appellation, but she created the Alberta Ferretti, more and more weak image is not only a light dress. Autumn/winter 2016 shows, thick fur coat with thin and cultivate one’s morality dress collocation, show in the volume, material contrast Alberta Ferretti want to convey the theme of “temptation”, firmly wrapped in feminine inner masculine appearance, “I will women projected into the future,” she said. “Today is very difficult in the world, women need to be stronger, because she plays an important role in society.”
Anna Sui 2016 autumn winter show also staged a fairy tale full of fantasy, including the use of fur like her Fake Cartier love bracelet usual style of folk custom, no matter from style and colour, all free and easy and full of amorous feelings. In a world calls, fur is no longer show luxury and noble material, it’s more like telling the story form and carrier, don’t have to be in colour and collocation method.
2016 autumn/winter fashion show, capturing the Lanvin decade of lovely fatty stylist Albert Elbaz for Lanvin fans presented a “congratulations party” visual feast, in addition to the exquisite embroidery and large areas of diamond, a variety of fur decoration make the party into the more costly and huge paragraph, Albert Elbaz to wear alone has very attractive satin close-fitting dress skirt collocation of the colors of fur shawls, to match the debutantes well enough to look can stand out in any occasion, Lanvin legions of fans already can’t help screaming.
Many girls will have black rim of the eye, which became a difficult problems of makeup, because it never like replica Cartier love bracelet spots, once don’t want to hide, pretend to European beauty or natural naked makeup, so you must collect the following a few action, for their own “black rim of the eye to get tough!”
Is referred to as “black rim of the eye”, but because of different origins, black rim of the eye has three types, its color will differ slightly.
1. The green blue black rim of the eye, also called vascular black rim of the eye, is due to poor blood circulation, oxygen form retention, eventually lead to eye week skin green, this is the most common type of black rim of the eye;
2. Black black rim of the eye, also calls the lacrimal groove shape black rim of the eye, is because the eyes are puffy and relaxation pressure to the lower eyelid, and form the shadow, so some people call it “shadow” black rim of the eye), than the green blue black rim of the eye, but also a sign of aging;
3. Tea brown black rim of the eye, and daily maintenance relationship is bigger, is similar to sunburn skin pigmentation or caused by an heavy pigment type black rim of the eye.
Dealing with black rim of the eye, using the method of covering principle is very simple, actually is the complementary color Cartier nail bracelet replica of changes in temperature before they carry bright, let others look you not son had noticed the small flaws, vitality, as well as the overall younger. But the key is the quality of the product selection and technique of using.
For green blue black rim of the eye, should choose the orange color is cream cream concealer, and specific chromaticity shall consider whether to color match the shall prevail. Don’t hide too bright white, like wearing a black mirror made full face took off her dark glasses after tanning effect.
Block defect: concealer first click apply black rim of the eye, and then to push gently from inside-out approach, pay attention to keep lying silkworm, then on the foundation, the area is slightly larger than shelter, and also want to point, and then gently push together, otherwise will concealer break up again, affect the cover effect.
For black black rim of the eye, habit of a lot of people go to cover the big bags and puffiness, it would be wrong, brighten the two prominent effect will be false.
Block defect: starting from the inner canthus tears ditch cover from top to bottom, this means that you want to use concealer pens with Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica precision, at the same time, the color should be slightly brighter than skin natural color, in order to emphasize the natural effect, and slightly wide covering area than the lacrimal groove, in addition to edge modification into nature, don’t have to push hard, can ensure lasting.
Finally a tea brown black rim of the eye, with a little green concealer can neutralise most, and presented the overall and relaxed feeling.
Cover: because tea brown has been close to our skin color, so “the bartender laughed.” best point on dosage, don’t make a great effort heap where can even mix powder a fix, but in the end with the pearl color color brighten again to god, let brown as far as possible close to the skin effect is the most natural.
Hide the last problem is the persistence of black rim of the eye. Although defects is covered, but once applied slightly thick, not will soon dry, appear even crack, laugh more can’t let go, old show, and in order to less makeup to fill powder, powder will appear card is simple “added insult”.
So, before the block defect is to give the eye make up water. The easiest way is to the other eye cream mixture used in concealer texture, it can let imitation cartier love bracelet black rim of the eye area extending at least four hours of moist, at the same time, it would not cause any problem to apply makeup. And to use concealer pens, can use a little again next eyelid before makeup. At the same time, two to three times per week and ensure that the eye mask that not only can help the eye to accelerate circulation, fundamentally improve the problem, also can help to cover effect.

Have always is famous for its fur clothing

2016 autumn and winter fur
Have always is famous for its fur clothing Fendi, this time will be this kind of costly material out of the new play. Designer Karl unabashed Lagerfeld said, “I want the fur looks like feather light, and have beautiful colors”, so in this season of Fendi shows on fur material looks not as before to be only a “luxury” or “wild” feeling, deep red and ink blue short sleeve blouse, grandma ga color Mosaic of cultivate one’s morality dress made of fur, and closer to the closed Joan Smalls, Kati Nescher model to deduce replica Cartier love bracelet the colored fur, more than in the past some sex appeal and vitality, at the same time full of dramatic effect.
This season, Mulberry fashion exhibition hall is a “home” beast, a bench covered with black fluffy sheep skin, put on both sides on the runway two huge monster, like sentinels fulfill his duties. Runway model dressed in a fur, brought the whole atmosphere to late autumn season. Design styles of the Mongolian coat coat and leather skirt, rabbit fur hooded coats, fur waistcoat and light weight of evening dress. Even single mother-of inclined shoulder bag of material is replaced with a black Cartier nail bracelet replica long hair sheep. To watch this season is Emma Hill, the design of the show, like to buy the tickets, leading to the costly Disney kingdom impressed people wanting more,.
Viktor & Rolf autumn fashion event set up a huge moon as the background of the runway. Lens between a few photographers to the giant planets howl light equivalent to that of animals. It established the fundamental key of the next haute couture. Elegant and dignified full of animal motifs on silk pajamas, very low-key black and white tonal clothing made from mink fur edge decoration, plentiful fur clothing with other model, mutual echo. , plentiful bounty fur coat manifests the elegant and fluent Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica curve, seems to be the wearer has been beast’s claws grabbed, finally get away with. The hunter or prey? Is holy angel or sexy beast? Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren understanding of the female image is very clear and direct, but in fashion runway, clearly, relative to the real wear of fashion, art was too exaggerated.
Giorgio Armani’s autumn/winter catwalk at, please anything will be classified as a red carpet, designers use neuter flat shoes and hale suit dress up models, but did not forget to use Giorgio Armani infectious enthusiasm and fur to decorate them. Match with fur and other designer evening dress show costly, Giorgio Armani more imitation cartier love bracelet willing to d neuter day wear brightly colored fur coat collocation, no matter be colour and texture of conflict feeling, is never forgets anything. The fur dyed orange, peach, sewn into a wide coat, show the sexy of lazy.
Michael Kors idea in your mind in a winter forest with both country style and luxurious style wooden – storage water buffalo grid leather inside and fox. As usual, he will these elements by presenting his engaging and reality in his clothing. The skin, fur, wool Mongolian lamb skin, raccoon. In the wilderness the jealousy of a material will be wasted. While Michael Kors let earlier series and bottles filled with unexpected active mix build, such as grey plaid skirt collocation fur coat, Scotland plaid trench coat with exaggerated fur frills inside and black leather pants and so on, those fur adornment shoes bag accessories and cuddly, and constitute a harmonious fur coat and glaring complete look.

the audience confirms her passion for fashion

Just Cavalli there is famous for its “haggard”, the designer Roberto Cavalli is the 2016 autumn and winter haute couture series into a variety of animal skins wild joy of kind of the party. Black and white plover case, zebra, leopard, wild crocodile grain and gold sequins rank the scale effect, looks better than the traditional printing more fashionable avant-courier, wild animal design. It is the most ingenious and designers will be a variety of animal skin veins mixed Cartier nail bracelet replica together, forming a unique op visual effect, in the infinite change and gorgeous with a little humor. Roberto Cavalli a pattern has a special liking to animals, this time he is not only playing on clothing design patterns mix build, the animal is extended to show the arrangement, he used a leopard grain design packages around the perimeter of the whole of the U T stage, will run to an extreme.
Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis two designers for Suno 2016 autumn and winter series booked two goals: one is to arouse the child-like joy, another is to improve the durability of clothing. For designers the two went for the printing design, through a small animal motifs express tong qu side is their choice. On a dress, look carefully you will find that hidden under the branches of black and white alternate with many small animals. In another skirt, stylist seems to depict the forest Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica conference scene, elephants, monkeys, lions, kangaroos, and many other small animals all came. In addition, the designer will also rabbits and birds deformation pattern, and also create the visual effect of full of tong qu.
Designer Christopher Bailey will his Burberry 2016 autumn and winter haute couture fashion show named the title of “town and fields”, so you can see the designer put some rural common small animals, such as the sparrow, the owl and the patterns of the puppy with plain embroidered on the shirt, or print or seam on the oversized stripe T-shirt, so as to express the concept of “field” in addition, careful observation will also find that, in addition to the flat pattern, these small animals to 3 d image also appear in the Burberry belts, leather bags and umbrellas over these accessories, cleverly echoed with the animals on the clothing design. And these details, is reflected stylist Bailey, the illusion imitation cartier love bracelet of limitless reserve capacity.
Metallic simple sense, neon color and animal printing is Blumarine2016 autumn winter series of keywords, designer Anna Molinari make this season all the clothes are sending out the temperament of “positive flash”. At the same time, and always runs through Blumarine brand of style, is the animal print from head to foot. Designers and even never hesitates to use leopard grain design on all the six parts of the same set of modelling on the item. Embossed python grain texture with pink, blue and yellow light metallic fabrics, but also future feeling extremely. And some modelling of the season, such as vest, silver cap and turquoise bitter Cartier love bracelet replica fleabane bitter fleabane with sequins spell “jolie” and “wow” word pants dress still keep the designer’s consistent style, and further to the audience confirms her passion for fashion.
Paul & Joe autumn/winter 2016 shows, on the catwalk around every inch on the wall was covered with photos, pictures of golden leaves smell of autumn, let a person think of beautiful pastoral scenery. Designer Albou said the color is inspired by French boulogne park jungle. So on the processing of animal patterns, stylist adopted softer expression. Ochre tone of leopard grain more wild, a few minutes less elegant. Hidden in the flower warm and quiet little tiger in the grass. The birds in the Fake Cartier love bracelet trees seem to be stream water, fresh and pleasant scene. Sophie Albou design this season, in the elegant breeds infinite strength, more catered to the current popular trend, meet the aesthetic needs of the young girls.

it is not surprising

Autumn/winter 2016 animals
Animals in nature element is never out of fashion, and autumn/winter fashion week in 2016, in addition to leopard grain, zebras, pythons, lines and other animal skin patterns continue to be popular, elephant, owl, the tiger has also been a lot of brand image design such as designers use the haute couture and various accessories. Both contracted for the future of the wind and wind restoring ancient ways, and whether the goodness of the hustle and bustle of the city or rural, designers Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica can always decorating pattern will be all kinds of animals and they want to express the theme of the perfect fit. And the emergence of various animals, added a little for this year’s autumn/winter fashion vitality and tong qu.
Designer Barbara Bui this season autumn winter clothing is aimed at Chinese wind, and exotic animal patterns, design also shows clothing, mainly concentrated in the second half has both realistic and deformation. Maxi dress and slightly languid is lazy metal leopard nine minutes of pants trigger for gorgeous rock prosperous time of remembrance. Printing of colorful tiger image vivid, aggressive, like chang’s tiger regeneration. The dragon pattern of the embroidery and imitation cartier love bracelet showily, reminiscent of ever in Chinese history, leaving a manchu imperial aristocracy. Actually this season in the fusion of Chinese and western elements are designers as early as 30 years ago when I started out with.
In Proenza Schouler 2016 autumn and winter haute couture shows, designer Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough launched from the advance of the concept of “protection” series, their main source of design inspiration karate in the east. First half display clothing, its wide profile, sending out the soft and shiny leather material makes models look like karate, I come back from the future through the head. And then show the two piece quilted color butyl satin blazer, prostitutes in the chest position hand embroidery designs, all of a sudden again closer to people’s psychological distance. Fast by the end of the conference, festooned with birds quilting color butyl satin cocktail Cartier love bracelet replica dress (this is for Hernandez and McCollough historic 2010 spring series’s response) more caused a great audience response.
Jean – Charles DE Castelbajac 2016 autumn and winter haute couture shows full of magic and tribal style, with a comic effect of the raptor design be applied by clever ground costume design works. Conference to an elegant yellow synthetic rubber box top opening, vividly with the eagle wings feathers on its arc. Then the designer will be gradually extended to by the plane animal image performance of the stereo, a flawless senior charcoal gray tweed jacket, each side shoulder with a cartoon eagle head, let a person suddenly some unprepared. Attention in designing a Castelbajac people, however, I knew, change multiterminal, clever eccentric is Castelbajac stylist the most unique Fake Cartier love bracelet design style.
Anna Sui 2016 autumn and winter haute couture show, stylist still wandering in her magic world. As has been linked to Harry Potter magic pet the Hedwig was like peas and carrots, the owl is Sui magic partner. A velvet university team jacket’s left shoulder is studded with handmade applique owl pattern, like a loyal guardians. More owl image is used to the colorful hats and gloves, wear them as if they have the ability to control the magic. In addition to the owl, in an orange plaid skirt positive position of the chest, handmade applique ornament with a flapping wings little horse design, full of tong qu. Fashion in the hands of a few people, only by Sui’s passion for clothing and find the details of the replica Cartier love bracelet eyes, this theory is to show those tempting outfit.
Designer Humberto Leon and Carol Lim Kenzo comes autumn/winter 2016 shows color tone as the earth color, model of migration, meanwhile, relax a little, and it is easy to make people feel the autumn harvest joy. Last season, the designer has successfully moved the flyer design on the spring and summer haute couture. And the opening of this one season, maw steller’s design immediately attracted attention, herald a more menacing Kenzo comes this season. Leon will be this season’s concept in “girl before filled with all kinds of clothes closet and drag”. More style means more sales. A few months later, even if the tiger pattern of Kenzo comes a resurgent family sign – hit on street corners, it is not surprising.

Knitting cloak to your winter wardrobe

Knitting cloak to your winter wardrobe put a fake
Every day is not the bitter winter, occasionally there are so few days seems to be the day of the “small and pure and fresh”, such good weather must put away your thick winter clothing, choose a cloak of knitting coat, both sets of head or front opening, whether short or long and knee can be bold to try, for a long winter thick clothes take a vacation.
Evan Rachel in black tassel decoration inside the cloak a printed chiffon dress, wearing imitation cartier love bracelet a knitted hat, very sunshine and fresh.
Heidi Klum, wearing a rib knitting coat, long money below one hole in decorate jeans, with a blue wool felt hat, hat the whole look very leisure at home; Jenna Dewan wearing a tassel illuminative knitting coat stamped on the pair of knee high boots, brown shoulder tassel illuminative backpack, send out a full-bodied amorous feelings of Bohemia.
Kate Upton was wearing a rice white knit long coat appeared at the airport, cultivate one’s morality and the sleeve of loose body design is very suitable for such a long trip by plane, warm and comfortable.
Katie Holmes in a gray loose knitting dress with a tight jeans, street feels dye-in-the-wood. Olivia Palermo out walking the dog is wearing a denim shirt batwing coat with a thick line, the pencil pants, stamped on the ballet shoes, comfortable and fashionable.
Colour is a mystic knowledge, when it comes to the most basic color Cartier love bracelet replica theory “trichromatic color” you must know that we speak of is: red, yellow, blue. But in addition to the bright red lipstick and blue eyeliner, few people know how to use trichromatic color in the color makeup. Crimson red eye shadow? Lemon yellow lips? Is very strong, but not suitable for us.
Today we are going to tell you the three colors “red yellow blue” why so important and classic. Mastered the principle of them, you can through these three kinds of color mixing ratio concocted any beauty makeup colors, you want to let your old eye shadow, nail polish radiate new vitality!
Red – cover an heavy skin
Red itself as an eye shadow is very impressive, but mixed with sapphire blue can get bright purple! If your color of skin slants dark, mixed with a little in the foundation (really just a little) red or pink blush (such as the practice rouge water) can perfectly cover an heavy skin, uniform Fake Cartier love bracelet shape of natural color.
If you have these…
Red eye shadow or blush, only need a little mixed in the blue colour makeup product, can achieve mysterious and luxury of purple. And pleasure lies in the fact that this purple shades you can master yourself, have fun!
Blue – increasing cold tonal let more bright white teeth
Blue gives a person the visual effect of cool and refreshing, pure and fresh. So if you are in the pink lipstick slightly with a little gem is blue, can let a teeth appear more bright white. Of course, the same principles apply to eye shadow, you can use the blue to let any yellow eye shadow to increase replica Cartier love bracelet some cool color to move. Another blue tone segregation frost has been used to correct yellow skin.
If you have these…
Let you idle blue eye shadow and nail polish with renewed vigor! Oneself a new color oil has been not fresh, we introduced the CND experts will add a few drops of bright yellow nail oil to build low-key black mustard yellow (details). So you can in your pink polish in a few drops of blue shell oil, to become a new pink purple.
Yellow – make tonal warmth downy
Think of your bottom makeup too powder? Lip gloss color relative to the whole modeling slants cold? Add a little yellow to what makeup can make the skin looks soft warm colors, not only such, yellow can mediate any partial slant red or blue colour makeup to the right. Try to join in the bottom Cartier nail bracelet replica makeup or lip color a little bit of yellow, can bring you perfect soft tone!
If you have these…
Yellow eye in addition to the stacks and lipstick and eye shadow, also can be added to the bright yellow eye red or blue nail polish, concocted the color you want.