What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet wearing a bracelet?

What is the meaning of wearing a bracelet wearing a bracelet?
Bracelet meaning “lovers”, not just the sound of the homophonic, think about who will rack their brains for you to choose a favorite bracelet, and personally bring you, this role is none other than love. This little bracelet, tied with two beating heart, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm lies. So, what is the meaning of bracelet?
What is the meaning of bracelet?

The meaning of a bracelet has a good agreement, bracelet meaning “lovers”, not just the sound of the homophonic, think about who will rack their brains for you to choose a favorite bracelet, and personally bring you, this The role of non-loved people must go. This little bracelet, tied with two beating heart, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm lies.

Meaning two, natural pearl powder can play a role in the elimination of human blood oxygenated fat, play whitening skin care, delay the role of skin aging, which is well known things. So women in the wrist between the natural pearl bracelet can naturally make the wrist parts of the skin to get a good maintenance, so that the skin looks more moist and bright, flexible.

Meaning the third, because the wrist is the end of the human blood circulation, and the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica body back to the blood are to rely on the pressure of the heart to achieve, in the wrist to wear a bracelet, then, under constant grinding, can effectively promote the wrist Parts of the blood circulation, this physical role is also people like to wear bracelets is an important reason. But also now the reasons for the pursuit of women’s bracelet friends.
Wearing bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. Natural gems bright colors, good hardness, brightness, so it is unique, so this bracelet can make people feel comfortable, people are full of passion for life.

2. Wrist is the end of the body’s blood circulation, and the return of the blood depends on the pressure of the heart to achieve, if you wear bracelets, can effectively promote the blood circulation, which is a physical effect, so loved by the people.

3. Natural gemstones contain a variety of minerals necessary for the human body, because the bracelet is a direct contact with the skin, so the precious stones in the minerals may be absorbed by the body, which can complement the body needs a variety of minerals.

Ordinary girl with sterling silver bracelet What are the benefits and saying:

Wearing a bracelet that innocent, but also expressed the desire for love at first sight, but has been in love with a girl wearing a bracelet that she wholeheartedly willing to spend the rest of his life happy time. Girl in general love to wear two bracelets that are in love, enjoy the love of the sweet love of love, single girl wearing two bracelets also said at this time the mood is very happy, very satisfied with their now Of life, around the girlfriend’s friendship and loved ones care, feel that they are the most happy people, but also revealed the contentment of contentment.

And silver sterling silver bracelet and these benefits: silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, the average antibiotic can only play a role in the six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria. Silver’s antioxidant and glossy persistence is related to the individual’s physique, and the physical person will wear more and more so, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body toxins discharged.
108 is the most common number of Buddha beads, representing 108 kinds of trouble, wearing 108 Buddha beads is equivalent to breaking 108 kinds of trouble. So 108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good? 108 pieces of beads and bracelet material which? The following describes the most suitable for the 108 Buddha beads material, we can refer to!
108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – incense
Incense in the king, the first of all incense, one or two Shen one or two gold, is the world’s five major recognized religious treasures. With a clear God, fill the five internal organs, benefits Jing Yang, warm waist and knee, the effect of emergency treatment.

108 beads beads bracelet what material is good – longan Bodhi
Each grain has a triangular eye. Dragon in Buddhism has a special meaning, such as “dragon elephant” metaphor of the Buddha’s “instrument should be” that should be Guanyin Bodhisattva should be one of the three. Long Sanskrit transliteration for “Naga” has the ability to do anything they want, but also protect the Dharma law enforcement. Longan Bodhi, especially the Indian longan Bodhi, is a rare thing, that is, the necessary practitioners. But also exorcise the product of exorcism.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – sun child
For the tropical production of a reddish brown hard fruit, each grain has a small white www.ourlovestore.com point, looks like the sun in the sky, its own reddish-brown as the sun’s fire, hence the name of the sun child. Buddhism called the sun god for the gods. Buddhism Tantric Lord respect for the big day, he casually in the world, break through the dark, open Bodhi heart, light beings. Sun child, exorcism disaster, bring people ten luck, well-being.

108 beads beads bracelet what material is good – Xingyue Bodhi
Is a rare plant, hard texture, Xingyue Bodhi shape is milky yellow Bodhizi beads cloth with uniform black spots, the middle of a concave circle, like the stars on the month, named Xingyue Bodhi. Known as the world “four famous beads” one.

108 pieces of beads and beads bracelet what material is good – five eyes six pass string
Is an unusual fruit, pedicle behind the top of the five holes seemingly five small eyes, head and tail through the hole, made of Buddha beads, it is called “five eyes six links.” “Five eyes” refers to the naked eye, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes of the five kinds of ability “six links” refers to the God of the pass, days Tong Tong, day eye, his heart pass, fate, The first five pass all kinds of practice can be achieved, but let the way for the Buddha’s realm. Is the Bodhisattva according to the power of the six shown by the six useless magical effect.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good – Xiantao hand string
Ancient Chinese legend can be exorcised peach, peach stems can be evil, peach character can avoid evil, and peach core, hard texture, but also with the above functions, carved after the Buddha made its extraordinary energy. Flat peach is the Queen Mother of the immortal peach planted, can be longevity. So peach also called Xiantao. Flat peach fruit shape oblate, the surface has many irregular irregular texture, without any carving, chic chic.

108 pieces of beads and bracelet what material is good? From the above description of the Buddha beads bracelet material can be seen, different beads and bracelet material has different effects and role, you want to play what role Buddha beads, what is the best Buddha beads bracelet material!

Ladies gold bracelet price lady gold bracelet how much money

Ladies gold bracelet price lady gold bracelet how much money
Gold bracelet can be preserved, can also be decorated. Now with the gold jewelry technology continues to improve, ladies gold bracelet styles and diverse, exquisite workmanship, by many ladies favorite.

Ms. gold bracelet price is based on the day the price of gold + process fee, and the gold price is calculated by grams, the current gold bracelet in the market generally between 10 grams -30 grams, gold jewelry prices at 290 yuan – 320 yuan / gram range, so the price of women’s gold bracelet in about three thousand or more than three thousand.

Ladies gold bracelet how much money

Ladies gold bracelet generally how much money in general, Ms. gold Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica bracelet in 20 grams -30 grams or so, for the best weight to wear, the weight will not be too light, it will not say too heavy. General ladies wear this number of grams of the majority. According to the latest understanding, the price of gold about 240 yuan a gram, gold jewelry prices about 300 yuan a gram, because each brand of different technology, so the price of women’s gold bracelet will be different.

In the purchase of women’s gold bracelet can be from the gold price, bracelet weight, bracelet style and different meaning to choose. Also need to pay attention to check the bracelet of the process, because the texture of gold itself is relatively soft, and gold and gold compared to gold and bracelet gold gold bracelet easier, so everyone on the gold bracelet process requirements should be more sophisticated, especially stays, If the process, however, the bracelet in the process of wearing a little attention may be broken.

Major brands of ladies gold bracelet prices

The brand of gold bracelet price of different brands, ladies gold bracelet prices will be different, in addition to the production process is different, but also because the brand’s reputation, brand value, site rental fees, etc., these are caused by Ms. gold bracelet price Different reason. Here, Zokai for you to understand the major brands of gold jewelry prices, hoping to give you the purchase of women’s gold bracelet to provide some help.
Solid gold bracelet generally multi-solid gold bracelet weight, and the general gold bracelet in the 20 grams or so, buy gold bracelet must be based on their hand and wear comfort to choose. If it is a young woman, then you can buy a little bit, more fashionable, you can buy k gold ah, solid some, if it is to buy a solid gold bracelet, then 20 grams is too light, if you want a little solid gold bracelet , Then 60 grams -80 grams or so, thick words to 100-120 or so, that will not appear too thin.

Gold bracelets are generally multiple

Gold bracelet generally gold bracelet can be hedge, you can also beautiful, with the gold jewelry technology continues to improve, gold bracelet styles and diverse, exquisite style. Wearing a gold bracelet, can make women look elegant, solemn, gentle, generous, female friends are the eternal fashion jewelry. As the texture of gold itself is relatively soft, compared with the gold and gold gold bracelet gold bracelet easier to deformation, so everyone on the gold bracelet process requirements should be more sophisticated, especially dalian, buckle wrist, if the process, but off, then bracelet The process may be a little attention may be broken. 20-30 grams or so on it. This weight will not be too light, it will not say too much, most women choose gold bracelet is the election of the grams of the number.

20 grams of solid gold bracelet easy deformation?

20 grams of solid gold bracelet easy to deformation easy deformation, gold hardness soft, 20 grams of bracelet is very thin, easy to deformation, at least 30 grams or more is not easy to deformation. Solid gold bracelet grams more words, it is not easy to deformation, whether it is soft gold or hard gold. If it is enough gold is easy to deformation, but K gold is not easy. But if the bracelet deformation, then it does not matter, you can take the store to the store to www.ourlovestore.com repair you.
Bracelet wear left hand or right hand bracelet is one of the most favorite jewelry. Bracelet style a lot, according to the different materials, is divided into many kinds, the current market common bracelets are jade bracelets, gold bracelets, silver bracelets, etc., then wear bracelets generally wear right or good right hand it?

Xiao Bian that the bracelet to wear the left hand or the right hand mainly to see the number of bracelets, if it is always bracelet, then it is best to wear a left hand; if two bracelets, you can take both hands, of course, if both are worn on the left Even more fashionable. But in this small series to remind everyone, bracelets should not wear too much, with more than both hands to bring a heavy sense, but also gives a strange feeling, so the number of bracelets to be appropriate. Another point is that if you wear jade bracelets, then you should not wear two, wearing a best, because the jade bracelet is more fragile, can not hit with hard objects, so wear jade bracelet to pay attention.

Bracelet wear which hands are good

Bracelet wear hands who wear bracelets are also stress, not how to wear on how to wear, if you wear well, it will make people laughing generous. Wearing bracelets, the number of bracelets is not strictly limited, you can wear one, you can wear two, three, or even more. If you wear only one, should wear on the left hand instead of the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear one or both left and right hand, or are worn on the left hand; if wearing three, should be worn on the left hand, Wearing one, the other hand wearing two. Wearing more than three bracelet is relatively rare, even if you want to wear should also be worn on the left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance, to achieve unconventional, extraordinary purpose. However, this small series to remind you that this imbalance should be worn with the clothing to match the harmony, otherwise it will be unconventional and destroyed the decorative bracelet beauty. If you wear bracelets and wear rings, you should consider the two in the style, material, color and other aspects of coordination and unity.

Jade bracelet wear which hands are good

Jade bracelet wear which hands are good Jade is a spiritual, so wear jade bracelet is pay attention to. Buddhism has a theory called “left into the right”, the left hand called the net hand, the right hand called the dirty hand, because in general, people do things with the right hand, including doing something to kill filthy things, so the right hand is To be purified, not suitable for wearing jade bracelets. And the left hand is not killing is not filthy, is pure hand, so wear jade bracelets should be worn on the left hand, can absorb the essence of jade essence. But there is one exception, that is used to do things with his left hand, then, in turn, “right into the left”, jade bracelet should be worn in the right hand.
Bracelet picture bracelet is a set of wrist ornaments on the wrist. According to the structure, generally can be divided into two types: First, closed ring, jade material for the more; Second, there are ports or a number of chain, mostly metal materials. According to the production of materials, can be divided into gold bracelets, silver bracelets, jade bracelets, precious stones bracelets and so on.

Wearing bracelets has three roles: one is to show identity, highlight the personality; the second is beautify the arm; third is the health care body, so from ancient times, bracelets are people’s favorite jewelry.

Wearing bracelets is also very particular about the general wear on the left hand, inlaid gemstone bracelets should be attached to the wrist, not inlaid with precious stones, can be loosely worn on the wrist, only pairs of bracelets can wrist at the same time wear.
Bracelet picture and price

Bracelet picture and price bracelet price and bracelet material, according to material points, can be divided into gold bracelets, silver bracelets, jade bracelets, precious stones bracelets, etc., which is currently on the market the most popular bracelet style. Gold bracelets, gold bracelets, the price of these bracelets mainly related to the day the price of gold, followed by hand costs, different brands, the price will be different, the current price of gold bracelet between thousand dollars, if the gold content, the price Will be lower Silver bracelet price is the cheapest of all the bracelets, and inlaid precious stones bracelet affordable, two or three thousand, this bracelet inlaid gem will not be great, most of them are broken diamond, broken gem, so the price is still very affordable of. In all bracelets, jade bracelet prices are the most expensive, jade and Hetian jade for the most common, its value and price are the most expensive jade bracelet, which depends on the quality of jade, but the jade bracelet prices in general are Is not low, so the quality of the general price of jade bracelets are in between thousand dollars, if the quality of some are on the million, or even one hundred thousand, one million have.

Here, Zuo Kayi for you to sort out several different styles of bracelet prices, hoping to give you to help.

【Chow Tai Fook】 simple and generous enough gold gold bracelet ¥ 4600.00

[Seven degrees silver] 9999 million silver bracelet silver silver silver silver bracelet fashion Korean sterling silver bracelet ¥ 416.00

[Swarovski] Swan Classic Swan Bracelet Pavé Design Noble Bracelet ¥ 1426.00

[Bold emerald] Myanmar jade bracelet floating jade bracelet bracelet jade bracelet A goods ¥ 6500.00
Raspberry agate, agate, also known as “tian agate, feather agate, moss agate, weed agate”, the natural formation of the texture is like a floating pond floating water, graceful, winding winding. There are green, purple and yellow. Aqua agate is not just jewelry, the best water turtle agate is a collection of artistic value. Aquatic agate bracelet, the internal landscape chic, natural formation of the texture is like a floating water in the pond, graceful, winding, its value and price for the highest, ranging from hundred to thousand dollars.

In recent years, with the agate market became popular, agate in the price of rickets agate is all the way soaring, rising space quickly, several times or even several times the rising, we can see that the price of aquatic agate bracelets will continue to rise , If you like or want to collect aquatic agate, it is better to take advantage of the current price is not very high start, then it is a good time.

Water grass agate bracelet how much money

At present, the market price of aquatic agate bracelet most of the hundred dollars, if the quality is better, in the thousand dollars, or even reach the million, which are determined by the quality of aquatic agate. Here, Zuo Kayi for you to sort out a few markets on the market turf agate bracelet prices, hoping to provide you with the help.
[Stone cents] natural boutique aquatic agate bracelet glass species chalcedony bracelet women variety of moss agate jade bracelet ¥ 650.00
【Tianguang Hui】 natural aquatic agate bracelet jade bracelet chalcedony bracelet female models ¥ 1580.00
【Biya】 aquatic agate bracelet genuine green figurine authentic ice kind agate moss agate female models ¥ 880.00
[Pride crystal] natural ice floating green smoke aquatic agate bracelet female models ¥ 798.00

Diamond color grade to evaluate which diamond color level is the best

Diamond color grade to evaluate which diamond color level is the best
Although most of the rough diamonds seem to be colorless, but because the diamond system in the depths of the earth, high temperature and high pressure knot, so diamonds often contain some other trace elements, so that diamonds have different degrees, different The color of the color.

Diamond color level

Usually see the diamonds are almost colorless or slightly yellow, called Cape series. The color of the diamonds is due to the trace of nitrogen in the diamond, and the further classification of the diamonds is to compare the unknown diamonds with a series of standard diamonds.

The color level of the diamond is determined by comparing the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica standard diamonds with the same size and color of the standard. According to our current national standard, the diamonds are divided into D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, <N, Said.

Diamond grade
Accurate color level must be in real face room conditions to determine. The color grading is carried out in a room with no direct sunlight, and the graded environment is white or gray. Graded with a special color than the color, and to color palette or color paper as the background. The technician who engages in the color grading should be trained in the skills to master the correct method of operation, and the technical grade of the same sample is done independently by the 2-3 technical staff and the results are achieved.

Diamond grade division

In general, D-color diamond gives a clear, translucent feeling like ice, and sometimes even some blue night no color, while the E, F two-color diamond only gives the feeling of ice. But no D color of the thorough sense. G, H, 1, J-color diamond from the crown observation, the general gives a colorless feeling, and from the pavilion observation can feel slightly light yellow; K, LM Diamonds, both from the crown or from the pavilion can see a touch of yellow; N-level diamond can be felt after the obvious yellow.

Diamond ring

Inlaid diamonds are graded according to colorimetric method, divided into seven grades, and the corresponding relationship with the non-inlaid diamond color level is shown in the table.

Inlaid diamond color grading should consider the impact of metal care on the diamond color, pay attention to be amended.

The color of the diamond has a great influence on its price, so the color determination is extremely strict.

The more white the color of the diamond, the more rare, precious. The vast majority of natural diamonds will have a little color, but the K-class and above the diamond inlaid in platinum can not see with a yellow tone. Consumers should make their own budget decisions to buy, do not blindly pursue a high level. For the average consumer of the upper and lower levels of diamonds, such as I and J class two diamonds, in the general daylight and lighting, they are almost the same.


In fact, the different colors of diamonds can bring different styles of consumers Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica with greater choice.Many countries in the world are consumers in all levels of color, choose their own preferences or taste of diamonds.

For example, unique style, with a romantic tradition of European consumers, in particular, prefer a little yellow diamonds, with exquisite jewelry design. Diamond as a personal charm of the spokesperson. It is difficult to say a plate of color level I diamonds must be more than the color level J diamond more Lai, but also look at the remaining three C, that is, diamond cut, clarity and carat weight. So you can in a variety of color levels of diamonds, choose what you think is a beautiful one Shun.

At the same time, some rare green, pink, blue and other colored diamonds, known as the color diamond series (also known as color diamonds), color diamond color chroma more pure, the higher the more expensive. In the past, color diamonds were scarce and expensive, and since the discovery of many red and rose diamonds in Western Australia, the world has greatly enriched the world’s diamond market. On the color of diamonds, pay attention to distinguish between natural color and artificial color of diamonds, the general colorless series of dark diamonds through the radiation treatment to make it into color diamonds, and the price difference between the two is very poor. Color diamonds because of its more rare, and won the favor of collectors, so that its worth doubled.

Which color level is best

For idealists, seek to have D-F grade colorless diamonds and “strong”, “medium”, “weak”, “no” four fluorescent grades of diamonds for the best.

For those who want to buy a high value and have a diamond that can not be seen with the naked eye, you can buy diamonds with a color level of G-I close to colorless and fluorescent grade for intermediate or blue-white.

Moreover, if you do not want to compromise on the color but do not want to exceed the budget, you can choose a cut good, clarity S11 — S12 and accompanied by the intensity of fluorescent diamonds, with the naked eye, it is no less The It is possible that you prefer fluorescent to create a unique effect.
In other words, what is the weight of the stones to measure? Many ethnic ancestors coincide, think of the local common plant seeds. Of course, such a seed can not be too big nor too small, it is important to have to pay evenly, the weight is basically the same.

The origin of “carat”

Many European countries initially used their rich barley for silicon code. But the country, produced around the barley size is different, the weight difference is greater. Use it to call gems, often a dispute. Later, taking into account the majority of precious stones from the East, simply looking for a kind of oriental seeds to do a unified standard, you can remove many of the tongue. Pick up and pick the seeds of the beans of the genus Acacia plantations that grow in the Mediterranean www.ourlovestore.com coast. Because the Greeks called the seed of this plant ‘carat’ and made it a measure of the gem.

By the way, the ancient Roman royal Constantine issued a gold coin, each of the gold content of the provisions of the ‘karaoke’ weight, which, and derived from the gem measurement is very different gold standard “open ‘. In fact, this “open” and “karaoke.” In many words with a word, abbreviated letters are the same (K). Chinese people in order not to cause misunderstanding, they deliberately translated into two different, we usually say ” Gold, is that a gold (gold, gold jewelry and other gold! Close to 100%; if that 18 open., That means: gold content is 18, with other metals 6. This is said to “open” that Only the proportion, not the weight.
The different calculation criteria of the “carat” of each country

Unlike this, carat is a gem of heavy child units, 1 carat is equal to POO milligrams. Of course, this standard is not all of a sudden accepted by the countries. As mentioned above, although the European countries have long agreed to use acacia seeds, “carat” as the name of the egg gem of silicon code, but do not say that the ground, each row of beans on the knot carat weight is not the same, the same tree There is a difference, so, in a very long historical period, the major city carats expressed in the weight is not the same, such as: Paris -0.255 grams, London -0.20530 grams, Florence -0.19720 grams, Madrid – 0.20539 grams, a 0.20544 grams of Amsterdam, a 0.20570 grams of Amsterdam, a 0.20539 grams of Lisbon, Frankfurt 0.20577 grams, Vienna, a 0.20613 grams, Venice, -0.20700 grams, Madras “India” a 0.20735 grams. If the weight is lower than the carat , Such as 1/2, 1/8, 1/64, etc. In particular, diamonds, although little expensive, requires the denominator must be 64, in order to be accurate, such as 40/64 carats must not use 513 Clara instead.
To develop a unified “carat” calculation criteria

This is the line of chaos is extremely detrimental to the international trade of precious stones, the development of a unified measurement standard is imperative. In 1871, the Paris Jewelers Association proposed to be 1 carat equal to 0.205 grams of measurement standards included in the national Dafa, first implemented in France, and then Europe and the world unity. In 1877, this proposal was re-confirmed by the Paris Diamond and Gems Chamber of Commerce, but after a long time no one ignored. At the Fourth Congress of the International Metrology Committee in Paris in 1907, the standard Krapp was set to 200 milligrams. .200 grams) of the resolution. Its accuracy is set to the decimal point after the first two; since the third, no matter what the number, are ignored.
However, the International Metrology Committee is not authoritative, in order to make this easy to calculate the gem measurement standards to be implemented around the world, the French government through its foreign missions, to persuade countries to adopt the standard carat. (1908); Japan, Switzerland “1909); Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Na Wei (1910); the Netherlands, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, (1912); Czech Republic, Poland (1911); Germany (1912); Belgium, the United States (1913); Austria, Ireland, Mexico, the Soviet Union, Thailand (1922); South Africa (1923); Czechoslovakia, ),

Of course, recognition is one thing, the implementation is another matter. For example, the Netherlands in 1910 through legislation to formally recognize the standard carat, but until 1913 began to implement. In fact, many jewelers still press 1 carat equal to 0.20530 grams of the old rules of the calendar; gem books sometimes with the old carats, sometimes with the use of the old carats, Standard carat, sometimes with the French carat (0.205 grams), not to the reader’s head faint countless. However, in recent years, in the international gem trading, the standard carat has been recognized as a common child standard.

Platinum and Diamond with the perfect wedding ring eternal witness

Platinum and Diamond with the perfect wedding ring eternal witness
2013 fashion circles elegant classic wave of comprehensive struck, from the top brands of fashion T station to the streets of the popular pop, everywhere permeated with thick retro atmosphere. This trend is also popular fashion jewelry industry, the major jewelry brands have launched platinum diamond jewelry to the classic tribute to platinum low-key luxury and diamond with the perfect match to lead the forefront of fashion.
The world’s most precious diamonds are almost all embedded in the platinum base, because it can give a solid diamond and permanent protection. Because platinum never fade, such as love is the eternal desire of the hearts of people, because diamonds rare precious, such as in the sea to find the only love, so platinum and diamonds invariably selected as the perfect witness of eternal marriage, used to love love life and life The As early as 1886, Tiffany realized the outstanding qualities of platinum. Its creation of six claw mosaic ring, then use platinum as a ring to fix its proud diamond, is still the world’s most desirable love one of the witness.
Deep roots
From the design point of view, platinum and diamonds are the most commonly used elements of designers, appear in many top jewelry brand high-end wedding series. For example, in 1886 Tiffany’s six-jaw mosaic ring, using platinum as a ring to fix its proud diamond, is still the world’s most desirable love one of the testimony. So that the door is so, precious diamonds only the same quality of metal can match with the quality. Platinum and diamonds are the product of nature, have eternal value, as a symbol of holy marriage is “days of the co-“.

Perfect shine
Diamond itself is colorless, if the use of precious precious metal mosaic, diamonds Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica will reflect the color of metal, visually looks like the color has changed; and natural white, no impurities in the platinum not only does not affect the color of the diamond itself, But also set off it more crystal clear, bright and moving, so that diamonds unique “fire color” sparkling, so platinum as a ring will not only monotonous, but for the diamond to provide a unique “glory stage.”
How to protect your diamond
Although diamonds are the hardest things they know, they are damaged or dimmed. Your protection will benefit from the following points.
1. Do not mix your diamond jewelry or other jewelry confused, or diamonds will be other jewelry scratched or scratched each other;
2. Place your diamonds in a gem box made of fabric or a box with a compartment;
3. Do not wear diamond ornaments when you do rough work, even if the diamond toughness is good, it will be due to too heavy blows lead to fragmentation;
4. Regularly use the commercial jewelry cleaning agent – a mixture of ammonia, or warm cleaning agent, the operation will be dipped in the solution dipped in the solution, with a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt at the bottom of the diamond.
5. Do not place your gemstones in bleach or other chemical reagents containing chlorine, as they will make the metal inlaid with pitting or fading;
6. Check your jewelry at least once a month, send your diamonds to professional cleaning, and check if the stones are loose or worn.
Lovers to birthday, or you met a hundred days to, and what kind of diamond ring can be sent to love the favor? Perhaps you think a lot of scenes, a lot of expression, always want to bring greater surprise to each other Give the best of the world to her. In fact, girls are really easy to meet, every girl has a child when the prince, diamonds, white gauze skirt fantasy, had a pure dream, what can be more than diamonds to express your love, a death Yu’s commitment, a diamond ring, how can I not let her move was stupid. This time to give your lover a deep hug or kiss, to a ceremony to marry, you can make her happy life. The The
Then in the end to send what kind of diamond ring can love to love it? General white-collar workers to send 30 points of the diamond ring on it, you can analyze.
Generally speaking, the election of 50 points below the diamond mosaic of the ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of a single diamond diamond ring is the usual choice for white-collar workers.

Some broken diamond set in the ring, because of its compact design also by a person’s favorite. If the economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 points better diamond, because more than 50 points of diamonds already have a considerable value, value-added, with a certain investment value. To remind you that you pay attention to the weight of diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Heavy weight, good cut (with bright light), pure flaws, color and white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to ask the business to produce national inspection department identification certificate. In addition, it is recommended in the purchase of diamond ring, it is best to be matched with the earrings, pendants to buy, so as not to bride jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a token, is also very appropriate. General to diamond diamond diamond ring diamond ring is appropriate, simple and generous, both gorgeous and not publicity, as appropriate to show the owner of the taste. In addition, choose a piece of exquisite workmanship diamond watch, given to Mr. is also very good, both distinguished and practical.
Indestructible diamonds and eternal love linked to the diamond as the expression of love, the best gift of love. Today, wedding ring still love the eternal love of the same. Nowadays popular classic wedding diamond ring style which.
Emerald ring diamond ring
This elegant mosaic style popular in the 20th century, 20 years, it is characterized by diamond generous flat top and side of the ladder facet, this ring flat to avoid the diamond is not clean, and quite luxurious and stylish The
On the square diamond diamond ring
This gorgeous style was born in Amsterdam’s Asscher, 1902 this amazing ring is designed www.ourlovestore.com for the royal design and the birth of this unique charm of the diamond pondering shape and almost just like the emerald cut, in addition to its appearance of the square Outside, it is at right angles to the face of more amazing.
Long angle ladder cutting diamond ring
With a rounded horn and a large fancy flower drill, which is also known as pillow-shaped bright fancy drill, this diamond shines with warm light, is the current popular style, BrandonRouth fiance is She chose this ring as an engagement token.
Princess square drill
If you think this is a slightly frivolous, flashy choice, then you can understand, after all, it was born in the romantic 60’s London. But because the princess side of the drill table is large, the bottom of the staggered V-shaped groove, induced light clever collision, so that diamonds burst dazzling light, to show elegant style of aristocratic practice, four edges and fighters respectively symbolize the princess’s responsibility, courage, Star Jones chose this engagement ring.
Oval diamond ring
All along, the oval diamond ring spare attention, Tom Cruise with a gorgeous ring set in the hands of Katie Helms. Oval-shaped diamond because of the faceted and refraction of the dazzling light, so it also more women’s favorite.
Teardrop-shaped diamond ring
This ring gives women a different temperament, its tear shape can make the bride’s fingers look very slender and moving. ActressesKatherineHeighl and LelaRochon wedding ring is the choice of this style.
Heart-shaped diamond ring
There is no doubt that this is the most romantic choice, because the heart is the basic symbol of the expression of love. Each of these diamonds has a rounded diamond pavilion, so that diamonds can have a beautiful light. Louis XIV was a heart-shaped diamond ring crazy collector, and this ring is really popular in the early 20th century.
Olive ring
This is called from the 18th century Versailles, courtiers to wear the ring as a symbol of identity and division. This shape of the olive-shaped bright diamonds makes the caravan weight of the diamond to the best, giving the diamond a relatively large appearance. This fancy bright drill with round or water droplets bright side of the stone, looks more beautiful. This ring can also make olive-style vertical wear, such as Victoria and Beckham’s wedding ring, can also be horizontal, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding ring.
Round diamond ring
Round diamond is the most extensive, but also the most popular bride welcome a diamond ring. This kind of cut diamonds usually have 58 Zhuo surface, diamond light is usually played to the head of the head.
Lei Dien diamond ring
This diamond ring design is simple, diamond cutting using two different hybrid cutting method, so have an unparalleled diamond light, HeidiKlum there is a mine-style yellow diamond ring.

0.5 carat diamond price impact factor 4C standard

0.5 carat diamond price impact factor 4C standard
Bare Diamond 4C refers to the diamond weight, cut, color, clarity, the four aspects of the 0.5 carat diamond prices play a crucial impact on the price of 0.5 carat diamond price ratio: weight accounted for 40% -60% , Cut 20% -35%, clarity accounted for 15% -25%, 15% -20% color. And investors favor diamonds, rather than diamond ring, it is fancy diamonds without carving, less added value.

0.5 carat diamond price – supply and demand balance

In Russia, for example, Russia’s rough diamond exports fell 20% to 3234.7 karats in 2011, while exports rose 37% to $ 3.811 billion, largely due to rising diamond prices. Diamond average price of $ 76.12 / carat, compared with 2010 68.35 yuan / carat growth of Cartier love bracelet replica 11.37%. The reason is that diamonds are rare ore, and demand is strong, with the decline in diamond production, the market continued to appear in short supply situation, contributed to the 0.5 carat diamond prices continue to increase.
As a diamond dealer, it is the need for profit support operations, the brand jewelry supplier sales network shop more, the more the middle channel, layers of fare increases, driven by 0.5 carat diamond prices soared, making people and The relationship between the diamond becomes unattainable.
With a small bowl or cup, the right amount of water and home Amenia water mixture, the diamond ring immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and then with a small brush, diamond diamond in front and back around gently scrub, and then waving in the water Will come out with a paper towel can be wiped dry. To 1 to 4 ratio of the detergent into the cold water, the diamond ring into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

Diamond Ring Cleaning – Cleaner Rinse
With a small bowl or cups containing warm water, in the water to adjust the amount of neutral detergent. Dip the diamond ring in the water, gently brush it with a toothbrush and then use a mesh sieve, in the tap under the rinse with warm water, and finally with a soft lint-free cloth can be wiped dry. First put a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond into the bowl, with a soft brush gently wipe, brush finished after the diamond out into the metal mesh or tea, rinse with warm water, And then dry with a soft cloth.

Diamond Ring Cleaning – Quick Cleaning

Buy a bottle of brand-name jewelry cleaning solution or 1: 6 ratio of chlorine solution at home cleaning diamonds, you can use a soft brush gently scrub, so you can remove most of the stains, and can greatly improve the brightness of diamonds. But remember that you can not scratch the base inlaid.
You can choose the characteristics of trendy, and even exaggerated some of the diamond jewelry, should not be too expensive. Some nice diamond pendants and diamond earrings can meet your needs. Wearing a taboo is not forced to do mature dress, because the young is the talent of the capital.
Is the largest crowd of choice. Whether it is mature, capable, or charming, sexy, as long as consistent with their temperament like. You can choose expensive diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, color jewelry and so on. At this time the diamond jewelry should choose diamond ring, diamond necklace or diamond watch.

Diamond accessories over 40 years old

Should reflect the maturity of women’s dignified, dignified, should choose the design tradition, the classic style. Some precious diamond necklaces or diamond rings are a good choice. Hollywood a lot of actresses are worth learning from your jewelry experience. Although you may not have those limited edition diamond jewelry in the world, but you must reflect the dignified and dignified temperament, should not wear the color is too bright, modeling too special jewelry.
Dream Diamond: This diamond was found by Grafrith Graf, president of Cartier love ring replica Graff Diamond, in South Africa and 190.72 kt of untreated. Experts estimate that this rare diamond price of up to 13 million pounds (about 20.96 million US dollars).
Kimberley octahedron: discovered in 1972 in South Africa’s Dutoitspan mine. 2001 Diamond was owned by De Beers Diamond Trading Company.
Gold Eye Diamond

Golden Eye: Gold Eye is a flawless 43-carat yellow diamonds, the US law enforcement agency (US Marshals Service) on September 6, 2011 in the online auction, the reserve price of 900,000 US dollars (about 5.75 million yuan) Estimated that the transaction price of millions of dollars.
The Cora Sun-Drop is a 110-carat pear-shaped golden diamond, which is currently known as the world’s largest golden pear-shaped diamond. November 15, 2011 evening, Sotheby’s auction house held in Geneva auction, this rare diamond to 12.361 million US dollars high turnover, breaking the yellow diamond transaction records.

Yellow Diamond – Golden Rooster Diamond, Tiffany Diamond
Golden Rooster Diamond: China found the largest diamond, is now the world’s largest yellow diamonds, weighing 281.25 karats, in 1937 in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Shandong Province, Tancheng County, Li Zhuangxiang found, after the Japanese government in Linyi County, swept away, so far The whereabouts are unknown.
Tiffany Diamond: 287.42 Carat Tiffany Diamond is the world’s most famous and most Cartier nail bracelet replica precious yellow diamonds, which was discovered by Charles Tiffany in the Kimberley mine in 1877. After the cut, polished into more than 10 diamonds, one of the largest is the dazzling golden “Tiffany” diamonds. It is said that in 1896 the Chinese military minister Li Hongzhang visited the United States, Li Hongzhang came to New York, named to enjoy the “Tiffany” jewelry company town treasures. Subsequently, a number of national leaders to visit the United States to follow this move, from the “Tiffany” yellow diamond fame.

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring

How to choose how to choose a diamond to a satisfactory diamond ring
Select the bare drill from the diamond 4C start: size, color, clarity, cut. If you choose a carat below the carat, then the proposed choice of high-color low-clarity, if it is more than a carat, better quality can also add value. In addition, diamond fluorescence should also look at. Ringing, then the general is 18k gold and platinum, the former hard, relatively cheap, the latter is softer, relatively expensive to see the individual like.

The value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C are very important, from the cost to consider it, we also need to focus on the selection of diamonds, in the case of the size of the first proposed from the cut of this C to consider the degree of cut Directly affect the diamond fire color, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, followed by the color of this C, the color from the DZ, the more close to the D color, diamonds more transparent, it is recommended to consider the final clarity of this C, VS Level and above as well, because the clarity of the diamond only cause a smaller impact.
Mosaic: the current diamond inlay method about a claw inlay, package Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica inlaid, half-package inlay, folder inlay, nail inlay, different mosaic way to the beauty of diamonds also have different show, the general wedding ring in order to highlight the value of diamonds usually use claws More and more recently more and more new choice of unarmed folder inlaid or semi-package inlay, more suitable for the usual wear, including inlay will have the effect of diamonds, pinning is used for small drill The mosaic. In the study of work or ring style is best to consider the usual wear habits.

Ring size: general K white gold ring size (refers to the Wai) are can be modified, because after marriage or the relationship between children, may become fat or thinner, the original ring becomes too tight or too loose, too tight affect the blood Circulation is not comfortable, too large is easy to lose. If there is no diamond or pattern on the rings of the ring, it is easier to zoom in and out, but there are some models that can not be modified or can not be modified at all because the pattern or circle is broken. Ask the store.

Identification: the domestic jewelry store on the use of gem identification books are different, can be divided into international certificates or general domestic identification of the two opened, the so-called international certificate should be GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI … and so on, other names A similar certificate is in fact similar to a certificate issued by a domestic certificate. It is important to the contents of the identification of the book please explain the details of the store, while most of the jewelry store will be accompanied by a store guarantee, on behalf of this ring is sold by the shop, some stores in the after-sales service will ask to see the guarantee, please And the certificate together with the good custody. So that after-sales service is required to have evidence.
How the diamond is formed

Diamond is formed in volcanic rocks, and mainly produced in kimberlite, another kind of diamond containing the original rock called potassium magnesium lamprophite (lamproite), it is a kind of alkaline magnesite volcanic rocks, mainly by the garnet, volcanic glass Formed, can be pyroxene, olivine and other minerals, the typical origin for the western Australian Argyle (Argyle).

Scientists have studied the diamonds from different diamonds and their native inclusions in the world. The formation of diamonds is generally at a pressure of 4.5-6.0Gpa (equivalent to a depth of 150-200km) and a temperature of 1100-1500 degrees Celsius. Although theoretically, diamonds can be formed in the various periods / stages of the earth’s history, and most of the mines currently mined are mainly formed between 3.3 billion years and 12 to 17 billion years.

Some of the diamonds in South Africa are about 4.5 billion, indicating that these diamonds have begun to crystallize deep in the earth soon after the birth of the earth, and diamonds are the oldest gem in the world.

The formation of diamonds requires a long historical process, which is mainly produced by diamonds on the earth’s ancient stable continental regions. In addition, the extraterrestrial impact on the earth, resulting in an instant high temperature, high pressure, can also form diamonds, such as 1988, the Soviet Academy of Sciences reported in the meteorite found diamonds, but the role of the formation of diamonds is not economic value.
What kind of geological conditions can be formed large particles of diamonds

In the depth of the earth about 150-200 km, pure carbon material in the pressure (4.5-6) × 109Pa, the temperature of 1100-1600 camera under the conditions of crystallization, the formation of natural diamonds. There are only a few places in the deep part of the earth that have www.ourlovestore.com the physical and chemical conditions of diamond formation. In theory, any time can be formed diamonds, as long as the diamond to achieve physical and chemical conditions. From the current mining of the diamond mine, most of the diamonds formed in 3.3 billion years and 12-17 billion years of these two periods.

In addition, the alien impact on the Earth, resulting in high temperature, high pressure can also form diamonds. But this way the formation of diamond particles small, poor quality, can not be used as jewelry gem.

When the earth’s shell to produce tension, solid rock began to move and rupture, then the earthquake, volcanic eruption. When the volcanic lava rises from the depths of the earth to the surface, the deeply formed diamonds are brought to the shallow and surface of the earth. After lava cooling we can find diamonds in the cooled rock. When the diamond is enriched and reaches a certain size, we call the diamond primary ore. Rocks containing diamonds are weathered under natural conditions, and diamonds remain on slopes, rivers, and rivers and are enriched to form deposits, called diamond secondary mines.

Diamonds are formed by geological effects, and geographical distribution, climate conditions are not necessarily linked.
Blue and white diamond: a pure as water-like colorless transparent diamonds, especially with light blue for the best. Such as “Centenary” and so on.

Red diamonds: a pink to bright red transparent diamonds, especially in bright and deep red for rare treasures. Australia is its main source. (In the red diamond grading only one level is Fancy Red, no Fancy Intense, Vivid, Light Red)

Blue Diamond: a sky blue, blue to dark blue transparent diamonds, of which the best for the dark blue. This diamond is different from all other colors of diamonds, it contains boron elements and conductive properties. Because of its particularly rare, it is rare treasures. Such as the world famous “Hope (The Hope)” and so on, South Africa’s Primermo mine is its main source.

Green diamond: a light green to green transparent diamonds, mostly due to deformation of the crystal structure, the color is usually only on the surface of the diamond, green diamonds are not easy to have grassland-like bright colors, of which the value of the most green The The Diamond “The Dresden” is the world’s largest green diamond.

Purple Diamond: A light purple to purple transparent diamonds, three times more expensive than colorless diamonds, especially in purple and purple for the rare treasures, the former Soviet Union is its main source.

A golden transparent diamond is a common variety of colored diamonds. If the color is golden and golden, such as The Tiffany, it is astonishing, and it was estimated in 1983. Has $ 12 million.
How to distinguish the types of diamonds

Orange drill: orange is a mixture of yellow and red, usually dark brown feeling of color, and pure orange in the natural color diamond is rare in rare. October 1977 New York Sotheby’s auction, 5.54ct Fancy Vivid Orange (Pumpkin Diamond) sold for more than 1.3 million US dollars high.

Black Diamond: Black Diamond is usually not as a gem-class diamonds, but the world famous “Black Oloff (The Black Orloff)” is reportedly printed in the Indian temple in the elephant on the diamond, also known as Brahma eyes.

Differentiated diamonds are mainly based on the color, flaws and origin of diamonds.

Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring how much money

Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring how much money
Tiffany is the world famous jewelery brand, Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring prices are generally more than 150,000 yuan, Tiffany diamond ring if it is clarity VSI, color D, 1 carat or more, cut EX, the price of 300000 or so.

Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring price

Tiffany 1 carat diamond ring prices are generally more than 150,000 yuan, Tiffany diamond ring if it is clarity VSI, color D, 1 carat or more, cut EX, the price of 300000 or so.
Tiffany jewelry will love the voice of his voice, “classic design” is the definition of Tiffany works, that is, each amazing Tiffany masterpiece can be passed down from generation to generation. Tiffany’s design never catches the ups and downs of popular fashion, so it will not fall behind, because it is completely above the trend.
Tiffany is an internationally recognized jewelery brand. Big brands of the price of course, will be much higher, but there will still be a lot of people competing to buy, and Tiffany’s design philosophy and quality inseparable

Tiffany’s creative essence and philosophy: simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance. Harmony, proportion, coherent, in every piece of Tiffany design can be naturally integrated and presented. Tiffany’s design emphasizes excellence, it can freely from the natural things to get inspiration and left cumbersome and artificial, just simple and clear, and each masterpiece reflects the Americans are born with the straightforward, optimistic and the wits of the wits. The following are the same as the ”
Tiffany 50 points diamond ring prices are generally more than 70,000 yuan, according to different grades, price fluctuations are relatively large. Tiffany diamond ring if it is clarity VSI, color D, cut EX, the price of about 120000 or so.

Kelan Diamond GIA Natural 50 Points E Color VS1 Princess Diamond Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica Custom Diamond Ring M Tiffany 50 cents Diamond Ring ¥ 17,225.00

[Dumping the world] white 18k gold 50 points / 0.5 carat diamond ring Zouka 50 points diamond ring price ¥ 12899.00
This is a Tiffany original authentic TIFFANY Tiffany PT950 diamond ring IF D 3ex 1.07CT price ¥ 230000.00
Tiffany 30 points diamond ring price Each diamond has its own unique evaluation, the price will not be the same, the general Tiffany 30 points diamond ring price in about 20,000, the high level of the relative will be much higher.

30 points is 0.3 karats, diamond ring by the bare diamond and set the ring, the impact of diamond ring price factors for the diamond 4c, gold, style, technology and purchase channels, the quality of the diamond price is determined by its 4c standard, 4c is “Weight, color, cut, clarity”. Gold is changing every day, there is no uniform pricing. A connotation, cost-effective Tiffany 30 diamond ring is also.
Tiffany 0.3 carat diamond ring how much money, in fact, the quality of diamonds does not matter with the brand, it is only associated with the diamond 4C standard, so buy the diamond ring do not blindly pursue the brand, online purchase is actually the cheapest. Tiffany’s other jewelers can also be produced. From the brand store custom diamond ring is limited, such as the style of the ring can only be limited in the store selection, but customization from the DIY custom shop online, you can have more choices.

[Love] white 18k gold 0.3 carat diamond ring Zuo Kay ¥ 4699.00

Dancing youth Doido price:? 9406.00 Market price: ¥ 16642.00

Spend a lifetime 30 points diamond ring price: 0.3 carat diamond ring price / J color / 3VG cut / VS2 clarity diamond ring price ¥ 8120 yuan
How much money is there a caravan? We can first come to understand, Hang Shun was born in 1999, is the leader in China’s jewelry industry, with loyalty, trust, excellence values.

It is understood that Hang Shun a carat diamond ring thousands to tens of thousands of range. To Hang Shun diamond ring a carat double color gold diamond ring diamond ring genuine female ring wedding ring as an example.
Main Diamond Score: 20-29 Score Points: 100 points and above Style: Ring / Ring Diamond Shape: Round Diamond Clarity: SI / Small Floral Color: IJ Whitening Diamond Cut: Perfect / Perfect Diamond Certificate: GIA Certificates NGTC Certificate GIC / Geological University GTC / Certificate of Industry and Commerce Certification: CMA CAL CNAS / CNAL After-sales service: Re-check the shop warranty Other guarantee Mosaic: Group Inlaid Material: Gold / K Gold Mosaic Brand:
Hang Shun Diamond 100 points diamond ring how much money

Hang Shun a carat diamond ring price is not a fixed unity. Each of the specific Hang Shun a carat diamond ring has its own value and price. To the letter of drilling drill drill 1.08ct 18k white gold diamond ring diamond ring genuine heart-shaped women’s ring wedding ring new example, to understand the Hang Shun a carat diamond ring price.

Main Diamond Score: 10 points The following points: 100 points and above Style: Ring / Ring Diamond Shape: Round Diamond Clarity: SI / Small Floral Color: IJ Light White Diamond Cut: VG / Very Good Diamond Certificate: GIA Certificate NGTC Certificate GTC / Federation of Trade and Industry Service: Check and then pay shop warranty Other guarantee Mosaic way: Luxury inlaid Inlay Material: Gold / K Gold Mosaic Brand:

For more than ten years, HIERSUN (Hengxin) Diamond has always been engaged in the pursuit of the ultimate, innovative spirit of the design, sales of high-quality jewelry products, is committed to providing consumers with the ultimate product and perfect experience, in-depth and extensive Affecting the Chinese people’s fashion life.
Hang Shun Diamond 50 points diamond ring how much? Drilling weight 50 points: color D clarity VS2 cut EX 50 points drill, the price may be about 10,000; drill weight 50 points: color I clarity SI1 cut VG 50 drill, the price may be about 6 thousand, So in the purchase of 50 points when the diamond ring to do the 4C standard homework.
50 points on the market from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, the reason is still in the 4C difference. Now young people choose 50 points diamonds or more, and cheap, rich style, in 2014, diamond imports increased by 30% over last year, the price of diamonds also increased by 5%. So the price of 0.5 carat diamond ring will be the corresponding changes.

Hang Shun Diamonds 0.5 carat diamond ring is estimated based on the basic characteristics www.ourlovestore.com of several diamonds, as well as businesses generally need the cost, after estimating these things can get 50 points diamond ring real price data.
Hang Shun Diamond 0.5 carat diamond ring how much money

Hang Shun Diamond 50 cents diamond ring price? In fact, Hang Shun Diamond 50 points diamond ring expensive. Hengxin diamonds 50 points diamond ring how much money diamond ring price and diamond relationship are inseparable, but now 50 points diamond ring inside the price of things involved there are several, such as brand, marketing and a series of costs. Now the market price of 50 points diamond ring generally more than 6 thousand dollars.

For more than ten years, HIERSUN (Hengxin) Diamond has always been engaged in the pursuit of the ultimate, innovative spirit of the design, sales of high-quality jewelry products, is committed to providing consumers with the ultimate product and perfect experience, in-depth and extensive Affecting the Chinese people’s fashion life.

Pigeon Egg Jewelery Ring is what Pigeon Egg Rings Picture

Pigeon Egg Jewelery Ring is what Pigeon Egg Rings Picture
Diamond ring is a symbol of love and marriage eternal, diamond texture hard, pure and flawless, giving people a variety of beautiful diamonds at the same time, in fact, is a kind of love. Unswerving eternal love is that everyone is yearning for, and the diamond ring is also precisely highlight the romantic content of this love. In order to be able to express their true love to the lover, people will choose to use the diamond ring as a token of love, then we buy diamond ring, usually can hear or see a pigeon egg ring ring, I believe a lot of people for the pigeon eggs are ring More unfamiliar, so what is the pigeon egg ring quit it?

Pigeon Egg Ridge Ring is actually a general name for the big carat diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet ring. There are a lot of people hear the pigeon eggs when the diamond ring, you may directly think of its diamond shape and the same as the pigeon eggs, it is not the case. Pigeon Egg Ridge is mainly to describe a diamond carat very large ring, and generally refers to some of the more high-quality diamonds. At present the pigeon diamond ring for the diamond carat no special provisions and standards, but basically refers to the quality of 5 carats in the diamond.
The world’s largest pigeon egg diamonds
Speaking of pigeon eggs ring, we will directly think of the world’s largest pigeon egg diamonds, this diamond is the famous African star Curry South Diamond. The weight of this diamond is about 530 kt or so, it is crystal clear and transparent, to a diamond color was light blue color, looks very bright. The design of the African star is the shape of the water droplets, which also makes the whole diamond look more luxurious. At present the famous pigeon egg diamonds are embedded in the British Queen’s scepter above.
What is the woman’s wedding ring? The wedding ring is the language of love. Many people think that wearing a wedding ring should follow the “male left female right” principle, in fact, this is a fallacy, then the ladies wedding ring in the end should wear which hand?
According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. In fact, wedding ring regardless of men and women, are worn on the left hand ring finger. Ms. wedding ring of course should also be worn on the left hand ring finger.
Since the ancient Roman times people used to wear wedding ring in the left hand ring finger, according to legend refers to the heart connected to the most suitable for the publication of the sacred oath. And ring finger on the important acupuncture points, the ring wear it can be moderate to press the muscles, there is stability and emotional effect. More information shows that the left hand ring finger blood vessels are all hands with all the fingers connected with the heart.
So regardless of men and women, wedding rings should be worn on the left hand ring finger, that your heart has been your love to live.
For ladies –

The Like pink diamond or pink coral, rich and romantic.

The Love ruby or red tourmaline, warm like fire.

The Favorite sapphire or sapphire. More indifferent to the inside.

The Love emerald or Turkish stone, emotional delicate.
Finger and Ring –

Rings are worn on different fingers, can reflect the psychological meaning Replica Cartier jewelry associated with the character.

The Hi wear in the index finger, character more extreme stubborn.

The Hi on the right middle finger. Advocating the doctrine of the mean of life.

The Hi wearing the left middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family.

The Hi wearing a little finger, there is a sense of inferiority.

The Hi wear in the ring finger, no ambition, easy-going, less careless gains and losses
Why did the wedding ring wear on the ring finger?

Let’s make a little game to show why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger
Will be in the middle of the middle finger bent, back against the back together, the other 4 refers to the fingertips on the touch.
Here’s the starting point of the game:
1. Please open your big mother finger, big mother finger on behalf of our parents
2. Please close the big mother, and then open the index finger, the index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters
3. Please close your index finger, and then open the little mother, little mother refers to the child
4. So, please close the little mother, and then try to open the ring finger, ring finger is also not open – husband and wife.
Platinum diamond ring maintenance method
Now, platinum diamond ring is the darling of people, it is decorated people’s fingertips, but also a symbol of marriage and love, wearing platinum diamond ring more and more people, but most do not know how platinum diamond ring maintenance. Although the diamond forever, but in time life in the weather and frost, there may be damage, a lot of friends are reflected in the diamond diamond ring for a long time seemingly discolored or faded phenomenon, in fact, is not doing the sake of maintenance, this will be for you Recommend several commonly used platinum diamond ring maintenance methods and precautions, so happy engraved in your fingers.

A: toothpaste brightened shiny.

The specific approach: the toothpaste squeezed on the towel, diamond ring in the back and forth on the friction, rub to the surface fine lines and dirt, washed with diluted detergent, and then rinse with water, color can be restored.

Two: regular cleaning.

Specific practices: regular cleaning for the platinum diamond ring. Clean the www.ourlovestore.com diamond ring and other precious jewelry the same way, the use of commercially available jewelry cleaning agent, or platinum diamond ring soaked in soap and warm water solution, 5 minutes after rinse with water, and finally with a soft cloth to absorb water, Clean once. And to ensure that every six months to conduct a professional cleaning.
Platinum Diamond Ring Precautions
The following are the same as the ”
One: do not always touch

The diamond ring worn on his hand, often in their own attention when they will habitually touch. Feeling no problem, but it is not. Hand sweat a lot of long time will affect the diamond light.

Two: platinum diamond ring and gold ring do not wear in the adjacent hand

Do not put platinum ring and gold ring on the adjacent fingers, because the gold is relatively soft, platinum and gold friction with each other, the gold powder will be attached to the platinum surface, so that the platinum ring local yellow, and difficult to clear.

Three: platinum is gold but gold is gold

Do not wear platinum jewelry while cleaning the house, gardening, and other physical labor, because platinum is deformed under strong external forces. Should be removed platinum diamond ring, the diamond diamond ring alone stored in the jewelry box or soft leather pocket.

Four: platinum diamond ring and irritating chemicals to avoid contact

Do not touch bleach or other irritating chemicals when wearing platinum rings. Although they do not damage platinum, chemicals may fade fine diamonds and should be rinsed immediately with water to prevent discoloration.

If there is a visible scratches on the surface of the platinum, or a natural oxide layer on the surface of the platinum, bring the platinum diamond ring to the qualified jeweler to be polished, adjusted by the qualified jeweler, corrected, polished and cleaned.

Darry ring how to customize the diamond ring

Darry ring how to customize the diamond ring
Darry ring custom diamond ring process, how to customize the love, love is the only, eternal, darry ring custom diamond ring just reflects the love of this trait. Men with ID card life can only customize a darry ring diamond ring, so every darry ring custom diamond ring is a man made the only promise. So how about the darry ring custom diamond ring process?

Darry ring custom diamond ring process, in the definition of Darry Ring, life only one, just pass on the true love of true love. It is also the harsh pursuit of true love, each darry ring custom diamond ring on behalf of a firm love. Darry Ring custom diamond ring is not just a symbol of marriage into the marriage ring, but a lifetime commitment to the highest pledge.

Darry ring custom roving ring process: Register Login darry ring user – pick darry ring diamond ring style – add to the cart and verify the identity card – fill in the true love agreement – fill in the consignee information – order submission success. If it is in the darry ring store custom diamond ring, the process is almost the same selection of diamond ring style, verify the identity card, fill in the true love of these steps.

Darry ring how to customize the ring, men with ID card life can only customize imitation Cartier love bracelet a unique ring, gift this life only love the woman to show “life only love you one person” the highest commitment. A bright and beautiful Darry Ring custom diamond ring, from our heart faith in the pursuit of true love, it will be gently worn on the ring finger, the integrity of each lovers of love and devotion.

Custom darry ring diamond ring to choose the diamond ring style, Darry Ring diamond ring style to the classic style of the majority, almost to meet all the women’s desire for beauty. Second note that a man with an ID card can only customize a darry ring diamond ring, if the custom darry ring before the marriage robe of men can not be customized Oh. Finally, signed a true love agreement, which is an eternal commitment to love.
Xie Nan’s darry ring diamond ring price, Xie Nan’s darry ring diamond ring how much money, in May 2014, Xie Nan Wu Jing donated darry ring diamond ring, as everyone in the eyes of the happiest bride. It is reported that this danling ring diamond ring for Wu Jing exclusive custom pigeon heart-shaped diamond ring, excellent quality, then Xie Nan darry ring diamond ring how much price?

In May 2014, Wu Jing and Xie Nan’s wedding held in Beijing, the wedding scene beautiful romantic, many movie stars blessing, the most dazzling wedding is still Xie Nan’s pigeon eggs darry ring heart-shaped Diamond ring. The diamond ring is very luxurious and elegant, with two pairs of fine diamond embellishment inlaid in the heart-shaped diamond ring around, like love in the countless moving bit by bit from the pool, the ultimate shine to highlight the middle of a thorough and bright heart-shaped diamond ring.

Wedding scene, witnessed by many friends and family, Wu Jing tears for his wife Xie Nan wearing darry ring heart diamond ring. According to legend, Xie Nan this darry ring diamond ring is carefully selected by Wu Jing, the name “My Heart”, meaning “the heart to you”! This diamond ring color, cut are excellent, excellent quality, the price of NT $ 10 million, that is, more than two million yuan.
Xie Nan’s darry ring how much money, Xie Nan Wu Jing received donated darry ring heart-shaped Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring, made microblogging show great love: “a lifetime of the wedding, life only one of the Darry Ring, thank you Mr. Wu, your Commitment to precious. “Two of the marriage not only get a lot of friends within the circle of the blessing of friends, netizens are the first time have to offer blessings.

In fact, Xie Nan’s darry ring diamond ring how much money is not important, I believe that Wu Jing’s love for the value of far more than NT $ 10 million, because love is priceless. Wu Jing will be a man life only one of the darry ring diamond ring wearing Xie Nan’s ring finger, on behalf of Xie Nan is his life only true love, darry ring diamond ring at the moment has become the sense of heaven and earth love witness.
The world’s largest pink diamond pictures, the world’s largest pink diamond pictures and prices, local time on October 24, 2013, London, England show a diamond-studded ring. It is reported that the pink powder has a weight of 59.6 carats, is the United States Institute of gem assessment of the largest cut after no time pink diamonds. This is the world’s largest pink diamond is the “pink star”.

The world’s largest pink diamond picture, local time October 24, 2013, London, England show a diamond-studded ring. It is reported that the pink powder has a weight of 59.6 carats, is the United States Institute of gem assessment of the largest cut after no time pink diamonds. This is the world’s largest pink diamond is the “pink star”.

“Pink Star” live up to expectations, to 83.18 million US dollars turnover, after Sotheby’s in September this year, the auction price is expected to reach 60 million US dollars. In accordance with the American gemological college to develop the evaluation criteria, this diamond color for the diamond rating in the “bright pink”, is a very pink diamond in the color, clarity “completely flawless.”

The world’s largest powder drill pictures and prices, Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva on the 13th to 83.18 million US dollars (about 565.66 million yuan) auction price of a “pink star” rare pink diamonds , The price hit a single diamond and jewelry auction of the world’s highest record. This diamond is a single diamond auction record, but also the world’s largest pink diamond.

Powder drill is extremely rare, the world’s many pink drill is 1 carat below the small particles, more than 1 carat pink diamond can be on the auction, so more than 1 carat pink diamond are generally collectors have been collected. And the world’s largest pink diamond “pink star” weighing 59.6 karats, to see the “pink star” is already very lucky, with its people can be described as the darling of God.
50 points pink diamond prices, pink powder presents the natural pink is due to accumulation in the diamond stone in the original mineral and the surrounding environment of the fusion structure has changed, so pink. 50 points pink diamond prices are the same as the white diamond is also set according to the diamond 4c, but the pink diamond in the 4c bias is the clarity and color, white diamond is a heavy cut.

50 points pink diamond price than 50 minutes white diamond price is higher than at least one www.ourlovestore.com quarter, a parameter is better 50 minutes white diamond price of about 20,000 yuan, then a 50 points pink diamond prices will reach at least twenty thousand five Thousands of dollars. If the clarity and color of the better 50 points pink diamond, the price will be higher, if the same level of white diamond prices encountered the same or even lower powder drill, it should question its authenticity.

50 points pink drill how much money, pink diamond is very rare, the annual number of dust drilling on earth only 5% of diamonds less than, and pink diamond is the most special of all diamonds, and its value can not be used to measure the money, Everyone who has a pink diamond is lucky. 50 points pink drill has been considered a large drill in the diamond, the price not only contains the price of the diamond itself, there is a certain value in the collection inside.

September 16, 2013, a rare pink drill day in Geneva, Switzerland shot 46.16 million US dollars, setting a global single diamond or a single piece of jewelry auction record. This is known as “one of the world’s most beautiful diamonds” powder drill weight 24.78 karats. Sotheby’s auctions had previously expected the diamond to be traded between $ 27 million and $ 38 million.

Four claw diamond ring good four claw diamond ring meaning

Four claw diamond ring good four claw diamond ring meaning
Four claw diamond ring okay? Diamond ring is composed of two parts of diamonds and diamonds, diamond it is by the top of the minions fixed, so the diamond ring will be divided into four claws and six claws like this. Usually four claw diamond ring shape is more beautiful, but the six claw diamond ring is relatively safe, because the claws and more stable. Diamond embossing process is now more mature, whether it is four claws or six claws of imitation Cartier love bracelet the firmness can be completely assured.

Four claw diamond ring advantages: there is enough light to enter the diamond inside, after a reflection of the surface and refraction, the diamond will appear very bright. Fire color can be fully displayed, will be very beautiful, and because only four claws, cover the diamond parts less, so the six claw style more drilled! Four claw diamond ring shortcomings: because only four claws, so there will be no six claw style solid. But compared to three claws and clip inlaid style, four claw diamond ring style will be more solid.

Buy diamond ring is a good choice of six claws or four claws better?

Mainly to see their own personal favorite. And each diamond ring style in the end is suitable for four claws or six claws are not the same, so each diamond ring match like. Six claws will be more solid, four claws of the comparison was drilling, but also quite solid, mainly to see how the individual focus on it. From the process of four claws and six claws do not have much difference. Such as Tiffany most of the styles are 6 claw mosaic, Cartier most of the 4 claws.

Four claw diamond ring meaning

What is the meaning of the four-jaw diamond? Four claws diamond ring is the meaning: on behalf of “life” love. According to the fourth letter “D” in the 26 letters, the equivalent of “Digest” in English means “understanding”. Love, we always have emotional ups and downs, need to be inclusive and understanding. At the same time, in the marriage life, the status of two people must be symmetrical, together to build the Quartet warm love of the harbor.

Four claw diamond ring meaning is: four grasping mosaic on behalf of each Replica Cartier jewelry grasp is a season for your love! Four grasping mosaic is very classic and simple, because not much attention, more highlights the sparkling stone and fire color. Diamond ring mosaic contains more knowledge, four claw mosaic is one of the mosaic way, four claw jabs is the name of the four-jaw mosaic diamond ring.

Four-jaw diamond ring is the four corners of the diamond ring in a symmetrical manner with metal care to seize, four claws of the mosaic in particular depends on the process, and the way the claw can be round, triangular or heart-shaped. Metal occupies the area of diamonds relative to the six claws less, diamond mosaic generally larger than the original diamond.
How much is the half-carat? Semi-carat diamond ring from the more common about 10,000 yuan to the more expensive 56 million or so, and the reason why there will be so expensive because of the difference between the diamond 4C caused. So you want to buy marriage diamond ring or according to personal budget to their favorite jewelry store selection of a satisfactory ring it

Half a carat is 50 points, is 0.1 grams, according to the different quality of diamonds, such as the degree of clarity in the SI, the color I-J, to ten thousand, and can choose according to their own budget diamond quality. The higher the budget can choose the color clarity better, if the budget in general, want to buy diamond 4C better, you can reduce the size of the diamond requirements.

Diamond ring price is not only affected by the size of the diamond ring, at the same time, will be the diamond ring cut, color, clarity and the impact of the brand, these factors are different indicators, but also tend to affect the price of diamond ring, Carat diamond ring specific price.

However, in general, the price of half a carat diamond ring about 10,000 to 20,000, the specific price can only go to the store you want to buy inside. Diamond ring has a lot of good brands, like Zoukai diamond ring, the Internet is also quite popular with everyone, cost is also very high, about 50% higher than the traditional brand.

Half carat diamond ring how much money appropriate

How much is the best of the half-carat Half-carat diamond ring is generally more than 10,000, more expensive 4 to 5 million or so, about 20,000 of the most appropriate, can buy good color, and affordable half-carat diamond ring. Diamond ring prices are mostly dependent on www.ourlovestore.com diamond 4C. Half a carat diamond ring, if the diamond clarity, color and cutting is the top, then the price will be more than 40,000.

The value of diamonds and diamond 4c (diamond weight, cut, color, clarity) closely linked with the brand is not much associated. The greater the price of the same level of diamonds. This is because the larger diamonds are very rare, especially those of popular size. Many people say that the most sincere budget to buy a diamond ring is a man’s salary of 3 months, when the purchase can be more than a comparison.
What does the yellow rose mean? For friendship, yellow rose on behalf of pure friendship and good wishes, so give the general friend will be a good gift. And for love, yellow roses even an ominous thing, because it represents lovelorn and the disappearance of love, and even a jealous expression.

In Japan, the yellow rose is the representative gift of breaking up. But in some places, the yellow rose also represents waiting, waiting for your love. Yellow rose on behalf of cherished blessing, jealousy lovelorn, try to love, goodbye, refused love, apologize for love. Three yellow roses are sorry for the meaning. Roses since ancient times in the horticulture has played a pivotal role, that is, the yellow rose can be called the leaders in the flowers. So its florid is – lucky.

It also means that you can like that ten years ago like you, now also like her woman said: “let her happy that I am not no courage to give up the need for greater courage, as long as you remember we have Everything as long as you occasionally think of me, and occasionally think of that once deeply thought of you, that once with a smile to you gentle me —– give you a complete but broken heart. Do not forget that he has been to your heart!

Send white roses on behalf of what

Send white roses on behalf of what? White roses, tannic, pure white flowers, high heart curling, flower-shaped beautiful, pedicel, branches stiff, less thorns. White rose on behalf of pure love; flower language: our love is pure, but also on behalf of: respect; “you are holy” or “you are my”.

You are willing to pay for you; wisdom; noble; pure, innocent, innocent; I am enough to match with you. White roses are suitable for those who give love, crush the girl, girlfriend.

Give love has always been love, crush the girl, it is best to send each other white roses, so as not to have a strong resistance to the other side of the psychological; of course, you can also give girlfriend white roses, express your pure love between. The most representative of the meaning of white roses: white roses / meet and happiness: you are my most beautiful “meet” – 16 white roses

If you send lead white roses, white roses represent respect. In order to avoid misunderstanding, write a card, will write respect sentences. Send a bouquet of white roses, on behalf of the respect for the leadership. If it is awarded a white roses bouquet, but also that the respect of the recipient, send white roses also have noble respect, very good Oh. Generally are the annual meeting, for those who work ability, the company has an important contribution to the more, but also the following recommendations courageous, dedicated friends, when they reward the flowers, send white roses that respect.